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Cl)£ Citg.
T» Die MOIBBS VALLBY WBIC it pohliahed
••«rj Monday at thi« office.is one of the oldest
|apera in Iowa,and bat a widely extended circu
lation throughout the Dei Moines Valley, North
ern Missouri, and Western Illinois.
Subscriptions for the DAILT OATB CITT, and
VxiKt.r VALLBT WRIG, muJt be accompanied by
the cash in all cases.
Daily subscriber? can pay the carrier,if th«jpre
fer, one* in two week a: The carrier ia advised.to
require payment in adrance, in all cases.
No Job Work delivered until paid for.
All advertisements mutt be paid for in adranee»
except in the CAM of customers with whom we have
Mutual aocounta. With such, settlements will be
Bade quarterly.
A State Convention ef the Republicans of Iowa
It called to assemble by their 4clegatee, at the City
Of Des Moinoe, at 13 o'clock a. m.( on Wedneaday,
ilbe 22d day of June, 1859, fur the nomination of
to bo elected at the general election in Octo
her thii year. Candidates are to be Belected for
tbe office? of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and
three Judges of the Supreme Court. The Conven
tion will take auch other action at may, in its
Opinion contribute to the success of the principle!
Mod organiaation of tbe Republican party of thii
State and of the Union.
Kvery organiied county will be entitled to one
Belegate in tbe Convection, and to one additional
iWjlepte for each 100 voters, (after the first 100),
•nd for any additional fraction of 60 or more votes
Oast at tbe latt (ieneral Election for Hon. Elijah
Bel Is, as Secretary of State.
Tbe attention of the Republican Central Com
mit tees of their respective counties it directed to
the calling of the County Conventions for the ap
pointment of Delegates, in the ratio above stated,
•nd for efficient organiiation preparatory to tbe
Republican State Central Committee.
DM Moines, March 26, 1868.
Republican County Convention.
The Republicans of Lee County will meet in
eonvention at CHARLESTON, on TUESDAY, the
14th of JUNE, for the purpose of selecting Dele
gates to the Republican State Convention to nom
inate candidates for Governor, Lieut. Governor and
Judges of tbe Supreme Court.
The Repub licant of the several Townahips of the
•ounty will hold their Township Meetings, at the
Usual placet of holding elections, on Saturday, the
11th day of June, to select delegatea to attend the
County Convention, unless other arrangements for
primary meetings are made by the Township Con
The Convention will deeide for itself whether to
make nominations for County Officers, -or whether
such nominations shall be made at a oonvention to
be subsequently called.
By order of the Republican County Con-initio*.
mt ^WLIP VIELE, Chairman.
May 18th, IBM.
He port of the Government Commit
'oncn In tXteMock Island RriSge
We find in the Rook Island Argus some
what lengthy extracts from the official re
port of the commissioners in the above
case. We give the following synopsis of tbe
material points:
They say that tbe turn-table pier is larger
than is neeessary. It should have been made
no longer or broader than was absolutely
necessary. It need not have been more than
295 feet long. Its aotual length is 355 feet.
The difference between the necessary
and the actual length—sixty feet—great
ly heightens the obstruction, by eontracting
tbe water-way, increasing the velocity of the
water, and presenting moresurfaoe for boats
to strike against.
They say that the piers are not plaoed par
allel with the current, but at angles "varying
from 26 degrees to 14| degrees. The effect
of this obliquity is to treble the obstruction
to the flow of the water, and consequently to
affect tbe increase of velocity in tbe same ra
tio. Another oonsequence is, that the pas
sages of steamboats and rafts through the
draw and between tbe piers, are rendered
much more difficult and basardous.
They say that the draw on the Iowa aide
is rendered useless by tbe formation therein
of an eddy. This eddy, as nearly as oan be
estimated, is 100 feet wide at the foot of the
pier, and the turbulence in the water caused
by it extends about 600 feet below. Its ef
fect on the passage of boats is to insreaso
tbe difficulty, on acoount of the care required
to avoid getting one part of the boat into it
while another part it ia tbe earrent of the
The surface of the water, they say, at the
up-stream end of tbe turn-table pier, is 10}
inehes above the surface of tbe water at the
down-stream end. The extent of the back
water or remous as nearly ae could be esti
mated, is about 150 feet.
They give it as their opinioo that the bridge
is badly located that in consequence of its
location it is a greater obstruction to the pas
sage of boats than was necessary and that
any site in the vicinity below Rock Island
would have been better.
The Board recapitulate some of tbe oorrect
me jjurpOM
of showing how far th*y have been con
formed to or departed from in the construc
tion of this bridge. Tboe principles are
1st. 1
hat at a given place in locating a
bridge over any stream, tbe site where tbe
velocity of the current is a minimum, should
bo selected*
2d. That in designing a bridge, the piers
should have the minimum cross section con
sistent with the support of tbe superstruc
ture, thus offering the least obstruction to
the flow of tbe water, and increasing the ve
locity of tbe current as little as possible.
3d. The piers should always be placed par
allel with tbe thread of tbe stream, for the
same reasons as those stated in tie seoond
principle, and because tbey thus render the f*'8t ^is State.
pu..g. of b»U ud r.fu 1M. difficult. i landholder, on their
4tb. In designing a bridge over a river
having a largo oonuneroe ia bonte and rafte,
the draws And spans should be of the great
est praotioable width.
ID applying these principles to the Rook
Island Bridge, tbe Board say they are con
strained with extreme regret to report that
they hare all been fiolated thus rendering
the bridge not only an obstraotion to the
navigation of the river, but one materially
greater than there is any oooaaion for.
flJTThe Journal of Monday evening last,
quotes from a correspondent of the N. Y.
Evening Pott to let the editors of the Oate
know that intelligent members of the Re
publican party do not understand that the
Dred Scott opinion goes to the extent of de
nying the constitutionality of squatter sov
ereignty legislation against the right of the
slaveholders to hold slaves in the territories.
We don't oare particularly what may be the
views of Republicans, though we never heard
of any intelligent Republican who differed
with us, on that question. We quoted the
"Opinion of the Court" direetly to thetpur
port, as well as the opinion of the [ignorant]?
dissenting Judges, McLean and Curtis, and
also the assertion of Benton and the ac
knowledged views of the entire South, to tbe
same effect. We oan stand without backing,
even against the editor of the Journal with
tbe implied edorsement of tbe casual remark
of a correspondent of *& eastern newspa
One "intelligent" Democrat, Thomas H.
Benton, thirty years a Senator of the United
States, put his opinion on record amongst
the laa( acts of his life. lie says:
"One pood effect the decision of the Court
has had, and that is—the extermination of
Squatter Sovereignty. It tears up that doe
trine, root and branch and, it would seem,
to the gratification of its votaries. For they
rally to the Court's deoision, and make ad
herence to it tbe test of Democracy, with
tbe same zeal with which they supported that
dootrine during its brief day.
"What teste of democracy we havesoenin
three brief years Adberenee to tbe Mis
souri Compromise tbe test when Mr. Douglas
brought in his Nebraska bill, and until Mr.
Dixon's amendment started new game. Then
destruction to the Compromise, and devo
tion to Squatter Sovereignty, was the test.
And this test oontinued for about two years,
whenit uatexploded by the Supreme Court's
decision. Then that deoision becomes the
test, and the Demoorat is politically excom
munioated who does not change again—give
up Squatter Sovereignty, as he did the Com
promise—and take the Constitution,perse, as
sole slavery legislators in a territory, and only
a one-sided legislation to carry Slavery into
all territories, and abolish it in none and
keeping and protecting it there, in defiance
of Congress, and the people, and in defianee
of all laws previously existing there. And
this to be done by virtue of a Constitution
in which its framers would not permit the
word 'SLATE,' or any equivalent phrase, to be
TtoojtAooA Oia Democratic Time a.
An exchange from the northern part of the
State telle what it would like to see when the
good old Demooratio times of Iowa are re
stored. The Democracy of Iowa in the good
old Democratic times adopted the Wilmot
Proviso. Perhaps it would like to see that
done over again.
Plead Fsury.
A case where the statute against usury was
plead the other day, was brought to our no
tice. The interest was seven per oent. per
month. The amount claimed under tbe con
tract was $900. Under the plea of usury by
the borrower, the judgment was rendered for
trench College.
The Iearian Community at Nauvoo will, on
the 15th instant, open an institution at that
plaoe called the Iearian College. They un
dertake, among other branches of education,
to impart the French language in Biz months.
For that purpose especially, we should pre
sume tbe institution would offer very superi
or advantages. Those desiring to make in
quiries oan address A. Marchand, Nauvoo.
LATKR FROM EUROPE.—Tbe Ameriea has
arrived, with three days later intelligence,
but the news by her has not yet been sent
over the telegraph. It is probable that she
bas brought news of a collision between tbe
Au»ki*n and allied armies.
Breach of Promtae.
A trial is now in progress at St. Louis,
against Henry Sbaw, on an alleged breach of
marriage contract. The damages are laid
at $100,000. There must have been a large
rent in the lady's heart and it must be a
large heart, to make so big a bole in.
DKAD.—Mrs. Dalxell, who was one of the
sufforers by tbe explosion of a steampipe on
the Fred. Lorenx, a short timesinoe, is dead.
Her husband, clerk on tbe boat, who was in
jured at the same time, is recovering.
Alan shot.
John Tubbs, of Freeport, ill,, aoeidentally
shot bimself in Council Bluffs a few days ago.
Throwing down his coat negligently, a pistol
in a pocket of it exploded.
Judge Gould has just made one of the most
delivered in this Judioial Distriot. Inaoase
tried on Tuesday in Schoharie County, he
ruled that, the Court of Appeals having
just decided that "the condition of landlord
and tenant" does not subsist between our
patroons on one stde and the tenants on tbe
other, therefore the former cannot sue the
latter for any rent, in any shape. In conse
quence of this decision, Judge Qould ruled
that the patroons could not maintain suits
against the landholders. The suit was ac
cordingly struck from tbe calendar. We
get this from a person who heard the de
cision. If be has not misunderstood Judge
Gould, we have reached a point in tbe Anti
Rcnt troubles whiob will soon quiet that ex
citement which has existed in tbe manor
towns for the past twenty-live years, and
w.hich must exist so long as it is claimed that
"involuntary servitude" or feudal tenures
We congratulate tbe
first great victory.—
Tbe decision of Judge Gould should lead to
|eneral illumination at the Uelderburgh.
imagine it wUU—Albany Standard.
Conviction of Flaek-»Trlat ot Ret.
doui—Dioso of the Term, etc.
Ens. GATS Orrr: The jury in the oase of
the State of Iowa vt. Philip Nasb, received
their charge from the Court and retired to
considor their verdict this morning at half
past 8 o'clook and returned into Court this
evening at 5 o'clook with a verdiot of "Guil
ty of Murder in the First Degree." Upon
the verdiot being announced, the defendant
addressed the Jury, deolaring the verdiot
false and himself an innooent man. The tes
timony is tbe same adduced upon the former
trial, and the resalt is what was generally
The case was conduoted with very marked
ability by the counsel on both sides. Ths
efforts of Messrs. Miller and Hall for the
defendants are justly regarded as the ablest
ever made at the bar of this county. The
trial of Reddout is progressing, and will
probably oonsume tbe balance of tbe term.
Judge Springer continues to give universal
satisfaction in the disoharge of bis offi
cial duties and to win golden opinions from
everybody. KEOKUK.
#»lofrapiaie Howe*
ST. Lorn, May 30.
The Arisonian, published at Tubac, Arixo
na, by overland mail, contains the proceed
ings of a meeting at Arizona City on the 8th
expressing sfVong disapprobation of the
course of Congress towards Arizona, and ur
gently requesting the oo-operation of citi
sens throughout the Territory to establish
and maintain an independent government.
COLUMBUS, May 30.—Judge Swan has de
livered the opinion of majority, and the
prisoners will be remanded. The other
Judges are now reading their opinions.
RICHMOND, Va., May 31.—Returns have
now been reoeived from 121 counties, which
give Letcher a majority of 3,234. The re
turns from the 9th Congressional District
give Harris (independent) a majority of 700
over Jas. II. Skinner, the regular Demoorat
io nominee.
TROY, May 28.—Rob't Morrison, a well
known citizen of West Troy and Deputy
Sheriff of Albany county, was murdered late
on Friday night, robbed, and his body thrown
into a canal basin, from whiob it was recov
ered to day.
NEW YORK, May 31.—It appears that Gen
eral Walker, who was generally supposed to
be on bis way to Sonora, arrived on Satur
day in tbe steamer Northern Light, accom
panied by Col. Natzimer.
A coihssion occurred last night at St. Nich
olas hotel among the filibusters, and Col.
Titus WHS badly beaten by Capt. Anderson,
Gen. Wheat, and others.
Tornado near Jacksonville lit***
About fflffijr persons killed and
mortally wounded.
SPRINGFIELD, 111., May 27.—The Jackson
ville correspondent of the State Register says
that a most terrific tornado ooourred twelve
wiles south of that city on the 26th.
JACKSONVILLE, 111., May 28.—The severe
storm of Thursday evening made its appear
ance in the southwest at 4 P. M. It seemed,
at first appearance, about the sice of a man's
head. Its first appearance was that of a
fountain boiling over it increased in size,
throwing small cloud-like folds from the
eloutin to the earth, increasing in width and
violence as it approached the earth.
From Manchester, to a distance of twelve
milt)* directly northeast, we oan count thirty*
six dwelling houses, with all the barns and
out-houses, destroyed.
Tbe i umber of killed, a far as heard from,
is eleven, among whom are Mrs. Koutb. a
son of lieorge Van Zandt, Samuel Brown, a
Portuguese in tbe employ of Mr. Kute, Jon
athan Carlisle, Jacab Sample and wife, and
a Mr. 'l homas.
Thero are about fifty eeriously, if not mor
tally, wounded. Most of them, we fear,
must die.
To give an idea of the force of the etorm,
I have in my possession a stone, weighing
three unds, that was lifted upnd oarried
sixty feet, passing through a window four
feet from the tloor.
A wind-mill was carried over 400 yards,
with pipes, pumps, &o., attached, email end
Thero was not ton feet squard within the
route of the storm that bas not got rails,
boards, &c.f stuck in so that no one can easi
ly pull them ont. Whole partitions of houses
are gone and cannot be found.
A ujto riding a field was blown from his
horse, tbe saddle torn off and carried about
two miles from the plaoe.
No one can form an idea of the terrible ef
fects of this storm, which lasted but five
minutes, with but little raiu. The oloud
was very bright, while on either side of it it
was so dark that it was impossible to distin
guish the objects.
Indian Troubleo—Tcxana in Arrno.
ST. LOUIS, May 29.
The overland California mail, with dates
to tbe Gth, arrived last night. News unim
portant. A letter from Fort Belknap says an
express just arrived from Kodreimaki bring
ing a report that Major Vanhorn had a fight
with the northern Camanohes on a fork of
the Arkansas river on the 16th, killing 40
ond taking 3G prisoners two soldiers were
killed and several wounded. Among the lat
ter were Lieutenant Lee and Copt. Smith.
The letter also says that four to five hun
dred Toxans aro enoamped 20 miles below
Brazos Indian reserve with the avowed inten
tion of attacking the reserve Indians. Great
excitement prevails.
As far as heard from, it began in Calhoun
County, carrying everything—men, horses, aubsequently married Baroness Keith,
barns, fences, troes, cattle—with it
Extonoivo riro.
•:»•!»if.p.s, MtyS!.
An extensive fire occurred here this morn
ing by which almost tbe entire bloek of build
ing* on the north side of the square were de
stroyed. The fire originated in the store of
Robert Wilson, and the flames spread eo rap
idly, that in a short time all toe buildings
between J. Chabron's store and Steil's Ho
tel, 14 in number, were burned. Tbe fire is
supposed to have been tbe work of an ineen
diary, Tfeeloee is estimated at about
Coufctornatian Among
the Rotlia*
Latest advices from Europe represent that
the intensest consternation prevails among
the Rothschilds. The Vienna Rothschild
lately went to Paris to oonsult with Baron
Juinub, the ablest man in the family.
THK RAILROAD CAPES.—The decision of
Judge drier, in the railroad easoe against tbe
citv of Pittsburgh, relieves tbe city from
$700,000 of her railroad debt—$400,000 to
the Allegheny Valley and $300,000 to the
Steubenville road.--{Pitta. Qaz.
For the.QaU City.
Tfce War.
Rumors of war are again afloat.
They eome from the bright and elasaie Booth.
The tyrant grasps at the victim'« throat.
Patriots, tpenk with the oonnon'a mouth
8peek apeak Patriots, speak
Think of tbe Roman thiok of the Qreekl
Patriots, Patriots, Patriots, apeak I
Despota and Kings, upon rickety thrones,
Tretuble, tremble, the tempest's abroad
The land and the sea are filled with bones
Irvt in your good right arms and Uod 1
Trust trust Patriots, trust
Despots and lyngs are but gilded dust)
Patriots, Patriots, PatrioU, trust!
Poland, Hungary
And thou,
awake rise np
reen Isle, in yon lashing sea,
And all who hare drank of the bitter
Patriots, Patriots, PatrioU, up
The false, honeyed words heed not, that tell
You tyrants will ever relax their grasp
History has proved them false as hell
SSMjy will oppress to the latest gas-p I
Shout snout Patriots, shout
Think of the chains and the smartingknOttt!
Patriots, Patriota, Patriots, ahoat I
Man was not made to be gyved nor trod
You were not made to bu cringing slaves
"Strikefor your homes, your altar*—God 1
Strike for Liberty, or for graves
Strike strike Patriots, strike
Better the grave than the lash or piks
Patriots, Patriots, Patriots, strike 1
Strike—for the child in its mother's arm#
fctrike—for the aiie—old, feeble and worn
Strike—for thy boy—for thy daughter 'a eharni
Strike—for the babe that is yet unborn
Fight tight Patriots, fight
Ihe llero'.- gra7o ban no starless night i
Patriots, Patriots, Patriots, fight 1
Kidkxk, May 3Let, 1859.
Louis Napoieoa
saw Leuis Napoleon riding dot iHDl the
Empress yesterday in the Champs Elyseee, in
an open barouohe, despite tbe rain. He, con
trary to his usual custom, was talking and
laughipg, to show the public the olouds on
the horizon are not dangerous. Be was re
ceived with perfcct silence. There was not
a oheer—scarcely a bat raised to bim. lie
is cursed by everybody. On 'Change tbe po
lice have to disperse the groups, so hostile is
the feeling exhibited towards bim. 1 expeot
bis star is waning, and another revolution is
brewing. A coalition is evidently forming
against him. Germany is in arms. Eng
land is arming. Russia is neutral. The
nation are becoming restless even the army
is opposed to war. There are no soldiers in
Pans but the Imperial Guard and Municipal
Corps. Heaven only knows what is in store
for Europe. Poland, Turkey, the Danubian
Principalities, Montenegro and Servia are
all agitated. Tbe Orleans family is said to
be actively intriguing. The French priest
hood are hiturly opposed to Louis Napoleon.
Who can read the future ?—[Paris Cor. N. O.
Pioayune, April 25th-.
ifi. Do Merey.
The Paris correspondent of the London
Leader speaks of the Count de Morny as—
That illustrious statesman, that eminently
successful picture dealer, and marchand de
brie a brae, that clever stockjobber, and
lucky racing man, tbe Count de Morny. This
gentleman is the President of tbe Corps Leg
islatif, and waa the negotiator of that Con
vention with Russia which, we are assured, is
not a treaty but his crowning merit is tbe
accident of bis birth, which disfipures his es
cutcheon with the bar sinister. M, de Mor
ny's claim to rule France's figment of a Par
liament, and to administer her home affairs,
rest* upon tbe fact that he is the brother of
the Emperor—on the wrong side of the blank
et—being the offspring of tbe loves of the
Queen Hortense and the Count Flahaut, who
ft»ift~The lion. Edward Everett is not hope
ful for Italy in the present erisis. In an ar
ticle in tbe Ledger on the war, after giving
a brilliant pioture of tbo dream of Italian
nationality, he says
Unhappily, however for Italy, the bright
vision vanishes like a perturbed spirit at the
breaking of tbe chilly dawn of real life. Tbe
Sardinian hates the barbarian from beyond
the Alps, but he hates his Lombardo-Vene
tian brother on the other side of the Po, not
lees intensely. The Genoese bas notyet for
gotten that be was robbed of his sea-born
independence, and made subject to the crown
of Turin, by that Congress of Vienna, whiob
sat to redress the wrongs of revolutionary
France. Tuscans and Neapolitans and Sie
ilians and subjects of tbe Ecclesiastical Slates
have for ages regarded eaoboUu* WiUi ver
sion and scorn.
in Love with ths Hen let
a Bop.
The Utica Observer announces the ap
proaching marriage of Mr. John lleenan, the
"Benicia Boy,'* to a beautiful young lady
of high position, socially and artistically,
who has been regarded by the artists of Cin
cinnati with much admiration who has great
talents, and writes a great deal for various
periodicals. She was born in a soldier's
barracks, and eduoated as a soldier's daugh
ter." This was a oase, on both sides, of love
at first sight. Some bloodthirsty brothers,
however, have sworn to bar the marriage,
and the young lady is closely watched but
there is no doubt of the "Benicia Boy" and
the "Military Star" being married, in spite
of all these pugilistic displays by ber Pork
opolis admirers."
ANSCDOTB or AH Ix-Ptisrotwr.—Wfien
Mr. Fillmore was practicing law in the Buf
falo courts, he was a pretty formidable an
tagonist. Upon one oooaeion a witty lawyer
by the name of Talcott was his opponent, and
the latter, wishing to show to the jury how
strong his rival's case was fortified, made uee
of a phrase which he presumed would come
home to their feelings. "Not only," said
he, "have my client's rights been invaded,
but also, to sustain that inroad, you find ar
rayed against him the best talent in tbe coun
try—the right bower of tbe profession."
"What doee the gentleman on the op^psite
side mean by the 'right bower,'" said Mr. F.,
who had never played a game of enobre in
hie life.
"Why," said Taleott, with a sly wink to
the jury, "I thought everybody knew what
that meant—the biggest knave in tbe paok!"
{£5?*A British offioer writing from Tehe*
ran, Persia, to the London Times, remarks:
|*A Cathartic Pill manufactured by an Amer
ican chemist (Dr. J. C. Ayer, of Lowell,
Mass.) has obred tbe Shah of a Liver Com
plaint that threatened his life. This eimple
fact, as might be expected, renders tbe
Americans immensely popular here, while we
English are overlooked. Doubtless our own
eebolars made tbe discoveries whiob he em
ploys, and thus it is in everything we do
the labor, then the mousing Americans put
their mark on it and take the reward. Dr.
Ayer is idolised by tbe Court and its retain
ers here, whiob will doubtless be reflected to
him on a gold snuff box, or diamond-hiltet)
sword, while not tbe name even of Davy,
Christoson or Brodie—tbe great lights by
whiob he JIJIWMII—ill Juiawn."—[¥.
Paper* w
this city.
At Woeetar, O. on Tuesday, May 81st, General
66 years, member of Congress
Ml CMS Ohio,
Of oppression, arise and be frae
Up up Patriots, up
Daah to tbe earth the aeeuraad ORp!
aod father of Mrs. McMillen,
J. w.MeMlUeo,Cashier
S. S. Xiove
JAVA corrKi
choioe article of eaob taat rte'd from Boston by
Z e e e a S a o o n
No. 198 Main-st., bet. 8th and 9tb.
npilE Ladies and Gentlemen of the eity who wish
to get a plate of good Ice Cream, are invited
to call on Jos. Blech. lie will have three or four
kicls every day, and also fre^h btrawberriea.
All orders for Ico-Crcam promptly filled oa the
ahc rtest notice.
Keokuk, June 1st, 1859
KKC EK\- LIFE THOUGHTS.—Life thought
gathered from the extemporaneous diaeooraes
ot licnry Ward Beecher, by one of his congrega
tion. Just reoeived by
Chitty'a Pleadings,
Devereux Chitty's BlaekstOne,
Red field on hallways,
Just received at
SNOW A KM 1111, not needing to make their
SOAP yellow to conceal dirt contained in it, leava
it in its white, pure state
They will sell it by the box, for cash, at 5 OtBtl
per pound. 1011 boxes on habd.
Factory at 20# MAIN-STREET,
may5dAw^ia Keokuk, Iowa.
K I O K I A U I A I ei:niNAHi.
1HK FCM'KTII TERM of the "Keokuk Female
a Seminary" will open fin MONl'AY, APK1L
18t h,in the ba.seiHtut the ''hathatu S(uare( hurch,
eorner of .Seventh and Morgan streets, where tem-
orary aecouiindations,
and e*.y of access.
The Board of TruaUea of this Seminary,elected
from various reli. iooa denominations «od repre
senting a large jart ol the Christian community,
desires by the untird and eo-oi»erativeeffort# of the
friends of education to establish gradually auch
an institution as our city requires.

the btai* Joiah in
fro. Si Main st KEOKUK, IOWA,
1VE particular attention to oollectiona, and
remit promptly, at eurrent ratea of Exchange.
Sell Exchange on Europe, in sums to tail*.
one I, '69-4
The Principal of the l&Hitutiun is Rev. C. A.
WILLIAMS, to whom, or to tbe Nwretary of the
Board, applications for the admission of popila
may be made.
In the Primary Department, young miaaes from
six to ten years of age may tx received, under the
oare of Miss Uruiaton, its present teacher, who re
ceives all the incomes of that department.
Tbe charge* fur tuition will be $( and $8 in tha
ordinary English studies, wiih a small additional
a urn fur incidental exi^ntes. For Latin, Freaeh,
German, Ac., extra charges wi 11 be mad*.
It is desirable that persons designing to baeome
pupils be preacni punctually on the firat at the
aeaaion. WM. THOMPSON,
Pictorial Dictionary*
1,500 Pictorial
Peculiar use ui
JuneS-d 88 Main-st.
Plain and Ornamental Plaotoror.
Shop on Third-st., over Piatt's Coal Offlos.
K7 H1JLM¥S' NKW BOTK.—"Ihe"Autocrat
of the Breakfast Table," by Oliver Wendell
Holmes, for sale by
CITT Booa 8-roao,
May 28, '69-4 No. b2 Main-st.
Win. Manners,
Fourth Street,between ohuaon and Exchange
Biay-lSdl y
'To all the lierid and the root off
TOank tnd."
NOW 4c KftllTH believe themselvea pre
pared to demonstrate, by any required test,
that the SOAP made by tbeui will do more wash-
ing and has more general cleansing )»wer than any
other "FAMILY manufactured io tbe
West, and only uk those who have Dot used it to
give it a trial.
cxcept for the Primary
have been secured in room a oool,dry
Preaidentof the Board of Trustees.
HESRV Svaone, Kec'y.
Keokuk, Apr. 15, 18&v-d
i860. Spring and Baianier "l8*9*
j.K.norcoiasoii. JAHBS NAVST
Third-st.,bet. Main A Johnson KEOKUK.
JUST reoeived at their FMhiontbl*
Tailoring and Furnishing eatabliahment,
a cboiee and excellent supply of broadcloths,
Cassiiueres, Vesting*, and (Jent'a Fl'KMHH
ING 0001S, of all descriptions, and guarantee
that their work shall be done in tbe moat ap
proved and satisfactory manner. They are con
stantly receiving the New York and Philadei-
hia and respectfully solioit all who
good wttfk and the best material to give
them a oall.
liiuotratloaao 1
E have in prea?, to be issued at an earlT
new edition ot Webster's Unabridged
tionary, containing
9.000 to 10,000 NKW WORDS in the Vooabala
*7—Table of SYNONYMS, by Pro
feseor GOODRICH,
In winch more thon 2,000 worda are carefully
discriminated, forming a fuller work on English
Synonyms, of itself, than any other issued, beaida
Crabb,and believed in advance of that.
Table giving Pronunciation of Namea of 8,•
distinguished persons of
modern times
aud Terms in ibe
With other New Features, together with
"We have aeen specimen sheets of the Pictorial
Illustrations. They arc well executed, and will
often be found uaeful in giving a much more cor
rect idea of an object than can be obtained by a
definition.—[New York Tribune, April 18.
"We haie aeen specimen pages of portiooa in
architecture and ornithology, and find them of ar
tistic beanty, as well aa of great practical value."
[Christan Mirror, April 12.
Will be aold by all Booksellers.
{E9""GXT TH» BKST.,, Get Webster.1
G. A C. MfiiiKlAM.
Springfield, Mass., May, I860.
major Jack Dnwnlnf.
Thirty Years Out of the Senate, by Major
Jack Downing. This book will soften the
eounteaanoe of the sourest old hunker—make a
viiifgar-vlaaged ancient maiden Smile—drive away
the bluoa from a h.vpochou:)riac—and oause even a
defeated candidate fer Congress to laagh on tfee
right aide of his mouth.
Ottr Booa HTOB*,
May*A No. 62 Main-st.
n k e e & o
MAT 24, 1859.
60 pos. Faat-eolord Lawns, at 10 oents per
pes. Fine Chally Delalnea, at
pes. Purs Irish Linens, at 96 cents per
60 dot* Linen
60 4m. Linen
Their SOAP ia made from tbe CLKAHBST MATS
RIAL P08KIBLK, iiftinelv, pure beef taltow and soda,
and entirely raaa raua WHITIXS, OLAT, and other
eheap substance* with whu-h most "FAMILY
80APS" are tilled. Thcee substances increase the logs, at $11 por tboosood
weight and hardness of SOAP, but detract largely
fro its cleanatng qualities.
pay me according to oertain eoaditioBa
in an inalrasMMt of writiog of aaid dmtmt
whereas, aooordlag to Mid inatrumect there is 4
me about $$J49 oo tke aaid aale, I hilas Hoeigh
aa auihoriaed by soid iostruosant, will proeeed,
the 4th day of Jane, ISM, at 10 o'clock a. a.,
the steamboat laodlag at Montroae, to sell all
lumber si said Brown A Lewe, which is tke
eed# of the logs aforesaid, and which they have
hand. Terms eosh OB delivery. By rirtoe of
inatrumeot aforesaid I have a lien on said lo
and am aathoriaed to sell the same.
Moti trote, Iowa, May ti, 184*.
rilflE annual aaeeting of the Keokuk Mt.
A ant and Mueeatine Railroad 'omi«oy, will
held at theoAeeof tbe Company in Mt. Pleaaaat
Iowa, on Wedneaday, the loth day of June, 1848
at 11 o'eloek a. m. J. W. OGDKN,
May 12-dAwtd Secretary.
AM again in the Clothing business, and iavt
eta. per
Handkerchiefs, at ets.
•O doo, rowels, at eao feller por
Towels, at 60 per
Tbe above »t retail, together nith a largo
assortment of
Carpets, Floor Oil-Cloths,
tings, 4kc., Ac.,
coo eJwoyt kefsmmdattke the tkeme sstehHshmmt
A supply. Also,
WeMtcrV Koy»i Octavo Dictionary.
Antbon's Classical Dictionary.
Atkinson's Siberia.
La IMata.
The Pillar of Fire.
My Thirty Y
ear* Out of the hen ate.
Fankwie. Just received at
MaySO 62 Maio-st.
OF i l. PRENTIFM," Edited by
brother, for sale at
-L W. K. iioardman, for aale by
"Conrtahip of
tandisb," for aale by
N«iice»-Malo at Porseaal rre^rty
the 26th day of Joly, 166a, I Sil
sld to Bvown
Id u Bvown A Lowe 1,032,600
Lowe 1,032,600 feet of
feat, and they
11 the old aettlars, as well
give me a oall at
aa all now oooa,
North-west corner of Main and Third e
I have every atyle of goods for men'a wear, e
I will seii cheap for caah.
Bp ring and Summer Goods
To aott every taste. Also, Gentlemen's Furmi
Goods* ran as, Carpet Sacks and Valisea.
andse.*** 11AKEY FLLTOIf.
Ldterary llepot,
(acconaaoaTO M'HILLB* a on.,)
leinisa St., Roar the Peat Offl
purchased the well koowo LI?
Depot ef McMillan A Co., the undersi
will oontinue thebaainees in all ita da por
I am in oonatant receipt of all the
Daily Mewapapers,
Weekly Literariee,
Monthly Magasines,and
New Publications
Also, a large assortment of Stationery.
may lid
1UK OMNIBUS will call for paaeeo,
or shine, day or night—in any part of the elt
All orders left w tb J. It. Tewkebury, at the
rood and Steamboat Offioe, opio«ite the
llouae, will receive prompt attention. Leave
o e a a n o u e a i k e a n y o u e a o
aured that you will be called for. Ordinary
gage free. Tickets 26 cents.
r. 8.—Having the largest apring wages In
city, I am alio prepared to move Fianoe aa
niture oo the shortest ootiee.
febtldfim W. 8. IVIWB.
rilllK subscriber haajuat opened a FAIHII*
1 CKUl'RKV, osa F*i«rtfcOt., Ml
matin aai Bloadrau, in rear of Hasaill
Ralston'f, where he will be fuuod with a good sa
ply of CHOICE UBOCKK1ES such as the wants
every one demand. Uoodd delivered to any port
the eity free. TERMS CASH.
Keokuk, March S3, '60-dtf
J. U. OOPULIN, Agentr
Willson & Gustla,
located at room No. 2 Eetoa Ho«ae,M
St., &th, Keokuk,Iowa, wheie they off
W,L. .1
va tun uvit, u«iiujr
branda of ponnda, half pounds, 6, and 10 loss
Tobacco out chewing and sanoking do., in tin-fo!
papers, bbls. and bbls. Abo, a large and gen
aaaojtmcnt of Imported and Domeatie Cigara,
All gooda warranted aa represented
e. VOLXOCK. w*. vaac
Spring and Summer Good*.
E are BOW reoeiving and opening a nsw an
atock of Clothing and Uenta' Fo*
niahing ttooda, which we offer to aell very low to
cash. Our gooda are s. leoted with great oare
with a view to the hard timea therefore we oCa
them at reryamall profits, keeping in view theol
motto of quiek aaleeand small profits. All w
aak ia that euatomers will call and examine befo
purchasing elsewhere we charge nothing for show
ing goods. Remember tbe placcj Kaat Side of
St., between Main and Johnson.
_mehl7d 8. POLLOCK
Nitrate Salvor t^ryeiauiBciu
OZ3. ehemioally pure, in store, aod for
very low by
Sign of the U olden Eagle and Mortar
96 Main street.
OANDI iflW li tafei Star and Mould, for sale

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