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USDAY, DEC. 10,1908.
Are Increasing* Daily
Keokuk Stores and Busi-,
ness is Becoming
Retail Stores of Keokuk Offer
inducement For the
Shopper to Patronize
I The
Kwmers and many of them will be
keeping open after supper in or
|fc to accommodate the people.
Bst few out of town shoppers are
linking In the city this week, but they
holiday shopping season has
fenced and each day sees larger
of shoppers on. the street than
-day before. when it conies to the older folks, as
[flu Keokuk retail stores have their! Shakespeare said when he was doing
Lidav stocks complete and arranged, his Christmas shopping "aye, there's
way for showing off
Rush Next Week.
The rush at the postoffice and the
Lmany beautiful things on sale and The clerks in the stores act as in-.
windows have been decor- formation bureaus and by their long
led in
keeping with the time of year experience are able to furnish many
Irith mistletoe, holly and other holiday helpful suggestions and ideas to the
which tend to beautify disturbed shopper, who often depends
windows. entirely upon the wisdom of the clerk,
fciiristmas will come two weeks! The pleasant weather of the past
tomorrow and there are but a: few days has been taken advantage of
pm shopping days remaining until! by many who do not care to be out
gladsome day. Many people have when it is cold and stormy, yet Christ-1
turned a hand yet in the way of. mas shopping seems to go forward
their selections, while others! with a better vim, when there ir snow
commenced early and have quite! upon the ground and winter winds are!,
[good deal of their work completed, blowing.
[The early shopper is the one whoj It's a thing which just must be done
Krives the greatest benefit, for they and weather cannot interfere with
hre the first pick of the stocks and I plans after they have once been laid.
Ere more time to make selections, It is always good advice however, to
fee one who puts the matter off until do your holiday shopping early.
last minute, finds hours of work
tjwded into minutes and usually has
[tery unsatisfactory time of it.
To those who have failed to do any SCORES IN THE
popping yet. the columns of The Gate
IGt teem with suggestions, for Keo
|hk stores are advertising their holi-i
attractions and the paper almost Race for Bike Cash and
By erening will act as a great help!
who are perplexed as to what!
|te get. There are so many things
Irtich make acceptable presents, that!
III! often a problem as to what to1
prof toys and from the great stocks
WW* toys being shown in the city,
pta Ca us must have been a pret-j
°P .f8
The holiday shopper does not have
Baking Powder
How to Cure a Cold.
Be a: careful as you can you will
occasionally take cold, and when yoi
do, get a medicine of known reliabil
ity, one that has an established repu
tation and that Is certain to effect a
quick cure. Such a medicine is
I The rush will be on in earnest next
liPk and the stores will be crowded
Eh day and evening up until the
bat before Christmas. The stores Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. It has
pi commence adding extra clerks gained a world wide reputation by its
Hit week in order to wait on the I remarkable cures of this most com-
mon ailment, and can always be de
pended upon. It acts on nature's
plan, relieves the lungs, aids expector
ation, opens the secretions and aids
nature in restoring the system to a
»!3begin coming soon. Many peo-J healthy condition. During the many
pittome here for their holiday shop-(years In which it has been in general
jijon account of the excellent stocks use we have yet to learn of a single
arrifd and the reasonable prices case of cold or attack of the grip hav-
Ing resulted in pneumonia when this
remedy was used, which shows con-
|u ress offices has already commenced clusively that it is a certain preven
js become evident and Increased num- tive of that dangerous disease. Chap):
pr of packages are arriving and de- berlain's Cough Remedy contains n«i
(trting, giving a forecast of what is to1 opium or other narcotic and may Ja
Hie. The real busy time at these) given as confidently to a baby as to
feces will come next week when pack- an adult. For sale by Wilkinson
home on the shopping trip. Garden
There aro
it this ™an^new f. fl!-.Iap8
[•'met this season, especially in the
dUrlDg the
Faust Spaghetti
Boil and drain one-fourth pound
Faust Spaghetti put into a sauce
pan two ounce* of butter mix with
two tablespoonfuls of flour
moisten with one-half pint of
stock and one gill of cream salt
and white pepper to taste put in
the Spaghetti let it boil, and
serve while hot.
Highest Award 2
World's Pure Food Exposition
Chicago, November, 1907
What does this mean?
It means that Calumet has set a new Standard in
Baking Powder—the standard of the World.
a^ard w?s
E'ven to Calumet after
overall other baking
It means that Calumet is the best baking powder
every particular the world.
And this means that Calumet produces the
best, most delicious, lightest, and purest
baking of all baking powders.
8«S Doesn't that mean
everything to you?'
r,» .ii. i'"*-" ". -ii ji.-j „i„ Its curative powers that tney oner one
bs for a distance will have to be! Co., pharmacy, and J. F. Kiedaisqhi® private individuals to see that ^ome
n0iiars for any case that it
krted in order to reach their destina-) Son. tar poor family'has a Christmas treat this, fails to cure. Send for list of testimon
Isi on time.
New York City Drawing to a
YORK Dec. 10.—8 a. m.: Score
0f sjX day
tjjeyele race Madison Square
teanlii. 1-°63
niiles, 9 g|r]
lone team
5C3 miles 7 aps
mtIes 6 ]aps. one team
g63 mlleB 3 laps 1 team U63 ml]eS)
1 Record 567 miles 9 laps_
With eight teams left in the race
°U\a and two in such condition they may
-quit at any time the men are falling
S the severe strains of the early hours.
are Ea«y.
Children are Easy.
period llas been
reached in the big six day race today.
1S a
plan out very much In! All the men are being plied with pow- Hoor of the jail. They left for Han-! ness at Christmas time comes to those
|"cnring presents for children butierful stimulants to keep them up to nibal this morning after breakfast, who give to those who would not oth-,
erwise receive a present and there is
no joy like the child joy at Christmas:
time. So remember and lay in a few!
extra presents for the poor that is al
ways with us.
—The Fidelity Funding company
failure and the operations of P. J.
First on the List
Faust Spaghetti is not a "last resort" food.
Once you've tried it you'll say to the
eroceryman "First of all, FAUST
SPAGHETTI," instead of tacking it on
at the end as a mere afterthought. First
on the list because you know you can pre
pare it in endless different ways. First on
the list because the family never tires of it.
First on the list because it's so nourishing
and because it costs so very little.
wholesome American product that
reaches you fresh and clean in sealed pack
aces Try the recipe shown here and see
how'good it is. See how its wonderful
cooking usefulness relieves you of the
vexatious question "what to have for
dinner?" —how it keeps up your table
reputation and down the cost.
4 now rtrnn lip-ht his hppn nlapprt
Try it to-day. Sold by nearly all grocers
only five and ten cent* a package.
Also write for book of Faust Spaghetti rccipes, sent free on request
The Daily Gate City
the mark. Another of the leaders serious accident yesterday afternoon,
went out of the race today. Walker of at 330 o'clock.
Australia paired with Pedlar and Pal- Mr. Gray was on the outside of the
iner was so badly hurt it was feared elevator and had climbed to the top
for a time his injuries would result of a grain door on a ladder which was
fatally. He received a compound frac-! lecning against the car to examine
ture of the collar bone and a slight the contents of the car. In some un
congestion of the brain and bruises known manner the ladder slipped from
and contusions all over his body. The I under him as he was about to descend
French pair Faber-La-Fourcade, were and he was precipitated to the ground
withdrawn by the management as they quite hard.
were eighteen miles behind the I On striking the ground his head was
leaders. The accident to Walker took hurt and it was at first thought that
p]ace at the Madison Avenue turn He the
wag ridin at a
pace anu was
geen tQ swerve and {al, and ]anded stated
Physicians declared the fall due to brain and it was not known at the
physical exhaustion. Rutt and Stol time how serious Grays condition
of Devonovitch are complaining of ex-1
haustion I
Foley's Orino Laxative cures chron-1
ic constipation and stimulates
dp«slr In nrHpr to kpen nnvonp from I tlonal disease, requires a constitutional
aesK in oraer to Keep anyone irom treajment. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is t-':en
carrying it away as a souvenir. internally, acting directly upon the biood
—The approach of Christmas brings ^eiTy 'C0^stroyinrethe°f foundation^
thoughts of the poor to the minds of! the disease, and giving the patient
many people and arrangements are be-: atnr|nfssistingbl'natiur^ hi dolng0?^'work"
ing made bv manv organizations and [The proprietors have so much faith in
month. '^Address F. J. CHENEY & CO.,
—Farmers who intend to hold pub-j Toledo, O.
lie s^les should not fail to use space Take^HaH's family Pills for constipa-
in The Gate City. This paper has a tion.
wide circulation in the towns and on
the rural routes and in order to havej
a successful public sale it is necessary!
to have an audience and the way to —The Quincy Whig was a victim of
get an audience is to advertise and' the recent Quincy fire, but with char
the place to advertise is. in The Gate acteristic enterprise missed no issue
City. of its paper.
H. Gray, Foreman of the O. A. Tal-
bott Grain Elevator Fell From
a Ladder Yesterday Af-
Compresion of the Brain Was Caused
From the Accident Which
is of a Very Serious
C. II. Gray, foreman of the large Tal
bott elevator and residing at First
]jallk streets, met with quite a
foreman's skull was cracked, but
this morning the doctor in attendance
that the result of the fall had
caused cerebral compression of the
liver. Orino regulates the bowels so
they will act naturally and you do no
llltfy win dJi iidiuiaiiy turn juu. uu IK.K
have to take purgatives continuously.: ..
Wilkinson & Co., and J. F. Kiedaisch
& Son.
—Read The Daily Gate City.
—Ayres & Sons sell fine diamonds
low because they import them.
—If you wish to rent or buy or sell
use a Gate City want.
—John Nagle has been looking after
business matters in Dubuque for sev-j
era! days.
of this kind causing
on the
as to severity of his injuries.
I slight consequence and the outcome
of the
accident cannot be ascertained
The place from v/nere Gray fell be
ing on the outside of the building and
the ground being hard on account or
freezing would naturally cause an in
jury to some part of the body al
though Mr. Gray's fall was only eight
feet from the ground.
After the accident Dr. B. F. Dorsev
was called to attend the injured man
and he was removed to St. Joseph's
hospital where he is resting as easily
as could be expected from an accident
of this kind and it is hoped that hi3
injuries will not prove fatal.
S1C0 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleas-
A new drop ngnt nas oeen Placed. ,jrea^e(jdisease that science has ben able
in the countv recorder's office. The to cure In all its stages, and that Is Ca
litrht mncictinr nf a vpr,- han'flsnmd I tarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure is the only
Hgnt consisting ot a \er\ nanusome p0Sn)Ve cure now known to the medical
lamp, it has been nailed down to the
their way to Hannibal and had gotten effects are noted. Many of the dec-j
this far from Cumberland. Md. Al-j orations are beautiful and the shop
though most of the journey lias been: windows are attracting considerable!
made by train, they have been stop- attention just now both from young
ping at police stations en route and and old.
are "bumming" their way across the' —The display of toys in the store
country. The little girl refused to'windows is arousing the interest and!
sleep away from her father, although anxiety of the little ones who are
Jailer Ferguson wanted to have her wondering what Santa Claus is going
sleep In his apartments, so she and to do for them. In these good times
her father were placed on the second let us not forget that the great happi-j
learn that there Is at least one
fraternity. Catarrh being a constltu-
Its curative powers that they offer One
B. Attkins, aged 6i. and his little —Keokuk merchants are beautify-
6 years, stopped over night1 ing their display windows with lioli-
at the police station. They are on dav merchandise and some handsome
Kiernan, who was expected not only
to finance the Xauvoo academies but!
the electric road from Xauvoo to Car
thage, Hamilton and Keokuk, has
been the cause of a great deal of talk
in this section. The metropolitan pa
pers report the operations of Mr. Kier
nan at length and Receiver Gilroy in
timates that illegal transactions have
been frequent and that the schools
will be compelled to close. On the:
other hand aGate City representative,
who visited Xauvoo Tuesday evening,
has assurances from Sister Mary that'
the schools will not close and this is
certainly good news and all hope that
such is the case. The United Press
reports of this failure have been com
plete and The Gate City has been
'read with avidity the last few even
ings as tt contained all the news about
the Fidelity Funding company. It is
to be hoped, as is promised, that Mr.
Kiernan is not so badly Involved and
that all of his cherished plans will yet
be consummated and that Carthage
and Hamilton and Keokuk will still get
the electric road. There might be
something wrong with the financial
preparation for such an enterprise
but there is nothing wrong with the
proposition as the country through
which the interurban would pass Is
one of the richest in the United States.
If you knew as well as wo do how good a prep
aration Kodol is for indigestion and dyspepsia, it
would be unnecessary for us to guarantee a single
But to get you to know how good it is as well
as we know, we practically will purchase the lirst
bottle for you.
You wonder, perhaps, how we can afford to
make such an offer—It is because we have abso
lute confidence in the hone6ty and fairness of the
We know there are thousands of persons who
Buffer from indigestion and dyspepsia, who would
be grateful to us for putting them Jn touch with
That is why.
Furthermore, we know that after you have
used Kodol your faith in the preparation will be
equal to ours.
This proposition we make is not altogether
unselfish, but it is actuated by the knowledge
that the use of Kodol by you will benefit you as
well as ourselves.
How could we afford to make such an offer
to the public, and how could we afford to spend
thousands of dollars to tell you about it unless we
positively knew and were sure of the merits of
We couldn't—It would bankrupt us.
But we know the merits of Kodol and we want
you to know.
Use Kodol as directed and it cannot fail to
help you.
Beautifully illustrated book
about the train, the trip and
California for the asking.
Golden State Limited
Is a Train of Comforts
There is a delightful roominess about its big, new, easy-rid
5 ing Pullmans. You can take your choice of drawing-room,
state-room or the regular section.
You enjoy the artistic decorations of its unique mission-style
dining car and the well-cooked food that is attractively
You are pleased with the buffet-library-observitiou car, en
.. tirely for your entertainment. There is a valet and
to minister to your wants. Electric fans and berth
.. light, a well-stocked library, the current magazines, daily
papers and stock market reports—these comforts serve lo
make the trip seem all too short.
For Dyspepsia and Indigestion
If you suffer from Indigestion or Dyspepsia if you are annoyed with gas
on the stomach, fulness after eating, belching, sour stomach, heartburn,
etc., a few doses of Kodol will relieve you.
Remember, too, the route of this train—El Paso Short Line
—is the lowest altitude route to the Coast.
Daily service to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and
San Francisco.
The Golden State Limited is the only train by
any line affording through sleeping car service
between Chicago and Santa Barbara.
No excess fare.
Oldest Company In the State Incorporated li tS»
Insurance written since organization $229,563,576.47
—The many railroad friends of W. C.
Welch of Creston, will be delighted to
learn that he has been appointed to
the position of assistant superintend
ent of the Brookfield division of th"
Hurlington road, with headquarters at
Brookfield. The appointment was ef
fective December 8. Mr. Welch for
years was chief clerk to the late Su
perintendents Duggan and Storrs and
served under Superintendent Leonard
as trainsmaster. He learned the rail
road business years ago and has kept
pace with its rapid development and
the appointment is one that is cer
tainly deserved. Mr. "Welch is one
of the best qualified railroad men in
the west, his early training having
been under some of the most success
ful railroad men in the country, nota
bly that of W. C. Brown, now senior
vice president o£ the Xew York Cen
tral lines.
—Read The Daily Gate City.
Medicine That is Medicine.
"I have suffered a good deal with
malaria and stomach complaints, but
I have now found r. remedy that
keeps me well ,and that remedy is
Electric Bitters: a medicine that is
medicine for stomach ar liver trov:-:
bles, and for run down conditions,"
says W. C. Kiestler, of Hcllidav, Ark.'
Electric Bitters purify and enrich the
blood, tone up the nerves, and impart
vigor and energy to the weak. Your
money will be refunded if it fails to
help you. 50c at Wilkinson & Co
and J, Kiedaisch & son's drug store. I
S. F. BOYD, Div. Pass. Agt., Davenport, la.
T. R. OARD, Agent, Keokuk, Iowa.
e. R. COLLISSON, City Agent
Boys' Watehes
A complete line
Hoarse coughs and stuffy colds that
may develop into pneumonia over
night are
cured by Foley's
Honey and Tar, a3 It soothes in
flamed membranes, heals the lungs
and expels the cold from the system.
A small dose is effective and quickly, because
Kodol is liquid.
Natuie administers her perfect digester in liquid
And that is why Kodol is liquid.
Tho point we make is this:
Kodu! is a scientific combination of elements,
the voss of which is the cause of indigestion.
Kodol makes up the loss.
Please try it to-day at our risk.
It means more than relief. It means that the
stomach will do its own work far sooner than
you'll expect.
Kodol digests all the food you eat.
Eat what you want and let. Kodol digest It.
You don't have to take Kodol all the time.
You take it only when you need it.
Our Guarantee
Get a dollar bottle of Kodol, and do it today.
Pon't delay. And If you can honestly say that
you did not receive any benefits from it after yon
have used the entire bottle, the druggist will re
fund your money to you without question or
delay. We will pay the druggist the price of th«
bottle purchased by you.
lJon hesitate.
Any druggist will give you Kodol on thesa
terms, because he knows our guarantee is good.
The $1.00 bottle contains 2% times a9 much as
the 50c bottle.
Kodol is prepared at the laboratories of E. CL
DeWitt ft Co., Chicago
We've ever
$2 to $12
Jewelry Store
"A safe place to trade"
Aa Al
Is the Best
Flour in
Ask Your Grocer
lor il
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