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THURSDAY, FEB. 10, 1910.
Merry Quartet of Skaters, Three
Whom Went Through the Ice,
Had a Cold Experience
Earl Rosslter, Employe of the First
Lock Ran to the Assistance of
Three Floundering Young
To have a pleasant afternoon id
gliding over the glasssy surface of the
canal on skates, turned into an icy
bath, when their wasn't a match in
the party, to start a Are on shore, waB
not the Individual or combined antici
pations of four young ladies, as they
whiled away a few .pleasant hours
yesterday afternoon, on the frozen sur
face of the government ditch, a short
distance above the first lock.
Shortly after three o'clock yester
day afternoon, four young ladies, Miss
Elsie Bode, Miss Clara Trott of the
Keokuk Savings Bank, Miss ISmmis
Nlvling, general secretary and Miss
Meta Kummer, physical director of
the Y. W. C. A. with skates and
smiles wended tlieir way to the qanal
where they spent an enjoyable time
cavorting about the smooth mirror.
One. of the -party, Miss Kummer, was
delayed behind the other members dur
ing the sport, adjusting a skate strap.
Suddenly and without warning, the
dreaded c-r-a-c-k, splash and gulp of
the apperature's mouth, that is so
familiar to the old skatesman, re
sounded up the canal, and three lad
ies, with simultaneous expressions of
disgust and almost horror, of the sit
uation, found themselves floundering
in the deep of Uncle Sams' waterway,
.lust at this stage of the game, a real
live hero, in the personage of a young
man, Karl itossiter, who is employed
at the first lock shops ,put in an ap
pearance and gallantly went to the
rescue of Che immersed young ladies
and succeeded by careful maneuver
ing, in pulling the cold members of
the skating party from the icy water.
It was all done so quickly that before
they knew it, the skaters who had re
ceived a severe wetting, up to theii
shoulders, were seated comfortably in
the engine room of the first lock, jof Pla'era-
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awaiting the arrival of a carriage
which was 'phoned for and arrived
post haste. In safety, the party was
all returned to their homes, except
one member, who thought -she had
arrived ft her residence, suddenly dis
covered that the door key had been
left at the office and the carriage ser
ved a* a waiting room, while a dry
member of the party made haste to
securc the lock opener.
The situation, when the three
skaters went through the ice, was a
precarious one, and might have prov
ed serious had it not been for the
timely assistance of, Rossiter.
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Sporting News
The awakening this week in the
game of pool brings to mind the fact
that pool and billiards are not given
the relative standing among other
pastimes that they should have, when
it is taken into consideration the num
ber of people daily engaged in the
sport. Keokuk has quite a large army
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stomach and many other miserable
heretofore practically
no attention has been given the game.
Now that a league has been formed it
is expected that people will turn their
attention to it and follow the science
and progress from this time on. It is
interesting to note the large army of
followers the cue games have in the
United States. There are approximate
ly '60,000 billiard parlors in the coun,
try including public and private hails,
lodges, .M. C. A. and the like. In
smaller cities there are fewer tables,
while in larger cities they are more
numerous, but the number in all would
reach the 300,000 figure. Each of
these tables to be self supporting
must bring in an income of two dol
lars per day. The average charge is
fifty cents per hour. That means
that not less than four men per table,
and a minimum of 1,200,000 men
throughout the country play bil
liards and pool one hour each day.
That vast army is required to pay
the running expenses of 60,000 rooms.
The same men do not play pool Dr bil
liards every day, and it is safe, there
fore, to estimate those who actually
play the game two or three days
every week at not lesB than 3,000,000.
P. Kommers, an outfielder with the
Beardstown team of th- Illinois-Mis
souri team last year, bas been signed
by the New York Nationals.
Announcement comes from Jack
sonville that Akers and Glass, both
pitchers, have been sold to the Du
buque club in the Three-Eye league
Both men are regarded as fair twirl
erB, but their work during the past
two years has not shown up very bril
liantly. Of the two Glass -looks the
best. He is husky and may have
something more in him than he has
been able to get out thus far. Against
Keokuk last season he pitched several
excellent games. On July 8 in this
city he let the Indians down with
four hits and one run, but Iosf 1 to 0.
On May 31 he had better luck, for
working in the second game of a
(Ladies' Outfitter)
double header beat Keokuk it to 2.
Jacksonville has not decided upon a
manager as yet. Another piece of
news eminating from there is aA
nouneement of the return of Jimmy
Upton from Aberdeen.
Quincy Whig: The crack bowling
team at K'eokuk comes down this
evening to meet the picked team of
the O'Brien alleys, which will repre
sent Quincy at the national tourna
ment to be held in Detroit next month.
The regular scheduled match in the
Handicap league at the alleys v.-ill
start at 7:30 o'clock this evening, in
order to allow time for the big match
to be rolled in. The Keokuk team is
the one that defeated the locals earlier
in the winter, and a spirited contest
is looked for. The Quincy team will
be composed of Hoffman, O'Brien,
Gu8 VandenBoom, Joe VandenBoom
and Frank Bruggeman. In the game
between the Cubs and the Globes last
night not any of the Globe bowlers
showed up and only two of the Cu*
were ready for action. The former
team was given its average score,
while the two Cubs carried the aver
ages of their team-mates, winning all
three games.
Several of the Three-Eye league
managers have gobbled up recruits
from the big leagues to strengthen the
weak spots on their clubs. Manager
McCarthy leads In this respect, hav
ing gobbled up three during the past
week all beiing from the Chicago Cub
squad. These men, Catcher Wolfe,
Shortstop Fisher and Pitcher Wood,
all had excellent records last season
and should assist in keeping the
Speakers well up in the race. Peoria
also added a couple of Chicago re
cruits, Catcher Asnussen from the
White Sox and Pitcher Cook of the
Cubs, being the new men added.
I respectfully announce to the re
publican voters of Lee county that I
am a candidate for the nomination for
sheriff, subject to the decision of the
voters at the coming primary election.
Varieties of Girls.
"There are. three kinds of girls,"
says the'Philosopher of Folly "those
who are pretty and foolish, those who
are homely and sensible, and those
that have nothing to preserve them
from being old maids."
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of Ozonralsion is its CURA
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pure air and correct living, they will.
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Party Who Entered Drexel Hall Tues­
day Night and Robbed Regiser,
Makes Partial Return
of Money.
Very Rdv. James Gillispie, Pastor of
St. Peter's Summoned Pro-
prietor Gray—Prose-
cut'ton at End.
The person who carried away two
money bags containing about forty
dollars from the Drexel billiard hall
Tuesday night is repentent.
Last evening Proprietor Thomas
Gray received a summons from Very
Rev. James Gillespie, pastor of St.
Peter's Catholic church, the character
of which he did not know at the time.
Arriving at the pastor's home he was
rewarded by the return of twenty dol
lars, or Just about half of what was
stolen, and received the promise that
the balance of the stolen money would
be returned In full at an.early date.
In return Mr, Gray promised that all
prosecution will be dropped, although
he himself, and possibly no one else
but the priest is aware of the per
son's identity. Mr. Gray has fulfilled
his part of the agreement, having, no
tified Marshal Henry Kesselring to
prevent any attempts to apprehend
the party.
Tells Part of Story.
Mr. Gray's visit to the parish house
of Father Gillespie resulted in him
learning a few of the details
robbery. It seems, according to the
priest, that the party, for thcxe was
but one intimately associated with
taking the money, was under the in
fluence of liquor at the time. He
commited the act and then it is
thought went and spent quite a part of
the money with friends. During the
day he realized the full gravity of his
crime and grew repen'-snt. Visiting
Father Gillespie he confided In Lim
and turned over twenty dollars—all be
had left after a night of carousing on
ill-gotten goods,
Near to Pastor.
In speaking to a reporter about the
matter today Mr. Gray voiced in a
strong manner the close confidence
which the party had in the pastor of
St. Peter's Catholic church. He was
not reticent about expressing his
views as to this phase in the Cath
olic religion, which, he 6ays, works a
greater good than anything else. The
complete confidence that this man had
in the pastor and the fact that he
went and truthfully told the whole
story, will serve to materially change
him, and make his unlawful act prob
ably the last one that he will com
mit, according to further views ex
pressed by this ex-United States .mar
shal. ,*
Task for Genial Sportsman.
Certain lands in East Barnet, Eng
land, are exempt from tithes, but Sir
Thomas Lipton, who owns them, has
to be ready when called upon to' pro
vide "fagots for the burning of here
Ozomulsion is known, recommended
and sold by worthy druggists every-'
where in 16 oz• and 8 oz. bottles.
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Haidwaie Oealei-s rt.
Hnvo Yoit
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Get a Can Today
"The Time, the Place and tbe Girl,
perhaps, the best of Frazee's musical
jingles, for which that writer and play
wright has made himself renowed,
played to a comfortable down stairs,
and a full upper house last night at
the Grand. The various parts were
taken with life by the mem'jers of
the company, and the drills and song
staged effects were particularly en
trancing with a bevy of nearly all
pretty girls and a handsome star lady
No author of recent years lias writ
ten more successful plays than has
C. C. Hoyt, the author of the new
That Postal Deficit
Postmaster-General Hitchcock reports
that the Post-Office Department loses
$64,000,000 a year in the business of
carrying second-class mail (magazines and
There is not a deficit of $17,000,000,
as the department alleges, but actually a
surplus of more than $10,000,000, when
the specific loss on free rural delivery is
taken into consideration, and the de
partment's figures of $64,000,000 loss on
second-class matter are wrong by more
than, $60,000,OQO.
for February 12th devotes its editorial
page to this subject, showing the injustice
of the recommendation to raise the rate on
all magazines and periodicals—but not on
daily papers or the country weeklies.
One fact: In the year ended June
30th, 1908, the weight of second-class
matter compared to 1907 ^creased 18,
000,000 pounds. The postal expenditures
/increased $18,000,000. I" There is some
thing in it besides second-class matter.
Look for a dozen more facts in this
week's (date of February 12th) number of
if Vi j- $ "n -ft
Paid circulation this week is
The Curtis Publishing Company
Xf*. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
combined the many sparkling dramatic
scenes with plenty of good, clean, wit
ty comedy, the kind that all enjoy,
Among some of his most successful!
plays may be mentioned "When Worn
en Love,1' "Lured From Home" and a
score of others, but in no one of these
has he so happily blended the many
intense dramatic and amusing situa-!
tions together with the story of human
interest as in this, his lastest play,
"The County Sheriff", which will be
presented with a large and capable
cast and a complete scenic production
at the Grand on Monday.
'A "y
Olga Nethersole's
While it is often impossible to pre
vent an accident, it is never impos
sible to be prepared—it is not be
yond any one's purse. Invest 25 cents
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