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The daily Gate City. [volume] (Keokuk, Iowa) 1855-1916, November 01, 1855, Image 4

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Hi '. KSALB ir"cers
Si eel, Blacks*!
Ac.. in store and
pl-.re »im•» of good*
puiTlaufing ?W*uo
A 'r the i- if.
pMgtpt at'i «. ti'„-u!ar at1,:--ii •.
at l^w p.ice. eouid e
ti IW} i: :. ... B.'K'W we 4,
el'usi U'.w in ian-.l ami ait
-I ••. rs it. TfOO,
It. Buggv Trimtn ags
arr.ve a full aii'i
coii-in'ing par
as f.ulowt. whieh tkey of«r to the trade at Uit low
«•. ca»h prices.
buds N 0. Sugar, 60 do»en tine washboards
53 bill emriflcd do 25 b—m-.
if crushed do 3#0 l».neking.
It loaf »ug*r, 300 bbls A. I macke*#!,
., IS© bags prune Rieeo®»e,20 hf bbls #». do
Sf hots S. H. muluKi, 20 Kjl- 8 du
N• 0. and retailed so- 20 bblo No. 3 do
r. 1 No. S
and kef? do 10 bf bbls No. do
1M bv* "he'Muj tobacco, ft) bwite -cnle^i her: .n£.
10 fine cut chewing doWW drotii- %*,
smoking« 2n bo*ce ra.»ti,
10000 regalia ud princl- D'O bbls a -»r ed not#,
pe cigars, 5'' s »tr:ed niidy,
boxes iiLfU Six do 2C lemtn syr.ip,
310 packag e G. P. imp. 25 pepper saure,
and ll.iv-k Tea, 25 ground mu-tard,
1W f'kpt Svfda bate
us, 301' hf A qr boxes -ardiues
31 bt«.e« Babbitt'* refined25 dox cutis Thotua oys
saierai us,
etude* S. C. Soda,
•GO reams wrap, paper,
4w cap do
25 letter do
1000 bags (.». A. Sail,
4Slii» lb)» kcimwha do
150 ceil manilla rope,
26 jute do
40 dot hemp bed cord*,
60 piow line*.
10 coil- tarred rojx
20000 foe safety ft#e,
4W boxe* wjndjw glass, 50 keg- rifle }»«rdeft,
:::'.T cd, i W bu£? "hl'i, «t-|ed,
b** ^tra»W#r* flask*, 1*W ?b- 1af"*MiT,
&r„ 1ih» thou-aud U 1 capi,
cuison ^-arrt, du
rwine, *60 Wit- K. W. laaidiOT,
e«iHilen«k, Jo tiercc rici-,
batiin^ S CB-I ind jro,
Cajr}.H-t K*fip 2 muic- Otubro madd«r,
2tf0do* b'tcket*, 2 and :t fciijwm,
454 tubs,
dox cburn«,
20 Well buekf'
1 wire i-five
bote- cioibe* Jjiii-,
600 averted nail",
60 b»-\- taiiow candles,
.-tar 1«.
onmmou «oap,
fa«ey do
I pore white lead, 1#
No. I do do ft
i 1 oil, 20 butter ceackcrr.
i rpvntine, 1# ca*ki, .-a!tp. tre,
i: ea.c iu-d planter, 2 fulp&ur,
hy ir.iuiic cement 2i botes »time fc#d cisy
II-' bates bik ink, pipe^,
2" tareh. 10 boxc^ ehocdiate. ..
Al^o. the f'tilowingin the Iron line—
•-•50 ton- Iron embracing a comp-'eta ,hat it is Sold bv
i Bar. Band. Hoop, rounu. wiuare, oval and hair
ova buggy t.rc, i.w.-e ,ho.. and naii rod Iron.
4J ion p.ow steel 2 to 16 inehe- wide. I
2.'» bundle »pring *ieei 1 A to inch.
2 .on- -ree.. -|iiare. ti., ami oe'agoti.
1 IOU ticrtuau. Kng.uh and American blister uteel.
lUU p.ow wing-, aborted: 2U keg, hor«u tho« sails.
jMKi int. hor.-e ahoes} 100 seUa wagon and buggy
boxc, a ior.ed.
lb anv d", a.l kind# 2b biaoki-uith bellows* .j
60 v :ce solid box acdjcommon I'Zb acvsw plates,
avur td.
ltK* uores fiUs aod ra^ps GOO lbkaud aud siedge
26 tew iron.'t 100 assorted crow bar?.
6o0 «b- square nutt {cold preissed) ^uU !b? hexa
gon nui.t.
17i pair buggy aud scat spring- 100 setts axels,
lit) ftts bra* and silvered bands 5 caftu ah&in.^.
40 gnnd-ii'juw, from li t" 44 feet.
We would ai-o inform mcrehantd and others that
we are the on'y authorised agents in the fisarc for
the sa.e of Keuawha .Salt, of which We have a \cry
large .-toek "U hand, and will si ii a' 1 LUUTJ priee
W.lti omy freight aided
Keokuk, Arr. ii. I^.3 *—W.
1936. I'AI.L S VI.l s. l(6e.
50 Uos i tb.
died BltlfViri- AO
fi.d ******,
l«t tl.
iti o
U'O li'tic N. 0. d:.
3D i"k*% rs B.l'^her'a
ga, iiott'. u»jdas»es.
it*i dj dd II
a "j b-iX.* M. li. rji ir"
,Vt» ty i
iof' o.i bx» M. I«.
JJeli !xk Kio tf
4- Jk'i-J.
.,e ..5 .'!
.0 dnj ii.i i
ii» do •i
tu i
£0 do tar.
20 df' saieratu*,
2a i rc-{# tie..
1W l.w!« uiacktnfi N
ar„! 3,
ltxt bis 'atb'tl heiTingo,
6 iiwk? codli
l«K k naits Hesort"*:!,
5 ckj i«»i'd log thsius,
1 do sari irons.
25 bxs p'ntf 'rtn seals*,
21! o- Cjiiins' «xe».
z «aoiaS'e -gates.
1»'0 Iwgs ehot'aesofted «i ar
K'0 lhw l« l*ad,
100 kegs ritl fs.vv i
75 h.f l*sr» do do
75 do do
Sou.r j. n-u-sion cajisg.d. t-tOO lb
10 b»- naaistisr powder, ,2fW'd
ley p.ar- asKirted,
50 tutatalers varttm*
Sspt. 1, l»o6.—wiy
iA*t s $. iittrcs.
lot) do hksorttd ca-ii'lv,
25 d.ft
J£j i l*(Sr i« pttti.t, li
S A1
rnonds a «.
W.nd •ir g.a.-.-, i..i
and qt»*I.'y,
WUK- «r h, a I f'tt-t,
ftiuililt-rs it, quari
Mk tacU-' •ta-ri #»lt,
do A
$&< u jU win cr apptt',
|i ha^«
A- ., Ac., is.
IM9 &ig
7"H«»LF,A lili Ut'M i rs :l11• i I uiii]iii*.«i"li M»*r
hnnii. Wat
of ftw«,
_*(•!)«« titan ftbovc Bton
deau. K.-akak, low*, bav opened in il*»ir Mtn#
diuux lire |r• ~t• i«• nii'i uiii.'h^us* wlurt tln'T ii»
i tend II'MOJ u •1"s_i^ U'ni »«inusi-~• u IIUHU«HI«
liaving iM-t-n in the Orortsry btt^inoM i'»r MTcral
vcurs, und ps.M«'injf ufnp1.!' will b#
abla tv nflord pKKis Jew. and l"j" bysirict «t'"iinua
to bllftine?B lt r« fi'ivc |i'irliui» uf public jm:!"iiuui.
I Our siwk w:ii v.fto.-iM. in part, "f W,-t«.Tn rnanu
facum-*, tieb lri»n, "N'a:lWmduw a* t'^ttoa
Yarn.", Sailing. Back. t-, Tu^w, "Wrupwiuji ?uf«.r,
1 Ac., x-.«td»- a varu-fy of #tajrto Mid «ttltr Mtlclw
fiuiiiiLTated below.
Htar Caudiea, (.'oidnga, Pepper,
I Vinegar, iotmoeo, tt«!io»
Cupperat, Srwtug twin«f Stan h,
i iVuri barley, 3wnim«doil, falts^
i Lard oilj l.anijli!ack, 1
White Jead, h.R-,.ia?e. £u*ar.
'Uinokrttg, 1'iisi fl.vi: i.uti'iT,
t'aart d- lilvue^p.K
•'-I.VSatt, 'iar,
bp'i- turpeniiue,
I*j wood,
I'lis.aig brmlie*.
The above article' will benold low for ca. h, orap
prvvid tuuuirv product-, by
Sli(« Iron Storc—Whalrialc and
10 b|,!- alum.
.0 v\ logwood,
2!» bag'" pepyer,
11 piin.nto,
100 n«af* cinnamon,
10 bbt* pun- gr'd ginger,
2 hale- clove*,
1 bbl nutmegs
0 dot curry comb»,
2i bru-be», Ported.
10 bbU r«'-m,
to make larger lulditiuu* to our stock and we now
have tbc sa!isfac!-tii i" tiler to our eusioiiicri itnd
the public geucraiiy tiie largest and most cow pi eta
aeoriuiuiit of tilig" Iron, Nails, Steel, Ac., ever be
fore offered ,u our Srate.
W'e ttuula say to Blacksmiths and Merchants who
deal in Irou. tnat we can make U givatl^v to their
interest Hi purchase tl.cir stock here. Having made
peiinaii'ni airaiigomen' wish the manufacturer#
for a constant supply, and al»u having tl»c exclusive
privilege fvr the sa'le of Sligo Iron at this place,
and beiug deK-rmiiu-d to sell for a low commission
over intuiuiacturer^' prices, v.'u will guarantee to sell
a» low a.« can U- bad a' tlu- Works or elsewhere, ad
ding freig.it. msuranw, Ac.
i .'if reputation of our in-n i« too well kn»w-n to
require iccouinieintanon from us. It it, ftiffie.ent
to jay thai all who have ever used it, 1 wtiatever
... ..
A liAiiki^v'N, WirnKtwilo Omoers
ati.1 juimi*fi ti MviitiiiUt-, Coin.r Foarth ffcd I
Jduie ritt K oi.uk. iowa.
Uoitiu iw^ibu..)' tniorm uiercaants ip-m the in
rt. r, aad all ,'tii.r» int mud, thai th.y are»«w i*
cri»mgdi'ti-t from New York ana Ni-vv Orleans, a,
». iy large (uid comjdeiic Bt-x-k id lirwe«jitH ouiublc
the fall Tntd.», which they p-. »arci to off
t". cu.^t-laers aj««i tbe tue»t fnv-•) tortus. Ov
ft'K-k' lm». iti *ke. with
en* 1 t'Uy axi I v. ing
hi-tsIs. w- *r* cor.ti l-nt that
dauein.a.t t- noi ..i uds and custom rs than e%c: |m- p»tv#tca ut Laving a ui«»vab.c b.
f-n*. We w'tiltl ttUTcfere. r--| U uiiy. solicit liter-
jrr' i hy n
nuci-iis-ffuJ v^-raiion, htv
100 bud*. X. ugar,
ell Ii.'O. I hu I i'-ItjT 'i
4^'. .! tied pov 'bred,' M
ifi -I MtgHts, ltw
V'o Hsom Mt- 75
aat jars.
s a.c#nt
letf jundy,
Hid il:dle».
..ii ted
•v -I
..let-t' Mo. A Ya.
cut and tlried
elic.kitl^ /bjiCCQ,
"t'O eig.trs from jii.jO
to fio tat.u-aud,
b.\ -tone 1 if
i i-caciirs,
BBtfR BnifllS,
IJOLE^ALE Grocers. Vl' Mail ?-rrcet, have
j-:-t reeieed their supply of On it .for the
s-v-oi!. whirh embmc. s a full and complete
aesorimunt it. *he:.r tine. «s aiso of
all of wa ch IIMUI h»t u pwrcluuktu at the Ion est
mark.* I.I •, *'ie are BIJUI- AUD determined to dis
|w ot a- i»* !o» prme« if not a shade lower than
they can be purciianed at in this ur any othet near
oke:, a'ol advi-f country iu.re aios a» well as
O'-tier- lo itm in- th-ir go«i- and prices before por
«Via«»ig eiieuh ri, assuring th tha they will liud
it rr.-a iv to their advantage.
We su^ju.n a list of a small por'ion of our -tock,
Sure In.-in tr.H
Willi w.ii UH.r
goods iurntst."!
a^nud. i ai.v
151' it'll..
2^t Vdi ciar fti sugar
in the w
Odd i'
free ot I v\ I I. I "Iir 1'. '-l.iirv,
i "OBN EK OP 12th' «D JOil N iiOlt.
okets,| Wo .»! nave a larg u.-sortmem Tin W«t,
tulr-, i Hollow Waj-V, Stov "trimmings, Sugar Kettles, Dog
wii'dibjiiids, Irous, Urates, Ac., Ac., at our shops.
't i i CAREY i
li' :'ll it-
oU1 Woj4
il liai
t, lie Mints,
o mil nats,
o do J£ug:ish walfcuts,
ii d.l .1 tup hd cords,
e" do manilla do do
mi'.ilia nj». v'ciis sites,
b. nip d» do do
d« i can oysters,
1 .".t'p'k'jrs t»Ms Imperial
wd -randioung
iiiu i *m. rtp and letter
jU r,
•int' ams \rra{pitig do
bans ei'tton y%iv as
sort nuiib.r-',
&0 l»ale» batting,
•olM cai, et chain
white do do
40 tial s wiekiny-,
40 w.appiug t^ire-,
1. 2.
And iu koiu-.uug ord-.r* from our fr ends, txg to as- direr, from *he uianulactuier. which enables us to
hey may b»
aud J.-'-tip. a ',-1
good 44iaiii,. ai
tier e'r e o i.
'.!•" r.e '.- Wiii .» cio's b'ks,
SO u do market do
er' A .ioal IMl do •.. .•
SI h'ul N" O do 150 w dl blithe,
bb s Beb h- i s ".p. .•I- rie-ij. tul*, t'i each i
l» d- go.to I: .•'» do do (^'C$eh
du 11 ot -.a -t',. i.tt do* {2 boopj buckets^.
So ha.f do do do t-'i do do
tt ob rel»V«i -i plain, do
tu t/OM- 11 n..siiis,
"It iiuU bu Uei Unia»»rs»i'i
i:•'s a^-'. do
urui.-.u--, I
o.i wii if j, brooms i
var. «s.ov. bones,
•it do do
k- nails,
99 do d' p-iic ic*,
I jbvc. 2't 1W4-—w
T.-i! V-au-j i««,
MarlnnL Bcu icad,
AVeit bucket#, Soap,
Ind'go. .Mustard,
Zinc wa bboards, liatcbe'»
c«»ntcr i»(-a!«.
one bouse,
Stiitii'? Tools.
'1 «lot
at the Sli IroD S
B»riet attention given to orders.
We iiuve nov* in stori, and hill be in receipt
Sbdditionni supplies tl.roug-.iout the season
12j Tous ai-.sortcd Bar Iron
2t'0 ltd Is Koiind and .Sjuan do
let do lforsc Suoc. a.-*'d sites
lot) do du do Na.l Rod
[0 do Oval and half Oval
11)0 Siabs Plough Iron, ass'd
20tl do Sligo do Si eel
2uU Setts Wagon and Buggy BoU
f.O I'rs jjteelCarriage .iingi
loot) ib N'.xilor'- Vx*: .Steel, a»'d S«es
jut) do Kngli^li and American Bluter do
100 Kegt Nail? a?a'd sixes
26 do 4 awl inch Boat Spikes [fee
1 dox Kottlatid's Mill Saw*, fr 4 t"«
1 do Cros.« tini Saws
20 sett.- Carnage. Buggy and Wag-'i» Aids.
2i) M' uac Hole AnviU
26 Polid Head Vit.
1 do? oek and !h-, er fv-rew Pia'es, su
perior quality
4 d/. iiaiiiiiUT.- and Sledges
Vossc Ititep^ sml Files together with
Steel Hammer .Mou.d.- Sledge Alt uid
Lofr and Trace Chains. Axes, IShoviMu.
Sjistl.e-, .ManillaCordage, Ae,
May :,i. I -.... w
Keokuk Lcove Foundiy!
u oou, t*Ti s
ViNti .tatiabiistit"! aftrov i. i-ot UI
city t,f Keokuk, win ii is now
si hrht f-li Viifi^'Ur ACS I .C'T ^IhI
we* •'sti in- unwii^ wh#clt i** tlu'
to fill
an oir t-t.siinber betw«on it aud tin
«-hau»s to cftii and examine on rtock cau mttf the wrUiuarv '.ut. ,n two-f«ct woo .. and n
every rcip"ct a .-n t-vr article. Onr ut'
v shall rweeit« our Premiumt .1,-.. n.a lr for long w o o i
i I'alt be tilled heavy and substantial manner, and ail oi cwr n u
,i |jaui% nti'titig. stoves are of new and improved pan
u 1. wi' a ogn oi oaf f"1' ^oi-d nmi cOui.
throughout tiie IXs .M
vug country to our s'
that we can sell fla
f..i had.
*-'»I«BKI:S 11 AM 1.5 MAIN STR.EIIT.
Give u» TIT uud cueourite, IIOMH MAJHTI/C*
Tim s. W iD. ES'L'ES A CO.
Keokuk. July 1^, 1^5?. wy
Old Crockery
KlLBOl.'RNE if t'ill in iuli blast,
by tr.es aiei honurab e
dt. a mj
IAS ecuitid and win retain a .arge pr K.U of
i- .y br«t i.f cu tonier and in accoi lance with
the increase of Uus'.nesn we are cnab.cd :o iinj^i
nittSCT ruu* KMJLAJfD,
and in °nch tjuantvies to i,e our house in a p.
fcition infirior u none.ei h. i ,n ne.iina'i. 8'. u
I is or Chicago^and nyld o»r.«.\, ready «a» dup.i. n
the rogaiaT bill
the seaooo fiuia Stiv uf the a -..
W« arc Luppy to inform our friends litruugliou*
tlie S'ate, iha. we have open for in-p.-c ion and u.c,
upward- of
40U Crate* of Crocke*ir»
together w.th upward of S00 jioxiss ULASSWAHI:.
manufactured U our own patierus, aad ciprci iv 1 or
our own i ratle. We have also the mo^t exUiuiiv. a
or. mviiiof
LOO tit.\a Ol.xasrs
in Cr
and all woo d«aire to purehiin good- in our line, und
assure litem if they de»t w ., us we wi.l do a- wcli
by ?hiin a- we KIIOW how. We have eurtf.ii pack
ers, »i,d ery aujdutn Iiavveowplaait of bruktu ware.
Order re pe-cifuily ^oacitod.
liaia CJeet, between Iki ami 4th S'rcets.
brought to tho S a e, with all other goods kept j,,
lieokuk, let a, Vug. 15, .-.a...—w.
Leather Leather!
P. TflU.MAS A CO., manufacturers of and
dealers n all kinds and di-scriptions
ol LstaUior, Sa*ldnry Hardware, Carnage Trim
mings. Euumeted and l'aient C^ acli L, t'her, of all
colors Enameled Cloth. Whips uud La. ht* of every
variety. Fjy Nets, fiiney colors and plain and
fhouipmiuthoroughiy streichcd Belting, of all
Those wishing any thing in our line, may rely on i
liudiiig it al our c-oabli&bmeui, and al ae low i»ri«et i
•s it can be had at any other point in tlie VVest.
We inanufac urc a large portiou of our L- a'thcr. aud
have made arraii^eiuents lo import our liudtllery
Hardware d.rec lroui the Engitsh manufacturer, i
Our goisis t.f American manujaciuro wo purchase
our g'M.'vi- I:nd prices.
Cash paid Hide*.
Kvol uk, Atigutt 1«, 1S55. -wy.
1 tb Havor us sell quit*- as low as can be purchased iu any of tbe tl ad, a* well as cofhus of every style and finish fur-
•u, Mid i Essieru cities.
a« low I We re pee' fully invite tk«M wishing to purchase
any thing in our line, to ivo us a call and examine
ilMi' If.ui. ii n
^]^TILLlAM lilt.'.HAM. n Ttiird, between John
son H» 't Evclia'nge ."-itreeis. al tbe Lrieli Shop,
w (»v. inform tiie pub ic that ht' i* prepared to do
*.U iind, of Rucwaituixo in a neat, tTutab.e, and.
Bring on your lame horses and have them shod
ri~bf. F-. it hi* tor arid conttnnt practice in this
branch «1 the bttsinesi he flatters himself tliat he
cannot btt *6.* I led by anv one in the country. JUe
He al-t, effv,
frtav 2*i, lf:i
Tea n.
very tit'
.»• *a.c bj
April IA, nsi. w CLiitiJJORN I UARRiiiON. i
A h. erNNA«L«. fiKO. a. swvin. *. cussamiM
customer* tiie ocneui oi tne recent
luiF«ion and .»S, Lf»•«*, ,T1n
A RH uow reoeiviiig ih» Jo]lf«nj completing
jLtbeir Spriajt *iock, whi' li they «IVr to tlie tiaaa
l»ojitTt ap
o Jo star ntndle.1,
ii do mould do
7.) hf cbrot* teas, aist,
boxvy do
lt'O bxi« ebewing tobacco, 15 aatk.s pvpper,
various brand*, 0 ep ce,
s niil
.'0 pkps I
2"0 sack Hio fMffeo, 300 Iwxcs window g\**t,
b\» pt. hf p: a qt fla»ks
ccroon# A ~n tatiig*
1 ca-k pr.tittr tuaddur,
5 blta alum,
10 e-ippt-ras, I
|U boxescui etu-winf asd 60 boxe* #ro. pepp«r #t4
t. t, •«.«»(««
•mok.n^ do p.m.Bto
retail*and priucipe 2 bates dovea,
2,i bo\e.- Cuba site*.
Sl'O bti prime I). Ap].irs?
i 6tHi bu prime I Pe»» •:«,
ItiU )»»g» *alcratu», bids,
i boxe1*, kcff.i,
2. kt-ps S
In tscrees rice,
2j bbl.i tar,
X'U pitch and rusiu,
53 bxs K ra .sins,
50 i.l and qr bxs ilo
1 eaAe prunes, in boxes,
10 boxen eitron,
30O druuii^ tigs,
1 case nu
3D Uixisprnund giuK'-'r,
26 d'l yeast poudvra,
SO libls d.tl". kinds Mil*,
.*»() busi.cl fri sh pea nut?
oU Uule.- cuUuii batting,
10 uuidiv «ick,
Hi'tnil, 3' t»bU wrapping p*f'er, 76 bags Cottuu yarn, facture the nentetrf and Hio.«t fashionable 13oot and
HITTK.VI1EV A il \«AV1C. Water Street, Keo- 1(K» reams let, A cap do 2# colored and white tjhot i(iat can gt.t op.
uuvmg connecied die abme, in all us vari- pkjr« 1
ou» bran ••he?, witii vitr oilier bu«ineM fur the paat 6 drumi eodti-h, 30 bales wrapping twine, turen in the West they solicit share of publisp»t
year, and tindnig the demand to ba»e ejieeeiled our £U b\» flunked 11 erring, 30 boxes Si. Louie utaieb. ronagr.
inosH aan^uine expcetfl'ions, b»« found it ncceseary f. nsei sardines, 20 etareh, A? we pur, ha.«» direct from the importers, our
40 do* Thutua*' Ujrsterv i at4ck i« always tki latent iaabioaaud bent quali
100 boxes candy, ty, and at the lowest tignres.
2t)0 kt jjs rifle and miBmg| Ai- we ket-p no Kn«tern slop work on hand, we
pioukr, i warrutit nil our ready made Boot? and 8boei of the
190 tlu/. wuod buckets, game character as tlcw made to order.
20,OnO hot furx Call au leave vuiir urder* fur a,good fit. War^
20 casein lb and bf lb ca®» I rantrd Miit in evory particular.
lsitcr powder.
2J bid.T l»ayIon ale, iresk 100 boxes miuchce.
2ii boxes mustard,
15 eorn starch,
80 dot brooms,
6ilU lb« broom twine,
2i IxtxcK a\t?,
7i) bbl* oraoker*.
50 boAes ink,
100 bags ahot, all sizis,
2 tons bar lead,
200 O caps,
100 water proof do
E are now r--ei-iv,ng. add i n to our pres
ent-etock ui lion and ltluek-mttli Tools, di-
Water I market al6o 16U »lal»s assorted site# Plow .St. .•!, t«
Wnich the aljg^itiou of dealer* and blacksiiit'hs it
directed, it eiing tb+irous of enlarging this bianeb
of our business, »e. are prejinred to otter the ncces
-•arT inducements to customers to accomplish tha
same. dAw CON N AliLli, SMYTH A 00._ I
To Countr) iHrrchiiniH I
Stock ilardware and Cutlery is now daily
arming and will all be iu store in a few wo. ks,
and we -ban then b* able to yon as coaiplcte
.ii a-iaurtuunt' as can b» fmnd In any lln^iware
IIouhe in the West. We respectfully a-k an eM'.miu
ation of our "lock and prie s, before p-ireh:i.-ing.
.p 17 w lULl'WlX. JsV ANS a CO.
lor -aU bv
KA I» i ipw*—A in!
Jl for snie by.
j/UOlW •.ye,
'.e attention of dealer^
Valley and th.» tidjoin
Stove,-, ni.il n -are them
u thev can buy anv where
larg.- steck 'on hand, iiu-
iioried direct frotn the inanufaclurers. und for
-ale at loir price- by BALDW IN, EVAN'S A CO.
CI Tl.KBY. over 2iu patterns just re
ccivtd ShoflMd. Knglan i. and for sale low
by sep 17 BALI'VilN, 1*^ ANS Ct.
iuivc rec ivetl our Fall -upply of Ales
of every desenjfllua, whi wo will seii at rc
JLueod prices. BAU'W IN, E\ AN- A CO.
SAW.^JP Wc Iw^ys keep on hand a
Jaru"? stt-ck of Circular u .v.- from six to 54 inch
diameter, which wo sell ut f.ictory pi i e-.
,v.p 17 BALP\n.V. t^VAKS A a._
oit hand tid .rstfle
K ceividian assortiuuu uf It. D. JCa.loo'» (u^j,er'£
1 wis. a superior article which wills?.
11 a.t Hocbes
prices. BALDWIN, EVANS A CO. i
and Ajr Cbaium tif all /••-. i~t ie/e'iv and
ri own uniKrtation Just reived and f-rsale iuw
|.,y BALT VV IN, EVANft.-A Ctl
JAW MAN'i»BlLS— A larg" w.wnU'D1 for tircO
.iitl ale! for sale low by
eceived anil foi -u«»? low by
ONATH.- -J Us.
JAS. r. J* M- *ti» U*r.
C«5X & Slieiley,
,1 i. 1 I
Foreign & Donieijt.c Dry Good3,
^Oiltnv M» A li I i tiOOBX,
A murk, t.nit- tvnti uaiiV to aiy i.ud cimph Stock
Fnll ami Wuitei 0 i*l»," waieu my am uow get
ting in Store, and which wul b» sold at efttnate low
te s.
K okn'i. A#1*# 22. DCft.—wlf
& n.
Vfa!nS I e'we. ii U :r „.i rs KE'lh.L K, IA.
7 IiOLIiSALK Dealers in Fwiei 'U a
id IXiiu atn
V Dry lo, ds.
Having rcc. iv an extendiv stock cf Fail k Win
'erti -d-, w invite th-attention of .-»miitry o'er-.
Atn.i'.g oilier things, w- lia*c a ««i stock tl
Wi*. n ttoods ali apnn.r 1 g.atl s .f Cloth- urn,
Sitiue'.s i d, whiu-j yellow, twiilid und plain Flan
ne'e a gr.-nt vari ty cf plain and md L.nscy- an
xt iisivc assortment of IViuts,mi Trimmings of all
i iuds. [Sept. I, Ih^n.—wly
100.000 Lights
Al* I III MU Mlitfl \t till MR,
Corner ol Juausou aud Ei^niu bis.., Kwwkuli, Iowa,
rililli 'ulssciibir- haie now on baud at then Man-
We have also a large a-•••rttnent of Doors, em
lirucing all cotntnon sizes. Orders for particular
Sites will be filled on short notice.
Our machin.rv i" particularly adapted to the
manufacture of Window Bunds, of a superior style
»ml finish. All Mrdcrs attended to wiU.out d, lay.
N. B. Wc want it distinctly understood, that
we can fill any orders for common sited Sash or
DIKUS, at all tunes. All articles in our line, sold
on reasonable terms. S.C. A S. CARiEK.
Kt okuk, 1'eb. 2'J. 1 S6.rt. IV
J. Vt J4*Ii:sNT«»«i,
T\DERTAKEiR. Corner of Johnson aaJi
Third Streets.
Ctu ries on I be busincs# .f lindei 'kiug ii n.i i ts
bniiK hcs. lie has reccatly made cxt.-iiairi ns
to his atiK.k and perfected his arnuig men tn ia every
ile|iartm nt.
imivcrvious to air mid indestructible, highly orna
.nt nl and invaluable for thj pivservation of the
'eH^ap mnuu^r vuriaHis. 4c.
im'r. oage in thif line.'
ervic(j.jn as Furrier ia .all:its.
ni-lid to order.
Hears.* and can iages funiished, aud the entire ar
rang lu. iits of thu uncial at ndeii to when r« tjnired.
K tikuk. Apiil 12, LH55. dy
iv AI. IV* tins.
YER AND kco I 'libit. Ou 'fifth street, one
dtir beh»w Mum, wu ie h« will renovate and
imiks u* app -ar as new, all kinds uf La lies' acd tlen
tunien's apparel, such at crsp*, broscha. ca^'itaere
A l,F t'huts fresh Imperia', tlotipowdsr,
ing Hy.on aid ack Teas, eiu' teiug
Uholvwl* €*r»««*ra, ftOO 8 U 11(1 S
II O 6®?
Dialers In niio -if Iroa. and Forw upline
and C»B 'T jy
i xe- liar Iron, on wliich we will be able to give our j»ri,irig all kinds of Ladies', tipiit.-', Mioses', Boy*'
i customer* tbe benebt of the recent decline tn ths
Sa jh,
ufactorv, tlie lanrest lot Sasli, of all sixes
ufactorv, tbe largest lot of Sash, oi an _«nie. i
sod d-kcnptions. ever ullered west of the Mississip- rp
pi River, aud. with their facilities, an iHoiud
rockery houses. Wo w.ii be happy to see any from here to Council Bluffs. Wcare making partic
ular arrangements to auppiy tiia Fort Des Moiacs
River trade during the coining spr.ng.
uii tbe increasing wants of tins country,
woolen aUawls, carhtu .rw» at!k n:id -.n rii.. iirCWM
a ubl wiutluw aud miwk
|fOK8K Sfl0EI\0 Ail of th** abive. anil evorj other article of cloth- kv n uvt'ka uu i charge of
L'~:Z ...'..i n...« .1.^' i-ic wilorwl iu any uf the fancy or piaiu color*, li J. Pirca. tui Priucipei. aad Teacher in Urcck aad
any uf the fancy or
hope by close attcntioil ami a knowledge of my bus
ia«M. give geuoral s«ufuction. i
u I s him WM. MANNERS,
J. W. Bcroggu'
MHUliU Y lit}*, hllUKl VU i
,N Conecr' a.rect, W4WM I» 4UI and 5t4i Streets,.
U-:h of Ma.n sireei. A largo assortmeut ol
Limber aad Shingles, of best quality always on i
land. daw ly.
wolshrated Stouiuch BiOers lori
2, l4£
ttrnvnlc ctur rto^k of Kast"'rn W^rk
t0 tj10 WUIltB
n: \t-ry Imv rau s. Tiioy will do jtuitica tit any variety ima^irrnbli". Th» pricri will )c »ui:b
d« r« t)i'v may t* fnvtrrfd wiHll
lOt) lihd« N 0 .Supur, i0 tubs,
,.(i bbln Jti'li-tuar's .-ifU, 10 du* tar bu- koti,
2S loaf and craabad, D-»» IIBC waslitwardi,
11 MWIH^SCS, 2*' rloth*'!? piM,
50 1'hmtniiun 100 coilx umnillu rope,
AO 1!, Iclif-r's 81!and25 intc
.syrup. 73 do* hemp
and grwi# Ud i
i.hl A k$ to cmd
ti- tli, fim st and larpe«t fTor offrrid
TU^y arr scli-cted witti sjuria) rffero
the retail t^d«, and will compria*
as will runvini-c ~rv one that wt have fniiy adopt
ed the inotto of "t^ufek Pales and £ma!l Frofiti,"
R. B. The summer Goods now on hand will b#
closed ont AT COST.
Boot and Shoe Manufactory.
To tbt Ladie- we wmiJd su\, cull in and #eo "ur
elegit!.t .ttyh* Bootees, Buskins, and Slijw, uf the
fini ina'cviiils, nnw tn:uuifiu tunii at ullr eataldish*
uu'iit, wiii'.h in piint i |unliiy aiid durabiiity we
u u,
p..ek't« oldgyT.»ttVftdO O.-ntU-men will find it t- tl.-ir iliteral to rail Mid
00 kep BAito.^s ate•» W bo«^tn».Weri,
#1 w -nt„in tlw Wc»t,
exaUllJ1( uur #Wlk JL ust llu 1
„ade work, of w»„eb
uti ample quantity will n!way«i be kept «m hand, and
as« u'exiny the tjfft ruittvnals, and employ none
but the beat workmen, they may rest a*suii.d of a,
good ai tie!\ guaranteed t» fit in all ca*e5.
N. 11. All articlf* our own manufacture war
run I id.
Sijpi of the Mammoth Sltu»,oorMr katldisg, Main
i'hiid Hrr.-etn.
Aujru.-»t 1, Is- 4& w
EXirUior Hoot 4c Shoe Tlanulanerr*
jr. n iKRfs & o.,
AVIN'ii ju*t u|i in ,1 a hi 'p. iii lli' n
titnin !*8, on Kurd s rc.between 1a
and Johnaiin. Keokuk, luwa, ru»pv,•• iuay
announce that they »r.- pn pared tu niauu
A mackerel carpet e..aiu, I Determined not to bo excelled by anr manufac-
•fcaji. Repairing in the neatest and most substan
tial manner done on short notiec.
July 21. lSf3. d»
Cats City Boot and .Shoe More.
No. II. Main Street, b-twecu louiiti and Fifth,
rpin uiideicigiied Would 11 *pC' tlnllv call
th attention the Ladie.s and tioitie
mrn of Keokuk and ridnlty. to the irflne i
well web ctcd ^tock of Bo'Vt*' and Hhoes. i
i ojcnet and for sale at the above establishment eom-
and Children's w.-ar, of all style*, grade- and si lea.
The..- goods have been selecfi with sp»cial relcn-nee
to neutuess of "trie ami durability, and will be sold
at a wry small ad anee iitxive Eastern cost, as we
are determined not to b-i nnderatdl by any house in
the city. Pleas? gire us a call. An examination of
good- and price* is the onlv fsvor we ask.
Sept. 8.JI1 H. C. HM.-KA.M|^Aj!ltO._
healer in lloou and Shoes, No.
11*, Main Ki kuk, Iowa.
Having located in this city we would respect fully
inform the merchants of the interior that we have
engig iu the ub ve business, having all the facil
ities t'-r purchasing oar stock directly of the manu
facturers at the le.H e.it tigur s. It is our object and
Boots and. Mbee*
., „'f. ftf all i- Tidnds and' pri- wWc!' is now being received direct from tin- best
ju-: i ecii'duud e. by manufrtCorie? in Mussncbusctts. It tsour in ention
iiALLiW In, LVANis ACO. ti always keep on and a complete assortment of
•_ i,, i, «r., goods in the line, and offer auch inducements u will
II AM' AND I AN 1.1. AW ,--A small m». of ojr £,,r
dctcriuiiiaiiou to baud up large and permanent
dale by keeping on baud a large and wdi aborted evmpi*
ktock making our priccaso low that n uo can btslcss,
axid terms and discounts as liberal as any other .,..v, i-.,i
Wii-i.TAM WTNTKK, l*roprietor.
li'jilN EB J»ecouU uud Cedar 8tre»ia,
son. Iowa.
iotlrntf and llaix, 3*jr^ Bnggage taken to and from boats Free of cine nr" n ob ig lie. by. as th* «»»t- iit» of un
i-n t'atw, yn Main tst/.
11, IL«OKUK. i eliarge.
i bdttl* b»v-aks th chill antl mov the iii a», ata
I NVITE the att ntion of jmrchaa-tr. vi-iting this Stages ieavt.tIM#) Ilowse daily for Ksdlnllt ar~ not afr-«-t-d bv nr.- to watt or sickly iocal-
ami tturlmgiou.
June *5, t^'o 4
Ottumwa Hoti3e,
uiiil ritjmel hnvingrccen'ly pnrcha-ed
1. t.ii* above• Jioa-e, would rc-p-'c fully in
form th» tiuvt-.ing cotnuiuni y aud the pub,i.
genera! y that he ha'refined and thorough'}'
vu ed he ili i e, and is now prepartl to offer as
gtKitl aucouiiiioJ"i,H.u-as IIk {Him ty wiil afford to
Oa s. Corn, and Timothy Hay, ami u trus'y and cf
ficit ii: Ostler. THOS. *. (ilVEN.
O.tumwa, May 7, 1
Aug. 10. 1S50.—wy
CAHo£T:0'1noi sr.
of H.gli ami 14th Sire. ts, E. Sstrrs,
Proprietor, 'itu.-isu new building, aud fur
ni-hed new from lop to bottom, in splendid style,
the city, with a large wagon yard, stabling, Ac.,
which aliord parOeuiar itiducemcnts to the country
trade iu genera:. The proprietor, by strict atten
tion to the wants of his guests, hopes to enjoy a
eral share of public patronage.
N. B. Those in want »f good rooms with board,
wili piea-c call and .-elect soon.
licokuk, July 11, lt'56.-wt'un £. SNU'ES.
ivies' iiot sr.
CHARLK.-ti. iii NNLLL. The under
takes pleasure ui announcing that
in- ha- tuken tins very popular House aud
made a complete rcnov a'ion throughout tiieintue
premises. He is now prepared to receive th'
ronagc of the piblic, and believes be can moot the
warns of all wiio desire u got
si House.
lie hopes, by a close application to the busineRs
sad attention to the many wants of the traveller, to
mem ami obtain a share of (uitronage.
iagguge taken to aud from Boats free of
charge. CHAS. ti. BL^XiLL,
April 5, 1^55. dif .....
TliOV ACAOEflll'i

Plemtd call and e.v.iiaiuv *ur stock. seplSd w "LKWisat iM.. I uionCo., Fa-. May 2, lfcJ5.
MR. J- A. ItBoiOh Dnt-Sir: *1 box of medi
Aulru OtTGOt pin* you scut in# wst duly received wn th# llthol
Wliolcvalr Boot and Shoe Store. April. I hare sold nlout ue-haif oj it. and wo
YIN'tl now c. i? n y a!i an I Wint- ttiK*k tar the people who have u-*d it an satisfied tiiat it
Boots and Sh-vs, I am pn p.ar to offer sa- s has cured them. It Las ccriaiuiy Mopped tiie Agin
p.rior indue lie tits to al rs. My stock b-ingdi- hi every on«* who hn« u«-d if, and six if t.'ti cast*
rect froia Mrs: haiios will be sold as low, if nor a lit- wvn- of longstanding. My sister, who has t.sd
tie low! r, than any hoot ia th city. I proiuis to for Cvf or six years back, and could never i'
make it to the aivau.ag: of those dcoiriug to pur-1 stopped, exc. pt by Quiuiue, and tlmt only a long as
eluuc, to call on me o.fcre purdiasing- aii-j would take t, u BOW.T think, tsitireiy card by
Item -mber. on Third Street, tweeu Main aud^ vour remedy. L». B. MrfJIN'LY."
John oti, a .w doors jouth of Avers' Drug Store.
tiiw'SI V. i W. 1. Tri(Mr-t)N.
WTN'ti «ipvue'l a house in tl. e.i.v forji e pur-
BALDYt IN,^E\ ANfr A CO. XX pocc«f carrying on the wholesale Btmt aud
a--T'iuea" A'ways on hand Si»oo businc**, we resjHfC'fuIly coll the attcntic.n of
BALDWIN, EVANS A CO. tin trade to our laigo and well assorted ktock,
ar. of pairotiage.
0 mlrv UK.n,„i4t)-# wiU
do well to call and **am-
ino our s:.ck before thev purchasv.
Jul-. 7.—1 CARTER A CO.
i txovi it ixoisr,
n, W. '"uivtu, corner of Wainut and Second
Siree's, Muscatine, Iowa.
viA- Office of i!ie Tip
ion, Marion, Davenport and
Oikaioova Sra?e Lines.
s a u i: it orsi:
ail tho e who may fnvur him with a call his con- p.odue, any numb ref certifieat.s, a- i~ unua
slant a'tcn mn wtfi Ix: given to rendtrihe stay of ,ti, dn incs of this kind, from those of the *t
an coinfortab.c. Ili« House being ,arg* and coin- ,. j, ,-tabi.ity, aud from eminent physicians of Phi
modioli* he flutters hitn-e that hi can give general
S/iii. wAiawdtf
IlI'llVU IBtn A tup 1/V"«VM||, k»k if.vik.uiu -T |. I I
•ituut^l iu tho mo dfli^h'fui uiwl )u*aitliy |»orn«»O tupt-riyr ariitrlv ty* bcnutifving the Hair, and| WDICD
n cyta
on \Y»Uiraflv, &vj»tenib..T lVth, AO«I t-uuuoiie
Mill il 'llUltlOf.
lit ttv IVIES. A. B., Prof, iu Latin and Rhetoric.
Mtas M. J. Piri.it, Teacher of Drawing and Paint
Prfpsratory, $3 50
Uglier English, «U
Lauguagei-, ft 50
Drawing and Painting, extra.
B.,"K and Sutiouery furnished to the Stu
1 ts a
reajoimhle lau.j by the Principal.
August 22, 185i.—w.lrn
GkQmoreli Turkish Linim#nt.
rpHI i- tli-- bt Liniiii'-nl »hit-b low yvt beet^ of
I fer.-i i tto public. Ii nu even ui !«mcdy
fin Neuralgia, hrysi|ielaj-, Hheumatum, wouud»,
cut*. alreri. nuni^.iraids. bmiM ». ipraiue.Kalt rh» urn,
•ore throat, bead ache, tootii aotie, lain* in theliuibe.
cbi-l. back, Htumach or Ixjwete. .Mko for founder,
gland, i !•. bij head, kwceuey.
»p,iat. Kprnitie. i 11 vil.
Mtitl compuuui, y.'ilow watei, diateuip-r, ring bone,
C.-iulii, C' iie, IKIIU-, and haiuees guile. 4x. 'iLic njid.
Uillm re'« Turkish Liniment are blown in tlio glas*
aiio a far siinile uf my written signature aocouipa
ni fc eaeb bottle.
dlllmorei* Cholera and Diarrhea
This is tb beet renn d\ known for bowi-j romp
laintn. sueJi us t'holera, l'lariuia, Ityscntcry, Pain
iii the Hew 1b. AC., AC. 'ltit*e who hu»e usvd it art
chanut wii it« medical vu tuet. "J be name u blow*
in the g!a«.
(dllmere's Vegetable Cathartir and
l.iwr I'll Ik.
1'heee celebrated I'll I are an excelb-nt reoudy foi
Fever and Ague. 15il ou-Complaint*. Colic, lybenie
r\. .n.~tipat.on of tue l*u» l. Indigestion. Jaun
dire, Dmpry. JK'Uility, Liver Compliunts, Blvtcb.»
on the skin, Fevirs, Ac. 'lhe Itest family pill knowi
and "n bt tLtctl with safety, wbenevi a cathartic i
n, i ued.
X.ll. To insure a genuine article and one oi
aliieh you can re.y with peife.t suf. ty. be part.euiai
tu inquire for Uilim.,re's Vegetable, Cathartic NH
Lnn 1M I#
Caledonian Cough Lo/rnfrs.
Prepared by II. 11. 'iillmurc. A jnipuiar rtuifdy
forCbu^h-, old-, and Hroneiiial atlcdiuo*. lb«.j
have given uutire isaufacliou to tho-e who have Useo
Oillnsore'M Hair Hal earn*
A ainifal p,i ]tarali' ii f.,r the liair. and |nopcrl\
need, will re*torc it to its original softueie Uio
u«ttd it say it is the
laanty Those wht have u*«d it ray it is the bcsi
preparation th( y have ,-eeri
S"id, wbole«H|, and p'tail, bj II. If. A\ ERH, Ilrng- i
»t. rnct I Main and itnid treSts. keokuk, Iow» „dorn.! by III-
Al.to by 1'ruggistA and M'lebaiiU tbrougb'.ttt th.
a' e
tJciober o. '55—dAwy
tll A N *111M )11, o A LA HI A,
the Prevention aud Curs of l.NTKl*llITT*Jf*
and HrmrTKNT IKVKUS, I i VKKAND A«tK,t'nttx»
and FEVER, I»t si Auf»:. lii:*f.«AI. 1»ESU.ITT, Nl«a.
S* KATS, and nil oilier -ini- of Uon'*»e which havi
a cojujuou origin in Malaria or MiasmA.
Tins i. a N'.ATl BAL ATHniTK which will en
tirciy prutcct anv risulent or traveler even in tbt
most* Birkly or swampy loeahtiew, fr.'in any Ague ot
Bili»u* diea*o whateviT. or any injury froia con
statitly inhaling Ma aria or Miasma.
It will uiHtantly ch«x-k the Ague in person# who
have Mift'crod for any leng'tiof time, from one day
to twenty year*, so they need never to have anothe
chill, by oootuMiiiig iu tueaccording to directions.—
The paiicnt at or. begins to recover appetite and
stngtith, and ctmtinties until a permanent aud rad
ical euro is effected.
Tif One or two Iwittles will answer for any ordi
nary ca^e some may require more. Direction*
printed in (iennaa, French and Spanish, accompany
eaih lot!lo. Price one dollar. Libeial disronnu
made to the trade.
AMKS A. RHODE-*!, Providence, Ti. li
Ni w York, June 11.1 P.r»5.
I have madeach' mical examina'ionof 'ltn
Favnn A sets AonsCititt, or •Avtuwrrr: TO MAI ARIA,'
and have tented it for Arsenic. Mercury, yu-aiae.
and Strychnine, but have imt found a particle
either iu it. nor have 1 found any substance is it*
ii that wou.d prove mjur.ou.i tothcc^Lktv
tut ion. .VAILS it. CHILTON, M. I)., Chemist."
Ji V 11/hi^i'. i i i'**' A»
Take o more Ar* n:c. Mercury, yuinin ryeb
nine. or Anii-Berit.ditL* or lue-iit ni- s I any kut l, Uh
virtue i which i* owhigto sn pel ..iiouj. drugs.—
The mo! they can tlo is to "break the chilis." f-*r
i hort tunc, ahile tin y ar. *urs tc cause cn-tif ution
al tnaladise that u e enly with life. iu rniUti
that the oiiiy ]'ev.t end Ague remedy that is harxi)
less as well its sine, is
For »aie Wholestle and 11-'ail by
il. li. AY'UES, Agent,SLaolfak,
And by J.SINGER A- nt, Muntroee.
p! 'JJ, —iiA'.v iy
31I.VM UK,
the eR^ctual we Chilk atvl F«ver, Inter
mitUnt F«ver, Dumb Ague, ami Billtofs At
tack -.
This pr^pamti«n has •'"•n found, after extcn'ir
trial, t'i b- a eTtiiin aisl ff dual cure for tii.- abor.
di taser- It Is oomp^ed entirely v.getaW sab
Fort Madi- I stance*, and oontnin.- nothing that can a it.jm i' n
ly up'ti th-.: .-yst ui. i..« vvhii- u-ing thi- intli
is»u faction to his guests. I practi^- fw the ahov.- die^awts, certifying to_ttk ••un
Connec.ed with thi- House ia i u-uai »ffi. a-v" in enring wh--re oth i m.-dies hav«
A (Joo I ami Vonmoditm Stable, f-aj,.d but "as it is U *1**4 or fall upon tie wro merit»
Where will be kept at all tim^ rt good supply of aiont, it r* d«sin-.d unnecessary, antlprifer1 -aviug to
tho e alhietid. Buy one U'ttle aud you will have in
fallible pn- in vour-. f.
1 urinei -. P.anters, chanics, and all Lt^mring
nd S rco ST. 1st.'I-IS. Mt).
proprietor uf tbe abore
Clttmer o( (UlVt} atlli
b*i.-riWr, prop
A lioune, having thoroughly repair ti anil
uewtv furnished the same tbro ugou', is
now prepared to accommodate cilixeu* ana
Tuankful for the patronage bestowed during the
lust umc years, while proprietcr of tbe Quincy
House, ho rcspcotfully invites iu continuance at his
i new location. WM. MONROE.
ities art\ smf than when in thir usual heal I it an
bv taking tv or two bdtles lnon th- [atieiit wi..
find the apy. tit-.' to recover. stMigth to supply tb
n" antral 1? il't ?, At yht Svrt itt, I'iziin -A ii
th? Hid and all oth form of di-case baviag hei
origin ia Miasma ur Ma.aria, aud cume tnftnti
stat'*, without ar of contradic­
tion. that PXSCBAU.'A FKVEU AM Aorr. MixTtist
lui iffetua.iy Hired -re persons wh re it ha- b-vi
int t»duc d, than any oth pr parafion known., an
ij.hia atia eli»»wli re. who prescribe it In th i
Mm in sc. tions i country where the above tftscase
p.cvuil. by alopting it as* a i tvnu,vr, will bo fre
from the e attack tu that sea»i:n of the year which,
while it is the im st sickly, in the most valuable to
th. iu.
For tale by MOORE k HOOPfiR, Druggists
A^ nts Keokuk, lowa.
July 25. l*.'5.—*ly_
jj^jrs.andcr'a Pelamicus.
7 AT is more desirable by the young than the
W lu.vuuatU locks t,f youth and beauty What
i- more dreaded by the middle-aged than gray hairs?
Who that is old "bnt w .uld nrcrt IwildneSs? wldelt
can nil be accomplished by using Alcxnnder's Pe
lamicus so ui)'ver«al!y acknowledgr'l to be the most
is equally effiraeion* in pre.-eivmg its natural health.
«r safe at HI Mam Stiecf, by
June i.—dtf J. D. MINCIIELL A C0._
Uenlr't Electro-Magnetic Plaat«r»
An lUltr,wl Cun for Cuii i. AMI Fi.vi n, IN
Font JUotiu
rpnts Novel and c.vtraurdinary remedy is upheld
A by the testimony of home of the bast names in
leuuesj-.'c. Mississippi and Arkau.*at. The proprie
tor uud iiivcntor has, aiiMng ihou.-amls of others, cer
tificates fr .in the foi lowing distinguished gintiemefi
of Memphis. Tenn.. th» home of the propricter
Rev. T. 1. 1 race. Col. Smith P. BankhPnd—editc.'r
Mempliiit Whig. Wm. T. Yuneey—editorcf the Mem
phis New, T. Ke, fc, M. 1).. Y. A.Carr, M. !.. It. II.
Crocket. lawyer, grandson of Davy Ciucket, Thus. S.
Lain, M. D.
This wonderful Plaster does not petn, blister or cx
eoriufe. Wh- revet it im-* lieen introdue-?d if has su
pere tb ti ail other patent rni'dit-ines f.* chills, aud I
The proprietor in introducing the E. M. P. in this
eoiumuuity leaves it to make itslo- al reputation here
by its own merits and .superior e*.uim on the public.
AddressC. M. D-'T)i Proprietor. Meuipl i''. Tenn.
Pkii k, $1. A liberal di.-cotint made to ifao itfiie.
Sent by ma 1, to all parts the count ry.
isyie wholesale and retail agent for Keokuk.
N FW and -mtruiiirly futce- tul remedy for th
of all biin-u "ii-^a !•. cottivinuM1. indicee
tion. jNundir*\ dropry rheuiiiaticm. v r». ui. bu
mors, in i vount»», ijntabiiity, infti«mmutioiii-. bead'
udic, piuui- in the breast, tide, back, and limU, fe
mule complaint^. Ac., Ac. Inderd, vny w are fcbi
HS4-BSP5 in which a purgative medicine H"t in on
le»s required, and much nekm.-* iui'1 ».utl-11nj:
might be pr, lit d, if a liaita t"» but effectual ea
hart it- w p-more fr t^iifntly «Md. No pernm car
feci Well whib acottivc habit if body pri vails
idi it M««n iieiatc ii u- audi.ft it i ital di-cawi
which might have been av.,id by the tine ly HIKI
ludieiou.- u-e i a goml pargutiiv. 1'hi- in alike ti w
of ool'b, 1 veii. ryiu| m-, and bi.n u,- d• mngt.
ui nt». Th y all t- nd to 1* tile or pi duec the de
«atid ami 'rmi'hdii' di tujf.r- »hi(h 1 rid tin
,ieot*'« all over the land. 11. nec a r« liabit familj
phytic i" cf the fir't imjjortsnW' to thv pub.ic aith,
in^ thi« pill lia." bten rf ct with oii'umtnati
kill to meet that di tnand. All cxt i. iV tnal It.
virtu-i- bj |»ltv*?ici»i.*, piff -ir- and puti. i t- ha
hown r-ii'i» fUi|^i»Mng any thing hitlurto km wi
jf any iioalu int. t'uit.- hav.- In n ifttUd yone
•r- Iii f. w ••re tin y not nh: t.jiitiat- by j» rii' I fuel,
Kilt'd t-»«iiioii and chiuai'tcr ac to foihidlhvMt?
,10 ,11)) i untmth.
Among the lusny etaint-tit gentlrmcn who ham
testified in favor of tht«e pills, we may inrtitiua,
l),« t. A. A. Hay.!1. Analytical Chi mi lutein
A^vtr of Man^at hu« It*-, wbon: high pro
Hon. Fdwaitl Ev tt, N ii(it«in th fl'idtcd States
Hoi- rt C. W intbrop, eA-S(s:akvr o the Uimw o
R« pi,-"I ntat iv s
Atbtt ljiwr, nee, in ir t'-r I'len. to England
John Fit/.pat rick,Catholic Bislijp 1 Burton also
lr. J. R. Chilton, Practiesal Ch iftl of New Yorl
City. end"r-.«il by
Hon. W. E. Marey, Scretary of State
Wm. B. A*tor. the rich.tst man in America
S. laii'l A '.. proprietors of the Mctropolitai
Hotel, iml others.
Did space ]».rmlt, we could giv? many hundrw
*rtihcatf* fr ail |«arte whore the pilh have e(
u-ed. but v ttbiicc -v.u lieni «-ojuincit-g than tl«:
peri,-nee cf public Bun, i- tn in th ir cffxt tiput
Thew pill^, the restilt Img fnve-tigaAioti an*
^ttaly, arc tiff.ptl t" the 1 ublic as th tn -t ai«i ni"
•ompl-te who th present stair if im dual u.i'uw
-an afford. Tb y are c«.mjs,undel not 1 th diug
thecaseivw. nut of tin? in dit.iual vi.tucs only of vt
table rem di-. i xuaet by In Ulleal proc.ti» iu
'tate parity, and eoinpottndtd tog th in such i
manner n« to insure tbe best tesuitr. This sy-l-. «.
•ompo-i'Mtn f"i no'licit). ha-b -i.n f«.uti» in th
rv Pe.-t'.ral aifl Fill- tw.fh, to p." du-c n more ffi' o-n
reuijdy than had hitherto U«JII obtain.d by any pro
ees». Tbe reesou is |«.'Tfe t,y obviuits. Wluie
the old m»le wttil wit ton. evety mtdi-in* is bur
ikned with taw »r lcs» ai'rini'iiuott* and ii juti«..y'
qualities, by this .-a individual rirtueonly t^a
ikO-sipd loir th.. eurative ifi.vt i. pi-^tnt. Ad th
in*rt an 1 i-l?iitexioti quu iti if f-mli sutftiscet .m
ploy nrs ft I hiwt. the curativ viitue# «ly U
lligK tamed- llnuce it is self-, rkki.l tbe vli't I
•hould prove as th y have provisl ui 'ie pun ly no
dial, and th« piib a si»/vr, more j»IW ifui ajaoii.t .-1
di- a-e than any oth.r mrdiutu- known to th worlti
A-* it is frequently -e*p«Uei»t that my m-dktm
should n. taken uteb tb ti-uu ei I.I1 aitraiiu)
pbj'fi i»ii. and as could n«?t |aojs rly jt'dg.*
m-ly without kn whig its coiiqn ,-iti 1 hav
upjdi'd th» accural': l"imiiias by whoh Imilim
F«ji ,inJ anil Fills are mad- to tha whole b--ty
praetiti- Mi.r• in the- nit.si Mat s sod I5iiii»b Auiei
i-an i'r vinr s. If w •i,.-r th r- «h u" any ot
who has i n rnxiv.-d thni, th y wilt b: prose tl
rr,'aid..d ttv null at th. if nqu, )t.
Of all th mullein s th .t arei,fT rd hot
w w. n.d be» takcJi it th u cotti]^ ntxm eu knnwn
Th.ir Jij 1..1 .-1- »,• ii: IV. I kav« &• mjri
The oiiut»"i-1 -t. nil fr ji .t. i-.s in laid open 1
all ttt-*n. aod.all who arc tt»n»i. i, i-j jo gc en tl
ttbj-et fa. iV ackia.wj. df th
inti iii: it III nt Th
by t'ttfk- u
Lire it-t ii w k
iansh .v i i wi
v-n mt i i
tb.-tr ant. v r..
.a ui--ti t-i1•
Tb y re'
trwii v« iu t. u. it,
nit" 'a.' I v ... •. i
•toroa:h. b* itv
t- .ring iheir ur yu
•vcting. uli.rin.r th y t. tt t,
in th fiist oiigin di a--.
Prepare! by iMts C. Aii-i'.. I'
ytieal Cti im-t, Iowi il, Ma.*:.
box. Fir., boxes r*$l.
So,d by H, H. Ayits, £rul.ttk,
tail: Fort
:. v n tofe* thii
SA. pronoutii
li» i.Hlft' bf
HI. -.i:) luiu* »t pby-i
i to,ng i my i i-. an
i siuii t^. rujy ths
.. ui .- iitiUi ie*a*4 by thai'
i- w fu. u nec «»n the ir
th hi««c4 ti -nmu.i'.t.' i
move th, t..b-ttu:ti"i» .f tb
and oth^-j- ofjfiui-1 i th -ii
r." ti !. aed by towi
i. i t. tt t, diW-g uU S
v«ti'*l ami An*
ii 2 euu* i
w tud
ale and n
Whit to y A Bio. K ot-nuqnt..
ib: Mont,'oi?v, II. Singer and »y all tt^gist
vc y wh f1'. jau. II t*om.
The Umvarsity a i
amiiy Ilemedies.
LDun.ii! the S-al. «»an»-ti*'ii ard Aute. ritv
ol 11.• I.tmersity •-1 Fr. e M.d.c.u jtid l'o -u
vnowiedge. ciiart. red by the fttate l'innsv v:,no
April TJ, Isj.i, witi» acapitiil of %llHi,l4tt, uiaiiiiy
tur the purpMse of arri»tir»g the e*ls of Spttnot.s
ui i Woi Mii,«• Nostrums aifco, for supp.yuig tie
-omiuuioty with reiiabh remtdies whir, nr a t.m
jx'ieni Ptiyvioian canno*. or witl not le ttuploy,
ilns I uat. ui inn has purchased from Dr. JvB.n R.
IkiSAMi, s •*•'. I rai
Known for upwards «f twentv-live year* as the
•nly sure aud ufe curc for Fever and Ague, Ac.,
.md ins inestimable reuiidy f.f B«»wcl CoMplaints,
ttouuml's ..mp .mid Svvup of Blackberry Boot,
which highly approved and popular rcmedi. *, to
getber with tbe n vcrsity "s licin. dy for t'l tupia lite
»f the Lnngs the University's B, imdv f.-r ln*p»p
*iaor Indigestion: the Fiiiversity*s lhmeey for
•'oetive Bowei,-. also, ti,.- I nivent.ty's Almanac may
be had, ai the iiruueti liisp. nsarv. or Store of
,V,.KI\\E\ A HI S t.EH, Keokuk.
August 11. 1 -t
(i. \V. Siiiiiiers
Ma .. t. be', on! A 4' li Kl.tiiJ iv, InU
fnilL uuu'.r.-igL:a hits now in le-
Ware-Iliamis, a-Bd de»igui keep
ing constantly t,ri hand a well se-^S
lcctcd asor!meut t,f ail k.ltdi of Fu'
cing Marble Top Dressing, and p.iuu Bureaus tine
ami plain Sofas fine and plain Center and Card
Tables Cane scat and Windsor Ciiairs, Rocking
Chair.- uf every description from a plain ttooden
seat, to the finest hair cloth siufl sea: plain and
fancy turned Cottage Bedsteads of the la.ast styles
IjfUIlges. At'.
Looking ti
lasses of all sires Clocks, Carpeting*,
floor ami door mattings, fbor and table o ciothS|
mat trasses., feather dusters, carriage trimm. ngs,
window shad'-s and trimming*, and ^cry other arti
cle usually kept in my line of business.
Part of my stuck was made under u y own super
vision, and the rest booght from manufactories of
high standing, so that Iran warrant every article
fur durability and finish of workmanship.
My object is to establish a permanent business
here, and not on the Peter Funk principle and as
an induct went to p-irsons to purchase of me, I am
resolved to Sell a' the lows*! S Louib price*.
Call and examine my stock hefoiu purchasing
elsewhere. 1 will always take pleasure in showing
furniture to Ladies and (tmti«mer who call ou iue#
whether thev fi 1 iu.-iir, ,1 te buv or not.
May 31,1854. -i,V" a'. W. SANDERS.
At. No. ft I. Main Street KEOKUK, IOWA.
drugs, this luediciiie mak- s a tiuiek, radical and per- purni tire, anl any quantities yon Want, put up aud
fect cure aad is not followed by a train of inaladio-i ready for wagon transportation. Among
worse than UIOMU' rviuov-d. It perfectly hsriulcts
tilings are
awl can be used with perfect *afety by aH scisa and Bureaus, plain, fancy and dressing.
Hg1 s.
Corner 3d and Main street. «ct.24dw
l.lglttiiiiift Hod*,
TTrriTII Points und Fixturts, warranted not
corrode. For sale bv
i. 11. SCLLIVAN A CO.,
July 17,1865.—4 ID) Main,
HE until rs gri. does net di.-em it exped'ent to
ilmt he has more Furniture or beitcr than
i 0.1
jlishment in Ketd uk, or elsewhere,
y other
di Iven quinine out c-f Unmarkti! would ray to wholesale snd retail purchasers
Unlike Quinine. Arsenic and other deleterious n
old eu-'omers that he has on hand all kinds of
Tables, Card, Center, Side, Breakfast, Dicing,
Chans, Windsor, Cane, and Mahogany Spring
Rocking Chairs, Cane, Wood, and Spring Scats.
Bedstead*, common, fancy, ai.d Cottage, high and
low posts.
W intlnw Shades, Curtain Cornices, Willow Ware
and Wagons.
Ladii-tt' Cabinets and Work Boxes.
Ma tins-.-.- and all kinds of I'pholstery on haa4
jud msde to order.
It will pur to give us a call.
No sign up, Uiough place gcaerally well marked.
Keokuk, iluy 1, 1S55. wy li. WJUL^EY.

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