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Tie 4*
un crnj»
Kaafcafc, )mi JaM 27,
v3g Rcr* yoa a %*rA*n wiera
fg- Tbe gcMeo Bower* of
1? Ctm tte new greeaefy
I, WKfc newer tthwaomfas?
A ftrdM aff jtmo growth
•j witchery.
grAud don ttw jwjto a^etttog eo*aa
I for yoa
mow star br *»o*r white attr,
_. With not a coon* to
^n« psaes, aa** Wrtf-caOa faflfag
taint and Jew?
4l welt I have no «or aay
To traad! Tbe walla of atoac
PreM oo tie bitter atreet
& Where I drift
W. alone,
^resting tbe wolfa glare la the er*3
I meet.
And ret, have yo« (vot aometlmea
turned roar bMi
tut bemUng
a roae,
Tbfnkht^ r« heard the tread
And atir of one who goea
Down oM remembered patba—bat
now fs dead?
—Hlldegarde Hawtborna to Harper
Miftzioe Cor Jolr.
The rlctorr belocx* to tboae wfaotn
eotlils^ can dUhearten or diacoora^e
and whot peraerere to the end."
Profeaabmal samMlsc eontiiraea at
St. Joe beeanae, aa the grand jorr re
porta, the dty contmiarioi^ra. the po
lice aod the police Jo4®e do not get
together and do boaioeee.
The United States geological aorrer
lf dlapatehio^ twetre partiea to Alaa
fca to eoctfinoe the ayatematlc aar
v«ra and ioreatieatioae that hare
been in pragreaa tor-the laat eighteen
In 19.4 the total value of all term
prodwta Is the United State* waa
approximately 110,000,XKM)©0. which
$S9jM0/m more than the total for
1912, aad break* all records. T&e 1914
total la iuotb than.dooble the cobjWd
ad valoe of farm product* fifteen
year* ago.
Hearty indorsement waa given tra
der the Joint direction of Iowa State
college and the V. 8. department of
agriculture by the banker* at their
atate convention at Daren port when
they paaaed resolution* urgtag that
the atate put a county expert in each
lowa county. The hankera a!ao en
dorsed the agenciea working for bet
ter roada in Iowa.
"Getting there is one thing. Getting
there without trouble is another. If
you want to avoid trouble on the
Journey go on Diamond Squeegee
Tread Tires."
—Mister Squeegee
Some people think the import
ance of their
work is
Tke Meatsftal «B««fca
ttaul Watmmf* Tn*e EMw I
«m ImM te jww: Tart. »®B»«W61
J«s«r 7, Nit. Sayaaarf
M*am tA
eaw» yresfcfe*. Sea**.'
te wMcfc w*»e»
t&aa VMM*
«w rerwe*to4 a* •flfce
*f*£2 At wax w«
fSm mmvBom Bret
fcer aa&ssfca wsajm?
fafha*. What #S» ttM to «b* nusw^i
bi1P» war a
leaned over the
thought about the
gauged by the
noise they make.
Other men do big things without
bluster or ostentatious effort
If the noise he makes over it were the
true measure of the importance of a man's
work, Grant and Dewey would have been
diamaJ failures.
Diamond Squeegee Tread Tires are
£oing right along about their business, giving
wonderful road service and justifying the wide
spread faith in them, without making it neces
sary to keep up a constant commotion regard
ing their merits.
If you wish to know how to secure
mileage economy and freedom from tire trou
bles just ask anybody who is using Diamonds.
I Vou will not have to look far.
Diamond Squeegee Tread Tires are sold at these
Squeegee Sise
33 a 4
$ 0.45
34* 4
3Sx 6%
a r»«w» c*r
tfergooe *w
pafcf »U»wat
«0B tibe «dMr £«r of *a«W*«.»
operate oe Mas wflMe a csrrteg fcroR
A yfcwt of ote was «^wes
te nHftMsto wttfcoat aJeJ4l«*fe
9iM«fntdHa MCITWL It«wts£*«4,
^aul eos) ie*t, tisieeeigrBted feesa
jftaeBMftfc Mm Wr, wood J«»
a»e*£s, fcfcau»* aad jwfiow, eatw* Che**,
«4Ac, Nick, Mk, ydto* ajsd srwa.
ptoe sad otixr wood tru^^eot*. p»
per fragnaawta asd btU or few* mt
Harrr OlMi «ot oat el U*
MSe la Peefcaktfl X. 7, to eraal fe»
(aHM. A* be fafcwei wMi the ersak
a nail f»y yiriM sie cSateft levar.
Tfc« «ar kao«ke4 OrDeO dora, bat
|fe« ae*aa»Mei s» asd staste« raa.
iThe macfefaa ebaaed tea aai csagfcft
Ub altar a to* yar4» asd an ow
Ma. OTDeO gsstatmA Iktw fmctsml
aad a knk«a Uf,
The reiatfre
bstrnktStf fa
tte of the day wfH bereaOer he
efsded ta the weatber report* tentiaSs-.
ed daCy by the weather hareaas to]
the aewapapem At
the temperatere la Hkeiy
observation of the relative
to ^»\ior
The following article was written
by Robert O. Ingersoll after hi* visit
to the tomb of Napoleon:
"A little while ag* I stood by the
grave of the old Xapoleap—a mag-
the sa*so£ba#sa of
Receded by Xgfct tned*s erf
the aahea of that restless am. I indtuftry. If yon can't Cad the
greatest soldier of the modern settle down and get hold
-i1*? ^TS'operty and .tart a banh
banks of the Seine, contemplating gttU
clde. I aaw him at Toulon. I saw him
potting down the mob in
bis hand, I saw him to Egypt in the _____
airy of the wild blast scattered his
the frightful Held of Waterloo, where, through West Sixty-flrat street in
Chance and Fate combined to wreck
fortunes of their former king. And I
2 ft. 70
For Automobiles,
Bicycles u|li Oil ,-:Motorcyc}es
HJiamond s* ires
For Cyclecars,
Omtmeat wiH h^ yoo.
Samples Free by Mntf
re nest
balustrade rt*ht p5*c*
nvon the sarcopwtos ©irare »1 (dentllied with some one place. Then
namelese marble, where nest at laat
iw hhw at 8t Hdeaa, wMlt Ma haada United States firas haTe
piwiat Jbm-"*-gcro—ed teUW to, g»n* "P« qyer jMwat of the chettieal at--^
tioot of the rehtfre hwmtdlty an tais-1 the «adi aad antwaa apa. I .tiwegh* eteaery aad sapfKlms need la BsszfV
at $ o'clock la the storsfng aad S the widows aad orphaas
o'clock fa the creates, hat at tbes^'ga^ g( the teaia that had heen ated fgrt. ft waa hecaaae tte atreet rail-
lower aad the refatfre haaddlly, ever lored him paahed Inn nrioa« cities are wnder the wia inapt
orach higher than i» the asiddle of b?r **e cold ioad of aoMdoo.
meut at
skr mj
reputations for sobriety
nimt ym
etaTt to a
to a
»f»er n^Tby, or get back to the soil,
find that your
aad that you are
streets feater and bigger than the
of Paris. 1 saw him at the ^nv^coont.
the army In Italy. I saw bins crossing j0to business even if you have
the bridge at Lodl with the tricolor to
small way. There is
shadow of the pyramids. I saw btos _a_rf| frtilt when he first came
cotnitter the Alps and mingle the Hfe] „p aaj saved up
eagles of France with the
the crags. I saw him In Russia, wnen There are too many young
the infantry of the snow and the car-,
(mmipaat who sold peanuts
he owns a big store or is
legions like winter's withered 1
eaves, them, too, forgetting that not
I saw him in Leipzig In defeat and manv years back the fathers or
disaster—driven by a million bayonets —-ndfather* of these friends were
back upon Paris—clot-bed like a wild smoking tbree-for-flve-cent
I mw xKim
bea«t—banish^ to KIb*.
eacape and retake an empire by the who nas stariea
force of his genius. business, patronize his store
sees their white friend*
zt-cent cigars and want to
And when you find
who has started
one of
a little
I walk-
|iaro«r*ha«. *re -C—UinHly sttfraee
«uuiiuig SSte hoym^,
tie raaafesr a# «&e arffeie
illBt -nOtt
EgBSft S*jt
pm Oat St CK
madft fast aot
SaMctB tte
of t3he wS»Ee oBHt% J*
Itfce tome rf a year en «Btr
ggaeseedL Om Saaced ®a
lata* Oat grafting is «e* of She wwalfe-
ta SuB&aww a*y
I la potties wtfie (oft Is
fBa o9effisflaa#a.
Ttere are HMW
tet fsr tfee
Am eleUileal aSana
»8re8eaa myairiyi'c ft graaa
his star, aad of the owly woman way aad Hght aad power*systems
•day. Aa extra ohaerratlog of And I aatld I woald rather haTe been, The nary depailwwt {a plaimtog to wMle St. PWe.*t vS rat »nr
relatfre hanrtdfty will tSaeure ^|a Freoch pcaaant aad wtara wooden cooatzsct
taken, probably atlp-B. ahoea I woold rather bare lived in, turn on Paget Soand, probably at Key-: a—naMwaigi L« Firrre.
Thl* aiWttfama! tafbrasaOoB fa ®J"|a hat, with a vine growing over the^ port, near Breaeztag, Wait Tbeujj ^.iilut aa- Ion.
pected to be aot only of geaeral ~!Jdoor aad the grapes growing Pwrple -piant win be one of the moat modern
tereet to the pahHe at l«w, wt ^'to the amorous kiase* of the a«lmm• ttadoM ever boflt. aad will Ian —taint affiftq Tliirfisanrfrr
praetleal valoe in I would rather have heea that towers 400 ft. high. It 1* alao report- i^ caafte Ptaaacat The aah
manntactuilng. The humidity of taa peaaant, with my wife by my that another wireless statkm w®a ^.im, a ^taer at wcak
atmoapbere play*, tor example, aa la- knitting aa the day died ont of erected on the Copper river flats at anagQi Apart of Sa weak
portant part In cotton wfanlng. ana
in many textile m01« It la nawni7 wmm and their arm* about me I At the' present ttee there ia T~" jannia a It not 'operate at
to increase It by artificial nam.^^Anjwonld rather have been thJa man and tfcally no hydro-electric power «3e- ».«. it* base and
moer n»*B "w iltauj no iuv«kuii: J»»n wt
at 2 p. m. will Indlcate mnch morei aa- the dreamless dnst than to have: pianta as hare been installed are' ftat a ha* ether* which seem to be!
corately actual worW*1* perawnation of driven almost alto?5ether by steam.• .^.,..^,.1 ft caaaot risk openI
flginres obtained at the be«mnm«|tor(X
mnrder, known aa Sa-jThe immense delta plains
or end of the day. poleon the Great." Yangtze and Yellow rivers, are not. «»*, otnnot rival the speed of
in a general sense, suitable far hydro-
negro wbo la doing more for his race water power stations may ultimately
to exclude a* far aa practicable
dtes faa bees per^eetad ta rflrr 1»i iliaw TlTn imililp urn to TniTnTrr in
aa^atias f* c»e of rain peStfias aai ibW«B joHUefl. Mdcer
noa. 'flngn. S«t to itwil as eae maw» bddad
T3*mo- H%e
laia to Jaju, a ftuaee off M9®f Aserioua rs&m meeee&g to fibe law
MtJVe. carapieCea •tmiees *Wte of ainHuaii.
of fhe earth.
BSectrie aew^ag awlihwm tare beea AMERICA'S VIEW OT IT.
rtaHfti ta Ike Mfmafa of CTuwIawn. The aaza of tnf* will open.
OUat Cor &e pvhBe aeteda «ewii*ff i~&eJsasE«er wffl awiag K» door.
owe. Aad 'eeaaSdeeee" ieut» agafia.
Aa X-ray aiaHWtia W wed to ie-Vkea the WWng eaataMtTa o'er-
any concentrated ef-
under rivers. Notwithstanding the ^vals the fanciful tale Verne wrote
Improvements which have been made
In under-ground cables. It Is stfll pe^enees of the thirty-three men,
necessary in such long lines aa this
len^ths of cable, however short Even
with the very best cable and appara
tus known to the art, the distance
through which speech may be clearly
and distinctly transmitted is greatly
restricted when the wires are placed
After several years of experimental
and development work, a printing tele
graph system has been perfected that
will undoubtedly create a new eopch
in the history of telegraphy. By thin
end of a telegraph line, is automatic
ally printed, ready for delivery, at
the other. Furthermore, not only one,
but eight messages may be sent simul
taneously over a single wire, each
message being printed as easily aa
the sending operator can typewrite it.
a message, written upon a
form of typewriter at one
One of the most useful applications
of an electric motor abotit the house­
Vew York the other night and noticed! hold, according to an electrical man
that every one selling something on
the street was white and everyone
who was baying was black. That is
a color line which i» 7°ur own fault.
who has made a special point of hav
ing his own home equipped electrical
ly "to the last gasp." Is the motor
driven exhaust fan installed in hia
So one is going to stop you from: kitcllen. By setting up a draft from
starting in a baainess of your own. the dining room and living quarters
While Dr. Washington's advice was!into the kitchen, and discharging
given exclusively to the members oft thence through a window into the
the -colored race, it is Just as applic
able to those whose skins are white.
His admonition against the wander
lust Is timely to white and black. The
spirit of unrest is the greatest curse
of our agfe. It is the splint that re
cruits the army of the unemployed
and eventually fills the almshouses,
if not the Jails. Men and women are
unfair to themselves If they do not
take up some line of endeavor and
devote every ounce of energy they
have to it before admitting failure.
When they find themselves in a rut is
the time to seek new pastures.
open air cooking odors are effectual
ly kept out of the rest of the house.
The fan and motor are mounted in
the upper pane of one of the kitchen
windows, aad the Installation Is kept
in operation while toofi is being cook
ed, both winter and summer.
A Time for Unity.
St. Paul Pioneer Press: The pres
ent is an excellent time not to permit
political small talk to poison t*e most
important asset of the republic, name
ly, Important unity. Mr. Bryan's chos
en course may have done much to en
courage Germany's disdain for Ameri
can rights and demands. That phase
of his act is a matter of serious re
gret- Put it means a summons on
Among the agencies contributing
materially to the high cost of living
is the dishonest man holding a re
sponsible position in some business
concern. There is reason to fear that
he Is to be found inconsiderable num
bers For example, in the current Is
sue of 100 Per Cent, the useful but
named organ of the West
ern Efficiency Society, some of the
"insidious and vicious practices"! This is the season when she who
among purchasing agents are set (would have
To Look and Feel 1
Bright in Hot Weather
forth says the Chicago Dally News. should turn her thoughts to mercol
Accordlng to the writer of the Ized wax, the Arm friend of the sum
article In question there is "no one mer girl. Nothing so effectually over
more beset with temptation from out- comes the soilingeffects of sun wind,
side sources than the purchasing dust and dirt.
aeent" There are several forms of sorbs the scorched, discolored, freck
graft which he must avoid If he ia to led withered or coarsened
do his full duty. There is a company
official who directs the purchasing
agent to buy from a concern in which
the official or some of his relatives
are interested. If he values bis posi
tion the purchasing agent may think
himself compelled to follow this direc
tion regardless of quality and prices
of goods so purchased. Then there Is
the buyer who accepts any and every
gift from a box of cigars to a $800
Turkish rug. the cost of which is in
evitably added to the selling prices of
the materials purchased by him.
"Next," says the writer on business
grafters, "we. find the class that does
not ac«jpt tribute, but Just diplomati
cally demands it." Emphasis is also
lily-white complexion
The wax literally ab-
cMaC ate peapoaea te defend
Aiaericaag, -Aa oey
sew radio ata- Tta Ae
children npom my Cordova, Alaska. i*s hea
down to the tongwsleea alienee reiopment In China,. Socfc electrical «a aeeesau^r snppHes.
ADVICE FROM A NEGRO. telectric plants, bat In Fnkien. Tmnan',^ foj- the ancceaa of its attacks.!
Booker T. Washington, tlje noted jgtnd parts of Shantung provinces, jjTtWa acconnta for the German depar-'
than any other man. Is more than a be installed. tg search and seizure. The story of
humanitarian. He is a philosopher, The telephone line from New York «i,r expkrfts of the German suhmarine
tt Tfffa
eaabeits ifer
hv receat ta­
the' a
Baera It most rely spon anr-
the custom of the seas as
an Imaginary Nautilus. The ex
ap a
*~l j:
single room during a
trip of 5,000 xnSes,- appeals to the imag-
The ease with which the
tiny vessel sank two huge battleships
and escaped detection Is almost In
But while the layman marvels at
these exploits, the men charged with
the defense of our country take an
other kind of interest. If a submarine
can operate successfully at a distance
of 5 000 miles from its base, what be
comes of our fancied security from at
tack because of our isolation? What
our fleet offer against
an e]a,(ye
instrument of destruc­
tion? From time to time men have
professed their-ability to devise ways
of detecting the approach of a subma-1
rine. Other* are confident that they
have Invented effective submarine de
stroyers. It is safe to predict that
they will no longer find It impossible
to get audiences with naval officials..
The submarine has become a terror!
of the sea, and all the ingennity of
man will he used to devise methods of.
crippling It.
I (big I) have felt all along
that the Carnegie people were merely
stalling for time. Without In*
tending flattery I desire to say that
our people feel confident that their
interests will be fully protected and
considered while the matter la, in the
hands of your committee."
Isn't that fine? Mr. A dam son can
uae that, as an electioneering docu
ment pofsibly get the support of this
gentleman to make some speeches
down in Georgia.
bringing forth a brand new skin.1 Modjeskl and Angler have approved
clear, soft and girlishly beautiful. It bills
Now as a matter of fact, Messrs.
also unclogs the pores, removing steel on which the
blackheads and increasing the skin's have paid nearly $150,000.00 and if
breathing capacity. An ounce of mer- that gentleman had .wanted to be even
col Ized wax, obtainable at any drug- fair, he knew, as every citizen of both
store, applied nightly like cold cream, Keokuk and Hamilton knows, that a
and washed off mornings, will gradu- good deal of work has been done and
ally Improve the worst complexion. a numfcor of cars of timber from Ore-
rolling fi.00fl.n0f pounds of
When depressed by the heat and gon have been unloaded on the 1111
you want to freshen up for the after-1 nois side.
noon or evening, bathe the face In a! As he was coming over the rivert
lotion made by dissolving an ounce of some days ago he stopped to say to a'stood on barrel heads and soap boxes
powdered saxolite in a half pint witch toll keeper, "Well, really, are you
hazel. You'll find this more refresh- going to build a bridge?"
ing than an hour'a rest. It is line for! And the toll keeper said, "Why no:
smoothing out wrinkles, even the hut the bridge company have so much
deeper ones. money they are digging some holes
Your portion, of tke Usthtesre is
The Surest
Keokuk, Iowm
Mr. Cole Answer* Hamilton Critic.
To the Editor of the Gate City:
I have before me a copy of a letter
of date June 5, addressed to the Kon.
W. C. Adamscn, chairman, etc. at
Washington, by a very important offi-!
cial of Hamilton, at least I think he:
believes h^is important, because he|
signs his official positions, but I do,
not care to gratify his vanity by giv
ing his name a place in The Gate
City. He says in part:
"This letter is only to inform you
that the great majority of people lnj
Hamilton and dozens of Keokuk's
most representative citizens are re
joicing over the inability and fail una
of the Carnegie Bridge company to.
reconstruct their bridge under pro
posed plans across the river here.
by^oar abiliiy and your leaL \bu standi
ready eztd. equipped io ^«ise ^roar birflur%M.
Your tiile is cinr to -aityimng ou cm KonflStV
SicratnTST^TE IKtsa^
—lsS|v Omar of Oxth aad'Mate atraeta.
wl£fe ro« wflB reeefae MmatlbrA
affords every facility for do
ing your banking business
that any bank can.
Stated !©ji*3
of Saving
pay day a eartala amooat of yoar aamtnea ta the
State Central Savings Bank
jear. ^Te gtre igjKfrl, ittatfiat to wnaH aemoata.
oppiecns -t..r
Wm. lAcaa, Pwidaait C. J. Bate. OeaUar.
OeaL BL Bh, Vice fttdfcat T. Onbut Aa!t ChaUer.
WeQa M. Irwta, Tie* Fraridtut H. Borden BloeC Aa^t CaeWer.
aad Septaater Ut. a!
T/A7£~ A /V£

of $15.00 or more, we will give a large
Flag, size 4 feet by 6 feet, complete
with pole and holder. I
Whotosmim Groomrm »nd Coffee Rommters
M4IW mttOK, Fratt. «V»f m. SVOIr, ynoe mree*.
THOm. JOMM, *mmy. A Trmm*.
/es.a.«tfs9 «ro. •«. ri/c***,,
bs iv.
Carthage, HI. Hamilton, HI.
First Mortgages and Deeds of Trust on Illinois, Iowa
and Missouri farm land netting the investor 5V& to6 per
cent interest 7-^
"We collect the interest when due without' cost to
O'Harra Farm Mortgage Co.
428 Main St, Kleokuk, lowa
Boy C. Burner, Mgr. Keokuk office.*
I I I I I I I I 1 1 M'M II 8 »m
of Kleokuk
A* it-liv.
with concrete to get which experience teaches. Let us r*
rid of it. ni aomebody answer this)member that in. the dreadful event oi
?gcry „,What interest can be served {war between this countrv and a foreipJ
by. writing such letters aa I've cited foe. our chief dependence would
bridge company: above. {upon the capacity of our largest busi
4^ Yours respectfully^ ness organizations, like the Steel Cor
H. CO^jE. lporation, to furnish the guns and au»
Keokuk, June 25. 1916. munition we must have at once. Ye'
,'|the government is still busy endear
Let Ua Have Industrial Peacer ^jormg to bast the so-called "Stee"
Leslies: The war orders constitute Trust," and scores of other Industrie
the premium placed upon big busine^
by those who know Its value. Yet for
the. past decade demagogues hare
re-echoing the cries of muckraking
magazines and yellow journals thct
hip business must be crippled or de
There is no better lesson than that
corporations against whom no accusa*
tion of wrongdoing is charged at'thfl
present time.
Call off the busters and smashers,
Let us have peace—industrial and i®
—Head the Daily^tlate City.
cents per week,
3 -V J? ww

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