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MONDAY, JUNE 28,191ft
For Society Editor
Call Black 665.
When Love's warm sun is Bet,
Love's brightness closes
Eyes with hot tears are wet,
In hearts that linger yet
Ashes of roses.
Soft on the sunset sky --i
Bright daylight closes,
Leaving, when light doth die,
Pale hues that mingling»He,—
Ashes of roses.
—Elaine Goo dale.
Yflrs. Ayres fa Named.
Mrs. J- J. Ayres has been appointed
as the representative of the Keokuk
Civic league, a member of the state
civic committee of the Iowa Federa
tion of Women's Clubs. The appoint
ment Vas made by Mfs. Fi*anpes Whit
ley, the newly elected president ol
the Iowa federation. This gives the
local league representation in the
meeting of the executive committee
which meets in the interval between
the regular biennial conventions..
Launch Party .Postponed.
Because of the weather condition!
the launch party which was to have
been given tomorrow afternoon to the
Keokuk chapter D. A. R., by Captain
and Mrs. A. C. Decker, has been post
poned. The members of the chapter
and the other guests who had been
Invited are asked to take note of the
change in the plans.
No Trump Club Meetings.
There will be no meeting of the
Trump club this week, meetings hav
ing been suspended for the present.
Dp, Safford Will Be Guest.
Dr. Mary* A. Safford of Orlando, Fla.,
president of the Florida State Suf
frage association will be the guest
of honor at the suffrage breakfast in
Hamilton on the morning, of July 5 at
Hotel Granite. Dr. Safford lived In
Hamilton until the time of her ordina
tion as a minister of the Unitarian
church since which time Bhe has
preached in various cities, but Hamil
ton has never ceased to claim her.
Guild Is Entertalnel.
Miss Fern Hood entertained the
Westminster Guild this afternoon at
its regular monthly meeting. ^Mrs. E.
B. Newcomb and Miss. Elizabeth Col
lier were the readers, from the text
books, "The American Indian on a
[New Trail" and "In Red Man's Land."
Following the reading, refreshments
were served by the hostess.
Married Here Yesterday.
Fred Yetter, of Macomb, 111., and
Miss Rachel Loving of Keokuk, were
maTried yesterday afternoon at 4
o'clock by Rev. LeRoy Steffey, at
1103 Bank street Mr. and .Mrs. Yetter
left immediately for Macomb where
they will make their home, the groom
being in business in that city.
Interesting House Party.
A most interesting house party at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Col
lisson No. 619 High street, came
to a close today after ai. week of 'hap
piness, when visiting guests departed.
Mrs. Ella Fry Boorkman and son
Charlie left for their home at Aurora,
111., Mrs. Anna Carter'Alexander and
four children, together #rith Mr. Alex
ander left for Orion, 111., for a visit
before returning to their, homa in Cen
terville. Master Sam Sample, of St.
Louis hag been visiting^ at the Col
llsson home for several -days and dur
ing the week there have been thir
teen children in the house, who have
greatly enjoyed the visit together.
Mrs. Boorkman and Mirs. Alexander
"were entertained by Mbb. James Ful
ton last week and at a family dinner
party by Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Car-(
ter Sunday evening and members of'
the party have been entertained by
old friends on several occasions.
Master Edward Alexander spent Sun
day with Fredric Hilpert. Mrs. Collls
son, Mrs. Alexander Mrs. Fulton and
Mrs. Boorkman, were schoolmates to
gether In Keokuk and have agreed
to hold their next house party at Cen
terville next summer and with Mrs.
Boorkman the following summer.
Man Who Will Superintendent Con
struction Rivers Smelting Plant
Comes Tomorrow,
R. G. Hall will arrive In Keokuk to
morrow morning. This information
a long distance telephone call from
at,p4:. L°ulf
—Two beautiful new pianos, special
Price. Cash or time. Piggott, 626 Main.
-—Lady Maccabees' excursion to
Qulncy, Thursday, July l, on Sidney,
—Masonic special Eagle, Friday
June 29.—7 o'clock. 3rd. degree.
—A marriage license wtas issued
today to Alexander Sneddon, 46, Bos
ton and Olivia D. Larson, 42, Keokuk.
—Suit was filed in the district
court today by Henry Renard against
Peter Hatton and Nina Veronica Hat
ton, asking judgement for $6,298.25,
foreclosure of mortgage and an In
junction to keep defendants from
wasting land, as plaintiff alleges has
been done. According to petition
tlantiff was given note -of $5,900 with
mortgage to cover same. It is claim
ed in the petition that tho note is past
due, It is further alleged that defen
dant has been cutting ties and wast
ing land.
—Go with the Lady of Maccabees
on the Sidney July l, to Qulncy.
—The county examiners are check
ing over the books of the justices of
the peace today.
-—The Westminster Presbyterian
Sunday school will have their annual
picnic at Rand park Tuesday after
noon, June 29.
—Several local ball players have
decided that traveling in automobile
has its drawbacks. Members of a
local club which played at Memphis
yesterday, made the trip there by
auto. On the return they were stucit
in the mud at Kahoka. Some of the
men were forced to walk about t°n
miles before they could get a train
whlcH would get them in in time to go
to work today.,
—Inquiries concerning labor condi
tions in Keokuk were being conduct
ed here today by a man from out of
the city who visited the Industrial as
sociation in his quest for knowledge
along these points.
—Articles of incorporation of the
Standard Four Tire company were lo
be filed with the recorder, ?late this
At the Grand.
In connection with the return show
ing of the much talked of screen
classic, "Hypocrites," the management
jof the Grand takes great pleasure in
announcing that Rev. Dr. Rudd of Ft:
Madison, will fully explain all points
of this great feature In a lecture wi'h
each showing at the Grand tonight.
Dr. Rudd was so impressed with tho
picture on its first appearance that
he volunteered his services in connec
tion with a second showing and will
lecture the picture here today and in
Ft. Madison tomorrow. The lecture
will make clear in detail all feature
of the production and will add greatly
to the pleasure and benefit of the
patrons. Owing to the nature of the
story, it is best that all should see
the "Hypocrites" from the starting ot
the performance and for the informa
tion of those who intend to come, the
evening performances will start
ipromptly at 7:00, 8:10 and 9:20, make
your arrangements to be at the Grand
for the beginning of-one" of the three
showings tonight.
Tomorrow, "The Woman," a splen
did Laslcy ParamoiiAt,production, built
On the «famous BelagcQ success, and
filmed in a masterly manner, will be
seen at the Grand." "All Hits and
no Misses," Is. the way to sum
up the review of" this, fine feature.
And take a litjla.ttft. ifyou miss see
ing "The Wqman,"..you will miss one
of the best futures of, the season. It
Is a guaranteed to please five part
Paramount photoplay with an all star
cast. You £)in't beat it.—Advertise
The Goddess.
The first chapter'of "The Goddess"
at the Hippodrome tonight
The Vitagi aph "serial beautiful" and
the most Imposing story ever filmed,
will be shown at the Hippodromo
theatre tonight.
The story is by Gouvenor Mprrls,
famqd as America's best writer of
Earle Williams and Anita Stewart,
two of the world's foremost screen
stars, are featured in the title roles.
Briefly the story is this:
Celestia, reared in what she has
been ts.narht Is heaven, and made to
believe herself divine, comes into
the busy world to redeem all sinners.
In her innocent unsophisticated man
ner, and bedecked in flimsy draperies,
she comes face to face with vice and
hyprocrisy and conquers it.
At first the world jeers and hoots
her. Then it fears and stands aghaat
at the force of her unexpected power.
Finally, they fall before her, worshtp-
muiiuw lliuiuius. iuio imuiui.™!! ^en
was conveyed to President Kledaisch *he
of the Industrial association through
At the same time, the triumiverace
Of millionaires are attempting to cap
italize her vogue to their own profit.
company. He h&d expected to come I christian." plays the part of "Tommy
to Keokuk today but could not arrange
Mrs. Mattle Alberty, until recently
a resident of Canton, Mo., and who
has many friends in this city, died at
a hospital in St. Lonjs Saturday after
noon. She was about 70 years old.
The remains were taken to Canton to
day and the funeral will be held there
tomorrow. The services will be-con
ducted by the Eastern Star. She Is
survived by four children, her hus
band having died about one year ago.
The children are: Fred and Hender
son Alberty, and Mrs. Cena Rebo of
Caritoa. and Mrs. James Cornelius of
p«w Alexandria.
The name part In the picture is
Anita Stewart, the wood
8prlte of alry faIry
the nlmbiest,
matters pertaining to the machinery yitagraph's picturlzatlon of Hall
for the Rivers Smelting and Refining
Calne WOrld
aSairs so as to get away. He will !tiEU„
arrive here in the morning, however,! Currier plays Barclay, the
from St. Louis and will be ready for
work here. ofllced in Wall street
The rest of the cast includes actors
and actresses well known to American
She was Until Recently Resident of
Canton and Had Many Friends
in Keokutt,
most delightful
to be viewed anywhere In
wide world.
Mr. 'Hall said that luj had been ex-1 jg^rie Williams, he who made such
tremely busy looking after various! tremendous success for himself in tend the wedding of their son at
iAmous story, "The
.. earthly lover of "Celes-
beureaucratic millionaire.
lor All Age*
you may -HORUOITS
you mmy oat SubatttutOm
Builders of the new Canadian trans
continental railway say that early
completion of coast-to-coast con
struction work makes a bread famine
in England impossible, so long as the
British Jack retains supremacy of
the seas. The figures show that
wheat enough to supply four loaves
of bread per week for more than four
»nd one-half years to Greater Ion-
turization of the most Inspiring story
ever written.
The first show will start promptly at
7 p. m. this evening the second at 8
third at 9, and the last at 10 p. m.
Bear in mind that you may come as
late as 10 p. m. and yet see the entire
"Say, mister are we on the
right side of the road?"
This query* was addressed to a
local man, who was riding his
bicycle along the river drive. It
came from two small urchins,
standing sipgle file, huddled close
against the weeds at the side of
the road.
Inquiry on the part of the
bicycle rider revealed the fact
that they«had been reading about
the rules of the road, and were
trying to'obey same.
He assured them that they
were, and they went their way in
Mrs. G. W. Ogden and son Whit
ney of Kansas City, are the guests of ,°th £1"0"1 ^e second
H. R. Miller and family.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Eastwood of
Mobile, Mo., are visiting at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Kirch.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hemmy hav« re
turned home from their wedding trip.
Attorney William Tlmberman has
returned from Chicago where he at
tended the automobile races.
Roy H. King, J. D. Ecker and G. A.
Kledaisch are home from Chicago
where they attended the auto races
Saturday at Maywood.
Mrs. John Anderson returned home
last night from Omaha where she has
been visiting for several weeks.
Evanston Wednesday.
Mrs. E. W. Collins' and daughter ... ...
of Denver, Colo., are visiting at the
Nauvoo Independent: Mrs. L. Boquet
and daughter Mrs. Hubert Schouten
and daughter Doris of Keokuk, spent
Wednesday here with father and
grandfather, M. Baumert, Sr.
Mrs. Louis Argast and daughter Miss
Grace, Mrs. Jos. Welter. Mrs. Bertha
Gutherz and daughter Ilene, attended
the funeral of John H. Wolff at Keo
kuk Thursday afternoon.
Dally Stock Letter.
[Copyright, 1915, by New York Even
ing Post.]
NEW YORK. June 2S.—The really
Important movement in today's finan
cial market was again the action of
exchange on London.' Instead of re
covering. after Sunday's decline of *3
cent from the high level to which It
went on the war loan announcement
arid the rise in the London money
rate, Bterltng declined abruptly.
The final quotation last Saturday
afternoon was 4771% it touched 47G^
today, a rate barely a quarter cent
above the low figure of the season
Tils response to England's bid for
capital was accompanied by no change
in Lombard street's open market dis
count rate which remained today at
Saturday's 4% per cent level as
against 2% to 2-)4 on Wall street. The
sterling market simply gave way un
der prewsure of drafts on London, not
offset by drafts on New York.
On the stock exchange, prices mov
ed rather Irregularly today, thoueii
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Collins.. his hands, will doubtless take ac-
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Duncan have,' Burlington Woman Dies.
gone to Chicago and Evans ton, to
don's estimated population of 7,252,
963 can be shipped each year from
the territory served by the western
lines of Canada's newest transconti
Reports show during the crop year
1913-14 that the Canadian Northern
railway handled from its own terri
tory in the prairie provinces 47,295,
000 bushels of wheat. It could
practically feed the' British Isles.
Sir William Mackenzie, nresident
stocks of companies handling "war
orders" wag evident. News of the
day hardly appeared to exert any in
Iowa Complaints Dismissed.
[United Press Leased Wire Service]
WASHINGTON, June 28.—The In.
terstate commerce commission today:
Refused commodity rate revision
Chicago to Des Moines, because it i3
needed also to other Iowa points, but
said it must act if shippers and car
riers did not agree by August 1.
Declared Cherry lumber and glova
leather rates Chicago to Des Mo'n-s
Dismissed complaints involving
class and commodity proportionals
Des Moines and the Mississippi, to
and from points beyond the Illinois
Indiana line.
Suspnded proposed increase grain
product carload rates -in western
trunk line and southwestern territor
ies until October 29.
Memphis City Fathers are Thought to
Object to Street Pav
ing Job.
rSpecial to The Gate City.T
MEMPHIS, Mo., June 28.—At-'eleven
o'clock this morning. Alderman J. B.
Gregory and Alderman Frank Myers,
of the
city, filed resignations with the city
clerk, asking immediate acceptance.
There was no cause for their action
stated in the resignation, but it Is pre
sumed to have been brought about on
account of controversies growing out
of differences of opinion regarding
the construction of certain paragraphs
of the specifications for the paving
which is now being constructed on
the four streets surrounding the pub
lic square In Memphis. Mayor Bunce,
to whom the resignations were ad
dressed, was seen at his office late
this afternoon, but would not make
any statement regarding the matter,
but as the law in this state places the
«a,lln* 7
AM AAnln Bn TM rael trtl
tion at an early date as the resigns
tion of two aldermen leaves the board
without a quorum. The situation
leaves the council In no condition to
take up the humorous matters which
at this time are occupying the atten
tion of the board of aldermen on
questions of permanent improvement
in Memphis.
[United Press leased Wire
r\TTT» T\TnTnXT In«TM 1
BURLINGTON, Iowa, Jutie 23.—
Mrs. Ida Sommers, 46, shot by Her
man Schnittger, railroad watchman,
Saturday night, died from her In
juries this morning.
Mrs. Simmers had refused to mnr
ry him and he shot her throuu'-ih the
breast and then fired a bullet through
his own head, dying two hours later.
May Exhume Body.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
JOLIET, 111., June 28.—Officials
were to decide today whether they
will exhume the body of Mrs. Odolle
Bordeaux Allen, former comic opera
star and wife of Warden Edmund M.
Allen, of Joliet penitentiary. Intima
tion that a mori-rigid examination of
the body of the woman Who was slain
in her sleeping quarters at the prison
early Sunday morning a week ago
would develop new clues, was given
today. It was reported that another
autopsy may even exonerate "Chick
en Joe" Campbell, manslaughter
trusty, who has been held for grand
Jury action.
of the Canadian Northern, and Sir
Donald Mann, vice president, have
carried out a stupendous program of
railway building, a mile a day most
of the time, until the main line ex
tends 3,100 miles from Quebec to
Vancouver, with branches aggregat
ing 6,000 miles more. Both won
knighthood by their development of
Western Canada and both began
their careers as sons of small farm-
"If there is any shadow of doubt in
this case, we want it removed. We
want to hide nothing. We seek all
the truth."
Warden Allen resumed his duties
here today for the first time since
the murder.
Employers Take the Offensive and
Will Throw Thousands Out
of Work.
[United Press Leased Wire Service
CHICAGO, June 28.—One of the
greatest labor wars of recent years
was on in deadly earnest this after
noon. It will be fought out with dol
lars, not bullets,
Carpenter contractors, lumber deal
ers whose capital runs into enormous
figures and building material manufac
turers this afternoon issued declara
tions that unless by a near-miracle
differences are sottled In the mean
time they will throw a quarter of a
million Chicago workmen into idle
ness. N
After today, Chicago lumber deal
ers and manufacturers of building
material will accept no more eon
tracts. When outstanding orders are
delivered the plants will be shut
down completely.
The shutting down of tho scores of
plants, was decided on today to smash
tho strike the carpenters declared on
May 1 for higher wages At that
time 16,000 men quit work, thereby
throwing out of Jobs a total of over
100,000 men in allied trades.
Two thirds of the carpenter con
tractors pf the ctty have signed agree
ments granting the carpenters' de
mands. The other third, members of
the employers' association, refused
and drew upon the power of produc
ers of material and allied Interests to
force the workers to terms.
Estimates today placed the loss to
the workers alone in wages would be
at the rate of at least $600,000 a day
and a still larger amount to the em
The employers took the offensive
this afternoon at a meeting of twenty
of the leading building manorial men
of the city. It was figured that the
shut down would be felt In full force
by the end of this week.
Union leaders declared today they
Intend putting the facts before the fed
oral authorities who will be asked to
determine whether the employers can
be proceeded against for alleged crim
inal conspiracy in restraint q£ trade.
Slavery to Habit.
Omaha World-Herald: Since the
Illinois legislature no longer has a
chance to deadlock on the election of
a United States senator it takes out
its deadlocking on bills.
War"» Fearful Penalties.
Kansas City Times: If a European
soldier is cowardly he Is likely to be
shot, and if he 1B brave his general Is
likely to kiss him. War certainly Is
Openly expressed criticism of the
manner of conducting the Inquest to- he would be supremely happy,
the general trend was perhaps toA'ards day called forth the following state-,
firmness. Th« disposition to favjrmeut from James Allen, the warden's —Read The Gate City Want column.
Atchison Globe: As a rule, making
an excuse for bad business is making
an excuse for yourself.
Has His Own Troubles.
Kansas City Times: As between
President Wilson and Secretary Bry
an, Speaker Clark probably will ex
plain that it is none of his business.
His Favorite Dish.
Washington Democrat: If Charley
Junkin could eat a progressive, raw)
each day before his morning prayers,
At r«n
This mystery of nature's greatest
force, which Is unseen and unmeas
ured,. is without a definition! Think
of it! The most Important factor in
our dally lives baB no name, for
electricity Itself comes from the Greek
word "electroa," which means amber.
See if you can define electricity from
what you have seen it accomplish In
your city.
The Society For Electrical Develop
ment, 29 W«»t Thirty-ninth street, New
York city, will award $25 in cash to the
best definition of the word "eleotrioity"
received between now and August 1,
1915. The offer is open to school chil
dren just as much as tc scientists. Re
pliee muit be at least twenty-five
words and not longer than forty words.
A committee of soientifio men will be
The competition will be conducted In
connection with "Electrical Prosperity
Week," a national trade stimulus under
taken by the great electrical companies
of America to convince the public that
actual prosperity exists. The campaign
is under the direction of the Society
For Electrical Development. The win
ner of the competition will be an
nounced In the society's bulletins.
Yankee Chemists Discover New Filler
to 8}jpplaht Foreign Brand.
Just as new processes of making pe
trol and dyes have been discovered by
scientists because of the war con
ditions, so the universally adopted
Mnzda lamp has a romantic touch dat
ing from the assassination of the Aus
trian archduke. The death of the duke
precipitated the war, which put an end
in a few hours to the importation of
the so called "rare gaseous elements"
which give the new 100 watt lamp its
extraordinary white brilliancy and also
its exceptional efficiency.
Just enough of the rarity was on
hand to enable the electrical chemists
to try discovery experiments In the big
laboratories. Day and night entire
forces of scientists labored to find
the tallsmanic substance equal to
the foreign product. Thrown on our
own resources, the American chemist
again succeeded. He found the "good
stuff" necessary to supplant the foreign
material. In fact, he has done so well
that America Is not only Independent
of Europe for this chemical, but the
new American brand is rated, of supe
rior capacity.
A Matter of Shells.
Chicago Evening Post: War Is only
ammunition. More of a shell game
than ever.
Easy to 8tart.
Cedar RapldB Republican: It would
take only a moment to get into a war,
but It sometimes takes years to fight
through it.
Fort Pierre Stock Growers' News:
Treason Is none too mild a name for Gate City,
any man who will desert his govern
ment at a time like this.
The 8tralgfit of It.
St. Paul Pioneer Press: Home own
ers, nowadays, do not buy automo
biles. They buy pavement in order
that the men who rent may ride.
Bees Stepped Railway TrafAo.
Bees, held up railway traffic on the
London and North-Western mall line
near Shap Summit for several hours
recently. The bees swarmed in a sig
nal lamp. No relief was forthcoming
until an official from Penrith dlslodg
ed them.
NOTICE—To fully appreciate' ths picture, patrons should be In their
seats at the beginning of the showing. Ask any one who saw it before.
Tomorrow—3. 7, 8 & 9:15
Define Electricity
a Word!
What is electricity?
Although evidences of electricity in a
primitive way were known as long ago
as the sixth century B. C., no one has
ever been able to tell definitely what
electricity is. At different times it bas
been thought to be a form of matter, a
thin, weightless fluid, a kind of unseen
force, a byproduct of thunder, a va
riety of motion, and so on. Yet we are
sure electricity is a self existent force
by which we are at all times and ev
erywhere surrounded.
An all star Laaky-Belasco cast in the guaranteed to please drama
a tonight—7, 8 & ^is
"The Woman" $
With Theodore Robert*, Lois Meredith and others.
Upstairs 10c Main Floor 20c
Special Return Showing of the Daring, Frank
Screen Classic
A special Paramount production. The most talked of picture of the
year. To bo lectured by
REV. DR. RUDD of Ft. Madison
Broken Jewelry
Repaired Right
Odell & Hoar
404 Main Street
Storage Room For
Household Goods
Clean, dry and free from vermin,
at very reasonable terms. We
especially solicit large lots that
will remain some time.
Collier Stationery Co.
623 Main Street.
Want Column
WANTED—Persons to-copy letters at
home earn $10 to $25 weekly. Send
stamped envelope for particulars.
Buckeye Copy Co., 540 Broadway,
Lorain, O.
FOR RENT—Strictly modern house.
No. 5 Park place. Inquire at 519
North Tenth or phone Black-621.
FOR RENT—Five room house. 824
Lelghton all modern. Enquire 519
North Tenth. Phone Black-621.
FOR RENT—No. 610 North Fifth
street, seven room modern house.
John Tumelty.
FOR itENT—First class location fir
a barber shop, located in the busi
ness section of the city, across from
the Santa Fe and C., B. & Q. depots,
only one shop in this block, building
22x30. Strictly modern, finished new
throughout, steaoi heat, electric ani
gas lights. Rent reasonable. For par
ticulars, write G. Sanders, proprietor
Grand Hotel, Fort Madison, Iowa.
FOR RENT—Seven room house, 227
South Second, electric lights and
bath. Enquire Black-51 or 228 John
son street.
FOR RENT House, 1016 Fulton
Btreet. Enquire 1022 Fulton. Phone
FOR SALE—Cheap, kitchen cabinet
and square dining room table, new
small soft coal heater. 727 Concert.
FOR SALE—Work team, wagon and
harness, $75.00. George Schenk,
Alexandria, Mo.
FOR SALE—Fine full blood fox terriar
pups. 1807 Exchange.
FOUND—Ladles' driving glove,
quire at Gate City office.
Tlmberman, 522 Main street.
FIREMEN, brakemen, $120 monthly.
Experience unnecessary. Promotion,
engineer, conductor. Railway, care
Atlanta Opera Audience.
A crowd at the -Auditorium is ft
unique gathering. The audience there
the other night was unlike any au
dience that ever gathered anywhere
but in Atlanta to hear grand opera.
It mixes freely and does not'
use the lorgnette overly much.
There was the ribbon .clwk, In the
rented dress suit and the rtd neck
tie there waa the portly dowager,
rigged out like a sixteen-year-old, and
the lavish display of the noveou rlche
was also among those present.—At
lanta Constitution.

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