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Relievino Dyspepsia .v
About Five
tde Most Obstinate Cases of Stomach
Trouble and Indigestion Find a
vrompt Cure in Diapepsin
Which is Absolutely-
jou fgfel bloated
food lies like a lump of lead on your
that there is nothing really,
wrong. Stop this fermentation and
Seven Pines Discusses a Num-
b}r of Timely Topics in His Us
ual Interesting Manner
fo(the Editor of The Gate Cit v.] jng
avlng prettv well disposed of the
prosperous years of its eighty-eight,
ind the indications promise a continua
tion of this happy existence as a mod
el empire. Under the spirit and leader
ship of Governcr Folk our state has
advanced in higher citizenship and bet
ter morals, and following right up
*ith as able a statesman as Governor
Hadley, why the affairs of government
*i!I be righteously and valiantly
?uarded and promoted. Oar ship of
'tote sails safe and grandly.
«*1. the poet and genial sc
ind ion"
Mi-onl Vn"
that he wiii
gastric iuice.°,
Don's Wear
A Truss
Food Fermentation in Your
will send you free my l-ook 011 Rupture
and its core, showing my \iew discov-!
MuiS to worship the sun. jdred other creeping and flying crea-'
of Richard
3 ei,ess
talks aml writes flne
8 and you
S a
of the
there's a way.
sour stomach,
fe.elinK W"1
auv ntii"
e,R Wil1 cure
'"1 rellpv fon,ach fi'ouble. 1 hey
'nson e.
Instantly. Wilk-
80 much falth
cures bv
wh0 have trIed
I. se:i 1
Take rour sour stomach—or'maybe
,iou ca it Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Gas
%itis or Catarrh of Stomach it doesn't:
Latter-lake your stomach trouble
fright with you to your pharmacist
[ind ask Mm to open a 50-cent case of
Rape's Diapepsin and let you eat one
'Ji-grair Triangule and see if within
five minutes there is left any trace of
ijour ('inner misery.
Is lack
of gastric juice your food Is
only half (..gested. and you become af
fected with loss of' appetite, pressure
pd fullness after eating, vomiting,
jausea. heartburn, griping in bowels,
Ijhderness in the pit of stomach, bad
trial to prove what-1 say!
vw«i 1 waft
vv V' lillt OCI1
is true You are the judge and once
Mig seen my book and read it you
will be as enthusiastic, as my hun
dreds of patients whose lett you can
also read. Fill out fre? coupon bo
low and mail today. It's well worth
your time whether you try my dis
covery or not.
C. li. Brooks, S943 Brooks' Bldg.,
Marshall, Mich.
Please send me by mail in plain
wrapper full information of your
new discovery for the cure of rup
1 -jf -iA,
The correct nnnie for your trouble is ... ___
souring the in his shadow and have him talk to
organs become weak, therp! you. Mr. Hamill is like Banyan's
ley Becker, why I knew him when 1
iaste in mouth, constipation, belch- honest man Who has the spirit of build- Drive Through the City Yes.
Aim* Instant relief is waiting for
jou. It is merely a matter of how
Tile great commonwealth of Mis* Abraham Lincoln replied when crit
sotiri is now in its most peaceful and
ig of gas, biliousness, sick headache, ing up his city and community and 1 terday Afternoon,
ervousness, dizziness and many other would like to see him elected chief of-| Sylval found the knife.
ficial of Keokuk. Dr. Jenkins eimts Yesterday afternoon he made a
I If^our appetite is fickle, and noth-i light and intelligence from many an- blindfolded drive throuh the city and
pilits you. or you belch g&s or ifjgies, and he is busy in many protes
ted after eating, or your-j sions including the rulership of seven
a lump of lead on your
01. efeht
that at the bottom of all this there is] jn the pines and cedars here at the the wrist and all of his thought flowed
Prove to yourself, after your next,^^ subdued voices. As the winter Sylvia drove up to the corner of
meal, that your stomach is as good, as
rows ess ts
Bp).lng days come
JASPER BLINES' PHILOSOPHV. ."forms of creative "nature "s^tem "alpi to* Seibert's cigar store where Osburn
so formal and indifferent. hid his jack knife in the bottom of
0f tLle
soul of good I will be wiser. It will be something
hospitality'.'j like Aristotle instructing his pupil.
by indigev
,cSautJ"?igeSti0n' anS1
and tj,at
of rank The world is a store house of interest-
whom I would enjoy! ing things if you will look for them
Mr BaVr' "aln'"' Becker. I and examine them.
q0Eeu-js ,aj"J '"le weather man, Mr. A news item of last summer said
li'-hard^V ''en^'ns'
others that there had been inaugurated an in-
making the stom-
",aftlllg me stom- Mi-o-na relieved lt cured. Mi-o--ia
1)lot'uce erough
«*rgv no h'
18 0f the
•it what voir
f°r wcit'k'
'l and take nlea"1
a"y t!™e
tour »i
Will be richer
well I visit the doctor this spring he will party to any kind of a fake. He ca^-
'ined capacity and power. I invite me to take a long walk along not explain how the feat was done ex
of 1
week or ten days I the hill sides and the canal and he will cepting that there must have bee:: a
coud supremacy, we don't feel like {tell of the snakes and bugs and beetles hole in his wrist, .through which his
for w™? th'
Africans and the Mormon flies and four hun- thoughts leaked out.
if umri iictj/mft **j
trues and Mr. Shaffer will be glad and
teresting church fight up at Swale-
feel good to be I dale ih Iowa and 1 thought that was
purer after taking Mi-o-na. 50 cents
a large box.
Read what two Michigan people,
once dyspeptic sufferers, say of Mi
"1 was speedily cured of stomach
complaint by Mi-o-na. Anything I can
say in favor of Mi-o-na is not too
strong."—Willi".m Hsss, Benton Har
bor, Mich.
"I had been subject to severe at
tacks of indigestion. Nothing gave
me any relief until 1 tried Mi-o-na.
is the kind of remedy I like to praise
"j.1? ®es'-n" the food and endorse."—Mrs. Maxham,
promptly puts new life Benton Harbor. Miclv.
Mi-o-na is sold in every town in
America. ,1
redder, inson & 0.' Admittance cents.
good news as the report showed that
someone was spiritually alive up there.
I surmised that formalism had fired «n
the spiritual Fort Sumpter and that
I Martin Luther and John Huss and the
Years Experience I Have Wesleys and Abraham Lincoln were 11
'v Made a New Discovery for Men, trial for having declared that the
Women or Children That righteous shall live by faith and not
Cures Rupture. bv works. Well, the "lews report said
'hat a certain Methodist church, formal
Costs You Nothing to Try It.'"' .and lifeless., quite likely, were Irving
If you have tried, most everything to cm out th?ir few spiritual members
else, come to me. Where others fail
is where I have nvy greatest success. ,,
Send attached coupon today and I
who were accused of making too much
CURE RESULTS vere cured
..It is instant relief whoii ,„ust be dismissed, tfence I rejoiced
salves, no harness
ery and giving you prices and names'"a' worship, and for their livelv dem
ovottt wo
character Great Heart, who stduies
profound subjects and looks away into a PRFP^TrMn-F
the future and sees things to come 1 Jfc.JNlJS £1
way in advance of other people. Char-
& mere boy. Well, he is a good, Sylvia Made a Successful Blindfolded
hundred acres of land here in
hundred acres of land here in
stomach, you can make up your mdndjDqs Mgjnes township.
but one cause—fermentation of undi- geven pjn.es home, the Cardinal Gross-j through his pulse and nto the brain
gested food. ijeak is venturing to sing a little in of Sylvia.
hospitable intensity Sixth and Main at
begin eating what ou want ithout' cardina.1. the tufted titmouse, the A committee was asked for and Riley
fear of discomfort or misery.
downy woodpecker, the loving cedar Osburn and another citizen ventrued
birds and a few other classes of ha
.... songsters, these by their presence and They got into the carriage and drove
toon iqu a some apepsn. cheerful voices are a relief and a con-'ijp Main to Ninth .then to Blondeau,
11 ,ft,
{jrossbeak increases its song as was playing and t/.ie announcement
The winter is doing come missionary a jar containing paper cigar holders.
work in circulating spiritual books and Then they drove down Main street,
^papers. Not publications of the church and looped the loop around the Curtis
denominations, but real spiritual read- statue, which is still located at Third
Democratic tiger. Theodore Roosevelt largely of an educational order, not Sylvia was blindfolded so that he
*111 go to centra! Africa and capture spiritual, and usually pretty dry. Now could see nothing and taking hold of
«ome lions and two white hippipotami.
have the subjeej. located. As
ln a
.message. I guess the people will
understand my language. And here
is one of the salient points of the sub
ject. The books and papers which I
receive from different states, are main
ly sent for missionary use by woman-
11 14
fceokuK rails to get Its big water ppjritual attributes and good works.
higher classes. Most of and Main, and back to the corner
church publications are affairs where Sylvia was awaiting t.hem.
the term sugar coated
kind. One whose heart is truly in the horses over the same route taken_ by
good cause, is Mrs. Rose Peters, of
within the recent month. The crown- )n front of the cigar store. The com
ing glory is held by womankind for her pany got out and Sylvia went inside
Pwer enterprise, she might well ati-j jn niy list of Keokuk good frl?nds jpg to Sixth and Main.
nexherself to Clark conuty. We have (there are so many of them "an There was no fraud in the case for
Jree rhers of illuminating oil running mention all) I must add Editor Moore- 'according to Osburn. he had no words
divine services. The for-
°:u,rcl1 members declared that the
members "disturbed" the us-
an«l onstratlons the Holiness meinbeis S%
litt,e battle
.church edifice, for wars are often the
means of peace. Thomas Jeffer
son. U. S. Grant, Lincoln, the brave
Grecians at Marathon Arnold Win
kicreid, and millions of other lovers of
their lands and the blessed inheritance
of peace, all tuiese considered and act-
ed upon the principles that war in the
interests of justice and righteousness,
is a duty for the welfare of progress
existence. And the little church war
up at Swaledale is all for good, and the
later Luthers will gi through their
trial for their faith and not works, and
will come forth brighter and a greater
power for spiritual Christianity. T.ie
denomination that refuses to advocate
its own doctrines and opposes spirit
I ual members, that church will grow
more worldly and formal and become
I whited sepulchres as the Saviour so
well defined them. This is the teao.i
ing of history, and truth is the proper
basis in estimating any important sub- I
found a knife which had been hidden
by Riley Osburn. If Riley had Ciidden
a razor, it would have been the same,
fo:- the g-eat Sylvia had the barber by
on. The presence of was made that he could do anything,
to try the trick.
ii" ^J-solallon in winter time when the many. down to Eighth, across Main and down
while the band
Osburn's wrist asked him to think of
the direction he had driven and of
where he had hidden the article.
Osburn thought and thought hard,
his thoughts flowing down his arm
and turuogh his pulse, being grasped
by Sylvia and transmitted to his brain.
Then they all piled into the carriage
with Sylvia driving and he guided the
Warsaw. Indiana who has sent mcl "He's next." murmured the barber
many papers and three dozen books
the carriage was brought to a stop
county, and here on the head and Naturalist Dr. Shaffer. When whatever with Sylvia and was not a
picket! out the knife, then return-
Some Interesting Facts Regarding
Danger From Fire in Motion 1
Picture Shows.
The public is getting tolerably well
"informed regarding motion picture
shows, and these amusement places
are. the more popular from the fact
that there is comparatively little dan
ger from fire, when the proper precau
tions are taken. Where the chief dan
ger lies, is the fact that most mo
tion picture theaters have their ma
chines 011 platforms near the exit to
the theater. Everyone knows that th.
celluloid, from which the films are
made, is very inflammable, and the
condensed rays of arc ligl.t uill set
them afire, unless in motion. When
once a tire, they cannot fie extinguish
ed until the film is consumed. Man
ager Podge is one of the managers
who desired to eliminate even this
menace to the safety of his patrons,
lie recently had built a steel operat
ing room, in which the machine is
kept, it is automatic, and should thr
film catch fire, the room is closed au
tomatically, and he film would be
consumed inside the roorti without the
slightest possibility of the flames do
ing a particle of damage. Parents
can send their children to Dodge's
theater with the satisfaction of know
ing that there is 110 danger threatfned
... I from fi"°-
I A special matinee will be given for
Booth's Laxative Pills give joy to! the children Saturday, with pictures
contipated people—25 cents at Wilk- of special interest to the little folks.
Fifty-Three of Them-Will Enter the
High School Friday Morning
S There Being 29 Girls
and 24 boys.
Don Miller Alexander.
Maud Amous.
Mildred Anschutz.
Harry Ayres.
Helen Betts.
Marguerite Betts.
Russell Bland.
Mina Bonhan.
Raymond Howden.
Arthur Braue.
Greta Braue.
Gladys Burns.
Josephine Buss.
Verna Conne.
Ada Conrad.
Gertrude Dillon.
Florence Dimond.
Charles B. Elder.
Gladys Englehardt.
Earl Frank.
Gertrude Grober.
Wilhelm Heinenian.
Roy Hodge.
Clark Huiskamp.
Ruby Hummer.
Ollie Johnson.
Mildred Joy.
Karl Klann.
Winnifred Lutz.
Frances McClure.
Guy Nelson.
Ethel Osburn.
Charles Peterson. i-'
Eva Rc'mers.
Oscar Rein.
Rudolph Ringstrom.
Christina Roach.
Edgar Roberts.
Harold Roberts.
Charles Robinson.
Hugh Russell.
Victor Russe.l.
Georgia Schell.
Irwin Schmidt,
Robert Schroeder.
Edna Sellner.
Carl Sit tier.
^Clarence Sutherland.
Frank Swan.
Marie Vogt.
Ethel Wallbere.
Blanche Williams.
Bessie Wright.
Of Adjourned Session of the Board of
Same. rent. re., same
John Orth. road work, Jackson.
Wm. Muehlberg. witness fee,
J. C., Fort Madison
State of Iowa. Knoxville Inebri
ate hospital account
on account of a bridge to be built
across the creek at east end of Fort
Madison, is approved and ordered tiled.
On motion the board adjourned to
meet Monday, January 4, 1900, at 10
clock a. 111.
Children Who Are Sickly
Mothers who value their own com
fort and the welfare of their children,
should never be without a box of
Mother Orav's Sweet Powders for
Children, for use throughout the sea
son. They Break up Calds, Cura Fev
erishness. Constipation. Teething Dis
orders, Headache and Stomach Troub
FAIL. Sold by all drug stores, 25c.
Don't accept any substitute. A trial
package will be sent FREE to any
mother who will address Allen S.
Olmsted, Le Roy, N. Y.
That Many Have Successfully Passed
^^Examinations and Have Com-
•f-t pleted the Cource With
"i High Grades.
Fifty-three graduates of" the Keokuk
grammar school will take their places
in the high school assembly room Fri
day morning to complete their public
school education. The list of gradu
ates includes those who have success
fully passed the examinations and
have attained the required grades.
The girl graduates are more numer
ous than the boy graduates, there be
ing twenty-nine of the former and but
twenty-four of the latter. The com
plete list is as follows:
61.00 I
O motion the waiver of damages
made by the Fort Madison Water
of the city of Fort Madison,
Monday. January 4. 1000.
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment.
All members present.
On motion the minutes of the ses
sion of
2. 1000. were read and
on motion approved.
On motion of Supervisor John T.ach
niann. all old business to come befon*
the board of supervisors of Lee coun
ty, Iowa, was referred to the new
Test No. 1
Of a series of Ten tests
which an advertiser
should apply to every
advertisement before he
publishes it.
The complete set
mailed upon addressing
John Lee Mahin
125 Monroe St.
board, whereupon Supervisor Lach-'approved and ordered filed:
mann retired, and Mr. I. Hosier, thsl
member of the board of supervisors-
?leot, having qualified, the hoard re-1 ship.
organized by electing Supervisor Geo.
A. Brinkman as chairman for the en
suing year.
On motion the official bond of W,
U. South as county auditor was ap
proved and ordered filed.
On motion the official boil'! of W.
H. ocutli as county auditor was ap
proved and ordered filed.
On motion the following official
Fred C. Chambers, recorder of
Theodore A. Craig, county attor
E. C. Lynn, county superintend
M. E. Bannon. countv surveyor.
On niot'on the following appoint
ments were approved:
Adrian P. Meyer, deputv auditor.
bonds of county officers were approved I
and ordered filed: T'1r following official bonds of
Ed. S. Lofto i. clerk- of the district constables were approved and ordered
O. R. Johnston, deputy clerk of Inside
the district court.
Edwin Vaug1 n, deputy re-j inside.
corder of deeds. I J. H. Hoover. Madison township.
How to Test a Newspaper
14- i'1 Newspaper space is a vehicle by which an ad
IV vertiser's ideas are distributed to the readers.
a 1 a a
llUllA/iWI/m ately recognized, his message must be a natural
expression of himself, and reflect his personality.
Ml® So,much advertising fails because the adver
tiser clothes his ideas in wording that is not at all
consistent with his nature.
His best friends do not recognize him in his
advertising garb, while those who do not know him,
feel instinctively that he is masquerading.
The secret of a perfect photographic likeness
is not in an expensive camera, in the up-to-date equip
ment of a gallery, nor yet in the effective use of light.
It is the ability of the artist himself to com
mand unconsciously the confidence of the sitter and
to accurately gauge his real character.
By it he overcomes the feeling of strangeness,
the lack of poise in his subject, and catches him in a
natural attitude. He can then transmit to a piece of
paper a likeness of the man as he really is.
The best "copy" for a newspaper advertise
ment is simply the natural, sincere, talk that a mer
chant uses in making a sale over his counter.
A copy writer must be able to impersonate
the advertiser's personality and so express ideas in
print that they are instantly recognized as a sincere
message from the head of the business.
If he can make the reader feel in his "copy''
that intangible something that pervades every suc
cessful commercial organization—he can be trusted
with the work. If not, the head of the business had
better prepare his own copy. .v
In a word, before sending a message to the
people, through the columns of the newspaper, see
if the thought and the wording ring true as the
natural expression of the advertiser.
CopjnjM I WW, John Mthin
The Girls in "Girls" by Clyde Fitch, Grand Opera ouse, Wednesday. January 7th.
-J. W. Middaugh, Cedar township.
William Sollars, Charleston town
Fred F. Witmarsh, Denmark town
Fred nradt, Jackson township,
J. A. Nunn, Madison township.
John Middenorf, Clarion township.
A. LeFevre. Montrose township.
Robert Anthony, Van Buren town
John Kempker, West Point town-
Horace Leazer. Cedar township.
W. C. Pickard, Charleston town
John G.
John F.
E. C. Weber. r'- it.'county attorney. Geo. L. Wiemouth. Madison town
On motion the following official ship.
bonds of justices tC peace were Theo. Scharfman, Marlon township.
Larson. Des Moines town-
Gibson, Franklin town-
Sehulte. Green Bay town-
Thos. J. Warner, Jackson township,
My. Menkens, Marion township,
H. T. Wilson, Montrose township
Samuel W. Weils, Van Buren
Joseph H. Fedlcr. West Point town
The following official bonds of as- 1
sors were approved and ordered filed:
J. A. McChord. Cedar township.
J. G. Rcnz, Charleston township.
Vandale .Marsh, Des Moines town
T. H. Burton, Denmark township,
Simon P. Winner, Franklin town
E. H. Liddle. Green Bay township.
E. J. Warson. Harrison township.
S. H. Johnston, .'ackson township,
Henry Spiekermeier, Marion town
C. B. Rube. Van Buren
"ohn Leindecker. Jackson township, berlain's Salve. This salve has no su
perior for this purpose. It is ai:o most
cxcelleut for chapped hands, sore nip
ples, burns and diseases of the skin.
11 9
(To be continued.)
Fever sores and old chronic sore®
should not be healed en., •e!
For sale by Wilkinson & Co., Phar-'l
f.acy, and J. F. Kiedaisch & Son.
fit* 1L
should he kept in healthy condition.
This can b= doue by applying Cham-
/. 1-

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