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TUESDAY, JAN. 5, 1909.
Large Number Attended the Speak
ing at the Christian
Church Last Even-
Rev- J. F. Sanders of the First
Baptist Church Gave an In-
teresting and Helpful
The first of the series of five ser-
mons to be given under the d.rection
A large number were present at the
tjie First Congr sgational church,
con.er of Sixth and High streets and
the subject of the sermon '"ill be
"Fearless Confession of Christ."
The speaker for each evening Is not
announced and the ministers of the
board alone know who will be the
speaker for the evening until the hour
for the delivery. The reason for
withholding the name of the speaker
being obvious.
Nearer, My God to Thee. The church
choir was present and aided much in I
more hymns were sung. grace of Jesus Christ."
Rev. Lilley then introduced the!
speaker of the evening, Rev. James F.
Sanders of the First Baptist church,
expect the pastors to be a
[sort of a nurse to them and honey
[them along. And they also expect to
into Heaven without ever lifting
[P- hand to help the Kingdom of God,
hut they will awaken some morning
md And themselves In the bottomless
pit of hell. It's hard to keep some old
aints in the way of the life everlast
Hundreds and thousands of men are
to Christ over the country
foyer's hair Vieor
I No
of the Ministerial association was glv- 's
Rev- J- w-
The speaker's subject for the evening evening's exercises. Last evening Rev.
was "The Harvest Call.' 'and was list- hotter succeeded Rev. Sanders In his
ened to with closest attention l'rom the! remarks by speaking on "Answering
assemblage. Rev. Sanders said in the Call." which proved very helpful
"I ,take for my text this evening the
I ntoth chapter of Matthew froga the
seventh verse': *Th« world is
1 lost, the harvest is indeed plenteous
land the reapers are few. Never in
Itfce history of the church of Christ
have these words of the Bible text
[been so appreciated. There never
[were such magnificent efforts put forth
I today by the church.
"Critics tell us all sorts of things.
[Some of them say that the church is
Ir worn out institution and that we are
Iface to face with solar forces. This
[is all wrong. The church is the great
Jest force In the world today. It has
[been the mother of education and bet-1 ed Through the Christian."
ter things and the uplifting of man-1
in It an to a re or
if in of an in re ha a
he in it on in or
bined. When we look around and find
people looking for -economical and so
fclal forces to save the world be sure
then that they are the ones who have
little faith in the gospel.
"The Scribes and Pharisees w-.re the
itellectual people of their day and
tried to preach the doctrine of Christ.
These men knew Jesus Christ to be the
Savior of man and knew that he would
save them even to the uttermost. He
that will not believe this will be
damned. These men were all evange
lists and it was their one aim in life
to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ
"The supreme need of our churches
Is their transformation into evange
listic centers. This is the real busi
ness of the churches. In a great many
communities there is a prevailing
thought that the church cannot reach
the masses. This is merely an illusion
of the devil, and nothing else. Our
[churches are well built and well
[equipped so that we do not have to
rent buildings in which to hold evange
listic meetings. The church Is the
place for evangelistic work and the
time is here when we should make the
church the place to reach out and
Bet hold of men and bring them to
God. When the people realize what
[the church is for, then.will the church
reach out and become an evangelistic
"1 have more faith in some old sln
jliers than in some old saints of the
[church. There are somie old saints in
pur churches who have a good easy
Does not Color the l~lair
.Never Falls to Restore
Gray Hair to ItsNatural
Color and Beauty.
long it has
church considering the inclement.! China is today beginning to waken
weather and the meeting was a very! *romi her long sleep and Japan, Cuba,
enthusiastic one. Tonight the second1! Korea, India and other heathen coun
xneetiug of the series will be given
tries are sending hopeful reports of the
awakening of these lands. Thousands
OJ! young men and women are today
awaiting the call of the missionary
board to the field to do good work in
the saving of souls to Christ.
"There are some twenty Protestant
churches in this city and if we would
[services by announcing nymm 381,!^eeps
it is possible for us to do
have two or three thousand
sou's 8aved and
brought to tne King-
The services at the Christian church &iven us to do this comes not through
I last evening were in charge of Rev. Intellectual training but through the
R. \v. Lilley, pastor, who opened the
the song service of the evening. Rev. I '3
Foster of the United Presbyterian misnomer it is an awful thing and
church offered prayer and several |we
The equipment that is
of God upon man. Selfishness
''rorn bringing into the treas-
that which He has given
not a
mistaken thins or a
be saved only through the
Potter has been appohit-
by the Ministerial association to
charge of the closing of each
and a number rose and asked for
prayers of the congregation and minis
The program for the rest of the week
of prayer is as follows:
Tuesday, January 5, 7:30 p. m.
Place—First Congregational church.
Chairman—The Rev. Geo 11
Sermon—"The Fearless Confession
of Christ."
Wedensday, January 6, 7:30 p. m.
Place—Trinity Methodist church.
Chairman—The Rev. J. W. Potter.
Sermon—Subject: "Christ Manifest-
Thursday, January 7, 7:30 p. m.
Place—United Presbyterian church.
Chairman—The Rev. H. B. Foster.
Sermon—Subject: "What Shall Be
Done with Keokuk's Saloons?"
Friday. January 8, 7:30 p. m.
Place Westminster Presbyterian
Chairman—-11. Rev. E. B. Xewcomb.
Serman—Subject: "The Conclusion
of the Whole Matter."
Newly Elected Officers of the Odd Fel
lows Organization Have Taken
Their Places.
At the meeting last evening of Ke
okuk lodge No. 13, I. O. O. F., the new
ly elected officers for the ensuing six
months were installed, the ceremony
being conducted by district deputy
grand master Elliott of Wever.
The following officers were install
H. C. Miller, noble grand.
A. N. Matheney, vice grand.
A. G. Hershev, recording secretary.
G. W. Wright, treasurer
J. Ross Auld, conductor.
,T. W. VanAusdall, "varden.
H. J. Bonham, chaplain.
H. W. Thomas, R. S. N
Herman Spaan, S. N.
John Eads, S. V. G.
Wm. Kilroy, L. S. V.
O. W. Anschutz, R. S S
,T W. VanAusdall, S, S.
George Loewenstein, musician.
Frank Wnhlgren was re-elected trus
tee for three years.
Two weeks from last evening th©
lodge will celebrate Its anniversary.
It Does the Business.
Mr. E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton,
Maine, says of Bucklen's Arnica
Salve. "It does the business I have
used it for piles and it cured them.
Used It for chapped hands and it
Sulphur, Glycerin, Quinin, Sodium Chlorld,
OT Capsicum, Sage, Alcohol, Water, Perfume.
doctor. Ask him If there is a single injurious ingredient. Ask
raHni thinks Ayer's Hah- Vigor, as made from this formula, is the best prepa
y°« could use for falling hair, or for dandruff. Let him decide. He knows.
J. O. Aitb OoiiPAKT, Lowftll. Mm
IS Not a Dye. I
$1 and 50c. bottles* at druggists
Send 2c for free book The Care o( the Hair."
Philo Hay Spec. Co., Newark, N.
Hay's Harflna Soap cures Pimply,
red, rough and chapped hands, and all skin dis
easts. Keep* skin fine and soft. 25c. druirtrists.
Send 2c tor free book "The Care of the Skin."
For sale by Wilkinson & Co. and J.
F. Kiedaisch & Sons.
through the work of evangelists. Billy
Sunday and many others are doing
splendid work in evangelizing the
our churches have not
an evangelistic move-
en last evening in the First Christian Christ. It is because we do not reach
church at Tenth and Blondeau streets.
"le ^au'^ Jesus
out and try to make our
or faded. Promotes a luxuriant growth
healthy hair.
its falling out, I
and positively removes Dan
druff. Keeps hair
soft and glossy. Re
fuse all substitutes. 2% times as much
church an
cured them. Applied it to an old sore
and it healed it without leaving a scar
behind." 25c at Wilkinson & Co., and
J. F. Kiedaisch & Son drug store.
Williams and Walker.
Williams and Walker, those famous
colored comedians, will open at the
Great Northern this week, for a lim
ited engagement, in their "New Ban
danna Land," which was the "society
fad" of New York City for over four
months. Not only is it new in the mat
ter of costumes, scenery and electrical
effects, but its songs are all new and
up-to-date. For instance, Miss Aida
Overton Walker, that well-known sing- ,.
er and dancer, has a song called "The
ShB.fl, in TTrfctnirn whlri I
Sheath Gown in Darktown," In which
she and twelve dusky
how it should be worn with rag-time
dance steps.
An illustration of the
"Vision of Sal an
of the features of "New Bandanna
Land," Miss Walker executing the
dance. She will give an original con
ception of the role, which differs in
many respects from those of the other
dancers now appearing inthis class
ic. She does not handle the grewsome
head, she does not rely solely upon the
movements of the body and her cos
tume consists of a full covering of the
body, except bare arms and shoulders.
A symphony orchestra of twentv
flve will play the special music writ
ten for this dance,
... "\e\p Bandanna .Land" is a real
unique novelly, not only because it has
two unusually popular star comedians
at its head—Bert Williams is again the
"good thing" with George Walker get
ting everything in sight—but the plot,
songs, situations, chorus and every
other feature of Us company of seven
ty-five people are up to the standard
set by these two stars. As a result,
the comedy starts at once and the
movement is rapid throughout the en
tire three acts.
The book, lyrics and music are by
those talented colored authors and
composers, the Messrs. Shipp, Rogers
and Cook.
Fever sores and old chronic sores
should not be healed eiw -eiy, but
should be kept in healthy condition.
This can be done by applying Cham
berlain's Salve. This salve has no su
perior for this purpose. It is &i :o most
excellent for chapped hands, sore nip
ples, burns and diseases of the skin.
For sale by Wilkinson & Co., Phar
macy, and J. F. Kiedaisch & Son.
The Daily Gate City
By Eugene Walter. 'f-
[Mr. Walter's play has been a
notable success of the New York and
Chicago season, after having been de
clined by many managers.]
For several nights
CaU8e 1 WRS tired
maidens show
sensational I !lfc
occupied bench
five in Bryant Park, while Wagenhals
and Kemper were considering "Paid in
Full," and in those five nights one
person spoke to me five times, the
policeman on the beat. Since that
time 5,000 persons asked why wrote
and how did I come to write "Paid in
the hypocrisy, the
grinding down of
ability, "paid in Full," is, for the
most part, founded on facts it is the
0f a man and woman
ly prominent in the public eye today,
and. as a murderer goes back to the
scenp of his crime, so. too, hae the
man in the case seen that performance
at every Wednesday matinee at the
Astor Theatre, New York, since its
I don't feel for a minute that 1 have
written the "Great American play."
but I may be pardoned if I think I
have written a strong one. My acad
emic qualifications were limited. I
was a newspaper writer after I had
been a bartender, sailor and soldier
and I want, to say that the conditions
in this country are all wrong. I'll be
condemned for writing a scene such
as I have written in the second act,
but I am used to condemnation—I've
had it ail mv life—and in this in
stance I happened to be in possession
of facts when I wrote the play. The
greater percentage of authors write
by cut and dried rules and measure
ments. I don't profess to know any
thing of social life. I haven't written
anything about it, but I do claim to
know humanity, men and women, and
my little offering is but a reproduction
of a few lives as they have been lived.
There are those who will like it I
have been called an anarchist maybe
1 am. but I write what I feel. I ex
ploit my knowledge, and now, after
the bread line and the park bench. 1
can draw clean sheets up to my neck
each night and be happy. I am con
"The Two Johns."
J. C. Stewart's "The Two Johns,"
those funny fat fellows, conies to the
Grand next Saturday, matinee and
"The Two Johns" is a play for the
Pleasant to take
S A-
masses as well as the classes with any
amount of interesting scenes new
songs, new specialties elaborate cos
tumes and funny comedians. Remem
ber that two performances will be giv
en, matinee and evening.
Simple Remedy for La Grippe
Racking la grippe coughs that
develop into pneumonia over night are
quickly cured by Foley's Houev and
Tar. The sore and inflamed lungs are
healed and strengthened, and a dan
gerous condition is quickly averted.
Take only Foley's Honey and Tar in
the yellow package. Wilkinson & Co.,
and J. F. Kiedaisch & Son.
"Keokuk Made Goods."
H. M. Anschutz, photographs.
H. E. Ratcliffe, plans.
Weber-Kirsch Mfg. Co., cream sepa
rators and flue stops.
W. E. Strimback. job printing.
Meinberg's laundry, makes hard wa
ter soft.
S. Hamill Co.,, canned goods.
Strickler Store Fixture Co., floor ve
Huiskamp Brothers' Co., shoes.
Central Chemical Co., parafine.
Frank LeBron Jewelry Co., optica)
Brassill, ice cream cones.
McManus & Tucker, Uone construc
Keokuk Milling Co., flour, etc.
McElroy Iron Work, general ma
chine foundry works.
Kollmver & Talbott, engines.
W. P. Sutton, plumbing and gas and
steam fitting.
We take pleasure in offering an opportunity out of the or
dinary and desirable from all view-points, to any one wish
ing to possess an ideal, up-to-date, first-class, exclusively lo
cated home-genera!^ as "one of the beautv
spots of Keokuk—within a stone's throw of Grand Avenue
and a few minutes walk to and from the postoffice.
This property consists of a cozy, well constructed, two
story frame dwelling of nine rooms, bath, and four closets, fin
ished hard wood, including hard wood floors fitted with
modern conveniences and appointments, including hot water
heat all in ship-shape condition large new barn spacious
grounds, (nearly two full lots), beautified with grand shade
trees, shrubbery and rare plants street improved and gut
tered alleys in good condition. As a whole, it is "magnifi
cence and modesty" combined, and will prove a "iov for
ever" to the purchaser.
Price oniy $5,600. (Terms to suit.)
For full particulars, see
Cures Biliousness, Sick W
Headache, Sour Stom- II ff I N II
ach, Torpid Liver and II
Laxative Fruit Syrup
for Sale by WILKINSON St 00. and J. T. KIEDAISGH ft SON.
& -A
General View of the City and Harriet Island, Home of the Municipal Public Baths
Peerless laundry, hard water to soft.
Mills-Ellsworth Co., shafts and
Joseph Haubert,. sausage.
C. W. Ewers, cigars.
Iiupy Brothers, bakers.
Frank J. Ewers, sausage.
Bevering, cigars.
Cameron, Joyce & Schneider, mon
umental work.
Scbouten's bakery.
Walker studio, photographs.
Keokuk Paper & Cigar Box Co.,
Peter Wolf, fencing and wrought
iron work.
Leake Printing Co., job printing.
Mrs. E. A. Parker, hair goods.
J. Spring, plumbing, steam fitting
and -in work.
August Wustrow, wagons.
The O'Brien Worthen lo., dental
Keokuk Gas, Light & Coke Co., gas
and electricity.
L. Pelz, makes clothes.
C. H. Henneman & Son, cigars.
Wm. Ewers, sausage.
S. F. Baker & Co., medicines, ex
tracts and spices.
Pechstein & Nagel Co., beer.
rAGi. ^EVE1\
S»K" $ -J.
Krueger, clothes.
Rees Mfg. Co., Nodust.
Keokuk tel. pies and cakes,
Akerson Ringstrom Co., kitchen cab
American Stove and Range Co.,
Kellogg-Birgr Co., syrup,
G. W. Sea
vers, linen and fancy work, it of the President's action in di»
J. W. Markley, sausage.
Blan!-- Keokul: Steam Dye Works,
makes clothes look like new.
Cleanses the system
thoroughly and clears
sallow complexions of
pimples and blotches.
It is gu«ruxtt«4
Frank Moeller Co., ciga.j.
Independent Lumber Co., contractor
Gate City Laundry, hard water mad®
to soft.
A Hipher Health Level.
"I have reached a higher health
level since I began using Dr. King'a
New Life Pills,'' writes Jacob Springer,
of West Franklin, aMine. "They keep
my stomach, liver and bowels working
just right." it" these pills disappoint
you on trial, money will be refunded
at Wilkinson & Co.. and .1 Kied
aisch & Son drug store. 25c
Voui- grocer has Gold Medal Flour.
President Sustained.
WASHINGTON. .Jan. 4.—The legal-
missing the colored troops for partici
pation in the Brownsville riot was up
held by a decision of the supreme
court in the case of Oscar VV. Reed,
vs. the United States.
—Read Thr Daily Gate City.
—Read The Daily Gate City,
cents per week.
A" 5»-
Henry Gchmldt & Son's Co., sasli
doors and mill work.
Thomas J. Phillips, picture frames.
Sigmund Bros., tents and awnings.
Mississippi Coal and Ice Co., ice.
J. Burk, carbonated beverages.
J. C. Hubinger Bros. Co., starch.
Peter Blom. laundry soap.
Lutz & Stahl, books and printing.
Oak Hall Candy Store, candy and
t- s*

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