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Mra. Mary
Mr Alex. Birnejr is reported a
better at this writing.
Willie Simmons is on the sick list at
his home, 15th and Ry. Aver.
Mrs. Mosby is sick at the home of
Mrs. R. White, 751 W. 11th street.
Mrs Robt. Couch, 1106 S. E. Allen
street i3 on the sick list this week.
Jessie Graves has improved so much
that he will soon resume his work
Mrs. Chas. Wilson is sick at the
home of her parents, Mr, and Mrs. A.
C. Payton.
Mrs. A. C.
stairs at her
Miss Mamie Lewis who spent the
past week at the home of Miss Deborah
Barber, has returned to her home.
!, Ihe Get Busy club met Tuesday
night with Mrs. Campbell on Mc
Cormick street. A good meeting.
Rev. and Mrs. Bates were the honor
ed guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
S. Cary, to a six o'clock dinner.
The Woman'B Home and Foreign
Mission Circle will hold their meeting
Friday with Mrs. S. Bates. 1111 Fre
mont street
J. A. Tolbert, formerly of this city
bjt now of Fayette, Mo., in the tailor
business, spent a few days in our city
visiting his mother.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Cary are very
proud to see their soil U, S. Cary, who
arrived home from Detroit Sunday
morning to spend a few days in the
Mrs. b. J. Hack who was called to
Creston, la., by the serious illness of
her brother, Mr, Baldwin, returned
home Monday reporting her brother
but little better.
The Carnation club met Monday with
Mrs. John Mathews, 1200 S. E. Scott
street After business refreshments
were served. Mrs. S. Bates, Pies, and
Stella Trent, secretary.
Wedding bells will soon ring again in
our city in June, uniting North and
West Des Moines togather. You may
guess the parties but don't ask the
Mrs. James Smith, the wife of James
Smith the the well know clerk in the
Cooper Drug store of Buxton. Ia., was
a visitor in our city last week, the
guest of Mrs. Adam Dixon.
Rev. S. Ba*ea and wife will leave
next week for St. T.ouia, Mo., for a
little rest from his field of labor here.
Rev, Bates certainly deserves a rest
as he has been a faithful hard worker.
Three small cottages for rent. Call
at Bystander office.
A large furnished room at 818 E. 5th
atreet, Mrs. J. G. Dellenger.
We have good rooms furnished or un
furnished. Call at Mr. ahd Mrs. J. E.
Roberts, 1324 Day street*
Neatly furnished room ot $1.00 per
week, 1008 Center. Water, gas and
telephone. Call Get Busy Drees Club,
Red 1369.
Help Wanted
A competent colored lady cook in a
small hotel. Wages $5 00 per week.
Middle age lady preferred, write
Mrs, A. A. Howell, Moulton, la.
•I have 12 houses and lots, also some
vacant lots and acreages for bhIp
reasonable, on easy terms. Call at the
Bystander office or e*e John Thump
Finly, 1345 Fremont is
Adell Thomas is quite sick at his
home, 1200 S. E. .Scott street.
Payton fell down the
home receiving slight
Mrs. Mary Capart-Renix of Minne
apolis is here attending her sick father
Geo. Capart.
Mrs. Charles Thomas has returned
home after spending seventeeen dayaj
at the Hotel Colfax.
The B. D. members are sad over
the illness of Mrs. Cottora, one of their
best members.
Rev. Morton of Council Bluffs, la.,
was in our city last week. He called
at the Bystander office.
The Maple Street Baptist church
held their regular services Sunday and
the attendance was good.
,: ^-V .f |'#.,v'• V'-*",*
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wilson had the
pleasure of entertaining Mr. and Mrs.
C. S. Carey at dinner in their lovely
home at 804 Arthur street. The hos
tess served a lovely three course dinner
RevS J. E. Roberts who formerly
lived in our city last spring, but went
to Huntsville, Mo. to spend the winter,
returned last week to make the capital
city his future home. His wife accom
painedhim. We Welcome him to our
Miss Onterio Cary was hostess to a
few of her young friends on her 17th
birthday, at the home of her sister,
Mrs. J, R. Drew. After music and
games a three course luncheon was
served by the hostess and her sister,
Miss Permealia Cary.
We received word from Thomas E.
Barton formerly of this city, but now
of Washington, D. C., saying that he
had to undergo an operation for a
cateract on the eye. He is some better
Mr. I. P. Johnson of Muscatine, la.,
one of the successful men of our race
there, was a capital city visitor last
week, the guest of his daughter. Mra.
J. R. Roberts, 909 S. E. 26th street.
He called at the bystander office.
Rev. W. L'. Lee of Asbury M. E.
church returned Monday from Mexico,
Mo., where their annual conference
was held. Rev Lee was returned to
the Des Moines charge for his second
year. He is doing very well here all
things considered, and we welcome
him back for another year.
Rev. P. Sims of Keokuk, who was
delegate to the District and Normal
meeting of the A. M. E. church, held
at Cedar Rapids last week, came
through Des Moines to spend last Fri
day with his son, James Sims. The
reverend called at the Bystander office,
He is doing well in Keokuk and is now
entering into a revival.
The Mysterious Club will give a
grand May Ball at the Coliseum Armo
ry, Monday evening. May 5th. Those
who attended the ball given by this
club March 21st are looking forward to
the May event with most pleasant an
ticipations. Mr. Ja°.' B, Woods will
be general manager and the full Ber
chel Theater Orchestra of seven pieces
will furnish the music.
We receive a very beautiful invita
tion to attencl the marriage of Miss
Audra Alice Linzy of Denyer, Colo., to
Archie Alexander of Des Moines June
25th, at the bride's parents, 1661 Wil
liams street, Denver, Colo We are
personally acquainted with the groom,
who is a Des Moines young man, an
exampliary young man and one of the
most accomplished educationally in our
Mr. J, W. and J. L. Renix formerly
of this city, but now of Minneapolis,
Minn., are spending a few days in our
city visiting old friends and the guest
of Mr. J. W, wife's parent, Mr, Geo.
Capart, They were enroute from To
peka, Kansas where the boys were
born and raised. They had been there
on a visit for five weeks. While in our
city they made a pleasant call at the
Bystander office, They like Iowa well
They are traveling on the road with a
musical company.
One of the largest meetings yet
held by the local Mothers' Congress
was the one last Saturday afternoon
at the residence of Mrs. S. Joe Brown,
at which they discussed the various
subjects as outlined by the various
chairmen of the State Federation.
The next meeting will be held May 3d
with Mrs. Price Alexander in High
land Park, at which time ele'etion of
officers for the ensuing tem will oc
At the meeting of the Richard Al
len Aid society at the residence of the
president, Mrs. S. Joe Brown, resolu
tions were adopted commending the
women of the Cook County League of
Chicago for resenting the action of
the management of the Hotel La
Salle in refusing to serve Mrs. Ida
B. Wells Barnett also commending
the women of the Mississippi Valley
Suffrage Conference at St. Louis for
similar action on behalf of Mrs. Vic
toria Clay Haley, a prominent Negro
woman of that city.
Corinthian Baptist church .corner
of Fifteenth and Linden streets. Rev.
T. L. Griffith, pastor.
Morning services at 10:30.
Subject, "The Seal of the Spiritual
Sunday school at 12 o'clock.
B. Y. P. Union at 6:30 p. m.
Evening services at 7:30 p. m.
Subject, "Our House Which From
Union Congregational church, cor
ner of Tenth and Park streets. Rev.
T. M. Brumiiold, pastor.
Mornirig aorvices at 10:45.
'•Firkins- '0"d in th« D"S»rt."
Sun^sy school at 12 'o'clock noon.
Evenincr services at 7:30 prompt.
Addrius by Mr. B. C. Ward, Thosp.
who heard Ihe address delivered by
Mr. Ward at our church at the Lincoln
Anniversary Banquet, know what an
able speaker he is, Don't fail to be
present at this service. We welcome
Asbury Methodist Episcopal church,
777 West Eleventh street. Rev. W. L.
Lee, pastor.
Morning services at 11 o'clock a. m.
Sunday school at 10 o'clock a. m.
Epworth League at 7 o'clock p. m.
Preaching services at 8 o'clock p. m.
St. Paul's A. M. E. church, corner
of Second and Center streets. Rev.
B. U. Taylor, pastor.
Morning services at 11 o'clock.
Class meeting immediately after
Sunday school at 3 o'clock p. m.
Allen C. E. at 6:30 o'clock p. m.
Evening services at 8 o'clock p. m.
Maple Street Baptist church, be
tween Eighth and Ninth street on
Maple street. Rev. S. Bates, pastor.
Morning services at 11 o'clock a. m.
Sunday school at 1 o'clock p. m.
B. Y. P. U. at 6 o'clock p. m.
Prayer meeting at 7 o'clock p. m.
Preaching at 8 o'clock p. m.
Mrs. S. Joe Brown is in receipt of
the following letter concerning the
Omaha tornado:
Omaha, Neb., April 6, 1913.
My Dear Mrs. Brown: Will just
write tc let you know I received your
letter, and was pleased to know you
thought of me.
I received a lovely letter from Miss
Elizabeth C. Carter of New Bedford,
Mass., in regard to the suffering here
among our people. She had heard
that there was a colored baby here
left all alone, and said she would like
to adopt it but I could not find any
such. However, I thought it so nice
of her to make the offer.
The tornado was an awful thing.
The papers cannot depict the terrible
Am sending you a photo showing
the funeral of six colored men at one
time. There were fourteen of them
killed in one place and they thinfc
there are still more in the ruins of
tHe building.
I was not in the path of the tor
nado, but my married daughter was.
She was alone -with her three babies,
the. oldest being only five years of
She had to cut a hole in the door
to get out aind pulled the children
through the hole, but thank heaven
she only received a few bruises, and
the children were not injured at all
but the house caught fire and burned
up everything she had.
Will close with love to all inquir
ing friends, I am,
Lovingly your friend,
Mrs. Lulu Rountree.
It is with a source of deep regret
that we chronicle the seriousness of
the condition of Miss Maria Jackson,
who has been ill for several weeks.
Small hopes for her recovery are en
By meager information we learn
that Mrs. Agnes Johnson was acci
dentally burned a few days since her
daughter, Miss Letha Johnson of Des
Moines recently arrived for a stay
with her parents.
Mr. Otis Fields, who has been in
the army for several months, writes
his parents that he is in the best of
health and enjoys the army life. Mr.
Fields is located near the border line
The Old Reliable Place
to get your meals
PHONE red 3«8 W. 3rd St
.. »i6-ai8
Rooming House at 3rd s».
VOL. XIX NO. 44 DES MOINES, IOWA, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1913. Price Five Cents.
of Australia.
Rev. J. P. Sims and Mr. Whalen
Green returned from Cedar Rapids
very much enthused over the work of
the different churches in thii district.
Mr. Green was elected first alternate
to the annual conference.
Mr. Edward Roberson is employed
at the union station, doing night ser
Mr. Ralph Tebeau, wh$ is a senior
at Western college, MaMn, Mo., has
accepted the position as'custodian of
the Country Club (white). He will
enter upon his duties immediately up
on his return home after commence
Miss Margaret Drane, who has been
teaching school at Old Monroe, Mo.,
is now at home, having been com
pelled to abandon her school work sev
eral days ago because of illness.
Rev. R. A. Adams, who is now con
ducting a series of meetings at Quinn
Chapel, Chicago, will arrive in our
city this week to take charge of the
revival meeting which is soon to be
gin at Bethel church.
Mr. Charley Williams, of this city
and Mrs. Ella Haley of Muscatine
were recently wed is our city. Mrs.
Williams was formerly Miss Ella
Bettis. Both of the contracting par
ties were born and reared here.
A club known as the Pastor's Help
ing Hand was recently organized at
the First African Baptist church. The
officers are: Mrs. Lena Gum, presi
dent Mrs. Lizzie Gipp, secretary
Mrs. Mollie Thomas, treasurer.
Mr. Wm. Taylor and Mr. Luther
Hardin are new proprietors of a pool
room at Ninth and Maine streets.
Mrs. Lizzie Baily was very pleas
antly surprised on her birthday last
Tuesday evening by the presence of
a large number of friends. The affair
was planned by her daughter-in-law,
Mrs. Thomas H. Browne. All present
had a delightful time. Mrs. Baily was
the recipient of many compliments
and remembrances.
The Coleridge Taylor Music club
met at the A. M. E. parsonage last
Tuesday evening. Owing to the in
clement' weather the attendance was
not so large. Mr. Arnold Henderson,
who has Been a faithful worker in
the club for the past few months, is
soon to return to his home in Boston,
Mass. The members regret to see
him depart.
Mr. Lute Hawkins is reported to be
steadily improving.
Stewardess board No." 2 of Bethel
church will have a market and tea at
the heme of Mra. FieldaL
mrv ^Kn-?'
a A
Johnson oa
April 12th. All are invited.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry .Greene are con
templating moving to Fargo, North
Tov much care cannot be used in
selecting a cough medicine for chil
dren. It should be pleasant to take,
contain no harmful substance and be
most effectual. Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy meets these requirements
and is a favorite with the mothers of
young children everywhere. For sale
by all dealers.
The entertainment given at McKin
ley Baptist church on last Friday
evening was a grand success both
socially and financially. The program
was rendered by some of the best tal
ent of the Tri-City.
Rev. R. Si Johnson, a traveling
eangelist, preached at' the McKinley
Baptist church last Sunday.
The Progressive Art club met last
Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. La
near at Twenty-ninth avenue, Moline,
The next meeting will be with Mrs.
W. H. Moore, 1240 Thirty-ninth street,
sM which time a program will be ren
On Saturday evening, March 29th,
Mrs. Charles Golden, Jr., and Mrs.
H. Heuston gave a surprise on their
mother, Mrs. William Morrison, Sr.,
in honor of her birthday anniversary.
Quite a number of friends were pres
ent and a most enjoyable evening was
spent. At a late hour the guests de
parted, "wishing Mrs. Morrison xAany
more haippy. birthdays.
Tlortbtrn Artificial Limb Co.
Artificial Limbs
Trusses, Shoulder Braces, Artificial Arms,
Apparatus for Elevated Feet and Shortened
Limbs all kinds of Brace work for Deformi
ties. Crutches and Elastic Goods.
312-314 West 7th Street
Phone Walnut 5847. Des Moines, la.
We've Got What You Want
whether it be a hoe, rake, 'fork, spade, garden cultivator
or drill. We can sell you cheaper than others after the
freight is paid to your home town.
5th and Court Ave. Des Moines, Za.
Saturday evening, April 5th, Mr.
I and Mrs. W. H. Moor gave a surprise
and Mrs. W. H. Moore gave a surprise
his 17th birthday anniversary.
Mrs. Houston arid granddaughter,
lone, of Davenport have been the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cass Lambert
of South Rock Island for a few days.
Mrs. M. Toomey, Mrs. A. Chester
field and Mrs. W. L. Baker and grand
daughters of Davenport spent the day
with Mrs. Chas. Windsor on Tuesday.
Mrs. P. Thompson is lying very
low at her home in Milan.
Mrs. John Slaughter is still improv
ing at this writing.
Sunday, April 6th, was the third
quarterly meeting at Mt. Zion A. M.
E. church. Rev. S. B. Moore, P. E.,
preached a soul-stirring sermon both
morning and evening and Rev. Manly
of Albia preached a splendid sacrar
mental sermon in the afternoon.
Rev. S. B. Moore, P. E., and Rev.
Manly of Albia were the guests of,
Rev. and Mrs. M. I. Gordon.
Mr. F. E. Butler of Albia was a
Sunday guest of Rev. and Mrs. M. I.
Gordon. He returned to his home
Monday night.
Mrs. Jamison of Albia was an over
Sunday visitor at the home of Rev.
and Mrs. Gordon.
Mr. Robinson of Albia visited at
the home of Rev. and Mrs. Gordon and
attended services at Mt. Zion X. M. E.
Rev. E. W. Rhinehart and Mrs.
Jane Clark were quietly married
Thursday evening at the home of the
bride's brother, Mr. Portor. Rev. M.
I. Gordon officiated. Only a few
friends witnessed theceremony. They
are at home to their many friends on
Grove street.
Mrs. Mary E. Taylor of North Mar
ion has purchased the property at 414
East McLain, owned by her daughter,
Mrs. Ida Stevens of Chicago.
The Faithful Few society met
Thursday, April 3, at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Henson on Frank
street. There was a large member
ship present. After the business was
completed asocial hour was enjoyed.
The hostess served a delicious two
course luncheon. Next meeting with
Mrs. Ed Hall.
Esther Chapter, No. 4, O. E. S., are
preparing to initiate a class of four
on Tuesday evening.
Mrs. James Johnson of South Ot
tumwa is reported on the sick list.
Mrs'. Chas. Taylor of Marion street
entertained at dinner Sunday Rev.
S. B. Moore, P. E., Rev. and Mrs. M.
I. Gordon and Mrs. Frank Henson.
The sub-district Sunday school con
vention will be in session at Mt. Zion
A .M. E. church Thursday, April 10.
In the evening there will be a pro
gram and social.
The sixth annual communication of
the Grand Chapter O. E. S. of Iowa
and jurisdiction will be held at Bux
ton, Iowa, the third week in May, be
ginning Tuesday a. m., the 20th, and
continuing through Thursday, the
22nd. I
We urge all local chapters to send
delegates and desire as many visit
ing members as can to attend.
A great effort is being made by
Guiding Star Chapter, No. 11, at
Buxton to entertain said grand chap
ter meeting.
Ruth B. Bright, G. W. M.
Mary F. Bland, G. W. Sec.
A musical entertainrpent was given
Friday evening at the McKinley Bap
tist church for thebenefit of the pas
tor, Rev. Joseph Whitfield. A very
large crowd was present. The enter
tainment was given under the aus
pices of Mr. Fred Hoskins and other
young men of the community. They
netted $24, clearing $15, which was
presented to the pastor, which he ap
preciated very much. He wishes to
thank one and all.
Rev. Johnson, an evangelist from
Kansas City, filled the pulpit at the
McKinley Baptist church Sunday
Mrs. John Slaughter and Mrs. Peter
Thomson and Mr. Jonson are still on
thesick list.
The Old Maids' convention, which
was held at the McKinley Baptist
church a short time ago, was re
peated at the Tabernacle Baptist
church in Moline on Thursday, April
We were indeed surprised to hear
of the marriage of Miss Eva Eiwing
and Mr. Odis Pennington, which was
solemnized at the home of the bride's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Ewing,
on Thursday, April 3rd, at 8:30
o'clock, in the presence of a, very few
intimate friends and relatives. The
bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
William Ewing and one of Rock Isl
and's most highly respected citizens.
She is well known in Rock Island and
especially in Rock Island social func
tions. The groom is a son of Mrs.
Agnes Pennington, formerly of Le
banon, Tennessee, but now of Rpcn
Island, 111. He is one of Rock Island's
most intelligent young men and an
employe of the Rock Island arsenal.
The bride and groom will go to house
keeping in the near future in a house
which is being fitted up by the groom.
We all extend to them our heartiest
Mr. Lewis Motley, one of Rock Isl
and's oldest citizens, died Friday
evening of pneumonia at his resi
dence on Fourteenth street. Short
funeral services were held at the
house, conducted by Rev. Whitfield,
after which the remains are to be
State Capitol Bids
shipped to Missouri, where the body
will be interred.
The Brotherhood is to meet at the
residence of the pastor, Rev. Joseph
Whitfield, Monday night.
PVTiPBPnT«*' iftwi
Mrs. Henry Wood entertained the
members of the H. Q. B. club at her
home, 1440 Eleven and One-half
street, Thursday afternoon.
The ladies listened to a very inter
esting lecture on club work given by
Mrs. J. McClain, ex-president of the
Illinois State Federation of Colored
Women's clubs, after which a three
course luncheon was served by the
hostess. The ladies passed a delight
ful afternoon. Visitors present were
Mrs. McClain, Mrs. Houston, Mrs.
J. Payne of Rock Island, Mrs. J.
Cavens, Mrs. J. Foy, Mrs. S. Britton,
Mrs. C. Kelsoe of Moline.
Sunday was quarterly meeting and
Presiding Elder Daniels preached
morning and evening, with very ap
preciative audiences.
Our district conference convened
last week with quite a large attend
ance of delegates, and we wish to
commend Rev. Peterson for securing
accommodations in pleasant homes for
all.. All left for their homes, extend
ing to the people of Cedar Rapida
their heartfelt thanks for their hos
pitality while here.
Rev. Boyd of Moline, Rev. Stovall
of Davenport and Mr. M.O. Culberson
of Clinton were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Milligan.
Miss Fern Martin has returned
from a trip to Minneapolis.
Mr. Everett Ferguson of Kewanee,
111., is in the city visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. A. J. Gray.
Mr. Harold Price and Mr. Charlie
Brown expect to leave Thursday tov
Salina, Kansas.
We wer6 glad to see Mrs. Allnut
out on Sunday. She has been sick for
several months.
Rev. Sims of Keokuk, Rev. Birt and
H. B. Richardson of Galesburg were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Per
Mr. and Mrs. Milligan entertained
at 6 o'clock dinner Mrs. Folks of
Burlington and A. B. Richardson of
Mrs. H. A. Perkins entertained
Rev. Owens of Fairfield.
Mrs. M. F. Lowery entertained Mrs.
Folks of Burlington.
Mrs. A. J. Gray and Mrs. A. Boyd
gave a 6 o'clock dinner in honor of
Mr. M. O. Culberson of Clinton.
Mrs. H. Flowers remains quite sick,
but we hope for her speedy recovery.
Tommy Searcy remains quite low,
with but little hopes of being better,
which is sad news for his friends.
Rev. Searcy of Monmouth visited his
brother, C. H. Searcy, while in the city.
Sister Peterson is much better at
this writing and we were glad to see
her pleasant face at church Sunday,
for she had a very strenuous week,
but she seemed to enjoy it
Rev. and Mrs. Bowjes hav ereturned
to our city, after a two weeks' stay
in Keokuk.
Mrs. Ambrose Jackson has been
Very sick, but is much improved at
this writing.
Mr. Charles Thomas has been con
fined at home for two weeks, but will
be able to go out this week.
Mr. Willie Shepard is on the sick
list this week, but we hope to see him
out soon.
The White Rose club will meet with
Mrs. Charles Henry on Spruce street
Thursday afternoon.
Mrs. Clark, the evangelist, preached
to a" well filled house Sunday evening.
She has just closed a very successful
meeting at Canton, Mo.
Mrs. A. L. King has returned home
from a visit in St. Louis, Mo., bring
ing with her her daughter to spend
the summer.
The Willing Workers are preparing
to give an old folks concert in the
near future.
Mr. Susie Anderson and sister, Eli
za, spent a very pleasant day in Mt.
Rore, recently.(
Mr. Elsie Marshall, one of our lead
ing young men, has built a fine cot
tage on Sixth street. Wait and listen
for wedding bells.
Mr. Fredie Printice, one of our
school boys, is indisposed this week.
His many schoolmates hope to see
him to school again soon.
You know what happens in a house
in which the plumbing is in poor con
dition—everybody in the house is
liable to contract typhoid or some
other fever. The digestive organs
perform ihe same functions in the
human body as the plumbing does for
the house, and they should tie kept
in first class condition all the time.
If you have any trouble with your di
gestion take Chamberlain's Tablets
and you are certain to get quick re
lief. Ror sale by all dealers.
Mr. Hicks and Mr. Snyder have society, and a decision was rendered
been added to Mt. Olive deacon board.- In favor of the affirmative, defended
Rev. F. C. Boiling and his congrega
tion are doing nicely.
The Progressive club is,doing nice-
ly. It met with Mrs. Stitto at the general spirit of competition made the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brent on
-..' pa T*i,V"W-'' -P»
ip *v
Douglas* and Dunbar 8ooietiM Dlaeuaa
Foreign Immigration 8outh.
The 8econd
ciKfKlslv, IOWA. bate was recently hold ut Hampton In,
Mrs. Lottie Brown, who has been sltute, the subject being "Resolved.
sick for quite a while, has gone to That foreign Immigration to the Unit
Oklahoma for her health. We are fed States should be encouraged toward
glad to know that she reached there the south." The contestants were rep
safely. presentatlves of the Douglass Literary
by the Douglass society.
The earnestuess of the debaters, toe
enthusiasm of the audience and the
debate an exciting one. While the au
dience was gathering the cheering sec
tions of both societies sang tbelr club
songs and greeted the entrance of va
rious honorary members and the ap
pearance of tbe debaters with cheers
and applause.
The affirmative speakers, after stipu-.
latlng that in fairness tbe debate must
take into consideration tbo welfare of
mankind rather than the welfare of a
single nice, declared that foreign im
migration toward tbe south would de
velop agricultural and industrial inter
ests, would relieve congestion in north
ern cities and would improve tbe char
acter and Intelligence of the laboring
classes by bringing In thrifty laborers
of all races.
It would decrease tbe demand for
child labor in the south, would raise
wages, reduce tbe cost of living and
would Introduce a spirit of competi
tion and progress. Tbe negative
Bpeakers in their deduction of results
emphasized their belief that nndue
baste in the development of the south
would be to the disadvantage of pos
terity that the character of tbe labor
ing classes would be lowered and the
cost of living raised that money
would be sent out of tbe country that
white and colored southerners would",
be thrown out of work and that other
race problems would be forced upon
the already overburdened south.
Tbe affirmative in rebuttal declared
that immigration has raised wages in
tbe north and might be expected to do
tbe same in the south and pointed out.
that the Immigration laws especially
exclude such foreigners as are candi
dates for asylums and other charita
ble institutions.
Important Work of This Department ef
A. M. E. Church Explained.
Washington.—Tbe annual meeting of
the financial board of tbe African
Methodist Episcopal church will be
held at tbe headquarters of the depart
ment, 1541 Fourteenth street. In this
city, Wednesday, April 10.
It Is expected that tbe recelpt^for
the fiscal year ending March 31^vlll
total $200,000. The financial depart
ment was created In 1872. and the
money collected and turned Into that
department Is collected In subscrip
tions of $1 each and is thereby known
as dollar money.
Of the amount thus raised 8 per
cent Is used in helping to maintain the
schools and colleges supported by the
denomination. 10 per cent turned over^
to the church extension board and 36
per cent retained by the annual con
ferences for aiding superannuated min
isters. orphans and widows. Tbe bal
ance is used In meetlnsr the general
needs of the denomination, such as the
payment of the salaries of the bishops,
general officers, etc.
For the pnst year Professor John R.
Hawkins has been In charge of this
department, bavins: succeeded Dr. John
Hurst, who was elected to the bishop
ric In 1912. Professor Hawkins Is the
first layman to hold the- position. He,
was for mnny years secretary of edu
cation for the A. M. E. cburcb and
was prominently Identified with the
development of Ivittrell college, located
at Klttrell. N, C.
The present financial hoard of the
denomination Is composed of the fol
lowing gentlemen: Bishop H. P..
Parks, chairman the Revs. C. H. Mtir
ray. Catonsville. Md.: .1. M. Gllmore.
Cleveland. O.: .T. C. Anderson. Louis
ville. Ky.: J. R. Rn'nsom. Topekn. Knn.:
E. F. Singleton. Savannah. On.: R. W.
Mance. Beaufort. S. C.: W. T. Stronsr.
Vicksburg, Miss. G. West Mont
gomery. Ala.: E. .1. Howard, Houston.
Tex.: J. E. Stark. Tallahassee. Fla V.
M. Townsend, Arkadelphla. Ark.: 8.
W. Ellis. Chicago: F. M. (low. South
Africa C. E. Allen. Detroit. Mich. :-i,
Indorses Work of Press Association.
Joseph L. Jones, editor of the Pyth-»
lan Monitor and president of the Cen
tral Regalia compauy. Cincinnati, baa
written a strong editorial on the work
of the National Negro Press associa- ^r
tlon. We quote a few sentences which
nppear in tbe editorial: "As wns pre
dieted at tbe Chicago meeting In Au
gust. 1912, the association Is on Its
feet." "Such unanimity as was evi*
denced at the midwinter meeting of
the executive committee, held in Phila-v
delphla Feb. 1. has already brought re-'-V
suits." "Plans nre now being perfect*^?
ed for starting an advertising agency^
in connection with the association."
Steady Growth of the Virginians.
The Society of the Sons of Virginia-•
In Brooklyn Is tnktng on new life, sor t:
'fnr as increase In membership is coitj«
^•erued. The advance In fitiuncinl bene* ,J
(fits, which became effective in Octo
her. 15)12. was a step in the right dkwj,v.
rwtlon. Vlrjtlnlans coming to Brooki^|
lyn having no relatives or acquaint^
nnces will representative of tbe
society at 417 Carlton avenue, who will
give welcome.^)
annual Adams prise de-
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