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i:.NI.irAI. (JKIlKK no. uo.
De* Koine*, Jan.Stb, 1868.
vear* or dj
one liuudred dollars Provided, that ancti of the cow
paint* cavalry herein provided for a* way require
it may be furaiahed with bone* and bora* equip.
liienti in ttoeWBemtiroer u ia Hi* t~bii«d HutUi
Her. 6.
:a i«id, anil the money or other ilT«t»
died a: tb«.
on hull
Tn order to answer the various ioterrogatorle* pro
pounded t* thin Department in relation to the. paf
of discharged soldter« and In relaUou to bounties to
widow* and belrrfdeceaited soldiers, thi* DepartaftOt I j„
would call attention to tbe following sections of the F0U0. A br»SS door key, Well WOru,
Avtof ()ougrK«A of jniy 24d, iH»ji: was found last Sunday near the Powder
^TZ%onJutmi„tLi *Lr, pr'v.*, tV.7
And b« it further otucted, That any volun­
teer wbo may b- received inte the service of the Uni- i •,
ted States under iMa act, and who may U. wounded or
if there be one and if not Uie lettal helr» of »nch a*die
or may Lc kl'led in »«rvicc. in additton to all arrear*of
jar and allua auce thall receive the »u(n of oii« hundred
TliH U*partment refer*, alto, to the followlug «*.
tr^t. from Uie Eniacd
Arwv Regulation* of
mcums trnrm.
M1. Whenever „fllcrr«!l«ut. or n killed atajiyajil
itary |«*«, or aiatlon, or in the vlelnity of the lame, it
will the duly of the cotuwandluK officer to report the
IjI. li a le»a: administrator or faonly rviaerll«B be
pre»ent, ar.d take h*rgof Ui*«ffcete, It «ill be «o*ta
Ui f»U»4lU^tctera).
aeticlk xvu.
ui» »OL
T37. Tfiventorle* of the ellrcU of d«c«eed dou
•ommlMloned oPSCfin and *«ldier«. rrcjuhed by Uie96tb
d»r«stt to the Adjutant General, within. d»t«, and {are requested to call at Mr. Miller's hoase
any ©tbentirorwation prop.r t« be cotuuiun»««t#il.— i v r.U v,^.„ n
If anom..wu.e.tV-di.u«ef^.wt|lUryiK»*i,.Byt between Hifjh ami Mor
»«cef h»»iijg luiclltKence of the »ame will in like gall, and tiff SCCOtid rtMllittaDCfl.
luanuer tottauijiaite it, ipfcifjiuic the date of bij. d»-!
«e»ae a dupiicut# report win be »ei»t to UrpartMent i There will be preaching in the
header.*,.. Unitarian Church to-dar, /Suaday.) both
liivoiitoritfi of Ibc tfftcii of Umi oflWri I
re.jinu-dby n.o wib Artiiifoi War, wiii u n.n^n-1 ttiorpitig and evening.
te-j to the Adj't Genera: Subjects In the morning, The Law
ArtiHe or War, will fce forwarded to th» Adjutant Gen-'
Coiosei of regiment. Kia.t .tateue.u u, p.y,!
«huh U»»- *uUirr beioBfed, a r*port of luadealb, apeti-
tr.Ui .hedxlplace a„d to what time -he w„. »t*Ut
•ton at the tiMeuf hi* (toeeate »bick report wiM W i
Lost.—A fife was lost between the
l^'igbU/u liouae and (Quarters, on Tuetda) night, the
nth iuu. 'Ihelimtcr will be tuitably rewarded by
leaving the aaiur at ihi- tiuair.eu of Conpiui) f.
bi» poa*«if lueaslei.
i *,! r.p-e,.*^. ,.,.,vtu.#^cuit'w^Twatl!,* i
the day ot
(•Idler*1 proporlr, reroHtod
«Ui» ofn t. will br fttraiahed on applicatluu.
AppiiciiAtaafe raiuested to atate th* lull name of tkw
airfdj-.'X, tb' leonii.jiij to whf be Wl'.nged and the
nutxrof hU rcciinebt.
N. ». HAKKft,
Adjutant General of tbe
*f ItMra,
Flreuea1* Ball at Mumwa' Hall.
The Kolla Fire ('ouijiany No. 2 Drill
five a bail on Wedueeda), 5Bd of Jau. le&i, lor tbe
beoeOt of the Cenpany. The obj*eI la to rai»e taenia
io piocute uniform* lor the Cotnpany. fctery body ia
invited u attend. Ttcfctu M) ceuia—Iauim free.
W. H. ItliiliB.
AJil WAK.ll WAKilT
jAtl person* keeping or ha*taf for *ale, ai era
.inde of Munition*of War,*uefa as
SSOUKl if Uirixtiuift, for »*1* by
~i« end lltf1'
TtaurNE Almanack.—Lowry ha# this
indispensible Work for sale. Go and
Hcm66 00 th5
ciaa aud artificer who ast«r» tbe **rvice of tb* Tit lot] »t this office for tWCnty-five cents.
States, uo ler thi* act, shall be paid at ihe rata of fifty
cents In lieu or aubnUieme. and if a cavalry volunteer QUIT LYINO.—There 18 ail absurd, if
26c«ulii additional. in lieu of forage, for every 20 mile* not malicious report around tOW0 that We
of Ir&vel fiorn lil» place of enrolment to the place of! .. ..JJ ,.
muster, the fluuince to be ni«mured by the shortest ^ave ^Ult taking the Telegraph dlSpatchcS
usually traveled rout« and when honorably dlacharged and OOpy them from the St. LoUiS and
an allowance at tbe same rat* from the id*ef of hi* )l»-' it- ,« ... ...
charge to bu plu-e of enrolment, and In addition klC!lK° PaPc*8 If the VCUtllatorB of this
thereto, ir be hi.jtt
served for period of two report will en (j aire of the operator
nrthewar.if .oonerende* the .urn of fay
tmd 8nd CaD
uoted o i tbenrxlmu»tr-ioll of th«ompan to which TlIK 7tU KkUIMEVT. We Team by a
the atao b-iottfrd. tah ta
venter will be eadoraed
in.wtor, «f the erte t* of lata of
letU?r fr
o i.pi! ]. Regimeat of who ment returned to St. Louis by the Iron
lathe re^ott. ir ihj»oidter leave* bo effocta, tbe fact to leava by the Illinois railroads for Cairo,
which place the? expected to reach last
1.j3 Should the efTeda of* dv«a4*d ron-c janlc.
'iviied »4fleeror »Olili*r notlic ad!nioi*ter«d upon with- ^®tarday night, l^th.
in a abort period after hu der-cnae, they JiaH be die- 1
rolver* aiid all kiudaof Atumuiiiiion are required not' are MOW in
jo aellto any person wilbout an order from the under-
ater iit
mchSdlji For tbe*e formidable and dahserfiuadiseasesTrasl's
JlaKnetic Ointment i* an uiilatiiiiK leini dy if naed in
for umt a,, ,,.,7 ,,
i3d llEESE.
bOKM W«*teroB«Mrve Jn*l received aud for a*W
wi|| find that we pfty a|j
he Afisociatod Press report# that are sent
to the Western papers, inelodiny those
in St. Louis arid Chicago.
Occaaionaily, when oar line is teuipor-
& doWD or
otti. r»itc diiabifd in iii« aervicr abaii b, entitled to in the Specials to the St. Louis or Chicago
the benefit* wine)i have bwn or iikt he conferred on i- n
peron. disabled In the regular aervleej and Ihe widow, P"PCrJ»
find anything n6W
We frOU1
exceptions, the SMOciated reports ST0
fully ap to time.
A.notukh IIkmittance.—The Keokuk
Company, Third Iowa Cavalry, ha* Bent
home another remittance, amounting to
I 81,115, to the care of 8. F. Miller, Esq.
All pereons who received money from
the first remittance,
of Progress *n the evening, Creeds, or
Theological Finalities.
We learn from Mr. D. \V. Prep«tll, Q.
.j ...
aHi hllve beeD
fiotiiiiig, Ac., wici i.e »ent wtib the m»enu.rie« when remaining Colonel and thr latter Lt. Col.
the w
i'ftkjr, «11 bf tUc *!uty of hit lifiiMtdiitf I
u!urbt«h Ibtf rr^ulrnf luvc-utory. *t ih« uuim tin* forcct will be effected this week. Col.
.«*** tb,.
0 4,
ral I) lh- i'omiii4U*Jt-r of tt.e eompjny to *bi«h the rcglUienU of C»1. ,Mot)r» and Col. Wood•
d.-ceaaed belunitrd, ai»! a duplicate of the tuw to the ^11 i
of tioV. Vtaniblc, the
consolidated, the former
rejrimcnt. The union of the
jjnore'a men are still at Memphis, and
fclS UU4 U?Deral
tb?t the 7th Reg-
Hailfoad, and were preparing
1 1
of by a Council of Admiontration, under tha an- It appear® that Col» ^WaiTeB bat
iljorlty of tHc commanding oflle«-r of lhep«»t and the been aire^ti d. One report 8aVS fuT dis
prCKeeda dei o*itni with Ue faruiMt«-r. to the crudit of
tbe LsiuuiatattHt, ui.t.i tbe autii b, ciaii^-d by th* W-1 language to a superior officer.
a roi.r^«-»i!»tlvt» ar tBe iec«urd: -rAn
1M. In all «uch ea*e* of aalea by the Council of Ad
rr,iniatration, a at*t-ni hl in deuil, cr •ceeiiwtol' tkf
rocva, duly eernnol by tb" and c^tnmaadtBf
61'or. acrnmpanlt'd bythr P»y»a«»erV receipt for the
roceetia, will b' forw»rd«i bj the uuiiiuii:iii(( ufll. ci
tue AtijUiktil Genrrai. Itie viii neea.j
ufaed: Ki'purt tf tbe ptmet^U ot the efleeta of'
... ,, Uie of (Viuiuay ], Keft
,. ni of —, »ho died at
sweanag, by Major Chamber!in, of the
same regiment.
JK^The Keokuk Ceunty News aays that
Samuel Marshall, of that^jounty, brought,
a monster hog to feigourncy, weighing
eleven kuudrrd uttd tUty jtvund*
hog measured six feet three inches from
in girth. He was four years old, and was
a cross between the Byfield and Chester
Tb* KxpuUion of ni»«oarl f«ea
afhington Cor. New York World.j
The expulsion of Waldo P. Johnaon
and Trusten Polk, Senators from Missou
ri, was evidently woll deserved. The
Committee on Judiciary, who reported in
favor of passing the resolutions of Wtpul
aion say of Johnson, that:
Previous to his election to the Sen
Ite, Mi. Johnson was known, in Missou-
the prominent citizens of that State wh
open rebellion against the
He was elected to the Sen
ate by a legislature which has since sought
to array the State ngaiust the Uuiou.—
Since his election he is reported to have
made a speech evincing a spirit hostile to
|hc government, which speech was ex
Pensively published in the Suite of Mis
souri, without public contradiction from
iiita.*' —, ._ ,.
igned '1 his order uiuat bo strictly complied *itb
uderpeualty ofrortelUneall article* nientlonedIn
icirpo*ae**ioi. JoH.N siissts,
Jl) 13d Surveyor 1'ortol Keokuk.
tt*ou. Al pi ireeiy to the 1 liroa't anil t'bi'a'.'alfdc^
witU a iiel fiakUL-1. l'lii*Ointn.ei,t lian been Uctore
e public over 20 yearit, and ita eotialanUy increasing
tiiaiid lias etltibllihed It* reputation a* superior
..tut ni in all laac* where a soothing and relaxtug
net!,) ia rcijUirod, particularly io ltheuuiausni,°eu.
igu, 1 uttauituaoon ol the Howtila and kidneys,Kpl
lU. Ltiou*, bore tn», liurtik, i'iiaa, Wountlkand
,^»t page,alio paniphlet wUb agent, and atound
tn u tile.
.1 1 all DrOi:gi«ta. 1'rlce S3 cents.
tut niay bo .".:oicaed to j.. \t iIktnsoa/Whole
.' :eiit, Ao. bl Main *^.,Keokuk, Iowa.
•, .•: ..iniwSt
.•» *i'B*ou of tli* year wh*n cou^lm and cold*
ui ileaoae •very family ibr-uld bav« a aafe and
ouicdy at band. Kant^u/* llive bjrup snd
..iu very tiling, it la not only pluuiaiu for
tn f»*lfM but n f« 'rotu.
-.ig Cough,bronchitis, A»tlnna,CotHii#,»lid*U
s of vise 'i liioat and Lungs.
i y all Druggist*. Krice
r- may be addre**ed toJ, T. WiikiBMa,Wtto)«.
.•ui, ftu, bl Maiu-it., K.«okuk, Iowa.
In the case of Polk, it appears that he
wrote a letter some time since transmit
ting pecuniary aid to a secession news
paper in Southwest Missouri, and in it
used disloyal and treasonable expressions.
t&T Wm. Piggot, of London, an emi
nent medical tlectrician, has invented a
table for ocean telegraphing, the peculiar
ity of which is that, instead of requiring
An enormoub electric charge to be forced
through tho whole length of a line by
powerful batteries, as at present, in long
sea and land routes, the wire continues
statically charged as it is laid, whilst the
least disturbance of the equilibrium of
thi* passive rWtrie ohnr*o iiiwn»r*tiv»
mid uninfluenced until called into action
by the operator, answers through all its
length to the slightest transmitted influ
ence, and so serves every practical pur
A. Fatal Mouthful.—A ravenous
convict in the Rochester penitentiary,
named Dolan, choked himself to death
with a crust of bread, on Friday. He
seized the crust from a "fellow-laborer,"
gobbled it down without mastication, and
/iiuil in fhrao Tni«int/a
the nose to the tail, and over eight feet He has often stumped through that sec
tion of Virginia.
When the Lon
ri, as entertaining secession proclivities, S# to twenty-five thousand dollar*,
and to sympathize and co-operate with
[Special to the .llawk-Eye
Dae. Moiitee, Jan. IT.
Nothing of importance tran»pired in
the '6enato this a. m.
In the iiouBc uuiucrous petitions ask
ing the rewul of the Prohibitary I^w,
and fwtablinhinir a general LiceiiKe Law,
wern ppewnted and referred to a special
committee of five, MeQuiun of Benton,
Petition* wen received from several
counties, praying that Iowa money and
United States demand r.otes be received
for taxes.
A Joint Itcfculution was was passed, re
questing the Iowa delegation in ('ougresa
to use every effort to get the National
Armory at Rock Island.
Mr. Lane, of Scott, introduced a joint
resolution requesting the Iowa Congres
sional delegation to urge the passage of a
bill confiscating all property ot' rebels, and
.emancipating their ulavex. Laid on the
table, and ordered to be printed.
Mr MeCall, of Story, moved that a
apeciul committee of five be appointed to
inquire into the expediency of reducing
the Balarv of all State officers.
The Standing Committee have been
Mr. Lane, of Scott, Chairman Military
Mr. Bowdoine, of Fbyd, Way® and
Mr. Lowrie, of Lee, Railroads.
Mr. Walker, of Jefferson, Expendi
Mr. Eaton,
Jackson, Congressional
Mr. Fuller, of Fayette, BnnlH.
The Mouse instructed the Committee
on Agriculture to investigate the proprie
ty of reporting a bill exempting sheep,
wool, flax cotton, linseed-oil, &c., from
Mr. Stanton, of Washington, gave no
tice of a bill for the final settlement of
estate*. Adjourned till Monday,
Sknatk.—The Standing Committees
Were announced. Ways and Means—
Ilelines, of Jones Judiciary—Woodward
of Muscatine Federal Relations—Mc
Pherson, of Madison Railroads—Angle,
of Linn Banks—-'Wilson, of Henry
Military—MoCrary, of Lee^
The members of the Senate voted 16
copie* of the dailies each.
Mr. Boweu offered a joint resolution
instructing our delegation iu Congress to
secure the brigading of Iowa troops un
dcr Iowa Brigadier*. The (iovernor,
AaSCUllly Slgn-
ed a petition to the l^resident to tbe tame
Vakklaften Iteuiau
Washington, .faa. 16.
Gen. Fits John Porter is said to be the
"slave-catching General
not yet conjirm-
to whom Senator Wilson recently
referred. Although he is one of the best
generals in th» army of the Potomac, he
will be "hung up" by the Senate if facta
are proved to be as stated.
Port Royal letter* statf that the loss
I of rebels in the affair on the firm inst-,
was not tan* than two hundred killed and
and Bay it is positively ascer-
tained that the South Carolina rebels are
arming their slavtB. Three hundred are
collected at a point principally officered by
Capt. Palmer of the Iroquois, from
whom the Sumter is constantly escaping,
has been recalled.
Faulk tier is *aid to be acting as Jack
ton's guid? in his marauding expeditions,
Bridge iilr«:vd is
eoinjdeted, to work upon which two hun
dred )re laborers arrived from Western
New York to-day, Baltimore will be in
immediate connection with Springfield Sta
tion and Falls Church.
The railroad connecting Washington
with Alexandria, Vienna, and Falls
Church ia, according to contract, to be
finished by the 20th of January. Freights
can then be ukca direct to the camps by
The evidences of the business growth
of Washington are seen in the fact that
licenses just collected for new shops
Caai e ran»• la n I n
[Special to tbe Tribune.]
Washington, Jan 17.
The Republican Scuators who voted
nay on Camerou's conlirmation were
Messrs. Foster, Giimea, Hale, Harlan,
Trumbull and Wilkinson.
Senator Sherman spoke earnestly against
the confirmation and voted for it. Sena
tors Trumbull, Hale and Grimes were
auiocg. the bitarficst. opponents of Came
ron. The Democrats and border State
men were about equally divided.
Bayard and Bright were absent. Peuree
and Powell voted nay. A motion to re
move the injunction of secrecy from the
vote was negatived.
lieu. Jim Lane leaves on Monday for
Chicago. To-day be had au interview
with the President, Secretary Stanton,
and Gen. McClellaa, who heartily united
in giving him authority to conduct the
campaign on hb own principle#. Lane's
Staff will be that of a Major-Gen., com
prising 17 officers, of whom several will
be taken from the army of the Potomac.
J. Champion Yaughan will be 1st Aid de
Camp, with the rank of Colonel. The
Column will lit auiiilv suimlied with eve
rything requisite for a march South from
Senator Wilson's bill its relation to vol
unteers, introduced to-day, provides that
no greater number shall be mustered into
Borneo thau ate ruthorized by the Act of
July 22d, 1801, aud that all in excess of
that number be discharged.
The Ways and Means Committee, at
their meeting this morning, discussed for
the first time the scheme reported by the
Sub Commitee for a national ourrency.—
They qmii toM MiMlHiiofit is lauding to
purbue the matter further. They also in
cidentally'examined the plan agreed upon
between St cretan' Chase and tiie Jsorth
ern baukers. The committee are nearly
unanimous against it.
riionsT. loi in.
Ht. Ijouis, Jan. 16, fROli.
The 2d Ohio Cavalry, from Cincinnati,
hava arrived on the opposite side of the
river, by tbe Ohio arid Mississippi rail
The steamer I). A. January bss been
heard from. She is aground fifteen miles
north of Cape Girardeua. Tbe troops on
hoard went ashore and marched to Cape
Girardeau, to be transported thence by
another route.
The 7th Iowa are now here, lodged in
tbe Merchants' Exchange. The 8th Wis
consin is also here.
(ion. Rmnov, lately a notorious and
noisy secessionist, who was appointed
agent of the Cairo boats, aud to k thei
oath of allegiance^ his been suspended, and
is therefore left out in the cold.
The Mechanics' Exchange held an
election for officers to-day. A Union
issue was made, aud on the President a
tie vote was announced. The next trial
takes place next week Thus all *ussocia
tions are disturbed by secesh issues.
Cincinnati, Jan. IC.
Hogs were scarce to-day, and prices
continue to tend upward. For heavy av
erages as high as 45 was paid, and
holders, at cloae, contended for $3 50.—
The range was $'! 25(«j3 45. Mess pork
wag in good demand at 89
Last Night's Report.
n berc iaBuraiide!
Fort Monroe, Jan. 17.
The Wilmington (N. C. Journal of
e lnesday, has heard nothing of tha
Burnside expedition, and thinks it singu
lar if it left Old Point on Saturday night
ils reported.
'The Rakish Register of Wednesday
says some gentlemen in that city report
that they heard on Tuesday heavy can
editor thinks tWy were
The French frigate which arrived yes
terday was the Poinono. Notice having
been given, a salute of 21 irunti was tired
Light Klilp Deatrofrd.
Washington, January 18.
The Navy Department has received
dispatches from Coiumauder Glessuer, of
the U. S. steamer Mount Vernon, dated
off Wilmington, N. C., giving an interest
ing account of the burning of the light
ship. Having hoard that the rebels made
Use of it as a beacon for guiding vessels
in aud out of the harbor and for the pur
pose of annoying our vessels by hoisting
lights at night, he determined to take ad
vantage of a hazy night, with the wind off
shore, to effect her destruction, lie ac
cordingly dispatched a cutter under com
mand of Acting-Master Aleck Allen, with
John P. Foot, coast pilot, and a crew of
five men and a gig under command of
Acting-Master Sturges and a crew of six
men. The boats proceeded within a
short distance the light-ship, on the off
6i(]e 0f
mistaken, aa the distance from the coast
is bo great.
The Norfolk I Cybook ef Friday says
nothing has been heard from the Burn
side expedition since it left Old Point, it with an equal bulk of coffee
and the editor professes to be at a loss to for common coffee. Use barley. If you
know what may be its destination. are rich and can well aflifc-d if a very good
The same piper announces that thirteen thing to have in the house it* the beat Java
lar e steamers, loaded with troops left Old berry. Prime Lagutta is good too ugh for
point on Thursday, and presumes that I most anybody, and Extra Rio is belter
they are intended for another expedition i than nothing. Use coffee.—Dubuque
to some other point. The editor has been Times.
noaxed, as no steamers except two delayed
by the storm, containing the I)e Pcnieul
Zouaves, left on that day. The prisoners
from Richmond also say that up to the
time they left, otl Friday morning at 8
o'clock nothing had been heard from it
thtrre. The Richmond papera of Friday
contain nothing of the expedition.
this moriiinp and the Fortress immediately
replied with an equal number. The Po
mona is the flag ship of Admiral C. Mar
quis de jMontaigne. The Admiral came
ashurc tliis morning accompanied )$ the
flag captain and au aid de-cauip. and was
received by Gen. Wool witn military
honors. After the visit it was announced
that the Admiral would to-morrow, visit
Norfolk to consult with the French consul.
The rebels are building a new battery
this side of Sewall's Point. The battery
at the Rip Raps llire* a few shelU among
them yesterday afternoon, which caused a
temporary suspension of operations.
The Constitution remains on the Roads
waiting orders. Gen. Butler is expected
here, when ahe will probably proceed to
h'er original destination, Ship Island.
J.'ort (^well the two officers, a
boatswain's mate and a quartermaster
climbed on board by a ropj whieh was
hanging nt the side. The light boat was
quite deaerted. Carpenters had been at
The vessel was being pierced for eight
guns. No attempt was made to molest
the expedition until they had kindled the
fire, which effectunlly destroyed the light
ship. The fort did not open upon our
boats until they were clearly out ot harms'
Firing down the Potomac was heard
Inst nigut, between eleven and twelve
o'clock. It has since been ascertained
•Iff tli® wViel Kntlarin* hfi(] it,r)P(j[ CO
General Hooker's command ou the Mary
land shore, but without damage.
Secretary of War Stanton will enter
upon his duties on Monday.
Mr. Cameron will remain in Wu*hiog«
ton some dayB and tisit his home before
departing for Russia.
flliMm Meiurned.
Baltimore, Jan. If,
One hundred and fifty released Federal
prisoners arrived at Baltimore to-day from
Fort Monro.,^.
New York, Jao. 18.
that the young officer was now on Beau
regard'« tttaff.
Several White House employees ar#
before the Investigating Committee.
Newspaper publishers and dealers stren
uously oppose the exclusion of papers
from Express cat tag*.
Gen. Jackson has disappeared with his
whole force. Ir believed that he has
retreated to Winchester. There are no
rebel foices known to be in Morgan coun
ty. Ike whole river line is ({uie-jfc..
A report has gained much currency
here that Gov. Gamble has re-signed and
gone to Washington, and will there await
bis appointment by Acting-Gov. Hall to
till Truaten Polk's seat in the U. tj. S®
A ftab«tttui* for Toffee.
Ihe high price of coffee is causing a
oommotion among our economists, and
they are uctively engaged in trying to dis
cover Homo suitable substitute. Nothing
can take the place of good coffec, no mat
ter how vivid a man's imagination may
be. It ifi like trying to make busthead
whisky out of old boots, tobacco and rain
water. It may taste very much like it,
but still you may detect a difference. A
correspondent ot OBe of the St. Louis pa*
pers wrjtes the following recipe:
"Mr. hniTfHt:—As ooffec is now sell
ing at high prices, I wish to suggest a plan
for making cheap coffee. Get some rye
1st, scald it 2d, dry it 3d, brown it, and
then mix it with oue-lhird coflee and two
thirds rye, and then you will have as good
a cup of coffee as you ever drank."
Chickory, we all know, is largely used
in adulterating ground coffee. Use
cLiekory. There is a preparation culled
concentrated coffee, which is made mostly
of the sugar beet. Use sugar beet.
Take carrots and cut them up into small
pieces not larger than a grain of ooffee,
dry them and brown them. Mix one
third coffee with it and you can scarcely
tell the difference, ac carrots.
In the days when we went harvesting, a
long time ago, an excellent beverage'was
made by parching barley and then mixing
Oaa't Balk an Offlce-tfeckar.
If all the office-seekers who besiege tha
members of the Cabinet at Washinetoa
could be drafted, our army might bo" re
cruited to almost any required number.
The Springfield Republican says there
Wf're thirty-seven hangers on at the Trea
sury Department one morning last week,
all nervously pacing the halls together,
Jn the vain hope of getting to see Secre-
Specials iftate tlia*. a member of Con
gress had a letter from an officer of high
ttuik to a younger oiliccr, than in
California, advising liitq to go South, and I ex pre.-# or railroad companies, or common
Gov. mnal*ic.
St. Louis, .fan. 18.
tary Chase. A blirewd fellow cou
trived to obtain an interview .with Mr.
Cameron. 11 chad twice been refused ad
mission by the austere keeper of the gate
but the third time he ran upstairs to pro
duce the requisite shortness of breatl, 1
marched to the railing on the "double
quick," and inquired if Secretary Camer
on was in. "Yes, sir," was the custom
ary answer of the vigilant blockadcr,
"but lie's engaged, and can't see any
body." Hastily snatching a quit-claim
deed from his breast packet, and concen
trating a magnetic gaze upon the "sub
ject" before him, as he braudished the
precious document, the audacious chap
exclaimed, "My orders are to lay thi# in
stantly before Secretary Cameron iu per
son. The awe-stricken gate-keeper let
him pass, yielding to brass as other guar
dians yield to more precious metals. The
fellow will probably get an office,
A Polyglot HeflmeBt*
A-'B/ashington correspondent says:
Among the regiments made up of citi
zens of foreign birth, and marked by the
characteristics of transatlantic military
dress and maonera, none is more conspicu
ous iu the army of the Potomac than the
Garibaldi Guard, Col. D'Utassy. Eleven!
distinct nationalities are represented on its
roster, and as many languages are spoken
in its camp and
tniniKilc i/irtu
Ex|ur«M Newapaper ciajrr) t«f l« (w
A bill has been introduced by Mr Col
fax, Ironi the Pos?"ffice Committee, pro
hibiting from the 1st of next April any
I ourrier of any description from carrying
primed matter otherwise than in the mails
ti hire, sale or distribution, unless licens
ed by the PoMtmaster General, who may
provide suitable labels. The penalty
inwA.Xtt Co«*irrv~KS:
all com­
prehended by its linguistic colonel.French
men, Germans, Italians, Spaniards, Por
tuguese, Norwegians, Greeks, Servians,
Dutchmen, Armenians and Hungarians,
mingle happily in its ranks and hold daily
gpli.vc.rsa.fi.pks .in.their several dial««etsr al»
though all the commands of tho Colonel,
the general orders, and the Sabbath ser
vices are iu English-
^jTTlie tendency of negroes southward
was never so rapid iu Missouri aud Vir
ginia as now. The involuntary emigra
tion of the negroes of Missouri to Ar
kansas, and their flight into the free States,
will speedily relieve the State of the bulk
of them. The following intelligence from
Virginia is received through the recently
returned prisoners from Richmond
The sales of negroes, usual at the close
of the year, have bceu nearly twice as
large as on preceding years. It is mani
fest that this property is not considered
injure i" irginiit The «h«n,h|t".»f Rich
mond, Noifolk and Winchester arextnusu
ally lively.
Singing Amon» the
Colonel Jno. Cochrane has introduced
singing into his regiment, in which allme^
and officers are expected to take part, and
has established religious services through
the regimental chaplain. "John Brown's
soul is marching on," ehorussed by a
thousand men at evening parade, gives a
Cromwelliau earnestness to this war, in at
least ope camp.—( i3or. N. V.TwlK
carriage without license or authorized by ..
the United States, to be one hundreddor
lans for each offends.
Hy virtue oi a kjieriul \rivn Urn Ui me dir,'Ci ed, tMued
byilv Clerk of thu Diftrlcl Co:lit of »*id county. IB f»
vor Htram B-iVn«jr ami *iram»t John Tarbell, (and
al«o a decree aiMlna Jau Tarbeil /»n(t ofuera) I h*vj
levird upon and win ni'li u the blghett bidder. a£ tbe
door of the (.Mcrk'aOfttrtt of the Ubtrict Court of Lee
Comity, low a. at Keokuk in auid couuty, on th-' SOth
day tif February, A 1 IMKi, between th« hour* of S
o'clock a.m. and 4oVli«fc p. ui.of Haiti day, oomiueaeinV
at 3 o'clock p. hi., the foli nut ji.-op'rtv towit The
Hoiith half '4 of ibe .iitiieait ijutrur «f aec
tl.'n one (1J in townahip »ixtj-»i* iftr»| north, of nan
{ftj «T"t atvr, att nf thf urnitbwnit qr^rtir atrd
weat half it] .f the«oi the.:at ipiartor I v, «r *«.tlon
Hi] in towiuhlp ai*t-an |«6] north, "f ranite fve
[Jj »Ht, t«i of the pi ink-road, e\.ep:ma 16 l»-tOO
at In aaid »'iithwet.t quarter action, l*«m»l«*d *a
foil wa: be^lnnin.'
the amilheaat corner of .ul toutb-
w quarter i tlience li ,riti eipUl jS] UiiilOf* aud
Iwi-iity-flve [35] llt»*«* ihfnifwent iiinei.-ei! lb) chain*
an'1 •ixty-Mflii (tiei link*: ir.ouew aouth eight (f) chain*
and iKentT-dte tinki: thence eaatnlneteen (IV) chain*
on aivtv-eiicht .(w«t link* tothe pliu-e of beginning all
lu l.ee Cnuntv. Iowa.
aken.ievbed npoti anil to W ^«td by ordOT Wf
to aatlafy laid writ of eieeution.
KookUk, Jan. With, lsd9.
BnerVtr ef L«*
iii-JOdm By D. B. BMrru.Jr., Pep^.
By virtue of a »leeial execution to m« 41rMU#*.|S
*ued f.y the CI rV of tfi« OI«tr1et O^tirt of »nM ^o'ittty.
l'i fawirof Ftirjin liactiey ami .gaint lian'l 11. Cronby,
(mid »1(KJ a decree aiiainsl Jntuuii S. Walfcei ami olheri)
1 hate levied o ',in nutl m'III sell I., the lti|fh«t bidder,
at ilif tio.ir ui fiie ClerfcV Office of ni*DUlrit t*.-u.t of
I.eo ounty, Iowa, at Kc.Mik, iu »aid cotinty, on tbo
iiti il«) uf February, A 0.1SW, l^twet' n the h"Orii »f
ItuYlucK a. ni and 4 o'clock p^ iu. i.f aaid ila. com.
luetic lug at if o'cIock p. in., ino following pioperty
to wit: The north one-hair (',)ofthe n»thwe»t qn*r
ter(i' ot the Hi,utile,1-t t.ujrter of section t»*Hy
and the oust one-lMlf ti) of tin* northfaat
|iinrter (1) ..f ail »«etlon teeiity-ait (i&), all intowu
*h!p »l*ty -.ev.-n n"rth. of eant»" »i* 16) weat. iu
the county nf Lue nn-1 Slate t1 Iowa or*«u»ueb there
of am a hall be noceacary.
Xu.K«u,levid apoti and to be (old by order of Court
to aatikfy aaid writ of execution.
CaoKHK January 3D, lstis.
N. G. IlKUfiRS^
SherJT of LMC*«f
By 1). B.8MlTII.)r .. Det«y.
STATE OF IOWA, Lkc Cocutt— SS.
Hy virtue of u special execution to me directed) Is
aued by tbe Cleric of the iMtrict Court or Mid «e»ty.
in favor of Hiram H*n,i} and ugjumt D«vid Heed.
(tnl also a docree ageiiml Abratu iii ilo»«land and »lh
rr I Lai levied upo:i unil wtll -ell to Ihe higheat
i bid'iff. at til" d.i'.'r If th 1 IK'* Office of th-' DUtrici
feteep as c..»ri o! l^-e .•untv, low.t, at Kf, *ok iii said county,
on the 20th d.tjr of February, A. I. 1SHJ, hntarectt tbe
li.iiir* ,.f II u'cIjck a. ui. ruiti p. in. of aaid day,
cuniiMdni iii^ at '.'(iVliiri p. in.. tbe follow ini j'r'Derir,
to-»n .sixty iC«, acre* oil *oiit i part tlieea»t
one-b:ilf {4) of tile outhweat quarter (J) of e«e.
tinii tweniy--ix (5ti) in !..« nahip «i»t)-»ix 6tii north,
ranreflve (.%1 we»l. In Lee uuty lowajor *o muck
stiail le neceeaary.
'1'aaun. levied upon uud to be MtdbT
k, -ili fi aaid writ of exiKtttioB.
JO. is-flj.
Hhartg uf Lee Count
JMOJm,. By 0. tl. smith, jr., Dep
I\ o. 8SI
Wholesale Dealers
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glatt,
Glassware, Brushes, &c.
apllSladawly Keafcafc, iowjNk,
Corner Main and
If you want your Hair Cut
For laate and those Delicate littlt
touches that set off a man's
head to advantage
Challenges tin* l'rolpssionl
All who have not tried him art request
ed to call and judge for themselves.
Maceroni's Antiseptio Blacking md
Water-1 roof Poliak
Pre*erv«* l.eather periectly nm craiknigor
Ctid keeps It aoft wtid impt-rvii'Uit t«ataler.
Boot*, Shoe* or fllariie»ft
Treated Willi It will ,li, i wic- Ihe s«-ri icy tiie* w«tkhi
without It The AutUeptic Blacking, as ruervatl*^
i of Leather ha* no etjual. The POI.ISH couUina noth-,
ing liijiirlouulo l.eather, at all other po i»h blacaliig*
|d and la not Injured by coiuius in cuniac^'witli
wuler, unow, Ac,. a» the.v are.
Dt Ki: St BAHRETT, K»«k«k
The price* at retallare, for the Atiliacplic, lu hair
pound boxes '-Uct*
iorthe Water-I'roof Folith .IScM.
A IfVeral dUcount will b« utada if sold by tbadtfk^,
e rt»a.
lll^ oinniunlcatlon. nv malt wtll receive prompt
attention and go*.]* will lit- forwarded immediately ou
ertlfw I,f romillinte^a. Ailtlrei-I w..
l)U«fc. il liAKHKl'l,
J«n9d Kkokck, loWA*
U^pf'aak p*ldfor Be-emax Vn'IT.tllo*.
13 MH K».
S large ItMkOrel
IU bblisNo ii do
90 K bblTNot. J.flbBdS
•5 (fruiniI'o.lflah
t3 Mil Horritig
50 bx* do
In «tot« nnd for iah1 bf ".

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