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VOL. 113. NO. 148.
Parliament Submit* to Every Demand
and Resignation of American
•'i- is Received.
Independence of the Country Was
Threatened and He Was Will­
ing to Step Down .......
and Out.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
TEHERAN, Dec. 22.—Parliament to
day yielded to the demands of Russia
that W. Morgan Shuster, the Ameri
can tre&surer-general be dismissed.
The action is in direct opposition to
the people who have loyally supported
the young American during his incum
bency. f\
Persia has submitted to «very de
mand made by Russia, it is reported,
although no official announcement ot
tbe action has been given out. It is
believed that a new treasurer-general
will be secured from America or
some European country. The new offi
cial cannot take office, however, until
England and Russia have confirmed
his appointment.
Shuster did not express any aston
ishment over the action of parliament
He declared he was perfectly satisfied
to withdraw provided the Persian
parliament was convinced'that such
action was necessary for the welfare
of Persia.
A messenger from parliament car
ried the notice to ShuBter in a for
mal note. He replied with his resig
nation in which he thanked the mem
•tiers of parliament for standing by
him so loyally and only yielding when
the independence of Persia was
.yett'ritacliea the public.
are ardent in their support of Shuster
and it is believed the action will be
vigorously resented.
Officers have posted notices forbid
ding the people to congregate in the
streets or to remonstrate against any
action of the government.
There is wild excitement over the
report that Russian troops are ad
vancing from Kasbin. This report is
untrue, however, as the Russian sol- ... ..
diers have received orders remain
at Kasbin for the present. Unless
there is an outbreak following the an
nouncement of Shuster's dismissal,
the troops will be withdrawn to
Resht and probably later into Russian
territory. ,,
the dismissal of Shuster, a prompt
apology from the Persian government
for alleged interference with the prop
erty of Persians under Russian pro
tection fthe former Shah) and the
payment of an indemnity to Russia
for expenditures she had incurred in
sending troops to the Persian frontier.
The national council declined at first.
to comply with these demands, al-
ed from office because hei did his work
too well.
The young American, upon the rec
ommendation of President Taft, was
secured by Persia to take charge of
her sickly financial affairs. Within
few months he had almost $1,000,000
in a treasury that had been empty
when he took charge. Russia began
to grow uneasy. She and England
had looked upon the situation In Per
sia with great satisfaction and had in
tended to partition the territory as
soon as the government became bank
rupt. Russian financiers who had
been accustomed to do about as they
pleased in Persia found themselveb
thwarted by the American. They pro
tested to the czar. Persia received a
polite notification that Shuster'B pres
ence was distasteful to Russia, but
she did not take the hint. Then fol
lowed the famous ultimatum, demand
ing Shuster's dismissal. The Persian
cabinet, which was pro-Russian in
sympathy, was willing to get rid of
the treasurer-general, but parliament
refused to fall in line with the minis
(Continued on page 3,)
Tom Dennison Does Not Want Con­
vict Released and Others Join In
Working Against the
Letter Written by 8hercliffe Was
Tampered With According to
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
DENVER, Colo., Dec. 22.—The fate
of Sherman Morris, alias Prank Sher
cliffe, whom Tom Dennison, Omaha's
political boss, is striving to keep be
hind the bars of the Colorado pem
tenitary, will not be known for several
days. After bearing the evidence of
Dennison himself, and a number of
witnesses who favor Shercliffe, the
board decided to postpone its decision
in the case until it had made a fur
ther investigation into the Leadville
angle of tbe case. It was because he
was convicted of killing John Walsh,
a miner, at Leadville, that Shercliffe
was sent to the penitentiary for a
twenty-five year term.
Seldom has Denver been stirred as
it is over this case. During the
hearings of the pardon board yester
day a large number of witnesses were
examined. Besides Dennison, W. J.
Connell, Dennison's counsel District
Attorney Hogan, of Leadville, who
prosecuted Shercliffe and John Walsh
Judge and Mrs. John Owen, children
of Shercllffe's alleged victim, all of
whom urged keeping Shercliffe in tht
They were opposed by Elmer Thom
•to the that erasures were made and words
The Russian ultimatum,
terms or which Persia has agreed,! changed but Dennison denies that
was delivered to the Persian govern-1 made any changes.
ment by the Russian minister at Te-j
lieran on November 29. It demanded
as, an Omaha attorney, and by Frank a meteroic career as an actress. Her
Pickens, the star witness for Sher- beauty won the admiration of Alfred
cliffe. Tbe latter was in Leadville at Charles Edwards, millionaire proprie-
Walsh *fas shot and he taW-j tflr and eaitfti- of the Watto
The people pardon board that he and not ried her a few years ago.
Shercliffe shot Walsh. Pickens alleges Lest summer Mme. Lantelme con
that he shot Walsh accidentally, suited Mme. De Thebes, the famous
Dennison and his attorney allege that witch of the Etolle quarter, and was
Pickens' story is r.ot to be believed,
as he lias been once confined to tht
Colorado insane asylum. Pickens ad
mits this but alleges that he waB rail- drowned,
roaded there by enemies when he was
perfectly sane.
The principal evidence introduced
by Dennison is a letter written to him
Shercliffe himself admitted killing
Walsh. Shercliffe and his friends al
lege that erasures were made in the
letter after it was mailed and it was
changed to read as If Shercliffe bad
A. S. Osborn, the New York hand
writing expert has already declared
Agrees to Furnish License and Tie
Knot Free for Any of the
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
DENVER, Colo., Dec. 22.—Chancel
lor Henry A. Butchel of the University
though the cabinet was inclined to do of Denver and former governor of
so. Russia yesterday threatened to Colorado made an announcement in
order the advance of 40,000 men, now I chapel before the assembled student
at Kasbin, 96 miles northwest of Te-jbody that should endear that institu
heran, unless Persia acceded within tlon to Cupid ever-more. SftSfpIS
twenty-four hours. The announcement was an assurance [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
The trouble therefore, is believed to all young men and women enrolled CINCINNATI, Ohio. Dec. 22.—Mrs.
to be ended unless Persian popular students, of free marriage
opinion leads to resistance. and free marriage ceremonies. The and John McNamara, confessed dyna
W. Morgan Shuster, the deposed chancellor made the promise that he miters who are in the penitentiary at
treasurer-general of Persia has had would buy the license for any couple San Quentin, Calif., is slowly dying at
the odd experience of being dismiss- in the university planning matrimony,
and in the bargain, would perform the
marriage ceremony gratis.
A busy year is predicted for the
Gang is Broken up After Haying
Brought Thousands of
Foreigners Here.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Dec. 22.—In the convic
tion of Loren Stoneburg and Al
bert Arthur Onelelle in Federal
Judge Landis' court, the federal au
thorities here think they have broken
up a gang of Chinese smugglers who
have brought thousands of celestialB
into the United States. The two
were arrested here with four Chinese
whom they had brought across the
Eight other members of the alleged
gang are now under arrest in' New
York. Stoneburg haB been in the
Attempt Made to Rob the Casket
Coffin Lid Was Pried Open, Gems
Were Taken, But Then the
Robber Had to Fl«e
For, His Life.
the Wash Tub That Her Boya
Could be Reared
Which 8leeps the Remains of
Beautiful Parisian
[United Press Leased Wire Service.] [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
PARIS, Dec. 22.—Police today are
searching for a ghoul who broke into
the vault containing the body of Mme.
Lucie Lantelme last night and at
tempted to carry away the $50,000 in
jewelry which had been buried with
the famous comedienne. The vault
was illy ventilated and the ghoul was
evidently overcome by gases when he
pried the coffin lid.
A trail of blood leading from the
window, by which the ghoul entered,
shows that he was injured probably
by the chisel he used to break into the
coffin. It is tbe theory of the police
that the man feeling himself being
overcome by the gases, made a hasty
exit through the window. The Jew
elry was found on the floor of the
vault today, indicating that the thief
had dropped it In his wild flight to
escape asphyxlatiop. Police followed
the trail of blood to the entrance to
the cemetery and for a considerable
distance along the street. There are
no other clues to the robber's iden
tity. Mme. Lantelme, who was the
daughter of a Parsian janitor had
warned to "beware of the water." The
actress went yachting with her hus
band July 24, fell overboard and was
Mrs. McNamara Toiled Daily Ove,
Labor and Capital Can Stand
Confession, But Not the
Poor Old'
Mary McNamara, mother of James
her home in this city, the home that
the convict sons helped to build for
her. Rev. John Hickey, pastor of the
church which Mrs. McNamara attend
ed, said today:
"That blow—when her boys con
fessed—struck right to the heart.
With her the shock is more deeply
felt than by any one else, and It will
be a wonder if she survives long.
"I know that for years that mother
worked from morning until night over
a wash tub, that her boys could be: Dubuque
reared right." Davenport
Mrs. McNamara had planned to feo! Galland
to California to visit her sons during I Keokuk
the Christmas season, but on acconnt. St. Louis
of her condition the trip has been de
Long Trip on Horseback,
smuggling business for thirteen years. 1 The order says: "The Journey direct
Judge Landis reserved sentence. 5
[United Press Locsed Wire Service
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22.—Musician (,,
John J. Callahan, third field artillery,! Dec.
probably from Canada. They I was today assigned by the war depart- 21 7 p.m.
were destined, it was shown, for New1 ment to act as attendant for the 122 7 a.m.
private horses of Lieutenant Edwin St.
John Greble, newly appointed military
aide to President Taft, in their trip
here from Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
is necessary for the public service."
FRIDAY DEC. 22, 1911
Chicago's Good Citizens Stand Aghast |V
at the Charges Made Against the I
Entire Depart­
Instead of Being an Agency for Pro­
tection it is an Actual Force For
Protection of Crime
and Vice.
of discipline.
Illinois Court Decision.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
SPRINGFIELD, 111., Dec. 22.—The
decision of the supreme court in a
former term in the Forestry Preserve
case, holding the state forestry pre
serve act unconstitutional, was re
affirmed by the court. The de
cision is rendered in the case of Way
man against Rinaker, et al.
For Keokuk and vicinity: General
ly fair tonight and Saturday. Colder
For Illinois: Cloudy, unsettled and
cooler tonight. Saturday generally
For Iowa: Generally fair tonight
and Saturday. Colder in the east por
tion tonight.
For Missouri: Generally fair to
night and Saturday. Colder tonight.
Weather Conditions.
The northwestern field of high pres-,
sure is moving southward in the moun-
tain region, with cold continuing on
Montana,* but much milder in north-'!
em Montana.
Conditions indicate generally fair
weather for this section tonight and
Saturday, with colder
Daily River Bulletin.
St. Paul
La Crosse
Pt Cldy
River Forecast.
Local Observations,
Lorimer, Idol of the Stage,
Took His Life Today by
Inhaling Cooking
Over His Inability to Secure
Another Star
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
NEW YORK, Dec. 22.—Walter M. S.
tLowell, better known on the stage as
Wright Lorimer, the well known act
or, who starred for years in "The
CHICAGO, Dec. 22.—Chicagoans to
day stood aghast at the bitter arraign
ment of the city police force in a pre
liminary report of the results of the
Investigation of the city civil servloo! Shepherd King" committed suicide to
commission into vice conditions hero, day in his home by inhaling illumi-
The commission declares that the nating gas.
police force, as a whole, instead of
being an agency for protection, is in
reality an actual force for protection
of crime and vice, and that its ad
ministration is so mixed up with pol
itics as to nullify and hamper its ad
ministration of justice.
Lorimer went into the kitchenette
of his apartment, laid down on the
floor, thrust his head into the oven
portion of a gas stove and turned on
the gas.
The body, in that position, was
found today by the superintendent of
The report gives a long list of the building, who was investigating
cases where actual evidence of the because of the odor of escaping gas.
payment of "protection money" to high Lorimer evidently had been dead for
police officials keep the proprietors of several hours.
dens out of the courts, even in the The coroners office is investigating,
face of flagrant disregard of the law.j Wright Lorimer was born in Athol,
The only way to make the Chicago Mass., March 10, 1874. He graudated
police force an active agency for the: from Colgate university and later went
suppression of crime, the commission I
Paris gendarmes. The foreign espion
age system, where the police would
keep card catalogue lists of all crim
inals of every nature, and have the
criminals themselveg constantly under
surveillanc! reoomm^ndedsv.
declares is to make a clean-up of the courses in psychology and English lit
present personnel and reorganize itjerature. After his return to the Unit
on the basis of a semi-military organ-
ization—something like the force of
England, where he took special
states he was offered professor-
ship8 in
English in several of the lead
Iriath jt abolition is recommended of which he staged himself under the
the United Police Association, an direction of Wm. A. Brady.
organization which is supposed to be ixjrimer is believed to have been
a benefit, insurance scheme for mem-1 despondent over his inability to so
bers of the force, but which the com- cure another star role.
mission finds has been charged with Lorimer sued William Brady last
"conspiracy to secure salary advances summer for $148,000 for alleged viola
by bribery,' and with other breaches |jon of contract and injury to reputa-*himself, with Pierce as a witness.
Note Thrown Out of Window in Some
Chicago Building Sets Sherlock
Holmes' Gang at
Mail Collector Found Note In Box
But Cannot Locate the Build­
ing Where He
The western storm center has mov
ed to upper Michigan, attended by
^snow In the northern portion of the
Country, from the Rockies to the lakes,
and rising temperature on its front in
the eastern portion of the country. [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
Got It.
Dec. 22.-A thorough
gearch every room
overy njne
office building in Chicago's loop methods.'
thejr gearch for vlolet BlIehler,
disappeared Nov.25.,
nQte found in the nlall box of a sli,y.
tonight, the
lowest temperature being between
tivtnty and twonty-flve above v.ero.
appealing to the mall man
Rev. Rlcheson Hangs Between Life
and Death With Very Slim
Chance of Recovery From
Believed to Have Been Despondent
Crazed With Pain, Accused Man
Mumbles In His Sleep and Utters
the Name of
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
BOSTON, Dec. 22—It developed!
shortly after noon today, following a
visit of Dr. Howard A. Lothrop, the
Becond in a few hours, that Rev. C. V.
T. Richeson, who mutilated himseit
in Charles street Jail cell while await
ing trial for murder of A^is Linnell,
has taken a turn for the worse.
Reports, which are not denied by
Dr. Lothrop, say that the ex-minister
Is hanging between life and death. It
is said heroic efforts are being taken
to .prevent blood poisoning setting in
and that the young Virginian is so
weak it is thought inadvisable to
move him from his cell cot to the jail
From a turnkey, it was learned to
day that Richeson was delirious part
of the time after he had been return
ed to his cell following his operation.
During the delirium, said the guard,
a police Inspector and a stenographer
stood outside the cell door and took
down whole sentences which the pain
crazed minister shouted. The turnkey
said he could hear Richeson shriek
the name "Avis" several times.
ing eastern universities, but decided to
follow his natural inclination the,
stage. His first engagement was as a mumbled in his sleep and that the ar
member of the Dearborn Stock com- rest of Charles S. Pierce, an instruc
pany, in Chicago, as a utility man. His tor at Newton Theological Seminary
antf-formerly a of Rich^:
last play ^be Shepherd King','
to help in the release of "a prisoner"
in "room 917." The note was not dis
covered until the mail collector ar-j
rived at the postofilce, so that trace! Roger Bresnahan Does Not Like
of the building Is lost. ..|ng Called Name by
3 Dollar a Day Pension Bill.
The ri'ver will remain nearly sta-! [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
tionary, or fall slowly, at Keokuk dur ..
Ing the next forty-eight hours.
Mean temperature, Dec. Sii, ...
Highest temperature, 45. S|He said it watfld be an
Lowest temperature, 35. gift fpr the vfeterans- Brown predict
Lowest temperature last night, 34.! ed that the/senate C$Wd not
The turnkey said Richeson often
son's, was due to Rlcheson's sleeping
remarks. Pierce's arrest followed his
refusal to answer a request from the
district attorney to appear and answer
certain questions regarding an un
founded report that Richeson married
Avis Linnell, performing the ceremony
Finds Fault Now
can committee at its recent meeting in
Washington to stamp out popular
sentiment in favor of a presidential]
primary, was voiced by Senator M. La
Follette in the leading editorial in his
magazine, issued here today.
"It is the last stand of the old
guard," the editorial says. "Never
again will there gather in party coun
cil men who will thus contemptuously
spurn a proposal to obtain an ex
pression of public will for party guid
"It was Scott of West Virginia—
the repudiated. United States sena
tor—Scott the system-serving, system
It is the police theory that thei if Murphy.
prisoner, whom they believe may be I [United Press Leased Wire Service.]
Violet Buehler, threw the note outj ST.
from the window, and that a passerby, han, manager of the St. Louis Nation
noting that the address was "to the
mailman," deposited it in a box in
tbe building.
henchman of
the privileged interests, who sounded
the keynote for the national republi
can committee.
'Stick to the old methods,' he
cried. And the organization men—
the Taft machine—controlling the
committee echoed 'Stick to the old
|-—.t —.• ask a school for juvenile prisoners andf
the eastern slope of the Rockies,, district was begun today by police in 'n conclusion the editorial calls up-, ^amand that pardon lawyers be barred ,:
temperature below zero in southern,
the 1,5 ion all governors of states that have|from
presidential primary laws to call
The basis for the search was a special sessions of the legislatures to, .'jn(jetermtnate sentence" law and ask§
enact, such statutes,
Dec. 22.—Roger Bresna-
al League team admitted that
ho had filed charges against Charles
W. Murphy, owner and president of
the Cubs, before the National Com-
WASHINGTON, Dec. 22—The Sher-j at the recent meeting In New.York,
wood dollar a day pension bill In his formal charge against Murphy,
was discussed in the senate by Bresnahan alleges that the Cub presl
Brown. (republican, Nebraska) who dent called him a liar and added: "I
:j Bar
Wind .Weather, expressed regret that the "committee have something on you and will drive packing house combination, and with
•29.97 40 S Cldy on pensions could not have met1 today,: you from organized baseball." tremendous zeal repuuiated the govern
29.93 35 SW Cldy approved the bill-and sent it to the When asked concerning the charges ment's charge that the participants in
.j president befoi^ Christmas holidays." Bresnahan said "Yes it is true
appropriate! that I have preferred charges, but I
do not think it would be wise for me
dodge to make any further statement for
FRED Z. GQSDWISCH, action on tbe bill, as It did on a sim- publication until thr commission baBiajrer for Morris & Co., and one o* the
Observer. I liar measure last session,^
taken formal action." defendants. ,',
Fair—Colder Tonight.
Ml, a
With Repubi'can
Committee at Recent
Federal Grand Jury Has Evidence
Enough to Nab Some of Those
Who Smell of
Nothing Definite Will be Given Out
'Until Officers Are Ready to
Gather In the Whole
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Dec. 22.—
When the federal grand jury, investi
gating the alleged dynamite conspir
acy, adjourned late this afternoon un
til January 3, it will have completed
only the preliminary stages of its
work. Up to the present it has heard
evidence connecting certain members
of the executive committee of the
International Association of Bridge
and Structural Iron Workers with the
explosions of jobs operated by the Na
tional Erectors Association. It has
established the connection between
certain intimate friends of J. J. Mc
Namara and these explosions, but has
not tried to determine whether these
explosions were financed from out
side sources.
The latter work has been deferred
until after the holidays. For the next
week Federal District Attorney Mill
er and his corps of aids will be en
gaged in preparing evidence for the
jury, which it is asserted by the fed
eral officials, will show conclusively
where the money for explosions earner
from and will also develop, these offi
cials hope, that certain politicians
"blackmailed" the executive commit
tee of the brldgeworkers and, at
least three other prominent labor
tetters of .naftonai reputation. 3
Most of today's BesslOn of the fed
eral grand jury was devoted to com
pleting the chain of evidence against
the men who were responsible for
the transfer of high explosives through
Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsyl
vania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Ne
braska. This evidence fs so conclu
sive, it is asserted, that indictments
could be drawn immediately if thu
government was hot planning to vote
fall indictments in a mass, in order to
prevent leaks which would permit the
accused men to escape.
The state Investigation ot the al
legation that members of the federal
2rand jury and Prosecutor Baker had
I United Press Leased Wire Service.] been harrassed by detecthes of the
MADISON, Wis., Dec. 22.—Caustic National Erectors Association will not
criticism for the "steam roller" meth-jbe begun until the second week it),,
ods invoked by the national republi-j January.
Pardoned Himself After Being
Itentlary to Study the
in Pen-
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
NASHVILI-E, Tenn., Dec. 22.—Im
mediate and stringent prison reforms
in Tennessee are forecasted today a8
the result of the "imprisonment" or|
Governor B. W. Hooper, who sentenced
himself to two days in the state pen-|j
itentiary, that he might study condi-|:
tions first hand. The governor "par-|
doned" himself after one day.
Pardons to numerous long-termers*
are looked for at Christmas.
When the legislature meets again
the governor said today, he would
urge that stripes be abolished. He wilt
appealing t0
-thc governor. He
the adoption of an|
that a portion of each prisoner's earn-'
ings be paid to his family while he is
in prison.
According to Beef Packers' Attorney,
They Are Great Public
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, Dec. 22—The jury which
mission, demanding that Murphy be will try the ten beef magnates for al
made to answer for an alleged insult! leged frame-up to dominate the pack
iug industry, heard mere on the de
fenses' side of the case today.
Attorney M. W. Borders painted an
enthusiastic picture of the beneficlent
the trust ought to go to jail.
Borders appeared particularly for
the Morris group of packers, and In
dividually for Louis H. Heyman, man-

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