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Rain or snow and colder today
Monday Fair.
VOL. 110. NO. 140.
Car Ferry Undoubtedly Sank to the
Bottom of Lake Erie, Proba
bly With all Who Were
on Board.
Life Preservers Which Were on the
Boat Were Found Floating
Empty on the Surface
of Lake.
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
ERIE, Po., Dec. 11.—The state fish
tug Commodore Peary which started
from this port late today in search of
the car ferry Marquette and Bessemer
No. 2 arrived back in port tonight aud
reported picking up a sky-light, a nil
low and life preservers marked ferry]
No. 2, and other wreckage in the
.She reports leaving a Issge amount
of wreckage floating in ohe vicinity.
This would indicate that the car ferry
went down with all hands.
Albert J. Weiss, treasurer fthe
Keystone Fish Company, and of the
Bay State Iron Works of this city, was
a nassenger on the ferry.
Rutt and Clark Won by Going 2,600
Miles But Failed to Equal the
Record Made In
•S. Wv
Final Mile of the Big Race Was Made
by Rutt in 3:16 When he and
,... gClark Had Track to
York—Dec. 11.—Rutt and Clark won
the" six day cycle race at Madison I
Square Garden tonight finishing at 10!
o'clock with a score of 2,660 miles and
one lap.
The finishing hours of the race
though marked with much enthusiasm
were a test of endurance rather than
a spectacular event. The winning
team had gained a lead of one lap
early this morning and this advantage
was maintained to the finish. It was
so evident thirty minutes before the
finish that Rutt and Clark could not be
caught that the two were given the
track to themselves for the last five
minutes to compete in a match race
of one mile. Rutt won this sprint in
3:16. It brought out more enthusiasm
tnan any event of the last day of the
Walthour. representing the Wal
thour-Colllns team Hill of the Hill
Stein team and Fogler of the Root
Fogler combination all of which teams
were tied for second place, competed °f
in one mile sprints for second. Fol
ger, Walthour and Hill rode for their
respective teams, Folger winning by
three yards. The time 2:20 2-4. Hehlr
of the Halstead-Hehir team and West
of the Mitten and West team, rode out
their tie.
The Final Scores.
The following score shows how
prizes were divided.
Final score bicycle race 142 hours
10 p. m.
Rutt-Clark 2,C60—1.
Root-Fogler 2,660—0.
Walthour-Collins 2,660—0. -v
Hill-Stein 2,660—0.
Halstead-Hehir 2,659—9.
Mitten-West 2,659—9.
Lawson-Demara 2,659—8.
Georget-Georget. 2,659—6.
Anderson-Vanonl 2,631—5.
The record was made by McFarland
and Moran, 2,737- miles, 1 lap, In 1908.
The cash prizes for the teams com
peting In the raice are as follows:
First $1,600 second $1,000 third
$750 fourth $600 fifth $500 sixth
$350 seventh $200 total $6,000
—The. gas pressure has been very
poor, last evening and on Friday night
especially so. In a number of places
no gas issued from tbe jets when the
,V.©y was turned.
Organization of Sicilians Who Have
Patterned Their Gang After
the Italian Blank
Hand Club.
swifty followed in Central Ohio, Cleve
land, Cincinnati, Meadville, Pa. and
Pittsburg. This star witnesses against
the accused who are said to be mem
bers of the "Order of the Banana",
an organization of Sicilians, pattern
ed after the Italian "Black Hand"
society, are John Amicon, several
wealthy wholesale fruit dealers of Col
umbus and Postmaster Krumm of Col
umbus. Amicon received letters
threatening Jftorrible consequences if
he did not pay $10,000. The letters
had been mailed at Bellefontalne, but
were traced to Marion. The govern
ment has letters, note books, accounts,
minutes of the "Order of the Banana",
arms and ammunition, Baid to have
been seized in the house of Guiseppe
Ignoffo, in Marion.
Tex Rickard Gets Hot Under the
Collar These Wintry Days
When People Talk About
Mill Site.
Two Colored Pugs in Paris' Give an
Exhibition Which the Audience
Did Not Like Very
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
BOSTON, Mass., Dec. 11.—"Jeffries
and Johnson will fight in Salt Lake
City. San Francisco will be last
choice. When I put up the money for
this fight I put it up to have the fight
on my range and its going to be held
on my range If the Utah authorities
don't Interfere. If they do It may
Woman Who Threatened to Use Dyna­
mite Bomb Unless She Got
Money, Gets Jail Sent-.
ence Instead.
Government is After Ganr .Ich
8ent a Threatening Lff' ,d
Demanded Big f"
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
TOLEDO, Ohio, Dec. 11.—Charged
with using the mails in an attempt
to extort money, sixteen Sicilians were
indicted by the Federal Grand jury
Salvatore and Sebastian Lima were
other arrests
Society Queen Was Threatened by
the Wife of a Druggist in the
Fashionable Capitol Hill •.
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
DENVER, Colo., Dec. 11.—MrB. Al
len F. Read, convicted of attempting
to extort money from Mrs. Genevieve
Chandler Phipps, society queen,
through dynamite threats, was late
tliis afternoon sentenced to one year's
imprisonment. Mrs. Read will prob
ably appeal her case.
The passing of sentence followed
a long argument for the release of the
convicted woman on technicalities.
Motions to this effect and for a new
trial were overruled by the court.
Mrs. Read and her husband, a prom
inent druggist, who has a store in the
fashionable capitol hill district, were
present when the decree of the court
was Issued.
President Hawley Decides Matters
Which May Terminate in a
Strike of aWflie'Union
Meeting of the Managers Is Called for
December 13 at Which the
Negotiations Will be
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Dqc. 11.—In a two hour
conference late this afternoon with
first and second vice-presidents Heber
ling §nd Connors, of the switchmen's
union, President Hawley decided mat
ters which may terminate in a strike
on all railroads that employ members
of his organization. The largest points
affected by the action are Buffalo. To
eldo, Kansas City, Detroit, Cleveland,
Chicago and all Texas towns.
go to Ely. I have the say and I am Improved working conditiones. These
going to have my way." demands do not cover tbe eastern
Somewhat warm under the collar roads. Separate action will be taken
when shown the statement by
Jack Gleason that the fight would
go to the Golden Gate, Tex Rickard,
Nevada, now in Boston, un
tonlght. Glea-
Unless an Increase satisfactory to
the rank and file of the union is grant,
ed, within the next few weeks, It is
the opinion of the leaders that the men
will take, radical action. They ask for
bosomed himself
son says the fight is surely going: agers was called and December 13
to Frisco, Rickard was informed by was fixed as the date for opening nego
the United Press.i tiations.
"Is it" was the reply. "Well I say O. L. Dickinson, speaking for the
its going to Salt Lake and take it: managers association, said: "The. con
from me, Salt Lake will be the place." ference will be watched with Interest,
"Of course" Rickard continued, "if
there should be Interference by the
Utah people, the fight might ultimate
ly go to San Francisco. But there will
be no Interference. Salt L^Ke Is a
good hot town now and the Mg mer
chants there want the fight as an
t. v- win be ness without restriction and we are
ad. I've bgenj.surea there will be
wants the fight in Frisco. He's a
Frisco man and sure he will joost his
home town. But I've got 'he say so
and I Bay Salt Lake.
"Even If there should be any trouble
and Salt Lake be cut cut /.here are
other towns in the northwest. Wh«?r
I put up the money I made sure thrit
I oould .pull off the fight in Idaho,
Utah or Nevada. Ely is in Nevada and
she's sure second choice.
Paris Fake Fight.
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
PARIS, De«. 11.—In a fight tonight
at the Cirque De Paris that was so
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Tiie Big Question to be Decided Will
Be the Releasing of Old
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
WINNIPEG, Dec. 11.—A farmers
parliament of grain growers will con
ne next Wednesday. Action of the
convention will largely govern tbe vol
ume of grain products in the future.
One of the big questions to be decid
ed is "How much old wheat shall be
released and what percentage of next
years crop shall be held ,,
Northwestern Striking Switchmen
Will Submit to Abritration in
Order to Close the Con ...
trove rsy.
Officer of the Union Says That the
Men Have no Wish to Pro
long Strike and Inter-.
fere With Traffic.
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Dec. 11.—
The strikers are willing to make con
cessions to bring the swltehmens
strike to a speedy and amicable end.
This declaration was made late today
by D. A. Harshbarger, third vice-presi
dent of the Switchmen Union of
North America, temporarily in charge
at strike headquarters.
He said his position was exactly
that of president Hawjey and dictated
this statement:
"I don't care to say too much on
the point of arbitration. Mr. Hawley
will return from Cincinnati tomorrow.
But I can say we will do everything
possible to bring the matter to an
amicable conclusion. We do n6t want
to prolong the strike. We are just
as confident of our strength as we
were at the inauguration of the trou-
That a strike of all the switchmen
and allied union men is imminent is
evident from the talk at union head
quarters. The public, It' is stated, has
taken only a passive interest in the
union side of the dispute. Predictions
are mqde that there will be an awak
ening of interest Monday or Tuesday
ittstft week. .*-!***$&>. ,,
Murdoc McKenzie Hurrying to Dakota
to Investigate the Murder
of His Son by an Em
Father of the Dead Man is Prominent
and Wealthy Citizen and Warm
Friend of Colonel
six cents an hour more than they now McKeuzle, millionaire and national
get time and a half over-time and
concernlng those lines later. The un
ion officers met the railway managers
during the day and submitted their
demands with a request for an early
reply. A hasty meeting of the man-
but there seems to be no reason for
alarm as this is merely a businss con
ference such ag is carried on from
time to time for several years be
tween railroads and representatives of
labor organizations. The railroads
continue to accept all classes of busi-
[Gate city Ileasea wire Service.]
TRINDAD, Colo., Dec. 11.—Murdoc
character, is on his way to Leabeau,
S D., tonight to Investigate the death
of his son, who was shot and killed
this afternoon by one of his employes,
according to dispatches received here.
Young McKenzie has been manager
o° a ranch of the Matador Land and
Cattle company, of which his father
Is head, on the Cheyenne Indian Res
ervation, for three years. He was 31
years old and unmarried.
Murdoc McKenzie, the man's fath-i
er, was at one time president of the
National Live Stock A-sociation, and
known throughout the country as
a warm personal friend of Col. Theo
dore Roosevelt.
Killed In 8aloon.
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
LEBEAU, S. D., Dec. 11.—"Bud'
Stephenson, fifty-eight years old, was
ar-ested tonight, following the murder
rjf David G. McKenzie, familiarly
known as ''Dode," son of Murdoc Mc
Kenzie, of Trlndad, Colo., one of the
wealthiest cattlemen ln the country.
Stephenson was once employed on the
Matador Ranch of which McKenzie
was manager He recently came to I
and livec' by doing odd jobB
of work about town. McKenzie was
killed In a saloon. The first shot was
fired at close range. That struck Mc
Kenzie who staggered forward, only
to receive two more shots, one In his
body and the other in his arm. The
wounded man fell to the ground and
expired. Stephenson was removed to
Sc.lby for safe keeping, where he is
hf.ld on a charge of murder.
-Read The Daily Gate City.
President of Lakes to the Gulf Deep
Waterway Association Be­
lieves Taft is In Favor
of Movement.
Feels Confident That the River lm»
-.provement Projects Will Re
ceive Satisfactory Treat-,
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 11.—"President
Taft," said W. K. Kavanaugh, presi
dent of the Lakes to the Gulf Deep
Waterway association, who returned
today from Washington, where he at
tended the rivers and harbors con
gress, "received us warmly and his at
titude was one of conservatism, not
This was Mr. Karnaugh's atiswer
to the reports that President Taft In
dicated opposition to the deep water
way project.
"The members of the rivers and har
bors committee, which will determine
the fate of the project wore most cor
dial and attentive at the reception of
our appeal. We found most decided
sympathetic feeling exhibited by the
members of the committee, and while
not wishing to appear over enthuslas-
ble. But we are not arbitrary and tic, our delegation feel confident of re
will do everything we can to relieve
the strain on oondltion of affairs."
celvlng the most satisfactory treat
ment for oyr deep water-way project
at their hands.
"President Taft favors the Joining of
the plan for improvement of the Ohio
to that for deepening the Missouri and
this plan is satisfactory to our com
mission. We have no objection td any
collateral scheme that will Include the
deepening of the Mississippi.
... .... Vyt J-'"'-
Girl Who Was Sentenced to Three
Months in County Jail Has the
Backing of the Western',
Miners Organization.
mm.'- .awA
The Red Flag of the Working People
Was Waved by Prosecuting
Lawyer as the Banner
-A*. of Anarchy.
Qn the ju
•i mm
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
SPOKANE, Wash., Dec. 11.—The
Western Federation of Miners today
notified counsel of the Industrial
Workers of the World here that their
organization will stand behind the de
fense of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, con
victed Thursday night of conspiracy
In. connection with the Spokane free
speech movement and with Its own
personal funds will carry her case to
the highest tribunal ln the land if
To assist the girl in her fight to
escape the sentence of three months
in the county jail, $500 was sent to
her counsel here today by local No. 1
0( t^e
Miners Union of Butte, Mont.
Miss Flynn is much encouraged by
the words of good cheer contained in
messages which she has received from
at' over the country. .?
'•&:t Confident of Acquittal.
Every copy of the Industrial Work
er, the ofllcial organ of the Industrial
workers of the world, is being seized
aj fast as it comes from the press.
The local authorities claim they are
becked up In the seizure by the crim
inal libel law. Three of the editors
of the papers are now in jail in con
nection with the free speech move
ment. ..
-Jlead The Paily.Gjite City.
Intends to Make the White House
Functions More Exclusive in the
Future Than They
Have Been.
Four State Affairs to be Given With
Only a Few Invited Instead
of a Big Conglomerate
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, iSec. 11.—Demo
cratic simplicity at the white house is
doomed. No more will the common
people rub elbows with the elite nor
the president at state receptions
srend two hours shaking hands with
the conglomerat gathering. This is the
interpretation placed upon formal an
nouncement made at the white house
setting forth some of the social re
forms Mrs. Taft will inaugurate.
Mrs. Taft plans to make the func
tions very select, the gatherings small
and will serve refreshments. This
last has not been done at the white
house since the days of President
Hays, mainly because of lack of fa
cilities with which to serve the
crowds that were always present.
Mrs. Taft will curtail Invitations to
the diplomatic, judicial, congressional
and army and navy receptions to four
state functions because of her desire
to make the receptions "significant,
distinctive and more of a personal
henor to the guests." The list will
b«5 reduced by limiting invitations to
one or the other of the receptions and
not inviting the same guests to all
o? them.
Two Weeks Have Passed Since Cath­
erine Haight Disappeared and
Her Parents are Almost
This Seems to be the Impression Al
though the Girl Apparently
Left Home of Her Own
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Dec. 11.—The second
wrek of the search lor missing Cath
arine Margaret Haight, the pretty
sixteen year old high school gir', end
erl tonight without a single tangible
clew. Charles Monahan. Eugene Mc
Neil and Elmer Farr, three young
hotel employes are held by the po
lice pending an investigation.
Miss Haight.'s parents have search
ed night and day since she left home
ana are on the verge of nervous pros
tration. Whenever they go from
heme they leave a" note for the girl
In the hope she may return during
tiielr absence It reads: "Dear
darling Margaret: We love you .lust
av we always did. If you read this
don't go away. All Is forgiven. We
won't make you go back to school
or force you to do anything you don't
want to do. (Signed) Mother and
The police have ransacked every
white slave mart in the town without
"I am certain I shall ultimate'y bt
acquitted," she said today. "The success. There -re many private fought
jury was prejudiced against me and flats where girls are held while they ^at Zelaya's forces were advancing
against industrialism by gingolsm over I are being tortured into submission to
the American flag used by District th life they are Intended to lead,
Attorney Pugh. He prejudiced the xh« girl could be kept a prisoner in
jury with scathing charges against our any one of these apartments for
members and the declaration that our months and have no means of corn
red flag which is the symbol of the munlcatlng with the outside world.
working classes for ages Is th« sym-
br] the anarchist therebv working
White slave Sensation.
This latest "white slave" sensa
tion has stirred the authorities to re
newed activity against banders. A
zen men were fined heavily the
Read the Daily Gate City,
Keokuk's Best Newspaper,
Motorman Expired and the Interurfcan
Car Speed For Miles at Terrific
Speed Through the
Passengers Had Miraculous Esoap*
From Instant Death for None
of Them Were Seri
ously Injured.
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
DENVER. Colo., Dec. 11.—With a
dead motorman lying across the con
troller box, a Falrmount interurban car
tore along at terrific-speed for half an.
hour tonight and was final'y derailed
on a curve. Fifteen passengers and
the conductor were badly shaken but
escaped without Injury.
Investigations by surgeons after the
accident, showed that Motorman J. A.
Ray, supposed to have been killed In
tue wreck had died of heart failure
fully thirty minutes before the car left
the tracks. When fie died his body
did not fall to the floor because some
of his clothing become entangled In.
the controller bar. For half an hour
the car sped across open country
where there are. usually but few stops
and the conductor and passengers
did not suspect that anything was
wrong. As the car started onto a
curve without slackening speed the
conductor started forward to see what
was wrong. Before he could traverse
the length ofc, the car it left the track
and 'smashed into a telegraph pole.'
The escape of the passengers from int
stant death is considered miraculous.
Tricky Zelaya is Said to be Preparing
to Rush Defenseless Little
Blueflelds at Early Hour^
This Morning.
City is Terror Stricken With th*
Skirmishing Which is Going
I on Within Earshot of
1'' \The Town.
[Gate City Leased Wire Service.]
BLUEFIELDS, Nicaragua, Dec. II.—*'
Information received this afternoon
that a battle ln which the United
States troops would undoubtedly b®
forced to take part would begin in
the darkness of Sunday morning, has
ci.used officers in command
municipal courts today for Inducing which had ceased under an armistice
ycung girls to leave their homes. while the officers n-ere conferring °ver
Rev. Brnest Bell, the preacher, I surrender, but which was resumed
v/ho aided United States Attorney.
in the preparation of the
"white slave bill" today re-
cruiser Des Moines to prepare for
action at an Instant's notice. Zelaya
hast planned, It is said, to make a
nipht attack on the practically de
fenseless city of Blueflelds. He could
wield a blow that would make the clt«
hii: before the defenders could know
hew small his, the advancing army
was, or have a chance to make a
fight. That the revolutionary force"*
vrili be unable to cope with the sol
diers of Zelaya and that the pillaga
o,' the town will follow unless mac
rlnes Interfere Is the conclusion which
is said to have been reached.
During the morning there wai
ominous quiet In the vicinity of Rama
where It was supposed the hardest
battle of the revolution would be
Later when it was learned
Blueflelds, whispers of treachery
heard on every hand.
Advised by Foreigner.
A rumor generally current her®
says that a German or an American
ccnceived the plan by which Zelaya
has stolen a march on Estrada and
that he was not aided by the best
generals In Zelaya's army, none of
whom have engaged in the fighting at
Rama. It Is thought the fighting
was 111
Sims in starting the agitation which hide the advance of the mam ods
of Zelaya's troops from the knowledge
of Estrada leaders. The action of
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