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accounts against the association.
Michael Costelio, of North Minneapolis,
got a broken aim yesterday while en
deavoring to reduca the raetnra of a dislo
cated eve troug h. .It wan a bad break all
The funeral services of the late Charles C.
Conkey will take place at the residence of
father to-day at "10:30 A. M., Rev. Dr.
Tuttle officiating. Friends of the deceased
and the family are invited.
The Catholic Orphans' fair continues to
draw good crowds, and everybody and their
children are depositi ng as they are able to
thee ire of the little innocen ts who are un-
able to care for themselve s.
timo commodious establishment.
At the Metropolitan theatre recently, while
the fire scene was being prepared, and of
course in a not at all presentable ehapo, the
drop curtain wan slightly raised, revealing
many imperfection*, and causing a laugh.
The question now is, was any member of
the "IVematuro" fire company handling the
Prof. McKnight should continue the pre
sentation of the Naiad Queen a part of next
week. The people of Minneapolis are just
awaking to the fact that the entertainme nt
is one of the most attractive, and altogether
the most beautiful ever presented by any
company in Minneapolis. Why not give the
professor a lousing benefit on Monday or
Tuesday evening,?
Tiistrivt Court:
[Before Judge Young.j
Milton A. Spr.igne vs. Nathaniel Thompson.
Verdict for plaintiff for .*8l.fi0 rendered :ind a
Btay of proceedings for twenty clays gran tod.
John Gueier vs. George Fortwingler and
Sever St. Martin. Cane dismissed on motion of
plaintiff, there not being suirL-icnt facts to con-
stitute a caso.
Frank J. Macy vs. Daniel B. Hibbard. Case
Charles W. Cannon vs. Lewis, Bull & Co.
Case on trial.
fBefuro Judge Vanderburgh.]
Benton & Benton vs. Henry Ober and John
KnrgU-dcr. Case tried and submitted.
The dl for to day is 197,73, and a Bpecial
term will be held.
Municipal Court.
[Before Judge Cooley.]
M. H. Smith.who was arrested on a charge of
laraeny. was discharged, there being no evi
dence against him
Andrew Nelson, Carl Carlon, Charles Snow
and James Gleason arrested for drunkenness,
were disposed of as follows Nelson dis
charged. Snow and Gleason paid $5 nue.and the
incorrigible Carlson went to jail for ten days.
John II. Nordein, who stole clothing from
his room-mate. Andrew Bergstrom, and was
found at Red Wing with the suit on, was al
lowed to choose between the two evils, 20 fine
or lorlginL's at the county jail fo ninety days.
chose the latter and was sent up.
Two gentlemen of color were hefme the court
for gam tiling. The court, after admonishir
them as to the crime, and uncertainty of
'draw," discharged them.
Henry Fluhrer and Fred. L. Prostnu had
jw.mc difficulty, and Proston says that Flnhrer
assaulted aud beat him The "case will eome
before the court tbi^ monunsr at',) o'clock.
Peter Eackcs, arrested on complaint of Oscar
DeFlon, charged with larceny, was discharged.
Good Templars' Cojtvoii/lrtn.
The Fifteenth district lodge of Good Tem
plars, in session i this city for the past two
days, has not been so largely attended as it
was hoped would ba the case, but the meet
ings have been interesting, and its work
promises to be of good to the order. There
are in the district comprising the twelve ac
tive lodges in Hennepin county, over G"
members in good standing. With the ex
cepti on of two lodges, all are reported as
prospering and increasing in membership.
Yesterday afternoon the reports of the ex
ecutive, finance and state of the order com
mittees reported, and the showing was bet
ter than any of the delegates expected.
Arrangemen ts for the grand lodge
year have been made, which will relieve .th
subordinate lodges from any assessments to
meet the expenses of the disadct lodge. Th
secretary was instructed to make a report of
the work of the district lodge to the grand
The following are the officers: C. T.,
Stiles Gray: D.'V. T., Emma HoweD Sec,
L. Mel Hyde A. S., Eva Hubbard
Treas., J. Durnam Chap., O. Brown,
Si\ Mar., O. HutchinsonD Mar., Lizzie
B. Allen Guard, Florencg Kelly Sen., A. M.
Greeley 11. S. Eva KnappL S., Har
riet M. Norris W. C. T. W II.
Mitchell. Ex. committee, A. M. Greeley,
Mel Hyde, J. Durnam, Lizzie Allen
and Eva Kuapp. Finance committee,
Wm. Roberts, Eva Knapp and E A.
The next meeting of the district lodge will
be held in Minneapolis on the first Wednes
day and the Thursday following in March
The I'airij Opera.
The Academy of Music was crowded last
evening, to witness the fifth presentation of
that delightful and wonderful production)
Prof. McKnight's "Naiad Queen." It has
been improved with each evening that it has
been produced, and it has reached a degree
of perfection that is truly marvelous and
almost inimitable.
The drib of the performers, numerous as
they are, is something incredible, were it
not fully demonstrated in the presence of
he spectators present.
Every part shows the touch of a master
hand, and it is evidently the result of study,
taste and geniu s.
The concepti on of the whole thing is brill
ia nt in the extreme, and the execution is a
marvel of grace, harmony and beauty.
S beautiful and so fascinating are many
of the illusions that the beholder almost im
agines himself to be transported from earth
ly scenes, and to be dwelling amid fairy
Bcenes in ethereal regions. I is evident
from the increased attendance that this
magnificent operetta is steadily gainin"
favor with our people, and this fact, when
taken in connection with the fact that compe
tition, in the form of other first-class enter
tainment s, i3 very strong, is a testimonial
to its worth and attractiveness.
The Anchor Mill.
.r _. ii__ I
8ptnitl KiporKid for the Dally Oltthe
The '-N.ua.1 Quesn" at the Academy this
afternoon, at 2 o'clock.
Take the children to the matinee of the
"Naiad Queen" this afternoon.
The weather was somewhat colder yester-
day, and buffalo overcoats were in demand.
Workmen are itiil engaged in clearing on
he debris from the ruins of the Anchor mill,
recently destroyed by fire.
The authorities at tho First National bank
were busily engaged yesterday in paying off
Dr. A G. Wendell moves into his new
and handsome quarters over Higgin's drug
store, on Mmdoy next. to have a
voryo^zy comfortable, and at the same
A GLOBE reporter, last evening, inter-
viewed Hon. C. A. Pillsbury with reference
to his inteutions regarding the reconstruction
of the Anchor mill so lately destroyed. Mr.
Pillsbary Haid that neither himselt nor any
other member of tho firm had made any
definite statements with reference to the re
building of the mill, nor would any infor
mation be given upon the subject until the
insurance was fully adjusted, a task which,
in his estimation, would not be completed
for a week yet. further stated that
while the mill would in all probability be
rebuilt, the newspaper rumors with regard
to its size and general character, and the
using of the old walls, were purely imagin
ary and witho ut any sort of authoritative
Streets of New Yorl:.
The Metropolitan company made a very de
cided strike when they determined to put upon
the boards during the present week that fine
scenic sensational drama, Streets of New York.
It- makes a pleasant interchange for our amuse
ment lovers to take in the Naiad Queen one
evening, and then exchange to the cosy, pleas
ant httlo Metropolitan theatre to laugh at the
qmpps and oddities of Ted Irving, and witness
the fine acting of Fred. Bryton. While speak
ing ol Mr. Bryton, it may he as well to say that
hi* conception of the character of
Badger is nearly perfect, especially in his sec
ond scene as the returned Californian out of
fuadi In this sce: Mr. Bryton suspasses
himself, and looks and acts the" character he is
personating. Miss Cartljnd and Mrs. Irving
also cover themselves with laurels, and rarely
make their appearance without eliciting de-
:-:e-ved applause.
In short, the play as presented by the Metro
politan combination, is unsurpassed, and de
serves, as it is receiving, the mo3t liberal
patronage. To make it perfect, however, the
fire scene in theclosingact should be conducted
hy the new company, just formed in this city,
known as the "Prematures" No. '2.
The Evening Tribune last night gives the
following unkind dig at tho great "symul-
Bill King says he wishes th Pioneer
Pi-can wasn't -published simultaneously juxt
for one day! There is a kind of smoulder
ing volcano in the heaving breast of Old
Thaumaturgus, that he would like to be free
to give vent to. But we are afraid one day
wouldn't do for O. Nothing %von'd afford
him an opportunity to do justice to the sub
ject but a journal that is free and uniram
meled, and published every day in the week,
not ''.simultaneously," but in 'Minneapolis
just as tho forthcoming Morning Tribune
is to be.
'Just as tho forthcoming Mornmg Tri-
bune," is goodvery good! But what will
Geo. K. Shaw be saying about that little
Marrifjue Licriwrs,
The followi ng marriage licenses were is
sued during the wast week:
Cons. SkollJane Coglpy.
Frank A. ReynoldsAmetia Bussy.
Louis HerberleClara Tvler.
Lucius A. TylerClara E. Perkins.
John P. PetersonChristine Peterson.
Frank A. MunsonSarah J. Bennett.
Deboison A. SmithMatilda Stough.
John C. PennimanLucinda II. McAllister.
The Oriihans' J"tih:
The fair at Association hall for the ben e
fit of the Catholic Orphan asylum will closo
this eveniu g, when the grand lottery prizes
wilt be drawn by those holding the lucky
tickets. The contest for the altar piece has
narrowed down to the St Anthony and Im
maculate Conception parishes, St Antho ny
parish having received 2,043 votes and Im
maculate concepti on parish 3,245.
Words Cann ot Describe this Roally
Wonderful Entertainment." Pioneer Press
Dec. Vi.
Acaclemv of Music,
Grand Closing Performances
Friday and Saturday Evenings,
DECEMBER 13 and 14,
of the Novol, Brilliant and Elaborate FAIRY OPERA
of tho
Rendered by nearly
Under the direction of Arthur C. McKnight, of
Washington, I). C.
Regardless of the groat expense attending its pro
duction, the prices have been fixed at To, 50 aud 35c,
with no extra charge tor reserved seats, at Willson's
Music Store.
Remember tho
Grand Matinee,
Saturday, December 14, at 2 p. m.
Goneral admission to all parts of the house, 25c.
Metropolitan Theatre
Lessees and Managers, Murray & Godwin.
On Saturday Errata, DecemDer Htt,
Streets of New York
Otlier ZSTovelties i Preparation.
Our popular Matinee Saturday afternoon at 2 P. M.
Reserved Heats aud Matinee Ticketa on Bale at
Elliott's Music Store, Nicollet avenue.
Street cars leave for all parts of tho city at the
conclusion of each performance.
Attorneys at Law. Oollsctions a Specialty.
Office. No. 82 Wash Ave. Minneapolis, Minn.
-X Merited Compliment.
NEW YORK, Dec. 13.A reception was given
to-night by the New York Press club to Col. J.
M. Keating, editor of the Memphis Appeal, in
recognition of his heroic conduct during the
yellow fever scourge. The club rooms were
crowded. Col. Keating briefly responded to
the welcome extended by President J. B. Wood,
and speeches were made by Algernon 8. Sulli
van, Ohanncey Depew, Peter Cooper, Rev. T.
Dewitt Talmasre, Thomas Kinsella, Father
Lillie and others.
Sx. LOOTS, Dec. 13.Geo. McGunnegle,
one of the pioneers of St. Louis, died to-day at
the advanced age of 78. Mr. McGunnegle came
here from Meadville iu 1825, and was for many
years a very prominent and successful mer
chant. was also identified with the first
telegraph line built from Louisville to this
city, being president of the company, and was
largely connected with the insurance interests
of the West.
A Secret Confab.
S T. LOUI S. Dec. 13.Commodore Garrison,
President Ackerman, of the Illinois Central
railroad, and several other railroad officials had
an informal bnt secret conference here this
afternoon, but the subject under discussion
and the result are studiously kept quiet. Mr.
Garrison and his party leave to-morrow morn
ing on a trip of inspection over the Missouri
Paoifio road.
ATLANTA, Dec. 13.The committee who we're
appointed by the legislature at the request
Gov. Colquett, in a special message, to investi
gate his motives and conduct in signing the
bonds of the Northeastern railroad, made a
unanimous report. They completely and fully
exonerated the Governor being influenced by
any unworthy motives.
Charles Webster, of Winnebago City, re
cently fell on a slippery sidewalk and broke
both bones of one leg between the knee aud
Money and Stock s.
NEW YOEK, Dec. 13.
Gold qnlet at 100'4.
Carrying rates [email protected] per cent.
Borrowing rates flat and 1-64 per cent.
Silver bar at London 50 pence per ounce.
Bar silver hero are 109!4 In greenbacks 109% In
gold. Subsidiary silver coin [email protected] percent, dis
Governments strong.
Railroad bonds firm.
State securities dull.
The stock market was characterized by more or
less weakness throughout the day. The feature of
speculation was a break of Z% per cent. In Chicago,.
Burlington Quincy, which sold down to 105Vi on
reports that the company was about to increase its
capital Btock 10 per cent, for the purpose of con
structing a new line of seventy-fiva miles in Iowa
At the close the stock recovered Vi%\ per cent., and
in the general list the decline ranged from
per cent., ihe closing transactions being at about the
lowest of the day. The greatest pressure to sell was
in Chicago Northwestern, Milwaukee St. Paul,
Western Union, and Delaware, Lackawanna & West
ern. Michigan Central was exceptionally strong, ad
vancing per cent, for the day.
At the ciose transactions aggregated 10S.000 shares,
of which fi,00weie Lake Shore & Michigan South
ern 4,000 Toledo & Wabash 18,000 Chicago &
Northwestern common: 7,000 Chicago & Northwest
em preferred 12,0f0 Milwaukee &St. Paul common
8,000 Milwaukee & St. Paul preferred: 22,000 Dela
ware, Lackawanna & Western 7,000 Mich gan Cen
tral 20,000 Union Pacific 2,000 Chicago, Burlington
& Quincy 8.00J C. C. & I. and 7,500 Western
Money easy at 2' i3V4 per cent.
Prime mercantile paper [email protected] per cent.
The assistant treasurer disbursed $257,000.
Custom receipts $248,000.
Clearings 8.500,000.
Bterliug, long steady at S3 short %llA.
Dry goods Imports for the week, 1,177,000.
The Iollowinu were the closing quotations:
Coupons, '81 1094:New4l/4B,
coupons.. 104&
Coupons, MS, new..,103JiiNew4percent3 100%
Coupons, '67 I'M, 10-i0s, regular 107
Coupons, '03 Ifi9% Coupons 107i
Now5s 106%'Currency 6a 119J
Western Union Tel.. 9ajj|C. C. C. & 1 32
Quicksilver 12v%j N'ew Jersey Central.. 28%
Quicksilver preferred 32% Rock Inland 117a
Pacific Mill laylMil. &St. Paul 33 js
Mariposa 3
Mariposa preferred.. 4
Adam3 Express 10."V
Weik & Fargo 1*7 !/2
American 47
United States id%
New York Central... 112^
Krie JT%
Erie preferred '.\Wt
Hailem J42
Michigan Central 07%
Panama 120
Union Pacific stock.. G6%
Lake Shore fli-%
Illinois Coutral 76*
Cleveland Pittsburg 82M
Noith'.vestern 47
Northwestern pfd... 70?a
Mil. & St. Paul pfd.. 71%
Wabash 207a
Port Wuyre 100
Terre Haute 1
Terre Haute pfd.... 5
Chicago & Alton 70
Chicago Alton pfd. 102
Ohio & Mississippi.. TV,
D. L. &W 42%
A. & P. Telegraph... 29
Missouri Pacirtc l
B. ....106
Hannibal & St. Joe.. 14
doprefened 35
C.P. bonds 108
U. P. bonds I07?i
U. P. land grant.... 107'4
Sinking fund 103%
Tennessee C3, old 34 |Virgiuia 6s, new 26
Tennessee 6s, new.. .29%\Missouri 6s 1 J6&
Virginia Cs, old 28 I
Foreign Money Market.
LONDON, Deo. 136 p. M.
Amount of bullion gone into tho Bank of England
on balauce to-day 103,000.
^loney 94% Account 94 7-16
NCW4'.4H coupons... 108"^! Reading ]2^
fl-20s, 'C7,oxcoupons.l05i4Eri-j ig^i
10-4U8, S. U., '(57 Erie preferred 3iy4
10-4:js 110 jIlliuoiH Central 79
Neiv 53 108!/tiPennsylvania Cent'rl 32
RENTES112f 90c.
PABIS, T)*f. 13.
Markets in Detail.
The following quotations giving the rango of th*
aaarketH during the day were received by
i~ f** 'T r* Av^^tV -a*.^V!Vt-
Commission jMereriarxts.
LIVERPOOL, Deo. 1310:00 A. M.
Wheat dull penny low^r,
London slow.
LIVERPOOL, Doc. 13-10:30 A. M.
Very little doing and prices II.
N EW YOUK, Deo. 1311:00 A. M.
Ooru firmer.
Wheat about half coatboHr-r maViive.
N EW YOUK, Dec. 1312:00 M.
Corn firmer.
Wneat firm at advance bidd nr 91c icr choice
Chicago No. 3.
NEW YORK, Dec. 131:00 p. M.
Wheat firm No. 3 ia lai? demand atSHje No. 2
nominally y3/ waiter wliea' tinner.
N EW YOB S, Dec. 132:00 p. w.
Whsat strong quint: No. 3, 90c No. 2 held at
S1.00 winter wheat higher and saleable.
Vab. Jan.
$i% 62%
B3^ 82?
83A 83
9:80 A, rt. 82 si
9:45 62?j
10:00 82 7j
10:15 82?4
10:30 K2%
10:15 82
83% 6314 e3% 83% S3i 637i
w%minm)h 854 83&V4
63?i 3H
83 83fc
11:00 i.27^
11:15 823
11:30 8274 83?i 83!4U 83%@84
xl:43 82%33 837
12:00 M. 83 b%1i SHii 83%
12:15 P.M. 8314 84'i 83^ 84
12:30 8314 84H 83'4 84V4
12:45 83*4 84V6 8355 81U
1:00 8354 U!i 8354 84^
2:00 83*6 8i\m\i
2:30 83'/, 84% [email protected] 8*%%
2:45 8S% 84*4 3* 84U
3:(H) 83'4 84!/8 83?J 84
3:15 834 84 8314 8i%
3:30 83 83% 83is 83X
Wheat receipts in Chicago, 154,201 bushels shlp
aaer-ts 86,100 bufcheis.
Wheal receiT'i- in Milwaukee, 118,233 bushels
shipmer.u, 48,314 Lushels.
Jan. Feb.
9:30 A. 3114 blW
10:15 31i?4 3l5i
10:30 Slia? 3154
10:45 [email protected] 31
11: 3114 S1V4
12:15 p. 813$ 315
12:30 p. 31s 81
i: 31?g 31%
2:00 31% 31J4
2:30 3l'[email protected]% 31V4
3:00 3114 31V4
3:30 31J4 31V4
Corn receipts In Chicago, 93,895 bushels ship
ments 10,067 bushels.
Jan. Feb.
9: 30 A. 7.77^80 [email protected]
9:45 7.80 7.90
10:00 7.75 7 85
10:15 [email protected]'4 7 [email protected]
10:30 [email protected] 7.8587&
11:00 7.75 7.85
11:15 7.77V4 7.87'4
11:45 7.77'/280 7.b7ys 0
12:00 7.77'/s(&80 7.87y,
12:30 p.M 7.82y,@85 7.92^(3.95
12:45 7.85 @97& 7.95 97W
1:00 7.87'/4 7 97V4
2:30 7.87^ [email protected]
2:45 7.80 @82 7.92)4
3:15 7.80 &<*2V 7 93
3:30 7.80 @82& 7.90 @92H
5.57!4 5.571.4 6.57-4 5 57^4
5.fi5 @57#
9:30 A.M
10:00 10:15 10:30 11:00
11:15 11:15 12:00
5.674 5.674 [email protected] [email protected]
5.65 5.65 5.65 6.65 5.65
5.55 5.55 6.574
12:30 [email protected] 5.674
12:15 [email protected] [email protected]
l-'OO 6.60 &C24 6."[email protected]
5.6 0 5.70
2:45 5 60 5.70
3:15 5.60 6.70
3:30 [email protected] 5.70
Retail Vegetable ard fro vision Market.
ST. PAUL, Deo. 13.
SPBINQ [email protected] per pair 15c per lb.
DUCKSScarce teal 25c black duck 3035c
mallards 50o canvas back 60c.
[email protected] per ft.
[email protected] per doz. (scarce).
BUTTERScarce fresh 2530c per pound.
FISHPickerel and common fish 80 white fish and
trout 80.
FBUITApples (Michigan), $2,002(3.00 per bbh
cranberries 8c per qt.
[email protected] VEGETABLESBeets, 40c per bus. carrots, 85o per
bus. cabbage, [email protected] per doz. celery, [email protected] per
doz. onions, 403150c per bus. potatoes, 3550c per
bus. pepperB, 10c per doz. parsnips, 40o per bus.
hubbard squash, 75c$l per doz. sweet potatoes, 5o
per lb. turnips, 25c per bus.
Sai ut Paul Wliolesale Produce Market.
December 13.
WHEATBeceipts fair 58 lbs., 731&79C 57 i
[email protected] 6(51bs., 71c 55 lbs., 63c 54 lbs.,60o 53
lbs., 57c.
FiiOUBr-Falr steady demand patent process $8.75
rtl2r^i^ f?
'^^Sm^^ifh^i^ ^K^^dl
7.00 straight, $4.50(34.75 clear [email protected] XXX
82.500,3.00 XX [email protected] buckwheat, [email protected]
graham, $4 4.25 rye, $3g3.25
COBNReceipt3 large demand fair on incoming
trains, free of elevator. [email protected] to sell, [email protected], free
on track.
OATSGood demand receipts'fair to the dealer
In bulk, 2123c on outgoing trains, free ot elevator,
[email protected]
HAYDemand fair receipts liberal wild, [email protected]
tame, [email protected]: baled, wUd, $12.
BABLEYThere is really no market samples
brought in are of lowgrade and meet no offers
brewers are well supplied and are not anxious to buy
except good, bright colors No. 3 maybe quoted at
HorsDemand slow New York, [email protected] Wiscon
sin, [email protected]
BEANSFrom $1.25 for common to $2.25 for hand
picked navy.
MI LL STUSTB In good demand receipts good
ground feed, [email protected] bran, $6^7 shorts, [email protected]
corn meal, per 100 lbs., $1.25.
BUTTEEMarket dull store packed medium,
46c good dairy, [email protected] choice, 20&22c.
EGGSIn good demand with very limited supply
market firm at 20c.
MEATSMess pork, inactive, [email protected] hams, country,
(scarce) 54"?7c hams, canvassed, lie plain, [email protected]
10!/Jc shoulders, 64 7c sides, 7 dressed
hogs in demand in small lots at 33?4c venison in
fair demand at [email protected], according to condition dressed
eef, [email protected]
POULTKYReceipts liberal demand good chick
ens, [email protected] ducks and geese, [email protected] turkeys, 8^100.
CBANBEBBIESReceipts lioeral good demand:
[email protected] per bbL
HAYMarket dull wild $9.0010.00 tame $12.00
baled wild 812.00.
LIVE STOCKNo receipts yesterday small lot of
inixod cattle sold at 2?4c.
[Associated Press Markets.]
Milwaukee Produce Market.
FLOURFirmer and more active.
GRAINWheat opened quiet at yesterday's quo
tations and closed less active aud easy No. 1 hard
934c No.l, 88e No. 2, 823Sc December 82?c
January 83c February 8374c No. 3, 69o No. 4,
59c rejected 504c. Corn very qu et and prices
nominally unchanged No. 2, 30J31c. Oats steady
No. 2, i'Oe white 21422c. Rye quiet and un
changed very light inquiry No. 1 in store 424c.
ilarley dull aud inactive No. 2 weak at 82 l-2e.
PROVISIONSQuiet and unchanged. Mess pork
firm at $6.75 for old 7.S5 for new.
RECEIPTS10,000 barrels flour 118,000 bushels
wheat 4,000 bushels corn 4,000 bushels oats 2,000
bushfc'.s rye 10,000 bushels barley.
SHIPMENTS5,000 barrels flour 48,000 bushels
Chicago Produce Market.
CHICAGO, Dec. 13.
FLOURNominally unchanged.
GRAINWheat ttrong and higher No. 2 red win
ter 88 88'4c cash 83%@89o January No.2Chicago
spring BaVot&yS'/ie cash 83&C December 83%(i
8394c January 84%c February No. 3 Chicago [email protected]
694c [email protected]/,c.
Corn fairly active and a
shade higher 3H6c cash 31?c January 3l%c Feb
ruary rejected 26#c. Oats dull and nominal firm
2054c cash 20c December 20%c January.- Rye
steady -and unchauged. Barley dull and nominal,
except No. 3 extra, which is stronger 55'4c.
PROVISIONSPork active, firm and higher $5.60
cash &[email protected]',-&%
January 5.70 February.
WHISKYQuiet $1.06.
RECEIPTS14,000 barrels flour 151,000
bushels wheat 99,(J00 bushels corn 34,000 bushels
oats 10,000 bushels rye 29,000bushels barley.
SHIPMENTS11,000 barrels flour 88,000 bushels
wheat 10,000 bushels corn 12,000 bushels oats
20,000 bushels rye 18,000 bushels barley.
GRAINWheat dull and nominal lower 8274 De
cember: 834c bid January 83?4c February. Corn
dull and prices a shade lower declined 4o. Oats
PROVISIONSPork dull, weak and lower 87.80
7.824 January [email protected] February. Lard quiet
and steady.
Chicago Uve Stock Market.
CHICAGO, Dec. 13.
HOGSReceipts 30,000 shipments 20,000 opened
steady, closed weak many unsold: choice heavy
12.7500,3.00 light 2.50&2 65 mixed [email protected]
CATTLEReceipts 3,100 shipments 25,000 ship
ping shade higher [email protected] stockers strong at
3..S0&3.e0 butchers' cows [email protected] steers 3.00
SHEEP--Rceipts 1,000 steady and unchanged.
St. Iiouis Produce Market.
ST. LOUIS, Dec. 13.
FLOUR-Quiet and uuchauged.
GRAINWheat higher No. 2 red fall 89 [email protected]
39's cash [email protected]%c December [email protected] Jan
uary 90?4c February No. 3 red fall 85 l-'[email protected]
Com higher No. 2 mixed [email protected] 29$4(
1954c January 30%(&307c February 34c May. OatB
higher No. 2, 20&204c cash 204^,204c January.
P.ye easier at 42?4c same bid January. Barley dull
aud unchanged.
WHISKYSteady at $1.04.
PROVISIONSPork firm jobbing $7.603,7.70.
Lard firm at $5.40 cash and December. Bulk meats
inner boxed clear at Peoria 83.824 January loose
clear ribs at the same point 3.55 ear 3.65 Decem
ber cash meals here nominally unchanged. Bacon,
uothing doing. Green meat scarce andjlrm. Hams
rause at $4.50(3(4.75 sweet pickled hams [email protected]^.
RECEIPTS3,000 barrels flour 40,000 bushels
ivheat 36,000 bushels corn 1,000 bushels oats 5,000
bushels rye 5,000 bushels barley
SHIPMENTS5.0J0 barrels flour 5,000 bushels
wheat none of corn none of oats none of rye
3,000 bushels barley.
New York Produco Market.
NEW YORK, Dae. 13.
COTTON8 [email protected] futures quiet.
FLOURQuiet receipts 22,000 barrels superfine
state and western [email protected] common to good ex
tra 3.75^4.10 good to choice [email protected] white wheat
extra 4.555.25 St. Louis [email protected] Minnesota
patent process 5.75.%8.00.
GRAINWheat active and a shade higher re
ceipts 138,000 bushels ungraded spring 82 l-2!i92c
No. 3 [email protected] No. 2 spring [email protected] un
graded red 98 [email protected]$1.0794', No. 3 red [email protected]
No. 2 red [email protected] No. 1 red [email protected] No.
1 amber 1.08. ungraded amber [email protected] 1-2 No.
2 amber 1.051-2 ungraded white 1.06 1[email protected] 1-2
extra white, sales 12,000 bushels at [email protected]
Rye dull No. 2 western [email protected] Barley dull. Malt
dull and nominal. Corn active aud a shade higher
receipts 7,000 bushels ungraded 465$47c x0.2, 43 4
steamer 45^c No. 2, [email protected] old yellow
western48c. Oats quiet: receipts 45,000 bushels No.
3 white 32c No. 2, 303830 l-2o No. 2 white 33 l-2gj
34c: mixed western 30,fi31c white western [email protected]
HOPS-Steady. GROCERIESCoffee steady Maracaibo 16?4c.
Sugar, fair to good refining 6,^0. Molasses quiet
New Orleans 28 3-ic. Rice nomiual.
PETROLEUMQuit united 92}49ie qrude 1%
@8?*c refined 84-
TALLOWFirm at 6%6%c.
ROSINQuiet and unchauged.
TURPENTINEDull at 1.284.
PRODUCEEggs steady [email protected] Butter,
western Bff&27c. Cheese quiet at 28 l-2c.
PROVISIONSPork quiet mess [email protected] Beef
nominal. Cut meats, western long clear middles
S4.374 short do 4.624. Lard higher prime steam
5 [email protected]
WHISKYQuiet and steady at S1-C94.
Philadelphia Produce Market.
FLOURDull superfine [email protected]: extra 3.00
3.50 Minnesota family [email protected] high grades 5.50
7.50. Rye flour 3.00.
GRAINWheat dull No. 2 red 81-05 bid amber
1.05&1.06 white [email protected] Corn steady old yellow
[email protected] new 444^44?4c mixed old 46c bid new
444c Lid. Oats dull white [email protected] mixed 284
294c Rye dull western54(&55c.
PROVISIONS-Firmer. Pork $8.25. Beef, In
dia mess $19.50. Hams, smoked 84c green 5c.
Lard steady: prime steam 56.OO.
WHISKYSteady western $1.09.
Boston Produce Market.
BOSTON, Dec. 13.
FLOURDull western superfine [email protected] com
mon extra [email protected] Wisconsin extra [email protected]
Minnesota do [email protected] winter wheat, St. Louis
[email protected] Ohio aud Michigan 5.00J&5.25 Wiscon
sin and Minnesota patent Bpriag wheat [email protected]
winter wheat S.i)07.50.
GRAINCorn, moderate demand new mixed and
yellow 45(548o choice [email protected] old scarce at 50(&63c.
Oats, dul No. 1 and extra white [email protected] No. 2
white 33'/4 No. 3 white and No. 2 mixed [email protected]
Rye, [email protected]
Foreign Produce Market.
i IK-^
ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, Dec. 13, 1879.
All persons interested in the assessment for
the construction of sidewalks in front of the
following described property, under contract
of August Meyer, awaided June 14tb, and ap
proved June 18th, 1878, in the city of 8t. Paul,
Ramsey county, Minn.,
St. Paul Proper.
Sunposed owner.
John Merriam, un
of nly 65 feet,
W Davidson, nn
of nly 65 feet,
Same, un of nly 65
John Merriam, und J
of nly 65 feet,
Same, un }4 of nly 65
Wm Davidson, und 3^ of
nly 65 feet,
Mary E Hale, sly
Same, slv
a 0
6 23 W 09
6 23 9 09
7 23 9 16
7 23 9 16
8 23 9 82
8 23
9 82
13 14
18 81
22 51
Bazille & Guerin'a Addition.
Chas E Dickerman, ely 66
feet, 13 12 23 71
Robert & Randall1*
Wm Davidson, of Ran
dall & Gueriu's claim
line, 8 20 14 82
August Botzet. of Rrn
dall & Guerin's claim
Clara Woolworth,
Wm Davidson,
Estate of McQuillan,
Same, wly 23 feet,
23 3 60
15 18
18 34
10 20
18 52
5 92
Leech's Addition
Alfred Porter, un \6
S Childs, und
James Gallagher,
Eliza White,
Joseph Picha,
Ann Pierce,
8 9 9 63
29 83
19 08
19 08
9 45
19 08
9 2
VandenburyKs Addition to Hoyt's Addition to
St. Paul.
Mary Springer,
Sane, ely 15 feet,
Luzla Kouzen, wly 30% ft
of ely 41)4" feet,
W Smith, wly 4l# ft,
Same, ely 20 feet,
Wm Murphy,
1 1
28 21
5 13
5 6
1 1
10 77
14 36
7 17
28 38
Joel Whitney'1 Addition.
David Callahan, 1 2 54 20
Ellen Manning, ely 72 8-12
feet of that part of
Pearl street, 7 3 26 84
Whitney & Smith's Add.
City of St Paul, Smith
Park, 10 135 66
Ewinq & Chute's Subdivision of Lot 1,
Block 8, Whitney & Smith' Add.
Wm Davidson, uely 29 ft 1 21 96
Whitney & Smith's Add.
2 3 4
5 6 9
8 8
8 8 8 7 7
7 7
Wm Davidson,
David Burk,
John Merriam, und J^
Amherst Wilder, und Yx
Chas Keen,
Maurice Lvons,
W Cutler,
Same, Chas A Mann, west
Same, west
21 56
21 56
10 78
10 78
21 56
25 87
68 37
21 56
21 56
2i 97
11 12
that on the 12 th day of December, 1878,1 did
receive a warrant from the City Comptroller of
the city of St. Paul, for the collection of the
above named assessments.
The nature of this warrant ia, that if you fail
to pay the assessments within
Thirty Days
after the first publication of this notice, I shall
report you and your real estate GO assessed as
delinquent, and apply to the District Court of
the county of Ramsey, Minnesota, for judg
ment against your lands, lots blocks or parcels
thereof so assessed, including interest, cost and
expenses, and for an order of the Court to sell
the same for the payment thereof.
333-43 City Treasurer.
ST. PAUL, MISN.. December 13, 1878.
All persons interested in the assessment for
the construction of sidewalks in front of the
following described property, under contract
of Gu Moline, awarded and approved Septem
ber 3d, 1878, in the city of St. Paul, Ramsey
county, Minn.,
Jarvie' Subdivision of Lot 3, 7?a*' Addition of
Out Lot* to St. Paul.
Supposed ewner,
Godfrey Siegenthaler,
Fielding Cmbs,
Philip Scheig,
LONDON, Dec. 13.
PETROLEUMRefined [email protected]%s.
[email protected]#s.
COTTONIn moderate demand [email protected] sales
10,000 bales for speculation and export 2,500 bales
American 8.500 bales.
BREADSTUFFS-Dull. GRAINCalifornia white wheat average 9s [email protected]
9s6d do cluD 9R 6d19s lid red western spring
No. 2 to No. 1 9s [email protected] 4d winter do 8s [email protected]
Corn, new western. 23s 3d.
PROVISIONS-r-Bacon, long clear, 25s 6d.
RECEIPTSWheat receipts forthe past three days
30,000 quarters: American 27,000 quarters.
YARNS AND FABRICSAt Manchester, dull
rather iower for all articles.
What is it A Cathartic and Regulator.
Cures impurities of the blood.
Cures liver and kidney complaints.
Cures indigestion and dyspepsia.
Cures billlousness and constipation.
Cures intermittent and bullous fevers.
For sale by all druggist*.
Edward Bigg* will supply the trade with
Verba Buea* Bitten at Chicago prices. 207-eod
0 a
Robert & Randall'
617 19
The Mount Zion Hebrew
Association of St. Paul,
nly 50 feet.
Morris Lamprey, except
nly 50 feet,
Wm Davidson,
1 12 20 70
12 12
48 43
98 25
6 11 68 71
7 11 94 30
Joel Whitney's Addition to St. Paul.
W Dixon,
Same, Same
5 2
6 2
7 2
7 45
18 77
16 39
Paul. Borup's Add. to St. Paul
16 11
16 11
that on the 12th day of December, 1878,1 did
receive a warrant from the City Comptroller of
the city of St. Paul, for the collection of the
above named assessments.
The nature of this warrant is, that if you
fail to pay the assessments within
after the first publication of this notice, I shall
report you and your real estate so assessed as
delinquent, and apply to the District Court of
the county of Ramsey, Minnesota, for judg
ment against your lands, lots, blocks or parcels
thereof so assessed, including interest, cost and
expenses, and for an order of the court to sell
the same for the payment thereof.
F. A. RENZ, City Treasurer.
Assessment for Fating JacKson Street
Crrx OF ST. PAUL, MINN., Dec 10, 1878.
The Board of Public Works in and for the
corporation of the city of St. Paul, Minn., will
meet at their office in said city at 12 M., on the
20th day of December, A. 1878, to make
an assessment of benefits, costs and expenses,
arising from the paving of Jackson street, from
Fourth street to Seventh street, in said city,
on the property on the line of said Jackson street
between said points, and benefited thereby,
amounting in the aggregate to $5,419.00.
All persons interested are hereby notified to
be present at said time and place of making
said assessment and will be heard.
H. M. RICE, President.
Official: R. L. GORMAN,
Clerk Board of Public Worka,
Will be received at the office of the undersigned.
Room No. 7. Fire & Marine Building, corner vt
Third and Jackson street, St. Paul, until 12 H.
on the second day of January, 1879, for four
thousand dollars ($4,000,) City of
St. Pail Seterap Bonus,
maturing in twenty-five years from January
1st, 1879, bearing seven per cent, interest, pay
able semi-annuallv, at the Financial Agencv of
the City of Saint Paul, in the City of New York.
These bonds will be issued in denominations of
Oie Ttoisai Dollars Each.
No bid will be entertained at Jess than par
and accrued interest, from Janury 1st, 1879, as
provided bv law.
St. Paul.'Decembcr 12th, 1878.
Chairman Committee Ways and Means, City
of St. Paul. State of Minnesota. 333-53
ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA, Dec 3, 1878.
All persons interested in the assessment for
the partial grading and bridging of East John
street, in the Sixth Ward, from the Owatonna
road to Greenwood avenue,
Will Take Notice
that on the 30th day of November, 1878,1 did
receive a warrant from the City Comptroller of
the city of St. Paul, for tho collection of the
above named assessment.
The nature of this warrant is, that if you fail
to pay the assessment within
after the first publication of this notice, I shall
report you and your real estate so assessed as
delinquent, and apply to the District Court of
the county of Ramsey, Minnesota, for judg
ment against your lands, lots, blocks or parcels
thereof so assessed, including interest, cost and
expenses, and for an order of the Court to sell
the same for the payment theieof.
223-33 City Treasurer.
Chap of SMi Street Me.
S T. PAU L, Minn., Dec. 7, 1878.
Notice is hereby given, that the Common
Council of this City propose to change the grade
of Sixth street, between Hoffman and Maria
aven:es, at their regular meeting, which
will beheld on the 21st day of January, 1879.
at theVmncil chamber, iu the city hall of said
city, at 3 o'clock P. M.
A profile of said prtp,*
Change can be seen
at this office.
I Official, M. J. O'CONNOR,
dec 10-tues&fri-4w City Clerk.
O. McJfAMAKA Proprietor.
Oor. Wtbashaw and Sixth itieeto,
First Class, but Only $2.00 Per Day
Metropolitan Hotel,
Cor, 3 and Washington Ste.,
St. Paul, Minnesota
Complete in all Its appointments. lrst-cUuw fa
vary department. Fare, 83 per day. 98-if
O soyss. In Probate Court, Special Term, De
cember 4tb, A. 1). lb78.
In the matter of tho estate of Margaret O'Oorman,
deceased: On reading the petition of James O'Gorman, of
said county, tiled in this court un the third day of
December, A. D. 187J,
Notice of Foreclosure Sale.
Whereas, Charles Bedard and Celinire Bedard, his
wife, mortgagors, did duly execute and deliver to
Mary Ann Bruce, mortgagee, a certain indenture of
mortgage, bearing date the Srth day of January, A.
D. 1874, wherebv said mortgagors did grant, bargain,
sell and convey to said mortgagee, her heirs and
assigns, the following described land and appur
tenances, lying aud being in the city of St. Paul,
county of Ramsey and State of Minnesota, to-wit:
Lot number thirty-one (31), of block number sixteen
(16), of Smith's Subdivision of Stlhson's Division
of the northwest quarter of section number thirty
six (30), town number twenty-nine (29), range num
ber twenty-three (23), according to the recorded plat
thereof in tho office of the register of deeds in and
for said county of Ramsey, to secure the payment of
the sum of $100, and the interest thereon at ten per
cent, per annum, according to the conditions of a
certain promissory note thefein described, which
said indenture of mortgage was, on the 21st day of
January, A. D. 1874, at 3 o'clock p. M., duly recorded
iu the .face of the register of deeds in and for the
county of Ramsey aforesaid, in book 31 of mortgage
deeds, on page 569
And whereas, said mortgagors did covenant and
agree in said mortgage, in case of a foreclosure
thereof, to pay said mortgagee, her heirs or assigns,
the Bum of twenty-five dollars attorney's fee and
whereas, default has been made in the conditions of
said mortgage, by which the power therein to sell has
become operative and there is now due on said
mortgage at the date of this notice, the sum of
$148.33, and $25.00 attorneys' fees as aforesaid, and
no action or proceeding has been instituted at law to
recover the debt secured by said mortgage, or any
part thereof
Now, therefore, notice is hereby feiven, that pur
suant to a powf-r of sale in said mortgage contained,
and the statute in such case made and provided, said
mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mort
gaged premises aforesaid, and said mortgaged prem
ises will be sold at public vendue, to the highest bid
der, for cash, by the sheriff of said county of Ram
sey, at the front door of the old court house, in the
city of St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey, aforesaid,
to satisfy the amount then due upon said mortgage,
and all legal expenses.
Dated November 9th, 1878.
MARY ANN BRUCE, Mortgagee.
DAVID SANFOKD, Attorney for Mortgagee, St. Paul,
Minnesota. Nov 9-7w-sat
Notice to CreditorsHearing Before
In the matter of the estate of Henry Bockenfeld, de
ceased. Notice is hereby given tlwt the undersigned have
been appointed by the Judge of the Probate Court
of the County of Ranuey, State of Minnesota, com
missioners in the matter of said estate, to receive,
examine and adjust all claims aud demands of all
persons against said Henry Bockenfeld, late of said
county, deceased that six months from November
20th, 1878, have been limited and allowed by said
court to creditors to present their claims to us as
aforesaid, aud that we will, on the first Monday of
every month for the next six months, (beginning on
Monday, the sixth day of January, 1879,) at the office
of JanieB R. Walsh, No. 15 West Fourth street, in
tho city of Saint Paul, in said county, meet to receive,
examine and adjust claims and demands against said
deceased as aforesaid.
Commissioners of the eatate of Henry Bockenfeld,
Aeeeaaed. nov23-6wat
1 fS.-Vypi
Kenny & Hudner,
Contracts taien and estimates given in any part of
the State on application. Call and examine our stock
of Chandeliers, Brackets, Portables, Shades, etc., be
fore purchasing elsewhere.
105 W. 3d St., Opp. Metropolitan Hotel, St. PaaL
8i. Paul Railroad Time Tables.
First Divisien St Paul & Pacific Ballxead
Maiu Line tnrongh trains for Litchfield, WUbxar
Benson, Morris, Olyudon, Orookstoa, iisixr's
Landing and Manitoba.
Leave. Arrive.
St.Paul 5:00 p.m. Fisher'sjti'gll:S8a.m.
Minneapolis 5:40 p. m. MlnneapolifclOrH a.
Fisher's Landing 4:50 St. FOJ 10:42 a.
WUlrcar Accommodatior,
Jdeave. Arrive
St. Paul 7:10 a I Mhmeapoli*... 4:S2
Mmneapol.} 8:36 a St. Paul ,6:40
Branch Liue through train for St. Cloud, Braineid
and Bismarck.
Leave. Arrive,
St-Paul 7:80 a.m. I Minneapolis 5*30 t.w.
Mhmeapols.... 7:30 a.m St.Paul.... 8:40 p.m.
S^ i*aui, Minneapolis and llianetonka trams,
Leave. Leave.
St. Paul 7:30 a. ro. i Minneapolis 8:30 p.
St. Paul 11:35 a. m. Minneapolis 5:40 p, xn
St. Paul 3:00 p.m. 1 Minneapolis 6.28 p.m
St. Paul 6:00 p.m. Minneapolis 8:C a
pml 6:50 p. m. MinneapoUslO.il2 a
Wyzata 9:28 a. m.! Minneapolis 2:00 *n
Wyeata 8:18 p. m. I Minneapolis 4.00 na
Minneapolis,... 8:16 a.m. Minneapolis 4 33
Minneapolis12:05 p. m. Minneapolis 6:56
Arrive. Arrive.
Wayzata 10.06 a I St. Paul.... 2:36 p. m.
Wyzata 6:18 St. Paul---- 6:00 p.m.
St.Pard. 8.34 a I St.Paul.... 5:4Uu.m
St. Paul 10:42 am| St. Pam 6:40 p.m.
Pullman Sleeping Cars will run on the Main Line
Trains leaving St. Paul at 5:00 p. to. Cars run
through to Fisher's Landing without chan ge,and
connoct there with Red River Transportation Co'
Steamers for Manitoba and all point* North on Red
Eivcr. J. P. FARLEY, Gen 1 Manager.
W. S. ALEXANDER, Gen'l Ft. & T'kt. Ag't,
Northern Pacific Kailroiui.
Depot foot of Sibley street, Ticlfct and Fre&h
office. No. 43 Jackson street.
fit. Paul
5auJ$ Rapids
Brainerd Glyndon Moorhead
Fargo Fargo Bismarck.....
Duluth N. P. Junction..
Lve. St. Paul
Westward. Eastward.
Lo. 7:30 a.m. Ar.
Le. 7:30 a. m.'AT.
Le. 11:10 a. m.
Le. 2:15 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:65 p. m.
8:00 p.m.
6:45 a.m.
7:15 p. in.
4:d0a. m.
3:35 a
6:35 a 112
t8:25 in
Sundays excepted
days oxceptod.
representing among other
thiugs that Margaret O'Gormau, lute of said county,
on the.15th clay ui' November, A. D. 1878, at St. Paiil,
iu said county, died intestate, aud being an inhabi
tant ol this county at the time of her death, leaviug
goods, chattels and estute within this county, aud
that the said petitioner is the oldest son of said de
ceased, residing in suid county of Hams* y, and pray
ing that .administration of said estate be to him
granted, and upou receiving notice from Henry
O'Gornian, Judfje of Probate of said county, that
he is one of the heirs of said deceased, and request
ing the undersigned Judge of Probate of Hennepin
county, Minnesota, to act for him and in his place Is
judge of said court in the above entitled matter.
Now therefore, pursuant to the provisions of the
statute in such case made and provided, it is ordered
that said petition be heard beforo tho undersigned,
acting as judge of said court in said matter, ou
D. 1878, AT 10 O'CLOCK A.M.t
at the office of the Probate Court, in said county of
Ordered further, that notice theraof be given to
the heirs of -aid deceased, and to all persons iuter
ested, byvUblishuiK a copy of this order for three
successive weeks prior to said day of hearing, in the
DAILY GLOBE, a newspaper printed and published at
ihe city of Saint Paul, iu said county.
By tho Court,
L. s.] JOHN P. REA,
Judge of Probate of Hennepin County, acting as,
for and in tho place of the Judge of Probate of
Ramsey Courty, Minnesota. dec 7-4w-sat.
6:40p m.
6:30 p. re.
3:10 pm.
6:25 a.m
6 05 a. m.
6:00 a.m.
7:00 p.m.
7:00 a.
10:03 p. m.
8:15 p.m.
Ar. Ar.
Ar. I e.
Ar. Le. Ar.
Le. Ar. Le. Ar.
Le. Le. 5:45 a. m. Ar.
Daily, except Sunday.
Train3 via the Brainerd Branch leave St. Paul
daily, exc&pt Sunday.
Connection made ft Bismarck with stages for
Deadwood raid all points in the Black Hills, and at
St. Paul with trauiB to all points ilast and South.
Iu effect December 1st, 18V8.
H. E. SARGENT, General Manager
Q Q. SANBOBN. Gen. PaasonRcr Agent.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St, Paul Bail way.
Passenger Depot foot of Jackson street. Tiek&r ed
Freight Office Southeast Corner of Third and Jack,
son atreeta. Oharlea Thompson, Ticket Agent. St.
River Division
Through Chicago & East
ern Express
Through Chicago & East
ern Express
Iowa aud Minnesota Div.
Prairie du Ohien, Milwau
kee and Ouicago Express
St.Loula & Kansas Olty Ex
do do
Owatonna Passenger
11:22 am 2 20 ptn
t7:40 no 15:47 a
6 30
*6.30 a
$0:45 a
I *5:16 I *11:S0 a
St. Paul and Minneapolis trains via Fort Snelung
and Minnehaha.
$6:00 a I Arr.MInneapollat^M
"-"5 0:15 am
8:2 am
Lire. Hranedpolis*6:25 am
8:16 am
*10:25 am
Arr.St. Paul *7:50am
9.05 am
11:16 am
6:3J1 t7:35pm
0:20 pm
tSatnrdays excepted. $Mon
tS :46
tit, Paul & Sioux City Railroad.
Depot foot of Jackson street.
Omaha, Kansas City and
Texas Express
St. James Accomdat'n....
8:30 pm
7:00 am
11:05 a
6 15
The 3:30 p. m. train connects at Merriam imat'on
with the Minneapolis and St. Louis R. B. for points
south. AH traina dally except Sunday.
W. H. DIXON, Gea. T'kt Ag't.
Southern Minnesota Kallway, Connecting at
Kauisey with C. 31. & St. Trains JVorth
and South.
At Wells with Central Railroad of Minnesota, and
at La CrOBBe with O. M. St. P. Bailway for all
points East.
Going WeetTraina leave La Crosse 7.67 a
Trains pass Ramsey 2.42
Going EastTrains pass Ramsey 10:46am
Arrive at La Crosse 0:26
Minneapolis Time.
St. Paul, Stillwater & Taylors Falls K. Co.
Depot foot of Jackson street.
nudson and River Falls Trains:
On and after Monday, Dec. 2,1878, thi* Company
will run a train daily, Sundays excepted, leaving
River Falts, Wis., at 7:55 a leaving Hudson at
8:30 a m, and arriving at St Paul at 10:00 a m.
Returning, will leave St Paul at 4:00 m, Hudson
at 5:30 m, and arrive at Hlvt-r Falls at 6:05 m.
St. Paid and Stillwater Trains.
Depart. Arrive
St Paul. 10:10 am
4:00 0:no am
..10:00 a*n
Stillwater 11:10 am
2:00 5:O0
St Paul 10 :0 am
Chicago, St. Paul & Minneapolis and North
W-Bconsin Railways.
Depot foot of Sibley street. Freight and Ticket
office corner Third and Jackson.
Trains Letve. Arrive.
Through Chicago and I 1*11.26 a. m.
Eastern Express 7:40 p.m.
Hudson Accommodation!* 6:0t p.m.
16.50 a.m.
2:24 p.m.
*7.S0a. ro.
North Wisconsin Trains.
Depart I Arrive
St Paul *ll:25am Clayton 5:40pm
Ctavton *7:30 a 1 St Paid. 2:24
Hundays excepted, toaturuajs excepted. Jiion
davs excepted.
Hereafter, freight for all points on North Wiscon
sin mnst be delivered at Union Freight Depot of
the St Paul Pacific and Chicago, St Paul Minne
apolis railroads. F. B. CLARKE,
Traffic Manager.
St. Paul & I ninth Railroad.
For Duluth, Stillwater and way stations, from Saint
Paul & Pacific depot, foot of Sibley street.
Leave 8 00 a Arrive 4 30pm
Hinckley accommodationfrom Saint Paul and
Duluth depot, foot of Third street.
Leave 11 15 a Arrive 260pm
All trains daily except Sunday.
Minneapolis Railroad Time Table.
Mlnneapolla et St. Louis Railwaysjuort
Line Iowa Route via Burlington.
Running through express trains with Pullman
palace car sleepers to St^Louis without change, 28
miles shorter than any other route.
Le. dally,
4. H. Bos* en.?M.Ag't
"W^rWmiffl^Mf 1 gftHfti3^%
Ar. Dally-
St. Louis Express 3:60
Passengers at St. Paul leave
by the St. Paul & Sioux City
B. B., at 3:30 p. M. connect
ing at Merriam June also
leave St. Paul & Pacific B.
E. at 3:00 connecting at
Minneapolis dally, Sundays Le. dafly,
excepted. Train on Satur- Ex.Sund'j
day runs as far as Albert
Lea, only.
Mixed Minneapolis and Mer
riam Junction, connecting
for local stations and St, P.
& 8. O. B. B. as far as St.
James 7:10am
Mixed Minneapolis and White
Bear Lake, Duluth and
Stillwater 7:
Omaha Ex., for ail points on
St. P. & 3 0 E'y., Omaha'
and California 1 3:6opm
Trains arrive and depart from the St. Pol Pad.
flc depot, Minneapolis.
Tickets and Bleeping car berths secured at dtj
ticket office, No. 8 Washington avenue, (opposite
Nicollet House) W. Q. Teller, licket Agent, and at
S Paul & Paciflo depot, Minneapolis, and at 116 East
Third street, St. Paul.-Oxo. II. HAZZABD. licka
Agsnt, CHAS. F. HATCH. Gn. Man
Ar. Daily.
Ex 8nnd*y
1 1 i
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