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Academy and Institute
Not Have to Close on Sw®
Account of the
j' Debt. '/, IT
Mortgages Will be Paid Off When
Due and Friends Would
Come to the Rescue if
St. Mary's Academy and Spaulding
Institute, the real life of ^auvoo and
two Catholic institutions of learning
known all over the country, will never
be closed owing to the failure of the
Fidelity Funding Co. of New York.
and the entire indebtedness will be
raid within the next twenty years.
at the end of which time the two
mortgages now outstanding will be
due. The Academy seems well able
to pay the indebtedness contracted for
and up to date has paid the interest
in full upon all money borrowed, and
it is the opinion of many that a small
per cent of the value of any notes could
be realized by an outside individual or
corporation were they to close the
academy for the property and build
ings now owned by it.
It is safe to say, according to the
best obtainable information, that the
Nauvoo academy and Spaulding in
stitute will never close their doors
and the great work being accomplish-
their time to the education of children
will go on and on and the next tewn
ty years will s?e the debt cancelled
and the Sisters no longer burdened
by the weight on the many flne educa
tional structures.
Will Never Close.
Charles Mulch, advisor for the St.
Mary's Academy, Nauvoo, is firm in
his belief that the Catholic institu
tion of learning will never be clostd
by creditors owing to the late failure
The diocese of which Bishop Spauld
ing of Peoria is head, and one of the
strongest dioceses in the middle west,
would doubtlessly come to the as
sistance if it were certain that failur'
was evident, and as a last resort an
appeal to the Catholic world would
be made in a manner that would clear
beyond any doubt the indebtedness ol
the Sisters of Nauvoo. So strong is
the feeling of friendliness for the
Sisters of Nauvoo, that the Catholics
and other citizens of Nauvoo, the peo
pie of Bishop Spaulding's diocese, sented for payment by eastern capit
and the entire Catholic worn would alists, Mr. Mulch, while he states it
respond in one accord to save this is for the court to decide, holds that
great institution of learning from the notes are not within corporate
death, which at the present time is limits, not having been signed by the
being predicted by eastern people, but institution, but by an individual, Sister
which is sternly denied by all rep- Mary, of that academy.
resentatives of the academy. "The notes given by
he holds that the academy is well abln
to pay any debt that they contracted
for, and second, the buildings would
le of insufficient value to the person
holding notes if the Sisters owed
more than what they claim legally is
the amount of their indebtedness.
iiriun"'tTbeTrtgageR V11
of the Fidelity Funding Company of I some means would be resorted to if it
New York City. A statement to that
failure would have upon the academy.for
this statement in addition to a num-
ber of minor ones. In the first place
The first dealings between the Nau
voo Academy and the Fidelity Funri-
in ,r
ing Company of New \ork dates back sisters of
to two years ago. At that time the
Sisters were about to construct a
power house, a parsonage and Spauld
ing Institute, "which is a school for
boys. Money sufficient to carry them
through in these building enterprises
was advanced by the Funding Co..
and two mortgages were given which
are not collectible for twenty years.
These mortgages thus given are for
the amounts of $200,000 and $1 SO,000.
"When the proper time comes
Legality of Debt.
In speaking on the legality of many
For Six Months his Suffering was
Beyond Words—One Mass of Irri
tation and Itching was Dreadful
Slept Only from Sheer Exhaustion
—Almost Out of His Mind—After
24 Hours' Use of Cuticura Slept
Like an Infant and Then was
"I am seventy-seven years old and.
4 one day, some years ago. I fell from
a step-ladder, bruising
my heel. In a few days
I could not walk. I
called in a doctor and
inside of a week ervsipd-
set in. The doctor
had not cured me of!
that when I was taken
with ecaema from he&d:
to foot. I was sick for!
six months and what I'
suffered tongue could
not tell. I could not
sleep day or night because of that dread
ful itching: when I did sleep it was from
eheer exhaustion. I was one mass of
trritation: it was even in my scalp. The
doctor's medicine seemed to make me
worse and I was almost out of my mind.
1 read of Cuticura and sent my wife to
the druggist, who was a member of my
lodge of Odd Fellows, for a set of the
Cuticura Soap, Cuticura Ointment and
Cuticura Resolvent. I used them per
sistently for twenty-four hours. That
night I slept like an infant, the first
•olid nights sleep I had had for six,
months. I was not afraid to use plenty
of Cuticura Ointment and Cuticura Soap
with hot water and in a week's time I
was able to put on my clothes again.'
In a month I was cured. From that
day to this I cannot praise the Cuticura
Eemedies too highly. I may add that
I have a very heavy head of hair which
I owe to Cuticura. W. Harrison Smith.
R.F.D. 2, Mt. Eisco, N. Y., Feb. 3. '08.
A single set of the Cuticura Remedies
le often sufficient for the treatment of
the most torturing, disfiguring, itching,
burning and scaly humors, eczemas,
rashes and irritations, with loss of hair,
from infancy to age, when all other rem
edies fail. "Guaranteed absolutely purs
end may be used from the hour of birth..
Cntlcun Soap (25c Ointment (£0c.. R**otvent•
(SOc). and CDoeol&te Coated Pllii (26c.). are sold
throughout the worW Potter Drue Chem Corp*
ffcote Prop* 137 Oolumbua Are Boston.
AF-Maija6 Ft**, Cutleun
not xr-
an/^L^ cw \fP"
splm I
in accordance to law.
While the Academy at Nauvoo is
ed by the Sisters, who devote all of not really backed b/ the diocese of!
which Bishop Spaulding of Peoria is
at the head of, nevertheless it is the
belief of many that the influence of
this power of the Catholic world woulj
be brought strongly to bear were there
any strong belief that the doors of
this Catholic Illinois institution were
to be closed. The diocese of Illinois
is one of the strongest in the middle
west and while this is not an effort
to convey the impression that th2
Sisters have the backing of the dio-
cese. yet many Catholics think that
thought that the school was to be
effect was made late last evening at closed in the r.'.idst of its great work, j1501 bordering on the exposition
his home in Nauvoo to a Gate City re- Much of the aid and support accord- grounds offer exceptional advantages
porter, who visited him for the purpose the Nauvoo Academy, and in fact. *or big races. An ideal course
of finding out what effect this great almost all of it, is through donations,
There are two strong reasons ad-' attending school there is insufficient from parts of the United States to
vanced by Mr. .Mulch to substantiate to properly conduct it, and a~ a result
Catholics would respond in a noble
manner and carry any indebtedness.
Two Great Institutions.
St. Mary's Academy and Spaulding
Institute at Nauvoo are doubtlessly
two of the foremost institutions
Catholic learning in the middle west.
't 's with deep regret that the
paid to date.
mortgages has i^n ".rough this on
The principle notes issued on these
mortgages have been sold direct.
Other-notes to the amount of *1,100.000
are being held by eastern capitalists,
but they are far in excess of the mort
gages and it is claimed that they are
not legitimate. "The Academy." says
Mr. Mulch, "will take the stand in
court that it will pay all legitimate
bills and whatever notes the court
proves to be legitimate will be paid."
of these notes which have been pre- telephone messages have been
Your Hair orth It
Afraid to use hair preparations? Don't know exactly what to do?
Then why not consult your doctor? Isn't your hair worth it?
Ask him if he endorses Ayer's Hair Vigor for falling hair,
dandruff, a hair tonic and dressing. Have confidence in his
advice. Follow it. He knows.
the academv .Mil
nevertheless it is a source of constant
worry to Sisters that might better
have been absent.
During the past few weeks, and
especially during the past few days,
the eve of the entire United States
has been focused on Nauvoo. owing to
the great failure of the Fidelity Fund
ing Co., which has supported manv
Catholic institutions in building en
terprises, and which advanced the
Sisters of Nauvoo money with which
to perfect their schools. During the
past forty-eight »hours the city has
been the scene of many visitors, and
in by the scores and also telegrams
I by people eager to gain some knowl-1
edge of the real situation which the
I institutions there are compelled to face
by this recent failure. Optimistic re
ports are being sent out, however,
from that place and the same are ac
corded persons visiting in person. The
Sisters of the Academy are talking
with no one on this subject, and all
visitors wishing to confer on matters
relative to the finances are being re-
—j ferred to Mr. Mulch, legal advisor.
How to Treat a Sprain.
Sprains, swellings and lameness are
promptly relieved by Chamberlain's
Liniment. This liniment reduces in
"ammation and soreness so that a
sprain my be cured in about ore-third
the time required by the usual treat
ment 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by
Wilkinson & Co., pharmacy, ar.d J. F.
Kiedaisch & Son.
n0t the
seem to me that the notes are signed'
a free sample at Wilkinson & Co.,
pharmacy, and J. F. Kiedaisch & Son.
Try it
Alaskan-Yukon-Pacific Exposition to
Be Held in Seattle, Washington
.... in 1909.
tuition received from the pupils
out aDl^
it thought that the academy was The arrangements nave been con-
be closed it is predicted that the eluded for the track meet of all Pa-
that place are compelled
to face this trouble in the midst of
their great work. It is little in this
life that the Sisters of Nauvoo re
ceive for their labors and worries and
that this failure should come as it does
is indeed unfortunate. For years the
Sisters at that place have worked to
perfect their schools and now, when
it seems that the educational insti
tutions fostered by them have reached
a great height, this financial trouble
and although there is little
in Seattle during the exposition. While
the colleges and schools of the Pacific
Coast have agreed to hold their 1909
championship games in Seattle, and
the arrangement of the schedule will
be made early in January.
The Daily Gate City
Keokuk peo. ^e are unusually inter
ested in the present reports about the
Nauvoo Academy having to close its
doors as for a number of years this city
has been represented by students
there. This year also, there are a
number of young girls of Keokuk in
attendance there and for this reason
possibly this city is wishing for suc
cess there among the Sisters. The
Catholics of the city also have that
unmistakable feeling for the prosper
ity of the institution and it would be
with deep regret that they would see
the instituions closed. The work ac
complished by the Nauvoo Sisters dur
ing the past few years has been mar
velous and has been commented upon
by many of the leading papers in this
part of the country. Their untiring
efforts, their great progressiveness,
and their unselfish work has made
it possible for them to build up one of morning and received sentence. The
James Shields Sent to Penitentiary For
Breaking Into and Robbing
I the Postoffice at
Sick Headache. to bed last Saturday evening when
This distressing disease results fr ,n I word was sent to him that some one
a disordered condition of the stomach, was in the postoffice. He got up and
and can be cured by taking Chamber dressed and got there in time to catch
Iain's Stomach and Liver Tablets. Get Shields crav.mg out of a broken pane
SEATTLE, Dec. 8.—Negotiations are
Alaska-Yukon-PaciAc Exposition ',leadlng
next summer. It is planned to hold at
least one regatta on Lake Washington
each month during the exposition,
°Pens June land closes Octo-
1 A 11 «i rrntn nvk^n hnirrt hAnn
ber 16. All arrangements have been
made for a eries of races between
California, Stanford and Wisconsin,
and otier middle-west colleges have
also been asked to send crews.
It is planned to make the rowing
regattas a feature of the sports during' Fole^s Kidney Remedy. After taking
fh« fa!r
h,v n„r« Jiii he h,,n„
the fair and a big purse will be hung
up to bring out the Cornell, Harvard
and Yale crews. The exposition man-'
agement will submit a proposition to
the three eastern colleges and will
make any reasonable arrangements to
carry out the plan.
Lake Washington and Lake Union,
It is also planned to bring the an
nual army and navy championship
games to Seattle next year. Negotia
tions were opened on this matter some
weeks ago and favorable assurance
has been received by the exposition
management that the plan can be
carried out. The Pacific fleet of the
United States Navy will be stationed
in Seattle harbor during the entire
exposition period and this will be a
strong inducement to hold the cham-
planes to Seattle from all parts of the
Athletic Union and altogether the
program of sports
Ten Years of Eczema
Reports on eczema dating back ten
years show the
Quick Work
's estimated
thousands of people would come
the races.
the dates have not been definitely set: mas and the package which is not
pionship games in t'ae exposition city. breakdown caused, as I believed, by
Another big feature of the sporting overwork and worry. I also suffered
program will be the international bal- untold misery from dyspepsia.
loon races. Representatives of varl- "First I gave up my position, then
otis aero clubs are now In Seattle con-1 tried to find a remedy for my
eluding the arrangements which will troubles, something that would make
bring airships balloons and aero-.
thir, city, can tell ar-y sufferer what I
Getting the Man
Jail Within a Week of
the Time of His -i"
,» Crime...
Within a week after robbing the
year sentence for the act.
the greatest Catholic institutions in Federal grand jury finished its labors!
Postmaster Curtis of Adair was
present and asked a few questions by
the court. He said that he had gone
of glass in the door.
Says He Was Drunk.
and owned some property.
at Adair and during Saturday had
come to town and got drunk. He
thought thr.t because he had been
drunk, he had robbed the postoffice.
The court read the
^e Cornell, Yale and Har- ^posed a sentence of not over five
vard rowing cr-.-s to Seattle during'and ^'e
making hls sentence
Mrs. McCraney's Experience.
Mrs. M. McCraney, Prentiss, Miss.,,
writes: "I was confined to my bed
for three months with 2kidney and! «Anir -frr-r^-p -p.-.
bladder trouble, and was treated by! W±XJ!
two physicians but failed to get relief.
No human tongue can tell how I suf
fered, and I had given up hope of ev
er getting well until I began taking
bottle? I felt like a new person,
and feel it my duty to tell suffering
women what I'oley's Kidney Remedy
did for me." Wilkinson & Co., and
J. F. Kiedaisch & Son.
UiJ! A&
me weu and
rest my
I United States and from many foreign worn-out nerves and brain.
countries. I "I tried one kind of medicine after
championship games of the Amateur
Seattle has also secured the annual another, but nothing seemed to help ^eor^a-
me. As a
People at This Time
W&tch Chains
postolfice at Adair, James Shields, will ^jje companies furnish labels reading
be in the penitentiary, serving a four-:
He was up in the Federal court this
the country and it is doubtful if the at 10 o'clock, finding but one indict- public
doors would ever be barred for years ment and that against Shields. The
to come. jury was then excused for the term
and Shields was brought forward, hav-
ing arrived in the city last evening
with an officer.
He admitted that James Shields was
his correct name and said that he
was guilty of the two counts against
him of breaking and entering a post
office and stealing $60.17 in money of
the United States.
Are Absolutely
$3 to $7
Reliable Jeweler
fore Christmas, generally arrives be
hind time at its destination.
The express companies would like
to have all packages at their offices
not later than December 18 and if this
course was followed out, all gifts
would get to their dest.nation on time.
nQ^ 0pen until
The following
by an expressman
Ihe Best Cough Cure.
Shields told the court that he was
23 years of age and that his home
was in Clinton where he had sui aunt the genuine Leach's Virgin Oil of Pine' .j.
Some Suggestions are Offered to the action for divorce instituted by Mina
coast colleges and high schools -The express companies have a flood' is young and comely and of the
business a few day3 before Christ-
taken to the office until the day be-
Grew Strong on Right Food.
strong, something to
tired stomach and build up my
iaj?t resort I tried different 1
rootjg but thev
will be one of Uie "Finally a friend recommended
greatest attractions of the Alaska-Yu- Grape-Nuts and with little or r.o faith ^P.?, 'eve1
kon-Pacific Exposition. in it, I tried a naoWflp-o That wa« resu roni discussions of
reports they ..ave been getting from woman of me! "There's a Reason."
patients wh used oil of wintergreen,
thymol and glycerin, in liquid form,
whether any pe-son cured as much
as ten years ago has hat5, another
compounded In D. D. O. Prescrip
tion. It would bt Interesting to know
touch of the disease.
Package. That was
treatment. Druggist McGrath Bros., Grape-Nuts put new life into me, built
A half ounce of Virgin Oil of Pine,
two ounces of Glycerine and a half1*
pint of Whisky, mixed, wiil cure any
cough that is curable and break a cold
in 24 hours. Take a teaspoonful ev
ery four hours. Ask your druggist for $
compound pure, prepared and guar-
He stated that he had been visiting anteed by the Leach Chemical Co., i*
ShleJfs aJear
Cincinnati, O.
statutes which
This ic Worth Reading.
Leo P. Zelinski, of 68 Gibson St.,
Buffalo, N. Y., says: "I cured the
most annoying cold sore
with Bucklen's Arnica Salve. I ap-
plied this salve once a day for two
days, when every trace of Lie sore was
Heals all sores.
gone. Heals all sores. Solu under I
guarantee at Wilkinson & Co's and J.
Kiedaisch & Son's drug store
So Mrs. Lyle of Crescent County Wash.
Brings Action For Divorce and
Division of Property.
fGate City Special Service!]
SPOKANE, Wash., Dec. 8.—Two
hundred' men, women and children,
composing the entire population of
Crescent country, near here, are wit-
nesses in the Spokane county superior
court, before Judge D. H. Carey, in an
of Lyle against her husband, Jay Lyle.
They were married in Spikane, Sep
tember 10, 1904, since which time, Mrs.
People who intend to send Christ- Lyle alleges in her complaint, she
I mas gifts this season by express: has been obliged to do a man's work
should remember that the quicker on their ,160-acre farm. Mrs. Lyle
they get their packages to the office asks for a division of the property and
the sooner they will be shipped. I the custody of her baby. Mrs. Lyle,
willowy type, was the first witness. She
declared that the husband abused and
that she was forced to leave her home
to escape his wrath. Martin Van In
wegan, a neighbor rancher, told of lur
ing the husband on c. trout fishing trip
and keeping him out all day so that the
woman could make her escape. Two
You can't grow strong by merely ex- other witnesses were heard during the
ercising. You must have food and first day. At this rate it will require
that food must be the kind you can 50 days to complete the testimony,
digest and assimilate. Most of the witnesses are for Mrs.'
No matter how much food you eat! L,y]e
unless it is digested it adds to the
burden the digestive organs have nat
urally to carry. This often means a
nervous breakdown.
"About a year ago," writes a Mass.
lady, "I had quite a serious nervous
[Gate City Special Service.]
SPOKANE, Wash., Dec. 9.—Dr. Lib-
erty Bailey, chairman of the Commls-'
sion on Country Life, appointed by:
President Roosevelt, and Henry Wal
lace, Iowa: Kenyon L. Butterfield,
Massachusetts Charles D. Barrett,
Christmas," which
p0Sted upon a Christmas pack-
suggestions are mada!
as an aid to the
Use a wooden box if possible. Write
address plainly with ink, or crayon
and also put sender's name and' ad
dress on, with the word "From" pre
rxed, also enclose your card in the
Do not send money or jewelry in £ff
same package with other things, but j*
send it separately through the money
department. Get a receipt from the
office, with the value of package noted
thereon and mark your package "Paid" *.
if you Dav the charges. Mark it "Per
ishable if the contents are such.
ever had,
T* R* J*
Well Known Iowa Agricultural Editor'
In Washington on Government
W. A. Beard, California,
hundreds of farmers, ranchers
all failed me. and orchardists from various parts of!
at their sessions
fam con(iitions. Tlle
whole system and made another visited the National
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read "The Road to
Wellville," in pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
to October ?. Thev ilsn
Apple Show,
where Dr. Bailey declared that the'
exhibition is without an equal, adding!
that it will do more than anything else
to encourage the apple industry all
oyer the country
—Do your Christmas shopiftng with
Keokuk merchants.
Why Not Footwea* )1
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When Holiday shopping call and inspect our line.
S. A. Miller
After January 1st, '09, to sell butter in the City of Chicago unless
made from milk or cream from non-tuberculous cows or unless
made from pasteurized milk or cream. Keokuk makes no such re
strictions, but does the butter you eat comply with either prevision?
ifgfWill close out AT COST OR LESS the following goods:
Rich Cut Glass Hand-painted China Statuary
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S0MS' 509*5M
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the words of thousands of other sufferers from|
I womanly ills, when we sf*.y:
It Wil! Help You
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been benefiting sick women. Mrs. Jennie Merrick,
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1 made me feel like a new woman. I am still using
[this wonderful medicine, writh increasing relief."
$10.30 Round Trip to the
National Corn Expositioi
Auditorium, Omaha, December 8 (o 17
For the Betterment of Agriculture
"I he purpose of this Exposition is to promote the "betterment of afc'rl
culture" in an attractive and entertaining though instructive manner. I
Buildings cover three blocks. Prizes
Airalfa palace. Experiments by tho United States
culture. Lectures every day. Exhibitions of corn,
EEC. 9,
Main St., Keokuk, Iowa
Don't Worry
never equalled. Moving pictures from all over the United States.
Every one should attend this great Fair, &b nothing like it has ever bejj
seen before. A number of exhibitors from this coun
county will be there.
||it Passed
to a Nece
Our stock is well fortified for|
the big den and is always
made upon these lines. PriPi
50c to $1.50.
In, Woman
ephone I
$50,000. Model kitcbei
C. F. CONRADT, City Pasenger Agent, C. B. &
5th and Johnson st., Keokuk, Iowa.
of Apn"
oats and aifaU
R' R1
I' Gat

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