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-__J *.X-1 f?**Z£bikb ^v42*'
20, 1912
011 and
Most,With Present Golden
Spld Everywhere
pe* Checkers Aluaya
^nu^to^iffhtiMteS' o/Jn^hnT*1
Meets at (.uncheon Today and Dis
cusses How to Benefit Keokuk
All Get Together and Boost and Nev­
er Knock Is the Slogan of the
Aclve Young Blood Clr
culatlng In Keokuk.
investment and be protected by the patent
It met at luncheon today and not .Keokuk by taking some of the six
only talked, br.t talked to a purpose percent preferred hotel stock have not
and with tangible results. Its slogan been asked to subscribe.
of get together, boost and don't knock,' it was also the unanimous opinion
out to the great good of Keokuk.
Keokuk's Opportunity.
Wells M. Irwin spoke with his usual Rollins, Wells M. Irwin.
Crisfr Snappy
The greatest selling
popcorn confection
America. Each box
contains a nice souvenir
tor the children.
fa Chicjitrbourd fiwtei.
900 PER
Burner Do lts Work in an
and T. F. McManus, and others ma.de1 plete the stock subscriptions in that jn town yesterday and it was said thatj
excellent short speeches. manner in one day. I they are trying to secure an option
The Western Way." 17 Energetic Young Blood.
Hugh H. Craig, loyal Keoiu!:ian] one of the important things about
and beloved of Keokuk, told aboutj luncheon was the attendance. No-!
the Pacific coast way of doing things. body was there but genuine Keokuk-jthe activities of I.
He now is prominent in Riverside, a jailS)
suburb of I.os Angeles, which latter1 young blood—the men who represent
city is spending hundreds of millions,
big returns on the investment. Mr.ie^. jeSge e. Baker, Frank L. Griffey,]ln
Craig's talk was thoroughly practical, x,.'A. Hamill, J. J. Ayres, Roy H.i s^emB to know just where
and full of meat as well as of oratory,
poem cd'Keokuk in' his invitation to jvli Fulton, A. D. Ayers, C. F. Skifvin, around the town, said esterdaj, tha
the state mfXnfacturers to come tojTj01lls sterne. Thomas F. McManus,
Louis Sterne, Thomas
Keokuk for their neSt year's conven- jyPi smith, W. F. Scott, D. Eck
tlon instilled practical, working plans er g. w. Ewers, H. C. Duncan, C. A.
!nto the company which will be work- w'eber, M. El Justice, G. Arthm Kied- tatlve. but some of them, although no
aisch, George Seibert,
Wells M. Irwin, Hugh H. Craig, L.
Nothing Else Like it. Made
eloquence and force T5H the opportun
ity that has come to Keokuk, and how
it is imperative that Keokuk take ad
vantage of it to the full—not by mere
ly talking and wondering whether
somebody else will make Keokuk
grow, but by Keokuk doing the work
herself along certain practical lines.
Thomas F. McManus made a talk
that only a large contractor could,
make, insisting on definite plans defi-|Sald
Coal Range
That Four
nitely carried out, not too many plans, Are Dickering for Many Acres of
byt the Plan at hand well done.
The New Hotel First. Warsaw.
The most of the talk referred to the
opportunity Keokuk haB of getting a
fine, new, modern hotel and its effect
on the growth of the city, not only by
being a hostelry for visitors, but by
the stimulus such a building will give
legitimate development here in Keo
kuk. This is considered the thing
nearest at hand, and also the most
important thing in sight.
It was announced at the luncheon
that the water-power company will
take $50,000 of the preferred hotel
stock in cash, and keep its bluff prop-
instead of turning it in on the
stock as at first planned,
The booster club is boosting with a
will and with the high efficiency of! .'".. Get to Work at: Once,
the latest design of turbine installs-! It was discovered that many Keo
tion for Keokuk. kuk people willing to greatly
and if you don't like a fellow or a' that the more persons financially pe Pennsylvania and B. & O. rall
prcposttion keep still, was the basic! interested in the hotel proposition, the
tone of'the meeting in the Elks' din- better it will be for Keokuk, and it is
tog room at noon. desirable that the preferred stock be
After the excellent lncheon,
scattered over town thoroughly.
the talkfest which lasted for a long. So a committee, of^ K^kuk boosters(
time with some excellent ideas put' w»l go out tomorrow with civic fine
out. Among the speakers were. C. M.'i tooth comb and gather in all the sub-. Richard O. Marsh and Robert O.
Rich, Hugh H. Craig, Wells M. Irwini scriptions possible, hoping to com-, HoTard
they were all of energetic'
new and great future of Keokuk, iJty-
with every town around spending'Among those present were:
money in large amounts and getting: g. Hobbs, president, who presid- ^av® J1
Harry Culkln,.
10(10 acres of
Hazen I. Sawyer, C. M. Rich,
C. M. Rich, a more recent acquisi- john DeWitt. John A. Dunlap, J. AT-: with the railroads in promo ng
tlon to Keokuk who made himself fa- bert Kiedaisch, Myrle F. Baker, E.j terminal is not known.
mou8 all over the state by his prose
Ross Baker,
5?^t0.C00k 7ith'.gas
Railroad Systems
Land Around
Proposed Terminal Will be Located
Between Hamilton and Warsaw:
and Option Asked on
1,000 Acres.
[Special to The Gate City.]
WARSAW, Aug. 20.—A well found
ed rumor was current on the streets
help yesterday that one of the biggest en
terprises ever dreamed of in Warsaw
was well under way and would be
ready for detailed publication within
a few weeks. That the Wabash, Santa
are trying to locate a big ter­
minal between Hamilton and Warsaw
seemed the logical answer to the ques-
cia,B of all theee line3 ln Warsaw
lhe latter o{
,and' Bultable
purpose. It is supposed that thej
terminal Is ^thei outcome of
C. Frey of Chicago,
who early last fall, secured options
on a great deal of land in this vicin
lty. Some of his options have expir
ed, while others have expired and
the city at present and no on^
to reach
of hls
options have expir-
is no
the city at present an
E. S. Patterson, James
hether or not he is associated
on the
there were many
of ma. ers
_. mAnll
am nOn nOOn n)VAn inPTII OVA
For Those Who Handle The
Warsaw and Hamilton, most of them
in an embryonic state and merely ten-
mention has been given them, are
ander way.
now well
Was Asked to go
Down at
to Work and
[United Press Leased Wire Service
NEW YORK, Aug. 20.—When Gover
nor Wilson left here for Trenton, N.
J. early today to give over his custom
ary Tuesday to state affairs, he was
still chuckling over a stunt that was
put over on him by his brother, Joe
Wilsoh, a Nashville editor.
After Governor Wilson was nomi
nated. Brother Joe went to Sea Girt
and stayed several weeks. A week ago
he started home and the governor
thought, he went there. But on the
way, Joe Wilson stopped in New Yor'.:
and met Josepbius Daniels, head of
the publicity department of the cam
paign committee.
"Why don't you go to work?" Dan
iels asked Joe.
"Believe I will," responded Wilson
and Immediately he peeled off his
coat and sat In at a desk labelled "in
dependent and republican newspa
Governor Wilson knew nothins
Can Be Put in Any Stove, Furnace or Fire Place and Produces
the Famous Gas Generator. r«l
nearly half
Latest Invention, Non-Poisonous, Non-Asphyxiating, Inexplosive and Inodorous. &
heat with and for
United States
PROTECTION FOR THOSE WHO INVEST IN A PATENT—We will give below two decisions from the Federal Court.
A notwitt? nwVS wr
about it until last night when he vis
ited headquarters after addressing a
crowd of German-Americans in Hobo
Citizens Had to Adjourn an important
Mass Meeting to Attend
to Business.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
RUSSELLVILLE, Ark., Aug. 20.—
The question .of water and light rates
for Russellville wa8 the only thing
I bothering the town today, although
Monroe Franklin,
about the presence lately of offi-! nolle*. crMftTnvpRrieatVon fniVnw-
Chicago, were
negro, was taken
Jfrom the jail last night and hanged to
I a telegraph pole in the city square.
A mass meeting of citizens was in
session in the court house discussing
water and light rates when word came
that Franklin had confessed to at
tacking a white woman. The jail con
sists of a tier of iron cages in the
court house and the mass meeting ad
journed long enough for the citizens
to drag Franklin from a.celi and hang
Uses 85 per cent Air, 15 per cent of Kerosene Oil. Ul6apeSt, ddlCSt, Most HygieniC iOf Heating OF Cooking
'All Conveniences of City Gas in Country Homes. Costs Less than 25c per Thousand Feet.
Patent to either make or use a patented thing without legal permit.—Whittemore vs. Cutter, 1 Gall, 429.
Making for one own use is as wrongful as making for sale, and making without either using or selling, is infringement.—Bloomer vs. Gilpin, 4 Fish, P. C., 50.
Too Sick to Work—Doctor
Advised Operation. Re
stored to Health by
Lydia E.Pinkham's. .H
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.—"I run a sew
ing machine in a large factory and got
all run down. I had to
give up work for I could
not stand the pains in my
back. The doctor said I
needed an operation for
female trouble but Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound helped mo
more than the doctors
did. I hope that every
one who is suffering will
get the Compound. My
pains, nervousness and
backache are gone and I
have gained five pounds.
I owe my thanks to your
medicine for it is the
working girls friend, and all women who
Euffer should write to you for special
edvice."—Miss Tii-ME Plenzig, 3 Jay
St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
When a remedy has lived for over
thirty years, steadily growing in popu
larity and influence, and thousands upon
thousands of women declare they owe
their very live3 to it, is it not reasonable
to believe that it is an article of great
V/e challenge anyone to show any
other one remedy for a special class of
disease which has attained such an enor
mous demand and maintained it for so
many years as has Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
If you want special advice write to
Lydia E. Pinkhnm Medicine Co. (confl
dential) Lynn, Mass. Your letter will
bo opened, read and answered by a
woman and held in etiict confidence.
been 80ld in less than four
bribing a juror in the McN'amara dy
namiting case, he declared:
"I know justice was not had in the
acquitting of Darrow last week. And
I think and sincerely hope that he
will be placed on trial again on a sim
ilar charge of bribery. Captain Fred
ericks, the district attorney of Los
Angeles, knows that, too, and I am
sure that the general public will be
satisfied with the next case. Fears
of the jurors of the sentiment of many
socialists caused Harrow's acquittal."
Motion Filed by Defense to Dismiss
Second Indictment Charging
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
LOS ANGELES, Aug. 20.—Judge
Hutton of the superior court, this
afternoon will hear arguments of
counsel on a motion filed by the de
fense fp dismiss the Indictment
against Clarence S. Darrow charging
bribery of Juror Robert Bain in the
McN'amara case.
The defense' bases the motion on
the ground that the Bain charge was
included in the general conspiracy
charge against Darrow, of which he
has juSt been acquitted ana that there-
Says Darrow Is Guilty and the Men fore, the charge can not be tried again.
Higher Up In New York Will
Be Caught.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
DENVER, Colo, Aug. 20.—The men
"higher up" will be caught in the New
the Roaenthal mur(leri says Wil.
Ham J. Burns, the noted detective,
who stopped in Denver today.
About the acquittal of Clarence S.
Darrow in Los Angeles of a charge ol
Darrow's lawyers also advanced the
ground that as the Bain charge had
not been tried sixty days after the in
dictment was returned, as required by
law, the case is at an enft.
Cancer Spots Are Assessed Too High
While Rich Man's Property
fs Undervalued. ..
jf," '-l i'
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
WASHINGTON, August 20.—How
local slums bear tax burdens escape!
by millionaires ln assessment discrim
inations, Is vividly recited in a special
report made today to the house by a
special investigating committee. Wash
ington's "cancer spots," the commit
tee declares, are grossly over-valued
for taxation purposes.
"Small homes are greviously bur
dened and over-assessed." the com
mittee states, "paralyzing building
operations and checking sales." A roll
call of millionaires whose palatial resi
dences are under-valued includes:
Perry Belmont, Senator Dupont,
Levi Z. I^eiter, W. J. Boardman, Larz
Anderson, John R. McLean, former
Senator Clark, the Edson-Bradley
home, the Scott-Town send residence
Full Strength
You get only the pure,
salty, savory crystals—
no powder or dust—
in every package of
This savory salt is always
free running—never clogs
or gets damp. Packed in
absolutely damp-tight and
dust-pruof packages with
patent pouring device that
prevents waste and "muss."
At alS Good Grocers
per package
ashes, no coal or wood to handle.
•f il
labor for the tired housewife.
0hance for anyone to g0 int0 a
Briefly, these tickets, with New York City or Bos
ton as the destination, allow you to go one way and
return another, or in other words, they afford the
opportunity of making an extensive tour of the
east at a surprisingly small cost. There area large
variety of routes that can be used and the fares
vary accordingly.
If you are contemplating going east it will be
to your advantage if yo\i will allow us to tell you
about these very desirable tickets.
and many "swell" apartment houses.
On the other hand Glfford Pinchot
is praised for calling attention to the
fact that his handsome l^me Is under
valued at $44,000. It is stated that
John R. McLean, newspaper owner
and main stock holder in the Washing
ton GaB Light Company, had his
country home, "Friendship," assessed
at $3,500 an acre. ,''f
"Twenty thousand dollars an
C. F. CONRADT, City Ticket Agent
C., B. & Q. R. R.
Fifth and Johnson streets, Keokuk, Iowa.
would not buy it,-" the committee com
ments. "Its improvements are assess
ed at $25,000, while that sum would
not pay for the stone wall in front of
the property."
"Wagon judgment"—by which as
sessors ride by property in comfort
able vehicles to comply with the la-v
requiring "personal view" is vigorous
ly condemned.
The committee says the district's
property is assessed in all, for $330,
OnO.OOO while its real value is $744,
000,000. The district it is stated, has
a higher income and a higher expendl
ture per capita than any place of
equal population in the world.
Prominent Sporting Man Is Accused
of Taking Satchel of Kaiser's
[United Press leased Wire Service.]
LONDON, Aug. £0.—Manager Thom
as Prltrhard
the'most popular pugilistic clubs
(sister, Princess Frederick Charles ofj
Hesse. The bag disappeared when ,i_.
the princess was saying goodbye to.
several English royalties at Victoria.
station August 10, on her departure!
for heme in Germany. The prosecu
tor expressed his belief that the thief
had destroyed the bag and contents.
The police thought the bag was ta".k-,
en from the royal car by some one
who slipped into it from the side op
posite to the platform where the crowd
wag gathered.
ported, that i. contained jewels of sallow, pimply, blotchy skin with anew
considerable intrinsic and still great-, skin and piuk blooming complexion.
er sentimental value, but the London.! In a mtle v.hllo you will havo no more
II. .... ,, ,, plmplcs.no more blemishes, but boas
Brighton and South Coast ra.lroad of-., coft faced and beautiful as buby.
ficinls anxious to minimize the theft's.
takes one
Pennanent business
Open From 9 A. M. to 10 P.
Variable Route Tickets to the East
N. Manchester, Ind.—Mrs. Eva B&>
shore, .of this place, says, "I suffered
female misery of every description.
Two doctors attended me, and advised
an operation. I lost weight until
weighed only ninety pounds. I dread
ed an operation, and instead, began
to take Cardui. In a short time, I
gained 25 pounds, and feel as well as
I ever did. Cardui, am sure, saved
my life." Cardui is today used in thou,
sands of homes, where it relieves
pain and brings back strength and
ambition. It is a woman's medicine,
for women's ailments, and you are
urged to try it for your troubles. Ask
your druggist. He will tell you about
men all over the world. He is a close
friend of "Dickie" Burgb, owner of
the "Ring."
Strangled With Towel.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
NEW YORK, Aug. 20.—Strangled oy
means of a towel, found knotted
tightly around her neck, Mrs. Allen
Saier, 22, a bride, was found dead in
her home at Astoria, L. 1. Her hus
band reported the finding of the body
to the police and an investigation was
Burning Opium.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.!
CHICAGO, Aug. 20.—Officers in-
of "The Ring," ono"o« ^gating a Peculiar odor about the
jn!federal building discovered that se-
England, was charged at the Westmin-1'"et service officials were burning
Uter police court today with the theft n'Weteht cases of oi»ium srnuggjed
'of a traveling ba* from the kaiser's! "to
hop Wus valued at
ji» I
hl» v'a Pa8°'
Beauty Specialist
Treatment FREE
Ttegnrrlleas of how mnny so-called
"creams." "lotions" and "massage"
preparations you mny havo used with-
importance declared it held only toilet one penny. Go to the nearest drug store
accessories of small value, and ex
pressed the opinion that even these
had only been mislaid.
Prltchard Is known among sporting'
-r (ijT
out result. Viola Croaia cannot full to
Blvo you a porfoet complexion because
It does not cover up blemishes. By
gentle, harmless medication It actually
If 4
replaces, gently und naturally, the old
prove this without yovr risking
and purchnso a COo jar under our nbso»
lute guarantee of satisfaction. Modo by
the Q. O. Blttncr Co., Toledo. Ohio,'
WiUitlSUN & UU., Special Agents

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