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Friday, June 7, 1936
St Paul Society News J
By Mary A. Jones
Mrs. Adelle Patton and Mrs.
Louise Hargraves were the lunch
eon guests of Mrs. Walter Mc-
Farland of 498 Whitall, Tuesday
afternoon, June 4.
Mrs. Mabel Harris of 445 Kent
St., is quite ill at her home.
Mrs. Bessie Miller of Quincy,
HL, is visiting her sister, Mrs. E.
M. Golden, of 456 St. Anthony.
Mrs. Effie Diton, wife of the dis
tinguished musician and teacher,
Carl Diton, of New York City,
who came here to attend the fu
neral of her brother, Lafayette
Jackson, left for Chicago Friday.
The cast of the Sterling Club
Minstrels were guests of the club
on Wednesday, June 5, at a ban
quet at the club house, 315 N.
Dale St. The tables were decorated
in green tapers in crystal holders.
W. B. Walker, president, gave a
short address followed by C. H.
Roper, who in turn called on all
the guests. Glowing tributes were
paid Mr. Walker and Mr. Roper.
Miss A. Bagnell rendered a solo.
Among those present were: Messrs.
A. P. Rhodes, S. E. Hall, George
Mundell, J. W. Crump,.o. C. Hall,
and S. Salters; Mesdames G.
Harris, A. P. Rhodes, W. Shake
ford, A. Dagnail, Mary Wilson,
and H. Oliver. The guests de
parted at an early hour thanking
the club for a wonderful evening.
The Sterling Club Auxiliary is
sponsoring a banquet June 21, for
the club members and their wives.
The banquet will be given annually.
The Book Lovers Club held its
fifth annual tea at the Hallie Q.
Brown House on Sunday, June 2,
at 4 p. m. Miss Ruth A. Brown,
president of the club, made the wel
coming remarks at the beginning
of the program. Miss Frances
Boardman, music critic of the St.
Paul Dispatch, was guest speaker.
Their subject was the “Human
Side of a Critic.” During the tea
Miss Annice Bognail played
musical selections. The audito
rium was beautifully decorated
with spring flowers and palms and
ferns. The table was beautifully
covered with an ecru lace cloth.
The center piece was bachelor but
tons, daisys, and peonies, and four
tall green tapers. The members
wore pastel summer afternoon
dresses. Many old and new friends
were in the audience of 80 people.
The Cameo Club met at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Artie Boyd
of 716 Rondo St, Wednesday, June
6. Plans were made for the clos
ing meeting—a party—to be held
the latter part of June.
Mrs. Elizabeth Richardson of
Sumter, S. C., is visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Rose Davis of 887 North
St. Albans. She will probably re
main here about a month.
Adding a brilliant chapter to the
society spring dance calendar, Psi
chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, enter
tained the Twin City collegiate and
society group at its Eleventh An-
nual Spring Prom, held in the
Trophy Room of Glenwood Chalet
on Monday evening, June 3.
The highlight of the affair was
the surprise presentation of a
silver loving cup to Dr. James W.
Crump as a token of appreciation
from members of the fraternity
for his unfailing interest in its ad
vancement. Mrs. Crump was pre
sented with a bouquet of red roses.
Fraternity members and guests:
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bohanon, Mr.
and Mrs. Elmer Morris, Dr. and
Mrs. James W. Crump, Dr. and
Mrs. Robert Hatch, Mr. and Mrs.
“Babe” Salters, Mr. and Mrs. Le
roy Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W. W.
Woodford, Mr. and Mrs. Earle
Onque, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ran
som, Mr. Dunbar Gibson, Mr. Hen
ry Gordon, Mr. C. W. Rucker, Mr.
Ellsworth Harpole, Mr. Samuel
Kaiser, Mr. Don Bonaparte, Mr.
James Robinson, Mr. Clifford Haw
kins. Pledges: Mr. Frank Edelen,
Mr. Dwight Reed, Mr. Norman
Lyght, Mr. Lloyd Shanks, Mr.
Warren Grissom, Mr. Marion
Thatcher, and Mr. James Oliver.
Guests attending the Prom were
as follows:
Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence. Allen,
Richard. Anderson. Henrietta. Allen. Mr.
and Mrs. Theodore. Bert. Tela and Co..
Belton, Robert and Co., Bohanon, Louise,
Benjamin, Wm. and Co., Banham, Mr.
and Mrs. Albert, Benjamin, Miss Mar
garet and Co., Boswell, Paul and Co.,
Butler, Dr. and Mrs., Bradley, Eugene and
Co., Burch, Mr. and Mrs. Brainard,
Brown, Mrs. Frances and Co., Brown,
Miss Ruth and Co.. Bradley, Esther and
Co., Buckingham, Mr. D. A. and Co.,
Brown, Miss W. G., Carden, I. Myrtle
and Co., Cassius, William and Co., Can
non, Raymond and Co., Cooper, Chaun
cey and Co., Cassius, Mr. and Mrs. Brutus.
Carmichael, Mr. and Mrs. Burris, Din
nard. Turner and Co., Davis, Valera and
Co.. Douglas, John and Co., Drake, Mr.
and Mrs. Orville, Davis, Mr. Sterling and
Co., Dodson, Nellie and Co., Denny, Mr.
W. D. and Co., Fisher, Frankie Mae and
Co., Freeman. Cordelia and Co., Graham,
Adele and Co., Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. L.
P., Greene, Mr. and Mrs. L. P., Greene,
Miss Nlrota, Huguley. Mr. and Mrs. John,
Holley, Charles and Co., Hillard, Mr. and
Mrs. H. C., Harris, Dorothea and Co.,
Hayes, Mr. Edward and Co., Hawkins,
June and Co., Hall, David and Co., John
son, Dolores and Co., Jenkins, Mr. R. and
Co., Jackson, Alberta and Co., Johnson,
Peavey and Co., James, Rachel and Co.,
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. William, Jones, Mr.
and Mrs. Robert, Kitchen, Kermit and Co.,
Kaiser, Mr. Samuel and Co., Lawrence,
John and Co., Lucas, Mr. and Mrs. Brace,
Landers, Mr. Harry and Co., McCullough,
Mr. and Mrs. Philip, Lee, Miss Bella
Lee, Malone, John and Co., Murphy, Mr.
and Mrs. James, Martin, Howard and Co.,
Miree, James, Jr., and Co., MeAnulty, J.
E. and Co., McGavock, Lillian and Co..
Pemberton. Louneer and Co., Patton, John
M. and Co., North, Al and Co.. Poole,
Mr. and Mrs. F. W., Newman. Mr. and
Mrs. C. E., Roeck. Mr. and Mrs. Bud,
Raglin, Miss Hllliguest, Penn, William
and Co., Patton, Mr. and Mrs., Pierre,
Robert and Co., Roach, Mr. and Mrs.
Bud, Thomas, Mr. John and Co.. Turner,
Dr. and Mrs., Salters, Mr. Edwin. Saun
ders, George and Co., Shanks, Mr. and
Mrs., Stokes, Victoria and Co., Shamwell,
Earle and Co., Stovall, Thelma and Co.,
Shelton, Mr. and Mrs. Huron, Thompson,
Mr. Al and Co., Thompson, L. and Co.,
Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. J. H., Smith, Miss
L. O. and Co., Thurston, Thelma and Co.,
Salters, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney, Scott,
Helen and Co., Stewart, Rev. and Mrs.
Carlyle. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. H.. Leon
Smith and Co., Walker, Mr. and Mrs. W.
B„ Weber. Dr. and Mrs. E. 8.. Wormley,
Miss Myrtle and Co., Williams, Mr. and
Mrs. Wilbur, Walker, Mr. Arnold and Co.,
Williams, Dr. and Mrs. C. H., Turpin,
Wilbur and Co., Young, Rev. and Mrs.
D. P.. Woodard. McDuff and Co„ Wil
liams, Mr. and Mrs. O. 8.. Wigington,
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence, Washington, C.
W. and Co.
The Kappa party was tops as
always. I thought it was very
thoughtful of the boys to present
Dr. Crump with a silver loving
cup to show that they appreciate
all that he has done for them. He
has been adviser and confidant for
the Kappa lads for a long, long
time, and he really deserves some
token of appreciation. He and
By Nellie Dodson
pretty Mrs. Crump are the most
popular couple with the younger
crowd, and they are always sought
after for the parties. Grand peo
ple, both of them.
Here and There: June Hawkins
and Earl Shamwell are becoming
very, very constant company. . . .
The Jeanette Williams - Kermit
Kitchen duo is also in the too-con
stant class. . . . And Al North and
Marie Miller are going places to
gether these days. . . . Harvey
Atkins crooned his songs in the
Moonlight-and-Roses manner at
the Kappa party. And did every
body like it! . . . That beer counter
in the downstairs part of the
Chalet seems to be the rendezvous
for even the bone-drys at the
parties. . . . Two of my “silent”
crushes; Dave Hall and Don Bona
parte. . . Some lady down here in
the office just said that she thinks
Richy Adams is the “cutest boy.”
And two other gels who are here
agreed very emphatically. . . . Earl
E. Shamwell just came in. Wait
until he finds out he’s “in print”
this week! . . . One of the St. Paul
brothers whom I mentioned as
two-timing lawst week, glared at
me in a most ferocious manner the
other evening, but as I was telling
the truth, my frans, he couldn’t do
a thing BUT glare.... After every
party there are about a dozen of
them wandering around trying to
kid the public. . . . Marie Hughes
is making the best advertising
woman this town has had in a
blue moon. She’s put through
gangs of political ads for the
paper. Which tickles me, as there
has been a procession of men ad
vertisers parading through here
for weeks and none of them have
done much of anything but talk
big. ... I wish school was just
beginning for the year instead of
letting out. I’ve been out on that
campus so long that I don’t know
. . . that the new lower electric
rate enables you to add electric
refrigeration, electric cooking,
and electric water heating, to
your home ... and bring your
electric rate down to around 2
cents per kilowatt-hour ?
this new rate will gladly be fur-
nished upon request. Northern
States Power Company.
Electrify your home
what to do when I’m away from
it. . . . One Minneapolis society
lady saw Bud Roach dancing with
sister-in-law Agnes Ellis at the
Kappa party, and said what a nice
couple the “newlyweds” made. I
beg your pardon, madame; it’s
Agnes’ sister, Susie who is Bud’s
missus. My goodness, what a
mix-up. . . . Earl Shamwell pops
up again. Marie Hughes just
asked him: “How are you and the
string beans making it?” (She
was referring to the fact that Earl
can really go for string beans at
dinner.) But Earl said vacantly:
“Who? Me and.?” Here he
mentioned the name of a very tall
gel around the cities whom he was
formerly accused of paying some
lukewarm attention to. So the
gal’s a string bean, eh, Earl? . . .
Henrietta Anderson is one of the
prettier of the younger debutantes,
I think. ... If half of the people
who have invited themselves to go
pay a visit to Wilda Parker in
Chicago this summer, carry out
their intentions, the Parker house
will resemble a summer hotel or
A certain Minneapolis lady was
swinging lightly along Nicollet
Avenue one day recently, when she
saw a well-known gel riding up
the street in a car of Rolls-Royce
dimensions. A few minutes later
she saw a certain man-about-town
standing on a street corner laden
down with a huge bouquet of
lilacs and numerous small pack
ages. He said that he was wait
ing for, —of all people!—the same
gel who was riding in the big car!
Seems as if the gel had given him
the packages and told him to hold
them while she went on an er
rand, or somethin’. While he
held the packages and looked silly,
she was riding nonchalantly up
the avenue on twelve or sixteen
cylinders. Tsk, tsk.
Full information concerning
fmpß" _
F Minneapolis Society News
Conducted by
Mart*— Peebles
Mrs. Mae Marshall and Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey Pittman were the
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wendell
Jones on a motor trip to Duluth,
Memorial day.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Edwards
returned Saturday from a two
weeks' visit with her son, Mr.
Edward Mathews of St Louis, Mo.,
and Miss Lizie Olney of Kansas
City, Mo.
J. W. Pate, real estate and in
surance, has moved next door, 703
Lyndale Ave. N., upstairs, Hyland
Harry Winfield, corner of
Eighth Ave. N. and Bassett Place,
is fll.
Dr. George Young, owner of
WDGY, invited Mrs. Marie Hughes
and a party of friends up to the
studio to listen to the broadcast
ing of “Ray Dysart and his Or
chestra,” which plays nightly at
the Mathews Inn.
Miss Helen M. Scott, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Scott, 1206 Bth
Ave. N., graduated from Miller
Vocational High School, receiving
two diplomas, one in stenography,
and the other, the regular high
school diploma. Miss Marian
Wright, daughter of Mr. Victor
Wright, 527 Fremont N., received
a diploma for nursing.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Onque enter
tained at their home, 1001 Seventh
Street North, on Monday evening
after the Kappa Alpha Psi dance
at Glenwood Chalet. A buffet
luncheon was served. The guests
included: Mrs. Frances Smith
Brown, Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hatch,
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Williams, Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Walker, Mr. and
Mrs. Bruce Lucas, Mr. C. W.
Rucker, and Miss Ruth Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. William Reddick
of 109 E. 25th St. had as their
dinner guest Sunday, Miss Ruby
Brown of Topeka, Kansas, the
Misses Nora and Alma Byers of
New York, Mr. Culberson and Mr.
Claud Reddick.
Miss Nora Byars will return to
her home in New York for her
summer vacation, July 1. While
Some People Are
Doing Big Things;
Read About It In
This Paper
Nmm Frw ww PwcSmS Man
Is tM aaaMsa aecam
W Grwad Flmt. Botart M. KM. ■
there, she will also visit other
points east, such as Philadelphia,
Atlantic City, and Mont Caly,
N. J. She plans to return to Min
neapolis in about three weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson,
808 Bryant Ave. N., returned last
week from Kansas City, Mo.,
where they motored to visit rela
tives of Mr. Johnson. They re
ported a wonderful trip and were
royally entertained.
Mr. and Mrs. John Fowler, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Jones, Mr. and Mrs.
Theo. Vaughns, Mrs. Sam Arnold,
Mrs. M. E. Bell, Mrs. Minerva
Totten, and Mrs. Felix Fogg spent
Memorial Day at Lake Victoria
Mrs. Cisco Taylor of Blooming
ton, Illinois, who has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Dels Compson,
for the past three weeks, left Wed
nesday for her home in Illinois.
Marjory Wormley returned home
June 4 from a trip through Chica
go to Atlanta, Georgia.
While in Chicago, Miss Wormley
was a guest at the A. K. A. formal
given May 25 at the Savoy ball
Miss Wormley was accompanied
South by her cousin, Mr. Trinille
Holmes of Chicago.
They were entertained by
friends and relatives in Marietta
and Atlanta, Georgia.
Vote For
Fred Wright
lodge Fred B. Wright, ia the
Municipal court bench since April,
1928, has a record of which any
jurist might be proud. His record
recommends him to all persons, re
gardless of race, creed, or color.
Judge Wright was born and
reared in Minneapolis. He re
ceived his education in this city,
graduating from the University of
Minnesota Law School in 1913. A
veteran of the World War, he en
gaged in the practice of law for
15 yean before becoming a judge
of the Minneapolis Municipal
Because of his exceptional abili
ty, fairness, and humanness, we be
lieve he deserves the votes of every
intelligent citizen. We recommend
him unreservedly to the Negro vot
en of Minneapolis.

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