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SUNDAY JUNE 27, 1915
iComiHg to Hamilton
*At Granite Hotel
?f .. Om DV
Only—Storm or VWcSftra
Bote* Htaltr's Work Astonishes Iverj
OM—Aimuini. Recoveries departed
Everywhere—His Missiaa a
.If Labor af Love.'
"Among the many remarkable fea
tures about Rev. JD^ HairlclM, the
healing genius, of modern times, is'th,
extraordinary amount of attention 1
attracts Everywhere he. appear*. Th
crowds that have been flocking to hin.
have simply been enormous. The ho
tels In Galesburg, Springfield, Decatur
Qulncy, Champaign and other cities
would often wish to close their doors.
These seemed already more than could
be accommodated. Sufferers would
come from far and near, all with ail
ments of one sort or tootter. All
were treated.. None were turned away
—be they rich or be they poor."
letter Known the "HmIIu Oaniue."
Yet in one treatment from Rev. Hawkin?
she became as well as ever, and a few
days later pronounced herself perma
insntly cured.
•0 Stomach Trouble.—Mr. T. B. Hanna.
+f06 Jackson street, Peoria, niv suffered
^everything for.*orty-flve years-with the
worst kind of .Stomach Trouble. Consti
pation, Nervousness and Disordered Liv
er. He could not keep anything oil hie
'itotnach. He was sd weak and nervouf
that he could not help himself. He
thought he would 'die. One doctor tol 1
him that he had Consumption, another
that he had Diabetes—they did not know
Vet, after a single, treatment, Mr. Hanna
pronounced himself cured. He says: "V
Sivas cured after the first treatm^rt Look
me now. I am not like I Jped to be.
I'm getting younger every day.
Fits.—Mr. Clayton Snyder, 300 South
Fourteenth street, Pekin, 111., endurea
the agbnies of Epileptic Fits for years.
Jills relatives lived in terror lest he be
I Felzed with his dreadful Spells when near
("angerous machinery. This patient also
pronounced himself cured, by nev. Haw
kins, and his fits stopped promptly, and
lie became healthy and well.
Eye Trouble.—Mr. "W. H. Campbell.
Cayuga. Ind., suffered everything with
eye trouble could fret no cure. Comes to
•s Rev. Hawkins. Says: "One treatment
t*id the work of restoring my sight and I
5- feel jhat other aick folks may be healed
6s I'WM."
There is no use allowing your lack
of understanding to keep you away1
Rnd prevent you from being healed.
Come, investigate and convince your
relf. There are more things even in
is world than man has ever
What la This Peculiar Power?—
Committee after committee of worldly.
scientists, from Bible times down to.
jt the present, have bent every effort to
discover, if possible, the nature of
this healing power. "It is a Divine
Gift," says Rev. Hawkins. "Power to
heal the sick and afflicted comes from
above. It is a Divine Gift. Without
the help of God, I could. do nothing,
I am only an instrument in His
V/. hands." Let the doubters douht, and
the scoffers scoff, but the truth is
la a Friend to the Poor and Af
flicted—A Grand Opportunity.—Sick
folks, see the Healer on his visit to
our city. You may here have tho
Bolden opportunity to regain the
preatefct of all human blessings—Cooil
Health. Take advantage ot it while
you have the' opportunity. If you
don't you may regret ft.
The Healer's work is sustained by
this free-will offerings of the grateful
.' people who. are free to give to his ex-
Tenses, as they feel they can afford—
little or much—that rests with you.
All Thing* Possible With God, You
.. May Be Healed.—No matter what your
ailments may be, and how often yout
case has been. pronounced hopeless,
you -may here have the opportunity to
.ngaln the color in your cheeks, the
parkle In your eyes, the smile on
1 our face, and the Joy In your heart
that says so much and means so much
—that bloom of human perfectness.
Prefers Difficult Cases.—Rev. Haw
kins says: "I prefer to treat the dif
ficult cases, those that have utterly
refused to yield to any other treat
mebt whatever. Consultation free.
,:Ko medicine or instruments used. ».
Large Crowds Expected.—Call early,
.inpatients from a distance or out of
,-?town will also receive prompt atten
_• jtion to return home the same day.
Remember, one day only, regardless
'of the weather. Attendants will di
«rect all to the Healer's Treating
The Healer hiinBelf welcomes all suf
ferers to come to him on that day,
rich and poor alike.
Granite Hotel. Hamilton. 111., Mott
day until 4 p. nr.. Jane 28th: rememb-
5 „or
this day only. Let each one of uj
*ffcome to the healer at Hamilton as bo
to Keokuk.
Opening Installment of "The Goddess"
•Appears In This Issue and It's
a Strong Story by Gouv
ernor Morris
Begin, With the First' Chapters In
This Issue and Do Not Miss Any
at 'i.
Goddess,"' a.serial story which will
pictures or ine series win appear, rou
plt_ qnndnv
uoaaess nas create a a wonaeriui in
of the Gnat Vumbers He Eu He*lod.
Rheumatism.—Throw® His Old Crooked
Cane Away and Walk*. Though Part 80.
t-On leaving the Healer's Treating Roomt
(nd walking briskly, pushing his way
through the waiting crowd on his way
out, aged Dr. Hamilton, East' St. Louis,
I'l., was heard to exclaim: "1 never fell
better in my life. You folks saw how I
lame in—look at me now. I feel that
lould Jump across the street and fly.'
'. Another Case,—Miss Lottie Bush, Res
r-volr Heights, HI., suffered so witt.
Rheumatism she had to be turned in bed.
She could mot moV.e or feed herself: no
one expected her to live, for nothing had.
cured her. Her doctors'said "she had no
blood—it had all turned to water. How
ever, without seeing the patient, through
the Bllent or distant healing by Rev.
Hawkins, Miss Bust*, soon Jumped out of
led, shouting and praising the. Lord for
lier "miraculous" recovery,
l, Gallstones.—Mrs. Mary C. Allan, 608
Beventh avenue, Peoria, 111., suffered ag
onies for more than twenty years with
violent attacks of Gallstones and a com
plication of other diseases. She had
tried doctor after doctor only to continue
to grow worse. She was operated on
twice, but It did not cure her. She grew
despondent and felt she could not live.
terest as a serial and the moving Pic-|™^lsco
turepeoplewere prompt to secure the
rights to put it in the movies. The:
Cl.ty..8ec"r,ed storV for.
rights'1 Hippodrome the Picture
Anita Stewart as Celestia "The Pictures
Anita Stewart as ceiestia, "e I
"The Goddess" is a story of purity
and virtue in Its relation to: modern
conditions. Don't miss a single in-
favorite picture theatre to see the
On another page yon can turn to
ting down to a good period of enjoy-
ment, do this: Forget everything fr^|,
.S' jr.
Many city records are missing and
it will be up to an audit board to de
termine more definitely the amount of
the loot, now roughly estimated at
$1,000,000, covering ten years.
It is not kpown whether Mavot
Howse will be ^skpd to go before the
grand jury, but It is understood that
the prosecutor does not Intend to
summon any witnesses from the
"higher ups" at the expense of Im
The hearing of the bill filed by Con
troller Bums, to have the city placed
in the hands of a receiver is to be held
Less Than Courage.
Kansas City Times: The Yaqui In
dians have a reputation for courage,
but here they are threatening to jump
on the United States.
Keokuk People .Will Be Interested
Since Mrs. James Cameron's
Brother-in-law I9 One of
Drawings and Models of This 'Build
ing Have Been Sent' to Coast
For E hi bit In Fairs
In thl, tt»u« ot The CM. City «p. J»me, C.mwon. Jr., of NorthUb^ Altoo Rohe, WWI Pros. Stmt
pears the first Installment of "The^inth
nin rpsiilarlv in thn Snndnv lssu« for! model school which is found in Evans-, Yorfc.) Roman history has reflected
fifteen^ve^ks Durlne the life this
rtorr on each Monday afternoon and I shown at the coast expositions. Mrs. the way of military conquests
AvJnlnT at t^ Xnortrnmfl raovine Camoron's borther-in-law, S. A. Bren- diplomatic prowess. The more mol
Srel of the s«tes 5ill™p'pew Youitano-
ls one of
can read the Installments in The Gate P»nnea we scnooi noose. k-
ing pictures at the Hippodrome. The ^vansvine i^ to ce nauea at tne hlstorv rpDeatR itself and
Goddess" has created a wonderful in-1
ancJsco a_ the
80 a
you've read in magazines and news-1 Jatton^ and sanitetlon that. he asked
papers and pet the first installment the architects to have a lantern sljd..
Grand Jury la. Probing Into Alleged
Looting of .the Funds of
the City. $ I
that has examined the affalFs ot- the built in this fashion. Many of tne|Sjgned
The magnitude of the revelations j.he had ever seen
grew today under the grand jury's in
vestigatlon. Bale after bale of city! ADVERTISED LETTERS,
records was examined and though List of letters remaining In
little information could be had from Keokuk po&tofflce. uncalled for,
the chaotic jumble of papers, the grand week ending June 26, 1915:
jury became convinced that funds
had been jugled lfi reckless fashion.
It was found that realty taxes were!
shifted from one account to another,!
that money from bonds was duplicat-j
ed in many records and that proper
accounting was not made of several!
other funds.
Who Comes to th« Hippodrome Theater In "The Goddess,
.... •••.j,*- end Night w.
has received a clipping Correspondent]
an Evansville paper, te ling of a
tl ach00i
88 me home or tne
sc^ntera slIde of
^eo-!uon^ wnfbe^LiedWon
?So rfn". nSZ!£lSf \Sl Jor"°o! win „T». =«M«ct« the oountry .hM h„ h„n m.rkod 0y
far as the picture part is concenied.
Sanson Ollbert, R. .T. Fabian and
,.®,n °.„
stallment and start tomorrow at your 1 retarj of the state board of health,. innocent who outwltte.i
fox-orltn nlrtiire thpatre tn oao fhfl who recently visited here to Inspect ,,
ncW buildin and
xu Dlans When he elves his series of
the first words of the most inspiring! aSnnB in iwnaJn
fact that Gouveneur Morris Is the
author, places the story In a hi*h rosi-j most „{ait„A
newspaper «r,., ever he^n, Th. !•S.°..f vo„ !-n,.w,sm b.t th„
tlon to start with. Please before sit-, W^en^Dr. 1King •:lslt-d here he was Glolltti
of tlle
tekesThe roman^ part o^Tommr' system v«itllfU hMi an^ sanitation Jlf8
sc?eln aCs!
&. perfect modern school buiiding.
a?®' yfv®?
of "The Goddess," which appears in ™ade__^__"_J "1 to leave Salandra, the honest Sal
this Issue of The Gate City.
made for
also requested a picture of each of
tllated by the new radiators that are
to.be installed. ,The air will Tush
into the radiators from the outside
a"d b,e
NASHVIIXE, Tenn., June a^.—j into the class rooms, thus ^insuring
ments were returned against Lyle An- powerful suction to dispose of the
drews, commissioner of finance R.!
Miles Burns, city comptroller, and^'huge ventilators on the
city treasury. Tho men Indicted to-' rooms contain five radiators and the tbe poet, was heard. In the land,
day are charged with having been ac- floors of both class rooms and corrl- jyAnunzist with the "flowers" of th'?
cessories to the theft of records of dors will be of concrete. oratory had arrived at Rome at that
the treasurer and with participating! When Dr King visited here he de- jtra.ditiona.1 psychological moment,
in the alleged loot. clared that it was as line a school as There was the memory oJ-Garibaldi in
M. Rose Block.
Miss Mary M. Barry
Mrs. C. W. Griggs.
Rena Hooper.
Miss Mae Hackaba.
Ethel R. Laid.
Miss Irene Lee.
Mrs. Nora Lindner.
Mrs. F. Rector.
Miss Anna Shoeffer.
Lillian Young.
Mr. C. B. Arnold.
Peter Bock.
James H. Fisher.
Mr. Thomas Gambriel.
Mr. S. R. Hogan.
Mr. Burley Matheny.
Cecil McCleland.
Mr. F. L. Robertson.
A. A- Rockefeller.
Mr. H. B. Wolfer.
J. Macy Walcutt.
Persons calling for letters In above
list will please say they are adver
tised. E. P. McMANTJS.
tlred frora
I highly ot theroofgardenthatvvill^
6 6
cular children.
The schqol will be thoroughly ven-
bef^[e it.ls sfnt
Nashvljle's boodle Investigation reach-1Pure air. Directly opposite the radla- j,ave had his way. There was noth
ed the boiling point today. Indict-|tors there^ will be a large duct with jng
City Treasurer West, and, according! To avoid the accumulation of dirt temperment of the Italian people,
to. rumors that filtered from the little *n the -corners of the rooms, instead Tills prime minister ls a psychologist,
room where the Investigators probed the walls and celling meeting at, rpbe
and sweltered. Mayor- Howse'g official risht angles they will be curved. Ali .jan8 famed for Its sudden moves,
life will be given the same scrjitlny I
^t ::.v- -':•-.-- f/v 'SSffiiJ
daily gate citt^
Roman History Finds Something New
in the Stirring Events Just
Bofore Italy Entered the
New Page In History Was Written by
Man Who Was Regarded As
Poor Helpless Sort of.
tbo «t«r Following Is the clipping telling of. oecome an estaDiished term in the pe-
Clty Sunday and then see the star son of Mucshieavelll. But in all Ro
performers present the play In mov- Evansvilie 1b to be hailed at the'man
Plctures of which will he almost every combination of events in
,^,ry .the TeaT of
Gio]ltti retuY-ned
tuber- jabie
and a]|
Monday Matinee
em Romans and all Italians have held
palm of shrewdness which has
h,, tl
Italian history despite the
exposition as San a^age tnat nistory repeats ltseir ana
vome of thp wrfect
theve ls nothing new under the
!s„n, there has never been recorded so
the new addition stirring an event as that which has
1 iiust hannonpri in Ttaiv
turning of the tide of human
The !'events, the overturning the well built
architects who pre-' strategic sea walls of political power
nlanq and dp^ienH and tho by the great wave of public opinion
?rece?,^n^ .the
h„rQ woo :the
so notable a rise and fall in history
and literature.
And the man who "turned the trick"
IV [the man who was being regarded as
of health Somewhat of "a poor helpless, honest
r„ a°
innocent .V
f0 examine the Sa andra ha pla.
ed a new paJ?e in
"alian history.
Nothing, say the people, could have
Italy from the machinations of
simple act of resignation which CallC'l
bluff of the progermaq Intriganti.
former prime
minister who
the ministry when he still
controlled the majority of the deputies,
when hla men were stin )n power in
con te Tit
andra the good, the unintrlguing. In
the mighty. And when
to Rome this mem
May to dellver the col]ntry Inta
the hands of
yjg neutralists or rather
,)r0permans the poor simple man.
beloved th lRnored bi-
lu,clan olltw}tte(j them
8 w111
qllestion of Italy's Inter-
vention gone to the house of parlia-
Gioiitti with his majority would
j,e done—Salandra would have
the poor weakling the ever-
'astute Giolitti painted him.
But Salandra reckoned well on the
temperment of the Ital-
and corridors will be,:could be, depended upon. Salandra re-
tjle while the voice of
his every utterance. And in the heart?
of the people there was the memory of
that blood of Garibaldi staining the
battle fields of A.rgonne. The mem
ory of that grandson of the greot
Garibaldi whose funeral cor£ege
through the streets of Rome last Janu
jary, had marned so plainly Italian
sympathy in the present conflict, was
smouldering in their very souls.
And so it came, the great wave or
^popular sentiment drowning In its
Immensity all the subtleties of di
plomacy. The rush of public senti
iment for Intervention is an interest
ing thing, for the people of Ttaly did
not, rank and file, wiant the war ac
Tha moment Salandra resigned and
the poet and uncrowned poets of the
people began to cry the minute tlw
public consciousness was stirred to
iwhat was really happening and the
public eye saw through the machina
tions at. work—the public voice shout
ed at the top of its voice "Vive,la
guerra" (Vive the war). Where as
before groups of Interventionists ha.1
been inciting interest through the
overworked reminiscences of unre
deemed Trieste and Trentlnos the
whole of Italy rose with one acclaim
and demanded the war.
The day before Salandra's resigna
tion, it was no uncommon thing to
hear "Let us see what Austria has to
'offer before Italy is plunged in blood
jshed-." Italians in all walks of life
were quite frank to say they only
'wanted Italy to act for her best ad
vantage. The negotiations between,
Germany and Austria were watched
with a surprising astuteness In ever'
strata of society. Then came tho
crisis and everything wafc forgotten ,,
but I.a Patria and national honor. vOnA CWpStGmmGtt
CADILLAC service is exclusive. It is made possible by an equipment
of tools and stock of parts which insures against a CADILLAC owner
having to lay his car up and wait for a repair. The number of calls
we have had from owners of ether cars to try to adapt a CADILLAC
part to their car shows how little this service Is appreciated till after
one has purchased a car.
You no longer hear people
will be next?"
Yes, wise buyeis demand the V-type motor
because other types are acknowledged by
their makers to be outclassed. But the
wisest buyers choo&e the CADILLAC be
cauuse the CADILLAC V-type motor has
the longest experience behind it—and be
cause it is the only V-type motor which
thousands have tested arid' proved true.
When the CADILLAC introduced the
Electric Cranking System you heard the
same talk-—the .same "doubts"—as you,
have heard about the Eight. Cylinder V
type Motor. But within twelve months
every worth while car had an Electric
Clanking System of some kind.
And you doubtless remember the loss in
value of those cars without Electric Start
ing and Lighting. You can even now see
the beginningof a depreciation in other cars
WMhly CrulMi July 1 to August
Lv. Chicago Thure. 1s36 p. m.
RNaeliinao Prl. 1tOO p. m.
Detroit •at. 12rOO noon
Clovalantf tOiOO p. m.
Ar. Buffalo Sun. lltOO a. m«
Lv. Buffalo 8i30 p. m.
Detroit Men. 4tOO p. m.
*4 Owen 84. Tuee. 4x30 m.
Maeklneo Wed. 8:30 a. in.
Ar. Chicago Thure. «:30 a. m.
With exception of some of the ultra _g
rich upper classes. Italy Is solid for fBT nlOYlIlg, StOr&fG, lFMUlCT
|the war. These aristocratics aroj^^,
swayed, no doubt, by large propertv j"
'interest in Austria and Germany.
I But the people—the shop keepers,
jthe government employes, the stn
dents,- the professors—one and all are
for the war because they could not at
Wise Buyers Now Demand V-Type Motor
Wisest Buyers
We have already delivered twenty-eight of this new model since the first of the year, and
can secure but a few more in time for delivery this summer. You can secure an early
delivery on an order placed now.
Keokuk Cadillac Company
Show Room and Service Station, 19-21-23 South Fifth Street. Keokuk, Iowa
The New Ships "North Amarloan" and "South
American"— Passenger Service Exclusively—
are equipped to give a service equal to the best Atlantic
Liners. These magnificent steamships have many in-.
novations for travel, comfort and amusement, a balij
room, an orchestra, children's open air play grounds and
deck games. Ail these are free. Steamer chairs and
steamer rugs available. Dining Service the best
Master Steward and Chef can Produce. Either
trip offers a most enjoyable week of rest and recreation
2200 Miles of Beautiful Scenery, Shore Line,
Islands, Rivers,Bays. Stops of several hours made at
all principal points, giving ample time to see the sights.
II Rad-«M.
any price see their country betrayed.
Notliln? in the history of the Etern
al City has ever equaled the sreat
swerving human flag of patriotism
seen In public squares when the king"'
refusal to accept Salandra's resigna
tion was announced. Nothing s'j
sinister in Its significance had ever
been seen as that same moving fla^ -1
before the king refused to accept thp'irreat phonographic war record "Vive
resignation. :1a guerre" at the psychological mo
"Vox Poruli"—The voice of the'ment was Prime Minister Salandra:
people has been heard In Rome an 1'the man whom uiolittl believed to be
in all Italy—as never before—and the ia mere honest not-to-be considerel
man who cleverly turned out this Jsort of a person.
And keeping cans clean and san
Sanitary Garbage Co.
Phone Black-922.
from Chicago, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Duluth or Beorrian Bay ports
2200 muo trip on Four Lake* on one of the big new Cruising ships
"North American"—"South American"
12 Days' Cruise $75—3600 mile trip
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The Lake Trips That Have No Equal
Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Co.
109 W. Adams St., Chicago, Ills.
wondering" whether it is a success or "guessing it can­
not be piled efficiently—or "doubting" its endurance.
All the "guessing" and "doubting" are over and the anxiety of practically all makers
to bring out a car with this
motor leaves Vut one thing to "wonder" about—"who
m&:-'•• •-,•• -mitf.
the Cadillac
since the introduction of the CADILLAC
eight-cylinder V-type.
You ought to look into these "facts before
you buy any car. The CADILLAC Eight
marks a turning point in the industry. It
achieves anew degree of comfor.t, of safety,
of ease of control, of flexibility,,of smooth­
placed orders for as many more.
JUeelily &nJs«
i.v. Chicago
achievement to which tile whole
industry is paying the highest tribute—
that of imitation.
Today, the CADILLAC "Eight" stands
acknowledged the leading car of the we'd.
And, as if it were not enough to have this
distinction, the Cadillac Company sticks
to the moderate price it has maintained
for years—$1975 F. O. B. Detroit for all
open body styles. No wonder 12,000 Plight
Cylinder CADILLACS have already been
bought. No wonder CADILLAC dealers
July 3 to
goo. IsOP pb«.
The IdO pwm.
PLWIIHam MMI. •eOP pkin.
Ar. Dulvtli TIMP» •s30 a.«».
Lv. Oofutti t#rOO a.m.
Tho 4lo«M W«l. tiOO p.m.
Owvn 84. Thure. •coo a.m.
Parry M.
419 Main St.
of the world

V'£ '*1
tsSO p»m.
t^O p^n.
Parry M.
Meenhioe PH.
•stO p.m.
|»3Q a.m.
Ar. Chlesso •at. MO a.m.

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