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False Report Circulated as to His
position With Reference
to Wages.
Parties who hope to Injure Mr.
Louis Sterne's candidacy for mayor
are circulating reports that when the
question of increasing the wages for
men employed to work for the city
was before the council increasing the
wages from $1.50 to $1.75 per day, Mr.
Sterne voted against the increase.
The report is false and it is to be re
gretted that those who do not wish
to see Mr. Sterne elected should re
sort to such contemptible work to try
and accomplish his defeat. Mr. Sterne
like all of the rest of the councilmen
at that time, voted for the Increase
and the records of the April meeting
in 10C/ will show. There is no use
to be misled. Mr. Sterne is in favor
of good wages. More than a year ago
he voluntarily increased the wages of
the men in his employe. Can those
who are circulating the false reports
about him say so much for them
Workingmen are well satisfied with
Mr. Sterne's position on the wage
question. His voluntary Increase in
the wages of his own men refutes the
lying charges that some one is now
circulating with the purpose of hurt
ing his chances for the mayoralty.
Vote for Sterne for mayor.
People past middle life usually have
some kidney or bladder disorder that
saps the vitality, which is naturally
lower in old age. Foley's Kidney
Remedy corrects urinary troubles,
stimulates the kidneys, and restores
strength and vigor. It cures uric acid
troubles by strengthening the kidneys
so they will strain out the uric 'acid
that settles in the muscles and joints
causing rheumatism. Wilkinson &
The Sunday Attractions During the
Month of April at the Y. M.
C. A. Building.
The Social Sunday afternoons at the
Y. V. C. A. building will continue one
mon'h longer. The committee in
charge have some fine features that
will make the hour and a half each
Sunday a time of great pleasure and
profit to the men who wisely choose
to spend their afternoon in this way.
April 4th. Musical specialties by
Mr. Frank E. Reynolds. Address, "A
Life of Service," Mr. J. O. Boyd.
April 11th. Easter music by one of
the church choirs. Address, Rev. Nel
son Hall, Hamilton, 111.
April 18. Musical program by
Messrs. A. W. Hulson and C. F. McFar
April 25. Music to arranged. Ad
dress by Mr. Wm. Aldricb.
For Cor.3tipation.
Mr. L. H. Farnham, a prominent
druggist of'Spirit Lake, Iowa, says:
Tablets are certainly the best thing
on the market for constipation." Give
these taolets a trial. You are cer
tain to find them agreeable and pleas
ant in effect. Price, 25 cents. Sam
ples free. For sale by Wilkinson &
Co. Pharmacy and J. F. ICiedaisch &
Polls Will be Open From 7 O'clock in
Ij the Morning Until 7 in the
l| 7 Evening.
/f -,»^
For the election on Monday, the
polls will be open at 7 o'clock in the
morning and keep, open until 7 o'clock
In the evening. They will be located
as follows:
First ward, No. 323 Main street,
north side of Main between Third
and Fourth streets.
Second ward, No. 28 South Fifth
street, corner of Fifth and Johnson
Third ward, No. 805 Main street,
north side of Main between Eighth and
Ninth streets.
Fourth "ward, No. 920 South Fifth
street, opposite cereal works.
Fifth ward, No. 314 North Four
teenth street, between High and Mor
gan streets.
Sixth ward, No. 26 South Twelfth
street, near the corner of Johnson.
Prepare your system for hot weath
er .don't put off taking Holllster's
Rocky Mountain Tea, but do it now.
The best, most economical regulator
and system conditioner as good for
the children as for father and mother.
Wilkinson & Co.
Hadley Names Revision Lawyers.
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., April 3.—
Governor Hadley today appointed John
C. Brown, A. L. Shortridge and A. T.
Welborne to assist the house commit
tee and R. F. Walker, David H. Har
ris and N. T. Gentry to assist the sen
ate committee in revising the laws.
The legislature created this commis
sion to get around a constitutional In
hibition, which prevented it from pay
ing the lawyers more than $5 a day.
The new law provides for a salary of
$10 a day.
Talk with
ii ne recommends it when the blood is
Paul Bear is at home for an oyer
Snuday visit with his parents.
Rev. A. Y. Kendrick left this morn
ing for Drakeville, Iowa, on business.
Charles Henneman, Jr., has return
ed from a business trip to Des Moines.
Clayton Reiner left this morning for
Argyle to spend a week with relatives. I
Mrs. Frank Singleton has returned
from a week's visit in Nauvoo with
her father.
Miss Margaret Williamson left this
morning to spend the coming week
with relatives at Summltville.
Hubert Nelson left this morning for
Sand Prairie where he will visit for
the coming week with relatives.
Glenn Maxwell of Burlington came
down this afternoon to visit over
Sunday at the family home.
iven last
evening in the parlors of the Qpjigre'
gational church by the Young People's
Christian Endeavor society of \\Tifij
church. Refreshments were
and much enjoyment had.
An enjoyable time was had last
evening at the First Unitarian church
by a large number of persons who at
tended the candy pull given during the
evening by Miss Elsie Buck's class.
Refreshments were served and an en
joyable time had by all present.
Monday evening at the Y. W. C. A.
there will be a social to which all
women are cordially invited to at
tend. There will be games and music
and a good time in general for those
who attend. Mrs. W. Frank Brown
will give a number of her very i
joyabie readings and refreshments will
be served during the evening, the com
mittee for which was appointed at a
recent meeting of the social commit
tee of the association.•
Last evening in the pretty parlors
of the First Baptist church a very en
joyable social was given by Miss Elsie
Jones' class, the second primary class
of'the Sunday School. During the
evening a cantata was given, entitled,
"Little Red Riding Hood," the char
acters in which were faithfully pro
duced by members of the school. A
short nrogram consisting of the fal
lowing enjoyable numbers was given:
Dialogue, by Lloyd Roberts and At
wilda DeYong solo by Miss Helen
Jones song by Miss Jeanette Schotl.
About one hundred persons were pres
ent and enjoyed the affair given by
the class which was highly success
ful. Light refreshments of ice cream
and assorted cakes were served daring
the evening.
Launh and Grow Fat.
Monday is laughing night at the
Grand opera house because on that
date Richards & Pringle's Famous
Minstrels will make their appearance.
No minstrel company that plays here
are anywhere near in the running
when it comes to popularity with
these dusky entertainers.
The management have made a radi
cal departure this season and' their
program offers many pleasing sur
prises but It is a minstrel show, just
the same, through and through.
Clarence Powell, the dean of col
ored comedians, still leads the fun
makers, but there are a great many
new faces in the circle this year. The
olio is the most expensive that this
company have carried in their twenty
nine years of existence.
The seats are selling rapidly, and
as their engagement is limited to one
performance, a word to the wise is
The street parade is a special fea
ture this year.
Italian, Supposed to be Head of Chi
cago Black Hand Society, Taken
mv* by Officers.
aci. who is said by the police to be the
leader tff the Chicago Black Hand so
ciety, was arrested here in the office
of Dr. Peter Sutrera, from whom the
Italian had demanded $3,000 on pain
cf death,
mm ana
when the nerves are weak and unsteady. Ask him »o aias
nature in '""w"
impure, «..«
"Isle of Spice" To-night.
That rare combination of delightful
music, witty dialogue, originality of
theme, brilliant lyrics, a clever com
pany, beautiful musical chorus, and a
scenic environment which has been
described as a dream of scintillating,
irridescent color,, are said to be some
of the qualities responsible for the
phenomial success of that piquant
musical mixture, the "Isle of Spice,"
which will be the attraction at the
Grand this evening. Manager Frazee
has always been noted for the
thorough scenic environment of his
spectacular productions, and in the
"Isle of Spice" he has, it possible, out
done all previous efforts.
—Plenty of splendid seats for the
"Isle of Spice" tonight.
—Special game tonight (Saturday) iwiMTtrr*
tC1U° I
8 superior court by the
Standard Fire Insurance Co, against,
the C. B. & K. C. Coal Co.
—For the consideration of $2,500 mo.
Adolph Mueller has sold to Herman I
Commencing'igatodav, April 10,
he steamer nnhi.mk win l**™ st I
will eive it an unselfish service and he j0wa 2-2t
will give it an unselfish
will see thr.t the best interests are I
I considered. He is a young man whom
Ithe voters will take especial pleasure
in supporting and it is confidently
hoped that hj will have a nice major-,
irace for alderman. For many years he iIlce
has been a resident of the city and the
ward and the voters who support hin
next Monday will not regret their as
sistance. Having plenty of time he
will be able to give to the ward the at
tention that the office deserves but so
frequently fails to receive. Mr. Christy
ly decided against the contractor who
put in the brick' paving in the alleys.
At the end of the petition, W. B. Col-
flco \prll 1*. M09.
Keokuk, Iowa, and will leave St. Louis
every Tuesday, 4:00 p. m. for Burling
ton, Iowa. Commencing April 12th,
the steamer Dubuque will leave Keo- ^rana Avenue lots of the Hubingei
kuk for St. Louis, every Monday and
Friday at G:30 a. m.
—Robert Brlllhardt who escaped re
cently from the asylum at Mount
Pleasant, called at the police station
this morning at 9:30 o'clock and gave
himself up. He was sent up from Al
bia and escaped recently with another
patient, who has not been found as
yet. He will be held here until an
officer comes for him.
—Hear the song hits of th- "Isle
of Spice" tonight.
—The mission at St. Mary's church
will close tomorrow evening. Thevo
will be special services tonight at 7:30
and tomorrow at 6:00, 7:30 and 10
o'clock. The services Sunday even
ing will commence at 7:30 o'clock.
During the progress of the mission,
large crowds have attended and the
mission has been a great success.
—While in Fort Madison today .°on
tinuing the Tucker inquest, Coroner
Korschgen will make an investigation
of the death of an Italian named Sam
uel Rames who was killed on the San
ta Fe on August 24, 1907, and buri-ed
without an inquest. The Italian coun
sel has asked for an inquest or inves
tigation of this case.
—The church choirs of the city are
I many of them preparing Easter mu-
sic which will be rendered a week
from tomorrow, Easter Sunday. In a
number of the churches fine musical
programs have been arranged and in
Keokuk churches this year, this part
of the services of Easter will be more
beautiful clian ever. Sunday school
exercises among the children of the
younger classes will be held in most
present the Second ward. The people
of that ward believe so and they are
going to give him a hearty support
next Monday. Mr. Tumelty is well
liked and is well qualified to
.ward the attention It deseneis
iUS' manicuriu^
™lub .11™ •»»!chiropody or ,le«rolJsis ,removes
a superfluous hair). Few weeks corn
ve?"e h*s
Mondoj nignt. rvlindfir touriiiff cir eIqss
will appreciate the support of all vot- FOR RENT—Furnished room, modem
ers irrespective of party and will make conveniences, desireable location,
a councilman that will be a credit to Address B. Gate City. It
the ward and to the city.
—Henry Kesselring received a
telegram today from L. D. Brady of
Moline, 111., announcing the death of Home.
his wife, whose remains are to be
.brought to Keokuk this evening for
burial here. Mrs. Brady was Miss
Edna Seltz before marriage and was a
daughter of Mrs. Charles Bird of No.
1602 Concert street, to whose home
the remains will probably be taken
after arriving here this evening. Mr.
Brady is a nephew of Mrs. Kesselring.
The deceased was a former Keokuk
girl and has many friends here.
—A petition has been Hied with the
city clerk by John P. Hornish. J. N. ton Ave. 2-2t
Cole, Susan S. Hobbs, Isabelle West
cott, Mary E. Daniel and J. W. Hobbs,
all interested in property in blocks
27, 50 and 51, protesting against the
city taking an appeal in the suit in
the district court and giving a dozen
reasons why. This is the suit recent-
lins has written: "I apprehend the lands, products raised, develop
city council does not care to make a
precedent of protecting a contractor
who failed to comply wjth .the con
tract to Improve a street.'1
I All parties havin., accou-.ts against |ptj0 05c. Texas Realty Journal,
Lee county mail same at once to W. T,„vnn
11. South, county auditor. Fort Ma ll-
°fada" nJssage,
plotes. Great demand for graduates.
now in business. Tools
diplomas granted. Catalogue
mal ed free
Thon, a tract of land in the southeast WANTED—An experienced chocolate
quarter of section 22
—Ernest Brunat who wal seriously
ill this winter, suffered a relapse three
days ago and is again confined to his
bed at home, being now in a very seri
ous condition.
—The matinee audience was de
lighted with the fine musical extrav
aganza the "Isle of Spice" this after
noon. There will be another splendid
audience tonight, as the attraction is
one of the very best of the season.
—Two deeds have been filed where
in the Hawkeye Investment Co., have
sold lots in Hawkeye addition to the
city, each for $55.- Lot 3 in block 13
is sold tq Henry* Hunold and lot 1 in
the same block isi sold to John B. M.
Mullen. Both parties are from Edin.i,
Moler College, St. Louis,
dipper at Marchefke's Candy Store.
WANTED—Man to travel in Iowa.
Start now. Experience unneces
sary. Good pay and tailor made suit
free in 90 days. Write for particulars.
J. E. McBrady & Co., Chicago. It
WANTED—Second hand cornet. Ad
dress 1208 Morgan street. It
WANTED—Traveling salesmen to sell
Fruit Ciders and Phosphates. Also
losal representatives. Salary $125.00
per month and cxper^e Red Cross
Cider Co. St. Louis, Mo. s-tf
SALE-One of tho prettiest
holues on
the steamer Dubuque will leave St.
Louis every Saturday, 4:00 for St. Peters church, eight
I rooms, furnace and bath, modern in
every respect.
south side, within one
A limited number of those choice
estate, at prices ranging from $750.00
to $1,500.00."
Only a few more of these lots to be
sold at present prices.
A desirable residence on the north
side, within three blocks of postoffice,
at a bargain. For prices and terms
see Maxwell & Tumelty, 25 North
Sixth street. It
FOR SALE—Six room house, Sixteen
th and Main streets. Inquire Smith
Hardware Co., 812 Main street.
the best equipped drug stores in
Western Illinois—Stock inventory
$8,000.00. Bargain to right party. For
full particulars address Lock Box 4,
Macomb, Illinois. 3-Gt
FOR SALE—Three chair barber shop,
in present location over ten years.
Has always paid. Owner is not bar
ber, will sell for $50 cash—the bal
ance on weekly payment. J. N. Col
lier, 623 Main street. ws
FOR SALE—Good farm and ranch
lands in San Saba county. Write
Rector & Rector, San Saba, Texas.
,i07 Morgan street,
stake wagon, call 312 Main.
p0R 8A|J5_A :,0„e
»if«5~S. x/uSot-
FOR RENT—No. 925 and 927 Bank
street. Modern conveniences. Good
repairs. L. B. Field, agt. It
FOR RENT—Three rooms for office or
light house-keeping. Inquire Wm.
714 Main street. It
FOR RENT—Six room house, bath.
gas. GOG North Fourth street. Apply
722 Franklin. It
FOR RENT—8 room house, north
side. Hard wood floors. All modern
conveniences. Inquire 417 North
Second. Home plxone 2521. It
FOR RENT—Seven room house, mod
ern improvements, 720 North
Eleventh street. Inquire 1104 Leigh-
KOR RENT—Dwelling with gas, batb
and barn. Also farm near Keokuk
iTiniiT' 727 Morcsn street.
TEXAS—The Texas
Realty Journal gives reliable in
formation ou entire state it tells
going on puts you in touch
with those having farms and coloniza
tion lands for sale gives all matters
of interest to those contemplating
r.-."vlng to Texas. Don't make invest
r. ents until you read It 3 months sub-
Houston, Texas.
son, Iown. Mr. Hart, superintendent
Lee County Home, will collect all bills jgo a week and expenses to men with
for county merchandise purchased by
him. powders experience unnecessary
I nunty warrants v.ll be in my of-
to Introduce poultry and stock
company, and exclusive ter-
County Supervisor. Springfield, Illinois, 3-ot
(i-Mf 5
FOR SALE—Small dwelling house,
20 Fulton street, to be removed.
Inquire 818 Fulton street. It
Marshall County, Iowa, farm two miles
from Liscomb, will trade for Keo
kuk residence, income or merchandise.
Par B. Walker, Ft. Morgan, Colo.
FOR SALE—Six room cottage, hot
... and cold water, gas, bath, furnace,
la'-ee cellar and good cistern. En
quire 507 N. Fifth st.
set, team, light spring wagon har-
.i tio ness, used but very little. In good
condltlon Call at
W -WaS-*
It will pay you to call early and make your selections,
kind ever offered the citizens of Keokuk and vicinity.
CUT prices on lumber, shingles and
Portland cement. I will not be un
der sold. Chas. Johnson, Montrose,
Iowa. ws.
FOR EXCHANGE—Improved IGO-acre
Oklahoma farm for city property.
Inquire 109 North Seventh st.
grocers, druggists and confection
ers: $100.00 per month and expenses.
California Cider & Extract Co., St.
Louis, Mo. It
Tiniberman, 522 Main street. It
A Warning—to feel tired before ex
iertion is not laziness—it's a sign that
ithe system lacks vitality, and needs
the tonic effect of Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Sufferers should not delay. Get rid of
that tired feeling by beginning to
take Hood's Sarsaparilla to-day.
—The registration boards will be
open until 9 o'clock this evening in
each ward, giving the would be voters
a last charce to get their names on
the list.
arffT f- ..•
[LYONS, N. Y„ April 3.—Mrs.
Goorgia E. Sampson, the beautiful
young woman charged with having
killed her husband, Harry Sampson, a
nephew of the late Rear Admiral
Sampson, will be placed on trial here
on April 5. Sampson's death occurred
in his home at Macedon on Nov. 1.
190S. lie was shot with a rifle, and
young wife, of whom he was jeal
ous. declared It was suicide. Circum
stances connected with tho tragedy
caused her to be suspected, and she
was arrested and indicted for murder.
Hor family 1b one ot the most promi
uent in this part of New York.]
Manufacturer's Sale
Cor. 41h and Johnson J\.9 W6dlCP9 Cor. 4th and Johnson
This sale also includes Lace Curtains, Linoleums and Mattings.:
This Cash Sale For 15 Pays Only
As tlic owner lias important business outside the city and desires to close out
300 Room Size Rugs-All Grades
Is the
Kadley to Plant Tree Arbor Day.
J3FFERS0N CITY, Mo., April 3.
Governor Hadiev, Speaker Speer and
President Pro Teni Humphrey, rep
resenting the executive and legisla
tive depart—ents of the state govern
ment, will each plant trees upon the
capitol grounds on Arbor Day if pres
ent plans are carried out.
Fourth Attempt to Wreck Train.
FORT SMITH, Ark., April 3.—Fol
lowing the almost successful attempt
to wreck a Midland Valley passenger]
train at Sans Bois, Ok., last .light an
other attempt was made on a west
bound passenger today by driving
spikes between rail joints. This was
the fourth attempt, and when the train
ran upon the obstruction the passen
gers were thrown into a panic.
Kansas City Live Stock.
KANSAS CITY, April Cattle re
ceipts, 800 steady steers, [email protected]
G.90 stockers, [email protected]
Sheep receipts, none.
Do not fall to enjoy the
Spice'* tonight at the Grand.
A V-
This will be the greatest sale of its
Buy your rugs at mill prices.
1837 1909
ions dFJ^bncJ
'iano Making
Sheaffer & Saunders
Hadley Plans a Clean-up.
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., April 3.—
Gov. Hadley Friday ordered the State
Board of Health to make a thorough
investigation of the sanitary condition
of the Missouri Penitentiary. The
Governor Is of the opinion that sani
tary conditions can be greatly helped
by'the liberal application of soap, lime
and other cleansing and disinfecting I
Chicago Grain Cloie.
May. July. Sept
Wheat 121% 108% 100^4
Corn 68 66% 66%
Oats 55% 48% 40%'
Chicago Live Stock.
CHICAGO, April 3.—Cattle—Re
celpts, 2,000, steady: beeves, [email protected]
7.10 stockers, [email protected]
Hogs—Receipts, 10,500, strong, 5®
10c higher light. [email protected] heavy,
[email protected] pigs, $5 [email protected]'6.50.
Sheep—Receipts, 1,500, steady:
natives [email protected] lambs [email protected]
New York Produce.
NEW YORK, April 3.—Dressed poul
try quiet and unchanged live poultry
moderate demand unchanged.
Cheese, firm.
Butter, lower creameries 28c state
dairy tubs, 19® 25c.
Eggs, steary nearby white, fancy,
[email protected] fresh firsts, [email protected]
New York Stocks.
Hogs, receipts 4.000 strong 5c high
er: bulk, [email protected] pigs, $5.50®
.sic of
NEW YORK. April 3.—After the
first few minutes the most, interest?'.
centered on Union Pacific which buy
Ing orders appeared through the sanies
quarters that were noted as accum
1 ulating the stock earlier in the week,
This buying carried Union Pacific:,:
over a point, and caused a stronger*,.
tone in Southern Pacific and oUierO?
I important railroad stocks. Govern-'
ments unchanged other bonds uu
—Vote for Sterne and Xesselrinc.
—Willis Mundy is making the rae«
for alderman In the Fourth ward. Helpt
'elect him and you will not reg-.it it.

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