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cl&«» master.
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camtroS April 16. 1508.
The Asaooafioa of Aaoericaii
AtlreiU»eT» (New Y*k Gty hu
tZMMtj&i ial ecrtiSst t» the eirwSattat
»V4» Only tie Srens of
Tbe Boofe a£ life the
A acinar
new aadres*. order, ex-'
Kemit by Pot^Pc%J^ierai let"! or
press money ord«r. reji«» I has aoc-sptet
paper notes *wo U« eubscnp
""SutocrfbeTB falliss
Wart Brcau. £25 Stain Street.
Depot News SUDO-
orti«-. I and
SitTprtwSd on
Circulation #oarantif
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l*j oe-j amStitd **d pa*r*st*r4
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gmnatmi ky tte
Keokuk, lows January 3, 1909.
Tbe rweeseet fives &re those to duty
Sareed, |caicalate^ to deceive.'" In
mm tore cnobfes a£- the
The wom w*r a®nd no trumpet,
numerous and persistent
Aiter mm crrz Sfe-wogtetg. A c_Sd by the plaintiff in conducting Ij
br fcee sfeU1
1&OB shalt he served thyseK by er.
The winters are as cs«d as t-ey aeu. Monday. Wfera he firs.
It bees well said that what the
Democratic party needs is more initi-
The senior class o? Cssrago 'iniver-
motto that will typi.y thejarerj^i
The steam roller in the Illinois legis
lature is a mongre- affair—c&e-third
Republican and two-thirds Democra-Uc.
It remains to be seen whether iron
it r«im.
for any length of time,
where around the capital.
"Billy" Bryan, a popu
railroad conductor, has
forty years of service,
sake at Lincoln persists
equally long the country win not get
ZUS" °0'
rUBLIBMEP BI I hfb-f.ry law. As the ultimate saccess islatare which meets Beit Monday
.\rr 1—
ant enforced.
JM suienpuon'ortser* ®i*
a Herbert Quick of Sioux City, salhor
O a a a a A
ui» ««i rjpj.g Bnjfcea bacce" aud other stories
Sc. Co-T
of Aladdin
I That is going about the matter in a
practicable and sensible way.
1 „h I^sislatk® depends altogether should gire prompt and careful atteo- thoroughly grounded in spelling and
PAII.R BY MAIL. SLOSI It is not usually necessary to EMp'.oy acknowledged with humiliation and
edi'-or on Senator LaFtoUette si~
n?elve t£roc Sioux
pen promptly cosier a
Mivtng QOUOC ol tic iMCtm
—w 5 iB€90t
Adare« a!i
No. IS. North Sixth St..
and will move
was mayor
e*le »t tie tob
mittfid by the yellow press. Realixing
the fact that newspapers are some
liters driven to print such things by
I peb'.ic demand, the society will try to
cultivate a sentiment in opposition.
fnr or!^Tn
I licity in labor aispaxes is ve
duplicaie-i in the bffl. It will pn :ie
PTEs 10 t^sne serious the injured
that whenever a labor dispute th.
a-eniber, an: these two members to
xrpor^ &Sztrs, snS-!b£i its isem^ers
Set OB thy saag^ ape siszL mak® t^se approached the psaiatiTs mem- persons in her presence not-
used to be. and the liars just the s*ate capital a couple of years ago
demonstrated quite conclusively tzaat
aSad bers and tried to give the secret sign, withstanding her having married the
feeM p,!at=tia
right la the finises, and granted in-
State Seaator E. P. McManus leaves
Of service which tio-a resderes*- ttodav for Des Motoes t*j attend the This enactment might well be tak-
the general
alive and less referendum- he's and to cominead hirn to the good
Anyway, tbe present rater ha- pt^le of Des Moines. No such setter tif
it isn't a hopeless mollycoddle. present time. Senator McManus is al-
-on,^ »,„ to
seeds is more inita- felt caJed upon to tell who and what
ty is reported to be tookfcg for & the highest confidence and esteem.
purpose of that Rocl^eDerian ^torj ~kept interests of
A man named Die is trying to get
into the senate from Oregon. With accorded a Republican.
Root in the senate and Hogg fc the
house, it seems to the Omaha Bee *-T- '-^^7
5^ tig,
discharge of his legislative du-
behalf- He }s ucfortanately a Demo-
crat in politics, but this has not pre-
rested him from representing his con
v» -7—' irrespective of party affilia-i '"TV
and clay can he made to hold together K^.^He Is so rood a Dem- The New Jersey hign school teach
fnr anv ipneth of time. ocrai'a* to be entitled to the praise
that Die should have a place some- law book publish^, report an mter-
esting case from Wisconsin involving
running on Septemrar 15, i3')5r for the purpose
The last legislature of South Dakota of spouses by a divorcee.
created the office of hotel inspector, mayed by the discouraging aspect of
and Governor Vessy has just reported the law, this couple went into Jfichi
that it has well justified its existence, gan, and were married there by a
The governor recommends that its justice of the peace on October 1ft
on Kbiit sentiment the wisdom or its tion is amendmect of the Iowa Jaw in-1 to the plain rales of English and
»_ .WMMtM e-* 'uTrtfahlP tOKiA«I —•«. JB a_ a 11 v_
Manager enactment in the absence of 'avorable tended to prevent traffic in girls and mathematics, which may be regarded
puilic sentiment is open to question- women. It is a fact which must be primal requisites In efficient educa-
to enforce laws that the shame thai Iowa is a favorite field for
jlWifourmonuii....^" ».« thai the .» ordinary words, and proficiency in thei
"Double TTonble."
Dr. Cornelia Kahn. of the ew Yo tiniMrried females only.
'Council of Jewish Women, as caair-
prorides that—
ps^ion rf^d£:
m- If any person seduce and debauch
man of the Parity of the Press Com-
C. H. BOUTOE. CO- mittee, has sent out an appea
any unmarried woman of previously
chaste repotation, etc."*
newspapers asking them Here, again, it is the "unmarried'
indecent detils in pu only whom the law seeks to protect
of murder and diTorcc But it fails in maay cases where the
against good taste stHl sometimes unmarried are invo'
&essjon_ It free from
was drafted
sented before the torney's office in Chicago, with the
ture at the comng sess Tne Cana
dian law will probably be a.". .st
to3tor dispute ^threat-
tf •—=. These win not be binding on
--r rarty but the public will get ^-T Pers^j who shall, by promi^
..-ir far.?, urn. ui iru ^.threats, violence, or by anv device or
.-.Ti ibe facts.
proposed corpora .JOE shaL be filed or ...
rSag ao beSs, -J the "Improved Benevolent and Protec-
a 0{ EOt
rscsrd jjT€ Order of Elks" fnun ssisg its than five years. this young
tflSs. naate and a siraiiar card and seal, ft "Section 2.—(Evidence for prose .,n. .J
0* aroeared that defendant was composed ration.) Any such female referred to A California doctor has abandened vices ^eivefl trom me
T& lore m'inrs bea$rv^onA ve?*--'-a and that it in the foregoing section shall be a fees and will hereafter serve humanity state board of co
*arg«y competent witness in any prosecution for iOVe alone. The Philaaelphia ison writer says, and he sa. he
itsdes a?®170?1--41®4 nea^:-. —. under this act to testify to any and
a]} matters
with t£e
U!is^on 3._fwhat is
thee strcfflg. jaactive relief. fense. The act or state of marrisge troops to protect him while he pre-
shall not be a defense to any viola-
ti0n of act»
—Srowinrr. fezislatare whica begins en as a guide by the Iowa legislature -n
graces of his fejjow members and toe giayery"' is just as real as
istroduction is necessary at the
most as well known there as at home,
amending the present law on the.
The Gate City wrong them should be punished no,
vil against wmcn tne iaw is
djrected a great and
slaTerv of tbe
tb ivil war and
he beid fcoases Q{ prostltut!on
wU, and snbjected
rr.arr-.ir.g one
rid of the latter until 1936. The oat- a i. v.
and extreme aauquity tempted her. making the high school

year must elapse between a
dra 0c tbat
tion. How woaid Oils «o, .e,s eonstitueats st=2d is view and women engaged in the nefarious busi- above board, where the newspapers gentle humanists.
has been active and efficient in their
ne_ 0f
sucb a
that mi&r lik* circumstances, would week, made it plain that they are not.
gr glatPS
Louis and Pittsburg.
and sidewalks are dangerous to health, marry him, but his illness prevented school principals show that they do
A garment of this character will col- the ceremony. The supreme court of not consider the system they admin-!
Other criticisms were that collcge
ntienitv tested her. makinz the hltrh school curriculum,!
High school
lect in a few minutes' walk about the Wisconsin held that the marriag in i*ter perfect. Unfortunately, how- Georgia too is orm:
choicest and most varied assortment Michigan for the purpose of
of disease germs that ever gladdened the statute was Invalid, as against pub*, heen too often but a prelude to addi
the heart of an expert bacteriologist. lie policy that, although the parties, tional complexity instead of to secur
Women are urged to insist on having) had cohabiteu together for »ix months: ing increased simplicity and tbor-
The Daily Oate City
rr^ninesit sagaxine contributor, whjte slavers too frequently escape The primary object of our high condemn the organization a
£-d thus shielding themselves. fnl study to develop them into all they
A much better law was enacted by should be.
Jhe nliDois at its las*t
ing phrases characteristic of the Iowa
aid and counsel of representatives of. The Boone
leading clubs md benevolent
in the city, and reads
thP eoverno'- for "Section 1—(Defining the offense of gress, to the consequent neglect of
partv ma ajp^-^^es paadermgi Any person who shall portant measures.
a eoiam."E cc, each side to select on procttre
female inmate for a house
prostitution or who. by promises,
i-ick th, taird. This board will have ™!ence or by »y device or I ^t cKy
evidence tac« oath. After the hear- or encourage a female to become an
tag it wOi i-iake public a report to inmate of a house of prostitution, or six weeks.
'.~Zl ^oieTrior including recommends- prbcure a place as inmate in a taking her to some other city perti-
Tbsre is te Xew York a statutory :-uon to remain therein as such in- and hear of the
TTOTiskJE that ao certificate of a mate, shall guilty of pandering and response made to Italy's ap- Pranlf
act EbaU
-JOB, or a ise of correction for a period of rot
Whose deeds, both grea.* as£ &TJ&1,, less six months nor more than At the Corn exposition in Omaha
An* ciose-kait girases of a£ Bsbrokes name so nearly resemt Sng It as to be
aaviEg the saaie ranae as an prisonment in the county jail or sorrow and disaster. high school frat must go.
doiaestLc oorpo"i" ®, or
1 a a
»i «. .. mer!c are more.desirable in a high
defect in the present law is that it is infor^a- k'®'
loosely worded and contains too tien about English kings, ancient his-
qualifying phrases. These af- tor'. or perhaps even of San Fran-
There is
nothing to prevent the procurers from
going through a mock marriage cer-
The Waterloo Courier predicts that
=orT nob»U The Waterloo courier FlcUiWW barred. The high scnooi a aeujcr -axivoo iDQept uueui..
A prt^rtion lor OT23FU- law and correspondSngly more elfec- pensions will be an issue in institution and should be kept
the state at- America within another decade or two.
is no
hiciuding conversations
accused, or by him with
A poor Ease sK-red hr the* s^all coart of New York has accused either before or after the, high fe thrfr crimes, they are living at ease
^rt sutke
tie pnor ^rMatlOTi any provisi ns
ejgn lands
girls and women are en-
to muCh
I to take his seat in the upper house of their Illinois sisters and those who the Iowa Falls Citizen, "would do ^-be
consigning girls and women are alive and fearless, where an
yate abuse cannot go on without being ex
posed, is where the right sort of peo-
a a
satisfied with the high school system
doubtless agree. The Register says: I fact that these three citizens also be- J"
the :dsco. St. Louis or Pittsburg grafters. which took place.
Hgent, moral and industrious citizens.:
should be discarded, or used|te
to rich or poor ae classes but should
with the victims of their wiles
subject their earnest and purpose-
less than one year nor trousers for fift^ Reventeen. tentiarv than the one outlined in this
Jess for nothbig
fidence in a
low fees nor
protection as are I -jf the legislature this winter," says
nothing except study
against which the law is jt_ it would be worth the price of
it it would be
more than
blacks in the south
much more
Its horrors are fully kn0^:
on]r to jts rictimSj wbo
are held in
blr too „»cbtoaowr«:o[lt,..
.. ,. .. whrjola and their curriculum in similar' word Mr. Speaker, I must insist that a ribbon or a flower stuck in it, W,
a S O a a a a a
and bedrooms of hotels and to the pub- turned to Wisconsin. The man, being strain, all making suggestions for cor- the gentleman from Illinois is out of grab her
lie waiting rooms at stations and pas- able no longer to ward off the visita- reeling defects in the method and man
-, or
e,Vy' senger coaches of the railroads.
tion of"the"reaper from his meadow of of conducting the system so that "How am I out of order?" yelled the
connubial blisa, died on March 13, greater benefits may be secured to man from Illinois.
vie Ac,»i the students and graduates of these) Pronably a veterinary surgeon
A writer in the Chicago Tribune 1&07. A few days prior to his death, the students and graduates
calls attention to the fact that long appellant had applied to the county institutions.
dress skirts that brush up the streets judge in Wisconsin for a permit to It is a healthful sign when high that was parliamentary enough to stay! pennfc* into their mail
ever, such criticism heretofore has
fer you but rn say
tto. «. .hS tttak .tat .he _Ch»mP Ctok toe. to UUo,h.. to
course should be revised so that the the heat of a debate Congressman
come to sociation, which, of course
are not
them from the public schools are not conclusive rroof tha» tfey were
in spelling and
Correct spelling, of at least all!
law"fu] Jt ig
fanc|es bis practice will soon wjereof he speaHs, that convicts
judge is hiding in the
not a de- woods unt=l the governor can send
gides at a mUrder
a feud. "Church societies, however,"
the Omaha Bee, "still persist
their missionaries to for-
re an he a re el he re a a a at to ad is on a ii
worth tne price ot a
growing one. thousand legislatures and would be E,
all the legislatures and law-
boaies throughout the history
the world has been able to do." .are f1
vigorous and healthy publicity," the investigation
against their I says the Des Moines Register and the legi:slitture „nvirt in
to indignities sur-j reader, "is the best thing there is ment shall be accord
law can be too for a city as well as for a state or Iowa penitentiaries, not lea t,
the men and ration. Where everything is open and either harsh disciplinarians,
wa3 my
one principal goes so far
pronounce the
while another demanded that.
pie like to congregate and do busi- sermons in Spokane, gaie the follow
ness. ing advice to young men
gne present fer Christmas, but I
of that state, which do come short this year by the sheriff
"Old man," wrote the Billville citi- never to buy calico after lamp light.
intendin' to give you
this old boy:|nigbt
.f_ poor bov can get greater advantage Johnson of Indiana called an Illinois'? But bojs. go
"dir, Zom it than now. representative a jackass. The expres- about 9 clock the morning ring
teachers, attending sion was unparliamentary, and in re-'the bell, and if she comes to the
teachers' associations, traction Johnson said: door with a nice, neat ..ouse dress
have discussed the subject of high "While I withdraw the unfortunate her hair done up hi Pt/che knot and
their street costumes made so that the! subsequent to the year of prohibition J. oughness. The Springfield Register ice made the astounding discovery that! lose time, such patron ought to r&
germ laden filth of the streets need
not be carried into their homes to
spread disease.
the cohabitation was illegal in its in-shag a characteristically thoughtful three citizens of Counc'.I Bluffs all be-1 form. People can Just as well as not
ception, and was insufficient to estao-j word in thi« connection with which long to the same lodge. Further in- provide themselves with stamps, there
lish. a common-law marriage. Gate City readers generally will vestigations might have disclosed the is small excuse for being without
1" hoat_„
Abolish High 8chool Frats.
Boone News-Republican:
schools should be the making of mtel- sance and dangerous insUtution but would probablibe^more. «s
the whole
i*0*"1. *!J
shame thai Iowa is a favorite field for nvirciww -wuucu D.uus beginning right now. The Robe Androgyne.
procurers from the large cities. The «Stzmmai and arith-, commended on its order abolishing tnem sup it. beginning ng
hleh school frats at that place. A
5 I 3 8 0 1 8
nearly murdered in an Initiation
and nQ one has the
eligible aDd from which
toniey's office in Chicago, with the against the Council Bluffs order, but .fish in cold storage and waiting for
escape from a long-drawn^
and acrimonious controversy be-
tween the chief executive and con-
scheme, cause, induce, persuade or en- ,rprv American must be proud of his ,b „I.
irage an inmafe of a house of pros- says the Burlington Ga- 3th the
uwwi conviction for the first offense generous respo practices in th- public institution of
punish^ by peal for uelp in the hour of its great
or by a fine not to exceed jiiss Selma Freedeen won the prize
calculate to deceive-'* In a case in one thoasi-a dollars, or both, and patching trousers, girls from twen-. ™l ,n thu naDer
upon convicuon for a second ofTense hpme r,00' Madison letter printed in tins paper
Usst state the BetevoJeni and Protec- J™
under this act shai" be punished by s. Women who had patched seems to take a Afferent view 'of the
and Protec- •*{**. *T.A?e^1j?£eD£'states competing, there being 500
Or^r of Elks sought to etfoin .^ r^otiment in the penitentiary for. X^^weTe^ouT-done situation in the Fort Madison penl-
history of high school frats her is not a token or bearer or ill tor-
2 «d ^p«»i S1 u«r j»™«•««w««
Jt carrjed on bv the
be directed to preparing t^e pupil for school will protest at this action. The man emotion.
useful life in whatever sphere his of tbe people a mrg^^ wh}
societies within its
or removed and educators should give ^efy j{s regulations is vicious and un-! ing to pay, will have nothing to object
___ ...| board has the undoubted right ,,
Whatever defects there are in oar prescribe rules to govern the conduct relief, and who is able to pay. r- Ttmes-ReDnbliran
no^ one will deny of its patrons. The organization ot fuily pays anything in reason. And Marshalltown Times-Republican.
that there are defects, can be lessened
The high school is a demo-
jevr gays ago, based upon ad-
received from members of the
so destroys called "trusties" are allowed to go
physician's shopping in that city and to enjoy
increase it as themselves in devious and sundry
instead of being punished for
luxury and enjoying themselves.
rbe same
that men
trial growing out of
izauon OL lull.* yajo Oii^uie
*0^ ^.1 ..
cjljj(jren verv 0ften
dQ gQ and parents
the{r power he,p the
cH fl break up guch a question-
able association. It is time
discretion ,0 baEd
wm-not ttv the pla» o: ™^n,,to
:se of prostitution for a female, or nently suggests the Omaha Bee. conducted is a good thing and a their places. As soon as enough fish [be killed.
Every nation must doff its hat and ']!owed
writer repeats the statement
in the penitentiary now live
than toe average free man does
who has to
der g(ich
provide for himself. Un-
circumstances many might
be to
exchange freedom for the
convict's lot. It all reads very hu-
mane but perhaps
llfe deg5rabie
Tn six drams, an' a eternal movin' pic- doorbell and if she comes to the door
in twenty so make the most
wi,h ber
could tell you," answered Johnson, and rons of rural mail routes not to drop
that was parlii
on the record.
Suspicious Circumstances.
it is making prison
instead of undesirable.
legislature, which will be in
nest week OUght
al state of
0pia5°" and ab,e
nor to
Advice to Young Men.
Billy Sunday, in one of his recent
Say, boys, my mother taught me
^'t tell whether the colors
w|jj stand
you a gallon jug ol the last named, down some evening and can on ner.
present ~urse,ambitions"!. stav unUl about 10." then bid her good
or run in bit wash.
11TVin,t nsk a eirl t0 maTry
,. ... stamos at aa\ lane. A supply sulH-jof those already filled. The bog3-
|nstituti0n of the to and they will probably summon the
some are
cient to last all winter can be secured heads float about two-thirds submerged
"would be stamp isn't an erpensive thing a: and the fish keep in good condition
all dollar will buy fifty and fifty stamps! until they will be wanted when the
will take care of the ordinary faM-{price SOOT to a profitable height.
ranks to the others who are unable or unwili-
rjght to physician just as frequently at the
pervert its purpose by establishing new rate as they did at the old.
which some are
secret coteries to
to C0DV its
reauv LU
hjgb school are lntoierable.
ily's letters for a considerable time 1 Joest has bought 30,000 pounds of live
If there are patrons of rami routes in fish already from the fishermen and is
thiB part of tie state who persist in in the market for all he can get_
to be dropping pennies into the mail boxes,
school frats at that place, a phv*ician'« Fees. Paris fashion decrees that lovely worn-
Burlington Hawk-Eye:
a nuI.
a very healthy town, otherwise there P«. sweater, coat, vest and boots, and
Fish Trap Is Novelty.
help, but school children should not have be in caught for a hogshead it
coll^ge atSnda.°S\tutionUof
The Ft. Madison Matter.
Cedar Rapids Republican: A Fort
Nauvoo Independent: Peter Joest
Alton, has invented a way of beat-
undoubtedly rebel ir.g the fish trust. Instead of putting jjaTe
hate to mind, the price of carp, buffalo and catfish) jg
they should be made to to go up when they are dead, he lsj
will do all in going to furnish them fresh to thejmen
^rd of Coun- markets when the ice is
you 7
accidentally leave one of
morning about
Ring the
hair done up in
Hubbltd o»« «lo«
footj y0U take
to the
nn hpr
Rural Mail Troubles.
Fort Dodge Messenger: Newspapers
generally have been asking the pat-
for post-
age. The oat-on ought, to have some
inconsideration for the carrier, and prob
ably most of the patrons do have con
sideration. But if there is one who
drops pennies into the box for tiie car*
Council Bluffs Nonpareil: An em-jrier to rt«h out wilh his firgers, caus
ploye in the government secret serv-! ing him to suffer discomfort as well as
.1 .. .. .4 I 1. I L. A. MA.
E. JOHNSTON. President
F. W. I^avts, Vice csidert.
A. J. Mathias. Cashier.
H. W. Y7ood. Asst Cashier
Oldest Company
In the State
to clear up
difference of
(i most of us
feel that we
to comment
,ht. _npr
intelhgenily upo:n
trouble to show goods at
nrobabiv b«» more The num-! now, she is to wear trousers and so
and insubordina-, tune for the finc town and the sur- skirts. It is caiiea tne Robe .Kb-
money ary 1. And there will be none who too horrible to contemplate without
physician ud who geU
and they are hard to catch. Joest is
•.—»•---««--r-- when the students arrive at the age of a large number of hogsheads attached, ,.
LTSeir^ten^ce ta
hav, attal„ca.j
h( nflWl. 1 _.i« 1 a. 1 1
the inventor of the fish raft, which is
when properly knocked out and wire screens put_in _Jor
lawless and in-' is closed and attached to the string] —Read The Daily Gate C:ty.
Iowa State Insurance Company
FairSeld j80
SATURDAY, JAN. 9, 1909.
head* float about two-thirds snhm«^
emjmci heT8elf from the slaven.
the I Turkey, women wear
Register: And
That alone would has thirteen physicians. Fairfield is!cessfully stolen mans necktie, scarf
**oxuen. She has sue-
A Good Press Agent.
Tae story to the effect that yeggmen
assassins are on their way to Spokane
to slay Mr. Sunday is a credit to his
press man. He is to the press pro
motion what Mr. Sunday is to the con
version department.
Job for the "Secret Service."
Council Bluffs Nonpareil: Three men
wear tbe
found in Council Bluffs who
same size of hat. Of course,
than a mere coincidence.
Thg dlScovery
the river
is important and the
feept under careful sur-
Too Bad?
The fact {ha
"DeaS Valley Scotty" ba. enlisted in
hos«he.d bai the top u.d bottom U» "orld at pe.ee there Is Terr llttl-
063 Valley ScottT
In depositing money, you should
select a bank of high character
and conservative management.
The Keokuk
Sayings Bank
Will meet these requirements
and will pay 3 per cent interest
mercial accounts also solicited.
Insnrance written since organization $229,563,567.47
H. R, COLLISSON, City Agent
T. R. J. Ay res & Sons11
Will continue to offer bargains for a limited time on all
goods in the house until their stock is largely reduced.
If you want Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Cut Glass,
Pianos and Musical goods, now is your opportunity. No
T. R. J. AYRES & SONS, 509-511 Main St., Keokuk, Iowa
Affords every facility for doing your
banking business that any bank can
P£-/i C£Wr^r-.7 T//W£T A/VD
/A/R&GGS'R—FA /y/^%C S'MA
Cook With Gas
Surpfasl^l— SI00,000.00
in 185 5

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