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Vtf 'j
more than a bullet. It was a great
The colonel Jokingly chlded the
ttftrgeons for "taking the cafe so seri
ously." He insisted he was "feeling
"I'll be out campaigning in the next
£4 hours," he said, "If they let me
have my way about it. I feel great
this morning and I could deliver a
speech now if you doctors would let
me get up."
Dr. Terrill, the physician traveling
with the Roosevelt party, was Indis
posed and had Intended to remain at
the hoteL He was in his room on the
fourth floor when he heard the shot
and was told that somebody had been
The doctor rushed from his room
and, in his haste to reach the street,
lost his balance and fell down a flight
of stairs, sustaining severe bruises
about the body.
When he reached the side of the
colonel he demanded to know what
was the matter. "Oh, nothing," re
plied Roosevelt. -y\
°®ket- '^e
John B. Murphy, who was to
weild the knife, stopped peering into
the X-ray machlHe and looked at thb
colonel's face.
"Came pretty near getting you, col
onel/' said the surgeon.
"••"Not with a little bullet like that,"
replied Colonel Roosevelt.
"They will have to use bigger cali
bre lead than that it they want to get
me. It would take a howitzer to kill
a. bull moose."
night." I °are
Piles Quickly
Cured at
"I want to see whafs wrong," the
doctor insisted, but was unable to do
BO until the colonel submitted to a
preliminary examination behind the
stage of the Auditorium.
"Ill make that speech if I die mak
ing it," said Roosevelt. "Boys, this
may be my last mesage but I'm going
to deliver it.**
1 had Intended to take up Mr.
Wilson's labor record," were his first
words to the audience, "but I will not
do Bo tonight." His reference to La
Follette was short, though he was un
able to deliver it for some time be
cause of the interruptions of the aud
"8enator LaPollette's attitude In
this campaign," he said "has been
serious blow to the cause qt progres
sivism." wS
He tried to minimize the fears of
his friends and the audience but his
manner was that of a man who an
ticipated a fatal result of the attack! first persons admitted to the hospital
and he seemed to be making a last'to see the colonel today. The two
supreme effort to implant his mes-1 talked politics for & few minutes and
sage in the hearts of MB hearers. McCormick Informed Colonel Roose-
On the operating table at the Mll- velt that he had cancelled all of the
.waukee hospital, he 'kept up a rapid progressive nominee's speaking dates
fire of conversation and seemed pleas- for the remainder of the campaign.
ed that he had "got his message
across" before being obliged to under
go treatment. His first thought was
tor Mrs. Roosevelt and he sent her a
telegram in which he assured her that
his condition was excellent and or
dered that, if the telegraph office was
not opea at Oyster Bay, the message
should be taken there by taxicab.
The news of the colonel's misfor
tune had hardy grown cold on the ibeen
wires when telegrams of sympathy
and congratulations for his escape be-
I7fl TA nArip in r*\vn NIL it..
gan to poQf Jn from all parts of the
compass Sj
One of the first was from Burt A.
?^e.r' former President Kooseveu iamny pnysician. Mrs.
Ohio, and read: "You have been!of Roosevelt, was expected to arrive
mounded In the same battle for hu-jhere late this afternoon, and ar
I ', man rights In which McKinley, my rangements were made for her visit
•j. iuncle lost his life. May you live to to her father at Mercy hospital with
5°rward this righteous war." Mrs. Medill McCormick.
fi,, Another was from Hiram W. John- The colonel's condition this after
ibe with you always as He wL to-
pres dential nominee, on the bullj]atest statement given out by Dr.
Wis. Martin is
trolt college, 1912. In his college days operation would be performed
he played right tackle on the football I least for four or five days,
team of Big Rapids Business School,'
in Michigan. Martin worked his way
through school and passed the state
bar examination at Detroit, being ad
mitted to the bar last June.
2 hT^nn dll 1
He was attracted by the personal
ity of Roosevelt and obtained his po
sition by applying to Jonn McGrath.
Chronic Sufferers Find Relief After
Few Doses Are Taken.
If you are bothered with backache
—or rheumatism, have disagreeable,
annoying bladder or urinary disor
ders to contend with—or suffer with
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guaranteed remedy you can depend
upon, no matter what else may have
failed to cure you.
It is a positive fact that the new
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comes such diseases. It is the most
wonderful remedy ever made for rid
ding the system of uric acid. Pills,
tablets, and other remedies at the
best merely stimulate the kidneys,
giving temporary relief. Croxone re
moves the icause and cures the
It soaks right in and cleans out the
stopped up kidneys and makes them
filter and sift out all the poisonous
Prove It to Yourself That Pyramid
Pile Remedy Ends Pile Torture.
Many a bad case of piles has been
cured by just a trial package of Pyra
mid Pile Remedy. It always proves
its value and you can get the regular
size 60 cent box from any druggist,
but be sure you get the kind you ass
Simply send your name and address
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Bldg., Marshall, Mich., and you will
receive a sample package of the
great Pyramid Pile Remedy in plain
wrapper, by return mail, all charges
Save yourself from the surgeon's
knife and its torture, the doctor and
his bills,
the colonel's secretary, at progressive
headquarters a_t New York.
A week ago Martin bowled over a
man who grabbed the Roosevelt coat
In a crowd at Houghton, Mich.
The following message was sent to
Mrs. Roosevelt today at the colonel's
"Respiratory movement good: pulse
normal bullet In safe place expec
torate no blood."
Word was received here that Mrs.
Alice Roosevelt Longwbrth, daughter
of the colonel, and wife of Congress
man Longworth, was on her way here
from Cincinnati and would arrive at
the hospital this afternoon.
Pihort vr„_H_ *1. 1 .. TT~!„,
iMDert 19. Martin, the colonels sten-:of the bullet was not announced by+_
OKrapher, who was the first to seize the surgeons, but it was stated that I
Pyramid Pile Remedy will I and they were told that any informa
do It, and thousands of testimonials
tell you emphatically it is the world's
remedy for piles.—Adv.
Medffl McConnick was one of the
A meeting was arranged for this
afternoon between McCormick and O.
K. Davis, of the New York progres
sive headquarters, with the colonel.
All Dates Cancelled.
CHICAGO, Oct. 15.—Every speaking
da of on el he do re os el
was cancelled today, and the private
car in which he and his party have
touring country waa lven
preparations were made this af-
ternoon for receiving
Mrs. Roosevelt,
who is coming on from New York on
the 20th century limited with J*!sa
Ethel Roosevelt and Dr. Lambert, the
Roosevelt family physician. Mrs
*a'e* Cleveland, Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter
was improved, according to the
rejoice at your Murphy, who heads the squad of the
provident escape" it read "Ma-r'noiii" Chicago. This caused her to demand
Schrank after the shooting, joined the celebrated patient was not In any' J_ fFrQ whpre Te
the Roosevelt party August 15. He danger, unless blood poison set in^'
was born in Manchester. N. H., but at! Probing for the "—t_i determine her immediate plans.
bullet, Dr. Murphy
1 a a A

Meanwhile Colonel Roosevelt lay
upon his bed In the third floor front I
suite of the hospital, and read from
names and contained deep treatises,
on sociology,
Such a crowd of newspaper
cuyeB t*le
Doctors' Statement.
CHICAGO, Oct. 16.—The fol
lowing statement was Issued at
the Mercy hospital at 10:30 a.
_• pi. on the condition of Colonel
"Deep bullet wound of chest
wall without striking any vital
organ in transit wound not
been probed. Point of entry is
one inch to the right and one
inch below the level of the right
nipple. The bullet ranged up
ward and inward for a distance
at four inches iflto the chest
wall. No evidence that the bul
let penetrated the lung. Pulse
is 90, temperature 99 2-10, respi
ration 20, leucocrite count 8,200
at 10 a. m. No operation to re
move the bullet is indicated at
the present time. Condition is
hopeful but the wound is so im
portant as to demand absolute
rest for a number of days.
"John B. Murphy, Arthur D.
Bevon, Scurry L. Terrill, R.
G. Sayle, attending physicians."
had gathered about the hospital that
this afternoon the superintendent of
the building ordered al! of them off
the premises. They were not ev
en permitted inside the hospital yard
tion that was to be given out tu tne
public would be brought to them
from John W. McGrath, the colonel's
.•V .. J.,
Wife Ready to Come.
NEW YORK, Oct. 15.—In order to
be with her husband, while he is com
pelled to remain in the Chicago hos
pital, and to be at his side when he
comes home to Oyster Bay, Mrs.
Theodore Roosevelt, with her son,
Theodore Jr., and her daughter, Ethel,
left for Chicago over the New York
Central railway this afternoon.
She was accompanied by her family
physician, Dr. Lambert, who will as
sume charge of the colonel's case as
soon as he reaches him.
Mrs. Roosevelt said that while she
was satisfied the colonei was la no
danger, she believed that he would be
much more comfortable in mind and
body to have her with him.
"While shocked by the occurrence,"
said Mrs. Roosevelt, "I am hopeful
and the latest word that my husbanct
is in no danger has allayed some of
my fears. My son Theodore will go
to Chicago on the limited this after
noon and if possible will bring the
colonel home at once. My own plans
will depend on what Dr. Lambert
learns by phone from Dr. Murphy. We
want the colonel with us at Oyster
Bay and hope to have him there very
Reservations are being held for
Mrs. Roosevelt and the members- of
the family on the afternoon 18 hour
nounce that she might go to Chicago I
I gressive leader. The exact location' ... Ithe mill when their decision was
to be made,
The factory under consideration Is
a cotton textile concern which will
employ about five hundred persons,
once. Mrs. J. West Roosevelt as-
present his hnmn i« in I airs, xsposeveu sent ior ner person- mostly women and girls and the
present home ^ddangerHt0
:and had hlm
ture of her husband's wound. He re
1 assured her all he could and gave her
a sedative to settle her nerves which
were badly unstrung. Asked whether
revolution and econ-
details of the operation
Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., and Mrs.
Roosevelt were with the wife of the
colonel all morning.
Hadley Is 8orry.
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Oct. 15.—
waste matter from the blood, it neu-[ JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., Oct. 15.—
tralizes and dissolves the uric acit* statement today on the attempted as
that lodges in the Joints and muscles, sassination of Colonel Roosevelt:
causing rheumatism soothes and "j sincerely hope Colonel Roose
eals the delicate linings of the blad- velt's wound as the reports Indicate,
er, and puts the kidneys and urinary is neither a serious nor dangerous tion taken as yet ahd there would be
tew doses of Croxone!his candidacy in this campaign, there
are seldom required to relieve even jean exist no difference of opinion as
or kidney, bladder trouble, and rheu- or In private life."
matism in a surprisingly short time.
You will find Croxone entirely dif
ferent Trom all other remedies. There
is nothing else on earth like it It Is
so prepared that it is practically Im
possible to take it into the human
system without results. An original
package costs but a trifle at any fir*r
class drug store. AH druggists are
authorized to personally return the
nurrhaso r, The Bulgarian minister has already
the desired result?fallB K,vei asked for his passports. The Servian
you use It Adv
"R#T *'RAE
Mrs. Roosevelt.
NEW YORK, Oct. 15— Mrs. Theo
dore Roosevelt was still asleep at the
residence of J. West Roosevelt at
8:30 o'clock today. Oliver Roosevelt,
who met the caller, said:
"Mrs. Roosevelt was entirely satis-,
fied with the re-assuring message «he
received from the colonel and she had
no Intention whatever of going to
Chicago when she retired last night."
At 8:35 a. m. Mrs. Roosevelt awak
ened and was given a bulletin saying
the colonel was being operated on in
Chicago. This caused her to demand
immediate further details and to an-
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Suffer With Worms
Don't be angry with your child be
cause he or she is continually irritable.
In ninety-nine out of one hundred
cases you will find that the trouble
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Among the common symptoms of the
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inches in length and infest the
stomach. OccasiontUy several hun
dred are found in a single person.
Thread worms are smaller, often not
longer than a quarter of an inch.
The symptoms denoting their presence
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the child has no appetite.
Jayne's Tonic vermifuge is unsur
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mifuge, and accept no other. Sold
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Jayne & Son, Philadelphia, Pa.
E. Barnes Leaves for the East to
.Confer With His Company Be
fore Definite Announce
ment is Made.
Keokuk Has Many Advantages and
Will Receive Consideration From
the Officers of the
L. E. Barnes of Methuen, Mass.,
who has been looking over the power
aone for several months paBt, was in
the city today in conference with
President Joy of the Keokuk Indus
trial Association. Mr. Barnes iB seek
ing a new location for a big textile
fcatory and Keokuk is one of the
places that have been under consid
For the past several weeks Mr.
Barnes has been in Quincy centering
with the Commercial club of that
city and is now on his way to the
east wheYe he will meet the officers
and directors of his company and
outline the situation to them before
recommending any place In the power
zone for their consideration. It is
thought that the location of the fac
tory lies between Quincy and Keokuk.
According to Manager DeWItt of
the Keokuk Industrial Association
there are several features in the
Keokuk location that appear favor
able to the establishing of the fac
tory here and that this city will re
ceive full consideration by the men
behind the business. So far as the
location of the factory being already
assured 1B concerned, Mr. DeWitt
said that Mr. Barnes made the posi
tive statement to him that such was
not the case and
P^nician. Dr. Franklin Lambert building and machinery will cost in
explain to her the na- the neighborhood of $250,000
.Roosevelt was in condition to It Is a new company and will be a
bore longimak'e the trip to Chicago to her hus-jmill independent of any other corn-
band.8 Blde the phy8ic)an 8aId.
"Any woman Is in condition to .make Mr. Barnes, who Is handling the lo
any trip on which she makes up heric&fron search for the newi company,
mind. Of course, Mrs. Roosevelt will la not the man who is to build the
not decide whether she will go to]mill, according to Mr. DeWitt and
Chicago until after she learns more contrary to reports that have been
"trong, healtn one. Whatever differences of opinion none until after his conference with
may exist as to the advisability of his principals.
cases, iff his future usefulness to the Amer-
aevere forms: lean people whether In public office
Turkey Defies Greece
{United Press Leased Wire Service.]
key today rejected Greece's ultima
tum demanding surrender of Greek
ships sensed by Turkish authorities.
The Greek minister prepared to leave
Constantinople in expectation of war.
E*Iected to follow his
example today.
Keokuk had
advantages that would serve to
Pressure upon the owners of
It has
been reported that the eastern plant
of the company was to be moved here
but authorative statements this morn
ing say that it is not the case, that
circulated. He is one of the company
but is interested in a small way. He
has been selected by the officers of
the company to conduct a search for
a new location and can make no deal
without the affirmation of his com
The rumor that was circulated to
day t» the effect that the mill had
been secured by Quincy was denied
this morning by Mr. Barnes, who said
that there had been no definite ac-
Entered Turkey.
fUniterl Pre« Leased Wire Service.]
BELGRADE, Oct. 15.— Servian
troops today entered Turkish terri
tory. It was reported Turkish rein
forcements were hurrying to meet
ym onn't Win itny m«« afoot, hopwhjck, ir
3 r.t tho cauro ciirw Ja«lte wbnther fr'
•t, cold, BMlp or nsnmn*n«M. If* llqi:,
-•nut to tcko: niiirkb effoctlve. 2Sc and Wc
-a»tow* Trial tlx* 10c.
(Continued from page 1.)
the shooting in an auditorium
he was speaking. He was stunned so
he could n« talk for several mo
ments. Fearing a panic, police pre
vented the sale of newspaper extras
near the building, but by the time
Johnson entered the word haB been
passed through the great crowd.
When he finished his political dis
cussion, Johnson quietly asked:
"Did you know that Roosevelt *was
shot a little while ago?'' There were
cries of horror. Then, raising both
hands, Johnson solemnly said:
"Let us pray God he'll stay all
right until after November." A chorus
of "Amens!" followed.
Many Messages.
CHICAGO, Oct. 16.—Progressive
headquarters In this city were swamp
ed with messages directed to Colonel
Roosevelt expressing sympathy and
congratulations at his narrow escape
from death. Governor Hiram Johnson
called over the long distance tele
phone from Cleveland today te ex.
press the hope that the colonel woula
"live to lead the great cause," and to
obtain the latest news of the bull
moose leader's condition.
A few of the telegrams received
"Mrs. Davis and, I send congratula
tions. Are grateful for your escape.
"Impressively shocked at dastardly
attempt on your life. They have
tried everything, but even bullets
cannot stop you. Tremendously re
lieved to learn that wound 1B not seri
'Fresno, Cal.''
"Regret cowardly attack. Congrat
ulations on the usual Roosevelt cour
age and escape. Hope everything will
turn out all right.
"Atlanta, Ga."
"Shocked at attempt on your life.
Congratulations on your escape from
"Saratoga Springs, N. Y."
"We thank God, Colonel, you are
spared to finish the fight for right
"South Dakota."
"My heart rejoices at your escape
from death. The whole world mar
vels at your astounding courage and
superb endurance.
"We have been terribly shocked
but glory in your pluck and love you
always. Pray take a little care of
yourself, for we cannot get along
without you.
"Berkley, Cal."
"Sympathy and congratulations.
"Chief of Staff, U. S. A.'*
"On behalf of the democrats of Ne
vada and all other good American
citizens, we denounce and deplore the
assault made upon your life and trust
that no injury of a serious character
will result to you therefrom.
"Chairman Nevada Democratic State
Central Committee."
"I sincerely trust that the news re
ports of your fortunate escape from
serious injury and of the mental lr
responsibility of your assailant are
correct. ,.
"Secretary of the Interior."
"Congratulations on your escape. I
earnestly nope the wound Is but
"Col. Roosere?t, Chicago:
"Warmest sympathy.
"Congratulations on your lucky es
cape. Sincerely hoping you will be
"The Italian progressive club of
Merlden, Conn., wishes to express
sincere sorrow at the disgraceful at
Other telegrams were received from'
Frederick H. Allen, Rye, N. Y.
Thomas Hallowell, New York City
The Oakland Zionist Society of Oak-:
Cal. General Andrew West,
Atlanta, Ga. Seth Bullock, Sltux
Falls, S. D. Oscar Hundley, Jersey
CKy Frank Knox, Manchester, N.
H. progressive headquarters In a
dozen cities John A. Klnsbury, Yon
kers, N. Y. George Young, Phoen£x,
Ariz., and scores of others.
Uncle Pennywlse 8ays.
The latest high building in New
York Is so high that a man was doing
business on the ground floor for two
years before they put on the roof.
Treatment FREE
have nSOd
•kln nud ^lfb-
elvo vm, ft *Croam cannot /all to
complexion because
"n^?fg.not,cover np blemishes. By
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the old
8kln wlth
"n a li tun
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i10 ?ore
but be as
soft raced and beautiful as a baby.
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Go to
the nearest drugstore
Purchaso a COo Jar under our
•S satisfaction. Made by
the Q. O. Blttncr Co.. Toledo, OhloT
WILKINSON & 00., Special Agents
Most Certainly—Go to Your
Sheep receipts 4,000 market [email protected]
20c higher. Sheep and mutton,
[email protected] lambs, [email protected]
Omaha Live Stock.
OMAHA, Oct. 15.—Cattle receipts
9,300 market slow, steady. Steers,
[email protected] cows and heifers, $5.25
@,6 60 stockers arid feeders, [email protected]
8.00 calves, [email protected] bulls and
stags, $4.25#5.50.
Hog receipts 7,100 market [email protected]
Sheep receipts 28,500 market 10
15c higher. Yearlings, [email protected]
wethers, $4.00 (ff 4.35 lambs, $6.60
(.90 ewes, [email protected] I
For Keokuk and Vicinity: Fair to-1
night And Wednesday. Not much
change in temperature, v'
For Illinois and Missouri: Fair to
night and Wednesday. Not, much
change in temperature. Probably
light frost tonight.
For Iowa: Fair tonight and Wed
nesday. Not much change in temper-j
ature. 'V
Weather Conditions.
The depression from the I^ake Su
perior region has passed to the north
eastern coast, and a field of high
pressure extends from the Rockies to
the central valleys this morning,
which is attended by f^ir, moderately
cool weather in this region, except
there is rain in upper Michigan.
Relatively low pressure In the
western gulf is attended by rains,
with Indications of an approaching
tropical storm.
Conditions Indicate fair weather
with little change In temperature for
this section tonight and Wednesday.
Daily River Bulletin. S
Station Stage.Helght Change W'th'r
St. Paul
.1.2 -0.1 Clear'
And why not Yet some people act as if a medicine cm.u ».
the place of a doctor! The best medicine in the world caimJf
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Furniture Company
Royal Doulton
Flambe from the Royal Doul
ton potteries awaits your in
spection. We present a repre
sentative collection of t.hi« fa.
mous ware, which we control
excluaivly for Keokuk.
Cattle, receipts 6,500 njarket weak.
Beeves, [email protected] cows and helf
erB, [email protected] stockers and feeders,
$^[email protected] Texans, [email protected]'90
calves, $7.50 @10.50.
Sheep receipts 30,000 market
steady. Native, [email protected] western*
[email protected] lambs, [email protected] west
ern, [email protected]
St. Louis Live Stock.
E3AST ST. LOUIS, Oct. 15.—Cattle
receipts 8,000 market steady. Texas
receipts 3,200 market steady. Native
beef steers, [email protected] cows and
heifers, [email protected] stockers and feed
ers, [email protected])0 Texas steers, [email protected]
7.00 cows and heifers, [email protected]
calves (car lots) [email protected]
Hog receipts 10,500 market 50ilOo
lower. Mixed and butchers, [email protected]
9.25 good ""to heavy $9.T)[email protected]
rough, [email protected] light, [email protected]
bulk, [email protected] pigs, $6.75g8.00.
'ectoral for
From the complicated nature
of the process, every piece
la practically an Individual
specimen, bearing upon It
the marks of the master,
and worthy therefore, of Its
place in the finest collection
of modern pottery.
The unusual character of
this display will appeal at
once to the discriminating
buyer of hlflhly artistic ce-
We invite all trustworthy
people to open charge ac
Chicago Live Stock.
CHICAGO, Oct.i 15.—Hog receipts
1G,000 market steady. Mixed and
butchers, [email protected] good heavy,
[email protected] rough heavy, [email protected]
light, [email protected] pigs, $5.00® 8.00.
Hay market quiet. Prime, $1.20 No
3, [email protected]
Dressed poultry market steady.
Turkeys, ]2®24c chickens, [email protected]
fowls, 18(?®18%c ducks, [email protected]
Live poultry market firm. Geese,
[email protected] ducks, 14c fowls, 16c tur
keys, 12%@14Vfcc roosters, 9^c.
Cheese market quiet. State milk,
common to special. 14ffjlSc skims,
common to spec'al, [email protected]%c full
skims, [email protected]£c..
Butter market firm. Creamer)' ex
tras 31c dairy tubs, 23#29%c imi
tation creamery firsts, 25c,
Eg? market quiet. Receipts 13,765.
Nearby whit* fancy. 46c nearby mix
ed fancy, [email protected] fresh, 24%@34c.
La Crosse
Dubuque ..
Galland ..
Keokuk ..
St. Louis
Ly York
I With Se
Kg Lead
NeW' Yc
J[b Herz
lee Tesre
I-while the
hut it wa
was n°t
alone wa
I was calle
to get re
The en
I and McG
land Mur
|Klem 01
Chlteago Produce.
CHICAGO, Oct. 15.—Butter—Eitrail
29c: firsts, 28c dairy extras, 27c I
dairy firsts, 25c. I
Eggs—Prime firsts, 24c firsts, 22c,)
Cheese—Twins, [email protected]%c Young!
Americas, 17%@17%C.
Potatoes, [email protected]
Live poultry—Fowls, 12c ducks,
[email protected] geese, 12%c spring chick
ens, 13c turkeys, 15c.
New York Produce, ffipf
NEW YORK, Oct. 15.—Flour'ifnai^
lcqt dull and unchanged.
Pork market firmer. Mess $19.5
Lard market steady, middle west I
spot, [email protected]
Sugar, raw, market dull. Centrifu-1
gal test, $4.11 Muscavado 89 test, I
Sugar, refined, market quiet. Cut
loaf, $5.70 powdered, $5.00 granu-!
lated, [email protected]
Coffee Rio No. 7, on spot, 15%c.
Tallow market quiet. City, 6%c
country [email protected]%c.
left fou
I line.
Ircau an
(and Cat
12 2.4 0.0 Clear
.18 3.4 0.0 Clear
15 4.4 -0.2 Clear
8 2.1 x0.2
15 4.5 x0.6 Cleat
,30 6.3 x0.2 Clear
River Forecast.
The river has reached its highest
stage at Keokuk and will fall slowly
from Davenport to Keokuk for sev
eral days,
Local Observations.
Oct Bar. Ther. Wind WW»
14 7 p. m.—-30.28 61 S Cleat
15 7 a. m. 30.42 45 SW Cleal
Mean temperature 14th, 55.
Lowest temperature, 41.
Highest temperature, 69.
Lowest temperature last night, 44.
Iowa Supreme Court Decisjons.
tSpecial to The Gate City.]
DES MOINES, Oct. 15.—Truman
Jones vs. Fisher, et al, appelant Polk
county, affirmed.
State of Iowa vs. Jackson, appelant
Monroe county, affirmed,
State of Iowa vs. John Rogers, et
al, appelants Washington county,
modified and affirmed.

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