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P Minneapolis Society News 3
Mrs. Julia McGee entertained at
dinner at her home, 903 Dupont
avenue, Sunday. Covers were laid
for six. The guests were Mr. and
Mrs. R. C. Calhoun, Mrs. W. B.
Fogg, Mrs. Edna Randall, Mrs.
Geraldine Edwards, and Miss Jen
nie Bradford of St. Paul.
The Ladies’ Auxiliary of the
North Star Branch of the National
Alliance of Postal Employees met
in regular session at the home of
Mrs. Katherine L. Smith, 2441
Fifth avenue S., Thursday. Offi
cers for the ensuing year were
elected as follows: Hattie Bell
Smith, president; Hazel Curry, vice
president; Hazel Warricks, secre
tary-treasurer; Essie R. Mason, re
The club has been very active
during the past year. Among its
most important accomplishments
was the sending to the summer
camp of Phyllis Wheatley eight
young girls, four from Minneapolis
and four from St. Paul.
Mrs. David R. Francis, of 3516
Clinton avenue, has been seriously
ill in Northwestern hospital but is
now reported much improved. Her
sister, Mrs. W. L. Beattie, from
Chicago has been in Minneapolis
for the past ten days awaiting the
outcome of Mrs. Francis’ illness.
The Depression 500 Club held
its usual weekly contest with Mrs.
Josephine Murray, 3946 Fourth
avenue S., winner of first place.
Mrs. Belle Moore, second; and Mrs.
Laura Farmer, the “booby.”
The Smart Set met with Mrs.
Rainey, 3845 Fourth avenue S.,
The Debutantes met at the home
of Miss Louise Seymour, 3847
Snelling avenue S., on Wednesday
evening, Oct. 17.
Mrs. Ada Alvis of Fourth avenue
t S. gave a baby shower for her
daughter, Mrs. Gordon Parks, on
Tuesday evening. Among the
guests present were the Misses
11 1. Registered Optometrist
r \ ,n Chßr < e
Conducted by
Marionne Peebles
Glasses Complete e/nc
for Reading or Distance
Complete With Frames
Open a Charge Account—Pay 10c Weekly
Jewelers - Opticians
617 Hennenin Avenue
Evelyn Scott, Louise Seymour,
Frances McHie, Harriet Thompson,
Thelma Sayles, Florence Collins,
Geraldine Johnson, Dorothy Gar
dener, Patty Mitchell, Ruth Miller,
the Mmes. Esther Roach, Dora
Sandvick, Olrna Worthington, Lil
lian Westbury and Grace Bryant.
Mrs. Olma Worthington won Ist
prize at bridgb; Mrs. Lillian West
bury, 2nd prize; and Mrs. Dora
Sandvick, booby. A delightful
lunch was served and many lovely
gifts were received.
Miss Barbara Mallory, 4053 Clin
ton avenue S., entertained a num
ber of the Twin City younger set
at a dancing party at her home.
Among the guests present were the
Misses Lucille Webb, Marjorie
Carter, Christine Carter, Delores
Greever, Lillian Tyler, Barbara
McClure, Margurite Oliver, Jewell
and Pearl Mann, Georgina Richard
son, Annetta Lawson, Eula Simms,
Barbara Coleman, Eloise Moore,
Delores O’Neil, and Kathryn Un
derwood, all of Minneapolis; the
Messrs. James Simms, James Car
ter, Sylvester Carter, Donald and
Richard Sessions, Donald Brady,
Jr., Clarence Underwood, “Sonny”
Bell, Jake Collins, Everette
Vaughn, all of Minneapolis; the
Misses Shirley Harris, Rosella
pilis, Florence Ward, Ruth Benner,
and Dorothy Anderson, and Messrs.
John Ellis, La Verne Doty, Elmer
Harris, Leroy Coleman, Wallace
Johnson, and Arthur Williams of
St. Paul; Mr. Richard Adams of
Duluth, Minn.
Miss Dorothy Pittman furnished
the music for the evening.
The second evening of the Fel
lowship Club’s bridge tournament,
Saturday, Oct. 13, was very suc
cessful. There were approximately
35 persons present with seven
bridge tables going at full swing.
The prize of the evening was free
admittance for the remainder of
the tournament to the one individ
ual who got the highest score.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Marshall
entertained at a Buffet Dinner par
ty on Sunday evening, Oct. 14, at
6:00 P. M. Among the guests pres-
“ 4-^—
ent were: Mr. and Mrs. Wendell
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
Chambers, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Vaughn, Mr. Richard Blair, Mr. and
Mrs. Erroll Fassett, Mr. and Mrs.
David Baker, Miss Delores John
son, Mrs. Anna Blair, Miss Mer
cedes Blair, Miss Ella Mae Blair,
Mrs. Wm. Turner, Mrs. James
Smith of St. Joseph, Missouri, and
Miss Eva Mae Reddrick of De
Miss Eva Mae Reddrick of De
troit, Michigan, is in the city at
tending the Northwestern School
of Dental Technology. Miss Red
drick is staying at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Marshall,
3609 Elliot avenue S.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Marshall
left Minneapolis Tuesday morning
for Muskogee, Oaklahoma, to visit
relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall
plan on being gone two weeks and
are going to stop over in St. Louis,
Missouri, on their return trip.
The Sub-Debs of Minneapolis
held their semi-monthly meeting,
Friday evening, Oct. 12, at th°
home of Miss Marguerite Oliver,
3633 Fourth avenue S. These
young ladies are planning to have
a candy sale in the near future.
The Aristocrats met at the home
of Mr. Robert Wallace, Jr., 1402
E. 25th street, on Tuesday evening,
Oct. 9. Rev. C. F. Stewart was
present at the meeting in addition
to all the regular club members.
The boys are organizing a bas
ket-ball team and are going to at
tempt to enter a white church
league. The next meeting will be
held at the home of Mr. Edward
Blackwell, 3816 Fourth avenue S.
The Ultra Moderns Club met at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robin
son. Plans were completed for a
series of fall and winter entertain
ments and dances to be preceded
by a club party. Watch this paper
for advertisements.
Mu Chapter, Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, held the second regular
meeting of the new school year on
October 2, at the home of Raymond
W. Cannon, Minneapolis. The
meeting was well attended and
plans were made for a Smoker to
welcome the new college students
registered in the Twin City insti
tutions. The president, John R.
Lawrence, Jr., in behalf of the
Chapter welcomed the following
Alpha men to affiliate with Mu:
Arnold Walker of Epsilon Lambda;
J. W. Huguley of Mu Lambda; and
Bernard Squires of Kappa Chapter.
After the meeting the men were
served a delightful luncheon by the
Mr. Squires is the new Director of
Boys’ Work at Phyllis Wheatley
House; Mr. Huguley is doing grad
uate work in Chemistry; Mr. Walk
er is doing graduate work in
Congressman Ernest Lundeen.
Farmer-Labor candidate for re
election from the Third Congres
sional District, will speak over
WCCO Tuesday, October 23, from
7:00 P. M. to 7:15 P. M.
Our Children
r\EAR Boys and Girls: There Is
a little matter very easy for
you to set right that is giving a
great many people a lot of trouble.
Will you please pick up after your
In the house you throw your hat
on a chair, your rubbers, one un
der the table, one beside the chair,
your books are scattered from one
end of the house to the other. When
you get out of your night-clothes you
leave them tn a heap on the floor.
You drop your bathrobe in another
As you hurry along the street
to school you toss the chewing gum
wrapper on the walk and the wrap
pings from the bar of chocolate fol
low after. The skins of the orange
or banana you took from the break
fast table are tossed anywhere as
you go along.
When you get to school you throw
anything you don’t happen to need
anywhere you happen to be. The
yards, so well swept before you en
tered them, are soon littered from
end to end.
Somebody has to pick up every
thing you throw down. That is not
fair. In this game everybody has
to pick up his own things so as not
to overburden anyone else. Of course
if you learned not to throw them
down, but to put them where they
belonged the first time, nobody will
be overworked and everybody would
be helped.
There is another side to it We
would not bother so much about the
extra work you gave us at home and
abroad if It helped you any. It does
not help you to throw things about
It hurts you. Disorder and dirt and
confusion are not the conditions in
which you can grow. They check
your growth. You do not feel har
monious, content, happy in the messy
place. That is why we try to deco
rate it and keep a cheerful, color
ful place. You need that orderly
beautiful quality in your surround
ings for your growth.
Every time you help disorder you
nurt yourself. There is always a
spiritual reaction to every physical
action. When you are careless and
disorderly In your habits your think
ing takes on this quality. What
you think, that you are, The way
of your doing becames again the
way of your thinking and round and
round you go on this whirling merry
go round of dirt, disorder and con
fusion. It isn’t healthy, It isn’t
childlike, it isn’t decent
Lift the weight off your mother’s
shoulders first. Pick up after your
self. Never leave a room without
looking back to see what you have
left out of place and turning back
to set it where It belongs. Never
drop anything where somebody else
will have to pick It up. If you re
form In this respect the whole com
munity will bless you. And you will
feel very much better inside and out
Get on the Bandwagon! Troop
108 is swinging again. Swing with
BIG POW-WOW, Friday, Oct.
26, 7 P. M., St. Peter’s Church.
All Boys over 12.
Keep off October 29, Hallowe’en
Dance at Southside Auditorium,
given by Nu Jour Club.—Adver-
M 1715 1 Tsve///e Dodson
W KJ I\ lj IjEd/ror
©, Bell Syndicate.-—WNXJ Service.
St. Paul Society News J
Mr. James Toliver, 702 Carroll
avenue, is still on the sick list.
Mrs. Walter McFarland and son,
Walter, Jr., are visiting Mrs. Mc-
Farland’s relatives in Litcher, La
Mrs. W. B. Baines and children
of 1094 N. Kent street have re
turned home after a two months’
visit with parents in Little Rock.
Ark. They also visited the Cen
tury of Progress.
Mrs. Marie Bushears of Kansas
City, Missouri, sister of Mrs. Ash
by Harris, 695 Carroll avenue, left
the city, Tuesday, for her home.
Mrs. Theodore Allen, 996 Igle
hart avenue, was hostess to the
Adelphi Club last week. Mrs.
Maude Brooks read Robert’s ‘‘Rules
of Order” as a study in parlia
mentary law.
Mesdames Talmadge Carey,
Eugene Moore and H. Mitchell
were visitors at the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Arter of
Rochester, Minn., spent the wesk
end at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George Brooks, of 770 St. Anthony
The “Cheerio Matrons” held
their last meeting at the home of
Mrs. Corrine Grisby, 617 St. An
thony avenue.
The Book Lovers’ Club, a feature
of the educational program of the
Hallie Q. Brown Community House,
held its first meeting of the year
Wednesday evening at eight
The club’s election of officers
was as follows: President, Miss
Northern States Power Company
II ■ .111 -l ' - - - I
Ruth Brown; vice president, Mrs.
Dorothy Hall; treasurer, Mrs.
Carey Robertson; secretary, Miss
Albert Butler. Mrs. Alverta Coram,
who was appointed club leader for
the year, aims to direct the club’s
efforts towards the study of Greek,
Italian, and Spanish drama.
Miss Lillian McGavock was
elected a member of the club.
Twenty-five years of practical
engineering experience, a trained
and experienced engineer and sur
veyor who will give the people of
Ramsey County a non-political,
business administration of the
County Surveyor’s department.
Vote for Emil H. Schulz, Nov. 6.
Prepared and inserted by James W. Bol
den, 518 Fuller Avenue, St. Paul, Minn.,
Edward R. Thomas, 2314 10th Ave. S.. Min
neapolis, Minn.
Use More
which have been added to the
Standard Residential Electric
Rate and the new low Electric
Water Heating Rate ... is an
opportunity for those of you
who wish to COOK and HEAT
to get the necessary current
to enjoy these two modern
services at a LOWER COST
than ever before.
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