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grorolT, AUGUST 1, 1915
Keokuk Manufacturers Having the
Lathes Capable of Working in
Iron. May be Asked to Help
Fill the Order.
jr. ~irw
Information Is Asked Concerning
J.\ Factories Which Might Have
Iron for 75 M-M
t~ Keokuk may have a hand in a war
order amounting to several millions
of dollars, if tho manufacturers here
accept the offers which will be made
by shrapnel manufacturers. An east
ern firm which has the order, which is
•for a certain size of shrapnel, has
communicated with Keokuk manufac
turers in regard to furnishing certain
of the materials needed.
The letter was addressed to the In
dustrial association and asked that
the names of any manufacturing
plants, equipped with lathes and work
ing in iron, be sent to this firm. The
letter stated that a contract for sev
eral millions of dollars worth of shrap
nel had been let and that the firm
having the contract would like to
communicate with manufacturers in
According to the communication,
which was received yesterday after
noon, information is asked regarding
the manufacturers in Keokuk who are
possessed of lathes which will turn
out iron which may be used in the
manufacture of 75m-m shrapnel.
Has Forgotten the Affair0
Settles Down In Peace
and Quiet.
fUnited Press Leased Wire Service.
TEMPLE. Texas, July 31.—Temple's
"midnight black barbecue" is ancient
history as far as Temple—and appar
ently state officials too—are concern
ed. The general verdict here tonight
is that Will Stanley, the negro burned
to a withered heap by a mob of 10,000
shortly after midnight this morning,
knew not what was coming to him—
and that lynch law made no mistake
In its victim. In fact, so firmly con
vinced was the mob of this fact that
it made no effort today to round up
the two negroes arrested with Stanley
jugbd Jmplicated'by him asparticipauts
fit'the brutish attack on Mrs. W. T.
Grimes, the killing of .her three chil
dren and the serious wbunding of her
'/Where the two negroes were taken
by officers is unknown—and Temple
doesn't care. Its blood lust is sated
KQd in the Temple view, justice done.
A perfunctory state investigation
may follow the lynching, but it is af
most a foregone conclusion that suc'i
a probe will 'do nothing. It cannot,
without going into elmbst the whole
city for fully 10,000 were in the mo1)
end got vengeance on Stanley. His
Sniveled body hanged in the public
Square after the bon fire, was hacked
down today and turned oyer to a ne
gro undertaker.
What T. R. Thinks.
Omaha Bee: What Colonel Roose
velt thinks of a mother who "will not
raise her boy to be a soldier" is a
caution. But it is a genuine zephyr to
What he thinks about a mother who
will not raise a boy at all.
The following is the very satisfac
tory report received Saturday by Su
perintendent of Waterworks Dan 1.
Ernst, of the analysis made of War
saw's filtered Mississippi river water,
by Edward Barton, director stale
water survey, Urbana, 111. amounts
are stated in parts per million:
Turbidity, 0 color, 10 odor, sa.
Residue on evaporation 252.
Chlorine in chlorides 5.
Oxygen consumed 5.0
Nitrogen as
Free ammonia -076
Albuminoid ammonia .320
Nitrites -MO
Nitrates 1.03
Alkalinity 106.
Bacteria per
Gelatine 60
Agar 140
Gas formers
10 1—
1.0 2—
0.1 2—
The treatment is satisfactory. The
water is safe for drinking. Edwd
Bartow, director state water survey,
Urbana, 111.
The Evangelical Y. P. S. will give a
lawn social at the church lawn Tues
day, August 3. Music by the high
school orchestra. Public cordially in
Rev. H. P. Krughoff, pastor of the
German M'. E. church, will preach the
Jjrat sermon at the tent service, Ham
ilton chautauqua, Sunday morning,
II o'clock. Subject:
Th0 Power of the Gospel."
Mrs. Margaret E. Perry of Keokuk,
wrmerly of Warsaw, announces in
fne Gate City, the engagement, of her
daughter. Miss Prances, to Mr. Harry
Kornneld, of New York City. Wed
°mg Spokane, YSashington, August 5.
Wallace, chief of Warsaw's fire
apartment, tg expected home Sun­
(Major John M. Burke, Veteran Show
Man Says That City Would be
Logical Point for Ammu
nition Factory
People Can Get Good Idea of Magni
tude of Isthmus Project by
Looking at Keokuk
Keokuk has a great future, with its
excellent Water power," stated Majoi
John M. Burke yesterday afternoon
in discussing the new national de
fense plan which is being worked out
by the president and heads of the
army and navy departments of tho
United States. It would be a logical
point for an ammunition factory.
Secretary Garrison, of the War De
partment, President Wilson, General
Wood and other army and navy offi
cials, declare that the ammunition
factories of the United States should
be established in the interior of the
country, to make them more difficult,
in fact impossible, to fall into the
possession of an enemy, should the
country become engaged in war.
Major Burke states that at pros
ent most of the ammunition factor
ies are in the east, a short distance
from the large cities, which would be
the first places of attack by a hostile
country. He said that in the event
of ..war, there would be fighting on
both oceans, and with centrally lo
cated ammunition factories, either
coast could be reached by rail in a
short time.
"With the excellent water power
plant, railroads, already well estab
lished and water outlets several
ways, and more proposed, Keokuk's
possibilities as an ammunition mak
ing center are encouraging and Keo
kuk and Iowa politicians should look
after it," concluded the major.
The Du Pont powder factory situat
ed at Mooar, although nothing but
blasting powder is manufactured,
shows the possibility and practicabil
ity of locating factories in this vicin
An Idea of Panama.
People who pass through the gov
ernment lock at Keokuk have an ex
cellent opportunity for seeing how
the Panama canal lock operates, Ma
jor Burke said, following his trip to
Keokuk from Port Madison by boat.
"People ought to see that -lock," the
major said. "It will show them what
the Panama canal: is like," said the
veteran show man "and' it will be a
liberal education for them. Why this
lock here is pretty nearly as big as
the ones at Panama. All the latest
methods are employed in its opera
tion, just as they axe lh Panama.
"I would like to tecommend to the
people who are going west that they
come by Keokuk and take a peep at
this wonderful bit of engineering
here. They will have a better idea
of the great work that has been done
and it will give them a first class
idea of the extent and operation of
the Panama locks If they will watch
your lock here. You people here cer
tainly have something wonderful, al
though you may be do used to it that
you doht realize what it means.
"And you're going to grow, that's
certain. Why the power you have
here is going to make Keokuk and
this section a big place. I'm Just as
sure of that as anything. There's go
ing to be lots of manufacturing and
Keokuk will .become a great center."
The Warsaw Gate City
•Warsaw, 11L, Aug. 1, 1915.
day from a big state firemen's tourna
ment which was held July 27, 28 and
29 at Blue Island III.
The Delta Alpha class of the Pres
byterian Sunday schbol, will give an
ice cream social on Joseph Fry's lawn
on Thursday evening, August 5.
Music by high school orchestra.
Mrs. George Golliher is visiting her
sister in Kansas City, Mo.
The new offices of the Mississippi
Telephone company are being hand
somely painted and refitted a new
switchboard for three operators has
been installed a toilet and lavatory,
rest room and dressing room have
been provided removal from present
quarters will be made in a week or
Warsaw has the improvement fever
these days and though she has ra
ceived several snubs the past few
days, yet she does not mind them and
is determined not to backslide, but go
forward in every line she can. O ir
people are not blind or stubborn as to
city improvements, but they want to
understand them and to know how
and when they are to pay for them.
There is no doubt Warsaw will have
a sanitary sewer, though maybe not
until next spring, but there is nothing
to interfere with extending the water
mains now to a limited extent and our
people, the majority of them—want
the water, even though they are we.l
supplied, but will not stand in tin
way of their neighbors, and they take
the same position as to the sewer.
The waterworks were installed after
following the advice of honest attor
neys and the bank negotiated t«e
bonds with an honest Chicago bonding
house who knew what they were do
ing, so no fault can be found with the
system, and all we need is to be not
weary in well doing" and extend i*J
Keep the ball rolling and let as have
a good auto road all seasons of the
year between Warsaw and Hamilton,
before 1916 bids us good bye.
The postoffice department has de
cided to give Warsaw free mail de
livery if she will number the streets,
and each householder will pay for a
house number and mail box. Warsaw
should be entitled to have her mail
delivered at her front doors, as is the
farmer ten miles from here.
The W. A. A. cluh under the gnid-
The Oxford Company
The Arcadians
The Herons Sisters
Chicago Festival Quintette
Dunbar Male Quartette and Bell Ringers
Dixie Jubilee Concert Co.
A. B. AGNEW, President
benefits as far as we are financially
Along the line of improvements
it has been suggested that Warsaw
•should make an effort to have the
river road between Warsaw and Ham
ilton, graded, macadamized and
bridged hardly a dollar has been
spent on this road in years except
what has been done on the Hamilton
end several years ago. Warsaw busi
ness men are willing to subscribe
$10.00, $15.00, $20.00 and $25.00 each
for this improvement, and believe
that several thousand dollars could
be raised in this way, and then go to
the county and see how much it would
[apportion to the improvement. In
cluded in this improvement the widen
ing of the "Narrows" should be
thought of. A competent civil engineer
could soon give an idea as to prob
able total cost, and while all of the
improvements might not be reached
the first year, enough could be done
to make the road in good shape for
auto travel and thus obviate the neces
sity of "going around Robin Hood's
ibarn" to get to Hamilton and Keo
ikuk. If we had a good auto road be
itween the two points named, everv
'touring party reaching this section of
'the country would taTte in Warsaw
I even if it was ten miles out of their
jway, for our little city is a beauty
'and has much historical interest.
ance of Rev. Geo. Long is having a
jolly time (though wet) at the camp
at Mallard.
Warsaw greatly appreciates the
change in the trolley schedule, en
abling travelers to connect at Ham
ilton with the Wa*bash railroad at
4:55 p. m., the car leaving here at
4:40 p. m. instead' of 4:46 p. m. as
heretofore. Thanks are due Superin
tendent Ingle.
Council meeting next Tuesday night
to arrange for special primary, and
special election for mayor, caused oy
the resignation of Mayor Marsh. No
candidates named yet.
The Hancock County Soil Improve
ment association has postponed the
farmer's picnic planned for August
14, to some future date, when the
weather may be clear, and the farm
ers will be through threshing.
Ed. H. Jones, Jr., of New York City,
is visiting his parents for a few days
enroute to Vladivostock, Russia, where
he will represent the firm of Gaston,
Williams & Wigmore of New York
Frank Stephens has gone to Mem
phis, Mo., where he will take up hi-?
trade of barbering he has joined the
Memphis baseball team.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Shepherd have
gohe to Sllvis, 111., where they will
visit Mrs. H. M. Sheppard and Mrj.
Harry Hill, both formerly of Warsaw.
Mrs. Alf Mundy and two children
of Los Angeles, are here visiting rela
Mrs. J. W. Parker of Peoria visited
with her sister, Mrs. Chas. Miller, the
past week and has returned home,
accompanied by Mrs. Alf Mundy an
Mrs. John H. Finlay delightfully en
tertained a party of her lady friends
Thursday evening last, in honor of
her sisters, Mrs
Hamilton Ch&ut&uq
,.... .' pi.'.:
Gordon's Grove
Wife of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, will Speak on Sunday Afternoon, Aug. 15
Ten Big Days For $2.00 Season Tickets
Camp with us during the entire ten days. Tents furnished on application. Send for illus
trated booklet giving full particulars. I
The Biggest 10 Days Ever Given for the Money
Hamilton Chautauqua Association
\vashington, D. C. A number of Keo
kuk ladies were among her guests.
River is rising fast over 16 feet
here Friday. Over five inches of rain
this month In sixteen days.
J. S. Prosser attended the Tri
State tennis tournament at Burlingtoi
the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shepherd of St.
Louis left Sunday for South Haven,
Mich., for two week's vacation.
The ferry Warsaw runs every Sat
urday night for the benefit of our
Missouri cousins.
Hamilton's chautauqua has a fine
program thig season, one of the best.
Its pamphlets are eagerly sought
here, a liberal supply being left last
week here.
Committee Asks That Resolution In
Regard to Judge Bell be Re
corded in Superior Court.
W. G. Blood, chairman, E. W. Mc
Manus and William Timberman, com
mittee of the Keokuk Bar association,
appeared in superior court yesterday
morning and submitted a resolution
dealing with the death of Judge Bell,
asking that it be spread upon tho rec
ords of the court, of which Hon. Rice
H. Bell was for some years judge.
Judge McXamara of the superior
court, assured the committee that
their request, which came from the
K.iokuk Bar association would be
Policewomen Used.
[United Press Leased Wire Service.]
CHICAGO, July 31.—Polioewomen
Frank Connor, of were used to protect the "clairvoyant
Chicago, and Mrs. Fred Davis, of trust," according "to testimony today
IfgS/f PAGE NirrB
David Francis Luckey
Henry A. Adrian
Dr. L. G. Herbert
James A. Burns
Dr. Lincoln Wirt
Bob Seeds
Homer B. Hulbert
of Keokuk
——Phon« 160—
of dapper Frank Ryan in the graft
trial of Sergeants O'Brien and Egan.
"O'Brien sent Policewoman Alice
Clements to one of our parlors to
make things look all right," said Ryan.
"He told me not to let her see us.
She was to be the fall guy."
Definition of a Gentleman.
Topeka Capital: The rule is that a
gentleman is one who isn't conscious
kt f. -i1-
E S A I S E 1 8 5 6
On® of the larvwt WkoUsal* Dry Goods, Notion.
Underwear and Hosiery Houses In the Middle West.
Manufacturers of Indian Head Dress Shirt* Work
Shirts, Overalls, ate.
•ole Agent for "T#tn Boy" llBel«r
Maw Yerk Prtoea Duplicated*
Irwin-Phillips Co.,
Louis Williams
M. G. DAD ANT, Secretary
Keokuk, h.
Hamilton, 111.
"-es. Tne ]IAMONl B1UXD.
L»4!M1 Aik
Pill* la Bed
tvxe«. MaleU
Take n« otkw.
yn ka«*n Best. StfcaCAlwmys Reli*bl«
i\wmr% Reliable
—Read The Daily Gate
cents per week.
City. 10
ir-, irVpCi*
.Vn ri'tf it,. .1

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