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Tfi* Dally Qite CHjf MiMlvM
th« Full AftamMn United
Preaa Report—Baat Afternoon
Service In tho United olatea
yOL. 108f, NO. 137.
Francis D. Hlrachbsr fca Millionaire
Insurance Man and Prominent
Citizen Shot in His Own
Home This Morning.
Possible cause of suicide. It is un
known whether he was connected with
the company, but as a prominent
Catholic It is believed he may have
been involved. The police idea is that
the heavy loss in this failure may have
prompted the suicide and are endeav
oring to establish some connection be
tween the death and the Fidelity fill
ore. The murder theory is also under
Investigation. One thepry is that
whom he had an engagement at Ills
home, if Hirschberg admitted the as
sassin himself, it would account for
the lack q[ evidence of a YloJent i-.
trance. J',s
Cate in the Ohio Courts to
Counties Voice on Pro
hibition Upheld.
Weapon Which Accomplished His
Death Was One Used by St.
Louis Policeman Thirty
Years Ago.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 8.—Francis I).
Hirschberg, a millionaire insuranc
tT- MorTh'c^iS.-sS.^'.TTho'
Fair, and generally
as ot. Astnr
Louis' "Ward McAllster." died today dpC]lrP(i
at home from a bullet wound in
the head. His death is shroud-d in
mystery and until a complete investi
gation is made the police refuse to
voice an opinion whether It is murder
or suicide. Members of the family
declare Hirschberg is the victim of an
assassin. The indications show that
tbe millionaire was shot as he stood
on the landing in the front stairway,
and the bullet passed entirely through
hi head. No powder marks show
where the bullet entered. Hirschberg
was fully dressed for the day when
shot He spent tbe night at home.
His wife was awakened when her
husband walked through the room.
to offer an explanation. She uurrled
aim to bed, a doctor was called but
death soon followed. A revolver from
which the shot was ed was, found
tm the stairway, where Hirschb-rg
stood when shot It was an old fash
ioned weapon, a bulldog style type,
tied by St. Louis policemen tbirtv
rears ago. Members of the household
a: the weapon did not belong to
Hirschberg. As soon as the report
was made to the police heedquarters
Jetectives were assigned, the re
sult of their investigation is nol yet
aade public.
Fin?"-*-' Ungaticfactory
asserted positively the death of I to strengthen this movement to
FINDLAY, Ohio, Dec. 8.—The Rcac Insanity. Dr. Hill will
In a Notable Speech in New York He
Suggests Suffrage Law to Pre
sKs-i vent Domination of Igno-
rant Classes.
iCt' "-F
.•I, »,
As President He Promises to Leav^^
Nothing Undone to Solve the
iJSi Problems—Address at a
NEW YORK, Dec. 8.—In a notable
speech at the annual banquet o£ the
.... aeciared ln favor of an educational
qualification for suffrage in the south
ern states in order to free them from
the domination of ignorant classes,
white or black. He insisted, howo"e*\
that the law should be enforced a'ike
against ignorant whites and blacks
Pleading for closer union of 'orth
and south, Judge Taft said:
During the last decade, in common
with all lovers of our country, I nave
watched with delight and thanksgiv
ing the bond of union between tho ivo
sections grow firmer. I pray .hat it
may be given to me to strengthen this
movement, to obliterate all sectioni'l
lines and leave nothing of difference
Apparently the millionaire at that] between the north and south save a
lime was unable to speak because of friendly emulation for the benefit of
the wound, althc gh he was still abler!-our common country.
to walk. He made no reply to his Mr. Taft followed up the advantages
wife inquiries but passed into the I of his trip through the south during
bath room. His wife rushed to him,. the recent campaign, and urged Mga.n
saw him striving to stop a flow of! that the voters of that section br mK
blood from a wound hut was unable away from the outlived sentiment aid
traditions of their past political affilia
tions and cast their ballots in accord
ance witb their economic and real
political beliefs. At the conclusion of
practically every one of bis pointed
sentences Mr. Taft was Interrupted D.V
applause aod- ahaatilng.-
Five hundred members and guests of
tlie city filled the brilliantly decor,ned
banquet hall, which was redolent of
the pines of the Tar Heel state.
Extracts from Address.
I come at once to the present -on
dition of things stated from a consti
tutional and political standpoint, and
that is this: That in all southern
Business relates iodav declare states it is possible, by election ws
Hirschberg's finances are unsatisfac- prescribing proper qualifications for
lory. It is unknown whether Hlrsch-1 the suffrage, which square with the
berg was connected with the Fidelity fifteenth amendment and which
Funding company but the police theory be equally administered as between
s. perhaps the losses are the result of the black and white races, to prevent,.
:he failure and affected his reason. entirely the possibility of a dom.n-v
tion of southern state, county or nuni-!
Forst, a nephew of Hirschberg, ident- and there is today—throughout the
Ified the old revolver as one oftei. south among Its most intelligent citi- «w ill be begun against Ru l. ud.
seen in his uncle's possession. The zens an impatience, a nervousness and
statements by his business associates '. a restlessness in voting for one ticket
that Hirschberg declared his business and in rejoicing in the success of an
unsatisfactorv, that he had been in ill other.
health for some time, strengthened I believe the movement away from
the suicide theory..
political solidity has started
Fidelty Failure May Involve. one way to encourage it is to have the Approved.
In the recent failure of the Fidelity south understand that the attitude of
Funding Company the police see the the north and the republican party is CALCUTTA. Dec. S.
one of hostility or criticism or p-
elation with the south.
under which since last October ness. The Jurj was selected Mondaj
the voters of Ohio were able to call afternoon.
special elections to decide whether any
county shall be wet or dry, was today 7 Davis Evidence Finished.
declared constitutional. The decision OMAHA
8nd dissovles the temporary injunc
tion preventing the law taking 'ect
in Hancock county after Dec. 15. The:
will go to the highest courts
Powder Explosion.
WEbb CITY, Mo., Dec. 8.—A nitro
R'ycerine tank at the Independent
owder Works exploded today. One
nan was killed and several seriously
njured. The explosion was felt for
radius of fifteen miles.
'-Read The Daily Gate City.
Francis Hirschberg was suicide. The literate all sectional lines and h- bank's funds in worthless mining resentatives of the house and senate
deputy coroner after a minute examl- nothing of differences between the stcck. The speculations have cover-'and delegates of the national and
nation declared he had found powder north and the south save a friendly
ought to be encouraged, and I think Population in India is'Not
position, political or otherwise I jn India, and the Anglo-Indian ele
that. the north yearns for closer asso-
Defense of Woman Is that Mind is
—The trial of Mrs. Anna Myers on
Hirschberg was shot by a person with the charge of arson came before the
district court this afternoon for hear
ing. It will be hotly contested.
Mrs. Myers, it is charged, attempted
to burn a house In which ihe Livesay
family was sleeping last July, north of!
hero. It was thought her motive 1
spite work. The fire was discovered
before serious damage was done.
Mrs. Myers has been in Dr. Hill's 1
sanitarlam In l}es Moines for several
months and underwent a serious :er
atlon. She was in apparently good
atlon. sue was in I the Arkansas river prevail today, fol
health when she appealed lowing the breaking of the government
S'-J-I ,, ,„in lip lowing UI« LMI-11WII6 ui uie gut CI mucin
room today. Her sole def -e dyke, protecting the eastern end of
Dec. 8.—Evidence was con-
velone. The nrgunwnt was begun and
iis expected to be finished tomorrow
the case go to the jury on tli^
and the case go 10 uie juo ....
afternoon of Wednesday. The Ju gfi
refused to limit the time of aigu
ments. I
DALLAS, Texas, Dec. 8.—Race track
Sg^rJghol^ le
E. S. Rowland of a California Bank
Admits to Examiner That He
Speculated With Bank's
Money. S
sand Dollars and Put it Into
Worthless Mining Ven-
A clash be-
tween Lord Morley, secretary of state,
men 0f
ule population, is imminent as
a result of the former's plan of sup-
pressing a wave of sedition by liberal-
izing the colonial government, which
•v^uld occur Monday.
lis believe sedition ultimately
crushed onlv bv military strength
Breaking of the Government Dyke
Exposes the Resident Part
of the City.
the city A
I dent section is now
heavy loss is feared.
Men Escaped With Over Sixteen Thou
sand at the Close of
s^Ungibank. Henry H. Newhall, and his son
doomed. A fight I Roger Newhall. They were just clos-1
SSS"the^rt is"now"being organ-|i^the^ay^ business. It is under-
Santa Claus—"Walk right in! Glad to see you lieie.
The holiday trade promises to be very great this year —News Item.
HKALDSBURG, Cal.. Dec. 8.
Rowland, a asliier of a bank
Positive it Was Suicide. cipal government by an ignorant'
BaRing an opinion on newly discov- electorate, white or black. (confessed today to Dank Commission-! rived here to participate in the gc.i-' Standard suit
fred evidence the police this afternoon pray that it may be given to ivo
marks around the bullet wound on emulation for the benefit of our com- banks and vaults. On an order to pro- national rivers and harbors congress, I be intended to cover the field with an
the right jaw. It shows the weapon mon country. I tect the depositors from loss, the southern commercial congress and! expert witness in various lines to
was held close to the head. Barrett There was in the last campaign— Farmers' and Merchants' bank assum- other commercial bodies, now in ses-1
the libilities. Criminal proceedings
Temporizing With the Seditious
PINE BLUFF. Dec.. S.—Flood condi- t]le supreme court. Therefore lie be
tions, notwithstanding the recession of ]jVeed the government policy of con
servation more practicable than the
"It would not be understood as
claiming congress has the purpose
disturb rights which have been inv.~t
ed through national or state rights
but on the contrary insist that such
rights be promoted by the courts Hero
exposed and a
]a,ge portion of the resi-
Side bank, located at East Washing-!
Race Track Gambling Doomed. ton street and Grand avenue, as. passenger engines and five of the
robbed last evening by three
stood the robbers secured $16,500.
Governors Representatives, Senators
and Other Distinguished Men
.... Present at the^'National 7-
hwl Conservation Meeting.
Used One Hundred and Twenty Thou- Put on the Program for Addresses at
the Afternoon Meeting—
\vatson that he had invested aeral conservation conference held this I
I hmidred jrnd twenty thousand of the I afternoon in which the governors, rep-
several years. He had 'ooted the: state and commission members of the
Favors Federal Control.
policy of giving the federal
the secretary officially announced _on,
The Anglo-ln-! streams and forests and mineral e-
ovel tne
Chicago and Alton Orders Engines,
1 tLOOMINGTON, 111., Dec. 8.—An
nouncement was made Satu. day that
the Chicago ar.d Altor has placed an
order with t' American Locomotive
works for the construction of ten con-
,,sl .dated freight engines, five Pacific
class switc
who held up the president of the Delivery will je early in
Had a Contract of the California
Standard Co., With th: Union
Oil Co. in His
Pocket,«•- .*•.
t, I
and Johnson
-E. S.j WASHINGTON, Dec. 8.—The gov
liere, ernors of many states of the union ar-,
Rosenthal Announces That Wm.
Rockefeller and James Moffitt
Would Not be Put on
the Stand.
NEW YORK, Dec. S— It was an
nounced today by Rosenthal in the
that Wm. Rockefeller
James A.
at Washington, will be present institution with college professors and
An informal session was held at the eminent critics among them.
New Willard Hotel this morning, at
tended by the visiting governors and
other distinguished men. The general
meeting will convene this afternoon
at 4:15. Roosevelt, Taft and Gov.
Chamberlain, of Oregon, are t'.ie
speakers. Gov. Johnson of Minnesota,
is here as a delegation to attend both
the conservation conference and the
rivers and harbors congress. Cov.
Deneen. of Illinois, is expected with a
delegation of thirty men of his state.
Inter-state conservation
re opposed to temporizing meas- commwwon was advocated by Gov
I ernor Chamberlain before the conser
I vat ion congress. He spoke in behalf I gunicd on the Pacific coast territory.
•of tbe governors. lie asked the gov- Tilford evaded a direct answer. The!
ernors east, north and south to join
the movement, promising the co-opera-
Moffatt, President of
the Indiana Standard, would not be
put on the stand for the defense. I
have covered the field of the other
witnesses, it was explained. He said
shcnv the
company was an economic
...mi sources of the United States by the I na\e on tne cremt 01 mt
tion of the west. He declared
question of conservation policy to he
adopted by the future was the para
mount issue iu congress. The ower
of congress over the forests, streams
and mines, he said, was recognized by
engines, to cost
—Road The Daily Gats City.
On Hand When Nec
essary. ..
bankrupt as a result of tlie dealings of
the concern, that Kiernan does not
dare to return to New York and sub
mit to an examination of his opera
tion, Thomas F. Gilroy, receiver, today
at his office here exhibited an order
of the supreme court for an examina
tion of Kierman, who is now in Wash
ington. He declared the Kiernan state-
ory was vague under the examination straighten out the affairs. When told
of the government. "Why can't you Keiran said lie had given all the books
remember this contract when you Gilroy said, "He is a liar."
know so much concerning the affairs
Kellogg asked. I CH1CAOO.
Tilford was unable to suggest a ,„g
reason and his counsel began an argu
sumed on the Pacific coast territory.
(jle price paid for several million
barrels of crude oil which the pre
vious witness declared was bougiit in
1904-5-G when there was no market.
"Oil is now worth 50 cents isn't it,"
asked Kellogs.
"I guess so.'' said Tilford.
Kellogg asked if at the termination
of the contract with the Union Oil Co.
the Standard did not reduce the price
to l/js Angeles consumers so the
Union could not compete through the
marketing branch of the Puerta com
pany. Tilford could not remember but
promised to refresh his memory, ln
response to Rosenthal's off-hand ques
tion what the government, was at
tempting to prove by the witness Kel
logg remarked: "I can't see what you
presented him for but maybe we'll
find out if we keep at him long enough.
Rosenthal took Tilford for a redirect
examination and then Kellogg resum
ed the cross questioning. Tilford
winced occasionally under the severe
fire. The examination concluded, he
wa? excused, and the hearing ad journ
ed until tomorrow.
Keokuk merchants.
half dollars unaccounted for on the
books in his possession. It was reveal
ed today by the creditors of the Fidel
ity, Columbia Construction Company
and Federal construction, that Kier
nan personally signed the power
attorney for the firm of Sullivan and
claims as the
deemed best.
Copies of this power of attorney
were sent to Gilroy who declined a
statement. Gilroy cited an example
of a deal alleging that a bonus of fifty
thousand was paid for t.Iie accommoda-1
tion of one hundred and thirty-five'
thousand. The bank paid the Fidel
ity $135,000, and accepting a note of
H. M. Tilford was on the stand to
day. Kellogg questioned him regard
ing the contract by which the Califor
nia Standard obliterated the I'nion says, will bring only a small part of
Oil Company. Notwithstanding the the face value, while many bonds, the
copy of a contract in his possession only value will be old paper. He said Keokuk ar.d Vicinitv:
over night: Tilford seemed unable to Keiran had a personal book and had \\-,.,i,»s(f \'.
remember the greater part. His mem- not turned them over wliic.i would help j„
of the Pacific Coast Oil Company, Creates Great Excitement. (night and Wednesday.
the predecessor of your company?" .u
at tacking the general line of the ua'"L0""fue"^fiVt\,rtiic Catholic in-1
.inquisition. s'tl tut ions throughout the country. It:
Continuing the examination Kel-!
admitted 15 cents a barrel I
'Jc 1
jlogg asked if the Standard of Call- k£n Sed l" SU faring, colder weather
fornia sold 0:i per cent of the oil con-
to h.lV( ||H,„ 80]d
Read The Daily Gate City,
Keokuk's Best Newspaper,
Defies the Rumor That His Client is Attempts Against the Life of the
Missing and That Ke Will be
Former Secretary of the Treasury
Holds Notes For a $60,000 Loan.
Fidelity Operations
NEW YORK, Dec. 8 Hainbridge MUSCATINE' "Iowa ft--.
Colby, counsel for P. J. Kiernan. for- spite sensational efforts made to stop
mer head of the failed Fidelity Fund- Rev. Williafn A. Sunday's meeting
ing Company, declared to'ay the re- her,, last night by cutting the electric
port that P. .T. Kiernan was missing is light wires five minutes before the
unfounded. Kiernan is endeavoring to I meeting commenced, four thousand
straighten out his, own affairs, declar-] neople heard the evangelist- Mr.
ed Colby aud thus has been unable to Sunday's life was threatened last night
give Receiver Gilroy any aid ln getting and lie had a big force guarding him.
an insight into the affairs of the Fi- Sunday threatens to shoot any man
who touches him.
delity. He will be on hand when nec
essary he said. Despite this statement
Receiver Gilroy is still unable to get
t.he tangle cleared. The report of crim
inal proceedings started against some
persons involved in the crash is de
nied by Gilroy. The fact that former
secretary of the treasurer Shaw, Is
a creditor in the Fidelity company of
sixty thousand, does not mean he will
lose this sum. lie has apparently valid
notes, supported by collateral for fifty
thousand. For the other ten thousand
he has stock in the Fidelity company.
The methods which the Hdelity work- g0(j )s jjie dirtiest bunch this side
ed are unique, according to Gilroy.
Nauvoo Academy Bankrupt,
Reiterating the allegation the af
fairs of the Fidelity Funding Co. are
involved the creditors will probably re
cover nothing and that the St. Mary's
Well Known Evangelist in
Service at Muscatine
Are Mede.
Lights Turned Out as Tabernacle Meet
ing Starts—Panic Narrowly:w »v
Averted—Five Thous
and Attend.
The lights were extinguished just
as crvices started. Several lamps
were placed upon the platform and
the choir »~d an orchestra sang for
about thirty minut-s until the wires
were repaired. As soon as Sunday
heard the cause of the darkness, he
arose and in terms vituperative ar
raigned the element that presented th9
"This is the work of those whisky
soaked, white-livered, degenerate
scoundrels that I fight, men who have
no respect for the laws of man or
of hell. My life was threatened sev
eral times today and I have a permit
from your mayor to carry a gun, and
the first man who lays his hands on
me will be pumped full of lead."
Jeers Minnled With Applause.
ment. that the company was solvent is certain extent but' on account of the
a "He" and said an examination of the darkness they feared a crime might
accounts would show a million and a have easily been accomplished. The
ing, however, feared developments.
From the rear of the building came
jeers from the enemies of the man
who closed the saloons here.
When the lights went out p. panl(V%
was narrowly averted, for many
thought the occurrence but the fore
runner of a d-.stardly plot and started
for the exits. Thev were quieted to a
exact, cause of the trouble was not as
certained. One of the wires was down
but it was near the entrance and for
an enemy to have attempted it would
have been dangerous. No one wit
of nessed the deed.
Cromwell and W. Nelson Cromwell I the address. The tabernacle was filled
I at 6:30. As an attempt was made to
assault Sunday "on his arrival, a large-:
body guard of friends guarded him at
the station when lie departed.
receiver in a manner
About live thousand people heard
Depot Burns at La Plata.
LA PLATA, Mo., Dec. S. -The Wa
bash depot was burned last night.
The tickets, a large amount of ex
press and several pounches of mail
wore destroyed. Damage to the build-
ng is piaced
at $3,000
$185,000 plus interest. This amount,
with similar sums. Gilroy will not try TODAY'S WEATHER
to recover by process of law. Some
listed assets of the company, GiIro |nctjcations for Iowa, Illinois and Mis.
lun ies in tl,'e'
terest here along the entire northern boundary,
with tlle
tnd-iv a mortgage on which England and Oregon.
college was raised, is said,
twice in New York.
This, however, can in no ways involve
the college except the possible im
pairment of its credit. The Fidelity
company had a dealing with the Mu
tual hank here. It is said to have
loaned $50,000 to Keiran on a certifi
cate of deposit issued by the Kuclid
Avenue Trust rompany of Cleveland.
An officer of the Mutual declared he
had ample security for the loan, and
had instituted a suit some time ago,
so as to protect the claim.
Hut little information will be given] Mean temperature. 12.
out from those in charge excepting ai
firm denial that the schools will be
affected to an extent large enough to
cause a closing o'^ the schools.
St. Mary's academy for girls has aj
larger enrollment than ever before
souri Wired from Chicago.
Fair to-
VajY except snow
extreme north portion
onioon or
tonight wanner to-
Wednesday fair.
n.„, THp!
and Missouri: Fair to-
Weather Conditions.
'1hp pidel The barometer is high from the
BTeatest depr ssions in New
has fol­
lowed rains in the eastern portion
of the country, and it warmer from
the Mississippi valley westward.
There have been light snow flurries
in the Upper Mississippi valley and
the upper lake region and it is rain
ing in Oregon.
Fair, moderately cold weather is in
dicated in this section tonight and
River Bulletin.
Fid.Stage. Height. Cling. R'nfall,
St. Louis
1 2
1 2
xO. 1
Nauvoo Schools Will Not Close.
[Special to The Gate City.]
NAUVOO. III., Dec. 8— Sister Mary.
in charge of St. Mary's academy and
Spaulding institute, said this after
noon that the failure of the Fidelity
Funding company would not affect.
either of the two schools here and
that there were no preparations be
ing made to close down the educa- tenths change in 21 hours, fall
tional institutions as is rumored. tenths.
Local Observations,
Dec. liar. Tlier. Wind
7, 7 p.m. .. .30.28 18 S
8. 7 a.ill 30.21 22 SW
1SH4. 5
1 foot,'
River below low water ot
Maximum temperature, 21.
Minimum temperature, 3.
and Spauldings institute for boys, has is 1 foot. \k i: Mi above lov water
-Do your Christmas shopping with about 'fifty boys enrolled for this, its|mark a fu'.'. of 3 inches since list re-,.
first year. port.
C., It. & Q. Bridge. Burlington, Iowa,
Dec.' 7.—The present stage the rlv-

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