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This newspaper carries more
lines of church news than any
other paper of its type in this city.
The final report of the proceeds
from the candy sale of the Senior
Choir was far beyond expecta
tions, and they wish to thank all
who co-operated in its success.
The Go-Getters Club met at
the home of Mrs. Helen Morris,
3725 4th Ave. So., last Thursday
evening. One new member was
added to the club. After the busi
ness games were in order, fol
lowed by the serving of a lunch
eon by the hostess, who spared no
effort to make the evening a
pleasant one.
Among those who worshiped
with us last Sunday, were the
young undertaker and wife, Mr.
and Mrs. Theo. Woodard, and Mr.
Fletcher. We appreciate your
visit friends, and extend a hearty
welcome at all times.
On Sunday afternoon at 3
o’clock the Junior Choir desires
your presence at a musical pro
gram, at the Church. Among
those who are numbered on the
program to help make this effort
of our little folks a success are:
Rev. C. F. Stewart of St. Peter’s
A. M. E. Church, Rev. Botts, Zion
Baptist Church, Rev. Reddick of
Wayman Church, and Mr. W. M.
Smith of Bethesda Baptist Church.
Mr. Cook, who has taken active
charge over the young people, as
sures us of an interesting and
worth while program. He asks
your presence to encourage the
choir to do better and bigger
Church services, 11 o’clock, Sun
day School 9:45.
By Rev. William E. Guy
To The Good People Of The
Twin Cities:—
• * •
I have just finished an extended
conversation with Dr. M. W. Judy,
president of the Wayman Home
Circle, and Rev. C. F. Stewart,
pastor of St. Peter’s A. M. E.
Church of Minneapolis. I am in
formed that the people of St.
Peter’s Church view the dating of
St. James’ (St. Paul), Fashion
Show on April ninth as motivated
by an un-Christian spirit. This is
very far from the facts.
I have explained in detail both
to Dr. Judy and Rev. Stewart the
successive steps by which our
date came to be changed by the
St. Paul Menter Co. from April
fifth to April ninth. I have of
fered to change the date of St.
James’ Fashion Show to April
eleventh even at the risk of having
the Menter Co. refuse to furnish
the styles. I regret exceedingly
the conflict. But more than any
thing else I regret being mis
understood and misrepresented.
As a Christian minister I desire
most to promote the cause of the
Kingdom. This cannot be done
by words alone. I am therefore
making this announcement: I
shall attend St. Peter’s Fashion
Show and do everything possible
to promote its success.
Elder A. Gaynes Thompson an
nounces that rehearsals for his
forthcoming musical classic are
being held. He urges those who
have been attending to be present
Monday night, 8 p. m., at the Bea
con Light Church, where rehears
als are held.
The Pastor’s Aid Society of St.
Peter A. M. E. Church, turned its
regular meeting of Wednesday,
March 13, into an indoor picnic.
The Rev. T. B. Stovall and the
Rev. W. H. Ogleton, presiding
elders of the Des Moines and St.
Paul districts, together with their
wives, were the special guests of
the society. The picnic was held
at the home of Mrs. Wm. H.
Hyde, 3832 Clinton Avenue.
« ♦ ♦
An unusual worship service was
held on last Sunday morning. A
wonderful sermonette was de
livered on “What Happens When
Christ Enters a Man’s Life,” by
Rev. Lewis. Rev. Lewis is Mis
sionary from Burma, and he re
lated many of his experiences as a
missionary. The choir rendered
an unusual and touching song
service. Mrs. H. W. Botts was
among the many visitors at Pil
grim on last Sunday morning. A
group of fifteen young people
visited the Crispus Attacks Home
on last Sunday afternoon. Among
the numbers rendered: a series
of vocal solos by Mrs. Gaylord,
and little Miss Barbara Reasby
won a great favor with her solo.
This was the first colored group
to make a visit of this kind in 8
Special Note
The County Fair at Seven
Corners is postponed until Friday,
April 12, due to the fact that the
church is about to launch a re
The Sunday School workers and
members are asking the readers
of the Recorder to watch for fur
ther announcement of this affair.
Thank you.
LaMarr Goss.
« * *
Bethesda Baptist—As foretold
in our last week’s news notes
Sunday proved to be a day of im
portant meeting lasting from the
morning service, presided over by
the Rev. J. J. Clayburn, assistant
pastor of the church, the mass
meeting of the afternoon in the
interest of the Western Baptist
College to the evening service
devoted to an explanation of the
reorganized program of the Urban
League. Full attendance marked
the entire day, culminating in an
unusually large night service pre
senting two speakers discussing
subjects not directly connected
with the Urban League itself.
Mrs. Hattie Bell Smith, president
of the St. Paul Auxiliary of the
League, gave a detailed history
of the organization and of the
work the women of the society are
doing in behalf of Negro uplift.
Chas. W. Washington, executive
secretary of the Twin City League
presided, and outlined briefly the
purpose in giving a larger view
of the work his organization is
attempting. John Thomas spoke
of Nationalism as it affects the
Negro, and Jay Williams gave
some startling information upon
the part the darker races have
played in history. Music was
furnished for all the meetings by
the Gospel Chorus.
Zion Baptist Zion’s Sunday
School still keeps its hold upon
the young people of this church,
103 persons being in attendance
last Sunday. The morning serv
ice brought the usual informative
sermon from the pastor, the Rev.
H. W. Botts, who spoke from the
fourth chapter of Hebrews, his
subject, “Who are the People of
God.” Rev. H. C. White offered
prayer. The smaller number pres
ent at the B. Y. P. U. session was
offset by the larger number, who
Particular Folks
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DAle M6< ATlantie Ml 2
came to the regular monthly
musical of the choir, singing under
the direction of Mrs. Edna Ran
dall. Those who heard were loud
in praise of the excellent singing
of the choir and the assisting
artists. The Young Matrons* Mis
sion Society will sponsor a silver
tea Sunday, March 24, at the home
of Mrs. Rosetta McCray, to which
the public is most cordially in
The Altar Society of St. Peter
Claver Church will serve a roast
lamb dinner Sunday, March 17,
from 12 until 6 p. m., in the sub
auditorium, Farrington and Au
rora Avenues. The Sodality Glee
Club will be featured during the
A new organization, The Chil
dren of Mary, will be formed at
St. Peter Claver Church. Girls
from the ages of 8 to 14 are
eligible. The first meeting will
be held Saturday, March 16th.
Meetings will be held every other
Saturday and will be in charge
of the Young Ladies’ Sodality of
the Parish. The Misses Estelle
Luckie, Bessie Powell, Marcilette
Williams, Elizabeth Shuck, and
Beatrice Shuck will be in charge
of the first meeting.
Consistent is my soul of these three
Contentment, God’s peace, and
eternal light.
I strive not for the unattainable
For these are God’s
And I am merely one of His
Content am I to resign myself
to tasks
Which He, with sacred hands
Has placed upon this earth to be
Like all the flesh upon the earth
I’ve known regret and sin and
But know I not it now
For I have gained forgiveness for
my soul ; ; *
Which deep in sin was steeped.
With clearer vision now I scan
the world
And view with lightened eyes my
past abode,
And weep, to think of ail I’ve
Through ignorance of God’s
Divine Power.
Ruth June Pittman.
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children. 1314 E. 24th Street. sl6.
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sale. Call Atlantic 6511 or Dupont
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Hyland 5826
Death Notices
Joseph Crowe, 65 years of age,
died at the Ancker hospital Sun
day, March 10. Funeral services
were held from the Pilgrim
Baptist Church, Wednesday, March
13, where for a number of years
the deceased held membership and
acted as custodian. The Rev. Lee
W. Harris, in preaching the ser
mon, paid glowing tribute to his
sterling character, the faithful
ness of his services to his church
and community and declared that
he leaves behind a memory rich
in useful Christian activity. Mr.
Crowe is survived by his wife,
Amelia Crowe, who lives at 791
Rondo Street.
Interment was in Forest ceme-
The Neal Funeral Home
was in charge of arrangements.
’ u 1
• • •*• • % > *’^7*s**—

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Ambrose Brooks, 47 years old,
328 Rex Court, died Sunday,
March 10, at Ancker hospital, of
pneumonia. He had been ill for
only one week. Bom in Fort
Worth, Texas, he lived for some
time in Kansas City, Mo., before
residing here for 17 years.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Nellie Brooks, a daughter, Nellie,
and a grandson. Funeral services
were held Wednesday, March 13,
at 2:30 p. m., at the McGavock
Mortuary, 550 Rice St. Rev. H.
M. Marbley officiated. The body
was sent Wednesday night to Fort
Worth, where burial will be made.
Fraternal Notices
Victory Chapter, 0. E. S., meets
the third Wednesday of each
month at Fellowship Hall.
Alma Woodson, W. M.,
107 Hyland Ave. No.,
on the famous
on our original
Ask for tho
Budget Dept.
Ames Lodge, No. 106,1. B. P. O.
E. W., meets first and third Mon
days of each month at Elks’ Rest,
148 Hyland Ave. N. J. W. Pate,
exalted ruler; Cecil E. Newman,
financial secretary. Downtown of
fice, 309 South Third St Phone
Bridgeport 3595. Elks’ Rest phone,
Hyland 9925. Visiting brothers
As early as the thirty-fifth year
the brain starts shrinking. The
endocrine activities all start to sub
side, gently as a rule, sometimes
around forty-five. The end of the
upgrade is reached by the ear soon
after the thirtieth year; its keen
ness wanes measurably thereafter
and tends to decline progressively
but slowly. As the skin dries and
toughens It loses Its fine receptiv
ity, too; and, as you know, the
normal skin starts to become mere
hide in the early forties.—Golden
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Lake Street
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REgent 9536
Friday, March 15, 1985
Atlantic 0747,
Helen Jackson, Secretary.
Brain and Skin Shrinkage
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