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Advancing Old Age
detected by I gradual loo of eluiidty in the
onto ikia which »ubtly turn* exprew-tn Har«
itfo wrinkle*.
keep* the Jem firm wholetome *nd well aour
Utd, thin retarding the ravage* ol time. For
0*ct 30 year* this Face Soap ha* beenindit
peouble to iu acquaintance*.
25 cent* A CAKE.
WoodWy'i Facial Cream applied regularly
whiten* aad preserve! the natural condition of
the face skis.
In case your dealer cannot supply you
aead us bis name and we will send prepaid,
to any address for $1.00 the following toilet
1 Cake Woodbury's Facial Soap.
1 Tube Facial Cfeam.
1 Dental Cream.
1 Bos Face Powder.
Together with our readable booklet
Beauty's Masque, a careful treatise the
•are of the "outer .self."
Booklet free on application.
After a woman says "there's no use
talking" she keeps right on.
Defiance Starch
should fce In every household, none so
pood, besides 4 oz. more for 10 cents
than any other brand of cold water
Sweet are the smiles a man's wife
bands him on pay day.
Important to Mothers.
Xxssdoe carefully every bottle of CASTOHIA,
a safe and sure remedy for infants and children,
and see that it
Signature of
in Use For Over 30 Years.
The Kiml You Have Always Bought.
Many a man never has any bou
quets thrown at him until he is dead.
Insist on Getting It
Some grocers say they don't keep
Defiance Starch. This is because the)
have a atocfe on hand of other brands
containing: only 12 oz in a package,
which they won't be able to sell first,
because Defiance contains 16 oz. for
the same money.
Do you want 16 oz. instead of 12 oz.
for same money? Then buy Defiance
Starch. Requires no cooking.
Isldor Reynor, the new senator from
Maryland, has been a leading lawyer
in that state for thirty years. He was
in Congress while the McKinley tar
iff bill" was under discussion. One day
while arguing' an amendment, he cas
Ually remarked that "everything i3
«ither a luxury or a necessity." Here
ihe was interrupted with a question
from a member who generally kept
himself in a most unkempt condition.
"I understand you to say that every
thing is either a luxury or a necessity/'
said the disheveled member "now, 1
have just taken a bath. Which would
you call that?" Angered at such a
trivial interruption, Mr. Raynor re
plied, icily: "In your case it is both a
necessity and a luxury a necessity
because you need it so badly, and a
luxury because you take it so rarely."
When a Japanese soldier goes into
battle he literally carries with him
the good wishes of a thousand of his
fellow countrywomen, for the belt of
yellow cotton whica he wears is work
ed with a thousand stitches, each of
which represents a separate wish for
his welfare. Wnen his mother, wife
or sweetheart prepares this talisman
she begins by placing on it a thousand
black dots. This done, she takes her
needle and thread into the streets and
asks,first woman she meets to
take' a stitch through one of the dots,
utter a wish for her soldiers welfare,
cut off the thread and tie the ends to
gether. This process is repeated with
Infinite patience until each dot has its
thread and good wish.
By Mother's Food and Drink.
Many babies have been launched into
life with constitutions weakened by
disease taken in with their mother's
milk. Mothers cannot be too careful
as to the food they use while nursing
their babes. The experience of a
Kansas City mother is a case in
"I was a great coffee drinker from
a child, and thought I could not eat a
meal without it. But I found at last it
was doing me harm. For years I had
been troubled with dizziness, spots be
ore my eyes and pain in my heart,
which was added two years ago, a
chronic sour stomach. The baby was
born 7 months ago, and almost from
the beginning, it, too, suffered from
sour stomach. She was taking it
from me!
"Ia my distress I consulted a friend
of more experience than mine, and
she told me to cult coffee, that coffee
did not make good milk, I have since
ascertained that it really dries up the
"So, I quit coffee, and tried tea and
at last cocoa. But they did not agree
with me. Then I turned to Postum
Coffee with the happiest results. It
proved to be the very thing I needed.
It not only agreed perfectly with baby
and myself, but it increased the flow
of my milk. My husband then quit
coffee and used Postum, quickly got
well of the dyspepsia with which he
bad been troubled. I no longer suffer
from the dizziness, blind spells, pain
in my heart or sour stomach. Post
am has cured them.
"Now we all drink Postum from my
hui&and to my seven months' old
baby. It haB proved to be the best
hot drink we have ever used. We
would not give up Postum for the best
coffee we ever drank. Name given
by Postum Co., Battle Creek, Mich.
There's a reason.
Get the little book The Road to
Wellviile" ia each pkg.
[owa State Bystander,
The trouble with th® lobster busi
ness, as explained by the trust, is that
there are no by-products.
"Don't put a $5 hat on a 6-cent
head," says Booker Washington. No
applause from the hatters.
Somebody is trying to prove that
Juliet was forty. That's all right—
the loved "like sixty," anyhow.
Some kind friend will oblige by tell
ing the mikado he would look much
etter without that dinky little goatee.
Kissing, they say. is going out of
'ashion in Paris. That is likely to bap
ten in any city where babies are out
:f fashion.
Intemperance is increasing hi
France. Perhaps the 2-cent cigars
?o!d by the government drive the poor
Frenchmen to drink.
Old Mrs. Oyama is now probably
around telling the neighbors that she
always knew little Iwawo would grow
•p to be somebody.
Several interesting explanations ot
the origin of th6 term "cocktail" are
given. They grow more interesting
after about the fourth.
Perhaps it would be prudent for
New Orleans to organize a beanblower
brigade to stop the onslaught of that
terrific Iwwezuelan array.
"Our liquor bill." says the erudite
Savannah Press, "is one billion dol
lars a year." That word "our" is alto
tether too comprehensive.
The magnetic iron sand recently
discovered In Java is said to have
great potential value. It will Mlp
to make weight in the coffee.
Castro's lieutenant wants to invade
the United States with 30,000 men
Why 30,000? Thirty would achieve ex
actly the same general results.
The London fashion arbiters an
rounce that trousers are to be very
tight, showing the shape of the calf.
Alas, must the world see our finish!
They are now praying for the city
government in Philadelphia. They
have been swearing at it for some
time, and the change may help some.
Before Invading New Orleans Cas
tro would do well to recall what hap
pened there to an English person
named Pakecham in one A. Jackson's
Counting money puts a Baltimore
bank man to sleep. If you are trou
bled with insomnia, take a thousand
dollars in pennies to bed with you.—
A supreme court decision has up
held the suicide clause in life insuranc
policies. This knocks out another
'get somebody else rich quick"
A Philadelphia glutton who ate fif
teen plates of ice cream and held
them down with a pork sandwich is in
a hospital. Lucky for him he isn't in
a cemetery.
In the spring, says an observant con
temporaj^, women's footsteps turn
lightly toward the millinery stores.
And men's hands instinctively toward
their pocketbooks.
Lovdon papers see "no real reason
why knee breeches should not general
ly be worn." This is probably because
the real reason^ for wearing trousers
are not generally visible.
"When does a girl cease to be a girl
&nd become an old maid?" asks "Spin
sier" of the New York Sun. It's an
old question, and the answer In every
case depends upon the girl.
The German empress, says a dis
patch, "dines nowhere this year." Let
It be hoped the good lady has a
"course lunch" and a "high tea" to
make up for the dinner deficiency.
Happy the man who has married a
vife capable of making a virtue of the
mother of invention. She can prob
ably also evolve an Easter hat from a
kngth of telegraph wire and a cordu
roy coat.
There is a great religious revival In
Philadelphia, but it is understood to
be not far-reaching enough to em
brace the sinners who transfer
names from tho tombstones to the
election lists.
King Alfonso Is going to visit Lon
don after leaving Paris in the early
part of June, and considering his emi
oence as a matrimonial possibility, the
British girls will all, of course, try to
took their prettiest.
Row times change! Six thousand
years ago this spring Adam went to
the fig tree and did Eve's spring shop
ping—Chicago Tribune.
Eve went -to the apple tree first
and hubby has had to' bustle ever
The New York Sun kindly explains
that Manuel Oarcla's preservation is
due to the fact that he abandoned the
pernicious habit of opera singing more
than half a century ago, and so es
caped acquiring an ambition to sing
Wagnerian roles.
Sir Hiram Maxim, talking about his
new flying machine, says: "Yes, this
time I think I have really solved the
jroblem. I have always said that if a
goose can fly a man should be able
to." Apparently Sir Hiram never
heard about the darky who remark
ed: "Huh! A cow's big enough to
cotch a mice, but she caln't do it"
Cottage City, assembled in town
meeting, has resolved thait there must
be no more wearing of bathing suits in
public places. Thafs right. You can
swim a good deal better without suits
10 mtn mi
Supremo Court Sustains the
Elections Amend
Various Matters Were Included In
Question—Say That Inference That
it Applies to School and Municipal
Elections is Wholly Imaginary.
Des Moines, April 5.—The biennial
elections amendment to the state con*
stitution was sustained by the Iowa
supreme court in a unanimous opinion
yesterday. This finally settles the
long controversy over the constitu
tionality of the amendment, which has
been twice adopted by a decisive vote
of the people. The first adoption was
in November, 1900, but that amend
ment was later declared unconstitu
tional by the supreme court and never
became effective. Then a new amend
ment was passed by two legislatures
and voted upon at the general election
last fall. This amendment is now ap
proved by the supreme court in an
opinion written by Justice Scott M.
Ladd, with the concurrence of all the
other members of the court.
The amendment in brief provides
that hereafter all the general elections
of the state shall be held in even-num
bered years and that the terms of all
officers which expire in odd-numbered
years shall be extended one year to
come within the even-numbered bien
nial period. This does away with a
general election this fall and sets the
election of all state and county of
ficers for November, 1906, and bien
nial thereafter. In accordance with
the extension of their terms all the
members of the last legislature will
constitute the general assembly which
convenes next January. Another ses
sion of the legislature will be held the
following year also, beginning in Jan
uary, 1907, its members being elected
in November, 1906.
The state officers whose terms are
extended by the amendment are Gov
ernor A. B. Cummins, Lieutenant Gov
ernor John Herriott, State Superin
tendent of Public Instruction John 1\
Riggs, Railroad Commissioner Edward
A. Dawson and Chief Justice John C.
Sherwin. All members of the legisla
ture and district judges whose terms
have expired this year also get an aJ
ditional year to December 31, 1906.
County treasurers, sheriffs, coroners,
superintendents of schools and survey
ors throughout the state also have a
year added to their present terms.
The next general assembly is required
by the amendment to make provision
for the election of ail other elective
officers whose terms expire in odd
numbered years, it is expected that
all of these will likewise be granted a
year's extension. In fact, the Offlei.vl
State Register for 1905 gives the terms
of all officers as extended by the bien
nial elections amendment.
The opinion written by Justice Ladd
covered twelve typewritten pages and
was the only expression of the court
on the amendment, all the other jus
tices concurring in upholding its con
stitutionality. After discussing the
general question as to whether the
amendment contained one or many
propositions which should have been
submitted separately, the opinion takes
up only two of the special points urged
against the amendment. The first
was as to whether the provision that
the legislature should make such
changes in the elections of 'ail other
elective" officers to conform
amendment, included municipal and
school district officials as well as
state, district, county and township.
Justice Ladd says in this regard:
"The language employed cannot be
fairly so interpreted. In the first place
the amendment so purports to relate
to general elections only, not to those
fixed by statute to occur in the spring
of the year, and the clause should be
interpreted with reference to the sub
ject sought to be effectual."
The other point strongly urged
against the amendment in the hearing
before the supreme court was that it
provided for a cuange in tne method
of selecting chief justices from the
one with the shortest term to a choice
by the legislature, as under the bien
nial elections periods, two of the
judges retire from office at the same
time. In declaring that this provision
was a constitutional part of the amend
ment and not necessarily a separate
proposition requiring separate submis
sion, Justice Ladd says: "The sug
gestion that the people in adopting the
constitution originally intended to fa
for the judge who had served the
longest term for chief justice, is with
out merit."
The biennial election amendment
test case was brought by W. L. Lo
baugh, a trustee of Richland township,
in Story county, against the board ot
trustees of that township. Under the
old law Lobaugh's term as trustee
would have expired tills fall and the
board of trustees decided to force a
test of the biennial election amend
ment which extended Lobaugh's term
another year, by posting a notice of
election this fall regardless of the
adoption of the biennial amendment.
Lobaugh at once brought suit under
the biennial amendment.
It was first tried befor Judge W. E.
Evans at Nevada. Senator Titus or
Muscatine, author of the biennial
amendment, and Judge George H. Carr
of Des Moines participated in the ar
gument favoring the amendment and
J. L. Parrish of Des Moines assisted
E. M. McCall of Nevada in the attack
on the amendment. Judge Evans de
cided In favor of the constitutionality
of the amendment and appeal was
taken to the supreme court, where ad
vanced hearing was granted owing to
the great importance of the case and
the tact that If the amendment was
declared unconstitutional, It was nec
essary that time be given for the hold
ing of primaries this spring, especially
In Polk county.
Baby Browns In Swill Barrel.
Webster City, April 6—The little
3-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
'Rose of Stratford, In the southwest
em part of Hamilton county, was
drowned In a swill barrel yesterday
morning. The father, upon coming
home to dinner, made the awful Sis
covery of the d£ath of his boy.
Lots of narrow-minded men are quite
Cnres a Wife's liability After IWalnrla, a
Itusband'n HhounintUm, Daughter's
Nervous Prostration.
I have recommended Dr. Williams*
Pinl$ Pills to nuuiy people," saicl Mrs..
Gossett, beniu.se I lmvo seen such good
results, time after time, right in my own
family. There are three of us who have
no doubt about their merits. Wo do not
need to take anybody's word on the sub
ject for our own experience has taught us
how well they deservo praise.
It was just about ten years ago that
I first read about Dr. Williams' Pink
pills, and bought my first box. I was at
that time all run down, weak, nervous
md without ambition. I had been doc»
loring all mi miner for malaria and
itomach tronblo. Everybody thought I
was going into consumption, as my
mother had died of that disease.
"Thanks to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills,
I am now alivo and hearty. I began to
improvo as soon as I began totako tlieni,
and when I had taken three boxes I was a
well woman. Everyone wonders how I
keep so well and am able to care for my
home and six children without help.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills explain it.
"My oldest girl's health began to fail
when she was abonfc fourteen. She was
nervous, complained of sharp pains in
her head, would get deathly sick and
have to leave the school room to get fresh
air to revive her. I gave some pills to her.
She took only a few boxes, but they
her troubles, and caused her to develop
into a perfect picture of health. Then my
husband took them for rheumatism and
found that tlioy would euro that too. So
you 6eo wo have all got great good from
using them, and that is why we recom
mend them to others."
Mrs. Minnie B. Gossett lives at
Uhx-ichsyille, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, and
is well known, as sho has resided in tho
Kuno neighborliood for moro than thir
teen years. Iler story shows that a
medicine which makes the blood sound
and the nerves strong, overcomes a vari
ety of diseases and should bo found iu
2veryhousehold. Dr.Williains'Pink Pills
are sold by nil druggists everywhere.
Thoy have cured anaemia, and all forms
of weakness, also tho most stubborn
cases of dyspepsia and rheumatism.
They are indispensable for growing girls.
Should a woman change her views
she sees no reason for offering either
excuse or reason therefor.
"Well," remarked Hercules cheer
fully, as he gazed tip at Atlas, "you
seem to be bearing up pretty well,
even if the whole world is down on
you."—Princeton Tiger.
Aunt Nancy—"Don't say she dropped
the locket in her bosom that isn't mod
est say she dropped it in her neck."
Lucy—"I see and instead of saying
that the- man unbosomed himself, 1
must say he urinecked himself."—Bos
ton Transcript.
"I think," said the prison visitor, "it
would ho helpful to you if you would
take some good motto and try to live
np to it." "Yes," said the convict
"now, I'd like to select, for instance,
'We are here today and gone tomor
row.' "—Philadelphia Press.
Ethel—"Mammi, if a little boy is a
lad, why isn't a big boy a ladder?"
Mamma—"For the same reason, I
suppose, that although a little doll is
a doll, a big doll is not a dollar." Eth
el (reflectively)—"That's so. My big
doll was two dollars."—Kansas City
What Everybody Says.
Jamboree, Ky., April 3rd.— (Spe
cial.)—"I suffered for years with my
back," says Mr. J. M. Coleman, a well
known resident of this place. "Then
I used Dodd's Kidney Pills and I have
not felt a pain since. My little girl
complained of her back. She used
about one-half box of Dodd's Kidney
Pills and she is sound and well."
It is thousands of statements like
the above that show Dodd's Kidney
Pills to be the one cure for Backache
or any other symptom of deranged
kidneys. For Backache is simply a
sign that the Kidneys need help.
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
Backache. They also always cure
Bright's Disease, Diabetes, Dropsy,
Rheumatism, Bladder and Urinary
Troubles and Heart Disease. These
are more advanced stages of kidney
disease. Cure your Backache with
Dodd's Kidney Pills and you need
never fear them.
The fellow who keeps his troubles
to himself has learned the secret of
My doctor Bays it acts gently on the stomach. liver
end kidu«y» and is a pleasant laxative. TMs drink is
made from herbs, ana in prepared for use a* easily 14
tea. It is called "Lanc'ii Tea" or
All druggists orby mail 25 etfl. andSOct*. Bayitto
day. LaneN Family Dfedlctine more*
each day* in "rdar to be hanlrhy thUU
aeoe—ry. Addretw, O. F. Woodward, Le Roy, W. Y.
The Qennlne
Wutcr, Cured Hhiu
mattim. Stomach and Kidney Troubles. a 4
•1 to
X)n tie Trait
IA., and iry a FIVK-
Mowed th«
trail from Teua
wUh IVwh'brand
cold, a wind coat
when windy, a rain coat whec it rained,
and fit a cover at nicbt if wc got to bed,
•nd I will oay that I have gotten mora
comfort out of your slicker than aoy Other
and I willi
I article that I ever owned."
(The nam« and addreia of the writer of tfeli
tiBJoUciied letter may be liad on application*)
Wat Weather Garments for Riding, Walb
ing, Working or 8porting.
a 3 a
i. J.
-CO., Limited
0810*, V.FL.A.
CURES catarrh of the stomach.
Great crcdit ia accord« Pi of. W.
.Tone# lor nis active iliorts ss chairman
0 the ooiniulUe that secured th« body of
the late Rev. Burrel Ureon »rd gave it
a christian burial. 'Jhe body nf Mr.
Green wis found and rec gniz»d by E«1
Martin in the di&srctiDg room of the med
ical college. Mr. Green about two 3ears
ago became somewhat demented and was
taken to the hospital for the insane at Mt.
Pleasant where he died liut week. Tie
authorities there being unable to ncuie
any trace ot relatives shipped it to the
Keokuk medical oollege fsr dissection.
The discovery was dieoloeed to friends
and a subscription was taken to give the
worthy gentleman a decent burial. Tbe
body of Mr. Green was taken to the un
dertaking rooms of Hawks sad Ackly and
later to the A. M. E. oliurch where the
funeral serviees ocsured yesterday.
Mrs. M. Fraxier has been very ill tbe
past week with la grippe.
Mrs. Mabel Banks ot Pueblu, is in tbe
city, called here on account of tbe serious
illness of her mother, Mrs. Dora Ware.
Miss Mollie Opal Kellis has beeu slight
ly indisposed for the ^ast week.
Mr. William Rush of Topeka, Kan. Is
home on a visit to his parents, Mr. aad
Mrs. Thomas Rush, his stay in the oity
Is indefinite.
Miss Georgia Green of Canton, Mo., is
visiting at the home of Geo. Ashby, 1307
Moigin St.
Cleave Circle will enterttain the State
O ganizer at the Pamh hall Apiil 12, in
the eveuing. Every body invited.
There was a Golden Biscuit entertain
ment given at Seventh St. Baptist church
by the Sunday Ssliool, Mar. 30 '03.
Their Sugerintendent was a8.ki ted by oth
er young ladies of the school. They real
it a
Rev. S. M. Smothers formerly pastor
of Doveuport, will take charge oi the 7ih
St. Baptist church. April 2 1905.
Mr. VV. II l)ixon the tamiliar mteri*te
fir the government, h&s taken up his«m
ployment for the seasou on the govern
ment steamer "Stella."
In the District Court of the State of
Iowa, in and for Polk County, May
Term, 1905.
M. E. Hanks, Plaintiff, vs T. P.
Hanks, Defendant.
To T. P. Hanks Defendant:
You are hereby notified that ou or
before the ISth day of April, A. D. 1905,
there wiil be on file in the office of the
Clerk of the District Court in and for
PolK County, Iowa, the petition of the
plaintiff, claiming' of you a divorce on
the ground of cruel and inhuman treat
as to endanger plaintiff's
life and on the ground of desertion.
You are further notified that unless
you appear thereto and defend on or
bt fire noon of the second day of the
Mu,y Term of said Court, which will
commence at Des Moines, Polk County.
Iowa, on the first day of May, 1905, de
fault will be entered against you and
judgment and decree rendered thereon.
Dated this 3rd day of March, A. D,
To Anna M. Kennedy, party to whom
said real estate is taxed
You are hereby notified: That the
following described real estate situat
ed in Polk County, Iowa, to-wit:
Lot No. 81 in L. M. Mann's First
Addition to Oak Park, now included in
and forming a part of the City of Des
Moines, Iowa, was sold for the taxes
oflS'JSon the 5th day of December,
1H91) to L. M. Mann. That the certifi
cate of sale thereof is now owned by
John Ryan, the said certificate having
been assigned to bim by the said L. M.
Mann on September 7, 1003, and that
the right of redemption will expire,
and a Treasurer's deed for paid land
will be made, unless redemption from
such sale be made within ninety days
from the date of completed service of
this notice.
Yow will govern yourself accordingly
Dated this 24th day of March, A. D,
1905. JOHN RYAN.
By A. H. Kelsey, agent.
To Anna M. Kennedy, party to whom
following real estate is taxed.
You are hereby notified: That the
following described real estate, situat
ed Polk County, Iowa, to-wit:
Lot No, 82 L. M. Mann's First Addi
tion to Oak Park, now included in and
forming a part of the City of Des
Moines, Iowa, was sold for the taxes of
1898, on the 5th day of December 1899.
to L. M.Mann that the certificate of
sale thereof is now owned by John
Ryan, the said certificate having been
at-signed to him by the said M.
Mann an Seplember 7, 1903, and that
th« right of redemption will expire,
and a Treasurer's de. for said land
will be made, unless redemption from
such sale be made within ninety days
frsm the date of completed service of
this notice.
You will govern yourself accordingly
Dated this 24th day of March, A, D.,
1905. JOHN KYAN.
By A H, Kelsey, agent.
TQ Anna M. Kennedy, party to whom
following real estate is taxed.
You are hereby notified: That the
following described real estate, situat
ed™ln Polk County, Iowa, to wit:
Lot No. 83, L. SI Mann's First Addi
tion to Oak Park now included in and
forming a part of the City of Des
Moines, Iowa, was sold for taxes of
1898, on the 5th dpy of December, 1899,
to L, M. Mann that the certificate of
sale thereof is now owned by John
Ryan, the said certificate having been
assigned to him by the said L.
Mann on September 7, 1903, and that
the right of redemption will expire,
and a Treasurer's deed for said land
will he made, unless redemption from
Buch sale be made within ninety days
from the date of completed service of
this notice.
You will govern yourself accordingly
Dated this 24th day of March, A. D,,
1905. JOHN RYAN.
By A. H. Kelsey, agent.
Colonist one way rates on sale every
day from March 1st to May 15th, 1905
Des Moines to Helena, Butte and
Anaconda $24.00,
Des Moines to Spokane, Nelson c.nd
Roseland $36.60.
Des Moines to Seattle, Portland and
Ashland, Ore., $39 00.
Attorney for Plaintifi.
SANDH0LM S skfn Remedy..
'T *.T "•V'V-Mf
actually worth ei. Thin exquisite preparation WHITENS THR UAUK*T SKIN immediately upon eppiico.
tim. It is simply rubbed well into the*kiu, allowed to remain a few momenta and then rubbed ou. It
me otr in rolK bringing with it all the dead, dork skin and callous* substances, removing the dura
'"-.itfis. Un©d aeeoriin'g touJrertk'h*,
urtlicriuore, we will aisck*nolu'!e
i)i~mpnraMd*im^ ln !nneh brighter in a few ndmitns. Used aeeorai?itf to uirertk ns,
it WILL liHUiHTI.a t'P THE UUi'KGST SKIS from three to fix Phades. Furtlr
cures s« throat, sore mouth. f-M-ced feet, chilblain*, and Is & certain
cure for ail womb troubles.
prMPMBER.All OK Til*: AltOVE.JlEKTIOXfcl) PUEPAIUTIONS (9packages in all), actually worth
$5 v. ill be 81'SX TO YOT O.N IIXCEIPT OK ONLY #1. This jrreat offer jno.de to introduce IIOSF.3T GOOHN,
fcend money by registered letter or by money order c* finable at any postoffico or express ofilce. Write
YOUR name and address plainly, and address,
602 West Walnut Street.
DRY is tbe best in the city. Try them
and be decided.
Maine Office 211-215 NINTH ST.
Branch Office 504 MULBERRY ST.
Phone 579.
Never advertises.
Does not tell the truth.
Has discourteous clerks.
Uses spasmodic advertising.
Our Great Special*
POSITITFLT straightens, lengthensand beautiflen tho
most obstinate, troublesome, refractory, curly, nappy
liuir. It never falls to straighten and can be absolutely
relied upon to produce an abundant and luxurious
ennvth of soft, line, pliant, silky, long, flowing hair.
Kvory prr-iiii who u.-es OZOSO is pertain to have bEAl
Tl, WAVY THICK M.ACK il,OSS¥ llAIlt, BO pliant and
abundant that it can be easily dre^ed in any
inj7 *tyle. It causes the hair to grow quickly on thia
temples and all bald spots. Ozono a positive cure for
dandruff, scurff, tteli, tetter and ah diseases of the
S'Milp. It turns irrav.fadrd and discolored hair to a Jet,
liLOSSY IILACK. It cannot fail to lengthen, 8TKAI H1 la
and beautify theliiur. (izono is positively guaranteed
to ive pcrfcct satisfaction to all who uso It. It cannot
fa.l. Thousands of delighted customers scattered all
over the world unite In saving that Ozono is true to all
thatis claimed for it. Ozono is king of all hairtonics. v„
1 lie nt ico of Ozono is 60c ho*. It takes four ho*es to complete the treatment. No hot Irons
are UM-d. No
Mastering down with grease. Ozono alone and unaided absolutely perfects the hair, making it as Nature
intended it to be—long, 80ft. Straight arad beautiful* Ozono prevents falUng, breaking and
splitting, brittle bnir,
Our Great
'f .1
'V"' ^1,1
By Discovery of a Preparation, Known as
For Sale by
All Grccers
Read what people who have given it a trial say
This is to certify that I have been troubled with Eczema or a break
lav out on my breast, shoulders and back, for thirty years that about
three months ago I happened to be in Mr. Sandholm's drug store to buy a
cake of soap that the subject of skin diseases came up and he told me
'about his remedy. I took his word for it and bought a bottle of his Ec
zema Cure and Skin Remedy and it entirely cured me. My skin is now as
smooth as any girl's. It is tne greatest remedy I haye ever tried. Drug
gists all over the country know me personally. Add Mr. Sandholm's rem
ady to your stock, guarantee it to cure, and yon will do humanity a kind
ness and increase your trade and reputation, These are facts. Very re
To Suffers from Eczema.
I have had my body covered with breaking out of this disease for the
past six months, and skin specialists did not give me any relief. 1 used
one bottle of Sandholm's Eczema Cure and my body is free from any erup
tion. and I am entirely free from the disease. Bkn. S. JOXKS,
1739 Missouri Ave.
A Pleasant Antiseptic After Shaving. Stops Hair from Falling Out.
For Sale by all Druggists and Barbers or write
bo^TSandholm DRUG co.MK:tr
It has been made possible to absolutely
and permanently cure Eczema, Acne
Pimples, Redness of the Skin, Poisoa
Ivy, Barbers' Itch, Scalp Eczema, Mos
quito Bites, Dandruff and. all skin or
scalp diseases from whatever cause
without greasy salves or ointments.
Traveling Salesman A. M. Hoghes Paint & Glass Co.,
Kansas City, Mo.
and mail same tons with
SI, and tinnitfillatoly upon receipt of *amo we will send to you (no mattei
where you may Hvo) four lui'Ke boxes of OKOIICJ,worth fcoconch, or #.00,
We will Also send you one large pactraireof Ovonel (genuino egg
poo), worth 60c, acknowledged the greatont shampoo evtn* formulated.
\Vo will also include a cake of Purity Scalp Soap, worth 60e. This soup :P
absolutely pure and unadulterated and is
made especially for nee on rbo
human hair and scalp. It is the tlnestmjalpsoapJn existence. addition
to the above frreat otrer wo will wend to you our COMWETX5 SKlS«KrM 11
FVIX'J Ol'TC'lT, cumdstingof one lru7?ejarof lnstanlona Hawugc Cream,
Wnon A
Better Than
fieijry Qrag,
Embalming and
Funeral Director,
1115 West Locust Street.
F. St. Clair's Livery in Connection
Iowa 649. Mutual 1090.
Silence for a Month.
A curious custom prevails la Bul«
Sarin which must be a hard penalty
for the woman who loves to hear tho
sound of her own voice. All newly*
married women are obliged to remain
dumb for a month after marriage, ex*
cept when addressed by their hus
bands. When it is desirable to re
move this restriction permanently tho
husband presents har with a gift, and
then she can chatter to her heart'*

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