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Ring out, ye crystal spheres
Once bless our human ears
If ye have power to touch our
senses so;
And let your silver chime
Move in melodious time
And let the bass of Heaven’s
deep organ blow;
And with your ninefold harmony
Make up full consort to the
angelic symphony.—Milton
Evers Family Invests In NAACP Seals
Jackson, Miss.—A Family’s Investment.—Sirs. Medgar Evers and
her three children, Darrell, Reena Denise and Janies Van Dyke, know
well the price of freedom. One part of their investment conies through
the purchase and use of NAACP Holiday Seals. The 1963 Holiday Seals
Campaign seeks to raise $150,000 through the sale of the seals in sheets
of 100 at $2, $5, $lO and $25. (Bagwell Photo).
CORE Commends Agency, Asks Action:
FEPC Considers Charge
Teachers Denied Contracts
Because of Race
At the first large FEPC public hearing in the history of
the Minneapolis fair employment practices commission, Thurs
day, Dec. 12, a crowd heard FEPC executive director Louis H.
Ervin detail evidence he had gathered that three Negro women
teachers had been treated different in the matter of a permanent
contract thah whites with similar training and background.
Under the Minneapolis FEPC ordinance such discrimination
is unlawful. The teachers involved
in the complaint lodged with the
FEPC are: Mrs. Ann McNair, 27,
of 4049 Fifth Av. S., Mrs. Artis
Hopkins, 33, 1531 E. 18th St., and
Mrs. Marjorie Owens, 55, of 1216
James Av. N. Each of the women
allege that the reason they were
not given full-time contracts was
on account of race.
The Minneapolis School Board
refused to participate officially In
the hearing- because of an opinion
by its attorney Charles Howard,
that the school board and its ad
ministration is not subject to the
city ordinance.
Two school board members were
present at the hearing, chairman
Gordon Mlkkelson and Florence
Lehmann along with Superintend
ent of Schools Rufus Putnam and
Loren L. Oahlander, personnel di
rector whose handling of the cases
of the three teachers is under
During the three hour hearing
Oahlander was accused of making
“racially derogatory remarks,” by
Douglas Hall, attorney and farmer
NAACP president.
Refused Full-Time Jobs
The prime complaint made by
the three teachers is that they
have been unable to obtain full
time teaching contracts in the Min
neapolis public schools because of
their race. All three have done
substitute teaching in Mill City
In a detailed statement FEPC
executive director traced the’ edu
cation, certification experience and
reports of school supervisors on the
work and competence of the three
He Cited records he had secured
from school administration files
which indicated white teachers or
applicants for teacher’s jobs of
less education training and exper
ience bad been given fur-Wne con
Ervin charged that a pattern of
a discrimination has existed since
Oahlander took charge of personnel
for Minneapolis schools, “that
builds a double standard" in the
hiring of teachers.
Ervin told the commission his
tong investigation of the charges
filed by the teachers convinced
him that their comptalrita were
just and correct.
City Ordinance Violated
He stated that the city ordin
ance tea been violated by frequent
references to race in school per
sonnel records.
He ateo told the comnteston in
Me opinion on the basis of his in
vsstlgbtlon there is a need for a
"complete review of hiring pro
cedures” by the schoota.
The hearing wwi three hours
in length.
Christmas Hymn
Although the school board and
administration was not “officially”
present, both chairman Gordon
Mlkkelson and Superentendent
Putnam pledged cooperation with
the FEPC In its investigation and
both defended school hiring prac
Mlkkelson stated, “we rest on
the judgement in the hands of our
professional staff,” in the belief
that our teachers are “employed
strictly on the basis of merit and
ability,” Mlkkelson said.
Putnam gave an impassioned de
fense of Oahlander in his state
ment to the commission claiming,
“I have never found any evidence
of discrimination."
Amos Deinard, chairman of the
commission said the group would
meet in January to discuss the
evidence and record of the meet
CORE Asks Action
Meanwhile the Twin City chap
ter of the Congress of Racial
Equality CORE praised the FEPC
commission and Ervin’s conduct of
the investigation of the three cases
and urged the Minneapolis Board
of Education to take immediate
steps to in compliance with the
spirit and intent of the Minneapolis
Fair Employment Practices Ordin
CORE urged that three steps be
taken by the school board immed
iately. They are:
1. Offer regular contracts to the
-three teacher*.
2. Open school board files to
FEPC, remove all references
to race, color, creed, or na
tional origin from personnel
3. Begin employing qualified Ne
gro personnel in administra
tive areas responsible for in
terview and evaluation phases
of employment
16 AND 30
The pool at the Minneapolis
YWCA will be open the week of
Deowriber 13 and the week of De
cember 30 with a number of
plunges scheduled for adults and
junior*. For a copy of the plunge
schedule, ask the Lobby Desk or
call the Health Educatodn Depart
On Friday, January 3, a Play
Day for girts 8 yearn* and up will
be held in the Minneapolis YWCA
from 1-4 pm. A email fee will be
charged for the afternoon of ac
tivttle* which wBl inctude swim
ming, ganea, la amp fine and ce-
Mrs. Lucille Woodard,
Reelected President
Purple Cross Nurses
The Purple Cross Unit 182,
IBPOEW met at the home of Mrs.
Lucille Woodard, 1103 Lyndale Av.
N., on Monday evening, December
Election of officers and Installa
tion was held by the grand direct
ress, Mrs. Lola Gatlin, Mrs. Lucille
Woodard was reelected as presi
dent for the eighth term. Others
elected were Mmes. Minnie Hudley,
vice president; Genevieve Jackson,
financial secretary; Mary Faison,
recording secretary; Dorothy Pep
pars, treasurer, Carroll Broadfoot,
chaplain; Venus Meeks, escort; Ina
Jackson, chairman trustees and
Mary Stewart, trustee; Jimmie Lee
Hatchett, sunshine chairman and
Carroll Broadfoot, ways and means
Following the business meeting,
the hostess served a buffet lun
Mrs. Dora Lewis,
Elected Dtr. Ruler
Minnehaha Temple 129
Mrs. Dora Lewis was reelected
daughter ruler of Minnehaha Tem
ple No. 129, IBPOEW at the reg
ular meeting held Thursday, De
cember 5 at the Elk's Rest, 1215
Aldrich Av. N.
Mrs. Ida Mae Burrell, district
deputy grand daughter ruler con
ducted the election.
Others elected were Mmes. Alma
Grant, vice daughter ruler; Mary
Stewart, assistant daughter ruler;
Geraldine Evans, chaplain; Doris
Fields, escort; Willa Mae Wilson,
doorkeeper; EJthelyn Brawn, gate
keeper; Jacqueline Brown, record
ing secretary; Genevieve Jackson,
financial secretary; Lucille Wood
ard, treasurer; Lola Gatlin, chair
man of trustees and other trustees
are Minnie Hudley, Beverly Davis,
Minnie P. Taylor, Rose Miay Holly
and Zona Robinson.
Charles Snargrass,
Elected Master
Palestine No. 7
At the recent election of Pales
tine Lodge No. 7, F. & AM. held,
December 12 at the Masonic Lodge
Hall, 3832 Fourth Ar. S., Charles
J. Snargrass was sleeted worship
ful master to succeed George S.
Banks, Jr., who had served two
terms as master.
Others elected and appointed to
office (were, Richard E. Davis, sen
ior warden; Willie J. Allen, junior
warden; John I. Young, treasurer;
Edward L. Boyd, secretary; Robert
H. Johnson, senior deacon; Ken
neth Wilson, junior deacon; Alfred
F. Banham, senior steward; Willie
B. Hudley, junior steward; Wesly
J. Lyle, marshall; Russell E. Davis,
chaplain and William M. Lockhart,
William Lockhart,
Reelected Proxy,
Past Master's Council
The Past Master’s Council of
Prince Hall Masons, held the an
nual election of officers, Sunday,
December 15 at the Masonic Tem
ple, 3832 Fourth AV. S.
AU officers were returned to
their various positions; William
Lockhart, president; Lapercell
Greene, vice president; George S.
Banks, Sr., secretary; William
Sayles, treasurer; William Davis,
senior warden; E. D. Moore, junior
warden; Plouis Moore, junior dea
con; Norman Bell, senior deacon
and LaMar Roberts, tyier.
Other members present were:
Rufus Carson, J. R. Clemons, Eu
gene Lewis and Earl New.
William Sutherland,
Elected Master,
Perfect Ashlar
William C. Sutherlin was elected
Worshipful Mutter of Perfect Ash
lar Lodge No. 4, F. and A.M.
The election was held at the
Prince Hail Masonic Temple, 659
University Av., St. Paul.
John R. Lawrence past grand
master conducted the election of
LaperceUe P. Greene, past wor
thy master conducted the installa
tion of the officers.
Other officer* elected and ap
pointed were Robert P. Wilson,
senior warden, WURe D. Gray,
Junior warden, Ira M. Dorsey,
treasurer, Arbery Turner, Jr., re
cording secretary, James O. Bu
ford, financial secretary, Merrill
IXylor, senior stew aid, Chester A.
New, junior steward, Earl New,
sector deacon, O. C. Robert Drizrie,
chaplain, Fletcher Comely, junior
deacon and Clyde WttMams, tyier.
A Merry
Minneapolis Spokesman
St. Paul Recorder
Bradford Banner Oscar H. Newman
Curtis C. Chiver, Clara Pettiford
Ercell Chadwick Wilma Kandell
Arthur V. Hall Ronald Samuel,
Herbert Howell Marlene Shepherd
Gloria Haye, lame, Sloan
Louise Hughe, Earl Small,
Harriet Jone, Joan Tate
Barbara Kelley Louise Thoma,
John Krause Jacqueline Thompson
Verner Larson Percy Villa
Anna McGee Haiel Underwood
Earl McGee Jerry Webinger
Cedi E. Newman
Los Angeles (ANP) Builder
Don Wilson, who allegedly refused
to sell homes to Negroes in one of
his new housing tracts this year,
last week was restrained from
leasing a new home in his South
wood Riviera Royale tract.
A suit, filed last month by the
FEPC Commission enjoining him
from selling the home is the first
involving a ban on the sale of tract
Wilson and others are enjoined
from selling a $31,750 home sim
ilar to the home Lloyd D. Ransom,
Negro chemist, deposited SIOO on
last Sept. 5.
Shriner's Kiddy
Annual Xmas Party,
Saturday, Dec. 21
Fezzan Temple No. 26, Shriners
win hold the annual Christmas
Party for children ages four to
twelve on Saturday afternoon, De
cember 21 from 2 to 4 p.m.
Dean Bunn, noted magician will
entertain the children and well as
bags of goodies will be given out
by Santa. “
AM children of the above men
tioned ages are invited to the
Queen Esther Taylor,
Elected Daughter Ruler
Como Temple 128
Camo Temple 128 IB POE W, met
Thursday, December 12, at Gopher
Lodge Building and election offic
ers were held for the ensuing year.
Mrs. Mary Clemons, district
deputy presided at the election.
Officers elected were Queen
Esther Taylor, daughter ruler;
Hazel Davis, vice laughter ruler;
Olivia Anderson, assistant daught
er ruler; Edith Nash, chaplain;
Julia De La Rosa, escort; Kather
ine Harris, recording secretary;
Florence Gooden, financial secre
tary; Emaline White, treasurer;
Zotia Cook, gatekeeper; Evelyn
Perkins, doorkeeper and Ventress
Roberson, trustee. e
On Stuffing Turkey
Before stuffing your holiday tur
key, make sure it is thoroughly
clean. Wash the turkey in cold,
running water, making sure the
Inside is thoroughly rinsed. Next,
drain and pat off excess modsture,
both inside and out, with Kleenex
paper towels. Sprinkle inside light
ly with salt and the turkey is
ready for your favorite dressing.
Sgt. Oliver 0. Cooksey, retiring after 20 years in U.S. Army, receives an award of The Army
Commendation Medal, from Major General, Cheater A. Dahlen as his wife, Lillie and little
daughter look on at a ceremony held November 30.
Copt. Leroy Coleman,
Overcome By Smoke
At Scene Of Fire
St, Paul fire captain Leroy Cole
man, 356 Wheelock Parkway, St.
Paul, was treated at Ancker hos
pital for smoke inhalation, Tues
day, December 17 while on duty at
a fire located in an apartment
building at Robert and Isobel at
6 a m.
He was released from the hospi
tal around noon Tuesday but will
not return to work for a few days.
His condition is improving.
"She Didn't Believe."
Christmas Operetta
Sunday, Dec. 22nd
The first production by The
Children’s Little Theatre will be
held, Sunday, December 22 at Max
field School beginning at 4'pjn.
They win present a Christmas
Operetta ‘’She Didn’t BeMeve”, by
Catherine Allison Christie.
Jon Whitaker is the accompanist
and also director for this present
Denver (ANP) William Rob
ert O'Kelly, 23, knows what it’s
like to be a “forgotten” man for
almost 10 months. O’Kelly, escaped
from Nebraska prison on Dec. 4,
1962, was arrested on March 6
far attempting to exchange 64 $1
bills, partially burned during a
blow torch job on a stolen safe
and was held in Denver county
jail pending trial in Arapahoe dis
trict court, in Littleton.
In the meantime, he was due in
Denver District court to face
charges of burglarizing the Public
Merchandise Mart on Feb. 27.
At the scheduled arraignmnet,
April 5, in the Denyer court,
O’Kelly failed to show up and the
case was continued “until defend
ant is apprehended.” He would
have still been on the "wanted”
list had he not complained to a
The guard told the court clerk,
who notified the judge. But O'Kelly
is Still in jail awaiting arraign
ment, because the judge has ord
ered an investigation to determine
how the prisoner got “lost” in jail.
Dr. S. B. Beugen wishes to an
nounce the opening of a dental
office at 1104 Hennepin. Phone
385-3525, KE. 3-8400.—Advt.
TA. 7-4022
Hallie Q. Brown
Board Praises
House Leadership
The Board of Directors of Hallie
Q. Brown House passed a resolu
tion at its December 11th meeting
commending the president, Mrs.
William L. West and the executive
director, Mrs. Alice S. Onque’ for
outstanding leadership during 1963
This action followed the "Report
In Retrospect 1963” which out
lined the progress made in all areas
of program. Highlights of the year
1. Organization of a band 30
members are enrolled and more
waiting to join.
2. Nursery School
sters ages three to five years of
age are enrolled with a waiting list
of 28. New playground equipment
has been installed.
3. Camp A highly successful
interracial camp In cooperation
with Merrick Community Center
104 campers were from Hallie Q.
Brown House. "Fun In The Sun"
Day Camp at Square Lake gave
six weeks of outdoor fun to 99
4. Teen-Age program Over
300 teen agers were enrolled in
program during the year. Dances
athletics, square dancing and num
erous projects were held In 1963
five evenings per week. Some teen
camping occurred on week ends.
The new Youth Director, Mr. Em
mett DeCam ball za joined the staff
in November and is busy organiz
ing new program for this age
5. Junior Program Miss Betty
Ekrem, Junior Director, reports
the largest enrollment ever in the
age group six through 13 years.
Mrs. Dorothea Burns is leader of
the "Small Fry” (ages five through
seven years).
6. AdUlt Program includes the
Camera Club, Retired Men's Chib
Senior Citizens, Chess and Bridge
Club, Slimnasttcs and other groups.
OUtings, trips, picnics, dinners and
holiday affairs were held during
the past year. Square Dancing is
a Saturday night affair and is to
include the whole family.
7. Game Room activities serve
all age groups.
Hal Me Q. Brow* Is open from 7
a.m. to 10 p.m. regularly and on
special occasions Is open until 11
or 12 p.m.
The Board of Directors also
charged the Program Committee
to study the question of week end
programming. Richard Bancroft
Jr., is chairman of this committee.
Queen Of Snows
To Greet Annual
Christmas Party
Roberta Ann Anibas, Queen of
Snows of the St. Piaui Winter
Camivtal, and Mtss Audrey Meyer,
Princess Kay of the Milky Way,
will be in attendance when the
Limited Ten Club entertains over
1,000 children at their 12th annua)
Christmas Party, to be held on
Monday, December 23, in the audi
torium of Maxfield School, Victor
ia at St. Anthony Av., at 1 p.m.
Arrangements Committee head
ed by Hyland Stokes, and EJarlyn
Bell, have planned a full program
of entertainment for the children.
Santa Claus assisted by his little
elf helper will give a bag of goodies
to each child.
Other members of the Christmas
Party Committee are Charles W.
Bradley, Raymond Bledsoe, and
Paul Thomason.
Katie McWatt Speaks For Group:
Committee Urges Saint
Paul City Council To
Enact Housing Law
Katie McWatt, chairman of the St. Paul Minority Group
Housing Committee, appeared before the St. Paul City Council
Tuesday morning, December 17, to present housing recommend
ations to Mayor George Vavoulis and the City Council of St
The committee recommended that the city of St. Paul pass
patterned after the state law but
with none of its exceptions
The municipal open occupancy
ordinance suggested also includes
an injunctive clause that restrains
an owner or agent from renting
or selling property once probable
cause for discrimination has been
a strong fair housing ordinance
Blues Singer
Dinah Washington's
Death Puzzling
Authorities are still checking
into the mysterious death of Dinah
Washington, famed blues singer
early last Saturday morning in
her Detroit home.
Miss Washington was found un
concious by her new husband, Dick
'Night Train" Lane, a star half-
back on the Detroit Lions Profes
sional football team.
Lane discovered Dinah after he
was awakened by the buzzing of
a television set in their bedroom
about 3:45 a.m.
Funeral services were held Tues
day, Dec. 17 in Detroit.
Among Miss Washington's sur
vivors are two sons by previous
marriages, George Jenkins, 18, and
Robert Grayson, 15.
Both boys are attending a pre
paratory school in Boston and had
just returned home the preceding
Friday nigfct. , c
FiaUce beMeree the singer may
have taken an overdose of a seda
tive. A bottle of unmarked pills
was found beside the bed.
The bottle containing the pills
was a prescription from a West
Coast druggist—probably obtained
on a recent West Coast tour.
Plouis Moore Elected
Master, Anchor Hilyard
For Second Term
Plouis Moore was elected wor
shipful master of Anchor Hilyard
Lodge No. 2 F. and A.M. Prince
Hall Masons, at the regular stated
meeting Tuesday, December 3 at
the Prince Hall Masonic Temple,
3832 Fourth Av. S., Minneapolis,
Chaim er L. Lawson, Grand Mas
ter, Minnesota Jurisdiction, con
ducted the election and Installation
of officers.
Others elected and appointed
were: Jack PoSten, senior warden;
Wayne Cockrell, junior warden;
William Davis, secretary; Wallace
Partee, treasurer; Harry Neal, ty
ler; La V eme Richardson, junior
deacon; LaMar Roberts, senior
deacon; Rev. E. G. Harris, chap
lain; Louie R. Perkins, senior
steward; Herbert Foster, junior
steward and George Sudduth, mar
The Pride Of The West Chapter
No. 0 held election of officers
Tuesday. Dec. 10, ait the Masonic
Temple. New officers are: Worthy
Matron; Mrs. Jeanette Howard;
Worthy Patron, James A. Kenny;
Associate Matron, Mrs. Jimmie
Lee Sudduth; Conductress, Mrs.
Bthelene Brown; Associate Con
ductress, Mrs. Verlean Warren;
Treasurer, Mrs. Alma Kenny; Sec
retary, Mrs Clara Mae Davis.
Jesse Taliaferro, 489 Fuller Av.,
a former resident of Chicago is 21
years of age. He is a professional
drummer and piano tuner. Legally
he is blind.
Jesse received his training as a
piano tuner in St. Paul and Is
desirous of employment. He is a
member of the musician's union
and is available for playing en
If your piano needs tuning or U
you have a musical engagement
that needs a drummer eaU CA. 7-
This Is the Happy Morn
This is the month, and this the happy
\ Wherein the Son of Heaven’s eternal
\ Of wedded maid and virgin mother
great redemption from above did
For go the holy sages once did sing.
That He our deadly forfeit should release,
And with His Father work us a per
petual peace.—Milton.
Mrs. McWatt says that this
clause is important since often
during conciliation the property
under question will be rented or
sold and then not available for the
No exceptions were written into
the proposed ordinance because
"To exempt any property for free
access by minority group people
seems fraudulent to our commit
tee” Mrs. McWatt stated.
Included in the oommittee’s re
commendations was one asking
the Mayor to instruct the St. Paul
Corporation Counsel to request the
Real Estate Section of the Office
of Securities of the State of Min
nesota to take disciplinary action
against local real estate agents
who are found to be discrimina
tory. ,
The committee's report also
asked that the Mayor and Council
strive to upgrade and rehabilitate
all deteriorating neighborhoods
throughout the city and endeavor
to increase the supply and im
prove the quality of housing avail
able to low and middle income
The report stated that it m the
intention of the committee to
only recommend the enactment J
a municipal fair housing law as
the earliest possible date but to*
further investigate these two '
areas. " ' ' ' f
Administration under the sug
gested ordinance would be by a
St Paul Civil Rights Commis
sion which would fulfill the
duties of the present Fair Em
ployment Practices Commission
and the new housing responsib
Following Mrs. McWatt’s pre
sentation, Mayor Vavoulis suggest
ed that the Council call on the
FEP Commission for an evaluation
of the proposed ordinance and also
that the FEP Commission auk
Corporation Counsel Donald Lais
for an opinion on the ordinance.
Seth Phillips, FEPC director
Indicated following the meeting
that this could be aecoinplisbed
A full Council chamber indicated
a high degree of citizen interest in
the work of the Minority Group
Housing Committee. This commit
tee was appointed by Mayor Vav
oulis in May and has been meeting
regularly since
Tuesday’s rec
the result of three open hearings
held by the group as well as other
Investigation of minority housing
problems in St. Paid.
Members of the St. Paul Min
ority Group Housing Committee
are Mrs. Katie McWatt, chairman;
Thomas Delaney, vice chairman;
Mrs. Eugene Farley, secretary;
James Tucker, James Reeves, The
Rev. E. S. Richards, Richardson
B. Okie, Kenneth Griswold, Jerome
Lewis, Mrs. Harold Feder, Mrs
Joseph Richardson. Joe Zamarripa
Rev. H. C. Bradshaw and James
Monday Nite League
Northside Cieanera 46% 10%
Joanna's Beauty Shop 33% 22%
Lo Vie's Beauty Shop 29% 26%
Rybak Drug 29 27
Glenwood Barber Shop 27 29
Naclrema 26% 29%
Team No. 2 20% 35%
Brigham Grocery 12% 43%
High Individual Game: Loretta
Moore, 570; Berreta Munn, 509 and
Muriel Gardner, 505.
High Individual 3 Game Series:
Berreta Munn, 194; Loretta Moore,
193 and Muriel Gardner, 190.
High Team Seriea: NnrttaMe
Cleaners , 2304; Lorie's Beputy
Shop, 2321 and Joanna's Beauty
Shop, 2202.
High Team Game: NorOwMe
Cleaners, 806; Joanna’s Bawdy
Shop, 766 and Lorie's Beauty Sbqp
ions w>er<;

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