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'mm. •1P8B1
607 Main, KEOKUK
Thursday Evening
battel* Ike OHMNC tine
New 5c and 10c Store
from 2 to 6 o'clock
No Goods Sold Friday Afternoon
Music by Agne's Orchestra
Saturday, February 20, at 8 O'clock
F. W. Woolworth & Company
408 Main Street
Formerly The Variety Store
In the Purchase
of no other article of home adornment or furniture is the buyer
compelled to depend so entirely upon the honesty and integrity
of the seller as in the buying of a piano. That there are unscrupu
lous salesmen is a well known fact—there are such men in eveTy
line of commercial enterprise. In most cases, a piano is bougat
for a lifetime at the least many years of usefulness will be
expected of it, hardly one piano buyer in a hundred knows any
thing of the inside of a piano. That the case is handsome, that
the action pleases, and that the tone is beautiful—these points
usually comprise the full extent of the purchaser's knowledge of
the instrument The mechanical structure—whether the action
will remain pleasing whether the tone will retain its beautiful
singing resonance whether the whole structure of the instrument
Is such as will Insure permanent satisfaction and make the piano
not only "a thing of beauty," but "a joy forever," these are
points wherein tje piano buyer must of necessity trust to the
honesty and the experience of the man who is selling. Sheaffer
&. Saunders have a reputation backed up by a life time of exper
ience in selling good pianos. They have been able to enlarge their
business and territory solely because of the hosts of pleased cus-»
4 Stores la Iowa:
2 "in Lee Co.:
Mrs. M. Corse's.
Dancing School
Hawkes' Hall
Gents,' 35c Ladles, 10c.',
Sterling Silver
Fine Silver
Plated Ware,
"Stouf ter" genu
ine Hand Painted
Cut Glass,
Good Clocks,
Art Brass Goods
Reliable Jeweler
A ladies gold filled C* fj
at E in or if I a
20 year case plain or fancy, closed
style, Elgin movement Other
grades, $7.60 to $22.
Cash or Payments
Sheaffer & Saunders'
Music House
son will take place.
Apron and Necktie
I Party
Two pair
as prizes,
WHImering A King
Be Your Own
A complete manicure outfit
costs but little, and it is a sat
isfaction to be able to give your
own hands attention.
We carry a full assortment of
the latest manicure utensils and
also the various preparations
made by leading manicure spec
Wilkinson & Co.
Fresh Dry Batteries.
404 Main st.
Gold Medal Flour is made on honor.
Electric Wiring
of all kinds.
Gas Burners and
King Plumbing Co.
726 S. 2d, FT. MADISON
Friday Eve., Feb. 19
One of the pretty parties of the
I bar/ooV Q1? Sbo^i.nd'mnt1^0!
will attend. None of Keokuk's mem
bers will be present, but quite a num
ber are planning to attend the degree
work to be held in Burlington.
—Mr. T.IcClintock who was to have
delivered the address to women at the
Y. W. C. A. on this coming Sunday,
will be unable to do so, having an en
gagement to speak at the Presbyter
I ian church on that evening. Mrs. Mc
I Cllntock will deliver a lecture on
mission work later at the Y. W. C. A.
I A speaker will be supplied for Sunday
afternoon's meeting.
—The Lincoln voters seem to not
have been all reported. M. Hinson of
Revere, Mo., writes that he voted for
Lincoln in 1864, while convalescing in
the hospital in Keokuk as a member
of Co. C, Twenty-Fifth Iowa. J. S.
Alexander of Promise City writes that
he voted for Lincoln in Cedar town
I ship, Lee county and also at Thib
edeaux, La., as a member of the
I rth Iowa battery.
—Yesterday afternoon in Burlington
I occurred the death of George Millard
a veteran lumberman and one of Bur
lington's prominent citizens. He came
to Keokuk in 1858 from Hampton, N.
skates will be given away stead of Sixth and Main because of
Half a dozen you
Basket ball, K. H. S. vs. Carthage —Ewer's Grand Leader, best 5c cigar,
iat gmy Friday night. K. H. S. vs. oarthage at "Y" gym
—Attend St. Mary's Washington par- 5"riday night.
jty Thursday evening. Cards and lunch, —K-line train Xo. 12 from the north
Friday evening at the Roll-a-way was over an hour late in arriving this
will be the big night with the roller I morning.
I skaters of the city. —Car Inspector O. C. Mars of Peoria
Fridaj evening will be au enjo- was in the citv this morning visiting
I able one at the Roll-a-way when the the local "Q" offices and transacting
I apron and necktie party will be giv- business affairs.
Knights of Cblumbus, to attend a first good snow of the winter.
dancing party to ba given next Mon- —Many sleighing parties were out
day evening. It is thought that sev- last evening enjoying the snow. The
eral Will attend. -night was comparatively warm to what
—In last evening's report of school it has been for the past few days and
attendance, the attendance reported every one who had a sleigh or a piece
for the Carey should have been credit- of one was out last evening enjoying
I ed to the Lincoln, that reported for I themselves.
the Torrence should have been credit-1 —Max Welch was up in the Su
ed to the Carey, and that reported for perior- court this morning and waived
I the Lincoln should have been credited araignnient on the charge of threaten
to the Torrence. .jing to kill his brother. His case was
—Harold Roberts, son of Mr. and sent over to the District court and in
son of Mr
Mrs. H. L. Roberts, is ill at his home
with scarlet fever. The many friends
of the family hope for the speedy re
icovery of the little fellow. During Mr.
Robert's absence his place is being
filled by Thos. F. Gallagher, who is
discharging the duties of yardmaster.
—Galesburg Council, Knights of Co
lumbus, will initiate a class of thirty
eight candidates on next Sunday and
it is expected that members of Quincy
Y., the place of his birth, and was
engaged in the lumber business there
for years. He was the founder of the
old island mill norta of the city, which
burned a few years ago. He was also
interested in other lumber enterpris
—All wires which were damaged by
Sunday's storm have been repaired on
the bridge temporarily and the signal *n the eastern cities differs con
bridge wires, the telephone, telegraph siderably from the game we play out
power wires are temporarily re-jhere.
paired and will be serviceable until better one from the point of view^ of
the new wire support is put on the the spectator," said Dr. James
of RICHARDSON BALL The car leaves Fourth and Main in- Professional rules. The result Is that her daughter,
each other at every
missed the interurban whlch leaves
Keokuk for Warsaw at i:4o. The rea-i
:son for missing the car was that it!
'has not been running to Sixth and
Main since the snow storm and has:
'been leaving at Fourth street instead
Consequently the party waited around!
Sixth street until after 8 o'clock when
one of the party 'phoned to the of-'
flees and found that the interurban
had without announcement changed
Its leaving station.
—A dispatch from Chicago says:
Delayed trains as the result of the
prevailing blizzard made it necessary
to postpone the opening sessions of
the national commission and of both
leagues in order to await the arrival
Jof the magnates. President Murphy
of the Chicago National league team
'and Manager Frank Char.ce were on
the scene bright and early and set at
rest rumors to the effect that their
reconciliation was not as sincere as
might be hoped. They appeared arm
in arm and mingled freely with the
assembled magnates. President Pull-
iam, of the National league, greeted
Chance gave 8jgn of recQg
nitlon to Murphy. In spite of the fact
J! that. rumors are current that Mr.
Pulliam intends giving President
Murphy apiece of his mind before the
close of the National league session
it is probable that friends of both will
be able to smooth matters over, II
not affect a reconciliation. President I
O'Brien of the American association,
opened his headquarters in the Audi
torium annex and began preparations
for holding the scheduled meeting to
The Daily Gate City
—There was an exciting
stre€t last
bare cost of labor and materials, plus cutters. The two sleighs started at wise to get Hood's and only Hood's,
a small profit, from the W. W. Kim-, Sixth and Main and raced out to
ball Co., in with Duncan-Schell, 307 Twelfth.
Main street. —Mrs. M. Corse- dancing school
—Dr. P. H. Scanlon, who has been |Opens Feb. 18th. Dr.j.ing every
at Roger. Minnesota, for the past few I Thursday evening. 8 to '2 o'clock,
months, is expected to arrive in Keo- Hawkes hall, gentlemen 35c, ladies
kuk today for a short stay. He will 10c. Music furnished by Mrs. Marder.
locate an office south of Eldon if his —A crowd of youngsters were busy
I present plans are carried out. wearing in Eleventh street hill with
—Quite a number of young gentle1 i*ob-sleds and hand-sleds last night.
I men of the city have received invi- The night was an ideal ose for coast
tations from Ft. Madison Council, jing and many were out enjoying the
Council and other Illinois councils hauls made lately, reported by local
default of $500 bond, he was taken to
the county jail.
—The railroad yards, both uptown
and down in the lower yards, have
been cleared of snow where it is nec
essary for the switchmen and other to
walk. Men were busy all day yester
day with brooms and shovels in clear
ing away the drifts.
—Coal thieving had somewhat
ceased and there have been no big fuel
coal dealers. In one Iowa city where
much coal was missed by dealers, the
officers laid for the thieves and finally
caught them and brought them to jus
—A piano in the home nas often
proven a positive power for good. We'll
tell you how to easily get a first-class
one. also of our modern system of piano
selling which saves you money if you
will wrie, or better still, call on us.
W. W. Kimball Co., in with Duncan
Schell, 307 Main street.
—Thirty-one cars of rock from this
city have been unloaded at Alexandria
the last six of them being unloaded
this morning by the section men. The
rock will be used for ballast on the
new bridge which is to be put in be
tween this city and Alexandria. A
large force of workmen will arrive
from the south on the work train to
day and start work on the structure
at once.
—The Fort Madison Canning compa
ny, which conducts plants at that city
and at West Point, expects to sell out
and the property has been looked over
by tle Keokuk Canning company
which may purchase the two plants
and add them to their equipment, thus
ereatly enlarging the business and In
creasing the business. A Fort Madison
paper says that William Ballinger, W.
J. Fulton and H. A. Heaslip were in
that city yesterday looking over the
plant with a view of purchasing it.
—A Lawrence, Kan., dispatch to tne
Register and Leader says: "Basket
general our game
were planning on attending the^dance
given in Warsaw last evening by the
Girls' club of that place were sorely
disappointed when they found they had ,ike
holtl eacb
pivot tower. The interurban has been smith, the inventor of the game. "They furnished m-isic for the occasion.
making regular trips since yesterday Iare accustomed to plajing on the
noon at 12:05 and no trouble is being [small court, and every style of game Mrs. Martha Berryhill entertained
experienced in making schedule time.!
hag been influenced largely by the
All Physicians
Must prescribe some of the In
gredients that are contained In
Hood's Sarsaparllla for all trou
bles of the blood, stomach, kid
neys and liver.
They include sarsaparilla, etillingia,
yellow dock, gentian, wild cherry bark,
mandrake, dandelion, juniper berries,
pipsissewa, etc.
The combination and proportions are
our own formula and give power to cure
evening between two| ticn^r'substitute.' ^hat'^why^t ^s
Rights of admission re-'the snow on the side track running! opportunity, and the game looks slow the evening. Dainty refreshments voo's charming young ladies and very
the game
rules the large courts that we have
here The officia
from Fourth to Sixth. !to the westerner, who has been watch- were served and an enjoyable even- popular. She has been a leader in
—Half a dozen voune men who'lng
the co,legiate
are the cauge Qf
the difference thlnkf and the ignor
ing of the rules on holding and the
responslble for the aUeration
Special Items for This
Misses hew spring style school
skirts, worth $5.00 at $3.50.
I lot guaranteed silk petticoats,
at $3.98, $4.98 and $6.98.
I lot sample outer skirts at
$3.98, $4.98 and $6.98.
—Smoke Moeller's Silver Ash cigar.
—S. P. Pond is seriously sick at his
—A. J. Hardin is able to be out
after being sick for several days.
—City Engineer J. Ross Robertson,
has been suffering with an attack of
tonsilitls for several days.
—Never mind the weather Friday
evening, but prepare to go to the
apron and necktie party at the Roll
—There were no lockups at the po
lice station yesterday afternoon and I
evening, excepting sleepers and!
—A young child of L. J. Allen of
No. 1617 William street, is seriously
sick and the home has been quaran
tined by the city physician.
—Joe Knight entered a plea of not
guilty in the Superior court to stealing
an overcoat. He was released on his
own recognizance and his appearance]
bond was fixed at $200.
—The city snow shoveling force is
out, removing the snow from property
where the owner has neglected to get
busy. The cost of the work Is charg
ed up against the property.
—Masonic—Special meeting of Har
din lodge No. 29, A. F. and A. M., at
7:30 this evening. Work in E. A. de
gree. Visiting brothers fraternally in
vited to attend. By order of W. M.
A. K. Stewart, Sec.
Thos. Magner, roadmaster of Bluff:?,
111., was a visitor in the city yester
day afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Banghart :ire
visiting this week with relatives and
friends in Hannibal.
Miss Emma L/oewenstein \ias re
turned home after a month's visit in
southern Missouri.
F. L. Patterson, the well known
passenger brakeman of the Q., has re
turned to his run after a pleasant
visit "i Arkansas.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Daniel have re
turned from New Britian, Conn.,
where they were called by the sad
death of their daughter, Mrs. Ken
neth Kellogg. They brought their
young grandchild home with them and
will probably keep the child here.
I spent by the guests.
Special Features «iemLadies' &
f* Misses' Garment Sections
Many of the new spring suits, jackets,coats, wraps and skirts are now
here and never before were we so well prepared this early in the
Also exquisite showing of early arrivals in silk dresses—stunning new
models in waists, silks, messalines, Japs, nets, etc., as well as dainty
tailored wash numbers.
No charge for alteration and most people appreciate
the advantages of strictly tailored alteration. "--Vl
A dance was given in Warsaw last
evening by the Girls' Club of that city.
A number of persons from this city
attended the dance. Agnes' orchestra
Frank Westerhoff was the host at many friends and acquaintances in
a sleighing party given last evening, Keokuk and elsewhere, who will wish
A large numbe:* of young persons en- her well in her married life. The
joyed the evening and
after a delightful ride.
A very pretty wedding took place
last evening at 5 o'clock, when Dr.
N. E. Colby of Keokuk, and Miss Alma
Childers of this city, were united in
the happy bonds of matrimony by Rev.
Father Reimbold at the Catholic par
ish residence. The witnesses were
Miss Callie Wilkens, a cousin of the
bride, and Wallace Childers, brother
of th- bride.
Immediately after the ceremony,
congratulations were extended, and
then the marriage party repaired to
the home Tf -the" bTIde's parents, Mr.
and Mrs-.. Frank Childers, where a de
licious 3 (iourse (}•.o'clock dinner was
served.. .-The' parlors were beautifully
decorated, the color scheme being
green and white flowers were car
nations. The relatives and a few
friends were present to enjoy the
happy event. This afternoon the
young couple will leave for Keokuk,
where they will make their future
Dr. Colby is a rising young dentist
of Keokuk, where he is the head of
the Keokuk Dental Parlors. His pa
rents reside near Madison, Wis. He
is a graduate of the Keokuk Dental
cards last evening at the home of I College and is very prominent and
Mrs. Louis Sterne. Six highly respected among his associates
other at every hand euchre was the chief diversion in that city. The bride is one of Nau-
Bociety and her general ways has!
made her many friends. She also has I
all returned Rustler extends best wishes for a
The Alamo iOf contentment and prosperity.
Investigate the list of Low
itz.garment wearers the past
12 years—Let their verdict de
termine your spring purchases.
—Isn't this a good plan? I
think so
Yours, for always something different
than the every store kind.
At Half Price
Cloth Suits a.i\d Coeds
At half price, an opportunity never before of
fered the trade of Keokuk and vicinity to fill
their cloak wants. Think of buying such jrar.
nients as "Wooltex" coats at half price*
One-Third Off On All
\Fur Coats, Scarfs and Muffs. A big line to se
lect from, all new goods, the season's choicest
Furs, all go at one-third off. You will have
to come early, the wise buyers are busv.
Sullivan & Auwerda
Notice To Deaf
Deaf or partially deaf people are re
quested to call at our store Friday and
Saturday, Feb. 19-20, and make free
trial of the
610 Main St.
Club members and friends were the
guests of the evening.
'J he Nauvoo Rustler's account of the
Colby-Childers wedding was as fol
The Bread of QUALITY
Blue Label on each loaf
Ask the
Grocery Man
AifntiA JLilnti it IftltlTf tii-i..'.
Breakfast food
Pancake flour
J|||lf Whole wheat flour
Graham flour
Hominy Grits
A gentleman'j gold
filled watch, Elgin'? I
works. 20 year case, plain or fan
cy open face sty'-e. Elgin works.
Other g.'ades, $9.50 to $37.50.
404 Main it
so® i"
-v Co
to Q)

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