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Specially Reported for the Daily Globe
J-...1. i .i.
licniovnlof Ilttsinvss Office.
The Minneapolis business ofiico of the GLOBE
has been remoced toGale Co.'s insurance and
real estate -oJBce, corner of- Nicollet and Wash
ington avenues.
""Westminister church is being repaired.
Open air concert, to-morrow evening, oa. the
oast side.
The inferior of the market house is being
decorated. _. ^.JMT V.-'
^Yhcat market steady at $1.10 for Ho. 1, and
^.07 for No. 2.
Oglcsby's Troubadours, at the Academy of
Mosic this evening.
Tho O'Ericn-Jarrett cow case, comes up for
its third hearing to-day
Thirty-otic car loads of lumber were sent out
of Minneapolis yesterday.
Twenty thousand bushels of wheat were re
ceived at Minneapolis yesterday.
Three thousand eight hundred and twenty
barrels of flour were shipped yesterday.
Margaret Brady has brought suit for'divorce
against Hardin Brady, on the groundof adul
The police force have made/theST regular
monthly change. The day force now do night
duty, and vice vena. :'f'"''- i*'~--
Tho water in tho river at--this pointy is still
on tho decline, and tho guage indicates only six
e and two inches.
The real estate transfers recorded during the
past week aggregate 42,670not suoh a bad
tshov/injr for dull times.
Th regular monthly meeting of the' Sister
hood of Bethany will be held at the residence
$T B. Walker at balf-pa9Hwo o'clock-to-day.
While some repair.-, were going''On' in the en
gine room of the Nocollot house yesterday, the
boiler dropped down and out, so to speak. An
old sower "that had been covered iip and forgot
ten was the cause. It was a lively place for
some time after the discovery.
In the municipal court yesterday business
was dull. James Lahey, charged with, having
stolen a bond, was discharged. Frank Loblin,
charged with maintaining a nuisance In the
t-hape of depositing filthy water and ashes upon
ground in the city limits, came up for trial.
Tho case was continued till this morning. H.
1/. Manson, charged with using indecent lan
guage, was brought up, but the case was dis
Tho East Minneapolis bra 3 band have nearly
completed a handsome grand stand for their
accommodation, while giving their series of
jpe air concerts this summer. The stand is
orcoted on an elevated piece of ground on the
the Central school house grounds. It is of
amplo proportions, and constructed so as to
combino tho two most important qualities,
beauty and utility. It is to bo painted in good
tasto, and tho roof surmounted by a flag staff,
from which will float tho stars and stripes. On
to-morrow evening they give tho second con
cert in the series, and will bo euro to attract a
largo attendances, despite counter attractions,
To-morrow evening Brother Gala will intro
duce one of his old-time dime promenade con
certs. All but 1,000 of the chairs are to be
taken out leaving room for those who wish to
indulge in a "walk around." A stand for the
musicians is to bp erected in the center of the
hall. Weinberg's orchestra will furnish the in
strumental music. Then Miss Julia Bergfield,
eopra.no of tbe Baptist church, St. Paul, will
furnish some vocal selections, and a popular
lady reader will appear. Tho hall will ba
packed to its utmost capacity. Mr. Gale pro
poses to introduce these promenade concerts
quite often if the public show their apprecia
The Jjiquor License Question as Treated by
the Mayor, and IIis Reasons for Vetoing
the Same.
At tho meeting of the common connoil on
Wednesday evening, Mayor A. 0. Rand sent in.
his maiden veto, returning the license ordinance
without his approval, as stated in the' GLOBE'S
report yesterday' morning.
Many of the citizens, and all saloon keepers
3'esterday were discussing the question and de
siring further information on the snbject.
He first protested against that por
tion of the sec-tion concerning the
mode of obtaining licenses. Tho sum
of 810G, he. thought, was not all the
'innltticatione necessary in the exercise of this
privilege, and goes on to state that "the indis
oilminute-granting of licenses for the sale of
intoxicating drinks, ia one of the principal
causes of disorderly conduct, and many of the
evils so justly attributed to the excessive use
of intoxicating beverages. I would recom
mend that no licenses be granted for the sale
ol intoxicating liquors to any oue.without first
having been recommended by a majority of
tho committee on licenses."
Ho stated further, that section seven in the
amended ordinance, is inoperative, by reason
of its. conflict with the State law, approved
Maroh 7, lb78, wherein hotels are excepted
from tho requirements of that portion of the
ordinance providing for the closing of their
places of business at 11 o'clock at night. As
-municipal ordinances are subordinate to' State
.lav/s, I would recommend that this section be
so amended as not to create confusion lis its
construction, or enforcement.
In section three of the State law aforesaid,
ItprovictcB that all justices of the peace of
ibis State shall have jurisdiction to enforce the
pC-ovisiona of thi3 act, and such justices shall,
inadditioa to tho foregoing penalty, revoke the
licenses of any person offending.
Iivsection 4 of your amended ordinance, yon
provide that if the conviction be for a.second
or other than a first violation of this ordinance,
the court shall adjudge that the license held by
tho person so convicted is forfeited.
This, you will observe, is not in conformity
with the S*ato law, and if in your opinion you
regard it as important to confirm by an ordi
nance a law that is so explicit in ~lts towns as
this section (8) referred to, it will simply be an
act of legislation, neither weakening, strength
ening, or making more clear the. act of the
Stato Legislature. I would therefore recom
mend that section 4 in your amended ordinance
be stricken out.
The ordinance was so amended that section 4
was stricken out as the mayor desired, and that
portion of section 7 relating to the time of
losing saloons amended as desired'.
r. .If. Cyl.fjw^ ':K
The general secretary Y. M.'G. A. summar
izes the work for April thus .zn
Number of religious services held in the
rooms 42
Number of religious services held but of the
looms 50
Committee meetings 2
Official board meetings..: 1
Average attendance at daily prayer meetings 12
Average attendance at teachers' meetings... 35
Average attendance at Gospel meetings.... .150
Average attendance at temperance meetings. 500
Average attendance at toko Fellows's meet
ings 20
Average attendance at reading room.. 125
Situations obtained, 16
Number reached at the rooms during the'
month 5,098
An Old Time Itunaway.
The regular daily runaway in Minneapolis
occurred in tho East Division yesterday fore
noon. The team of horses.belonged to a gen
tleman named. John Richards. The team were
a pair of young colts attached to a light buck*
board, andbecame frightened at a train of cars
jm tho St. Paul & Pacific railroad. The colts
took tho bits in their teeth and started up the
avenue as though they wcro old veterans at the
business, and they succeeded in producing one
of the old time runaways. After traveling
five or six blocks they suddenly
tamed a corner and overturning the vehicle,
Mr. Hiohards. was thrown ont, sustaining a
Revere fracture of tho left shoulder, blade.
Tho team shortly after collided with the car
riage of a Mr. Lahey, wrenching off a hind
wheel, and spilling Mr. L. out, but fortunately
not injuring him. A few blocks further up the
road they, turned down a side street heading
for the prairie. After traveling at a terrific
rate of speed for a quarter of a mile, they
turned and brought up against a tree but did
not stop in their progress. One horse went on
-ac side of the tree like a flash, and the result
was interesting to spectators. The harness by
9: 30 A
10:15 11:15
11:46 13:30
1:00 2:12
o&and tbo,fenck
bbard redttcedtb a total wreck When last
seen each bad taken a different toad and were
traveling at a rate of speed that does not give
greatpromise of a very speedy capture and re
turn to the owner.
What Mayor Hand and 'Chief of Police
Jlungcr Have to Say About It.
The following from the mayor and chief of
police is quite important at the present season
of theycar.
MnwEATous, April 2JHh, 1878.
A. 8. Munger, Ohief of Police.
DEAE Sra:Referrin'g to an ordinance of the
city "establishing a city market," yon will ob
eervo the time is at hand when: Sec. 18 of said
ordinance, in regard to hawking or peddling
vegetables upon the streets, should beenforced.
Yon will therefore please notify all parties con
cerned that they should observe its provisions.
A.:C. RASD, Mayor.
Sec. 18. No person shall hawk, peddle, or
vend vegetables or small fruits in the city of
Minneapolis, or upon or along the public
streets or highways, from vegetable wagons^or
carts, prior to 10 o'clock in the morning, ex
cept at the market placo or-inarjtefc irlssaid
city Provided, That betweenIhe 15th of Oc
tober and the ISth of June, no vegetables or
fruits shall be sold upon or along the public
streets of said city, but only on said market
Sec. 34. Any person who shall, in any par
ticular, violate any provision of this ordinance,
shall, on conviction thereof before the munici
pal court, befinedin any sum not exceeding
one hundred dollars, for every such offence,
and shall be imprisoned until such fine and
the cost of prosecution are paid,- bat not ex
ceeding thirty days.
In accordance with the above, notice, and in
pursuance of the provisions of the foregoing
ordinance, all persons concerned are hereby no
tified that it. will be strictly enforced on and
after this date.
~:'J":~- ''y''
Chief of Police.
MryyeAf0i.r8, April 29, 1878.
'-."TheGay Troubadours.?'Z'i-~"'
This evening Dick Ogiesby and his.: jolly
troubadours will appear at the Academy of
Music forthe first time. The company come
well spoken of, and will doubtless draw a fulL
house. Dick Ogiesby is a comedian who has
few equals in his line, and will keep the house:
in good humor. The bell ringers, songs,
sketches, and Other features of the entertain
ment will pjove of interest and serve to- enter-
tain our amnscment loving people in a manner
that will receive their hearty encomiums.
Siigaestlon to St. Paul.
[AustinRegister.] ,vi T^,
The 8t. Paul papers make more fuss over
tho Fort Snelling bridge,as they call it, than
there is any necessity for. If they want a
bridge so badly, why don't trtey build it?
They have our consent. Si. Paul can't
bridge trade away from Minneapolis If peo
ple want shingles they are going where they
can find them, bridge or no bridge. Why
don't St. Paul go up above Minneapolis
somewhere, say Anoka, and dig a canal and
turn the river away from that little shingle
camp of Minneapolis and let the waters of
the old Mississippi roll ever Dayton's bluff
and have a rparing -Niagara of their own.
and then there would be no nead of the Fort
Snelling bridge or newspaper wars between
the two cities.
Money and Stoc'-.s,
b'.i Xsw YORK, May
(Sold, steady, 100?$. Carryinsr rates 1 to a per
Governments generally steady. i:
Railroad boncjs 6teady and liigUcr. f'-
State securities duU. _i__^_ _ -'^'"p-
The recent statement of (hs i:ureau of statistic!
shows an excess ofexports or?r imports tot the lagt
nine months of the official year, of $208,600,00.
Stocks dull end strong, with au advance of i io -,v
and 1%. The leading featuresTV:jt-irs ir. t'.is.upward
ment werelLaKe Shore a7u.t
TJalou,move- t'l:
Granger shares, Delaware. i,ickawanuo
Western, and Michigan,Central an.i T^rabush, at the
close, the highestprioasof tha li/wir cirr wi
The net earnings of the Chicago Ji R^e\ I ilyi rail
road company for the fiscal year, .end-ng ....June,
partly estimated, are -unaerstoxV-J be., equal to
S2,800,0)0, or 10iill per cent, upon'stock." Korth
Western Stocks loaned to day for l-\&5 i-'i of fe
cent., for use.
.The transactions aggregated 08,000 sharesi i
which 33,000 were I*ake Shore, 8^000 Wabash, 2,400
Northwestern, 6,000 St. Paul common, 1,300 St. Paul
preferredj 11,000Lackawanna, 1.500 Michigan Ceai
tral, 9,000 Westrn Union and 1,700 Pacific Mail.
Foreign Money Market.
LONDON, May 2~5 P. X,
9418-16 Account 95 15-15
jErie VM
.......109- iErie pfd 'd'V%
107?iiUUingis Cent 77tJ
lOSMjPenn, Csnt 2'ji/
Hew 454 coupons 104#,
5-20S,'65.. 5-208,'67.. 10-408 New Be
BENTE&t-108f 4Sc.
9:30 A.ai.
10:45 11:15 11:45
Markets In Detail.
The following quotations giving the range cf the
markets during the day were received by
LXVEBPSOI, May 210:09 A.
Wheat dull.
Floating cargoes quiet.
Cargoes on passage, slow.
Cargoes off eoastj spring wheat 3d lower.
Spring wheat, prompt shipment, 6d lower.
Imports for the week, 220,000 Quarters.
On passage, 1,014,000 quarters.".
LtVEBPOOli, J!ay 210:30 A. M.
Market steady and quiet and little doing.
LlVBEPOOL,'Mw. a, 1 J.JJ,
Steady, with a moderate demand.
N EW TOBK, May 2,3 A. M.
Wheat weaker/fairly active.
May, $1.23V bid June 1.2114 bid.
No. 2 spot sold at $1.24.
Wieat dull and lower Chicago $1.244 Mllwaukse
$1.26yg, nominal.
N EW YOBK, May 28 r.
Wheat easier but saleable Chicago $1.24^4 Mil
waukee [email protected] Opttons duil. Mav ftrrn,
1.2314 bid June 1.20 July 1.19.
WHEATS c,-:'^:
1.09J4 1.0914
June.' 1.10?|
1.10?g 1.105 l-.lQS 1.10?4 l.lQ 14J4
1.103KC14 1.1014^iH l.WK 1,103
9:30 .A. M. 1,11
10:15 10:30 10:43 11:00
11:30 11:45 12:00 M.
12:15" 12:30 12:45
1:00 2:1 2"
2:35 2:45 3:00 8.15 3:30
1 11
1,11 1.1116
una 1.09%
i.iils 1.10
1.09 1.09S'
[email protected] r.i0V4
111H 111
1 Ills
1 11
1.10 1.097* l'JOKS
11014 1.101s
Wheat receipts In
shipments 109,312.
& -1.07
1.07g 1.08
Milwaukee 124,660u
44% 34^? 41M"
[email protected]!4 Ills
Jul i
42b 42i8?
Vegetablo and Provision Market.
S T. PAUX,, May It
A very fine display of vegetables sad berries was
made at the.CliX-Marfcflt-to-day.
VKGrT4Birr-Tomatophnto20c perdps., rhntafd
12J^c per dozenbundles, spring onions ICo perdoz.,
lettuce 40c perdoz., turnips 25c per bus., potatoes
30cper bushel, 'radish 25c per doz., herbs 2c p'cr
bunch, parsnips (scarce), 75cper bushel, cabbagge
plants lOe per dos., asparagus 1340c perdoz.
FamxPine appkss,_2*273c Strawberries, 25c
per quart. .Apples.75o"per peck.
FanPickerel and common fish So white fish
and trout 10c.
QUICKENSScarce, at 15c. -*1-'
EGGS-1014o. -~J ".c
.-jrj-.-*jwI-i -ri
i~? St. Paul Produce Market, Slayl.
WHEATBoceipts fair. At the lower town mills
$1-10 was given, while on Third street and at the
elevator the price was $1 08.
J?LOCa-riniet patentprqeess [email protected] straight
XXXX [email protected] unknown brands 4.7.3
XXX $3.5004.00 XX [email protected] Eyeflour,no
demand at ^[email protected] Buckwheat flour,, no
demand at $5.00 per bbl.
.COBNQuiet from incoming trains [email protected] out
going ii bulk free on cars 3940c.
OATSFair demand at [email protected]*c to tHe dcalears 28
(329c to sell in bulk free of elevator In small lots
[email protected]
BASZ.EYQuiet Xo. 1, [email protected] ^o.
Ko. 3, 4555c.
BEANSNominal at $1.25 for common .hand
picked medium [email protected] navy [email protected]
iQBOxnro FEEDFirm at [email protected] in bulk
from the mills [email protected] to the consumer. Bran,
$9.60 in small lots $10.00^11.00.
COBNMEAI,Dull bolted per 100 fts., $1.25.
BOTTERChoice prime for table use ia good de
at [email protected] extra, well known brands, [email protected]
Inferior grades 5o and no demand.
.SMOKED MEATSHams, [email protected]'487c shoulders,
46c sides, [email protected]
EGO S- Supply large 8c to sell.
MESS POBK$9JK)@10.00, .J
HATWild [email protected] ,tame, [email protected]
Baled wild $10.00(^11.00 per ton retail 00c per cwt.
SESDSTimothy, $l 45^1^0 red top," $1.00
millet, [email protected] 50 .clover, $5.00i?t5.5Q white
clover, 450 pier central long gras., $3.00 long
grass, $2.60 Kentucky blue, $l^ib seed corn, $1.50
for while dent, $2.00 for yellow flint early Minneso
ta sweet, $3.00 potatoes, fancy lands, [email protected],2 00
.rotabagas, 40o per B)
Lrvis STOCKA 4uiel day at the stock jards no
arrivals, small lot of fat oxen (one weighing
2,510 Bb. sold at 4J4c. A mixed lot of steers at
[email protected] The following quotations show the e_i-
actst^feof the market: Good -choice steers, 4'/4(gj.
i%ez biiifchers' steers and heifers, [email protected] fat oxen
and cows, [email protected] ordinary [email protected] working exc-n,
*c. Muttcn, the fleece, 5%6c shorn, 4V*
42c. Veal calves, 6c.
Received by the "Globe" During Yesterday.
[Special Telegrams to the Qlobe.]
CHICAGO, May 29:30 A. M.Liverpool dull. Car
goes slow.-Cargoes six pencelower, and quiet, but
nrmlyheld. Concessions necessary to effect sales.
Baining hard here.
CmoAoo,.May212:30 r.M.Heavy rain holding
roarkets. Late cables of discouraging tenor aaa
Sfsw Torkweak.
_,zu lAssoaatecirrese Jfarkefs.l
r~~ ^lilivaiiltee Produco Market.
MiLWiiniEE, }$ay 2.
FLOUEr-Qiiiet and unchanged.
GRAINWheat, onened weak and %c lower, end
_, nominal at
41c new 38c. Oats, steady and in fair demand Kc.
2, 26i4. Bye, staady: No. 1,60c. Barley, quiet
No. 58V Mav [email protected]
PBQVISIONSA shade firmer but not quotablv
higher mess pork, $8.50^ Lard, prime steam, 6.87.
EBEIGHTyLess arm wheat to Buffalo,314c/
11ECE1PTB7,291 bbis flour, 121,660 bus wheat.
SII1PMEJTT810,135 bbls flour, 109,312 bus wh-jat.
Chicago Produce Market.
FLOUR-Pull and unchanged,
.r.GRAINW.fcqat,.t'airly active and a shade liighei
but irregular No. 1 Chicago$1.13 No. 2"ChicAgo
1.13cash^ 1.12%^U..123^May 1.10'/41.10J4 June
No. 8 Chicago 1.06^1.07. Com, fairly active anda
shade higher 40c cash 414 June 42Jic Jiu\
rejected 37? j,c. Oi^ts, quiet but steady at 26^ cash
26n(g,26li, June rejected 24c. -Bye. steady and
"unchanged- at 60c. Barley, firmer at [email protected]!c.
PROVISIONSPorkr demand fair, aid prices
higher at $9,60 cash 8.7214 June 8.8714*} 9'i
Jiflx. Lard, strong and higher at $6.95 cash 7.00
7.U2'4 June 7.07147.10 July. Bulk meats, steady
and in ftar demand at.$3.75,[email protected] 87^.
ALCOHOLFirmer at 3214c bid 33c asked
V.'ETSKYSteady and unchanged at $1 04.-
FEElttHTS-iCern to Buffalo, 3o-
3iCIPT810,000 barrels flour, ll^OOO bus'iels
wheat 199,000 bushels corn, 69,000 bushels oate,
1,600 bushels rye, 10,000 bushels barley.
8H1PMENT89,500 barrels flour, 13,800 bue'iels
wheat, 132,00'} bushels corn, 132,000 buehels at-
26,000 bushels barley.
GBAINWheat, dull, weak and lower tit $1 li 1
May 1.1014 June. Cirn, easier, declining lie. Oit-,
steady and unchanged
PROVISIONS-Pcrk, firmer at $8.6214May 5 8.771',
June 8.92" July. Lard, easier but not quotiblv
Chicago Live Stock Market. Caic .GO May
HOGS*-Tha Drovers' Journal reports hog recesD^s
11,000 head shipments 4,600 head. Steady and iiv
change choice heavy, $3.153.BO hght, 3.15^3.25
mixed rough [email protected]
CATTLEReceipts 4,090'head: shipments 3,400
iie'id firm heavy fat steers, a shade higher at $1.10
(5.35 etockers and steady at 3 O0(Sj,i 25
42J4 42"-i^
9:30 A.
10:15 10:45
11:15 11:45 12:39
1:00 8H 3:30
.0214 '*f
[email protected]
unchanged,feeders, steers 8.20^4.10 CO* au
haifei-ft, 3.90(4.05 bulls and stags, [email protected]
8HEEPEeceipts 1,300 head shipments 5X5h JV1.
Quiet ind wesk sales at [email protected]
St. Louis Produce Market.
Sr. Locia, May 2.
FLOTJBEasier but not quotablv lowar.
GBAINWheat, No. 3 red fall. $1.16'4g,l.l-
cash: 1.1676 May 1.16%1.1714 June No. 4 do
-1.08O1.08V4. Corn, higher at 27c active at 3816'$
38c cash 40H40&e June 41^(S42 July. Oats,
dull and lower No. 2, 26c bid cash sales at SG^e
May, Bye, steady at 6063}4c. Barley, dull and
lower at. 45(%5Se.
PROVISIONSPork, firmer jobbing$8 9033.00.
Lard dull $6.75asked. Bulk meats, ouict looee
cribs $4.60. Bacon, firmer, cribs 5.20 clear 5.37''..
New York Produce Market.
NEW YOEK, May 2.
COTTONDull at 10 11-16^10 13-16c futures
FLOTJBReceipts 9,000 barrels No. 2 $3 00^
3.75 super State and western 4.254.60 common to
good [email protected] good to choice [email protected] white
wheat e*tra 5.9tKg)6.S0 fancy, 6.6ag 7.75 extra Ohio,
4.90C&6.73 St. Louis, 4.907.75 Minnesota pitcut
6 758.25. Bye flour, duUat $3.253.75. Co'u
meal, $2.402.66.
GBAINWheat. moderatbusiness receipts 349,-
000 bushels No. 3 spring$1.19 No. 2 Chicago and
No. [email protected] .No. 2Milwaukee 1 15a
12614 No.l spring [email protected] No. 2 Norihwestcrn
1 251.25&. Bye, qiUet western [email protected] Barly,
dull. Malt, duU and nominal. Corn, easier re
ceipts 91.000 bus western mixed [email protected] hi^h
mixed 5414c steam 6414c No. 2,* [email protected] Oats,
heavy [email protected] white 36'4c.
HAYDuU. HOPSDuU. GROCERIESCoffee, quiet. Sugar, quiet fau
to good refining 7%c prime 714c refiued Q\i
Molasses, Bteady. Rice, firm
ROSINUnchanged TUBPENTINE- Unchanged,
PRODUCEEggs, firmer western lie Butter,
heavy western ll(&22c. Oheese, 8ig12c.
PROVISIONSMess potk, $9.510.1214 Beef,
quiet. Cut meats, western long clear middle*, 3c.
.Lard, [email protected]!4.
sa Foreign Produce Market.
LONPOU, May 2.
PETROLEUMRefined. 9s Cd.
TUBPERTINE-Splrits, 23s Od.
AjCtw^sp, Mar
[email protected]!46 sales 7,000 bales speculation
and export, LOOO: American, 5,000.
GRAINWheat, California white-Wheat, average,
Us 0d club, lis 8d12s 4d red western Bvriug.
No. 2, 10s [email protected] winter do, [email protected] d.
Corn, new western 27s old do, 27s. 3d27s 9d Oats,
American, 3s2d. Barley, do js 8d.-
FLOURWestern canal, 27s.
PEASCanadian, 36s.
PROVISIONSPork, 46s6d. Beef/ 80s. Lard,
%s 6d. Oheese, 64s. Bacon, long clear, 26s 3d:
short, 27s 3d. -I ,v _n
TALLOWFine, 88s 6d. J' t,*'%)- i
PETROLEUMSpirits 7s refined Os 9d.V '?i
LIN8EED OIL27s 8d. .%J
ROSINCommon 5B3d pale 12s, "*\"r
Sew York Dry Goods Market.
The dry goods business is quiet with commission
houses, but heavy woolens are In better demand by
the clothingtrade. Brown sheetings are unsettled,
but colored cottons fairly Bteady. Prints are in
irregular demand, with a most relative activity in
dress styles, .and low priced shirting*, white and
printed figures, lobbing at low -prices.- Foreign
7:[email protected]*
7.00 7.0 6* "-^'r
[email protected]) 7.0714
goods quiet,
f' S
OFFICE or THE Czrz Tsztamtx, zL 1
v^. St. PArt, MrssMOTA, May l, 1878.
All persons interested in the acessments for
NOV. 15, 1877. A-^i^zud '.'J."
In front of the fpllowing deecribed property,
j:"^iWarren & Window's Addition.
Elizabeth Gottshammer, 2
Alice PCairncross, w,^ oi
nw of 3
A Merritt, e^fof-nwJi of 3
James Donaldson, and
ofej^of 3
John Eteaney, und
Mencel Frank,'*
Mary Haggerty,
Same, Geo A Bncklin,
Fdward Cohalen,
Elizabeth Moore,
Fort street,
Wilhelm Yoheka,
A Renz,
Same, John Mitz,
S18 86 ChaaG Pattys, 2 11
Henry Hale, south of Collins
street, T7-'TT'l. 1 11 17 39
''''-''^'i-y' {nine's Out Lots.
e24 02
12 01
12 01
Kof 3
Chas Dittman, and of
41J^ feet at vVAH wet of 5
Sarah Jhapin und of
41# feet of 101M feet of 5
A Grushus, west 82 feet of
101K feet of 5
Webber, 41J feet of
41^ feet of 101K feet of 5
Wltiineu & SaUm Add.-
12 01
12 01
6 47
6 47
25 90
12 96
Lathrop Reed,
Geo W Kennedv
5 a
7 9
?8 59
19 51
Hies t Irene's
Geo Gruber, except7th
street, of
WaiLGies, eastj^ of
Richard Slater, ej^ os'ly J^
Thoinas ORobiheon, of
'-i -3
9 97
11 08
11 08
11 08
9 60 Jacob Hammer, 26 feet,
Louis Fisher, part of 7th
street, and o&a 26 feet
Thomas Grace,
Horace Bigelow,
Same, ~-*10
Ewing& Ghute'sSubdivisionof Lots 4 and
5, Blo& 2, Lecctis Addition. 6 7 9
Heirs and Dev. of Geo W
Swing, deceased, north of
Fort street.
Same, of Fort street,
Foter Herat, of Fort- street,"
Franklin Bmith, of Fort st
Carkeet & Smith,
of Fort street, 6
Franz Rnzicka, of Fort st, 7
Mary A W Mann, of Fort st, 6
John Horeisoh,-e^ of Fort st 7
Same, und of wj^ of Fort
Joseph Horeisoh, und \yvi^7
of Fortstreet, *t 7
Julia CJowlcy, 57 feet rl of
Fort street, 1
Augustus ttains, of Fort si, 14
Same, Same. Same,
12 93
56 00
50 47
22 91
3 S Oh:
81 14
13 51
13 61
13 61
827 02
1 42
28 58
13 33
8 13
8 13
8 07
12 SU
26 64
26 64
28 58
18 12
WttieUe8 Addilum.
ffi 1
6 6 6
ol Fort st,
do do
eKnof Fort
0 S82 49
4 84
23 77
37 45
3 7 6 69
vr}K of
8 4
2 3
20 76
88 19
3 05
83 84
83 48
82 55
of Fort st
U'lickifs Subdivision of Block 10 Winslov's
Martin & S Morton,
nnd.)^ each of Fort street, 6
$9 27
.'"1,51. Winsloiti'8 Addition,
Li 9
Brewster, of Fort st, 9
W Gilbert, of Fort st, 8
9 41 79
11 86
fitted Initie'j Addition.
Peter Berker, U.^-
Same, -i
Conrai Schmidt, *Iy ^0 'It
10 inches,
Greenleaf, (estate irf)
nly 34 feet 2 inches,
Same, sly 35 feet,
Lanriston Hall, (estate of) nly
25 feet.
John Wogner, n45 feft.
Williams & Laura
Ehickinson, nnd }i each.
55 feet of 100. feet,
Jos Roberts, soath
Jamen King, n}-g,
Alfred Dufranc, mid 3tT*.'
Itarv Dafrane, south
Sarah Dugarv 621 feet,
John Hoyt, north 47? ft
of sooth 87 feet,
Maria Wilkinson, 40 feet,
Nettie and Jas O'Gorman,
Emily King, mid
W Murray, (trustee,) and
Louisa Miller, south
Wm Davidson, ,i,.
3 10
$22 44
22 46 2
3" i 9 55
3 4
10 10
12 C2
12 93
10i 9 24
Robert & Randall'* Addition.
-Mr-~l?i-$Jf TrA *--t
*21 07
22 14
20 12
10 80
18 80
8 8-i'J S
8 7
:,-22 74
27 39
.-18 60
17 80
'18 77
18 77
8 T&P 21 80
1 14 36 47
2 14iV W 19
i\sthittien't Addition.$aa'jns
**a &s&^jL-j!
Anniel! Braden
Jacob Br*}** (estat* df
1 35 85
$18 83
18 83
^8,*''iJt^isJS- i$r.
ft^Vfe &&2."&..
Jacob B. Braden, 3-^ 18 83
-PSPWimug & Smith's Add.
*ij&^ :&,<* "-E**^jci'-.eto
JtiXlf^t-'^iZTZ lie
Eliza M. B. Smith, west}^
Same, weat
Jno. C. Terry, westK
Same, west^
Sajne, '.-.'~:.\KSX,%
6*zp J21.43
3 10 84
1 8 4 8
8 T.
9 3 .:&18 48
3 -iil8 S4
Mages AM.
Trustees of 1st Baptist Church,
St. Paul, 4
W. C. and Susan Fairingtou, nndV each
commencing at sw corner of Lot 1,
Block 18, .Rice & lrvine'H addition, ^J~-
thence nly on dividing line between
lots 1 and 2, blk 18, tq ceqter of said
blk thence ely at right angles'* ith di- ,-0
viding line of said lots 1 ond 2,14 K'~
94-100 feet thence sly to a point on nly 7
line of 3d treet, 6 inches wly from wly
line of stone bnilding now standing on I
said lot 1, produced, to said wly line
of 3d street, thence wly 32 feet more or
less to beginning, lot 1, blk 18 15 64
2-57 62
Jiice & Irvine's Add.
Newton Bradley, east 50 feet,
100 feet, 2 18
Albert Armstrong, commencingon Third
street 50 feet west from intersection of,
dividing line of lots land 3, blk 18, -J
Rice & Irvine's add and north line of,
3d st thence west along said north line
44 feet thence north to a point 86 feet" I
east from corner of 4th and Washing
ton streets thence east 34 feet to a
poiut.30 feet west frgni where the dj
yidingline between said lots land 2
intersects said line of 4th street 5 thenco'
south 100 feet thence.s and to begin
ning, lot 2,. block 18,
M, L. Vebber, (estate of), east
20 feet of 40'feet of 46
feefc^of 98 feet, 3
R. B. Nelson, und, west 23
feet of south. 90 feet. 2 18 7 81
S. J. Wilkin, und Hot -23
fett of 90 feet, 2 J8 5 86
Same, und)^ of 20 feet of 48
feet of 46 feet of 98
2. 18 4 90
Nathan Wescott, Und^of w23
feet of 90 feet, 2 18 96
Same, undX of 20 feet of 40
feet east of 46 feet of 98
feet, 2 18 4 90
Sophia Webber, commencing
at tha no corner lot 8, block
18, Kice & Irvine's addition,
thence along 3d street J7
feet thence to a boundary
of said lot 8 by a line paral
lel with a lino joining the
nw and so corners of said lot
8 thence along bonndarv
thereof to beginning, "3 2$ 1187
James M. Wenger, commenc
ing at a point on boundary
of lot 3, block 23, Rice Ir
vine's addition thence to a
point on St:Anthony st.by
a line parallel with a Ujje
joining the nw and o cor- 1
ners of said lot 3 and inter
secting said et. at a point 31
feet from nw corner of said
lot 3 thence along said st.
17 feet 5% inches tbenee to
line.of said lot 3 by a Una
parallel with a line joining
nw and se corners of said lot
3 thenco s. along said
boundary to beginning, 3 **23 12 23
Lena B. Clark, nnd 1-5 begin
ning at nw corner of loft 8,
block 23, Rice & Irvine's ad
dition: thence ely along
line of 3d st. 31 feet) thence
sly by a line parallel to, arid
31 feet distant from, a line
joining the nw and ee cor
nere of said lot 8, to. a point
on elyline of said lot jtheno
along ely line of said lot to
se corner of said lot 8{ thence
by a straight lint to begijj.
ning. 3
KatieThompson, nnd 1-5aam3
Carrie-J. Thompson, nnd \-$
same, 3
Ella F. Thompson, und 1-5
same, 3
Susie Thompson, nnd }-Se*iB*8
Isaac Bernbeimer, 4
Nancy Irvine, 5
All in the city of St, Paul, county ofBaxoaey
and State of Minnesota.
24 64
21 68
.18 9 85
4 84
4 84
23 4 34
28 23
4 84
4 84
-'5 12
47 72
Will Take Notice
that f.n the 29th day of April, 1878, did re
ceive a warrant from the City Comptroller of
the city of St. Paul, for the collection ol the
above named assessments.
The nature of this warrantis, that If yon fail
to pay the assessments within
after the first publication of this notice, I shall
report you and your real estate so assessed as
delinquent, and apply to the District Court of
the county of Ramsey, Minnesota, for judg
ment against your lands, lots, blocks or parcels
thereof so assessed, including interest, cost and
expenses, and for an order of the Court to sell
the same for the payment thereof.
F.A. BEN2,
107-118 City Treasurer.
8r. PACt,MnrN.
To whom it may concern:
Whereas, InSection 10, of chapter 201, of the
special laws of187Tproviding for the completion of
the St. Paul and Paclfio extension hues, it is provided
as follows:
"Section 10. The' JSt. Paul and Pacifie Railroad
Company, or any company or corporation taking the
benefits of this act, shall not In any manner, directly
or indirectly, acquire or become seized of any right,
title, interest, claim or demand on and to -any piece
or parcel of laud lying and being within the granted,
or indemnity limits of said branch lines of road, tc
which legal and'full title has not been! perfected in
said St. Paul and Pacific Raiiroadoompanr, or then
successors or assigns, upon which any person 01
persons have in good faith settled, and nude or ao
valuable Improvements thereon on. or before
passage of this act, (March lj 1877) or npon any
of said lands upon which has been filed-any valid
pre-emption or homestead filing or entrynot to ex
ceed one hundred and sixty acres to any one actual
settler and the Governor of this State shall deed ond
relinquish to the United States all pieces or. parcels
of said lands so settled upon by any and an actual
settlers as aforesaid,-to the end that all such actual
settlers may acquire tittle to the lands upon which
they actually reside, from the United States as home
steads or otherwise, and upon the acceptance of the
provisions of this act by said company, it shall be
deemed by the Governor of this State as a relinquish
ment by said company of all such lands so occupied
by such actual settlers." Now therefore, In Order
that the provisions of the foregoing section, and
the instructions of the department of the interior
pertaining thereto, may be complied with, all per
sons claiming lands under the provisions of said
special act within the granted or indemnity limits of
the Brainerd branch, of the said St. Paul and Friu
railroad, tit artnal and bona fide settlor*, are re
quested, to file in (his office, within forty *fT dayb
after the date hereof, .their applications for re
linqnishment to the United States of the lands so
settled upon. Such application* may be in the fol
lowing form:
In aooOrdauce with the terms of the proclamation
of the Governor of Minnesota, dated
1 hereby make application to have the following land
relinquished to tbe United States, to the end, Quit 1
may acquire title to'the same from the United
States, viz.:
(Insert description.)
And I hereby certify that I entered Upon and made
settlement In person on esjd land on or about
18 and hare made valuable improvements thereon,
consisting of
and have continued to reside upon and cultivate said
land until the present time. And do further certify
that I have not heretofore exhausted my rights
under the homestead and pre-emption laws of the
United States.
In all oases, which the bona fides of the tppbV
cation ia disputed or contested by those having an
adverse interest, notice will be given, after the ex
piration of the time named herein within which ap
plications may be filed, designating A time and place
for tbe taking of testimony in such contested cases.
All lands within the limits of said grants and em
braced thereby, not claimed- by settlers within the
time above designated will remain subject to Bald
grantsunless for good cause shown further time
shall be given hereafter.
Given under my band and the Great
[SEAL Seal of tbe State oa this, sixth day of
April, A. D., 1878.
Attest.,, [Signed] ^J, S. Paiust/sT,'J
v-.-.- t-3 ufyj&ss Governor.
Signadr- *u~
J. 8. Inaxvs,
Secretary of State, afidKawewirwft
Mechanics1 Building Society.
STATE OF MINNESOTA, 1 Y~-',*".''--
County of Ramsey. j,68*
andcr3igncd hereby associatethemselves,
and agree to become a corporation under and
by virtue of the statute in such case made and
provided, and to that end havo adopted, agmd
to, and signed iho following tu.tu.lct, of incor
x-: FIES
The name of tho corporation shall be "Tho
Bnilding Society." Tho general
purposes of. said corporation and the general
nature of its business shall be the buildin" of
houses by raising funds to be loaned toits
members for the purchase of real estate, satis
faction of mortgages and other investments
also the holding and sale of real estate taken
on forfeitures and otherwise and"any other
business naturally pertaining to its principal
object aB aforesaid. The principal place of bus
iness of said corporation shall be tho City of
St. Paul, in said'eonnty and State.
Tnc said corporation shall commence on the
55th day of May, 1878, ond continue thenco for
the space of fifty years, and the first monthly
meeting of said corporation shall take place on
the 25th day of May, A. D. 1878.
The amount of capital stock of said corpora
tion shall be one hundred thousand dollars
($100,000), divided into two thousand shares of
fifty dollars each, to be paid in monthly install
ments of twentj-five cents per chare, at such
times and under such regulations as may bo
prescribed by the by-laws, but said corporation
may go.into operation and transact bnsiness
whenever twenty-five thousand dollars of said
stock shall have been snbecribed. But tho
amount of said capital stock may be increased,
within the limits, and in the manner prescribed
The highest amount of indebtedness or liabil
ity which said corporation shall at any time in
cur is five thousand dollar?.
The psmes and places of residenco of the per
sons forming the said corporation are as fol
I. F. A. Studdart, residence, St. Panl, Rarasev
county, Minnesota.
Joseph Beaumont, residence St. Paul, Ram
sey county, Minnesota.
Bertramflcheffer, residence St. Paul, Ramse
county. Minnesota.
William S. Moore, residence St. Paul, Ramsev
county, Minnesota.
Louis E. Hanser, residence St. Paul. Ramsey
county, Minnesota.
Frederick W. Dohm, residence St. Paul' Ram
sey county, Minnesota.
George W. Robertson, residence St. Paul,
Ramsey county, Minnesota.
Charles B. Shanley, residence St. Paul, Ram
sey connty, Minnesota.
Henry Meyerding, residence St. Paul, Ramsev
oounty, Minnesota.
Henry Jensen, residence St. Panl, Rarasev
county, Minnesota.
Frederick De Haas, residence St. Paul, Ram
sey oonpty, Minnesota.
William Frederick Von Deyn, residence St.
Paul, Ramsey oounty, Minnesota.
Charles Pusch, residence St. Panl, Ramsey
connty, Minnesota.
John Mark, residence St. Paul, Ramsey conn
ty, Minnesota.
F. A. Oariveau, residence St. Paul, Ramsey
county, Minnesota.
The officers of said corporation shall be a
president, vice president, treasurer, secretarv
attorney, and ten directors, all of whom shall
be stockholders. Fifteen directors shall bo
elected by the stockholders by ballot, annnallv,
on the Friday next preceding the fourth Sat
urday in the month of May in each year alter
the year A. D. 1878, and shall each hold his of
fice for one year and until his successor shall be
elected and shall have qualified and accepted
his Office. The said directors shall choose from
among themselves the president, vice president,
secretary, treasurer, and attorney, and shall
form aboard oL directors for the transaction
and management of the affairs of said corpora
tion, and shall have full power to adopt all
rules and regulations which may be necessary
in the discharge of their dntie*, and for the
government of the board, not inconsistent with
the articles of incorporation .or the by-laws.
Until the said officers shall be elected, the fol
lowing named persons shal, act as the board of
directors.:- I. F. A. Studdart, Joseph I. Beau
mont, William S. Moore, Bertram Scheffer,
Louis E. Hauser.Frederick W. Dobm.Charles B.
Shanley, George W. Robertson, Henry Meyer
ding, Henry Jensen, Frederick DeH&as, F. A.
Carivean, John Mark, William Frederick Von
Deyn, Charles F^ Pnsch.
And until said election the following persons
shall be officers of said corporation, viz:
I. F. A. Studdart, President.
Joseph I. Beanmont, Vice President.
Lonie E. Hanser, Secretary.
Bertram Scheffer, Treasurer.
William 6. Moore, Attorney.
The first regular election of directors shall Le
on the Friday nest preceding the fouith Satur
day in May, A. t. 1879. All vacancies in any
office shall be filled by the directors at aiiV
meeting thereof, regular or special.
The number and amount of shares in the
capital stock shall be two thousand, at fifi
dollars each. 1?he stockholders of said corpor
ation 6hall consist of persons of the age of
twenty-one years and upwards. Minors and
others may hold 6tock byguardians or trustec-3.
but shall not be allowed to vote. No persou
shall become a stockholder who has not pre
viously obligated himself to said association iu
writing that he will punctually pay the month
ly dues, installments, or assessments oa the
shares of stock for which he may subscribe, and
ail fines, dues and interest on loans,
as .he may become liable for. The
present board of directors may make
such regulations in regard Nto manner
and form of subscribing for stock, and for i
suing and transferring the same, as they shall
deem proper, and such regulations may be
changed by the by-laws. Said stock rnay l.-e
come forfeited for neglect or'refusal on the
part of the holder thereof to pay any install
ments, assessments, dues or lines, for which-be
shall become lia"ble in such manner as the by
laws shall prescribe. Every stockliokltr Khali
be entitled to one vote only, irrespective of the
number of shares he may hold, and such vote
cannot be cast by proxy. Any membf-r of scid
corporation may be allowed io wifkdn-w thcio
from-, upon such time and in e(c manner as
may be prescribed by the- by-fa-ivs --1
Tbe funds accummulatcd bysai-i toeiety,
shall be loaned on* *.r it= menibersin such sums,
npon such sccnriij-, upon such time, and in
such manner as may be prescribed by the L^
When, at any time within fifty years, each
and every member of this society who has not
received a loan, shall receive for each and every
share of stock he may hold,-fifty dollars, less
the amount he may" then- owe said society.
under its charter and by-laws, this society shall
close its affairs and "become dissolved* The
Board of Directors shall then deliver to each
mortgagor who has complied with th? con
ditions of his mortgage, a discharge in full
thereof, and all papers connected therewith.
':'.~i~ TENTH. ^',2 :^"'l^
An annual meeting of the stockholders .shall
be held on the Friday next preceding the fourth
Saturday in May of each year, commencing A.
D. 1873, to elect a'Board of JJirccW.i for the
ensuing year, and to transact any other busi
ness of the society besides any other stated
meetings may bo holden at such times and
places as the bi-laws may prescribe.
But there shall bo no special meetings, unless
the same are called at least five Directors,
and notice thereof be previously given by the
Secretary in such manner as' the by-laws mav
At any. and:all regular meetings, the said
stockholders shall have the power to pass by
laws denning the duties of the officers of sftid
society, for the imposing of reasonable fines,
assessments and dues upon its members, regu
lating the subscription npon the issue end
transfer of stock, and' management of the in
vestment of its funds, loans to the members,
the general regulation of said business of the
said corporation, as well as to pass all other by
laws necessary to carry, out the object of this
',%& F. A. STCDDABT,
LOOTS E. Harass.
BErar Jmxtaat.
GBOBOE w. BoasKnox
CmtSL B. g*tff)7t
-....^^^Ciua. F. PCBCTT.
Connty of Ramsey.
Be it remembered that on the 26th day of
April, A. D. 1878. perse mliy appeared before
mo, a notary public in andfor said county, J.
F. A. Studdart, Wm. S. MoorC, Louis" E.
Hanser, Joseph I. Beaumont, Bertram Scheffer,
Frederick W. Dohm, Htnrv Jensen, George W.
Robertson, Henry MejerdiD", F. A. Carivean,*
rrcdenck de Haas,-Chas. J}. *aalcy, William
FrtJtncL von Dcyn, CI.j*. F. Pus-ch, ar.d John
Mart, to mo well known to to tho persons de
scribed in. and wio executed the foregoing ar
ticles of incorporation, and they sevcrallv
acknowledged tnat they executed the same
freely and\olnutarily, ior the uses and pur
poses therein expressed.
in- mo
sEcoNDr "'J
BoAnaiA*cf. Js..
Notary Public, Ramsey Count
Oor. Wab^ahaw and SKt:i streets,
First Class, bnt Only 2.00 Per Day.
Metropolitan Hotel,
Cor. 3d und Wabhiugton Sts.,
St. Paul, Minnesota.
Complete in all its appointments. First-class *n
every department. Fare, $3per day. aj-iy*
AY. T'aul Itni.'rontl Time Tabft.*.
tit. Paul & Pacific Kailroari.
March 31,1S78.
Mam Lae through trains for Litchfield, Wilhxa,
Benson, Morris, ftiyndon, Crookston, Fisher's
Landmg and Winnipeg.
Leave. Arrive.
St. Paul.. 6:00 p.m. Fisher'* I/ 1:00 p.m.
Minneapolis.... 5:lu p. m. Minneapolis 9:S9 a. m.
Fisher's Landing 2:30 pin 1 St.P-uf.... .10:30 a ra
Willmar Accommodation.
St. Paul. 7:05 am Minneapolis ....*..4 :S3
MnineapoUs....8:36 am St.Paul J5:40pm
Lin through train for St. Cloud,
anBranch Bismarcke
Leave. Arrive
St. Ptul. tt 30 a.pj. Minneapolis '30 p. ra.
Mmneapous. 7:30 a. m. St. PauT.. 5: re
b* Paul and Minneapolis trams.
5 Ht. Paul
a.m. Minneapolis 8:1 6 a.m.
Paul Pau 3:35
St.Paul 5:00 p.m.
Minneapolis 8:15 a. m.
Minneapolis 9:59 a.m.
Minneapolis 2:00 p. in.
Minneapolis 4:32 p. m.
Minneapolis.... 5:50 p.m.
Pullman Sleeping Cars willrun on the' Main 'tin*.
Trains leaving St. Paul at 5:00 p. m. Cars rim
through to Fisher's Landing without change.
River is now open and steamers run through to
Winnipeg from Fisher's
...11:35 a.m m,
Miuneapolisl2:05 p.m.
Minneapolis 4:05 p.m.
Minneapolis 5:40 p.m.
St.Paul.... 0:15 a. in.
St. Paul.... 10:90 a. in.
St. Paul.. 2stop.m.
St. Paul- 5:40 p. in.
St.Paul.... 6:20 p.re.
NortherlnyPaclli-c Kail road.
office No. 43 Jackson street.
Trains.- Westward.
St.-Paul..:.. Minneapolis
Hauk Itapids
Brahi6rd.... Glyndon Moorhoad...
Fargo Fargo... Bismarck
N. P. Junction
and Freight^
..iLe. ..|Le.
jAr. !*Le.
7:30 a.m.
11:10 a. m.
2:15 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:55 p.m.
8:00 p.m.
8:20 p.m.
7:00 a. m.
Ar. Ar.
Ar. Ar.
Le. Ar.
*I*. Ar.
6:40 p. re.
6:30 p.m.
3:10 p. m.
6.-25 a. m.
6 05 a. n:.
6:00 a.m.
5:30 a. as.
7:00 p.m.
0:40 p.m.
7:40 p.m.
..fLe 3:15a.m.
Le 5:50 a. m.!Ar
'Except Sunday. tExcept Saturday.
Trains via the Brainerd Branch leave St. Paul
dally, except Sunday, making a day run of twelve
hoars to Fargo,arriviag at Bifttnarxkat 7 the following
morning, rrfn nearly 90 miles In distance over the
old route via N. P. Junction. Connection made at
Bismarck with stages for Deadwood and all points in
the Black Hills. Also with first class boats to Fort
Benton and all points on the Upper Missouri IUver
and tho Yellowstone.
Connectn at St. Panl with trains to all pofute East
and South. At Duluth with steamers to and frcm all
Lake points, both American and Canadian: also with
steamers running in connection with Wwcousin Cen
tral Ballroad, at Ashland. In effect AprD. 7, 1S73,
H. E. SABGF.NT/General Manager
G. O. 8ANiOBy. Gen. Paasenger Agent.
Chicago, St. Paul and Minneapolis Line
Comprising the West Wisconsin and Chi
sago and Northwestern Knilways.
Depot foot of Sibley street. Ticket and Freight
office, northwest corner Third and Jackson streets.
Charles H. Petach, Ticket Agent.
Trains Leave. Arme.
Through Cldcago audi j*U:25 a.ro.!
Southern Blinncsota liailway, ConnectIne at
Rnmsey with C. M. Jb St. P. Trains North
and South.
At \Velln with Central Itailroad of Minnesota, and
at La tn-osse with C. M. & St. P. It&lhvay for all
points East.
Going. WestTrains leave La Crosse 7:57 a ra
Trains pass Ramsey.. 2:42
Going EastTrains pass liamscy 10:45 am
Arrive at La Croase 5:25
MlnneapoUs Time.
Chicasro, Milwaukee & HI. Paul Hallway.
PasKenKor Dopot foot of Jackson street. Ticket end
Freight Office Southeast Corner of Third and Jack,
son streets. Charier Thompson, Ticket Agent. S*.
River Divjiiion
Through Chicago & East
ern Express
Through Chicago & East
ern Express
Iowa and Minnesota IMv.
Prairie du Ciuen, Milwau
kee and Chicago Express
St. Louis Express...
Owatonna Passenger
t7 00 a.m.
Eastern Express.... 7:30 p.m., *3:05 p.m.
H-iidson Acoommodatlon 5:50 p. m.'*10:tft a. m.
Connections made at Camp Douglas for Milwaukee.
Sundays excepted. -tSaturdoys excepted".' IMon
dayw excepted.
11:22 am
St. Paul aud Minneapolis trains via Fort Snelling
and Minnehaha.
Lve. St. Paul +6:20 am Arr.MinneapoliBt7:10 am
10:05 am!
Lve. Minneapolis 8:15 am
6:00 am'
l:w pm
3:10 pm
+6:45 pm
Sundays excepted,
days excepted.
SUllwatcr. 7:40 a
2:15 pro
North Wisconsin Train*.
L. S.
L..S. h. S.
L. 8.
L. a.
L. 8.
1. S.
l-m i. fi.'
L. &
1.8. t.
St. Paul.
st. Paiiirrrr^rrr^raToTsr. Paul..
t7:.' $6:10 a
*fl.lO a re
7:05 a
10:5 3 a
6:161 31
9:00 a
7:10 am
11:15 am
2:10 4:00
Arr. S Faul
Saturdays excepted. |Mon
St. Paul At lulut Kailroad.
Trains. Leave for.) Arrive from.
imhith 8:00 a.m. 4:3t)p.m.
Hinckley.... 8:00a 2:15 ra 4:30 :n 12:05um
StiBwater.:. 8:00am 2:15 m'4:30r,m 12:05nm
St. Panl, Stillwater, Taylor's Falls,and North
Wisconsin Kailroads.
St. Panl fc Stillwater trainB:
St. Paul StUlwater..
7:25 a
0:20 am
8:35 am
.IO^o a
6:15 pm
St. Paul & Sioux^Clty Railroad.
Depot foot of Jackwon street.
XXAVM. AuarvK.
Sioux City, Council Bluffs-
& Omaha Express. 1
TVorthington A'ccamdat'n.!
a:ls pm-
7:15 a mi
11:10 ant
The 3:15 p. in. train connects at Merriam Junction
with tho Minneapolis and St. Louis B. B. for points
south. All trains daily except Sunday.
J. C. BOYPEX. Pen. T'kt Ak
ItTiltnrtrptilix Jlniliroad Time Tahl*.
Minneapolis A: St. Louis Rail-na.vShort
Lin.e Io-waJRoute via Burlington.
Bunnhig through express trains with Pitlicosn
palace car sleepers to St. Louis without fhkngp,28
miles Hhortcr than any other route.
Ar. Ba'ly,
Mlnneapoiis & St. Louis Ex- ExSatur'y ExMona'y
press.. 3:45 pm l.O^pm
Passengers at St. Paul leave
by tho St. Panl Sionx.City
K. B-, at 3:15Pi M.xonnect-i
st Merriam Junction. 1 Le. daily,Ar.
Minncspolis, Burligton & St,|Ex.Rnnd'j
Loa's mail and express 6:50 am
(Close connections conuugt
Mixed Minneapolis and Mer
rlam Junctton, connecting
for local statianB end St. P.
& 8. C. B, p.. an far as Wor-j Ex.8and"y
thington.. 7:30 a m''
Mixed, Minneapolis White.Ex.Snnd'y Kx.S.uid'y
Bear Lake, Duluth Stillwater' 7:10 a B: W
Omaha Ex., for ail points on.
St. & 8. C. li'y., Omaha Ex.Suud'y Ks.^und'y
andCslifomia i 3:45 11:25 am
Trains arrive and depart from the St. panl Paci
fic depot, Mhmeapolia.
Tickets and sleeping car berths seem-nd n c'iy
tietot office, No. 8 Washington aveuur, to nWita
Nicoiki House) W.O. Telfer, Ticket Aged* 'nnd tt
St. Pau l* Pa4ft d^potjMinnsapolio, and aiiH E a
Third nvc-t, St. PauL--Cfo.H..lLuHMsr., Ticket
Agexvr. CIIAS.F HATCH. Gen Mo,
A.H. BonE Gi,paes,Ag'^
11:00 am L-.

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