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Much time was speot in Com. of the whole
on the bill granting lands to the Oedar Rap
id* railroad.
SENATB.—The House retolatlon I© adjourn
on tbe 27th was adopted.
The appraisement law WM farther amend
ed and ordered to be engrossed.
The bill securing liens to mechanioi, la
borers and others was amended, and passed.
The bill in reference to theJSapreme Court
Reporter was passed. The number of Re
ports wbiob the State shall subscribe for was
fixed at 450.
A resolution to bold night flMsiooa, tad to
begin at 8} in the morning, was passed. A
great many other resolutions and bills were
acted oau
Isrelfi News.
The steamer North Breton arrived at Port
land on the 21st, with English dates to the
8th lost. Wo see nothing very important
in the dispatches. The London stock mark
et remained depressed in eonssque&oe of
complications on the Continent.
AMoliter iiaie.
The project has been revived in the South
of viakiog a new State out of Northern Mis
sissippi, Western Tennessee, and the extreme
western p.irt of Kentucky, the boundary be
ing the Tennessee River on the east and the
Mississippi on the west. The Tennessee
Legislature has approved the project. The
objeet, of coarse, is to strengthen the slave
power in the Senate. It is a modest claim,
in view of the fact that the people would be
scarcely able to support a State government,
and also in view of the fact that every inob
of territory introduced into the Union since
1787 has been or is considered slave terri
Tm Das MOIMKI! VAIXKT Waie is published
mfj Monday at this rffice, i* one of tbe oldest pa
persis lo«a, and b»? a widely extended eirrtila
tion ibrouj-Jbout the De§ Aloises Valley, Northern
Missoati, and Westfm Illinoia.
MONDAY, March 19.
Boon-—Mr. Wjtier's report, giving a his
tory of tod condemning the acts of the Blind
Asylum Commieaumers, did not please the
Democrats. The report wa« laid on the
Clagett reported back a bill to legalise
Lee cotmtj Bond#, issued to build Court
Tna CHARLESTON HOTELS.-—The Charleston
Mercury cf the 16th says that the rumor
from Washington in regard tu changing the
Demooratie Convention, suspended or re
tarded the arrangements which bad been in
rapid progress. It was a damper on the
Charleston landlords, and they boldly
charged the movement to the Douglas men.
They say that the real members of the Con
eention shall be well provided for at only
$5 per day, but as for "the myriad hangers
On they must take their chances for feed and
sleep," and suhaut to a&j amount of flaeoiog
and extortion.
RAILROAD GRANT.—Quinn's bill, g'.ving
the lands to the Cedar Rapids road, on terms
similar to the original grant to the Air Line
road, was before the House on the 20th, and
it was thought would be adopted by that
GHOSTS.—Ghostsand communications with
the spirit world are getting to be vulgarly
common, and the papers abound in ghost
stories. The latest is that told of Mr. Cogs
well, librarian of the Astor Library in New
York. On three successivo nights, as the
^r* Cogswell, while pursuing bis
vocation at a late hour, plainly saw the form
of Dr. ——, lately deoeascd, and each time
be accosted the form, wishing to know why
be, who never visited the library while liv
ing, should trouble it now when dead? The
ghost made no answer, but silently retired.
Mr. Cogswell was not at all alarmed, and
la at a loss how to account for the appari
tion the more so as he never was intimate
with the deceased Dr. while living. By the
advioe of his friends, Mr. Cogswell has gone
South for the benefit of his health.
William Lloyd Garrison is dissatisfied
with William H. Seward. He says
The temptation whioh proved too powerful
for Mr. W rhetor, is seducing Mr. Seward to
take the snme downward oourse and bis re
cent speech, when closely analysed, will be
seen to le but little, if any, better than Mr.
Webster's seventh of March speech, ig50
Its effect will be highly detrimental to the
moral sentiment of the'North on the subjeot
of slavery whereas, it was in the power of
Mr. Seward, by a vigorous and lofty enforce
ment of the great doctrine embodied in his
Rochester speech, which would have swept
through ail tbe non-slaveboiding States with
Irremstible power, lie has gone backward,
Mid gone down, and he will drag many along
with and Bt*lf-reooverv, under such cir
cowetacces, is scarcely ever pobsibl*,
ti Ss
Tbe Cbarletioa Csaveaiioa
tircken I'p.
f.uui Washington
to Forn*y»g Press, says that a rumor, which
be is disposed to believe after thorough in
woiry. io circulation there, to the effect
that ibe Administration has advised and will
•et'port tbe secession of the Southern dele
gates from the Charleston Convention should
pouglae be ormmatel A Cabinet Minister
IS said to have stated to a distinguished
northern Democrat, two or three days ago,
that thi* *ob ti»o was arranged, and he did
nc i hesitate to aid that it was very fur from
improbable that the 8 oth would Uke pos
session of the Union Constitutional Conven
tion, which is to assemble at Baltimore on
the IHb of May, in order to array the Soath
erti peo! ,e fvg iinst Douglas, sh 'ubl be aue
•eed in overcoming bis opponents at the Na
Monal Conveu?ion. Yoa ne«d not be jrur
prist if ti project is carried out* fbftt it
Is in contemplation 1 do not doubt.
Tl*e naval lla|a|«ai«ni In ibe Unit
Ths St. Louis A'MPS presents the clsarest
statement of the reoent events near Vera
Orus, and of the causes which led to them,
which we have seen. We therefore transfer
it to oar columns, only adding that Mr. Bu
chanan's administration is understood to fa
vor the government of Juaret, the leader of
the Liberals, while Miramon is understood
to be the leader of the Churoh party
The telegraph this morning, bringus ex
citing intelligence from the Gulf. The
empty marching, countermarching, and mae
oeuvoring that have been going on in the
neighborhood of Vera Out, hate at la^t, re
sulted in an actus! naval engagement between
the U. 8. steamer Saratoga, and the Mexican
steamers Gen. Miramon and Marqoess, in
wbiob both the latter were captured. They
are now safely anchored at the New Orleans
wharf a»p a&8 of the United States. For
the information of our readers, we give an
explanation of the oauses that led to this
Vera Crus is the stronghold of the Juares,
or Liberal pirty in Mexico, defended on land
by a garrison of 3,000 or 4,000 men, and
protected in front by the formidable Castle
of San Juan de Ulloa. For several weeks
Miramon has been meditating an attack on
the place by land, aided by an assault from
the Gulf, which, it was understood, has been
in course of secret preparation at Havana.
During this time, Amerioan, French, and
British ^squadrons have been stationed at
Vera Crus to protect the interests of thsir
respective flags from violenoo, and their oiti
sens from outrage, by the contending fac
tions. The American squadron, as being the
favorite of the Liberal party, was allowed to
anchor under the gons of the Castle. On
the 29th of February, Miramun, having com
pleted bis preparations for the seige. took up
his position with 0,000 men, and a well pro
vided seige train, four miles from Vera Crus.
The inhabitants of the city, aware that an
expedition from Havana was expected, peti
tioned Commodore Jarvis to capture it as
soon as it made its appearance, and thus save
the city from bombardment. TheCommodore
did not give a decisive answer to this, but de
termined to await the eourse of events. On
the 6th inst., two steamers—tbo Gen. Mira
mon, and the Marqnese, from Havana—ap
peared before the city, with color*, and re
fused to show their flag. Com. Jarvis order
ed the Saratoea, Capt. Turner, with detach
meats from the Savannah and the Preble on
the small steamers Iniianola and Wave, to
proceed to the anchorage to ascertain the
character of the suspicious vessels. When
the Saratoga, towed by the lndianola, ap
proached, the steamers tried to escape, and
Capt. Turner sent a boat with a flag, to de
mand their nationality. The boat was fired
at by the steamers, the firo was returned by
a broadside from the Saratoga, and the fight
began in good earnest, the steamers having
hoisted the Spanish flag.
After a spirited action, Gen. Marin, the
commander of the Gen. Miramon and the
Marquese, surrendered with his ofBoers and
up to tbe Americans. The loss on the Ameri
can side was three wounded, one of tbem
mortally. Tbp enemy bad 6fteen killed, and
twenty or thirty taken prisoners. Tbe cap
tured vessels have been *ent with the crews
to Now Orleans.
It was said tbero was much excitement at
Vera Cruz-on acooun of tbe affair, tbe Span
ish and French denouncing the oonduct of
our squ&dxop in the bitterest terms.
A Taws en si Lake.
Rev. W. C. Smith, presiding elder of one
of tba Indiana coufcrences, gives the follow
ing account of Morgantown, in that State,
one of the peculiarities of whioh is that ii is
built on a lake:
We read of a city "set upon ft bill/' but
Morgantown, in my district, stands upon a
Ink*! This was nqt known for a number of
years after tbe town was settled. The dia
wvery was made by digging weils to procure
a full supply of watsr. The supply of water
in the wells whioh had been used failing in
the dry se«son, a few years since, one of tbe
oititi ns concluded to sink a well deeper, and
see if he could not strike a stronger vein.—
When some thirty-five or forty feet below the
surface of the earth, the man at work in tbe
well suddenly struck his pick through a crust
the water gushed up with such rapidity that
with dilfk-uity be was saved bv the men at
tbe windlass. In a few moments tbe water
was some fifteeu feet deep in the well. In
two or three instances afterward, men wero
near being lost ty coming suddenly to this
inexhaustible fountain of water.
ells have been sunk in differeut parts of
the town, remote from each other, and 1 be
lieve forty feet is tbe greatest ptb to reach
this lake. Lead lines have been dropped in
to several of these wi lls, but no bottom has
been found. In digging down to this lake,
they invariably pass through strata of sand,
leaves and timber/ resembling driftwoo»d.—
This is some twenty feet below the surface
of the earth. Attcr passing through the*e
strata, a stratum of bard clay is found, a^d
when within some eighteen mobes of tbe
lake, a hard crast is reached, whioh is a sure
indication that they are near the water.—
When they reach this crust they commence
a wall thereon, carrying it to (he top of thr
well, then put down a large auger, and bore
a bole, to the water, whioh gushes up with
great force, filling the well from fifteen to
twenty feet in a few minutes. When the
auger strikes the lake tbe atmosphere bursts
up for a ft-w seconds, producing a sound re
sembling very much the blowing off of steam
from an engine. 1 have not given all tbe
particulars of what has been discovered of
this mysterious lake. Enough is known to
settle it beyond a doubt thut tbe whole town
stands upoo a lake underground.
({^Notwithstanding Macaulay's reputa
tion for conversational power, he appears to
in a quaint old Jewish manuscript now in
the British Museum, thut the oldest of man
kind, Methuselah, did nut lire long as he
Blight have done. The writer gaye that (iyd
proaii*eM him in a dream that if be would
rise upWlo] build bim a house, his life should
be prolonged live^undrad vears. But he re
plied that it was'scarcely worthwhile to
build a house for so (short a period, and he
died before he was a thousand years old.
$3TThe Prinoe of Wales leaves England
crew, and the captured vessels were delivered ed they were captured as pirates, and the act
have uttered few bon mots, to have made tion of President, under the authority of Mr
few conversational points wbich are repeat Beeoher, having brought up six unruk
fd and remembered. One of the very few boys," whoso aggregate height would form a
good stories current of him is the following: column thirty-six feet high in honor of thsir
It is said that he met Mrs. Beecher Stowe at mother, who will till
t.: CL .ilco Tiovcyau-fl, ana rallied her on ticket in 1860, with but one exoeption, and
her admiration of Shakspeare. "Which of i he has not attained bis majority. Not one
bis characters do you lik^ best V" said he.— of tbem smokes or chows tobacco, or stimu
•Desdemona," said the lady. "Ah, of lates tbe inner man with intoxicating bever
ooe who ran after a black man."
SMM.~-Mr. Stanton asked leave to intro
dnoe a resolution requesting tbp President to
inform the House whether the reoent capture
of two Mexican vessels in or near the port of
Vera Crus, by the U. 8. sloop of war Sara
toga, was in pursuance of the order of ths
President or Secretary of the Navy, or wheth
er the act of the officials in oommand of the
Saratoga has been or will be approved by
the President. Also that the President be
requested, if not incompatible with public
service, to communicate copies of all orders
and instructions under wbiob vessels in the
Gulf of Mexico are acting.
Mr. Crawford objected to tb« introduction
of the resolution.
The House then resumed the consideration
of the resolutions reported from ths commit
tee on elections in the Siekleecase.
Mr. Sickles spoke in support of bis right
to a seat.
Mr. Davis replied in favor of his opponent,
Mr. Williamson.
Mr. Branoh moved to table the whole sub
Negatived 80 to 94.
The resolution as reported by the commit
tee, ^requiring Mr. Williamson to serve on
Mr. Sickles within 10 days a particular state
ment of the grounds of the contest, and that
Sickle* ser\e an answer within 20 days after,
and that both parties be allowed 60 days to
take testimony in support of their olaims,
adopted bO to 04.
SKNATK.—Mr. Trumbull presented the pro
ceedings of the Board of Trade of Chicago,
asking for an Assay offioe.
Mr. MaHon presented resolutions of the
General Assembly of Virginia in regard to
the bounty land warrants to Virginians en
gagod in the Revolution.
Mr. Green introduced resolutions request
ing the President to communioatato the Sen*
ate the correspondence between the Judges
in Utah and the Attorney General or Presi
dent in regard to the legal proceedings and
Mr. Bayard, from the Judiciary Commit
tee, reported back the bill for the protection
of fem ile passengers on steamships and oth
er vessels, and it was passed. This it ths
same hill that passed the Hoass.
Mr. Hal© offered a resolution, which was
adopted, that the President iofortn the Sen
ate if any instructions have been gives to
officers of the Navy, bv which in any event
the naval force of the tJ. S. was to take part
in the civil war in Mexico, and by what au
thority certain Mexican steamers were cap
tured ttnd their of&eers and crews made pris
The Florida claim bill wa« debated at some
length—posstponed till 16th day of ApffiL
The Homestead bill was taken up.
Acxican Affairs.
The news from Mexico has created a pro
found sensation here. Particulars of ths
captnro of the two Spanish steamers ars
awaited with great interest. It was suppos-
on tbe part of ear naval force is fully sus
tained.' Great Indignation is expressed to
ward* the Spanish authorities in Cuba fur
fitting out this expedition to act against tbe
Constitutional Gjveroment of Mexico, which
we recognise. It is believed by some that
the two steamers were fitted out by the au
thority ot Spain and sustained by France.
A markabie change has taken place with
in the the last 48 hours in the minds of those
legislators who have opposed the Nicaragua
and ean treaties.
The Democratic Senators held a caucus
this morning to discoss the propriety of ceas
ing all efforts to make any treaty with any
Spanish American country, sinoe the Repub
licans have brought matters to a dead lock.
Ths Republican Senators also held a caucus
on the subject, and the discussion was warm.
Tho result was, that Senator Dixon, of
Conn., and teveral others, joined Senator
Wilson in the policy indicated by his vote on
4he^-Niear9gtiat5 trcatr, and if practicable,
will resuscitate tbe Nicaraguan treaty and
pass it.
The Government, with such information
as is now in its possession, approves of the
recent conduct of our navy in the Gulf.—
The refusal of tbe Miramon steamers to show
tb eir colors »ben asked to was considered
sufficient to place them iu tbe position of
NEW ORLEANS, March 20.
Nfrsmon paid $55,000 for the two steam
ers. They were passed by all the foreign
squadrons, and the Castle without hoisting a
flag, ulthough ordered to do so by a shot
from the Castle, and other signals. The
English, Fr uch, and Spanish vessels of war
did not notice the fact. The engagement
took place by moonlight. Tbe prisoners cor
roborate the report in relation to the steam
I ers, that they cleared at Havana as merohant
I men, and hoisted the Mexican flag only after
leaving port mnd subsequently mounted their
NEW ORLEANS, March 21.
Miramon notified the captains of foreign
vessels that he shouui eommenoe the bomb
ardment of Vers Crus on tho night of the
5th, and would not be responsible for tbe
shipping anchored under the Castle. On
i the same mght the officers on deck of the
Geu. Miramon heard heavy oannonading in
tbe direction of Vera Crus.
There were oaptured with the two steam
ers, six 22-pounders, ssx mortars, and 2000
stand small arms. Tbe steamers are worth
$GU,000. Tbey broke down ou tbe 3d daj
out, and put into Sisal.
The material of war were stored away,
and out of bight of the men, who were igoor
ant of rhe destination of the expedition and
who were forced into the service.
Mrs. Frances D. Gage, of Missouri,
formerly cf Ohio, might claim the nomina-
only I Mrs. Gage is also the mother of two
J5T A solar spot of rare interest from its
change*, passed over tbe sun's diso between
trt% 23d of February and tbe 7th of March.
On the 2(Jtb of February it was nearly round,
with a peauuibra like the brash of a comet's
tail. On the 1st and 2d of Murob it was a
spiral penumbra of more tban a whirl and
half, with tbe blaok spot at tbe head. At
terwarda a penumbra oval, returning into
itself with one or two dark spots.
|3TTheoitisensof Davenport hadasobool
on th
ror Canada about the end of Maj or begin- cere, voted a tux of $lu.50) for the Davment
uiogofJun®. of debts for sobooLboufla purposes.
12tb, and arter eleotinir ofi-
Rpirttnaiiani in ib« rami I y Circle**
The Wife mi a Ktntucklsa si
Vuu to Bsitta l:tope» frwm ber
•The Boston Traveler of March 16th eon
taihs tba following
Last fall the wife of a gentleman in Ken
tucky came to this city to visit two sisters,
one of them residing at the South End and
the other in a neighboring city. She re
mained during tbe winter, and a few weeks
since tbe husband came after her. Upon his
arrival he was surprised to learn that she
bad become a believer in spiritualism and
was a medium. Ile made arrangements for
their return home, his wife apparently con
curring, and after a final visit to her suburb
an sister, tbey came to the residence of her
sister in Boston, for ths purpose of staying
a day or two prior to their departure. Boon
after reaobmg tbe house, she left her hus
band in tbe parlor, apparently to go to ths
kitchen, and immediately left tbe house. As
she did not return, he made inquiries whioh
satisfied him that her flight had been premed
itated, and that she had become tbe com
panion of a man with whom she had formed
an acquaintance in spiritualistic circles.—
Information was given to tbe Chief of Police,
who at onoe interested himself in the case,
and he has obtained good evidence that she
has not left the city. The woman, whose
photograph was placed in the hands of tbe
by her husband, is young, very good
and fend of dross. The deserted
husband is a professional man and a gentle
man apparently of intelligence and oharae
A Shelter from lady* Baua.
ST. Lons, March 20.— Edward Bates ad
dressed a letter to tbe Missouri delegates to
the Chicago Convention in reply to inter
rogatories propounded him by tbem. It will
appear io to-morrow's Democrat. The main
points are as follows
He has no new opinions on ttie Tubjoot of
slavery none formed with refcrenoe to the
present array of parties. His are coeval
with the Missouri question of 1820—formed
his opinions then and has not obanged them
since. At tbe time of the Revolution, and
long after, slavery was regarded as an evil,
temporary in its nature and likely to disap
pear in oourse of time, yet while it continu
ed it was a misfortune to the country, soci
ally and politically. Slavery is a sooial in
stitution—a domestic institution. It exists
by local law. The Federal Government has
rio control over it in the States. The Terri
tories are subject and subordinate—not su
preme like tbe States. Tbe nation is supreme
over them. He is opposed to the extension
of slavery, and in his opinion the spirit and
policy of tbe government ought to be against
its extension.
Tbe Constitution does not carry slavery
into the Territories, nor anywhere. It only
acts upon it wbere it is established by local
law. The Dred Scott oase only decides that
Soott was not a citixen. The opinions of
tbe Judges beyond this are extra-judisia! and
of no authority. The questions discussed
by th wsre politioal, and not within their
cognisance, and belong tc and can be dispos
ed of only by the politiaal departments. The
discussion was most unfortunate, as it pro
duced dangerous conflicts between co-ordi
nate branches of the Government. He fa
vors tbe colonisation of free blacks to Ameri
can tropiee. He is in favor of the Home
stead biii, and the immediate admission of
Kansas perfect equaiity of rights among
citiseus, and the construction or ths Pacific
Railroad under the auspices of the Govern
ment. He is gratified that bis name has only
been used in a spirit of harmony and peace,
and to prevent division and controversy
among those who ought to be united he has
neither sought nor bsid any politioal office
for twenty five years, and is satisfied with
honors already paid him by the pubiio.
Io one of tbe market-houses of Phila
delphia, is a genius of a butcher. Beneath
his sleeves and apron be wears tbo costliest
of broadcloth—none of the inferior grades,
but the finest production of French loom#
His linen is as faultless as bis exterior gar
ments, while the glistening surface of his
marble counters Is no less striking than the
glossiness of bis hat and boots. In tbe cen
tre of his shirt bosom sparkles a single dia
mond—a stone of six oarats weight, and of
the first water. Upon the little finger of tbe
left hand glitters a circlet of diamonds, six
in number, whose aggregate value is consid
erably more tban that of the garniture of bis
shirt bosom. His complexion is a clear red
and white—just that style of complexion
which Parisian ladies produce by dainty com
mixture of esrmine and bismuth. He is a
man of fine phyhique, and has an averdupois
of about 2vKJ pounds. Llis address is polish
ed, and his manners oourtly and suave. He
commenced life without a dollar, and is now
taxed for some $30,000 in real estate, yet is
as polite and deferential to bis customers as
on the day he first embarked in tbe business
of converting quarters of beef into sirloins.
A benevolent lady of large fortune, first no
tieed him, and placed at his disposal a fund
upon which he nas raised the superstructure
of bis present fortune. He is now rapidly
advancing in wealth, and will probably retire
en the eighth of a million. And &H through
the influence of that specific against adver
national Ceavsstleas,
The Democratic Convention will meet at
Charleston, 23d of April. National Union
Party Convention, at Baltimore, 9th of May
and the Republican Convention at Ohiooxo,
16th of May.
is reported a party of gentlemen will leave
the city to-day, on board of the Jenny Whip
ple, to explore the ruins of a city reported
to have been discovered in the Indian
in Arkansas.—[Memphis Enquirer.
Legal Notlcs.
To B. S. Morriam, *x«e«tor ef the estaU of Mi
ehmel Ryan, defeated, Kliia flyau. Mary Slice
Bran, Nancy Catharine Marth* Janr- Ryan:
wnd each of vou ar« hereby notified that
there is now on fits is the utboe ef the Clerk of
tke l»i«tric?t Court ut Leo Coantv, Iowa, at Fort
Matit*on, Iowa, a petition of W, Kilboumc,
claiming of you tbe nani li. H. Merriam, em p*eou»
tor of tbe dun of Micbael Kyau, deev».-eJ, tb#
•win of thrw hundred and seventy do!tar* opou
mortgage executed bv fa id Michael Rvan to »aid
I ,W
hiibourne to aecure the juirchaee money of
Lot* No. one, two atsd three in block thirty-twe iu
KUbounip'g »ub divifion of a part of leetion twen*
fcy-ei*, townabtp sixty five (66) north of range five
w*«t. in Lee coanfy, Iowa, now in the City of K«»
kuk.and for t&xee |mi«i on said real estate by mud
b. W. Kilboarue, and alleging that tacb and ail
you kave as interest in said premiaee, fraying
judgment for the amount claimed and for tbefo/e*
closure of said mortgage and that unleu you ap»
pear and answer thereto ,n or before the 2d day of
tbe next term of said urt, to b« hotden at Fort
Madinoia on the third Monday in May, 1860, judg
ment will be render**! against vou by default.
March 15l1860 -mhJSd
Dwetuaf Home Waais«
A OOMFuK'I ABLE .Dwelling Uouae, within a
fx. f.w aquaree of the Court lioute, wantod. En
quire at Bheriff't Office. 11. M. URIFHIH.
o o S o e
T»* nftfl'li FOR PAST
•ri«* FROM THE PtliLK WE Olj
Ladies', Misses', Men's, Boys' and
For Summer wear, of the Latest
»4 Oak Sole Hames* Hkirtiofc
Bridle and CoHar Leather, Moroecct,
Linings, Rinding!*, and all kinds of UppST Lsa
Also, Sboe Findines, Pegs, Lasting*, Galloons,
tium Cloth. Laetsi, Slacking, Ac., Ac.
i'Laaterert' 11 air aiwuv* on hand.
l'leaee call at nala.at., KKID'S
ULOCK between 6th and Ath n#.. Keokuk, Iowa.
March 21-dAw KVANS
{^^'lobosa" is the latest name proposed
for the Pike's Peak territory. Tbe word is
said to be of Indian origin, and to mean
"dwellers on tbe mountain peaks." Some
papers call it Jobosa.
as. QATB Oltr: Please announss W. F.
THOMPSON as a eandldats for Alderman in the
Third Ward, at tbe charter e tee tion. moh J1
Masaas. EoiToat: Pleafc announce my name as
aeaiididate for City Marshal'at the corning
Election* Jb„ U. ROCtEFJfiLLiiK.
uich lft
Kr».«m fM*Y Please aenonnos 3. K. HOR
NIH as the piKiple'B candidate for Mayor at the
approaching Charter Election.
^S-la ooapliansewith the reqaest cf citisensof
the Beeond Ward, J. M. ANDERSON will be a can
didate )r the offioe of Alierman, at the next elec
tion [mh«]
EDITORS GATS CITTI Please announoe Col. WM.
PA riKHBON as an independent oandidata fer
Mayor at the approaching Charter Election.
(li rrf ma
LLY solicit* she attcafcioa of tfca
Ladies to NEW STi.k'K of
Spring and Summer Goods.
The latest, styles and fashions and Tan^a* qaall
itit-s, to soit ail taist««, have befsn wleetfcd.
Ladies' Kid aud Caahmere Gauatlete,
Glotes, all colors
Embroideries, Mourning Collars and S«t*|
Corsets and Skirt-Supporters
Ladies' Super-Merino Finish Veeti
Beimels, Klbbone,
And every thing usually o opnsed it thu defwrt»
stent will be found in bar store, at wholesale aad
retail. NO, ?l MAlN-JSI.
Marrh 22, 60
Barrels Dayton Ale, and
Barrel? and half barrel* Boyd'* fit- Louis
i)r«taSB Ale, juat received, a
ad f-r sale \f
tocii2U3l S AKFOKL*
PITRI^IC *41*15.
rpiIB oadersirned Commissioner, appointed a4
I duly aathor?S"d br a decree of ta.' Ih«»r cl
Court of Lae County, Iowa, at Ke kuh, wt!l »eii at
jut.-lie eale, on IVoDdajr ibr 2d of April,
tin the farm now i wipjed by hn lline and owned
by A. Uiiu 4Co., situated on theliw.-rM Fraix s
ilie road, miles from K»«kuk, Lee ooouty, Iowa,
tbe •Howing p^rs'»nal property, t'» wit: 8 work
bf es, 1 roll. 2 males, 42 head of cattle, a large lot
of hogs. 2 wugonr, breaking o»», and other
fanning utot*il«of every dtK-r tton, grain and
com bf the bueh' l.cr ps i,n tbe groand, Ac., Ac.,
aou eTtr thing ueoesi-ary to skck and cultivate a
A red it of six months will be given on Skll par
cbaM* am*r bat jpH*| eegwri tr aA 1 eaarr wit]
be required. Sale will oommeac -at 9 o Yiurk a. in.
March 10, lMt-4t4 CuauamMprr.
MAY Ki n.
BBL- flae old BarLadoes for tale by
A. J. WlLKlff^*,
"Sigaef tbe Golden Eagle and Mortaiv
1 AA
1UU for sale low bv
nahlft*4 V 1 Main street.
(iLl E.
AAA LBS. good oa hi net-maker's ia slurs and
*UU for lai* by
Bigs of the tioldcn Eagle and MortSf,
asetgOd No. 94 Main
A I»I HI matiufactnrtf ail k)Ci*of Boota
O* and ^hfrr, and l«ei'p( on haul tbe best select*
odstoek of Kanern wora to the city, and
P. r.rot,' desiring b.»r^ain" it: shorii win find it to
their advAntngo to go io Duke's and see his goods,
ac least .before purchasing ei«cwbcre.
of Paris, lmp rtcr and M&nafactatsr ef
all of Ladien' and t'Lildjoa'»
Bas opasad bis n«w store at Ko 82 North Fifth
Street, under Merchant** tatrary, where be offcre
to Oountry Merchants and Wholesale Dealers as
large and varied an assortment in tbe above line at
any of the Bastern Houses, and at prioes as low.
decltfa I y
Kkoata st: in A i,INAIS*
''jf^UE third term of this institution will eom
uienee on Monday, Jan. 30th, In the bascmunt
of the Chatham bquare Church, corner of 7th and
Morgan otc. These rooms have beenfoand dry and
eoo! and easy of access.
The Te-aehera A^URND IN
snt departments of study, are tbe following!
Rtiv. C. A. WILLIAMS, Principal
Mr. O. C. ISBELL, teaahsr of Vocal Masta.
A Proepeetas of the Institution has beea publUttva,
and can be obtained on application to the President
or Saoreiary of the Hoard of Trustees, or to the
Principal. WM. THOMPSON, Prssldaat*
II. Hraoaa. Secretary.
Jan. 16, 'AG-d
Partea's l^tfe ot AnSrsw Jaeksea.
E have the pleasure of announcing that we
have for delivery the fir=t volume of this
much looked for work. Published by subscription
Cloth, per volume, ..
Library stvle, par *ol
Half Calf, ....
Fall Calf, ....
Samples oaa ba seen
taken a&
W4 Main-et,
Repairing doae ta th« last style and at reduced
pricos. LjanlStlj
Cloaks! Shawls! and Mutillas!
Ii». IS Nwrtli rifth*st«,
Drags, Oils, Faints, &c.,
Wholesale and Retail,
MrtcTJy opposite hu old location, and for tbe
Offers a larg
fly ir.ert ai" #t .ck, and ix».iLe» the at
March 16, 'ft0-d
rpilE following prominent good* are offered by
the iubeenber at VEBT I/»W raicrs FOR CASH
Linteed Oil, £ioriM TurpeaUttSp
White Lead, Whtte Zinc,
A itv hoi, Spirit (ia«,
Castor Oil, Bt Carbonate Bed*,
(Jam Opium, Morphias.
Qainins, Patty.
Sign of tba Golden Eagle and Mortar,
March 16 V4 Maln-st.
A. oatouaLB. «aoR«a ft»s*rrra.
Wholesale Grocers, Forwarding aid Com
mission MercaDts, and
DsalcrsiBTsaassses a liklstia
No. 5T and W Leree ..KKOKl'K, IOWA.
K haTc now #Uir«, and will be receiving
as tbe wants of tbe trade de
mand, from the aEast and Sou L, r.mple sapphea of
uoridt in oor line. U which tbe trade of Iowa,
Northern Missouri and Western Illinois is respe«t
f«Uy eohetted, m* we ar« detvrntiinei to compete
saeevfttfuiiy wilt Ht. Ltuif arid Chicago ir. prioee
{trantportatioa added) for ail gr"'de \n «ar line.
Merrhaait Hwytiig: far Caib, or
R*rosas|*f Ttsssc Hufrri, will flotf war
FBK S.I LO\laeddswsll Is «xasi.
lac ossr atocfc before Bahlnf their
port bases.
We are now reciring, and bars in store, all otb»
ar eiaaaas of goods appertaining to oar Um at IMKS
200 bags strictiy prime Rio Guffs*.
60 f»jr
TE pocket* old (JOT. Jara
i&4 hhds N. O. Bopar.
b© bbla. Belcher i af, srarhed and clarlfiediek
60 Plantation and ft. 11. Molassea.
Biicber S. 11. and Ookien ."-yrap.
UD boxes st*r Caodlas.
Ito Faisiiv aad Patsaatfiaaaa*
!16 bbla. Ls^rd Oil.
3® Liiiset-d oil.
IO'1 kecs 1'ure W ,.(« Laad.
10 tieroos Kiae.
f0 kegs H. i. Soda.
ivo bii. Babbitt's .^laratas* is poaadpapers.
?ura ManUI^ Kpo-HSllStESS.
lU) b*^.« Vara.
hales Waiting.
dot. Mu:u»e 2 and S koop baskets.
& drums Ct»dish.
^•0 hr.«. io. 1 Ili-rring.
liw if*. Macker» ,, bt'lJ. half bbis. aad klta.
SV naif bbu Wtiufuh.
bbls. Kosin.
15 Wilmington Tar.
30 Navy l'i!«h
baiea Oakum.
tPQ ni --irTr and! ftnislaln Csnmil
Piaster 1'aris
300 bush. Plastering Lair.
iQQ New -i Appk*.
JM his. Olas*, Hxlb, i«*lf, l#r!4, l®rf,f§l9«
1® bales new 2^ bosh, tianny Bags.
Mareb 17, l»o -d4w
Zoq «AOSG. A^VaLX, in isbrgc bu'ietca ia«lu,
DUO jost received by "AUDI Lcitv," for sale
tilTiAw 67 mad i8 Lasvee.
^tor sale I
ui chl7dAw
i n, 2 to 4 P*. cjkch, la store aad
A.J. Wilkinson,
iBign at th* Ooldes Kagir arid Mortar,
axch lDd-is
subscribers names
MUl AUC PAl I. all eolora,-
b7 and i8 Ler«a*
stock of Uretn aod Btaek 1 KAHofAll
grades, in store and for «*ic ty
vaebl?dAw *7 A 68 Lcvea.
of all grades—
tb, (b, S anl 10 iBuip auJckddj holes—par
chased directly from thr manufacturer*, for sals
low by CU»N2*iAi LE SKY ill,
aiebl7dlw 61 A »S l«erea.
Wo kegcaseortrd Nails.
36 tuus Tex!Dtc»«* lna.
1M Pittsburgh andJaaiafcta IfM
& Plow rteol.
& tin spring.-U*l.
A large sto:k of Anvils, Viet!1, Axels, Spring*, Ac.,
making a oompiete »u* ia this line, in store aaa
being reo4.*ive«l by CONNABLE A bMYTH,
_March 17,'66-dAw __ No. &7 A Levee.
o o n s a i oK AND IUBWAHBIIH
Usasral Btsai ibeat Aieatii
Spring and Baxniner
^^1 are now retwiviag a large stock of Clothina
W which has bean bon.ht low and will be sola
low for oash Tbe prtoes are suited for hard times
.mi tbe goods are for all kinds of rue to
men. The
•tock compriso# every styk and qaality of Cloth
iag, Ueatlemew's Famishing Woods, Trunks, Va
lises, Carpet Bag*, and everything commonly kept
in oar line.
Customers will find itfortht-ir interest toeell,as
we have everything suitable for the season, and
We don't charge anything for showing goadSj
and are always pleased to see oaetomers even if
they don't buy.
Remember the plaoe. On Third-st., betwesa
Main and Johnson.
March 19-d f. POLLOCK A CO.
Liia, Fud and Marine InmuraBCO
of Insarauce issued at the lowest
rates in following reliable llrst class com
ov NIW roaa
This is the eafest aad most reliable Life Insurance
Company in the world, with an aoennoiatsd
aad of aver 16,000,000^
or paoriDBNCK, a. i.
Cstpltal §160,000 OO*
araiNO'ikLD, Mass.
I |apttal *160,000.
Ompltal §600,000 OO.
'Xbose desiring lnsarance will do well to oattMl
tbe Agency OIBce of C. R. D1MON1),
Moh.lSdlm Main-sf ., overOgden's Book Utore,
HINDWToNE.S.—The Beroa Urind»unest of va
]t rio us sixee, far sale bj
W S i K K K K
Riga off BPS Fa
A lock*
flank 9,
'ftMAw Aldite.

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