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Congregation of the Westminster
Presbyterian Church and
Friends Will Enter Re­
newed Church.
Congregations of Other Churches and
Pastors to Have Part In
Special Exercises Ar­
What might be called re-dedicatlon
exercises will be held on Sunday af
ternoon at the Westminster Presby
terian church to which all congrega
tions of other churcheb of the city
are especially Invited and the special
exercises will include talks by a
number of the different pastors of the
In the morning also special exer
cises will be held as well as the
i: ter church exercises of the after
noon. The fine large organ which
has been renewed and beautified by
many new pipes was having ihe fin
ishing touches put on this morning
by the organ artists. The Rights
above the choir loft and at the top
of the recess have been placed and
are very pretty. Lighting for the
main auditorium has not yet been put
in but will be installed soon. Every
thing will be completed by Sunday ex-
The Morning Service
Apostles' Creed and Gloria
Kymn. .\
Scripture reading.
Quartet—"The Golden Threshold"
Pray r.
Offertoire—"A Dream of Paradise"
Mrs. E. G. Wollrnweber.
was* iv-si-SNc
The Afternoon Service.
This will be ap "Inter-church Ser
vice" at 2:15 o'clock prompt, to which
members of other congregations are
especially invited. Brief address will
be made by some of tne city pastors
and the service will close in time to
allow those who wish to attend the
Y. M. C. A. meeting at the opera house
to reach that place before the begin
ning of the address.
Doxology. I
Scripture reading.
Prayer. *..*•'
ladies' chorus—"C^ist! the Cherubic
Host" (Holy City") Gaul
Soprano obllgato, Mrs. Minnie E.
Hence, and baritone solo, Mr. H.
T. Powers.
Address on 'The Responsibility of
the Church to the Community."
"In Business Ideals and Customs
Rev George C. Williams
as ten years ago bas,
touch of the disease.
Why Syrup
Pepsin is Free
For more years probably than the
of the person reading this, Dr.
W. B. Caldwell, of. Monticello, 111.,
has practiced medicine, and the one
thing that forced itself on his mind
was the urgent need of the human
body for something that would scien
tifically regulate the digestive or
—the stomach, liver and bowels.
These years of study developed Dr.
Caldwell Syrup Pepsin, now recognized
,nat'onal safeguard of health la
"In Home Life and Influence".... many former patrons, as he always
Rev j, w. Potter carries a very large stock, and never
Reports on eczema daUn^ ten J™
sufferer what,
bad another
The steamer Eloise arrived here at
12:30 this noon for the last time this
season and left this afternoon at 3:00
unu JC1L LUIS flllCIUUUU a\. v' in
the steamer Keokuk will go up
to that city and tow the Eloise up to
Sock Island where both boat swill lay
for the winter.
Captain Ferris, the genial master
of the Eloise stated this afternoon that
he did not know whether he would be
the boat next season or not.
Captain Ferris was master of the Co
lumbia until the Carnival Packet Co.
Purchased tho Northwestern Trans
portation lines' boats.
The Eloise had one of her best trips
this season today and arrived hero
with much freight aboard and a long
?°od American homes. For
h*8 been gaining friends,
best laxath^'tonic* forewomen, ^chUdren
and old folks, for these especially need a
laxative tonic that is sure in
.an(J does not gripe.
It is because the doctor has watched its
Rood work for all these years and believes
in the merit of his remedy that he offers
to send a free trial bottle at his own ex
pense to anyone who writes him. You
nave simply to send your name and ad
dress. On the strength of what these
free trial bottles have done—and thou
sands have been given away—Dr. Cald-
do you a hundred times the amount of
good it costs you.
People like Mrs. M. L. Graves, 832 Oak
wood ave., Toledo. O.. G. B. Houseton,
Bessimer, Ala., William Redd, Goodman.
Miss., once sent for a free test bottle and
now have their entire family using It as
If there is anything about
your ailment that you don't
understand, or if you want
any medical advice, write
to the doctor, and he will
answer you fully. There 1e
no charge for this service
The address Is Dr. W. B.
Caldwell. 505 Caldwell blag.,
Monticello, 111.
delay was caused at Nauvoo where
the boat had an Immense lot of
freight for that place. The boat was
practically unloaded at that point.
cept the lighting but this will not be
necessary as no special exercises are Program to be Rendered by Chicago
to be held in the evening. Th« pro
gram arranged for Sunday morning
and afternoon exercises at the church
Is as follows:
Ladies Orchestra and Enter
tainers Tonight.
There promises to be a magnificant
audience at the opening number of the
Y. M. C. A. course, tonight, and the
entertainment will certainly be worthy
of the patronage. Following will con
stitute the program.
March—"Russe" Goune
Melody In Rubensteln
Trombone solo—"Rocked In the Cra-
die of the Deep"
Variations by Rollinsonj
Mr. Runner.
Selection from "Carman" Bizet
Reading—Cutting from "Hiawatha"
(Musical setting by Sadie Know
land Cole.)
Miss Davault.
Vocal—"The Swallows" Cowen
Miss Lawson.
Patrol—"The Blue and the Grey
1. Ave Maria Schubert!
Has Purchased Stock of Keokuk Har
ness Company, and a Large New
Stock of Buggies.
George Sherwood today purchased
the large stock of harness of the Keo-
o. this city, can tell any
reports they nave been getting from
patients wh used oil of wintergreen, Placed a heavy order foi
thymol and glycerin In liquid form, harness supplies, and everything need
as compounded in D. D. O. Prescrip jed will be found at the old stand.
Hon. It would be interesting to know When you are needing anything in
whether any person cured as much the harness line call at George bher-
Vnk H-irness Pomnanv and has moved 'ter
kuk Harness Company .ana nas moveu
Rev. H. B. Foster it to his old stand, at 829 Main street.
re-enter business is good news to his
Hymn deavors at all times to make the low- The Coal Bluff arrived from Ham
wood's and you will find the best, at
the lowest prices. Special attention
will bo given to repairing at most re-
asonable prices.
La* J0HN E
Two Boats Will Leave Fort Madison
Tomorrow Evening, the Keokuk I Passed Away Thursday Afternoon at
in Tow of the Eloise. St. Louis and Will be Buried
There on Sunday Next.
o'clock for Fort Madison where she will recall the deceased to the minds East
remain until tomorrow evening of many Keokuk people: &
Arrived in This City Yesterday After­
noon and Left Today For
Syrup Pepsin is today more widely
used than any other American remedy for
constipation, liver trouble, flatulency,
biliousness, indigestion, sour stomach,
dyspepsia, heartburn and similar disor
ders of the stomach, liver and bowels. I ^ue ot the finest launches that has
BO ctnt8band°uaLnbottle. tnd a^oUl'fwlii ?V'Sirubee.°
the South and New
York. -p"5*.
An Expert Engineer is With the Party
Who Will go Thousands of
Miles tn the Fine
in the city yesterday afternoon, lay at
this place all night and left today
for the south. The boat was anchor
ed at the side of the large Decker boat
house and Is a beauty.
wheel is In the bulkhead and in the
open a few feet from the door which
leads Into the cabin.
Down i-.iside the boat it is roomy
and warm, the cabin being heated by
gas and is a cozy place for those who
are traveling.
this morning and is on its way down,
liv'ug prices, and his big store! burg yesterday afternoon with seven
has always attracted a great deal of 1 barges of her fleet and returned down
out of town trade t.o Keokuk. He has stream at 8:15 this morning to bring
!rCeatme8nt°W Druggist McGrath" Bros.. ^eokUk and^c ^^of bar- ^ove^Bewnd ^j.
to Keokuk, and the large stock of har-,
addition, he 'has already
The following death notice appears
In the St. Louis
and a doctor bill," says
(111.) paperB please copy
A tendency to the disease may be in-
lierited or it may result from almost
any form of excess, from overwork and
worry or the use of drUgs or stimulants.
The common name for this disorder
Nervous Debility
The boat is 43 feet over all and has
a beam of 8 feet and 4 inches and
draws almost four feet of water. The
engine is a thirty-five horsepower ma
chine and is a beauty. The steering nlo
apparatus Is aft of the engine and I V"™
living rooms which are almost entire-i E" ^cliroeder, whose address
it ,i *i. is Box 15, R. F. D. No. 1, Dixon, Iowa,
ly beneath at water line, there belni,
The trip as explained by Mr. Le
sinski, the secretary of the company
this morning was for the purpose of
demonstrating the superior points of
the famous Claus engine. The boat
will proceed to the gulf, where going
around Florida she will proceed up
the coast by way of bays and Inlets
to New York where she will take the
St. Lawrence river and enter the
Great Iiakes and be home some time
in May as was stated this morning,
if nothing unforeseen happens.
The boats propeller was stolen in
transportation from Detroit to Daven
port and the party was delayed for
three weeks while a new one was
With the party is Mr. Claus of the
International company, who is an ex
pert engineer and people at Muscatine
and other places along the river have
had the pleasure of a ride in this
beauty of a boat, with Mr. Claus as
demonstrator. Besides Messrs. Claus
boat could not go (lown tlie
Mi Devault.
2. Humoreske Dvorck attached and driven by gasoline motor
Miss Whlston. power was tied up at the local wharf
Solcction from "Faust"
The Sule Edna.
or, in extreme cases, nervous prostration.
The treatment consists largely in rest,
recreation and the use of a tonic, the
discontinuance of any practice that may
have caused it and abstinence from tea,
and Lesinki are Messrs. A. William-: visit.
son and J. S. Claus. I T. W. Agnew has returned to the
Many have predicted that a lake city after a business trip to Chicago.
pi and so the trip will be as much of
a nautical as well as a mechanical ex-
A house boat with a stern wheel
mnrnintr onrt „n ft* wav down!
the river with a party of four oung wlclcr No. 719 North Eighth street,
men who will spend the winter in
pleasure hunting and fishing in south- bUSjnegB
ern waters.
The boat left
Davenport about a
week ago and is proceeding slowly
with the party. Everything in the!
cabin of the boat, is comforably ar
ranged and the young men hope to
have mnich pleasure during the wln-j
nlonths ln
the jntentlon of the
Sfeason Ending Heavily.
The men at the local Keokuk and
Eloise warehouse said this morning
that they worked until after 1 o'clock
thJs ra0'niing 0n
Tiegg which the
1 gt night about
HAGERTY*—On Thursday, Novem- store.
ber 12 190S, at 2:20 o'clock p. m..
John E Hagertv, Jr., beloved husband If you suffer rom constipation and
^MargamHagm-ty (nee Nolan), dear Hver trouble Foley's Orino Laxative
,nhn Hagerty Sr and the will cure you permanently by stimu-
Annle Ha.ertv lating the digestive organs so they
The funeral will take place Sunday
15th Ut at 2 o'clock p. m., from ative does not gripe. Is pleasant to
family residence, No. 4051 Cook ave
nue, to St. Ann's
Calvary cemetery, rn.™.
tlience to
rd to attend.
Keokuk and Burlington (Iowa),
Cincinnati (Ohio) and Jerseyville
waters as it is
far as Memphis
i» Civic Affairs" |of Mr. jprotebly be «.«. .. re.„,„ »»de,j ^'J™'IL.,4 '"Z
go down
her own power will return in the
spring In tow of a large boat.
the immense busi-
Keokuk brought in
Eloise and Keokuk will leave Satur-,
day night or Sunday morning early,
for Rock Island for the winter.
Watched Fifteen Years.
"For fifteen years I have watched
the working of Bucklen'c Arnica
Salve and it has never failed to cure
(llVCj uilU ]L ilwfl UCivl luiivu vw vu*v
anv sore boil, ulcer or burn to which of homes. It has won a place in the
Kiedaisch & Son drug
will act naturally. Foley's Orlno Uix-
take and you do not have to take laxa-
tives continually after taking Orino.
Friends are invlt- Why continue to be the slave of pills
and tablets.
is the physician's name for a condition Special sale on our 30c chocolates
U^^ssrsufsss^si sjs.at
keeping his mind on his work, is inclined °04
to wony over trifles, is often depressed I
coffee or other stimulants. As the nerves
receive their nourishment through the I "ul
blood the latter must, be built up and
made rich and pure. Especially if there
the treatment of neurasthenia with I
most excellent results. The late Dr. I '"'ave
Home Treatment
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills being per-i
«-*^lIT cnfn na a TP
fectly safe as a family medicine without
the necessity of a separate prescription
for each case, are sold in packages under
the well-known trademark which is our
guarantee to the purchaser of the genui
ness, purity and liarmlessness of the
contents. Hundreds of nervous men
and women have cured themselves at
home with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
"I suffered
only a few Inches left above. T-j three years before I found a medicine
from nervousness for
that cured me. It is almost impossible
to do all my woru. Decame much run
down in health and very nervous, was
troubled with palpitation of the heart
and became so thin that I weighed about
90 pounds. I read of a case like mine
which Dr. Williams' Pink Pills had
cured and started taking them at once.
I could feel a change for the better
while on the first box and took the pills
until I was entirely cured."
Williams' Pink Pills
are sold by all druggists, or will be sent,
postpaid, on receipt of price. .00 cents per
box six boxes for&i.oO, by tho. Dr. Wil
liams Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y,
Mrs. J. A. Hanna and son of Gales
burg have arrived in the city and will
be guests oi Mr. and Mrs. Frank J.
Weess, 222 Morgan street, for a few
Mrs. Frank Singleton returned from
Nauvoo this afternoon where she has
been visiting her mother.
Hugh Robertson returned from Bur-
mng at the home of Mrs A War
Bode was in Salem today on:
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Boyd are in
Memphis Mo., today. This evening!
Mr. Boyd is to preside as toastmaster
at a banquet to be given in that city.
Dr. A. W. Teel of Kahoka was a
jn city yesterday.
parthing of Creston was in the
c5ty tQd transacting
jti re!atives.
business and
and the boat which I A1 Vollers and Clintonj »u -f
Nauvoo after furnishing music for a,
dance iu the Mormon City last even-j
in the city yesterday on business
Ernest Hoffman was a city visitor
thV'caniTT wlJTer S at Hamilton, was in the city yesterday
district wiU
tie up shortly above that place until, l| °edagnont
gene a superinte
fo Illinois lines passefl through the
city this morning en route for St.
Louis with Daniel Willard, vice presl-s
D„ is the guest of her sister Mrs. T.
city on Xo. 1 this morning en route
lt was applied. It has saved us many family medicine closet, where it is They are great digesters, filled with
A. F. Hardy, of kept at hand for use in treating cold more powerful agents than the
r- wiunn Main 25c at Wilkinson in the head just as soon as some mem- t^m can give. They gr back into the
50 cts-
Flour Is made on honor.
t- L(OUls
Globe-Democrat: Vice
and irritable, is subject to headaches or a President Willard of the Burlington. 1 ,o„
I feeling of pressure on the head,is sleepless and General Manager Ward will arrive Chicago Record-Herald.)
and sometimes the digestion is disturbed, here today from St Paul over the Mia-'
is loss of weight and a pallor indicating There are no clues to the Hotel
a weakness of the blood, Dr. "Williams'! Keokuk holdup men and the Interest
Pipk Pills are the wmic best adapted to in the case is beginning to die down
mlght lea(1 to the
get help here and I have been obliged ,TI
do all my work. I became much run Birmingham, Eng
land. The two gentlemen are large
lington this afternoon from short Rowena Morse, pastor of the First
Unitarian church. There were quite
Messrs. John M. Armour and George
J. Wake of Glasgow, Scotland B. I.,
and Birmingham, England, were in the
city today going over the S. P. Pond
comapny's plant. The two gentlemen
being foreign representatives of the
company and owning large creameries
at those places.
Fort Madlson ls
souri line and will at once proceed to, ..
QroithAiH* Tin»t/-ki„
Southern Illinois to Inspect the coal
Today is Friday the 13tli, and should '®ast
prove an unlucky day for suspicious
people. It certainly was an unlucky
day for the man with the empty coa I
,1Ce ar3 stU1
Lapponi, who was physician to two! i»g to encourage them. They will con-
popes, recommended them highly for] tinue the work until they have ex-
neurasthenia and for similar disorders.: hausted every possible thing which
capture of the three
If this afternoon's snow storm con
tinues during the night, the members
of the Keokuk I^antern Club will be
expected to keep their lanterns out
longer than the scheduled time, for
the moon will be of no service in a
cloudy sky.
The change In tho weather and the
arrival of the first snow of the season
has put a stimulus to the rubber
The city was visited today by two
European gentlemen, one R. M.
Armour of Glasgow, Scotland, and
owners of plants similar to the S. P.
Pond Company of this city and were
taken through the large plant of the
Pond company today by a representa
tive and were very much pleased with
their visit through the big creamery
and poultry factory. The gentlemen
left on the afternoon train for Chi
cago and will embark Wednesday for
the British Isles.
With the snow fall today many chil
dren will think of pulling their sleds
For the consideration of $200 Thom
as G. French has sold to James Cam
eron lot 3 in block 6 of Reid's addi
tion, the property being on the east
side of Bluff street between and
Funeral services for the late Mrs.
John Hammes were conducted at 3
o'clock this afternoon at the family
residence, 919 Bank street, by Rev.
a number of friends present and the
services were impressive and solemn.
The following gentlemen were body
bearers: George Fry, George Ewers,
Ernest Brunett, Frank Morgan, Issac
Blom and Frank Keppel.
Funeral services for Mrs. Margaret
Foley were conducted this morning at
St. Peter's Catholic church and at 9
o'clock requiem high mass was cele-
brated by Rev. Thomas O'Reilly. The
pall bearers were the following: John
Connelly, Mark Kern, Milliam But
ler, Martin Conners, Mark Conners
and Martin Conners, jr. Interment was
made in Catholic cemetery.
The Remarkable
A Doctor
Qne of the worltl's greatest
Ti, *cians upon his death bed called his
ihomas Magner of Bluffs, 111., was children about him and said: "When I
die wi„
have discovered
Wednesday. when they read his will it directed I
Joe Bridges, round house foreman
J. D. V«njGr|eken made a 1 usiness
them to a safety vault wl)ich
a large
Grieken made a I usiness ^Ihefread: °'St ab^eUie'stonf
lt thfy read
Children and the World.
Sidne knew
ach to.bn the
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will help
j^kc a stomach healthy.
dent of the Q. if it is worn out and lacks the fluids
Mrs. G. W. Lanning of Bowman. N.
digestion these tablets will take the
1)]pce of KUc]l
!0 o'clock. Both the will accompany her sister to Des. these tablets will neutralize «nd re
J. Moll on Palean street. Mrs. Moll, jf js flUed with roisonous Juices,
Moines for a visit. move such poison
Judge Spencer of the C., B. & Q.: jf y0U cannot eat without agony
road at St. „oseph passed through the these tablets will show you
if y0U
Bnufflng. It gives immediate relief! thereby increa
from the stomach.
ber of the household begins sneezing blood after tliey hav« digested a meal,
and a day or two's treatment stoys a ture to take care of digestion without
I. 1 1. AA MAX (A on/4 I nokxiinilniv A!hor firi73TlS
If you prefer to use an atomizer, these little tablets after a lich or
ask for Liquid Cream Balm. It. has all late meal.
the good qualities of the solid form of It a splendid gift, to the stomach
and a pood habit to form. Stuart
this remedy and will rid you of
catarrh or hay fever. No cocaine to
breed a dreadful habit. No mercury
to dry out the secretion. Urice 75c,
with spraying tube. All druggists, or
mailed by Ely Bros, 56 Y/arren Street,
New York.
iasing the ability of lia-
cold which might become chronic and I exhausting other organs. etpirwav leading to the clock
run into a bad case of catarrh. Price High livers need feel no considers spiral stPin^ mg
ble hardship if they will eat one of
1 essence
fo"owi»g fa* w*sb w»»
be down to his oce today and will Plain«t skin a delightful glow of
from a
on the
case, but
to work on and not.li-
1 out the
envy and the
1 1,1 rf
he too much to say that every
woman wou,d nke tQ be beautifnl_th*
A°f he'"
essence of
complexion is the
bin I irregular features and the use of the
Justice H. C. Landes was not able to
atones for a
multiUlde Nature faults such as
6'™ the
health and the soft peaoii tint of a
baby's skin: Obtain at your drug
store Rose water, 2 ounces Cologne
Spirits, 1 ounce Eppotone, 4 ounces.
Put the Eppotone in a pint, of hot
water (not boiling), and after dissolv
ed. strain and let cool. Then add the
Rose Water and Cologne Spirits.
The daily use of this wash will bring
latent beauty that is in every
skin an(1
cultivate a delicate bloom to
complexion that is at once the
out of the attic and sharpening the Henry Tebeau, No. 419 North Tenth
runners for some good coasting but street, Mrs. H. Ashby. Fifteenth and
wiat little snow did fall melted off
immediately and with it vanished all
hopes of any coasting for the present.
masseurs. The
liquid imparts a most soothing and
cooling sensation to the face and
I quickly softens the tender cuticle
that is roughened by exposure to the
atmosphere. It is absolutely harm
Uun 1'lift
Mrs. F. A. Warwick entertained a
number of ladies at her home on
North Eighth street this afternoon,
six-handed euchre being the chief en
joyment of the afternoon and thirteen
tables being used.
A very enjoyable progressive tea
was held last evening bv the F. E. A.
H. Woman's Club, the party going to
the homes of the following ladles: Mrs.
Franklin, Mrs. Owens, Thirteenth and
Morgan streets.
This afternoon, at Mrs. Warwick's
home on North Eighth street, Mrs.
Warwick and Mrs. Hayden entertain
ed eleven tables at six hand euchre.
Last Wednesday at the same place
they held a brilliant reception which
was very largely attended.
Mrs. Lou Titus received with
Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Collier, Mrs. Cart
er. Mrs. Carpenter, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs.
Weil, Mrs. Maxwell, Miss Marshall
and Mrs. Huiskamp assisted in enter
taining the guests. Mrs. Warwick's
beautiful rooms were artistically dec
orated. and luncheon was served in
the dining room which was beautified
with yellow chrysanthemums.
A number of friends called upon
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Haines at
I their home in Messengerville last eve
I ning and surprised them. The even
ing was spent in a most enjoyable
Crack Fullback Will be Out of it in
the Game Against Quincy
Next Saturday.
There is gi00m
white camp
the secret of life as MpPar]an(1 thP
it in my practice."
envelope^ marked thus:
throne of man. McFarland injured his lame
to Burlington. drink excessively, or if business de
mands abuse of stomach, these tablets
Ely's Cream Balm has been tried after meals will make such abuse,
and not found wanting in thousands ii-ht, for they take the hardship
Dyspepsia Tnblets sell for 50c per
package at every drug store.
Send us your name and address and
we will send you a trl.-l package by completion ramd advance he n* de
mail free. Address F. A. Stuart Co., of late on the brick work of the build
150 Stuart Bldg., Marshall, Mich. lng.
in the purple and
-with the
n,ade 8UCh
who js one of )hp majn 8.aya of lh€
Qut yf (,)e pamp
1 aealst
abuse the stem- rfhc S"School team, as
also incapacitate,! for work.
WANTED—Bova and girls at shoe fa»
torv. Steady employment at satia
factory wages. The Huiskamp Bros,
Co. 10 5
WANTED—Position as housekeeper
I by woman of 28, with boy seven, ex
perienced cook. Prefer place handy
to school. Address E this office.
WANTED—Responsible, capable man
in Keokuk for district mauager. Big
salary to right party. Office work.
Send reference. P. 1-1. Yagla, Water
loo. Iowa 12-3t-
cago Mail Order House to distribute
catalogues, advertise, ctc. $25.00 a
week. $G0 expense allowance first'
month. No experience required. Man
ager, 500 Wabash Bldg., Chicago.
WANTED—50o men to learn barber
trade and take positions waiting
bur graduates. Few weeks completes.
Constant practice furinsJied, scholar
ship include-: tools. instructions,
demonstrations, examinations and di
plomas. Write for catalogue. Moler
Barber College, St. Louis, Mo. tf.
FOR RENT—1212 Concert street In»
quire 1201 Blundeau street. 12-2.
FOR RENT—•Dwelling In good order
bath, gas and large barn, lnqulra
727 Morgan street. tf
the 4
Misses Elizabeth Fanning, Lucille
Knights and Elizabeth Warwick serv
ed at the punch bowl.
The card party of this afternoon and
the reception of Wednesday, were two
of the most enjoyable social events of
the week.
OR RENT—S room house, modern,
one block from Main street. En
quire 10'.* North Seventh. 11-6.
FOR SALE—Cole's Hot Blast stove.
Inquire 022 Main street. It
FOR SALE—Dry oak wood. Seymour
Strickler, 215 Jol.nson street. tf.
SALE—H. C. Whitney's stock sale, CO
head of Doroc shoats, Wednesday,
Nov. 18, 3 miles southeast of Vin
connes. 13-2
TO EXCHANGE—Good six year old
work or farm horse for good young
driving horse. Address X, Gate City.
Pancake Time"
Wo have the best
Buckwheat flour,
Self Rising
self rising
pancake flour and the choicest
Maple Syrup,
Immegart's grocery
*5* *1* '2* *1*
*1* 'S* *1* *1' *3* *3'1
Chicago Grain Market.
CHICAGO. III.. Nov. i::.—
Open. High. Low.
Wheat .in.", 10X% MM4
Corn .(!" C'1% Cii
Oats 49».i -!S"i
Kansas City
quite badly in the same Saturday, but
it was thought, that he would be all
right the latter part if the week.
Thursday bas arrived and Coach Mcr
rill announced today that he would not
take part, in the conflict.
This will necessitate a change in
I the back field, and Capt. Parsons will
be placed in fullback. T.ie team will
ea4. foolishly, or
be composed of the following players
Horn, center: Bickle and Nelson,
guards: Meinhart. Lewis and Hawkes
tackles: Hayden and Welsmaun.
ends: Pechstein, quarterback: Dun
can and McManus, half backs and
Capt Parsons, fullback. The team will
be accompanied by Coach Merrill and
Manager Vestal and will leave at S:40
Saturday morning.
No longer will the janitor of the
tQ c]imb up (he ]on?
twice daily, for t.'.ie gas is to be light
ed and tumed out «"tomaticallv bv the
clock itself. In the evening the gas1
will be turned on and in the morning
turnefi off at the proper hours.
The office of Dr Dorsey which is
treinp- erected at the corner of Seventh
and Blondeau streets is fast nearing
KANSAS CITY. Nov. i: .—Cattle. 4,
cfi!) F.tesdy steers, 5-1.30(f?-7.CO
stockers, SS.OO1?/ 1.C0.
lower bulk, $5.50
5.95: pigs, $1.25Sr5.25.
S'nc-ep—4.000 st adv tniiitoiis,
$1.00C 4 GO lanvbs. $4.!0''7 5 90
Chicago Live Stock. j?
CHICAtiO. Nov. 1::.—Cattle, :!.500
steady: beeves. $5. 'Cjj.7.fit) slock
rrs. 5-.C0(fi 4.75.
erar.v fullback
'an excellent lowing
!5r lower: light,
?5.:!07 5.95 heavy, $5.OGli 5. lTli
jiigs. $S.75f» 5.2(i.
Sh» ep—i:i.0ii0 'stead v: natives,
lambs, $4 .(Hifi 0.15.
New York Prcduce.
N E W O N 1
poultry moderate. Li\e ponit].., qtil
Butter, unchanged.
lOggs. nearly white, fiuic.v, !Cf(4Sc.
Fresh, firsts. "-*& Ullr.
Cheese, full cream specials, li'&loc,
skims, specials, 10R4.
T.ie market was more sensationally
active than Wall street lias seen for
many months. United States Steel
common today jumped to 57-\, the
highest figure ever touched. 'Ill©
stock had a sensational opening of
15,o00 shares, being bought, and sold
a 5 7 S to 5 7 O at re
the arket. were the llarrltnan issues,
Philadelphia and Reading and St.. Paul
the latter going rl'om 110 1-J to 118.
1'nion Pacific, advanced points to
new record of Tile alcion of
t.'.ie general list, is taken b.\ big pio
fessionals to mean the public is still,
willing to come heavily into the niar
Stocks closed strong.
Des Moines
VC'rlie NOW fo:
Our Fre©

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