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UJPAY, DEC. 18, 1908
of the Organization
a division of oplulon.
fVUymen of the Evangelical
Churches of the
[committee Was Appoirted to Draw
Plans For Organizations
and Submit Them at
Next Meeting.
to a statement made by
the members this morning, the
.t tn nrsanize the laymen of tne
leal churches of the city into
"ederation is not a political move-1
,t but it is for the following pur
To deepen the spiritual life
Christian man, to. pursue a cam
glgi) of -ducation.
"he federation committee held a
•ting last evening with representa
.s from almost all of the evangfcli
jchurches of the city presont. J. O.
was elected chairman of the
ieting, and H. L. Beach, secretary.
first order of business resolved
Idasses, clubs am. other• organUat ons,
A committee of four was appointed
Ito draw up plans for an organization
|!Ss: This committee is composed
Ircsentative present.
More people are tnking Kol Ki-'
In# Remedy every year, it Is consid
lered to he the most' effective remedy
|for kidney and bladder troubles that
Jmedical science can devise. Foley's
lKidney Remedy corrects irregulari-
lties. builds up worn out tissues and
•restores lost vitality. It will make
|you feel well and look well. Wilkin-
posed the Melodies for the
|pi» Great Celebration.
Cedar Rapids Republican: When
lit great city of Philadelphia gave
musical historical drama on Frank
field University of Pennsylvania,
fctober 5 to 10, last, w-ho do you sup
prepared the music for the 225th
Miversary of the founding of the
It was none other than Mr. T. B.
lioyer, well known in this city as a
Icomposer of high ability, though per
il's few, would have supposed that
would be chosen to write the music
to the most important celebration
•tat »ho 1.•
He, H.
If if
and the
the city's history. The drama
there Is heard, inside the tepees, the I
Indian chant to the "Rising Sun." An
old crone and two Indian papooses
enter from a tepee, stir the fire and I
look to the east, expecting the return
of the Indian hunters. An Indian man
—contrary to custom—brings fagot?1
for the fire.
Another original composition writ
ten by Mr. Bojer for the occasion
was "The Battle.'' another descriptive
piece which represented a scene dur
ing the Spanish-American war. Others
arranged by him to be played by a
band of one hundred, were "White
Cockade," and "Yankee Doodle."
"Triumph of Hancock and Morris," a
selection in which -a flourish-by the
trumpeters, cannoti* salute ftnd drum
mers call are the principal features
a selection for the drum and fife,
"Washington's Presidential March,"
"March, Victory," and a number of
THE $40,000,000
When we Bought the Panama Canal,
Hotel Keokuk Man Saw the
Money and Felt of it.
Gf°- M-
Iformer Keokuk Band Master Com-j his full lecture this evening
wich the Quaker city ever has had
The celebrations of founder's week
Pb,,a elpl a Ql
8 and mus
"Philadelphia. cost
Tbe drama was
ra,terned af-
Ittntinental Europe and was similar to
^iladelphia and the soloists were
*e" known stars in grand opera. It
*as.indeed an honor for the city of
Rapids to be able to furnish a
to compile, compose and arrange
I Is great music-drama and a man
'"'o also to conduct the rehearsals.
'K Just what Mr. Boyer did.
'Oe first pageant in this great
was opened with an original
position by Mr. Boyer, entitled,
Dawn," and it received a tre
demonstration of enthusiasm
[om. the philadelphians.
as' arranged by. Mr.
and enacted during the playing
selection, opened with tlie Dela
in aboriginal Btate, the scene
*|!fcaiong the Delaware river before
JP'Weak. Indian tepees are seen In
light and as dawn approaches
Christian of the Hotel Keo-
okuk once had
ing and
ar\nr\ in~
Committee Appointed.
Erickb0n and
other a
& Co.. and J. F. Kiedaisch & Son. e]
million dollars
but it got away from him and so he
did not bring it here and enlarge the
Hotel Keokuk.
A Des Moines paper tells of his
handling of the big sum, as follows:
One man in Des Moines is watching
with interest the discussion between
President Roosevelt, members of con-
gress and eastern editors with regard
to the payment of the money for the
Panama canal. T.aat man is George
slf mto a discussion as to whether, M. Christian of the Elliott hotel. He
.j men present were in favor of an was in Washington at the time the
janization of the kind, and if so. $40,000,000 check was issued by Sec-,
the nature of the organization retary Shaw. He happened to meet
.d be. me subject was scussed Uc secretary
|m suggerted and theie seeuud to turn
length and many took part giving old friends the secretary invited Mr.
^eir views ver, freely. Men bible, Christian to come over and see them
sign a
the hotel and. being
$40,000,000 check. Mr. Chris-
over to the treasury build-!
watched the secretary put uts
to the paper. After signing it
he gaV(! jt t() Mr
and caress
the eck was made out iu favor of
|md submit them to the next meeting, pjerllont Morgan and that the secrc- afternoon
Iilitch will bo held Monday, December
that it was the biggest
ever issued in
It seemed be that quite a.number __
lot people of the city gained the opin-1
in some manner that the organi-
Isition to be effected would be a politi-j
Ittj one. However, there sepas to be vvm fce Given this Evening at the
-^grounds whatever for this under-j High_ School and the Public is
lis expected that at the next meet-1
of the federation every evangeli
la! church in the city will have a rep-
ever issued by. the United States Missed in Morning.
IB Vernment a pr0bably the largest
the United
Invited to Attend,
... This evening at 8 o'clock in
high school assembly room will be he's
hIgh schoo
held the illustrated lecture upon tub-
erculosis, delivered by Dr. Kimc, state
)g a dut everv tlzen owes
fellowma t0 attend this
jUf0rm himself upon the best way
tQ thp war whjch hag been start
aga n8t tuberculosis
v, Dr Kime was to meet the pliysi-1
cians and ministers of the city this
afternoon &t the Y. M. C. A. building
for a little special talk to them, but,
at the high school, to which the public
is urged to attend.
There will be no charge whatever
made for the lecture which will prove
a very valuable and interesting dis
The Keokuk High schooj basketball. t,
Peasant. The game is expected to bei
the best of the season an manv peo-.
ple 8h0uld
interesting contest.
Iler tne great pageants of England and Keokuk has the fastest aggregation
I pageant gtvea recently in the city a victory i« expected foi the
1 a I a
chapters, scenes and tableaux, the fight for honors.
the history of the school and while
vi it or a
development of Phila-! The local line-up will be the same
"h the music of the several period.il The game will not begin until S.4
rented under the personal direction this afternoon that the Mt. Pleasant,
Frederick Phinney, who was as-j team would not be able to
life and characters, together and Duncan and Parsons, guards. readings at the Sunday afternoon
was o'clock, Manager
Sioux City has received from Bishop,
W. S. Lewis a cablegram dated Siiang
safely pleasant
all right." Bishop Lewis was accom-
panled by Mrs. Lewis and a party of
missionaries. Mrs. Lewis will remain
in Fee Chow, which will be the Lewis
,&•: ."t
The Body of Mrs.
Wandered Away
1 by Tuggles
Play Mt. Pleasant This
Keokuk Wi
Evening at Y. M. C. A. Gym
Large Crowd Expected.
From Her
Alexandria Home Found
By Fisherman.
Was Discovered at Four O'Clock Yes-1
terday Afternoon and After
inquest Was Then Tak- 4
iV, en to Alexandria.
Uppinghouse, who is a fisherman,
while trammeling at Santuzza, discov
ered the body of the aged lady float
ing down the river and brought the
body to shore in his flat boat. Rela-
Uveg Qf thJ were notified and a
coronei illqllest was held at the
place where she was found.
Nq marks of Wnd were on the
body when found and the body WM
fectly natura] aa lt had been in the
Wftter bablv ouly a few
Bl]r a wi be made on Sunday from
the home of her son wjth whom she re
sided A re
christian to fondle: offered for the finder of the body!
Mr. christian states that forti,nate that it was dis-
this evening, and will have as|
ts the fast team from Mt.
horses can
I 'I'hia from early times to the pres-1 as in the former game King, center, ^ijss Lorene Townsend will sing|o)- the very best.
Itnt. The various chapters showed the Weismann and Kiedaisch. iorwards,
the night of the holdup.
'securing the weapon from a girl, who
hat she had taken it away from
—Rev. C. L. Queen of Adrian. Mich.,
1 and Rev. Kilmer G. Ackley of Hill-
team will make its second appearance jngS the First
of the season at the Y. M. C. A. gym-! ]uu-ch, beginning
will hold a series of meet-
irst Methodis io es an
chambers was arrested last
cvening and
locked up on a charge of!
and entering and carrying
concea ed
be present to witness the!
weapons. Two old revolv-
crg were found
i»«,WU. 1
he drama was natterned af-1 inforoctinp- contest. innrioH Hp is rhnrzed _r ..
of them W
ere loaded. He is charged
w{th brea
Azinger stable tw0
ie back to the stable after-
Qf the(r Qwn accord
meeting at
Vestal receiving wor
of the
Keokuk people should suppor Gage of Par.ons college. Fairfield.
purple and white in this game this _lp
evening. are as follows: Parquet
.... parquet circle, 50 cents, balcony 35
a wav?
Hi China, Dec. 12, 1908: "Acamutha," Carroll Kirk, b?.tter known in tlie
ed t0
in China. Bishop Lewis will
proceed Immediately several hundred
miles inland to open his first confer
ence In China near Thibet early in
February. Bishop Lewis formerly was
president of Morningsido college.
The Daily Gate City
Hinkley Who
The bodv of Mrs. Elvira A. Hink
ley, who disappeared from her home
in Alexandria, Mo., yesterday morning
between 5 and 6 o'clock was found yes
terday afternoon by Ben Upping^iouse
at Santuzza, a small town five miles
below Gregory at 4 o'clock yesterday
ter the coroner lnquest the borty was
ta) en tQ Canotn where jt WM prepa
Alexandria I
ear]y thjs morning on the 2:no
ward of twenty-five dollars
^S flshermaii L, yL^r-
When the elderly woman was first
on yesterday
morning a search-
ing party was formed and an Alexan
dria party searched the neighboring
woods and water for her body the bet-
ter part of the day until it was an
nounced that the body had been found.
Bvidence of her being in the river was
found in the morning when her slioes
were discovered in front of the D. H.
Sage store and tracks of Mrs. Hink
bare eet 110
time 11 6C
lecturer, who is on a tour of
state trying to educate the people re
garding this disease which takes away
more Americans each year than any
direct on of le' "T®•
5, 11f
elderly lad had ended be:- life -while
I in a state of mental abberation. The
drowned lady was over eighty years
of age and her drowning is an excep
tionally sad one.
—Roll-a-way tonight at the rink.
—See Hoyt's "A Bunch of Keys."
—Basket ball at Y. M. C. A. tonight.
—"A Bunch of Keys" Monday night.
—Seats are now selling for "A
Bunch of Keys."
—Saturday Christmas shoppers
should make a big saving by attend
ing the B. & H. slaughter sale.
—The quail season came to a close
this week and it is now no longer
lawful to shoot the birds.
—Secure your seats for "A Bunch of
—Last evening the police recovered
the revolver said to have been used
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Fobs, $5.00 to $15.00
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Cutter and Match iiox
Silver plated Shaving Set in Fan :y
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.Silver plated Child's Cups 85c, to $2.00
Solid gold and gild filled Emblem
Charms, all societies $1.50 to $35.00
Hogs Have the Right of Way as Mort-1 „atcher
gage Lifters at the Present
Time With the Iowa
Retired Merchant of Nevada Gives the
Methodist Hospital at Des
Moines One Thousand
day. She had just been released from
a diphtheria quarantine.
While hunting muskrats. Ray Pon
cin of Gait accidentally hit iiis little
]y sevei.jng 0ne
The semi-annual meeting of
Mn C()unty Medical society was
upon him. but neither
wag made bv Dr Klme
Qn the
kj the padlock 011 the
or three weeks ago
Qaston will give several
afternoon meeting should
these Sunday afternoon gather-
by several singing societies of' sooner. lings. The speaker will be Prof. H. M-jset for December 14. t.v-four shoats that brought him Siton.
ces or
-'A Bunch of
that position. Kirk has been
of tuberculosis.
Gradi and
and taking out the horses and ridinK j^estatirant men of Greene, are install-! Joseph Jones, pioneer manufacturer. 4*
oF tho
tables and equipment throughout are
tb.„ Y. M. C. A. This fea-
physician of Des Moines, was ar-
rested by
ms and
Rev. Robert Smylie, pa3tor Of ftie cents, gallery 25 cents. and hired men. who are r.lleged to its appearance in that section, and|
First Methodist Episcopal church at —K
yOU acquainted with the Roll- junction. Iowa, and to have come to keted.
coming season, having been elect-
the translation of which is: "Arrived j'liiversity of Iowa as "Chick' Kirk.' Joseph E. Johnson of Estherville pany at its meeting elected Elmer.
safelv pleasant voyage everything oach the baseball team during was instantly killed by the collapse Campbell chief. The company plans to.
The participate in the Maple Valley tourna-
a building at Laurel, Mont.
ptain of both the football and base-, tne remains interred at Mud Lake. Mr,
teams of thc university. For the Johnson was a carpenter by trade and
two years he has been catcher'
the baseball team, and in 1907 was
chosen as All-Western halfback.
Kirk is one of the best athletes the
school ever had and the choice is con
sidered a good one.
was shipped to Estherville and
was well known to our citizens.
Louis D. Bugge's dwelling house at
Ida Grove was nearly destroyed by
fire. Mr. Buggc was at home at the
time and was ablo to save all his
household goods, but the building was
nearly a total loss. The house was
valued at $1,000 and he had some in
Henry B. Fickle, a Lake City boy,
who has been heard of the mechanical
department of the Mexican Central
railway at Gomez Palacia, Durango,
Mexico, has been appointed train dis-
1 Roy McDermott: managers, G. T. Kin
son and W. W. Sheplee.
The late Mrs. Henkle, who died at
Dyersville. was survived by over 175 One of the few remaining pioneers
Anna Keating, the. young daughter!.^ )]le home of his daughter, Mrs. O.
of C. R. Keating, a hardware dealer, Trevilyan. T. A. Lumpkin was
of Mount Ayr, died of heart failure to- ^,orn jn Randolph county, Indiana. Au-
1 brother Nick's hand with the hatchet, one eye and was badly burned, and D.'
mlng January 10 severely injuring another. explosion of metal. Neal dropped a r,-
of the fingers and O. .Tohnn was severely scared by an
pound piece of cold cast iron into 12"
the pounds of metal at white heat, causing
held an explosion at the Waterloo register'
QjenW00(j_ The principal address works that threw molten metal over!i|
state lecturer, the employes.
present qmutsrs. Their one of the oldest dwellings in the city,
Only a Few IVIore Days Until Christmas
E have replenished our stock many times during the last few weeks and have kept all lines complete wherever it was possible to:
get goods. There is no department In our store where a creditable selection will not be found and a pleasing gift for any one or for
all may be selected here. We have an ample force of clerks and are making every effort to wait on our customers promptly and ef
ficiently. We will be glad to deliver Christmas Gifts for our Customers on Christmas eve or Christmas day and all packages delivered
direct from our store are neatly and carefully wrapped anil sealed with Christmas labels.
Diamond Rings, $7.50, $10,
$12.00, $18.00 Wland
Finest quality stones.
Diamond Brooches
-DiamoDd Barrings
Diamond Studs
for the road He is stin a
young man and has won recognition 011
his merits. 'W.'.
Less than a week after the death of
his father, John Keith, and only forty
eight hours after the parent had been
buried in the little Norwoodville cem
etery, Michael Keith, a Norwoodville
coal miner, died after a short illness.
Death was the result of a severe at
tack of pneumonia.
The new officers of the Woodmen
lodge at Clarion are as follows Coun
sel. B. W. Un-.breit: advisor, Raymond
Sheplee banker. Hal K. Smith: es
cort, Arthur Richards: clerk, F. E.
Diamond Rings, $35.00 to
Special values in
Osier sentry, .Toe Man: watchinann. between a gang of Bulgarians railroad
j0wa and a former resident of Des
Moines. T. A. Lumpkin died at Stuart.
gust 7. 1S4i. Came to Iowa by ox
team with his parents in 1854, locating!
Fire almost destroyed an old land
mark in Oskaloosa in the residence of
\Veg uid. the up-to-date mar* namo** ... l..- ...
a a in re a is in re pa a
being built about sixty years ago. Na- jj.
tive timbers were used bv the present
I owner, who has lived in 110 other plact
Whit ten, formerly a pronv-j since the house was erected.
the police and bulletined at. Hogs have the right of way as mort. AnninP
attractive to the many who at- station as a drunk. He was com-! gage lifters at the present time. Down VJCllLllIlC ZiJ ctllv.1
jtted to the county jail and his trial' at. Nashua. .Toe Stevens marketed six-:
trace has yet been found of Mrs. Brothers sold the same number, only
Must a few days previous to this Sturm
Corey, Eugene Schultz, Mrs. Nora'not quite so old, and received $500 for:
Frank Piles, farmers' wives: the bunch. Cholera has not yet mad
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LeBron's: 404 Main
the world.
$1,000 to the new Methodist hospital was assisting in loading some house
fund at Des Moines. Through a will hold furniture for Newman and ia
made in Monticello the hospital man-1 some manner broke one piece. This
agement also received $500 and E. F.I started the row and Riley concluded it
Sallenback of Des Moines has given, was dangerous to remain and made his
$800. The hospital, to be built next]
spring, will cost $150,000 and will be 1
laborers and a posse of citizens wi.o
attempted to serve a search warrant
on the foreigners for stolen goods.
The indictment is for the crime of as
sault with intent to kill. The charges
agaisnt the companions of Georgofif,
the two who were charged with shoot
ing at the officers, was ignored by the
grand jury.
Marsha Bemiiaunin of 0
neai Jolt Dodge. fering from a broken rib and severe
bruises received at the hands of Al
bert Ward and Harry Newman while
ken row be
named Riley
William A. Neal of Waterloo lost
emp ng 0
1 -fr
The Lake City volunteer fire com-
m,ent in June and Mr. Campbell was
elected a delegate to attend the meet
ing of the association at Holstein in
March when the preliminary arrange-'
ments for the tournament will be
of Nevada, has presented a gift ot!
if. a
twpp ,he 1 wa A
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Band Brace-
ant (Jp0n
the finest of any Methodist hospital in landed 011 him He received serioui
R. R. McBride and J. M. Drenuau.
two of the most enthusiastic nimrods
in Des Moines, established a record in
rabbit shooting which they believe is
the high mark for this year. The two
hunters succeeded in killing eighty
tnree cottontails between the hours of
2:30 and 5 o'clock. The feature of
the performance is that eighty-four
shells were used by the huntsmen,
only one of which failed to kill its
The grand jury at Osceola has re
turned ail indictment against Koster
Georgeoff. the cook, who is charked
with striking Howard Martin with ail
ax in the riot occurring there recently
If the accusation made against Hans
Nygaard, who lives near Cjermont, are
true, booze has one more very serious
charge to answer for. It is asserted
that Nygaard has been guilty of ex
treme crueltv to his wife and chil
dren. Among the counts in the accusa
tion are that he tied his wife to a
stove and built up a fire, that he chok
ed one of his sons until the blood
flowed from his mouth and that on re
cent cold nights he compelled some
of the children to sleep in the calf
Cuff Buttons, Hat Pins,
Fobs, Bag Tags, Brooches,
Combs, Scarf Pins, Belt
Pins, 50c to $2.50.
lwery Piece Hand Wrought
6 to 10
Sterling Silver Pieces.
Berry Spoons, Sugar Spoons, Lettuce
tVrks, Bon-Bon Spoons, Etc., new pat
terns, large assortment $1.00 to $8.00
The marshall was sent for
Benjamin's arrival Xewman
injuries and at the present'writing is
confined to his bed. Mayor Harlow
and the nig.at marshal took Ward and
Newman in custody and lodged their,
in jail. A charge of assault with -'n
tent to commit murder has been filed
against them.
D. W. Freeman, ror over three years
financial secretary of Drake university
at Des Moines, has resigned his posi
tion in order that he mav remove
AVashington state for the benefit of his
wife's health. Mr. Freeman has been
identified with the university for the
past eight years. Claude W. Prusia of
Mason City, an alumnus of the uni
versity, has been elected as Mr. Free
man's successor. He will assume the
duties of the office January 1, but Mr.
Freeman will remain nutil March 1.
tj# t«

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