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Tn« DI« MOH! Vaixnr WHIO ie p«bt?ab#d
every Monday at tbi* *s °ne of the oldest pa
ptrt IE Iow»» »nd has a widely extended ciroulft
lior, throughout the Des Moinei Valiey, Northern
Hi»oari, end W eetern I Hindi#.
Btp«rt«i MaJ»rltl#«»
Ife give the following reported majorities
at the reoent election. They are mostly from
Democratic souroaa and are doubtless some
what extravagant. There is a material
Ukaoge in the aggregate majority in theio
•onntiea from that of the last annual
aJection, when we carried State by
flrer 3300 majority.
The Democratic gains thus fir amount to
750, but as we have heard from one-half the
population of the State, a like gain in the
rest of the State will not endanger oar State
Des Moines,
Polk, 100
W anhington, Wb
J&spar, 225
Scott, 586
Muscatine, 100
Clinton, small Rep. maj.
Johnson. 100
Louisa, 965
Henry, 550
Appanoose, 350
Duboque, 1500
Monroe, 65
Wapello, 900
Davis, 450
Van Buren, 1
Jefferson, 60
IfKonraa Cowaty*
tfe have the following reliable sad grati
fying report from pgonroe eonnty
Kirk wood's majority, 65
Haskell, (Hep.) Representative, 58
Noble, (Rep.) Co. Judge, 188
R. Weacott, (Rep.) Sheriff, 77
£. M. Bill, (Rep.) Sup. Schools, 25
CITADEL.—The town
Of Burlington, the home of Dodge, polled
1731 votes at the late eieotion. Last year
Hie entire vote was bat little over 1300, and
the census of voters last spring falls several
hundred short of the vote oast this fall.
Augustas Washington, an eminent
member of the Pittsburg bar, died on Satur
day morning. He was distantly oonneoted
with the illustrious George Washington.
(^yit is stated that the Hon. Edward Iv
«rett has aooepted an invitation to deliver an
Wddreee at the Georgia State Fair, to be held
IB Atlanta from the 25th to the 28th of Ooto
HANCOCK Comrrr.—The ml and personal
property of Hanoook oounty, 111., is assessed
at $5,164,349. The oounty levy is 25c. oa
the $100.
Tneimti®** Uttemift.
The Philadelphia Press thus presents the
asw question about Kansas, and the dilemma
in whioh the President and his peouliar par"
lisans now find themselves on that subject:
The people of Kansas, with the most inso
lent pertinacity have adopted the Wyandott
Constitution by a large majority, and at the
Opening of Congress will demand the adtnis
•ion of the new State into our sisterhood of
Republios. It would appear thev have re
fused compliance with the English bill
have not taken a census, and also that they
have not made a return of the votes to the
President, as reported in that bill. What
Will the President do? Will he adhere as a
law-abiding man, to the terms of the English
bill requiring that Kansas should take a cen
sus in order to show that she has the proper
namber of inhabitants, and thus recommend
the rejeotion of the new State, and let this
issue run into the Presidential campaign, as
a kind of poisoned chalice to the oaudidate
of the Democratic partv Or will he do
what the people have done, and what the
"rebels" have advised—frankly ask that
Kansan may be admitted with the Wyandott
Constitution, in violation of the English bill?
If be taken the first course, then we olaim
that he bat not settled the Kansas question
with his English bill, but has kept it open
if the second, then he proves that the men
who opposed the English bill are sanotionsd
by his own authority.
Q3jTThe N. Y. Tribune states emphatical
ly that the story that Col. Fremont has re»
otntly written a letter regarding the Presi
dency, is untrue. Mr. Greeley, it will be re
membered, visited the Col. in California, and
•ays in the Tribune'.
Col. F. is giving his whole time and ener
gies to his own private affairs, and i6 writing
no letters at ail about the Presidency. We
believe we may further assure the News that
he WILL write none, nor take any steps in-
7 i i a 7
II" «°V° *,7-
following is an accurate copy of a marriage
•otice published in the Pennsylvania Chron
ialea and Universal Advertiser, printed at
Philadelphia, "from Monday, October 20th
l« Monday, Nov. 2d, 1766
Last Thursday Evening, Mr. Richard Baebe
Of this Citv, Merchant, was married to Miss
ftally Franklin, the only Daughter of the cel
ebrated Dr. Franklin, a young Lady of dis
tinguished Merit. The next Day all the Ship
ping in the Harbour displayed Uratr-Colours
|p the happy Ocoasion.
{gTRev. Dr. Dewey,
1 U
l,b.e ,0"°,n
the Kepubhtu National Oonr.nl,on. I're.- Senate will b. compo.ed of 22(ppo„
identiul letter writing is not his speciality he
leaves that amusement to those wno have a
taste for knocking out their brains in that
particular way. We oannot say that Col.
Fremont either expects or desires to be the
Bepubiidan candidate for Prosidsnt in 1860
but we can very confidently, that he will
oot decline the nomination until it shall have
been offered him. WA do N^T Vn-.** v,.» I,„
Would accept it, if offered but we have "good
ftason for our belief that he would.
i J&2?
or unprosperous as
ted, or that it was afflicted with eo bad a sus
pense of faith as to require aey violent rem
had ,ot,nift
OIilo i:i«ctl»n.
Delaware oounty, 14 townships, Republi
can majority 500. Bepoblioani gain a Sen
•*or- ..
Warren oo. all bat 1 township, Republieaa
mai. 1050.
Ross co., very close, small Rep. maj.
Fairfiel 1 eo., all in bat 3 townships, Dtm.
maj. about 1500.
Fayette co., as far as beard from, Rsp.
mai. about 330.
Pickaway co. as far as heard from, Rep.
gain 1 Representative. Democrats have 300
maj. on State ticket.
Muskingum co., Republican County Tick
et elected State Ticket, small Rep. maj*
Shelby co. 100 Dem. maj.
Wayne co. 400 Dem. maj.
Logan oo. 500 Rep. maj.
Columbiana co. 800 Rep. maj.
Miami oo. 800 Rep. maj,
Darke oo. 258 lem. maj.
Portage co. 600 Rep. maj.
Van Wert oounty 24 Dem. maj.
Crawford oo. 800 Dem. maj.
Wyandotte oo 83 Dem. maj.
Starke co. 27 Dem. maj.
Allen co. 35 Dem. maj.
Slnecaeo. 160 Dem. maj.
Summit co. about 800 Rep. maj.
Cuyahoga oo. about 1700 Rep. naj.—a
gain of 800.
Delaware eo. all but 5 townships Rep.
maj. in the oounty not less than 550.
Lorain oo. complete Rep. maj. 1707.
Hamilton oo. whole Dem. county tioket
eleoted by from 500 to 1500 mai.—a Dem.
gain over last year of about 3000.
Geauga oo., six towns give Rep. maj. 530.
Mahoning oo. 400 Rep. maj. Republicans
gain 2 Representatives.
Clark oo. about 650 maj. for whole Rep.
State tioket—a loss of 283 on the vote of last
CLEVELAND, Oct. 12 —Incomplete returns
from thirty oounties give the Republicans a
gain of about 5000 over Chase's vote in 1857,
and indicate a Rep. maj. in both branches of
the Legislature.
COLUMBUS, Oct. 12.—The Republican State
tioket is eleoted by over 15,000 maj. Re
turns thus far indicate Senate—Republicans
22 Democrats 13. House—12 to 1G Rep.
majority. Marion county, offioial: Demo
cratic State tioket 53 maj. Carter (Repub
ltcan Representative) has 20 maj.
Medina oo. gives Rep. maj. of 1000.
Ashtabula oo. all but 7 townships, 2400
Rsp. maj.
Clinton oo., official, Rep. maj. 702.
Monroe oo., Smith, Rep., eleoted Repre
Madison oo.—Dennison maj. 75: Harrison
Rep. for Senate has 150 maj Hutchinson
Dem. for Representative has about 23 maj.
Pike co.—Rep maj. about 30.
Soiottt oo.—Rep. about 100 mai.
Fairfield co.-—Ranney's maj. 1405 Whit
man's maj. 1539.
Muskingum county.—In Zanesville and 18
townships Ranney gains 141 on vote of last
year. Rep. State and oounty tioket elected
by 100 maj.^in county. Potion, Rep. Sena
tor majority muoh larger.
Perry oounty.—Four townships give Po*
Uea 374 majority.
PtniKfivaBla Klsciisa.
Ill this city the Opposition candidate for
District Attorney has a majority of 3,500
Mate ticket about 2,500. Smith and Cou
ncil both elected to Senate. Representatives
probably unchanged. Ijancaater oounty Op
position majority on State tioket 3000. Mont
gomory oounty vote light Democratio State
tioket majority 1200. Mifflin oounty vote
close—Democratic State ticket majority 50.
Philadelphia Opposition gain a Senator.
PHILADELPHIA, Oot. 12.—Mann's majority
3,210: Cochrane's 2,292 Keim's 2,855.—
Opposition also eleot both State Senators,
and 10 out of 17 Representatives.
HAKRHBUBO, Oct. 12.—York county gives
205 Democratic majority, but elects one Op
position to the Legislature. Rush Peterkin,
Opposition candidate in the Licoming Rep
resentative District, has been defeated ly
1200 majority. Sural. Durborrow, Opposi-
i tioo, baa been elected in Adams eounty to
the Legislature by 29 majority. Beaver oo.
elects 2 Opposition members to the Legisla
ture by 55 majority, Mr. Imberie, Opposi
tion, for State Senator has 300 majority.—
Scrantr.n's, Opposition, majority on the State
ticket is small, and the result with regard to
the county tioket is doubtful.
In the Senatorial District oomposed of
Adam?, Franklin and Fulton counties, Alex.
McClure has been eleoted. In Franklin oo.
his majority is 539, while his opponont, Mr.
Douglas, was only 150 in Fulton and 11 in
Adams county.
EASTON, Oot. 12.—The Demooratio major*
ity in Northumberland oounty is estimated at
Lucerne County.—Dem. majority, 600 for
State ticket. County ticket it also Dem.—
Senatorship is doubtful.
Carbon CouDty.—Tho Dem. majority is
100 for Stato and County tioket.
Lehigh County.—Dem. State tioket Te
oeives a majority of 175. The Opposition
eleot all their candidates on County ticket,
exoept Sheriff and District Attorney.
Bucks County.—Doutful. The majority
is trifling on either side.
Fulton County.—The Dem.
State ticket has
about 100 majority. McClure, Opposition,
for Senate, and Austin for Assembly art
liedford County.—Dem. State tioket has
about 150 majority.
Returns from the interior come in slow and
render it difficult to ascertain the exaot result
in the State. It is thought the Opposition
u o e o a e it is thought the opposition
i Sen.torg in 11 Di.triot. If ,o,
omposed of 22 Opposi
tion and 11 Democrats. Opposition claim
12 Representatives from the oity, with other
gains- It is supposed the House will stand
67 Opposition, 37 Democrats.
Franklin county gives an average majority
of 350 for Opposition State tioket. McClure
(Opposition) for Senate, and Austen and
Brewster (Opposition) for Assembly, are
laaiana Elsctlaa*
Ptttnam county, entire Democratio ticket
elected by about 325 majority.
Miami oounty, Republican majority over
Shelby oounty, Democratio State tioket
elected by about 150 majority.
The following counties heard from show
Republican gains: Marion, Johnson, Bar
tholomew, Hendrick, Vigo, Miami, Sheltoa,
Jennings and Hancock.
Democratio gains in Howard, Boon and
CSTQueen Viotorin4#~t# visit tlw Great
17tb of
preached on SunJ.j, OoioWr 21. in Bo.ton time itViTi I °nt"which
Dr Bellow« —--.ny nan occurred on the vessel, several of
»o»Ui. until
*he refusing to wash up the decks on
Sunday morning, on tha ground of its being
unnecessary labor. They were puoished by
fine and imprisonment.
Ketlltn TF the 1 XPIVRIAF Vacfei *I m.'
[From tin London Times.]
The Fox screw discovery veaaal (Capt.
M^Clintook.) which was eent to the Aretie
regions at the expense of Lady Franklin, to
dieoovcr traces of the missing expedition,
arrivod off the Islo of Wright on Wednesday.
On landing Capt. M'Clintock at onoe oame
on by train for London, bringing with him
two oasescontaining relics of the long miss
ing expedition of Sir John Franklin. We
have reoeived the following from the Admi
YACHT Fox, R. Y. S.
S»: 1 beg yon will inform the Lords Com
missioners of the Admiraltv of the safe re
torn to this oountry of Lady Franklin's Fi
nal Scarohing Expedition, whioh I have had
the honor to conduot.
Their Lordships will rejoice to hear that
our endeavors to asoertain the fate of the
"Franklin Expedition" have met with com
plete suocess.
At Point Victory, upon the northwest
coast of King William^ Island, a record has
been found, dated the 25tb of April, 1848,
and signed by Captains Crotier and Fitx
^ames. By it we were informed that her Ma
jesty's ships Erebua and Torror wsre aban
doned on the 22d April, 1848, in the ioe, five
leagues to tbe N. IS. W., and that the sur
vivors—in all amounting to 105 souls, un
der tho command ef Capt. Crosier—were
proceeding to the Great Fish River. Sir
John Franklin had died on the 11th of June.
Many deeply interesting relios of our lost
oountrymen have been pieked up upon the
western shore of King William's Island, and
others obtained from the Esquimaux, by
whom we were informed that subsequent to
their abandonment one ship was crushed and
sunk by the ioe, and the other foroed on
shore, where she hss ever sines been, afford
ing tbam an almost, inexhaustible mine of
Bein^ unable to penetrate beyond Belit
Straight, the Fox wintered in Brentford Bay,
and the search—including the estuary of the
Great Fish River and the discovery of 800
miles of coast line, by whioh we have united
tbe explorations of tbs former expeditions to
the north and west of our position with those
of Sir James Ross, Dease, Simpson and Ray
to the south—has bean performed by sledge
journeys this Spring, conducted by Lieut.
Hobsou, R. N., Capt. Allen Young and my
As a somewhat detailed report of our pro
ceedings will doubtless be interesting to their
Lordships, it i« herewith inelosed, together
with a chart of our disooveries and explora
tions, and at the curliest opportunity I will
present myself at the Admiralty to afford
further information, and lay before their
Lordbhips the record found at Port Viotory.
1 have the honor to be, &o.,
F. L. M'CLIN TOOK, Captain R. N.
To the Secretary of the Admiralty.
Telegraph N«wi.
NBW YOKK, Oct. 12.
The steamship North Star, A. 0. Jeaet,
Commanding, from Aspinwall on the 4th,
with passengers and treasure, arrived this
morning. She has brought the passengers
who left San Franoisco on the 20th, making
the entire distance in 21} days. Her speoie
list amounts to $500,000.
The revolution in Carthagena continued
suocessful. Neito, the President, was popu
lar and bad succeeded in defeating the gov
ernment forces. Curthagena and the whole
State of Bolivia were in a state of seige.
The revolution in San Lauder was still un
lien. Soott and suite bad reaohed Panama
in heulth and safety on the 4th.
The government of tbe Provisional Presi
dent Montealga w&e getting on with appa
rent prosperity.
The Bishop of Costa Rica, Lorant, banish
ed from Costa Ric.t for refusing to obey
equitable laws, has returned on the invita
tion of the new government.
E. F. Conway, tha young American who
was sentenced to 10 years in the public works
for buving killed a (ierman in a row, has had
his sentence commuted by the Supreme Court
to 4 yenrs.
The U. S. frigate Sabine was at San Juaa
del Norte, South Amerioa.
In Peru President Castilla is preparing a
OOstlv f-ipedition against Euqnador.
Rubin, the legitimate Governor of tbe
Province of Guayaquil, as resignsd and the
Provisional Government had been installed.
All the other ports aioept Guayaquil re
mained blockaded.
An arrival at St, Joseph, from Sioux Oity,
announces a terribls malady among tbe Oma
ha Indians, some fifty of their number hav
ing died recently. The Indians think it is
the effect of eating the meat of the buffalo,
affected with bloody murrain. Tbe Indians
had thrown away all the meat of the one
thousand buffaloes whioh they had got for
winter use, and were preparing for another
buffalo bunt.
A severe frost had visited the section of
ooHotry about Sioox City, and one half of
their entira corn crop was ruiaad.
Frsai Texas.
Mr. Kinhrf, tbe editor of tho Brownsville
Flag, who is now here, states that tbe Mexi
can banditti gathered near Brownsville, num
bered on the 8th inst. about 400 men, and
was then increasing. Their object was «vi
dently plunder, and from the fear that tbe
town would be burned, whole families were
fleeing. The Austin Gasette has information
tbat the Camancbes would attack Northern
Texas during the coming winter.
lurtf* 6re is raging on Levee stmt.
A KBoy Baby.
The editor of the Canton (0.) Repository
thus expatiates on the happiness conferred
"It in with feelings too deep for utterance,
and a sense of obligation overwhelming, and
of worldly oonsequence never before experi
enced, and with a heartfelt eostaoy heretofore
not eveu dreamed of, tbat tbe junior editor of
this papor announces to bis friends and tbe
rest of mankind, that a son was born unto
bim on the morning of Fridav last. To our
readers, male find female, who are married
and childless, we say—get a boy. To our
unmarried friends who are of proper age and
of amiuble tempers, we say get married, and
then—get a boy. To those who have spent
long, weary years in searoh of an unfading
joy, we say, that we never knew what it meant
till we s»w our darling boy. If we were not
so oorpnlent we would out sueh fantastic oa
pers before the couch of helpless innooenee,
as would maks the angels laugh. A general
reprieve is granted to all politieal offenders,
and an earnest appeal made to thoss in pecu
niary arrears to liquidate at tbe earliest con
venience, as the young gentleman must bo fed
and clothed."
J^INT or PHKimrns
Awarded at th« Eighth Annual #Wr qf
the Let County Agricultural (fas4fy,
held on the Ground* near WmtPMnt,
on the 5th, 6th and 7th daw of October.
H« D. 1859.
B«stag«d bull T. Day, V»n Burin Co., $19
2d do H. 0. Buw»rt, Montrose, 6
Sd do J. I. Williamaon, Plsas't Bidfe,
Beat yearling bull, li.ti- 8tewart, 10
B«ft bull oalr, T. D»v, 8
Id do J.F. Kdwardo, West Point, 4
8d do
Clawson, Montroaa, 1
Beat Uow, Jot. Edwards, West l'oiat, 10
do T. Day, ft
8d do W m. Clawson, 1
Best 2 ysar old heifer, f. Dsr. 10
2d do do R. W. liutoheralt,
Best yearling do Day, 10
3d do do H.G. Stewart, ft
Sd do do J.F.Edwards, 1
Best heifer oalf, Ii. Q. Stewart, 8
do X. Day, 4
$4 do Wm. Clawson, 1
Best Bull, T. Day, 10
2d do H. U. ytewart, 1
Boat eow or haifer, 'I. Day, 10
2» do H. (i. Stewart, 1
Best herd, T. Day, 10
Bast a god bull, R. B. (Juinton, Denmark,
Best yearling bull, J. Starr, 5
2d do do E. Jarett, Marion, 1
Beet ball call, R. B. Quinton. S
2d do B. Ueetaka, West Point, 2
Best oow, X. Day, 6
2d do Jofan Pyle, Marion, $
Bast 2 year old heifer, 0. DouglaH, JaSsrson,
Best yearling heifer, T. Day, 6
2d do J. Pyle. 3
3d do R. W. Uatefcer*H, 1
Best heifer ealf, A. Xownsend, Mario!, S
2d do R.W. liutcheraft, 2
3d do do 1
Best yoke o*eo, J. F. tiont, Charleston, 6
2d do it. Overton, Marion, 3
Id do A.J. Hughe«, Washington, 1
For oxen drawing heaviest load, E. Overton,
Best yoke 2 year old steers, driven by boy un
der 15years old, K. Millard, Van Bareo Tp., 3
Best 2 vestr tlti steer, K. W. Hutcbcrait,
3d do do John PyU, 1
Best yearling steer, Wm. Clawson,
2d do do 1
Best beef animat, W. Hutcheraft, 10
Best Devon oow, U. Douglas, 10
Clsss KS.--llorae«.
NO. 6. —R 0 A DST R8.
Beat 4 ysar old stallion, ii. Alton, Hanoock Co., 10
2d do do FJ Pol look, Desmoineeoo., 6
3d do do T. W. Clagett, Montrosa. 1
Best 3 yr old hone oolt, 8. Kg tort Jackson Tp., it
2d do do H. Tsrric, Henry Co., 1
Best 2 do do ¥. tf. Pollock,
2d do do J. Dewitt, P. Ridge Xp* 1
Beat yearling do J- Bullard, Jeffarsou,
2d do do T. W. Clagett, 1
Best horse oolt onder 1 jr., R. tf eesaka, W. P.,
2d do do C. J. Priee, P. K., 1
Beet brood mare, T. W.
Clagett, 10
2d do do 6
3d do A.Fogg, Pleasant Ridge, 1
Best 2 yr. eld Alley, Johnson Davis, Jackson, 8
2d—None entered.
Best 2 yr old Alley,
J. F.Colwell,Cla:k Co., Mo., 6
2d So do Qeo. Barnes, Washington, 1
beat yearling do K. N.Bart lett, Clark Co., 4a., i
2d do do 'X. W. Clagett, 1
Best Alley colt under 1 ysar, A. Fogg, 6
Best pr match buggy horees, 8. Egbert, 10
2d do do J. W. Edwards, fc
3d do do J.Soath, 1
Bast single buggy horse, B. Egbert, 8
2d do do J. H. Height, Madlasa 4
3d do do T. Parish, Jackson, 1
Best saddle mare or gelding, J. Latta, D. M,Os. 8
3d do do F. N. Bartlett, 4
Sd 4i do Isaiah ilals,
NO. 7.—«WKKi'SlAKB8.
Beit jtatfloi, H. Alton, Hancock Co., ill.,
21 do T. W. Clagett,
Best Alley, tf eo. Barnes, Wash jag toa.
2d do F. N. Bartlett, Clark Co., Mo.,
Beet pr draft horses, B. F. Woodman, W. Point,
2d do do Stei»h. Barnes, Washington
3d do do A. J. Kichardson, Madisea,
Class C.
NO. 8.—MULEb AND Atvil8.
Best Jack, John Dill, Van Buren Co., 8
2d do R. W. Hutchoraft, I
Beat pr aged mules, J. R. Herron, Washington, 8
2d do do F. Stewart, Jefferson. 1
Best single aged mule, E Shropshire, C! arjii# 8
21 do do J. E. Jarett, Marie n. 1
Best 2 yr old male, W. B. Arnold, Franklui, ft
2d 1 do do do 1
Best yearling do A. A. Hellers P. Ridge, ft
Best mule under lyr. H. W. Hughes, Wasfc%f ft
Class Kl.
Ho. y.—SUE|p.
Best long wool buok, R. W. Hutehrait,
2d do do H. Reed, Moot rose,
Best do wool ewe, R. W. Hutcheraft,
2d do do R. Reed,
DO wool buck, L. Clark, Cedar,
2d do do Sain'l Clark, P. Ridge,
L. Clark,
8. Clark,
Best do ewe
2d do do
Best jsJur of lawbsi
Best Syr old boar, Ben j. Satterthwait, Marion, II
2d do do John Wright, Jefferson, 6
3d de do R. tfraham, Wa«hington, 1
Best yearling do Jas. Weldy, Henry Co., 10
2d do do John Pyle,
3d do do do 1
Beat boar under 1 yr, Jas. WeldSflb 6
2i do do N. J. Norris, Washington, 3
Best 2 year old sow, 8. D. Rynerson, Marioj^ )0
2d do do Tbomp
son Jones, W. P. ft
Id do do J. "V. Hampton, Marioi^ 1
Best yearling do Isaao Hawkins, MatitiW 10
3d do do Thompson Jones, 6
3d do do do 1
2d do do Thompson Jones, 6
Best pair of pigs, Benj. Satterthwait, 6
2d do do A. Clawson,
Best litter do Jesse McMilien,
iNO. fl.—-FARM II()RSE8.
Best 4 yr old stallion, C. Farley, Montrose,
li do do John Scott, M*riun,
3d do do J. Crabill, Jefferson Olfe*
Beet 3 yr old horse oolt, P. Vaooatta, Charleston,
2d do do A. Anderson, Harrison,
Best 2 yr old do Thoe. Welsh, P. Kidge,
2d do do J.O Kaffee, W. Pointy
Best yearling do Jofau M&okey, do
2d do do A. Atherton, Charleston,
Best horse oolt under
1 yr, E Hampton, Marion
2d do du L. W. Mckean, Jeff.,
Best brood mare, R. tf eesaka,
2d do T. W. Clagett,
3d do John Maekey,
Best 3 yr old Alley, C. J. l'ru-c, Marion,
2d do do
Best2yrold do J. Underkercher, DemoiseTp.
2d do do E. Millard, Van Buren X[k,
Best yearling Alley, J. MoCurd, Montsase,
2d do du
Best filley under 1 yr, X. W. Clagett,
Sd do do A. Xownseud, Marion,
W. C. Creal, P. Bid,
Mrs. A. Stsddant
Class B.
NO. 10—HOGS.
2d do do S. D. Rynerson, ft
3d do do R. tfraham- 1
Best fat hog, Benj. Batterthwsii, 10
Sd do A Clawson, 1
class I'.
*0. 11.—POULTBY.
Best pr Poland Chickens, A. MeCabs, W. P,
Bsst pair docks, J. W. Edwards, West Poir
Class Ui
Best acre Aax seed, David Jennings, P. Ridce,
Bjst bush. Irish potatoes, M. W. Dean, WTP.,
do sweet do W Arnold, Franklin,
Best ft dot. turnips, G. W. Urimes, Charleston,
do parsnips, do
do beets, 8. Cowlos, Harrison,
do carrots, J. D. Hoag, Ced^ir,
do rutabagas, E. tf. WiUon, Madisogb
Best dot. sar» seedeorn, P. D. Eiwards, WfiP*,
Best peck fall do wheat, Williamson, P.B.,
do spring do W B. Arnold,
JBettlhead* cahl^^I.CiarJ^P.Jiyilcs#
Bast sweet pumpkin, A TownsentL
Bast field do J. D. Uoag*
Beat squash. W. B. ArnoH Ikeslflf
Bast gal. Lima beaas J. W. Btwardi, W. P.,
do whit* do 8. A. Walker, Madisoa*
Best boach pie {daat, S. Towaeead, W. Pointy
Best variety flowers, fl. B. Brashstt, Denmark,
Bast boquet, 8.1. Ryoer*un,
Best 4 jc"1 Chinese Sugar Oaae Syrup. A. J.
Weolao, Pleasant Ridgo,
Best bushel diferent variety apples, W. Tall,
Hanooek Co., 111., I
2d bestbn. diff. var. apples, J. D. Williamson, S
3d do do A. M. Fisher, Don., 1
Best dos. paars,H. Dsekrr, West Paint, 1
Class I*
Best specimen worsted work, Miss A. Hull, Ft.
Madison, S
Best specimen embroidery, Miss H. M. Ed
wards, West Point, 1
2d best speelmen embroidery, Miss W. 0. Bask,
tfreen Bay, 1
Beet qoilt, Miss H. M.Edwards, W. Point,
2d do Miss M.J. Edwards, do
3d do Miss H. M. Edwards, do
Best workod oollar, Miss M. J. Edwards,
Best pr woolen stockincs, Mrs. L. Phiplef. r. H. 1
do eotton do Mrs, A. Stoddard, W. P., 1
do woolen socks, Mrs W Arnold,Franklin, 1
do ootton do Mrs. L. Shijley, 1
Beat loaf bread, Mrs. B. F. Woodman, W.P., 2
Best jar pickles,Mrs. R. 11ns ton, West Point, 1
do preserves, Mrs. J. Daugherty, do 1
Best made shirt, Mrs. J. W. Kd wards. Wash'a, S
Bsst woolen oovsrlet, Mis. Lyman Young, F. R. S
Boot pr blankets, Mrs J. Woodman, P. Ridge, 2
Best rag earpst, do do S
Best lbs. honey, M. Matteer, Jefferson, 2
2d do J. Riehardson, Madison# 1
Best apple batter, Mrs. J. D. Williamson, P.B. 1
Beet 6 lbs butter, Mrs R. Has ton, W. P., I
2dL do Mrs. Jos. Edwards, W. P.,
3d do Mrs. J. B. Edsoa, Madisoa, 1
li-st eheess, tf. J. Norm, Washington^ S
2d do do S
3d do B. B. Quintan, Denmark, 1
Class J.
BestImggy harness, Webber A Smith, W. P.,
Bsse gent's saddle, W. •. Thurston, Ft. Mad., 2
Bast lady's do do S
pr horse shoes, E. Levee, West I'uiat, 1
Beet pr eoarse boots, D. Riser, Marion 1
do Ane, do W W Winterbotham, Ft. M. 1
Best ft lady's shoes, do S
Class Kl
Best 2 horse wagon, J. H. Dingmen, W. P., ft
B-st buggy, Wm. A. Thurston, Ft. Madison, ft
Best 2 horse plow, M. Ward A Co., Keokuk, S
2d do do S. D. Morrison, Ft Madisoa, 1
Best corn plow, 8. D. Morrises, 2
2d do M.Ward & Co., 1
st cultivator, 8. D- Morrison, 2
Best ox yoke, 8am'1 Maloy, Franklin, 1
Beet show of agricultural Implements, 8, ]}.
Murrison, ft
Class L.
Piece jeaas by Mr* L. Young, 1
Jar starch, Mrs. P. D. Edwards, P. B., 1
Miseee' drsas, Miss Walker, Ft. Madisoa, 1
Currant wine, tf. B. Bracket!, Denmark, 7fte
Willow basket, John Wnodaaaa, P. R., Tfte
Piece flannel, Mrs. L. Youag, 1
Combined rifle and shot con, F. P. Marey, 7Ac
Sugar sane, J.
Grey, W. P., worthy nottse.
plant, a. B. Braekett, Tfte
Basket willow, J. Woodman, 7fts
Washing Machine, D. R. Carter, franklin, $1 ftS
Timothy seed, F. Hunt, Charleston, Tft
Red clover seed, (good sample,) W. B. Arnold, Tft
Oil Paintings, J. W. tfilee, W. P., (air sample.
Plow handle, E. Lctee, West Point.
By a special reoouiuiecdation of the Committse
on Household Manufactures, a premium »f $3 was
awarded to Mrs. U. tf. Siewtart, of Monfcross, on a
Counterpane exhibited by her.
The Committee on Class B., No. 7, begs leav* to
state that Wm. Brown's tfreen Moan lain Morgan
did not get into the ring in time, or he won Id have
Taken the First Premium.
Bv a unanimous vote of the Society, a discount
of 2$ per cent, was made on all Premiums awarded,
ssocpt th# Ladies', whioh were paid in fail,
orricsas BLBCTSD
President—T. W.
Vioe President—J. i. Kswiasi, West Point.
Seeretary—W. T. Luwar, West Point.
Treasurer—W. R.
Jon O. Sstvra, Denmark Tp.
ISAIAB Htu, Fort Madison.
ZacaaaiAH Asimswa, Harrisun Xp.
O. W. Baowsise, Charleston.
R. W. liL'TCHCHArr, Marion Township.
The Seeretary of the Society being absent daring
the Fair, the duties of his ofBee were discharged by
Pnow, to the satisfaetion of the Soci­
ety. WM. ALEXANDER, Treas.
Eeo cipts and Expsnditureo of Lee
Agricultural Sooiety, for the year
The following amounts were received
out at the Fair beld at West Point on the
and 7th days of October, Itifttf
Reoeived for licenses
Entries of stock.............
Co., for printing,
W. H.Stoub, do
Wm. Werner and others for music...
Jst. McDonald, keeping gats.........
Jan. tfillhorn, do
a*. M. Cordle, do
R. W. Stewart, selling tickets
A. tf. Leech, do
Ja». Frow, writing, Ac
Wm. Jones, lot rent
Wm. Weraer, bill of points.
Wm. tfibbs A Co.,.
Jas. MeDonnald,. ...
John Craig
Alexander A Lowry, for looks.
Am'tof Premiums paid
Am't paid to Harvy Nelson on note,
Ain't paid tv W m. ones on note
Karly may Cherries,
So moob oalled for of lata, have oome at
last. Now is the time to set, to eeoure them
againet hot, dry weather next year, whioh so
often kills them. These are grafted,
prodigeout bearers. WM. BARNES,
No. 4 Estee House, Main-si.
Keokuk, Oot. 10, '58-d
On the Ifth Inst.,
William Meal, aged thirty-six
The fnnaral will Uk«nl*Mthii H«»
at 8 o'clock p. m., from his late rasidenee,eornerof
7th and Palean.
*OR sale cheap by
IN K CHCRSr. for sale by
raiSC HO CKElvKK for sale by
sale by
by the bbl. or at retail by
60 baleslNos. 1 and 2 for sals~ by
Sacno* ft. And be it further enaetod, That the
of letters remaining ancalled for tn any
Post Office in any city, town or village where a
newspaper is printed, shall hereafter be publUhedi
oaee only, in the newspaper which, being issu«l
waskly or oftener, shall have the largest circuia*
Hen within range of delivery of said office, to i|§
•seided by the Post Master of said Post Office.
LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Oflse
at Keokuk, Iowa, Oetober 1ft, I860.
Persoas oalling for letters will please say, adves*
Belea Mm Sarah
Crowe Mrs Oatharipa S
Crawford AlSX
Croghan Body
Ckg«ton Ja«
Donovan 11
Denton S
Frissle Patrick
Fuller Cons tan ti as
Flood Janes
JGoll Edgar &
Haven James
Hirk John
Hitehsoek Harry
Hawk John W
Henri Martia
Henry Wm
Harris V
Hamilton W
oaks Oric
Johnson John Moi
Kerwit John
Kaiser Dan'l
Levi A Co 0
La/on John
Lincoln Hon A
Morrit John
Murphy Lawrence
Madsen John
Marsden Turner
Melnerny Martin
iMcDoagall John
MoCandlses James
Olive Dr
West Point.
Palmer Richard 11
jKitiaowr W
sale wholesale and retail by
No. 88 Main-st.
sale very
AAA LBS. ill- BODA for
low, to elose it oat. by
jBcherer Carl
Sloot V
bhepbard E
Sawia Rev A A
Sayers tf
Triesh Chas
Thorp CO
and paid
ftth, fttk
as«*»a% s»ltH|S«
Tickets sold.
Total Rsoeipts
Underwood W
Wiaby Hetu«a
Wright HiraM
Waldoon 11 __
Wappich Was
Winton A Waat
.4 ft 1.00
.. 49-ftO
ft 00
1 60
Treasarer Ue Co. Agricultural Maty.
Deselms Mrs Mary# Dooly Miss Mary
lollery Mrs Daugherty Miss Mary
Fairman Mrs Sarah Fegen Miss CathaiSaa
Gale MissMaryE
Hastings Mrs Henrietta Hiokey Mrs Mary
Howard Bridget
Jeaes Mrs Blisabeth
Kyle Mrs IQft Kennedy Mary
Utile Mrs SfaFtt Lorsns Miss Blsha
La wren oe Miss Tbereea
Mars Mrs Lonis
MsEvoy Mrs Susanna McKooa
Rohm Miss Aagusta
Miss Sasaa
Hash Mrs MM»
Pyles Miss Mary
8cboose Mad. Johanna Stover Mrs Johanaf
Secberger Barbara Shea Miss Johanna
Wilson Miss Mary Wilton Miss Mary
Albartsoa Bon N
Aekley Chas
Ballon Otis
Burton W
Blacksbere Asroa V
Black A Barns Mss^
Buliin A
JUrdel Dan'l
Bottmann Heiner
A Dickinsaa
Oaighead John A
Conroy Peter
Carson John
Davis Jas 8
Dickson MaisS S
Eldruiy Jokn
Foagan tf
Feny Miles
Gray Jeks
Hunt Horatio
Hallow«U Saas'l
Hitcheock A Co
Hitebcoek Chas
Hutohiags JoseplMS
Hudaon 1 S
11 ickey Ja4
Joh CB
Klett Fridolia
Lyon Thas
i n s a y W
liurm W altar
Mege4slaen Chas
MeDoaald Bstea
MeGuire PkilUp
Parkkarst U
Rumbaugh AIM
Stafford John
S^eberrer Mark us
."^elby Jos
Sbiekis Cornelias
Scales Washington,
Taylor Wm
Thorn Dr M. S
Vanderwoad A
Waterman John
W'alters John
WsUkar Jaoob
Wirth Jos
Oct. 16, I860
Oil Manufactory.
of Chicago, Iil*.,j
th* emtnrmt mruttkilljn
operator on tin Eye i
Ear, whose reputation!
is eitensively known
throughout the United States, will arrive in Ke4»
kuk on Monday, Oct. 17th, aad may be consulted
the Billings House, where he will remain nntfl
Friday, Oot. 21st, only. Dr. U. being a a regular*
ly educated Physician and Surgeon of the ol
school, will be fouad fully competent to perform
any operation on the Bye and Ear necessary to r#
store lost sight or hearing, or by other seientiflo
mean, to remove any disease of those delicate of»
gans within the reach of science and human skill*
Tbe extraordinary stnd formidable operatioqg
lately performed by Dr. U. on several eases q|
Deal-Dumbness, by which they wsre made to
and sneak, (an operation balievcd never before tie
have been saooessfully performed by any othsf
Surgeon In Amartoa,) is eertalnly oaloulaUd ta
create hope, not only iu those similarly afflicted*
but to inspire fail and entire confidence in tha
minds of those who mav be suffering from partial
or total deafness, that tney can have their disease
completely removed and hearing restored.
Dr. U. will be provided with referenecs of the
highest reapeotahility which will be furnished to
applicants, where required.
No charge for an examination or aa opining*
Oct. 10-lstwt
insurBDce! Insurance! Insnrmncel
Jf Pork Bonaes, Public Buildings, Manufacturing
Establisments, Household Furniture, and all insa*
rable property, iesaed at tbe lowest rates in this
following substantial Companies
CO., oF
OATITAL #400,000.
CAPITAL $150,000.
OAPRAL $500,000.
CAPITAL $200,000.
This Agency always pays its losses promptly
Dwellings, with Farniture therein, insured at
vsar nontKATn runniun, for one, three or
years. Call and learn the rates.
WI1. W. BILkNAP,Ari,
Oetldlm Beoond-st., near Main.
THE CH APTEK, or Morritorial
i Instructions in the degress of Mark, Past, and
Most Excellent Master, ana the Holy Royal
By Albert G. Mtekaj

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