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Specially Beported for the Daily Olobe.
Happy New Year.
The postoflice closes at 10 a. m. to-day.
Turkey raffles were numerous last night.
Ladies, now is your chance. This is leap
The Masons dance at Silver Grey hall this
New Year's calling is to be pretty generally
indulged in to-day.
Col. McCrory's six acres of clear ice will be
ready for the skates to-day.
A grand masquerade is to take place a .
Harrison's hall this evening.
The Light infantry held a meeting for
drill and instruction last evening.
The Minneapolis Zouave corps has its next
meeting on next Tuesday evening.
A race track is being cleared on Lake Ci»l
houn. and fast horses will speed there soon.
The markets were fairly booming yester
day, and the fanners were correspondingly
Key. W. W. Sattoiloo conducted a teinper
anoe meeting at the Y. M. 0. A. rooms last
This being a legal holiday the banks, city
oilices, and most of ihu business houses are
to remain closed.
The members of the First M. E. church
h»ld a meeting last evening to watch the old
year out and the new year in.
The sale of reserved seats at the Academy
of Music is to be conducted at the jewelry
store of Kleges, on the oornsr, hereafter.
The board of county commissioners of
Hennepin county held a meeting yt&terday
but transacted little more than the usual
routine work.
A joint meeting of the So2iety for tbo
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the
Moral and Humane Educational society ia
'.1 bo held next Friday afternoon hi the Y.
M. C. A. rooms.
Tho railroad accident on the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Paul road caused consider- j
nble excitement in Minneapolis yesterday,
and hundreds crowded about the depot to
see the train come in at noon.
One of the Minneapolis Fuel company's
teams ran away yesterday morning, and.col
lided with one of the Package express teams
at Second street and third avenco south.
The latter team then ran away, and in turn
collided with Mr. Morrison's sleigb. making
» total wreck of it.
This afternoon the Knights of Pythias nro
to dedicate their now hall. The ceremonies
are to be conducted by the grand lodge offi
cers. A large attendance is expected: (a, all
lodges in the State are invited, In tbe even
ing the knights are to have another of their
ploasant social. The tickets inc!u-ic> admin
nion to the banquet hall. A delightful time
is anticipated.
A painful accident occurred on the Min
neapolis Eastern railway, yesterday after
n»>on, whereby a brakemaa named Jack Mo-
Conolley will be crippled for life. J::ok ia
Borne manner fell between the car* and one
arm coming across the rail was Brushed by
the cruel wheels. After tbo first trucks hed
passed over the arm he withdrew it so that
me other wheels could do no more damage.
The left arm wa3 amputated just below the
Last evening, the Academy of Mnsio was
tho scene of more genuine merriment than
lias been witnessed in that hall for many a
day. The colored minstrels, under iho pro
prietorship cf Manager Haverly, was the
cause of it all. Billy Kersands is funnier
than ever, and Tom MclntO'Sh'a n.outh id
row a fai- rival of that enarmous opening in
* Billy's face. Between the two, one is kept
in a continual roar of laughter. There are
a host of other excellent artists, wlio keep
things booming. The Boheo Brother* are as
'• i:)d as when here before. - Woodson and
Sykes are excellent, and Wallace
King sings better than ever. Tho binjo or
chestra and the various dancing specialties
wore encored frequently. Taken all in all
the show is the equal of any and superior to
the majority that have been here. The last
; -iformance is to be given this evening.
Don't forget to secure seats early.
At the clo3e of the performance) at the
Metropolitan theatre, last evening, the mem
lior-i of the company, representa
tives of the press and a few
invited guests assembled on the stage,
at the request of Manager Murray and wife,
(nee Grace Cartland). to partake of a sumii
toons repast tendered by Mr. array to the
company, the occasion being their second
annual reunion. The bountiful collation
was gotten up in the highest stylo of the
caterers' art and was dispatched by the as
•- "übly with due appreciation, and with
thoughts of kindest regard for
the doner. At the close of the report those
present proceeded to make merry by partici
pating in tho gay and festive dance, and in
this manner danced the old year out, and
inhered the new year in. At a Kt-nsonable
hour the company dispersod, all voting this
one of the moat happy events of their lives,
aad wishing Mr. aud Mrs. Murray many
years of happiness and prosperity, iv which
the Globe adds a fervent amen.
John McDonald was sent up for sixty days
for disorderly conduct.
Sam Sims, a vag., was seat up for ten days.
Fred Freeman, Ole Poleson and Lizzie
Wilson, for drunkenness, were up. Ole was
sent up for ten days, and tho others were dis
K. Black, fer obstructing the street, repri
manded and discharged.
Sophia Oleson was adjudged insane, and
% ill be sent to St. Peter.
The Good Deacon Smith Arrested,
Cincinnati, Dec. 31. — Richard Smith of
U's Gazette, was arrested at 1 o'clock to day,
on a warrant sworn out by the chi«f of po
lice. Wappenstein, charging criminal libel.
The matter which gave rise to the warrant
was an interview published in Tuesday's
(faaette, charging Wappenstein with com
plicity with gamblers. Sir. Smith, was re
leased on his own recognizance.
Lottery Drawing. •
Louisville, Dec. 31.— The fifteenth draw
in ' of the Commonwealth Distribution com
pany took place at MacCauley's theater in
••iepresenc6of a large audience. The capi
tal prize, 5-30,000, was won by ticket No.
•> 9°3- second prize. $10,000, won by Nb.
18,576; third prize. £5,000, won by *24,450.
Tne following tickets drew 91,000 each:
No.'a 61,899 and 49,309.
• Death of Senator Houston of Georgia.
' Nashville, Term., Deo. 31.— An Ameri
eus, Athens, Ga.. special announces the
death of Senator Houston at South Carolina
tuis morning- Fnneral Friday at coon.
Gathortfl by the Special Reporters »t the
I tally lobe.
Loo Statistic*.
With the intention of giving our readers
au accurate idea of the lumber business of
our city during the Bnminer of 187 it, we have
carefully prepared tbe following table, show
ing tho amount vi logs handled, what has
become of them, and the amount on hand ,
at the close of the sinson.
The statistics aro complete and full, and
plainly indicate tbe influence exerted by this
brauoa of business over all the othor busi
ness interests of our city. The firm of Da
rant, heeler & Co. heads the list, having
handled almost one fourth of the entire
amount :
This fir-n sold for different parties. . 45,773,507
On hand at the olnso of the season.. 12,000,000
Total 57,773,507
This firm sawed s.t their Stillwater
mill 20,500.000
Shipped to their St. Louis mill 7,000,000
On hand at ths close of the season.. 5,000,000
Total 32,500,000
This firm has outside of this amount sold
5,000,000 feet of their logs in Beef slough
boom, and shipped 4 ,000,000 from the same
placo to their St. Louis mill.
Sawed at his St. Croix saw mill 12,300,630
Sold in the log and shipped 19.928.125
On hand at the close of the season . . 3,590,475
Total amount of logs handled .... 35,909,430
Of the logs sold by Mr. Staples 12,000,000
feet were run by his own boats and sold at
point* from Dubcqud to Hannibal.
Sawed at their mill in this city.... 18,000,000
On hand at the close of the season. . 1,500,000
Total amount of lons bandied .... 19,500,000
Sawed at their South Btillwatcr mill 11,595,000
On hand at, tho close of the season. . 1,600,000
Total amount of log» handled .... 13,195,000
S.iwed at their mill in this city 12,000,000
On band at the closu of the season . . 3,600,000
TuUl amount handled 15,500,000
told for different parties 11.320,218
On hand at the clone of the season. . 876.48S
Total amount of l'if?s handled 15,196,706
JAS. 9. AMiKBSoy.
8..1 d for himself anu others 10,682,784
Oa hand at the close of the. season. . 500,000
Total amount ot logs handled.... 11,182.734
Bold Li themselves and «>iueia 500,000
On Land at tuo clone of the stason. . 800,000
Total amount of 10-8 bandied. . . . 6,300,000
Sawed at their mill 4,727,820
Oa hand at tho close of the season. .
Total amount of loj,'h handled 4.727,820
m'kusicx, ANBEBSO.N A CJ.
Sawed at their mill 3,500,000
On bund at the close of the Reason.
Total amount of logs bandied 3,500,000
This firm sold during the season 13,500,000
Had on hand at the close 3,500,000
Total amount of logs handled .... 7,000 000
This firm handled about 1,500,6:0
On hand 500,000
Total amount »f lox« handled 2,000,000
Sawed it their Marine mill 4,000,000
On hand above the boom 800,000
Total 4,800,000
Tho remainder of the logs owned by this
firai wero handled by Durant, Wheeler &
Co., and consequently foot up in their sales.
Sawed at their Afton mill 5,594,256
3*wed at bin Point Douglas mi 11 .... 4,357.890
Total amount of 10-;b handled 248,837,087
Total amount Rawed aud sold to
down-river parties 214,370,599
Amount no hand at the closo of
the season 34,466,485
George K. Finch and Cbas. Schafer, of
St. Paul, spent yesterday in oar city on busi
W. J. Stein left Tuesday night for Allan
town, Perm., to attend the funeral of his
nephew, E. B. Young.
The barber shops will close each even inj;,
Saturday night excoptod, at 7:30 o'clock
from Jan. Ist to Marco Ist.
There will be a rattle at Webb. McKusick's
j stables this morning of a horse, harness and
cutter owned by M. M. Clark. The lucky
man will get a neat turn-out.
en were at work yesterday clearing a
mile track on the ice for this afternoon.
Some of Wm. Veazie'a horses, one of Matt.
Clark's and other fast flyers are expected to
participate in the trotting.
If all the figures given by the P. P. cor
respondent on the business of this city for
1879 are as correct as those on the stove and
tinware business, then his article needs con
siderable correction. His figures for that
business are $600,000, and the actual figures
are only ¥60,000.
The following Still water firms are logging
on the line of the Narth Wisconsin railroad:
Dnraut, Wheeler & Co., Matthews & Jordan,
Gardiner & Baker, Kelley & O'Brien and
Fred. Bean. Three locomotives and ninety
cars have been placed at their service for
shipping the logs from the camps to Lake St.
Croix at Hudson.
B:illwater Lodge No. 1, K. of P., elected
the following officers Tuesday night:
C. O.— W. H. H. Wheeler.
V. C— Robert Brand.
I'rclate — A. F. Banftonherjj.
K. of R. _ B.— B. Lehinicke.
51. of £. — A. E. Jordan.
M. of F.— B. G. Merry.
Bepro»ntative— B. O. Merry.
The above officers will oe install*:! nest
Tuesday evening.
A jockey club has been organized in this
city, with headquarters at D. W. McKu
biok'n livery stable. Matt Clark was elected
president, Webb MoKnsick vice-president
aud Abe liorbacii secretary and treasurer.
The want of Each a clab has long been felt
in this city, and it is to be hoped that our
citizens will encourage and foster it by at
tending the meetings which are held each
day at Mr. McCusick's stables.
if there is anything yon want to know
abunt your horse, attend the meetings, and
yon will be furnished with all necessary in
formation. That is the purpose for which
ta • club has been organized.
The members of the club showed their
go judgment in electing the above offi
cers foi- they are well known for the interest
they take in everything concerning horse
A Masonic party at the ball Friday ©*6n
Among the ladies who will reoewe to-day
ia Mrs. J. P. Meagher, assisted by Mrs. P. K.
The Misses Smith, assisted by Miss Fan
uie Hose.
Miss Lilla Warner, assisted by Miss Wag
ner, Misa Emma l'uyne and Misa Ella Sherk.
Mrs. Gin. Baker, assisted by Mrs. Henry
Hamilton, Mra. M. Longine, Mrs. K. L. Hub
bard, Mrs. John Samborn and Mi« 3 Luln
Mrs. J. H. liay, assisted by Mrs. T. H.
Williams and Misses ltobb. Fletcher and
Three engiiieß and a snow plow were
badly damaged ueai Tracy lighting euow
Mr. and Blra. S. D. Parsons celebrated the
tenth anniversary of their wedding Monday
night last.
Five freight cars on the Winona road were
thrown from tho track by a broken roil
Tuesday morning last.
A meteor was seen here Tuesday morning
at half-past 0 o'clock, which lighted up the
whole heavons. Its course was from south
to north.
Wheat receipts are light.
The new Zuinbro flouring mill started yea
The oounty commissioners meet Jan. ;>th at
tho court honse.
Three of our notableu are in Chicago, Dick
Jones, Sam. Whitten and Dan Morrison.
Dr. D. O. Fosgate, of this city, has in
vented a trace buckle that will commend
itself to any examining it.
County Treasurer Keys is anxious to in
form his friends that his red nose is caused
by freezing. Nothing else.
Innooents' day will be celebrated at the
Episcopal church at r> p. m. to-day. A tree
deoked with presents will be the order.
Union service was held at the Baptist
church last evening. Key. J. Whisler preach
ed from the 13 verse of the 1 1 chapter of
The Northwestern Benefit association are
billing the city for their oourae of entertain
ments. The prospects are that they will be
well patronized.
Seymour Packer was befere Justioe Eaton
charged with moving mortgaged property,
and pat under $300 bonds. C. H. Gran
man went his bail.
One inch of snow fell last night, which
improves the sleighing. A still al&rm wus
Bent to the engine house, caused by a chim
ney burning oat on Fifth street.
Murray Westfall »uu wife were agreeably
surprised by their friends, it being the
tweJfth anniversary cf lueir marriage. They
were presented with a fine buffalo robe .
Charles Prentiss, of New Haven, stole
from the m&il carrier, Broxhohn, thrus line
horse blankets, at the Perry house barn. He
was arrested, and paid his lino of (18.30.
The funeral services of J. J. Sullivan, who
was drowned in Lake Michigan Oct. l'.nh,
was recently held in this city and his re
mains were interred in the Catholic cemetery.
Tho joint committee from tho several
churches meet at the Baptist church Wed
nesday night to consumate the linal ar
rangements for tho coming of Whittlo and
Appeal is made to the M. E. churches
throughout the State for aid to assist in the
erection of a church on the site of the one
recently burned at Waseca. which coat
ijiG.OOO; insured for .*2,000.
Saturday evening, at the Odd Fellows'
hall, the A. O. U. W. elected A. F. Keys,
M. W.; C. F. Anderson, G. F.: li. Dyson, O.:
J. W. Soule, secretary: I. Kobinson, F.;
Wm. Tcogood, treasurer; C. E. Statts, I. S.
An order has been received by the ltochefi
ter Harvester and Binder company, from
Mr. Knudson, whose headquarters are at
Fergus Falls, for ">OO Chapman's binders. At
the shops they sre at work to their fullest
capacity, and will endeavor to fill the order.
Thrccgh the kindness of U. X. Hanncn,
clerk of court, we are furnished with this
statement: Number of marriages during
187!t, 2:<7; divorces, 15: naturalizations, 77.
Of the3e 24 are from Norway aud Sweden,
20 from Germany, 18 from Denmark, 10
from belaud and 5 from England and Scot
Nicholas Dee, an old mac. residing in
Haverbill.happening to be caught out during
the recent cold weather when tbe thermom
eter averaged, according to different locali
ties, from 40 to 40 degrees below zero, and
became so chilled that he died from the ef
fects. Tiio funeral services were held at St.
John's Catholic church, Saturday.
Kochester Encampment No. 2, I. O. O. F.,
have elected the following officers: A. Hark
ins, C. P.; L. O. Benjimin, H. P.; C. T.
Coer, S. W.j D. Patterson, J.W.;L. G. Dud
ley, Scribe: Ihos. Ireland, Treas.: J. W.
Eveistine, Gnidf; K. B. Leet, I. S.; T.
Schwartz, Ist Watch: J. C. Meyette, 2nd
Watch; 0. Nenise, 3rd Watch: H. Kalb, 4th
Spec! »1 Terras Offered— A R ire Opporta
nlty to Secure a Live Newspaper.
The St. Paul Daily Globe for ISSO will con
tinue to be a live and vigorous newspaper. It
will contain all of the current news of the
world gathered by telegraph, and in local mat
ters will continue unsurpassed and will remain
as heretofore, a special exponent of St. Paul
enterprise and advancement. Tbo year
1884 bids fair to be one of the moat
exciting since the close of the war. While the
Globe will have its own well known views and
will not fail to express them, it will aim to be
a fair newspaper and worthy of support btde
pendent of political considerations. As an
additional inducement for all to subscribe we
make the following
Special Offer to Those Subscribing Before
February Ist, 1880:
By mail, six issues per week, one year for $(S.OO
" " " slxmcathe for.. 3. "3
Any one sending ten names at
one time and riPTY dollars will receive
therefor ten subscriptions for one year to the
Daily Globe. The party sending this
money can retain the excess obtained over fifty
dollars f*r his trouble, or ten persons can club
together and by sending their names and mon
ey together each one can obtain a daily paper
for on 6 year for five dollars.
The Sunday edition will be added on either
offer above at aixty cents for six months, or
on? dollar per year. All papers sent postage
to city srßsosiaEns.
In the city seven papers per week are deliv
ered by carrier, the Sunday is»ue being a double
sheet. Those who wiil pay a year in advance
prior to Feb. Ist, 1880, will receive the Globe
in the city fur one year for $7.
To obtain th<?3e special rates the r-übsoriplion
must be made pri.>r to Feb. Ist, IVO.
The regular rates of subscription are for
seven issues per week (by cairier) SS.4O per
year, or for six issues (by mail) 57.20 per year.
KfTpn-je Collection*.
Nashville, Term., Dec 31.— Wm. Wood
cook, United States revenue collector for
this district, collected *101.4.%->.lB daring
December, an increase of $39,023.80 over
the same month last year. Increase for the
past six months over the corresponding
months of lnst rear *144,893.
Fred R.Jayne. j . a joung man of 30 years,
personated Sana Claua at a reunion in Paris,
Kv., on Christmas day. He climbed into a
ehalr to hang his nick-nacks on the tree, when
his dress caught fire and he was burn? n to
death. His dre« consisted of white muslin,
filledjwith straw and covered with raw cotton.
Km— and Stoel—
New Tons, Dec. Hl.— Governments steady. Bar
silver $1.13}«. Railroad bonds firm and generally
higher; Chesapeake & Ohio firsts and series B ad
vanced 1H per cent.. State securities dull.
Stocks— market, although not specially active,
was strong. There were signs of weakness at the
first aud second calls, but each decline «as speedily
followed by a recovery and at the close the highest
figures of the day were current. Chicago, Burling
ton _ Quiucy advauced 7J£ per cent, the improve
ment ou the remainder of the list being [email protected] per
cent . The features of the general market were Erie,
grangers, Pacific Mail, coal shares, southwestern
stocks and Vauderbilt properties. The rise in Chi
cago, Burliugton & Quincy marks the appreciation of
dividend paying shares, and there Is talk from Bos
ton of a soon to bo developed cause for a further ad
vauce. Chicago _ Rook Island was quoted extra
dividend tbU afternoon.
At the close transaction* aggregated 168,000 share*,
of which 20,000 were Erie; 11,000 Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern; 13,000 Chicago k Northwestern;
11,000 Milwaukee & St. Paul; 14.000 Delaware, I_cka
wanna _ Western; 11,000 New Jersey Central ; 8,000
Reading; 3,409 Michigan Central; 1.000 Columbus,
Chicago & Indiana Central; 1,200 Hannibal _ St.
Joe' 14,000 Western Union; 12,000 Pacific Mail; 13,
00U Wabash, St. Louis _ Pacific; lfi.ooo Missouri,
Kansas _ Texas 8,000 St. Louis ft Iron Mountain,
and 1,600 Chicago, Burlington & Quincy.
Money loaned up to 7 per cent, and closed at 7 per
cent, Prime mercantile paper 5®6 per oent. Ster
ling exchange, bankers' bills steady at 89; Bight ex
change ou New York 89.
The following were the dosing quotations:
Co out, '81 107 New 4 per cents — 104
New 6s 103 Currency 6«
New4«s 106V4 PaciflcCs, '9s 120
Chi ft Rock Island .ll7si Iron Mountain IS%
Panama 167 St. L. * S. tO%
Fort Wayne lUtf do preferred 49|4
Olovel'd * Ptttsburg.lo7 do Ist preferred . . 69!*
Illinois Central 'JS'i C, St. L. &N. N. . . 25^
0 B.kQ 135 Mo. Kansas & Texas 82! a
Chicago & Alton 'J9% Union Pacific B*7»
Chicago & Alton pfd. 1 15 Kansas Pacino 81
New York Central . . 129: i Northern Pucino.... 32!4
Harlem 365 do preferred. . 6GV4
Lake Shore 100 Louisville & Nashv'l 86 1 *
Canada Southern ... CO Houston & Texas... 50
Michigan Central . . . BJ'.i Western Union Tel . 102 Hs
Erie 42' 4 A. *P. Telegraph.. 42 ft
Erie preferred 69 Pacific Mail 37H
Northwestern 90* Little Pittsburgh... 28
do preferred 105* Reading 71*4
Mil. 4 St. Paul 76^ Adams Express 10614
Mil. & St. Paul pfd 100 Wells & Fargo ..... 104?£
CM.St P. &Mlnn... 47 American 87!4
St. P. AS. C 3B United States 48 1 *
St. P. *S. C. pfd.. 74V4 Quicksilver
Del. Lack, k West'n 815 i Quicksilver pfd
Morris & Essex ... 102 LeadvUle 103J4
Delaware & Hudson. 75 Lehigh * Wllkesb'rellO
New Jersey Central. 80 C. P. Bond* 1114
Ohio & Mississippi. . 28 '» U. P . Bonds firsts . .111
do preferred 57* U. P. land grant... 112
Chesapeake* Ohio. 18/j Sinking fund 114 ft
MobUe&Ohio 2jy t 5t.P.48.0 firsts....
(J. C. C. &I 80 C. C. kI. C. firsts
O. 0.41 C 2O',i do seconds
lnd., Ciii. & I.af . . . 3' i Erie seconds 80/,
8.,C.K.&N Central Arizona — 19
TerreHaute 1G Caribou 5
Terre Haute pfd.... 39 Excelsior
W.St.L Pacinc. 42>i Homestake 98
do preferred ... 64^ Ontario 38ft
Hitinlbcl & St. Joe S3Vi Standard 28
do preferred t,Z% Lake Erie 4 West'n —
Tenneesee 6«, old . . 81 Deferred 10S \
Teuueeßee Ch, new. . 23 Missouri «a 109
Virginia Gs, old 25 Louisiani consols . . 44
Virginia 6s, new... 17 St. Joe 1(6
Consols 75
Foreign Money Market.
London, Deo. 31—6 p. m.
Money 93 1-16 Account »7»4
Now4 l ,<s '. ..109?£ Erie preferred
New 5s 106'/» Erie seconds 90
New lfXV'4 Illinois Central . . . 102
Reading 3?-2i Pennsylvania Central 62^
Erie 433£ New Jersey Central
Amount of bullion gone Into the Bank of England
on balance to-day, £13,000.
Paris, Dec. 31.
RENTES— per cents.. 81f I'- c for account.
The following quotations giving the range of the
markets during the day were received by
Commission Merchants.
Liverpool, Doc. 31, 10:00 a.. m.— Wheat
slow; Id lower. Floating cargoes quiet. Cargoes
on passage blow. Cargoes eff coast 8d lower.
Spring 6d higher.
New Yore, Dec. 81, 12:15 p. m.— Corn weak
and lower. Wheat bettor; look* higher.
New Tone, Dec-.' 31,3 1 , 1:00 p. v.— Spring
wheat firm aud auiet. Winter Arm ar<d fair demand.
N«w York Dec. 31, 3:30 p. Sf.— Winters
steady at advance; spring steady ; held firm.
Jnc. Feb. Jan. Feb.
9:30 i. K. 12 % liio*£ 1-fOJi ISO*
9:45 " 129 130', 13014 132«
10:00 " 1284 13"'4 1 29^ 131 >«
10:15 " l-28\ VAO% 129% 13156
10:30 " lWi 130*
10:45 " 128?» 130?, 130K 131 X
11:00 " . 128 \ 130* 131,4 132%
11:15 " r->92£ 131 131 13254
11:*) " 12^ 131* 130& 132*
11 :« " 1295 i 131^ 131 332? i
12:00 M. YB\ 131>i 131H 13iJ£
12:15 T. it. 129: 131H 130? i 132*
12:30 " 1» 131 h 131 132VJ
12:45 " 129V4 13 hi 13154 132*
1:00 " 12U?i 181K 131?, 132^
Wheat reoeiptH in Chicago, 107,631 bushels;
shipments 12,3iT2 bushels.
Wheat receipts in Milwaukee 38,830 bushels ; ship
ments 6,074 bushels.
Stock of wheat in Milwaukee 8,776,000 bushels.
Jau.| May.
*:35 a. H *3&
9:45 " 395 i 45«
10:15 " 3U l /i «X
11:15 " 39« «J£
11:45 " 33? i 46\
12:15 V M *«jK
1:00 " 39H 464
Corn receipts in Chicago, 286,560 shipments
menls, 61,1C7 bushels.
Jan. Feb.
9:35 A. « 13-30
9:45 " 13.28
11:15 " 13.15 1335
12:30 p. M 13.35
1:00 " 13.30 13.40
9:35 A. U Jan. Feb.
9:36 a.m T.52V4
9:45 " 7.52V4
11:00 " 7.8214
11:18 " 745 7.57*
1:00 p. x 7.45 7.80
Mjlwackzb, Deo. Flour dull and nominal.
Wheat opened firm and Ho higher, and closed dull ;
No. 1 hard $1.30 f t; No. i, 1.30 V,; No. 2, 1.29>i;
December 1.29»i ; January lM*i ; February 1.31 % ;
No. 3,1.15; No. 4. 1.07*4; rejected 96c. Corn W&
He lower ; No. 2, 39*i0. Oats dull and lower; No. 2,
35c. Bye qu et; No. 1, 79ftc • Barley dull and lower;
No. 2, 76%; c. Provisions firmer; mess pork doll at
$13.10 cash; 13.35 February. Lard, prime steam,
$7.45 cash ; 7.60 February. Live hogs quiet and un
changed at $4 [email protected]; dressed hogs dull and nomi
nal at 5.25. Beceipts, 7,733 barrels flour: 55,830
bushels wheat; 8,510 bushels barley. Shipments,
6,491 barrels flour; 6,074 bushels wheat; 7,48 1 bush
els barley. .*
Chicago, Dec. 31.— Flour dull and nominal.
Wheat unsettled and lower No. 2 red winter $1.30 :
No 2 Chicago spring 1.31 cash; 1.31>£ Jannary;
1.32?> February; No. 3 Chicago spring 1.15H;
rejected 96®99c. Corn in fair demand at lower
;39>£®39%0 cash; 39 7$ c January; 45Jf®46c
May. Oats easier ; 35c cash; 35^(^35940 January:
40c May. Bye steady. Barley steady. Dressed
hogs unchanged. Perk unsettled and generally
lower; choice firm; $13 25cash: [email protected] Jan
uary; [email protected]',4 February; 13 57 ft ©13.60 March.
Lard, $7.40 cash; 7.4« bid Jannary; 7 •57'/[email protected]
February ; 7.70 bid March. Bulk meats unchanged.
Whisty steady; $1.10. Receipts 14,000 barrels
flour; 107,500 bushels wheat; 287,000 bushels corn;
32,30 i bushels oars; 2,700 bushels rye: 15,000 bush
els barley. Shipment* 12,000 barrels flour; 11,000
bushels wheat; 61,000 bushels corn; 27,000 bush
els oats: 1,700 bushels rye; 7,900 bushels bar
Chicago, Dec. 81.— receipts 16,000; ship
ments 2,400; more active, but 10c lower; mixed
packing [email protected]<0; light [email protected]; choice heavy
4.45^9.75. Cattle, receipt' 4,5 J0: shipments 2,000;
good cattle liberal run; fairly active; firm; 4.75®
5.40 ; common to medium dull and weak: 3.50&4.20;
butchers steady ; veal calves 4. [email protected] 00; feeders and
stackers stead ; [email protected] 60. Sheep, receipts 1,000;
shipments 200 ; quiet ; steady ; firm ; [email protected] . 40.
Srw York, Dec. 31.— Cotton steady at 12 9-16®
12 11-16 C. Flour dull ; receipts 16,000 barrels ; super
fine state and western £5.6035.85 ; common to good
extra [email protected]; good to choice 6.3036..*^: white
wheat extra 6. [email protected]; extra Ohio [email protected]; St.
Louis [email protected]; Minnesota patent process 7.25®
9.25 VThaat quiet and weak; winter higher: re
ceipts 19,006 bushel* ; ungraded spring $1.3- 1.47 ;
Xo.Udo 1 41 3.1 4.'; N0. 2 d0 1 47&1.41: ungraded
winter red 1.52; mixed winter 1.53; ungraded white
1.52; No. 2 [email protected]; Ho. 1 do, sale* 30,000
bushels at 1-53S* ©1.54H ; No. 2 red January, sale*
200,000 bushels at 1 [email protected] .67* ; February, tales 326,
000 bushels at 1 [email protected] ; March, salon 8,000 bushels
at 1 62»/4 . Rye quiet. Corn, receipts 65,,000 bush
ola; ungraded 6i((j)640; No. 3, C1&61/,c; uteamer 62%
(0,0:10 ; No. 2, 63'/4®«40; steamer yellow 63c ; white
western ; No. 2 January and February Clc. Oats
stronger; receipts 48,000 bushels; mixed western i'J%
@60o; white western 604J52K0. Hay, good demand
at [email protected] Hops dull. Coffee dull ; 24,000 bas:s with
drawn from stock. Sugar quiet; fair to good refin
ing 7«c. Molasses steady. lUce quiet. Petroleum
dull; united $l.ll>4aill?i; crudo I.OBXS refined
1. 8«. Tallow firm at [email protected] 11-16 C. Rosin nnn at
$1.6501.60. Turpentine strong at 81.43&1.41. Eggs,
western [email protected] Pork, less active; mesa $12.50&
12.75. Beef quiet. Cut meats, western long clear
middles $7.25: short clear iiiddlea 50. Lard,
prime steam $7.72* for old; 7.85 for new. Butter
firm; western 13Q.23C. rheose quiet and steady ;
western B®l3c. Whisky $1.15. Leather, Hemlock
sole, Buouos Ayres and Rio Oramle light middles
and heavy weights [email protected] Wool quiet and steady ;
domestic fleece 42®85c; pulled 28&68 c; unwashed
[email protected]; Texas2>@3Hc. Manufactured copper, new
sheathing 28c; Ingot lako 2V!i<i^ny 2 c. Pig iron
firm; Scotch pig 28&30!4o; American [email protected] Rus
sia sheeting ll'4o. Nails quiet and unchanged.
London, Deo. 31.— Refined petroleum (is4'4d.
Antweup, Dec. 31 —Petroleum 19 l At.
Liverpool, Deo. Cotton, easier; G£@7d;
■ales 7,000 bales; for speculation and export
1,000 bales; American 5,500 bales. Cheese, tine
American 665. Bacon, lung clear 37s Cd; short
clear 82s.
New York, Dec. 31.— Business remains light
in all departments of trade, but the market very firm,
and a cheerful feeling prevails. Cotton goods quiet
and firm. Print clothes active and advancing. Prints
quiet. Men's wear woolens in light demand but
firm. Foreign goods dull.
Drugs, Paints. Oils, &o
Acid Acetic 12 Gum Opium 5 5o
Acid Cit GH Gum Shellac. .. 40
Acid Sulp 8 Hemp Seed 4 50
Acid Tart 56 lodide P. 4 75
Alcohol Ipecac, powdnr. ICO
Alum 4 Jalap, powdered 40
Aloes, Cape 18 Licorice extract 38 >
Am. Aqua 10 Morphiue|s)oz, . 4 00
Am. Carb 15 Nit. Silver 86
Annatto 40 Oil Anise 3 25
Assafcotlda 'M Oil Cassia 175
Arrowroot 12 Oil Bergajnot.. 3^5
Am.lsinglaßß. . .1 s<lal S5 OU Cedar 40
Balsam Cop 80 Oil Cloves 3 25
Balsam T01u ... 1 10 Oil Lemon 3 25
Barks, Peru red. 45 Oil Origanum. .. 40
'• yellow 25 Oil Olive, pure . . lffl
Bay Rum #grt.2 75a3 50 Oil Pep 3 25
Bi Carb Soda... 5a 8 OU Sassasfras. . 75
Borax 12 Potash, CM 25
Brimstone, roll . 5 Prus. Potash ... 30
Calomel, Am... C 5 Quicksilver 65
Calomel, Eng.. . 1 35 Quinine 865
Cayenne, pure. . 28 Red Precipitate. 90
Camphor 34 Rhubarb, root. 150
Cardamons.Mal. 300 " powdered 150
Castor Oil 05 Sago Pearl, $ Tb 10
Chloroform 90 Sal Soda 4
Cochineal 1 m Sal Nitre, pure. 13
Cream Tartar. . . 25 Seeds, Cauary 5
" pure 3S " flax, gr'd. 4 1-2
Emery 11 Senna 20
Epsom Salts 4 Sulphur 5
Ex. Logwood. .. 13 Sugar Lead 20
Gum Arabic. . . 55 Sp. turpentine. tlass
" sorts 30 Spirits Nitre.... 41
" powdered. 60 Vitrol, Blue 10
Bxlo, first quality. . .7 50 10x16, first quality. . 850
9x12, first quality. . .7 50 10x18, first quality. . .* 50
9x16, first quality. . .7 M 12x14, first quality. . .8 50
10x12, first quality. . .7 50 13x16, first quality. . .8 50
10x14, first quality ... 750 12x18, first quality ... 850
60 per cent, discount.
oils, a v.
Linseed, raw 75 Whale, extra 70a72
" boiled 78 Whale, No. 1 64a65
Bleached sperm 145 Carbon.inBpec'dl9VBa22'/4
Lard oil, extra 68a70 Gasoline, 85 deg 30
" No. 1 60aC2 Benzine, 74 deg 18
Benzine, 62 de« 18
Strictly pure, lots ol Washington 7 00
500 lbs 8 65 Metropolitan 6 50
Strictly pure, less N. B. k C kegs 625
quantity 9 00 " " tin 6 75
Boots and Shoes
Mens French calf D.S. peg boots, j>er case. . . $56 00
Mens French calf D. B. goat leg open boots,
per case, 53 00
Mens veal calf D. H. boots, per case 48 00
Mens stoga kip I). S. boots, per case afi 00
Mens black D. S. JO in. boot, per case '27 00
" '• •' 14 ia. " " . 25 00
Womens all calf peg D. H. polished, per doz. . . 22 50
" calf split back, D. S. jiolishod, per doz.. iil 00
"Misses calf peg D. S. polished, per doz 18 flO
Missea calf all split baclf D.S. polished, per doz. 13 SO
Childs all calf peg, silver tip D. 8.. polished,
per doz 13 80
Childs calf Bplit backß peg D. S. polidhed,
per doz 12 00
Men's No. 1 boot packs, per dozen 22 00
" 1 shoe packs, " 12 00
Leather and Findings.
Buffalo slav Bole ex. best 37a 3S
Buffalo slav sole be3t 3 a 36
Buffalo Spanish sole 29a 32
Best oak sole 4ua 45
French calf, 24 to 30 lbs 1 40a2 00
French calf, 30 to 36 lbs 1 40al 85
French kJp CO to 100 lbs 1 25*1 40
Hemlock calf 1 00sl 25
Hemlock kip veal OOal 10
Hemlock upper, per foot 21a 28
Hemlock collar, per foot 15a IS
Hemlock harness 34a 33
Oak harness 4Ja 45
Roans, per doz 10 00a1209
Pinks, per doz 5 00a 9 00
Russets, per doz 5 50a 7 50
Arrival and Departure of MalJs from the
Bt. l'aul Post Office.
Eastern— Arrives daily at 6 l. r > a m and 1 45 p m
except Sunday. Cioses daily except Sunday at 11 35
a m, and 7 05 p in.
Special— Hastings, Red Wing, Lake City, Waba
shaw, Winona and La Crosse, Wis., arrives daily at
8 15 am, and closes daily at 7 05 pm.
Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, {lowa Div.)~
Arrives daily except Sunday at ri 30 p m. Closes daily
except Sunday at 6 00 a m.
St. Paul t fe St. Louis, Mo., Iloute— Arrives daily
except Monday at 715 a m. Closes daily except Sat
urday at 7 30 p m.
Specials— Farmington, Northfleld and Faribault,
closes daily except Sunday at 330p m. Arrives
daily except Sunday at 11 15 am.
West Wisconsin Jiailroad—krr\\eß daily except
Sunday at 146p m. Closes dally except Sunday at
11 35 a m.
Specials— Elroy and Harvard Route— Black River
Falls, Eau Claire, Hudson and Menominee, Wis,,
arrives daily Monday exceptcd at 6 15 am. Clobbs
daily Saturday exceptcd at 7 05 p m.
St. Paul <£ Sioux City Railroad— Arrives daily
except Sunday at 11 15 am. Closes daily except
Sunday at 3 00 p m.
Fort Snelling, Minn.—kxrl\ta daily at 6:25 p m.
Closes daily at 7 55 a m.
Specials— Shakopee, Jordan, Belle Plain*, Hen
derson, Le Sueur, St. Peter, Mankato, Madelia and
and St. James, closes daily except Sunday at 6 30 a
m. Arrives daily except Sunday at 625p m.
llaitingt cf Dakota Railroad— Krrixe* dally ex-
Sunday at 6 25 p m. Closes daily except Sunday, at
6 30am
s'. Panltk Pacific Railroad (Main Live.)— St.
Vincent to St. Paul— Arrives daily except Sunday
at 7 30 p m. Closes daily except Sunday at 7 10 a m.
Specials— Minneapolis closes daily except Sunday
at 630am,11 30 am and 5 5.0 p m. Arrives daily
except Sunday at 9 00 a m, 3 00 p m and 7 30 p m.
St.. Paul A, Pacijic Railroad (Jlranch Line)—
Arrives daily except Sunday at 7p m. Closes daily
axcept Sunday at 6 30 a m.
Fargo, Dakota anrl Bistnarck— Arrives daily
except Monday at 550 p m. Closes daily except
Saturday at 8 15 a m.
Specials— Anoka, Elk River, Monticello, AlexaD
dria, BraineTd, Audubon, Detroit, Moorhead and
Fargo, Sank Centre, Olyndon and Lake Park, Minn,,
arrives daily exoept Monday, at 815 a in. Closes
dally except Saturday at 5 50 p m.
St. Paul & Duluth Railroad— Arrives daily ex
cept Sunday at 440p m. Closes daily except bun
day at 7 30 a m.
Specials— Stillwater, arrives daily, Sundays ex
epted, at 10 IS a m, and 4 40 p in. Closes
caily except Sundaysat 7 30 a m and 3 30 p m.
The Mutical World Is Indispensable to every
teacher, student, amateur, singer, pianist or person
Intel ested In music, and 18 pronounced by a promi
nent Eastern journal, "The ablest and most tie
eettful journal in America ." The Musical World
Is the oldest and largest musical monthly published
in this country. Each number contains thirty-six
large quarto pages, sixteen of which consist of
choice new vocal and Instrument!] music by the bent
American and European composers .
The music alone, given in this magazine during
one year, would cost In regular sheet form over
$30.00. Karl Merz. the editor. Is acknowledged on*
of the foremost A— erican inimical writers.
Each number gives kB the important musical new*
from all parts of the world, reviews of the late t and
best music and music books, interesting editorial,
musical biographies, sketches, rtorie:*, &c. Every
person who subscribes for this magazine during
November will receive the November and December
numbers free. Terms $1 , 80 per year.
A choice of premiums is offered for ten cents
more than the yearly subscription, making $1.60 for
both subscription end premium. The premiums are
as follows :
No. 1, Song Gift— A collection of popular and
beautiful songs.
No. 3, Sacred Gift— Sacred quartettes by the beet
So. 3, Piano Popular piece* of moderate
No. 4, Artist's Gift— Piano music for more ad
vanced players.
No. 5, .Musical Hints for th* Million— By Karl
The Mutical World is published by S. Brainard's
Sons, Cleveland, Chicago and Cincinnati. Any per
son wishing to subscribe for the Musical World
may can upon the (gent, or notify the agent by
postal card or otherwise to call upon them, with
nuiple copies of the magazine and premiums, for
examination. Sole agent for the city of ft. Paul :
LAUSA W. BALL, Teacher of Piano,
■ M Doug— street, St. Paul.
P. S . — Bear in mind that the publisher* now make
tir additional offer that every pen-on subscribing for
18)0, during the month of December, shall have Oc-
I tober, November and December of 1879 gratis
Articles of_lncorporation.
The name of this corporat'ou shall be ■ The Lake
Superior and Bed River Valley Railroad Company,
and iU object and the general nature of its business
is tbo tiurveylug, locating, building and construction
of a ingle or double track railroad, from the State
Una between the State of Minnesota and the St .te of
ousin, at Home feasible point in township No.
14« of runj-'e 16, west of the fourth principal merid
ian, in a goneral northwestwardly direction, by the
most feanible route by way of the mouth of the
Cloquet river in St. Louis county, Lake Winue-
Ku«hihh, Cups Jake and Leach lake, hi Cuss and
l t-'.-r.i couutiee, and Red Lake Falls and Crookston
in Polk county, to Bed Hiver of tho North, in or near
township No 14 • of range 4!t, in Bald comity of I'oik,
Minnt'ucta; and all such Hide-tracks, turn-outs, depot
grounds, depute, warehouses, elevators, machine
shops and car manufactories and othor appendage*
as it may deem suitable and convenient fur the use
and operation of said railroad, aud the operation
thereof in receiving, bluriui; and shipping freight,
and in the transportation of paHt-engers and freight
over said laiiroad.
The time of commencement of said corporation
shall bo the thirtieth day of Decinber, 1879, and the
period for the continuance of the same shall be fifty
The principal place of transacting the business of
said corporation shall be tbe city of Crookston, in
the ounty of I'olk, in the State of Minnesota.
The amount of capital stock of said corporation
shall be live million dollars, which sha'l be paid in
such installments as tho board of directors shall
from time to time determine, no installment to ex
ceed ten per centum, nor shall assessments therefor
be made ofteuer than once in thirty days.
The highest amount of indebtedness or liability to
which said corporation Khali at any time be subject
is three million dollars.
The names and places of n-Hcbiico of the persons
forming such association for incorporation, are
Morris R. Brown, Thomas O. Shipleigh, Frank
Ives, John Frederich, Arthur Yoernault, George
Crocker, E. B. Ellsworth and William M. Ross, of
Folk county. Minnesota, James Bardeu and Irwin
W. Gates of the county of Doughs;., in the State of
Wisconsin, and Isaiah Gerv-is of ted Lake Falls,
Polk county, Minnesota. ,
The names of the first board of director! of said
corporation are Morr s K. Brown, Thomas C. Shap
lei'h. Frank Ives, John Froiderieh, Arthur Yoer
nault, George Crocker, E. B. Ellsworth, William M.
Ross and Isaiah Gervais of Polk county, Minnesota,
and James Burden and Irwin W. Gates of the
county of Douglas, in the State of Wisconsin .
The government cf this corporation aud the man
agement of its affairs shall be veß'edin the board of
directors, to consist of not less than nine nor more
thau eleven in numbe ■, and who shall be elected by
ballot by the stockholders annually, on the first
Tuesday in Jane in each year, aud a president, vice
president, secretary and treasurer shall be elected
annually by the board of directors, provided that
for the pnrpose of the first organization of such
board said officers shall be elected by the present
board of directors, on the 30th day of December, 1879.
The number and amount of the shares in the
capital stock of said corporation shall be one hun
dred thousand shared of fifty dollars each.
In witness whereof we have hereunto net our
hands and seals this 6th day of December, 1679.
Signed and sealed in presence of
John McLean,
Hekrt Zimmkrmann.
In presence of— D. Gs-obue Morrison,
A. G. Bertband.
County of Folk, i
On this fifth day of December, 1ST;), personally
appeared before the undersigned, a notary public in
and for said county, Morris K. Brown. Thomas C.
Shapleigh, Frank Ives, John Freiderich, Arthur
Yocrnault. Georpe Crocker,-. B. Ellsworth, William
M. Hoes and Isaiah Gervaie, to me well known to be
the persons who signed aud sealed the forgoing
articles of incorporation, end er.ch acknowledged
the eamo to be their free act and deed.
[Seal.] John McLean,
Notary Public, Minn.
County of Douglass, (
On this 17th day of December, 1879, personally ap
peared before the undersigned, a notary public in
a* d for said county, Jame." Harden and Irwin W.
Gates, to me well known as the persons who signed
and gna'ed the foregoing articles of incorporation,
and each acknowledged the name to be their free act
and deed. D. Gko. Mobbison, '
[Seal.] Notary Public. D juglaes County, Wis.
Blank Book
ynnu*h»d on Short Motto*,
__t Reasonable Rates.
Estimates Given. Correspond
ence with County Officials, and
Business Men Generally, is Solici
ted, and will Reoeive Prompt At
tention. Address,
gey—District Court, Second Judicial District.
Bessie G. Cumiuinga against Lawrence Cumitings.
The State of Minnesota, to the above named de
fendant :
Yon are hereby summonel and required
to answer to the complaint in this action which has
been filed in the office of the Clerk of
said court in *-ius City of Saint Paul, in said county of
Kamsey, and •» serve a copy of your anew* r to '.he
said complaint "> the subscriber, at his office in
eaid City of Sau> ;aul, in the county of Ramsey,
and State oi nu-iieeota, within thirty days
after the servlc« of this summons upon
yon, exclusive of the day of such service, and If
you fail to answer thn said complaint within the time
aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will apply to
the Court for the relief demanded in the said cum
Dated November 12th, 1879.
Plaintiff's Attorney, St. Paul, Minn
pov IH-7w-thnr
Hcathern Minnesota Railroad.
Connects at lUiosey with CM.* St. P. train*
Worth scd South, at v,\;ia with Central read of
Minnesota, nd st La Crowe with 0. M. 4 Bt. P.
Kill way for all points East.
Going v/dit — leave La Cross* 7:13 am
Trains pas* Ramsey 1:15 pa
Going East— Trains pans Kattusey 11 : 36 aJ_
Arrive at La Crosse 5 :37 p m
Minneapolis time. W. H. BABBOS, Pen, lit A«'t.
International Hotel,
Corner Via & Jackson Street*, St.F»ml.
n>re« ruinates walk from tit* impel. Fir* pro**
P2IGEH to snrr thb TTsfMJI rat BAT.
glre li i trial, sat «c* lor yomstvta.
m t n ri,.-.«--. : >Toi>rt**CT
G3 lv» specific HKDICISK.
TRADE MAi?5.T!i-«ircatßn-TRAOI MARK
jjlldhK. »me«l y
will promptly »ad
r* 1 call 7"i r» any
and every eaee of
NeiTom Debility
eolt oX I»<llbcto
don, «ice_ or
orerwork ef the
brainaoHaerYoas ,
fjrttcß ; if pert "<-t-
has bvtn «xMnatT»lr.awd for orer thirty jean, with ;
moc«a». o*hll particular* in »tr p»_phi«t,
which we <i«wlr« u> Mad tn» by mall to •__■•; i
PTTbespoeifl* Medicine li »old to «U *"«_•_>* !
*1 per puiitia, or «U pscka«M f e» t*. or »£»»• —ml ,
f m to mall •<» receipt of tha man*?, br arUi—
No. 10 Mechanics' Block. Drnorr, Mica. ,
pr-soid la r.i f»w br idwM« ■. BKn. wr «a j
!>rn«S— tß, nmtin
St. Paul Railroad Time Tablet.
it. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba R. B.
Breckenridge and Kt. Viuceot Divisions — For
WayzaU, Delano, JJtchfield, Willmar, Benson,
Uorris, Breckenridge, Glyndon. Crookston and at
Leave. Arrive
St. Paul t7 :4oam J Breckenridge. t7:4Spm
Minneapolis . . t8 :20 a m Glyndon tlO :16 p m
Breckenridge. 18:10 pm Crookston 11:20 » m
Glyndon tlOlspm St Vincent.... ;B:lsam
Leave. Arrive.
St Vincent.... «5:30 pm | Glyodon tS:Wam
Creokston t2 :sa a m Brecken-idge.. i<i :15 a m
Qlyndon f3:ssam Mianeapohs.. r6:36pm
Breokenridgs. t6:45 a m St Paul t7:10 p m
Through to St. Vincent without change of ears
Palace sleeping coaches attached.
Crookston t7 :30 am I Fisher's L'g.. . t8 :80 a m
Fisher's L'g.. +8:30 a in | Grand Forks. +10:0) a m
3 rand Forks . . tS :S0 pra I Fisher's L'g - f5 :00 p m
Fisher's L'g.. ts:oopm | Crookston ts:s6pin
Fergus Falls Division— For Anoka, Elk River, St.
Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Sauk Center, Alaxandris a&d
Fergus Falls
Leave. XOBTB. Arrive.
Bt. Paul t7 :ooam | Kt. Cloud... tll:2oam
*•. Paul *6:2opm ! Bast SUCload tl0:.» a m
MtuneapoJß.". . t7:40 am I East StCloud *10 :06 ]■ m
Minneapolis ... +7 :00 pm | Alexandria. . . ft :0(i p m
Alexandria t4 :00 pm | Fergus Falls . t" AS p m
Fergus Falls.. tG;3O»m I St. Con*. .. . f2:Wpm
Alexandria.... fhr.'.H) am | Minue -polls . t6:'Jopm
it. Cloud t2:55 pm Mlnnespous . J7 :35 am
East St Cloud t4:3uam St. Paul +'■ ::ss pin
BaslSt.Oloud t.i :lspm St. Paul ;7:85»m
St. Paal and Minneapolis Trains.
Leave. Arrive.
tit Paul f7:Coam Minncapolia.. 7:35 am
StPaul 1 7:4 D am Minneapolis.. B:2oam
trtPaul 9:loam Minneapolis.. 9:45 am
StPaul 12:i>0 m Minneapolis., liiaipm
StPaul 3:lopm Minneapolis.. 3:40 pm
St Tail ts:4spm Minneapolis.. 6:20 pm
BtPaul ... *6 :2opm Minneapolis.. 6:55 pm
Leave. Arrive.
Minneapolis . . +8 :00 a m St Paul 8 :32 a m
Minneapolis.. 10:45 am StPaul 11:15 am
Miuneapolis . . 1 .45 p m 8t Paul 1 :15 p m
Minneapolis . . 4 :40 p m St Paul 6 :10 p m '
Minueirtollß. t6::)6 p m StPaul 7:lopm
tExcept Sunday. "Except Saturday. tExcept *
Monday. Al! utUer trains daily.
J AS. J. HILL, On. Manager.
W. 8. Alexander, Geu. Passenger Agent.
Northern Pacific Kallroj»d.
Depot foot of Slbley street. Ticket and freight
office, No. 43 Jacksoi street.
Westward. ' Eastward!
Leave. Trains. Arrive
*6 :2(.pmi 7:ooam St Paul 6 :4opmi t7Sssm
*7 :00pm! 7:4r»m Minneapolis... (!:2.">pru t7:3sam
♦10 :10pm 10 Sauk Rapids.. 12:4:>r<m; t4:l6am
I:i6anr I :4opm Brainerd 3:loi>mi tl:3oam
7:40 a i! I 9 Glyndon C:2samj 6 :43pm
8 :00am IK) Moorhead :03am 6rJopin
8:0.-;amilO:3>.p:u Fargo 6:ooam 6 : lspm
B:3oam i Fargo 8 :.V^nn
7:lspm Bismarck 7:ouaio
♦2:oopa Duluth H3:3opra
*4:oop— N. P. Junction 1 10 :60 am
• Daily, except Saturday, t Dally, except Monday.
Palace sleeping coaches on all night trains between
St. Paul and Fargo.
Passengers leaving St. Paul at 9:20 p. m.,rea'h
Fargo for breakfast next morning, and Bis_arok on
thejollowins evening:.
Connection made at Bismarck with stages for Dead
wood and all points In the Black Hills, also for Fort
Buf ord, Standing Hock, Fort Eeogh, Tongue River
and intermediate points, and at St. Paul with trains
to and fro all points East and South.
In effect Dec 7th, 1879.
11. £. SARGENT, Gen. Manager.
O. Q. Sanbobn, Gen. Passenger gout .
Ghlc»>j, st Paul m Ul-neayolla and Norti
Wisconsin Hallway*.
Depet foci of Slbiey street. Vittgbt and ticket
efflce coma r Third and Jackson.
liaina. Leave. _niv_
Though Chicago and I *li:M f m ;6 *0 » m
Eastern Express f tl*>pm *130pm
Hudson Acconunodafn. *6:40 run »taw a m
North WUconßln Trains:
Leave. Arrive.
BtPaol •li.-Mum Clayton •»<• m
Clayton *7:Boam Bt Pad 140pm
StFaol U:S3pm Onmbwlnd.. TrJOpm
Cumberland.. 6:45 am Bt Paul 1:30 pa
• Snrnlay exoepted. t Dally. { Monday *xoept«d.
Hereafter, freight for all points on North Wiscon
sin R. B. must be delivered at Union Freight Depot
cf the St. Paul k Pacific, and Chicago, St Paul *
Minneapolis railroads. F. B. CLARKE,
Trafllo Manager.
rno-PSOM _ Prrsc— , Tloket Agent*.
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway.
Passer depot foot of Jackson street. Ticket
office northwest comer of Third and Jackson street*.
Thompson _ Peteoh, Ticket Agents, St. Paul.
Trains. Leave. Leave.
8*- Paul. Minneapolis.
River Division-
Through Chicago ft East
ern Express *19:35 p m *11:3B a m
Through Chicago - East
ern Express 8:05 pm 7:05 p m
lowa & Minn. Div.— Dally. Pair/.
Prairie dv Chien, Mil
waukee ft Chicago Ex. *6:40 a m *6 :30 am
St. L. _ Ean. City Ex.. tB:M> p m $8:20 p m
Accommodat'n »4:10 p m *4 :10 m
St. Paul and Minneapolis trains, via Fort Smiling
and Minnehaha.
Leave St. Paul 6:10 am Le Minneapolis '6:30 a m
" " 8:40 am " " 8:16 am
" " 10:05 am " " 1000 am
*< " 1:30 pm " " "11 a m
" " *3:lopm " " 1:50 pm
"* " *4:lopm " " *4 :10 pm
■' " 6:30 pm " " s:Uym
" " 1 8 p m " " 7:06p m
'Sundays except ■ Saturdays excepted. $_on
days excepted. Trains not marked are daily.
J. A. Chandler, Gen. Agent, 118 E. Third St. _
St. Panl A Sioux City Railroad.
Depot foot of Jackson street.
" Trains. Leave. Arrive.
Oman*, Kin— OJty sod Texas
■raws l_opm 11.-OOau
Km Earth City and Worthlngton
Aeeommodatlon 7:13 am 6:Mpm
Take til* T :15 a. m. tram for •'! points on H. _ D.
&B. west of Bhakopea; for all points on W. * 8b
P. R. B. west of Easotm, Including Bedwood Fails,
and for Wlnnebago City, Blue Earth Oity, Jackson,
WorUungtou and Intermediate points. Take the 8:80
p. m. train for all point* on H. It D. It. B. as ar as
«l*cooe; for all points on W. k St. P. R. R. west of
Kaftota, except Bedwood Falls, and for all points oa
Main Line, Black Hill* and Sioux Falls Divisions.
W. H. D— ON, Oc— Ticket Agent.
Ht. Paul, Still water & Taylors Fall* B. K. Co.
Depot foot of Jackson street.
Leave. Arrive.
St. Paul 10:10 an -itillwater 11:10 a in
•• 12:55 pn. " 3 3()pm
11 4:oopn, " 6 :00 p m
Stillwater 9:00 am St Paul 10:u0 a m
" 10:00 am •' 11:20 am
" 3:25 pm " 3:25 pa
■ Sundays excepted.
River Falls train loaves St. Paul for River Fails
and Hudson at 4 :00 pm . Depot foot of Jackson St.
St. Paul & Duluth Railroad.
Depot foot of Blbley street. .
Trains. I Leave. Arrive.
Still water, Hlncldey and Duluth | 8:00 km 4:80 pas
♦Hlnckley accommodation I 11 :16 ant | a 80 pot
*Tbir<l street depot.
Minneapolis Railroad Time Table.
Miunnapoli* & Bt. I.oui* Hallway— Short
Line, lowa Route, vi.t Burlington.
New line between Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chi
cago. Short line via Burlington, running throngb
express trains with PULLMAN PALACE CAR
28 mile* shorter than any other route.
'Le. dally. Ar. daily.
St. Louis Expre.il j I:6spm' 11:10 am
Passengers at St. Paullesveby Ex. Sat'y. Ex. Mon.
the St. Paul _ Pacific R. 11., I
at 13 in, connecting at Min
neapolis. On Saturday tliis| ■
train runs to Albert Lea oniy '
Passenger train for Chaska.i
Carver and Merriam Junc
tion, connect! g at Ch»B :al ;£"
for points on Hastings _ Ex. Pun. Sun.
Dakota railroad 9:ooam' !•.-■)
Mixed, Minneapolis and Mer
riam Junction, connecting to)
and from all local stations on 7 :00 am 6 :S0 pir
St. P. 48. C.R. B. f ar as
St. James. Connects at
Chaska to and from all points'
on Hastings & Dakota It. X I
Omaha Ex., to and from all |
points on St. P. & 8. C. K'y.,
Omaha and California; also 3:3opm 11:1) a m
to and from points on Eas
tings* Dakota Ry. west to
—zed, Minneapolis and White ) 7:10
Bear Lake and Dnluth \ :05 pm
Mixed, Minneapolis, White \ 7:loam 9:.'.ssiu
Bear Lake aud Stiliwater i :1 5 pui 5:05 p m
Mixed trains for Twin Lakes, Norman, Lake Mi i-,
Benson's Grove and Forest City, leaves Albert Lea at
•:4'J a. M , Sundays exempted. R«turnini; lcar?s
Forest City at 2:40 p. m., except rundsy.
Trains arrive aud depart from the Pan! ft Paris*
i depot, Minneapolis.
Tickets and sleeping car berth* secured at city
ticket office, No. 8 Washington avenue, (opposite
Nloollet House; W. Q. Tel.'Hr, ticket agent, and at
3t. Paul k Pacific depot, Minneapolis, and at 118
East Third street, St. i aul— Oeo. 11. Hazzard, ticket
igent. CHAS V HATCH, Gen. Manager.
A- E. Bods, Fimcc.w Agent

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