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/.!u«n,N« ooMPAwr.
IOWA, A. r. A. K.
mm or atmacBiraov.
iT« $i.M
jp river in the near future.
gSedd money by poitoffica irdlr, Boac?
«pmi or draft, to Tai IOWA VIA^B
VAMDBB Publlihltig Company.
lIpommanicAtioni mmt be written on om
of th# paper onljr and be of Intsnatte
I publlo. "Brerlty ta the tool of wit,"
return rejected manuscript
&&9i" •oc®mP*oi«d by postage aMmpa.
Fair Good Barbers. Cigar* and
Laundry Offlce
I larfon's
Barber Shop,
Watch This Space.
I Route I
The rates to Keokuk will be oniy $2.50
or the round trip.
'•Keokuk has the
finest Park ia the
ke* T, Washington on the
ice next Sunday evening at
is to be a moonlight picnic up
Miss Grace Graves left yesterday to
visit awhile with friends in Missouri.
Mrs. Wallace on East Fourteenth and
Maple streets is very sick this week.
It is estimated that 6,000
uia will be in Keokuk on
ngressrcan Hull
city, this week,
ly callers.
Afro Ameri
the 4th., of
is at his home,
He is receiving
Mr. Fred Stanton went up to Minnea
DIIS on the exour«ion, he reports a good
Little Freddie Errickson left last
iturday evening to spend the summer
Iwith relatives in Missouri.
The committee of ladies that are pre
paring useful articles for our soldier boys
fcare having wonderful aueoesa.
Miss Minnie weeks returned from
genver, Colo., last Sunday evening,
here she has been for several weeks.
Miss Mattie Robinson left Monday
f5for several weeks visit with friends in
St. Joseph, Mo., and elsewhere.
Miss Ilattie Rhodes, of Muchakinock,
la., is visiting in our city, the guest of
Mrs. ^irigo on Eleventh street.
The He jl Porters will run an ex
cursion up the river to Camp Douglas
one evening next month
Mr. Wm. ^Walker and Miss Maud
Williams spent last Sunday at Clive vhsit
ing with Miss Delia Riohardson.
Mrs. Emma Rucker and her son Eddie
of Brooklieid Mo., is visiting her brother,
lr. Geo. Stanton ot 1208 Pleasant Street.
Mrs E. T. Banks will be taken to the
pspital to-morrow, where she will
have the care of experience nurses.
The committe, has arrange with the
rail-road company so that if any desire
ta stay over and come up the next da}',
your ticket will he good.
The colored people of keokuk have
been preparing for weeks to receivc,
entertain and make it pleasant for all
the excursionist who will take advan
tage of the cheap rates, and attend
their Emancipation celebration. It
will be the largest gathering of colored
people in Iowa this year as all the
colored churches of Keokuk are inter
ested in it, and their programme and
amusements will be very interesting
and instructive.
There will be a large crowd to leave
next Thursday on the excursion, to
spend one day with the Gate city
Miss Delia and Master Elmer Rich
ardson from Clive attended the Sunday
School picnic Thursday.
Mrs. Emma Morton left for Minnea
polis last Saturday for an extended
visit with her mother, sister and friends
Mr. Talbort Woods of Corning is in
the city visiting with sisters and broth
ers, Mrs. Riley Bell, James and George
The Paul Lawrence Dunbar Literary
will meet next Monday evening at the
resident of I. E. Williamson 1212 Mul
bery street.
Messers. R. N. Hyde and H. H. Hook
er were the only colored delegates to
the Congressional convention held in
Knoxville this week.
Remember that the excursion to
Keolruk leaves here Thursday morning
early, over the Keokuk & W. Ry. Price
only. $2,50 for the round trip.
John H. Rogers one of our young musi
cal men has entered the Dee Moines
Musical Conservatory of which M. L.
Bartlett is director^ and will take a oourse
in musio.
Kenneth Hamilton, of the East Side
High School, taken part in the play,
"The Greek Youths," at the Chautau
qua last Friday evening.
Miss Nina Hamilton after a very de
lightful visit withifriends in Ottumwa,
returned home last Friday, very much
elated with her visit in the Coal Palace
Mrs. Wm. Tomlin left Thursday for
Glasgow, Mo., where she will visit her
old home and acquaintances. She ex
pects to be gone several weeks, provid
ed her children keeps well.
The two Misses Smiths of Kohoka,
Mo., arrived in our city to make the
Capital City their home indefinitely,
they are related to Mr. W. Scotts and
Craven's folks.
A young preacher named J. B. Porter
of our city, formally of Lincoln, Neb.,
filled the pulpit Sunday morning at the
A. M, E. church he held his audience
well, and they were highly pleased
with his sermon.
North Star lodge, A. F. and A. M.
will meet in regular meeting next
Tuesday evening instead of Thursday,
All members are expected to be pres
ent. J. F. BLAGBURN W. M.
A very enjoyable Lawn sociable was
given at the pleasant home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Davis 1017 3rd., Street
Thursday evening. Mr. Talbort
Woods of Corning la., the honored
guess, all spent a pleasant evening.
Those who attended the Republican
Congressional convention are, Jefferson
Logan, 0, W. Henry and J. L. Thomp
son of this city.
Mr. W. F. Oliver of Colfax la,, made
a business trip to cur city Thursday
and attended the picnic. Mr. Oliver
is manager of the Colfax Band which
will go to Keokuk on the excursion
next Thursday.
Rev. Felix Mayers of Peneto Chero
kee Nation, Chief of the Cherokee tribe,
will preach at Burns' M- E. chnrch
Sunday nighc. The doctor is a fine
speaker. Service at 8 p. m. All are
The Colfax colored band will parade
the principle streets of our city next
Wednesday evening. The band and
many of their Colfax friends will go
on the excursion Thursday morning.
The train will start at 5 o'clock sharp,
and all that intends to go should be at
the train promptly on time.
Invitations are out announcing the
marriage of Mrs. Rachel Wilburn to
Mr. Charles Jefferson, on next Wednes
day evening August 3d, at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. Chas. Woods 1020
Crocker street.
A friend of this office is in receipt of
a letter from Phoenix, which says: tnat
our old friend, M. N. Bell is improving
in health, which will he received as
good news by his many friends.
Mrs. Sarah Lankford's house, 11
$ ti«s
Eighth street, caught fire last Tuesday
morning. The house as well as the
household goods were badly damaged
before the firemen could get control of
the fire. The loss will be quite hard
on Mrs. Lankford.
Mr. E. M. Huston and family have
moved from Ft. Dodge to our city and
are now looated on 8th., and Chesnut
Street. Mr. Huston formally lived in this
oity and they are well known by the older
settlers, he has accepted a situation with
Samuel Lewis and company Tonsorial
Subscribe for the Bystander
«,s 2
Rev. William Montgomery of St.
Joseph. Mo., is in ourcity looking after
the interest of the First African Baptist
church of this city, and intends to re
main here if every thing is satisfactory
to him.
Miss Rallie Bird of Knoxville, Iowa,
came to our city to 6pend the summer
with relatives and friends. Mrs. Bird
will probably be here next week. Mr.
Bird is in the army at Camp Merrit,
San Francisco.
Farewell Reception.
The Dumas Society assisted by the
other musical people, will tender a
reception on next Tuesday evening at
the St. Clair's Music Parlors, in honor
of Prof, Geo. I. Holt, who will leave
.Friday for Mew York City, to join the
Black Patti company. An elaborate
programme has been prepared, and
the Professor will be royally enter
The Sunday Schoolapicnic was well
attended by the small children, fully
fifty of them went out in the street car
and they were joined alater by several
of their 'friends. Dinner was served
between 12:00 and 1:00 o'clock. Were District to run against Major Laoy
it not for the rain there would haAe
been more present. Great praise
should be given to the Superintendant
and the teachers for their able manage
ment in arranging the picnic.
Mr. Geo. G. Eldridge of the Iowa
Machine Novelty and Brass Works, 88
East Walnut street, has secured the
service of Mr.
J. Perry as head elec­
trician of his shop. Mr. Perry has
proved to the satisfaction of all who
have had dealings with him that he
understands all the arts pertaining to
all electrical apparatuses. Mr. Perry
is strictly a business man and is sure
to succeed.
St. Paul's A. M. E. choir under the
direction of Prof. Geo. I. Holt, will
give a sacred concert at the church
Sunday evening, assisted by the Dumas
Choral gociety. The program will be
very interesting, as the choir is prepar
ing to excel all their former efforts,
and as this will be the last one for
sometime under the leadership of Mr.
Holt. He will soon leave the city this
fact in itself will suffice to invite a
personal effort on the part of each
member to do their best. If we are to
judge this concert by those in the past,
then it will be one that all should
Compliment to Colored
More then a week ago Mr. Charles
MoKinley Saltzman, (white) who is lieu
tenant in the First Regular Cavalry arriv
ed in Des Moines at his parents'a home
being brought here sick. He is a grad
uate from West Point Military College
and is the first man to arrive here who
participated in the first engagement on
the Cuban soil. Mr. Saltzman in conver
sation with the Bystauder reporter, speak
ing of the colored troops as soldiers, said
that there were four regiments in the re
gular service the Vlth., and 10th., Cavalry
and the 24th„ and 25th„ Infantry and
that the colored troops have proved very
satisfactory. The 24th., have received
creditable mention from the inspector for
their efficiency and appearance as soldiers.
The 9th„ Cavalry have made quite a re
record since the civil war as fighters
they have beed in numerous Indian en
gagements and has always conducted
themselves with great credit. For ex
ample as in the Sioux Campaign of 1890,
All these regiments are at present ou the
Islands oi Cuba, the 10th., Cavalry and
first regular Cavalry had the honor of
fighting the first battle with the Spaniards
June 24. where two squadrons attacked
over 3,000 Spaniards in an entreanchedpo
sition, they did not only drive the Span
iards lack but inflicted heavy losses to
the Spaniards, they did much to save the
Rough Riders from being cut to pieces.
In the battle of Santiago all the colored
troops participated in the attack and con
ducted themselves with great credit, par
ticularly the 24th., Iufantry and 9th,
Cavatry in their charge up the San Jaun
It is reported that Colonel Williams J.
Bryan has promised the Democrats of
Iowa to stump the Sixth Congressional
District in the coming campaign upon
two conditions. First that the nominee
for congress on the Democratic ticket be
James Weaver the old oalamlty howlei,
who has been up for office in almost
every new party and second that it he is
in the country.
Now that Colonel Bryan is in the army
it will make no difference whether he
in this country or not, will tie be at liberty
to excuse himself and leave his regiment
to return to Iowa and stnmp the state in
the interest of Mr. Weaver, and at the
same time boom himself for the Presi
denoy in 1900. He may not be informed
as to the army rules or tacties very well
but he must know enough about army
service to know that a colonol of a regi
ment cannot give himself a furlough, nor
is it to be supposed that his commanding
officer would grant him a leave of absenoe
to discuss political question, to say the
least it would be lacking in judgment.
It will not take Mr. Bryant long to oon
vinoe the people, that he knows no more
about'militavf evolutioo^ad war taeties
than he—did about join's Finanoial
Sohool. It can not be supposed that he
will resign from the army to go and help
Weaver or any other man to deceive the
people, does be not owe it to his party as
well as his oountry that he should stay
with his regiment and the people of the
Sixth District are capable of looking alter
thier own matter and some one should
inform the distiRquished Colonel that Mr.
Weaver is to well known in the Sixth
The Seventh Congressional con
vention held its meeting at Knox
ville, la., last Wednesday. A full
delegation from all the counties were
present and quite a number that
were not delegates were prasent,
especially the politicians of the dis
trict. There was but iittle contest
or interest taken, except over the
Polk county man on the congress
ional committeeman. The rival
candidates were: Mayor Mac Vic
ar, W. T. Shaver, Moj. Carper and
Mr. Howard. Mac Vicar was nom
inated on first ballot, rececing 21
votes, Shaver 12. Congressman Hull
re-nominated for his fifth term by
acclimation as there being no op
position. Congressman Hull was
called, and made a good speech,
touching on the war and acquisition
of new territory. He also spoke in
reference to the little, titpjuble in or
gonizing a colored military company.
He said that he had worked very
hard for colored officers, from cap
tain down, and had succeded in get
ting permission to have colored of
ficers, and immediately wired to
Des Moines to elect colored officers
and send the names in. The very
next day he received a copy of reso
lutions, which was passed by the
Des Moines colored people con
deming him, and declaring him to
be an enemy of the race, and had
never done nothing for \the colored
people at all. These unpleasent
things going out in public without
any cause. He just droped the
whole matter at once.
Miss Etta Davis is expected home from
Davenport Saturday,
The A. M. E. choir accepted an invita
tion to sing at the out door meeting of
the west side congregational church last
The Light House Society meets Friday
evening with Mr. and Mrs, O. B. Claire
of Kenwood.
Some of our people will give a Trolly
party in the near future, an excellent
time is anticipated.
Miss Sarah Bradford of Ottumwa is
vi9itiug her grand parents Rev. and Mrs.
Dr. MoCauslin of the 2nd., presbyter
ian church preached an excellent sermon
at the A. M. E. church Sunday ere. We
are sorry more of our people did not hear
Miss Detwiler came down from Iowa
City last week on business, she thinks of
making Cedar Rapids her home for a
Some one says the way things are pro
gressing on 10th.. Avneue and 0th.,
street there will sure be a tinging of some
kind of bells very soon. We certainly
would not like to loose another one of our
young ladies, but our loss is Chicagoe's
Mrs. Yancy who was visiting her
daughter Mrs. Claire left last week for
Fairfield to be a guest of her daughter
Mrs. B. J. Fuller.
A merry surpriso party was given on
Miss Sarah Bradford last Thursday by
the young lads and lassies. Sarah was
sent down town and on her return was
delightfully surprised to find the house
occupied by her friends. A pleasant
time was had until about 5 00 P. M. then
refreshments were served.
A boat party is the topic of conversa
tion here among the T. T. Club. They
will go up the river on a Parlor Oity
Quite a number of our people went to
Davenport lastjThursday on the excursion.
Why not subsoribe for the Bystander
and learu the news among our people.
You may talk about the Negro,
ou may name his faults infinite
But you cannot turn a wheel
That the Negro isn't in it.
You may blook his civil rights,
You may say you are "agin" it,
But before you turn around,
Some sharp Negro will be in it.
You may build you Chinese walls,
you may
.plan for every minute
But with all your wiley schemes,
Some few Negroes will be in it.
You may form your "lily whites,"
You may kill your bear and skin it
When the pie is passed around,
Some shrewd Negro will be in it,
Be in high or be in low,
From the coo-pot to the senate,
There is not a place on earth
That a Negro isn't in it.
So my friend just stop your folly,
Draw this thought out now and spin it
God intends from first to last,
That the Negro must be in it.
You may try the plan of Pharoh,
Kill tlio race out, try to thin it,
When the census rolls are oalled,
Negroes always will be in it.
If you keep on with your lynching,
Take this thought down and pin it
When you reach the shores of sheol
You will find some Negroes in it.
You may reach the land of Beulah,
If perchanoe you e'er should win it
Don't you emigrate my brother,
When you see some Negroes in it.
K. C. Observer.
Mr. C. G. Tolsonspent Sunday at home
with his family.
Mrs, T. L. Griffith is quite sick at the
home of her parents Rev. T. L. Griffith
spent apart of this week in our oity.
Mrs. A. Ford officiated at the A. M. E.
church on Sunday evening.
Monroo County-Normal will begin on
Monday July 25 we will have one colored
student in Normal this year.
Mr. S Jones has been on the sick list
this week.
[Last Week's ?orreso,ondence.]
Mr. James Washington and T. H.
Sturgis returned last Friday from Des
Moines vvhere they havo been a ttending
the Masonic Grand Lodge. They report
a pleasant time.
Rev. J. L. Thomas returned Monday
from Yankton where he has been looking
after the interests of the church.
The young people of Sioux City are
preparing to give a Grand Concert and
Children's Drill at the A. M. E. church
on Thursday evening July 28 1898, for
the benefit of the pastor.
Colored Citizens of Keokuk
I^vitatioj? to /Vd-
to Job?
Witty Tfyen?*
Prof. Booker T. Washington, of Tuskeegee,
Ala., Geo. E Taylor, of Oskaloosa and John
L. Thompson, of Des Moines are the
Orators From Abroad.
On August the 4th the colored citizens will hold one of the
largest celebrations, in commemoration of the emancipation of the
West Indies and our own liberation.
The celebration will be held at the beautiful Hubinger Park
grounds and Casino. The street parade will be led by Field's Mili
tary Band of Keokuk, and the famous colored band of Muchakinock.
There will be a Company of colored volunteers, of the U, S. army,
Masons, Odd Fellows, Knights of Tabor and other secret orders
also Sabbath Schools from eaoh church, and twenty young lady
drillers, from the A. M. E. church at Quincy, 111.
The programme will consist ot orations by Prof. Booker T.
Washington of Ala., Geo. E. Taylor of Oskaloosa and John L.
Thompson, of Des Moine, la. also speeches by Revs. J. W, Muse,
W. E. Helm, G. M. Tillman, G. G. Middleton, Hon. J. L. Hoot,
Mayor all of Keokuk. There will be a base ball game between
Hannibal, Mo., and the Keokuk Giants, foot races, blindfold wheel
barrow race, greasy pole climbing and a grand specatcular production,
afternoon and eveding in the Casino of, ,,The South in Slavery" or
the marvelous "Progress of the American Nogro" from 1863 to
1S98. A grand chorus of 100 voices, special scenry, 150 people in
the cast.
A barbecued dinner served by the ladies of the A. M. E. church,
Pilgrim's Best Baptist, Episcapal and the 6th St. Baptist church.
There will be excursion trains from Peoria, Quincy, 111., Hannibal Miss Josie Morgan is reported to be
Mo., Burlington, Centerville, Oskaloosa, Muchakinock, OttumwakV" Sdily improving.
Des Moines, and other small towns. All are cordially invited to
Mrs. Luoas returned to her home in
Grinnel Monday after a pleasant visit
with relatives and friends.
Mr. Waldon accompanied by several
of the young people drove to Marshall
town Sunday.
The Union S. S. pionio at the Fair
ground last Wednesday was well attend
Little Wendell Coats and Vera Maya
have been sick but are improving.
Jason Green i9 having an attach of toa
Mrs. James Waldon expectsjhcr sister
to oome this week from Kansas City Mo.
Messers Steel and Anderson of Colfax
were Newton visitors last Wednesday.
Mr. John Lemme is fiting up a turkish
bath room in the east side of the square.
Miss Eldora "and Genevie Green will
leave in a few days for Omaha to attend
the exposition and visit relatives and
Mrs. M. Hunter of Chicago 111.1 is in
the city visiting Mrs. Woods.
Mrs. Eva Crump of Hedrick is visiting
relatives and friends,
Messers Walker Perry, O. Lee and E.
Williams of Oskaloosc were Sunday
Mr. Joe Brown who graduated from
the college at Iowa City is visiting rela
tives and friends here,
Mrs. Taylor will entertain the Pleasure
Club Thursday eve. The guest of honor
are Mrs. Brown aud Miss Foasts.
Addie Carson, a miner employed at
Keb was drowned in tho Des Moiaes
river Sunday morning atjll :30. He was
taken with ovamps while in swiming de
ceased was 23 years of age, The body
was recovered.
Mrs. Wayne after a week stay with her
daughter Mrs. Taylor left Friday for
Omaha where she will remain for awhile
the guest of her daughter Mrs. Spencer.
All parsons knowing themselves to be
indebted to the Bystander will please
cal on the represeative at their earliest
oonveninece and pay delinquent subscrip
tion, he has all accounts in hand and
will give a receipt at any time.
The members of Bethel A. M. E. church
and Sunday School are arranging for
annual pionic which will be held at
Stony Point Park Aug. 4th., a good time
time is anticipated by every one.
The young ladies committee on Presid
ing Eldor's assessment are arranging for
an entertainment to be given Wednesday
evening Aug-, 27th., a good time is guar
anteed all who attend.
Wanted—Any number of persons to
subscribe for the Bystander.
Aboul twenty of Captain L. Sulton's
volunteer company leave for Dubuque
Thursday to make application at the re-
No. 8
oruiting office for enlistment.
Mr. W. A. Washington playt
ball In Madrid last Saturday.
Misses Lily Coleman and Bartha
took a trip to Luther Thursday.
Miss Bessie Coleman was viaiting.
the eountry last week.
Mr. Chas. Anthony is enjoying an out*
ing at the Ledges,
Mr, J. T. Washington was a Capital
City visitor Sunday.
Mrs. JoeBobinsonofCanrolla viaiting
her mother Mrs. Terry.
Rev. Breokenridge waa here Sunday bat
ae she was not expected until next San
day aud the attendance at ehureh waa
very small.
Mrs. Jas. Robinaon has returned from
her visit at Ft. Madison.
Tuesday evening the ladie9 of the ohurch
gave an ice cteam supper at the residence
of Mrs. Brown.
Mr. Nelson Martin the man who shot
Miaa Terry broke jail Friday nlgbt bub
was captured. We are aorry to hear of
our young people departed aa far from
the law as to be disciplined by the mayor.
The annual excursion to Cappock will
be on next Tuesday and the usual large
crowd is expected to go for a
days outing
Mrs. Lydia Weldon and Mrs. Williams
left Sunday for a short visit in Chicago.
Mrs. Julia Holden who became so aiok
last week that she had to be convened to
the hospital is fast improving.
Mrs. Lula Graham who has been visit
ing in Des Moines fo» a ahort while is ex
pected to be at home this week.
Elder Bandy preached two able ser
mons at the St. John A. M. E. ohof
last Sunday.
A jolly crowd spent Thursday at Cvj
po Park.
John Ivy junior, is getting along nieely
and intends to hold third chair in the
basbor shop some day.
Wm. Madlock a former Burlington
boy married at Omaha ou the 27, to Miss
Clara Bell Johnson of that city.
Miss Estella Wilson arrived home on
Monday to visit relatives.
Mr. Peter Johnson saved a boy from
drowning on last Monday while fishing
on the raft, north of the city.
.ss Maud Wells of Anoka is viaiyny
Mrs. Shepard of the East Side.
Dr. Brown of Oskaloosa la., now
practicing here resides at 2918 Portland
Mr. Van Thomason has returned
from Kalamazoo, Mich.
Miss Lula Blair is ill again at home
on 17th., Street North.
Mrs. Albert Moss have changed her
residence to 345 E. Franklin Avenue.
Laying of the scorner stone of the
State Capitol of Minnesota took place
Wednesday at St. Paul.
The W. C. T. U. met at the residence
of Mrs. Ryan Wednesday afternoon,
being their regular meeting day.
Miss Battery of Augusta Ga., is the
guest of Mrs. C. 'M Turner.
St. James church will give a Barbe
cue at Midway park on Aug., 11th,,
for the benefit of the church.
The months of June and July we
will begin our annual tour of collec
tion as most of our annual subscrip
tion list comes due, we ask every sub
scriber that has not already paid to
please lay away the amount that you
owe for the Bystander so that when
our collector calls you may pay
your delinquent. Several failed to
pay their dues last year which mak
es them owing for two years or more
We know that you like the Bystand
er for its news, you know that you
owe for the Bystander and we need
the money very much, as we have
been moving and buying some type.
Therefore with this brief notice, we
hope to receive your dues by remit
tance or that you be ready and pay
when our collector calls this means
all of our subscribers in the city and
One 75c Ribbon,
Upon receipt of 75c we will send
you one of our 75e, the Best
Grade, Typewriter Ribbon and
send one free of charge.
Money Returned If
Not O. K.
Think of two ribbons for 75e.
All colors fit any machines.
Agent Duplex and Jewett Typewriters,
01G Locust St., Des Moines Iowa.
(Mention Bystander.)
Read and patronize
our advertisers.
"Ml if

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