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The Canoe club will meet at A. B. Taylor's
office to-night.
Prof. Danz will be tendered a benefit concert
at an early date.
The case of E. A. Henderson vs. the City of
Minneapolis is continued, owing to the illness
of plaintiff 8 attorney.
The literary association connected with the
Washington Avenue M. E. church will give
an entertainment to-morrow evening.
The county commissioners meet this morn,
ing to hear the auditor's report for the year
ending March 1, and transact other business.
The funeral services of Frank Tidd, who
was killed by a falling tree, at Aitken, on Sat
urday, occurred at his father's residence yes
terday afternoon.
The bonds of E. H. Page, town treasurer of
Excelsior ,'and Charles Schribe, occupying the
same position at Plymouth, were filed at the
register of deeds' oflice yesterday.
The attention of the district court was occu
pied yesterday by the trial of A. R Gill vs.
Wolford & Jones. The case grew out of the
fall of the Wolford building on Nicollet ave
nue last spring. Gill brings action for $5,000
damages caused by non-payment of money due
on carpeifcr work done ou the building.
Jan-es^fenson and Thomas Flannigan were
arrested yesterday for assaulting and beating
James Wilson, at Dennin^ton & Myer's saloon
on Saturday night. Flttnmgan was discharged,
and Bennington was held in the sum of $200
for his appearance for trial on Thursday
morning, Patrick Sullivan deposited the
necessary "dust," and Benson was released
from custody. It is expected that Wilson
will be so far recovered from the effects »f his
pounding as to appear on Thursday, at which
time the facts in the case will be learned.
The case of Benjamin W. Smith, adminis
trator of the estate of James H. Munger, vs.
N. R. Thompson, will be taken up before
Judge Vanderburg to-dry. The trial will
bring before the public the condition of the
county jail, and the manner in which Sheriff
Thompson cared for the prisoners during the
"blizaard" of October last, the suit being
to recover damages laid at $5,000 for the
death of James H. Munger, who was confined
at the jail on a charge of larceny, and who
died from exposure and ill-treatment while iv
the custody of the sheriff.
Patrick Sullivan and John Flannigan were
arraigned before Judge Bailey yesterday,
charged by James Wilson with keeping a
gambling house. Flannigan was discharged,
und Sullivan plead guilty,"flned $50 and costs
and discarged It is regretted that the
case did not come to trial, for
the police officials and "detective" would
then have been informed where the gambling
room was. As the matter now stand they are,
or must be from their actions, just as much
in the dark as ever, to the whereabouts of the
The friends and acquaintances of the family
of Anthony Kelly will be pained to learn of
dtath of Anthony Kelly, Jr., which occurred
ou Sunday. The child was the only son and
r-as a bright boy of 10 years. His sickness
was not considered dangerous until Saturday
afternoon. A consultation of physicians was
held Sunday morning, but without avail. Mr.
Kelly is at present in Arizona, where he has
been for some time engaged in the interests
of valuable mining property. A telegram an
nouncing the sad intelligence was sent him
and the funeral will be deferred, if possible,
until he is heard from.
A Short Honeymoon.
The case of Matilda R. Baldwin vs. Hart R.
Baldwin is the latest divorce case filed in the
district court. The complaint made by Ma
tilda alleges that she married the defendant on
January 17, 1881; that she is 32 and he 66 years
of age; that each has a child living in defend
ant's family, while he has several children who
reside away from home. She charges defendant
with being extremely miserly in his support
of the family, allowing her only $1 per week
for family expenses. She alleges that de
fendant is the owner of property valued at
$50,000, including, among other real estate,
the residence at 325 Fourth street south, where
he lives. In view of this state of affairs, she
petitions the court to grant her a divorce and
District Court. '
[Before Judge Vanderburgh.]
A. R. Gill vs. Peter Wolford and Jesse
Jones. ; On trial.
Probate Court.
[Before Judge Rea.]
In the estate of Arno W. Jewett. Order
made for administrator to file bond in the
Mim of $500.
In the estate of Thomas O'Riley. Order
made for creditors to present claims.
Jn the matter of the guard'tnship of Walter
L. Chandler. Account of guardian's account
heard and allowed.
In the estate of Sarah S. Abraham. Petition
for letters of administration made and hearing
set for April 11.
Municipal Court.
[Before Judge Bailey.]
The City vs. John Flanigan and Patrick
?ullivan; keeping a gambling house. Fined
?50 and costs.
The State vs. James Benson and Thomas
Fliinigan; assault and battery. Flanigan was
di?charged and Benson was "held for trial on
March 17.
The State vs. Oliver Peterson; selling liquor
to a minor. Fined $25 and costs.
Following in the Footsteps of Minnesota.
Nashtille, March 14. — The governor
to-day submitted to the legislature a brief
message presenting a proposition for ad
justment of the State debt, from a com
mittee of bondholders representing a
majority of outstanding bonds, to fund
said bonds and interest coupons up to
July, 1881, payable in ninety-nine years,
and* redeemable at any time after five
years, at the pleasure of the State, with
interest at 3 per cent., and coupons to be
receivable for taxes. The governor says
the annual interest in the terms proposed
■w ill be less by $162,000 than the interest
based on a settlement of 60 per cent.
London Money Market.
Londow, March 14.
Money. 99 11-16 Account. 99 13-16
New 5s 104 N. V.Central ... .152
New 4^B 114* Erie 49%
New 4s 116^f Erie seconds 103^
Illinois Central ..137}| Reading St*
Pa. Central 68#
Official Publication of Resolution Passed
by the Common Council of the City of St,
Paul March Bth, 1881.
By Aid. Dorian-
It is hereby ordered by the Common Council of
the City of Saint Paul:
That the matter of opening and extendine
Grant street from Summit 6treet to Bluff
street in the city of St. Paul
be, and the same is hereby referred
to the Board of Public Works to investigate
and report. j£i
First —Is this improvement proper and neces
Second— Give the Council an estimate of the
expense thereof.
Third — Can real estate to be assessed for said
improvement be found benefited to the extent
of damages, costs and expenses necessary to be
incurred thereby? • - ■ . — -■
Fourth such , improvement asked for
npon the petition o 1 " application of the owners
of a majority of the property to be assessed
for such improvement?
Fifth— Send the Council a plan or profile of
paid improvements as required by law, if you
report in favor of the same.
Sixth— Send the Council a proper order direct
ins the work to be done.
Teas — Allen, Dowlan, O'Connor, Otis,
Ringwald,' Cornish, Griggs, Brennan, Minea,
-~- -Mr. President— : - - ■
ApprwedJNlarch 14, 1881.
: . • -* >^- Thob. Gracf, ;
- - President of Council.
Thoß. A. Peb»dbboaßT, City Clerk.
And the Prices Established Thereby in
Leading Markets— Stocks Up and Down;
Closing Firm-Wheat and Corn Fairly
Active and a Shade Higher-Provisions
Active, Firm and Higher.
St. Paul, March 15, 1881.
On th« board of trade yesterday buyers'
prices were as follows:
Wheat— No. 1 hard, 96c bid; No. 2 93c;
No. 1, 93c; No. 2, 90c; do. April 93c; do. May,
93c; No. 3, 81c.
Corn— No. 2, 42c bid, 43c asked; March,
37c; May 39c bid.
Oats— No. 2 white, 32c; No. 2 do. 81c;
No. 2 mixed 31c bid, Sl.Sc asked; do May,
32c; No. 3,30 c.
Barley— No. 2, 80c; No. 3 extra, 70c;
No. 3, 62c.
Ground Feed— sls.so.
Corn Meal— sl4.so.
Bran— s9.oo.
Baled Hay— slo.so.
Hops— Live, $5.25; dressed, $6.75.
Flour— ls selling from store to the trade at
$5.00 per barrel for XXXX, $5.50 for straight
and [email protected] for patent brands. Rye flour,
Butter— Selling from store at 12« @l7c per
pound for shipping grades and [email protected] for
good to choice.
Eggs— Selling from store at 18c per dozen.
Hides,etc.— Buyers' quotations: Green hides
7^ c per pound; green 6alted 8% c; dry salted
lie; dry flint 14c; green calf 12c; green kip
9c. No. 2 stock two-third prices. Pelts weak
at 30c per pound for estimated wool.
Wool— Nothing doing; very little left in the
country. Buyers' nominal quotations: Un
washed [email protected] per pound; washed [email protected]
•iThe Hudson Bay Company's .London sales of
furs began yesterday. Less interest than
usual attaches here to the results, because of
the extraordinarily small catch of the season
throughout all the large part of the continent
in which St. Paul buyers operate.
Eastern and European Markets.
New York, March 14.— Money easy at [email protected]
per cent. Prime mercantile paper [email protected] per cent^
Sterling exchange, bankers' bills strong a£
$4.80. Sight exchange on New York at
Governments steady and higher.
Bonds— Railroad bonds active but Irregular.
Btate securities dull.
The stock market opened strong and in early
dealings advanced * to 5 per cent., the latter
in Chicago, St. Louis & New Orleans,
which, however, subsequently reacted 3 per
cent. The general. list also reacted a fraction,
but during the afternoon speculation again
became firm and an advance, ranging from % to
3% per cent, was recorded, in which the
Illinois Central, New Jersey Central and St.
Paul were most prominent. In late dealings a
reaction of % to % per cent, took place, which
was partly recovered in the final sales. Indian
apolis, Bloomington & Western advanced 6%
per cent, on to-day's transactions.
The transactions aggregated 331,000 shares;
15,000 Chicago, Columbus & Indiana Central;
10,000 Canada Southern; 5,000 Chicago, St.
Louis & New Orleans; 4,000 Chesapeake &
Ohio; 21,000 Delaware, Lackawanna & Western;
1,00 Delaware & Hudson; 3.000 Denver & Rio
Grande; 4,000 Erie; 4,000 Hannibal & St. Joe;
24,000 St Louis <fc Iron Mountain; 24,000
Missouri, Kansas & Texas; 9,000 Lake Shore;
1,000 Louisville & Nashville; 6,000 Michigan
Central; 7,000 Manhattan Elevated; 17,000 Chi
cago & Northwestern; 6,000 Nashville, Chat
tanooga & St. Louis; 24,000 New Jersey Cen
tral; 1,000 New York Central; 2,000 Northern
Pacific; 1,800 Ohio & Mississippi; 6,000 On
tario & Western; 1,000 Ohio Central; 1,000
Pacific Mail; 2,000 Philadelphia & Reading;
48,000 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul; 2,UUi>
St. Paul & Omaha; 6,000 Texas & Pacific;
13,000 Union Pacific; 8,000 Wabash, St. Louis
& Pacific; 13,000 Western Union Telegraph;
13,000 Illinois Central.
Rock Island 135 B. C. R. & N. . . . 75
Panama 212 Ontario & West. 37
Fort Wayne 133% Alton &T. H. . . 43 *
Pittsburgh do preferred... . 123%
Illinois Central Wab. St. L. & P.. 46*
C. B. A Q 163% do preferred. . . 89^
Chicago & A1t.. .141) Han. & St. Joe.. 67
do preferred.... 139 do preferred.. 104%
N. Y. Central. ..146 Iron Mountain .. 60%
Harlem 190 Bt. L. & 8. F 42
Lake Shore 127% do preferred. .. 63
Canada South'n. 81 do Ist pref'd... 94
Mich. Central. . .112^ C. St. L. &N. O. 73
Erie 48X Kansas & Texas. 47%
do preferred... 87 Union Pacific... 122%
North western... 124% Central Pacific. 86 s
do preferred.... 134}* Texas Pacific. ... 58
Mil. & St. Paul. 118% Northern Pacific. 49%
do preferred.... 123% do preferred.. 73%
Del. & Lack 129% L'ville & Nash . . 92%
Morris & Essex 121% N. C. & St. L. . . . 92%
Delaware & H. . . 113% L. N. A. & C 71
N. J. Central . . . . K5 % Houston & Tex.. . 66
Reading 66 Denver &R. G.. 105
Ohio & Miss .... 43% St. Paul & Om'a. 43%
do preferred... 104}| do preferred.. 101%
Chesapeake &O. 2b}{ P. B. & W S9
do Ist pref'd.. 39% Memphis & C'n. 42
do 2d pref'd. . . 29% Am'n Union T. . 80
Mobile & Ohio. . 23% West. Union T. . 116*
C. C. C. & 1 865^ Atlantic & Pac. 48
C. C. &I. C 26}< Pacific Mail .... 58%
Ohio Central. .. 32% Adams Express. . 128
Lake Erie & W. . 53 Wells & Fargo.. .llß
Peoria, D. & E. . 40 American 79
Ind. B. & West. . 65 United States.... 77*
M.&C.lstpfd.. 11 Quicksilver^ 15
do2dprerd. .. 7 do preferred.... 61%
. . . .No sales. tOffered.
Coupons, '81. . . .102^ New 4 per cents. 113%
New ss 101 Pacific6s, '95.... 130
New 4*5. ..... 111%
La. consols 61% Virginia 6s, old. 31
Missouri 6s lit Virginia 6s, new. 31
St. Joe 108 Consols 115
Tenn.6s,old 60 Deferred 16
Term. 6s, new. . . 60
C. P. Bonds LI2K St. P. &8. C. Ist
U.P. Bonds, Ist. 113>£ C. C. &I. C. Ist.
U. P. land grant.ll4 do seconds
Sinking fund 120 . Erie seconds 100
Lshigh&W 135
Rock Island 1 34*£ Alton &T. H.. . . 43
Panama 212 do preferred. . . . 126
Fort Wayne 133 Wab. St. L. & P. 46}£
Pittsburgh 12S do preferred. . . 80} i
Illinois Central...l 36& Han. & St. J0. . . 56^
C. B. & Q 164 x do preferred. . .104^
Chicago & A1t... 140 Iron Mountain... 653$
do preferred....l4o St. L. &S. F 42
N. T.Central 147 do preferred... 64
Harlem 190 do Ist pref'd.. 94
Lake Shore 127% C. St. L. &N. 0. . 70
Canada Southern. 80 % Kansas & Tex. .. 46>£
Mich. Central.... 111% Union Pacific... .122%
Erie 4SJ£ Central Pacific. 86
do preferred... 87x Northern Pacific. 49J^
Northwestern 128% do preferred... T3 l 4
do preferred... 135>< L'ville & Nash.. 93
Mil. & St. Paul.. 113 % N. C. & Bt, L 91 *
do preferred... 123^ L. N. A. & C 72
St. Paul A Om'a. 44 '4 Houston & Tex. . 66
do preferred.. ..lo2 Denver A R. G.. 104
Lacka wanna 1 29j£ West. Union T. . 115 X
Morris & Essex..l2l Atlantic &Pac... 47^
Delaware & H...113 Pacific Mail 58%
N. J. Central .... 106% Adams Express. . 128
Reading 65^' Wells & Fargo.. 118
Ohio & Miss 443 i American 71tf
do preferred... 103^ United States 58
Chesapeake &O. 25 Quicksilver^ 15
Mobile & Ohio.. 23^ do preferred.. 61%
Cleveland & Col. 86% Caribou 2
C. C. &I. C 26 Central Arizona.. 4%
Ohio Central 32 Homestake 28
Lake Erie &W.. 51 Standard 25
Peoria, D. &E.. 39^ Excelsior 5
Ontario &Wf... 37# Little Pitts S3£
B. C. R. & N.... 76 Ontario 86*
.... No 6ales. {Offered.
The following quotations giving the range
of the markets during the day were received by
M. Dora.x, commission merchant:
Liverpool, March 14, 10 a. m. — Spot wheat
quiet but steady. Floating cargoes firmer.
Cargoes on passage not much inquiry. Lon
don firm. California off coast 6d higher.
English country markets quiet. French mar
kets firm. No corn for sale off coast.
New Tork, March 14, 12:00 M.— Wheat
firmer; Chicago [email protected]; Milwaukee [email protected]
1.22; receipts, wheat 165,084; corn 114,354.
12:30 P. m.— Spring wheat quiet; car lots of
No. 2 sold at 1.18tf; spot red 1.22tf bid;
options strong.
April. May. Aoril. - May.
9:30 A. M. 99& 104& iOO 104%
9:45 " 99* 104# 99& 104£
10:00 " 99 104 99& 104^
10:15 "99 104 99*,' ....
10:30 » 99\' 104*,' 99%
10:45 \«V 99* 104& 99% ....
11:00 .«!;. 99* 104^ 99% ....
11:15 " 99),' 104^ 100 104%
ll:S0 « 99}* 104* 100 ; #
11:45 " 99X : 104)* 100* ....
12:00 M 99« 104% 100>* ••••
12:15 P. M. 99* 104* 10'^
12:30 " 99« 104%- 100* . ....
12:45 " 99?* 104% 100 x
1:00 " 99% 104% lOOM 1059^
2:00 " 99% 104% 100}* 105&
2:15 " /99% 104% .... ....
2:30 ■"■• 99% 104% 100}* 105%
Wheat receipts in Chicago 27,890 bushels;
shipments 16,853 bushels. - . ■
Wheat receipts in Milwaukee 29,400 bushels;
shipments none. -
Stock of wheat in Milwaukee 3,230,000
Chicago. x Chicago.
A. m. April. May. p.m. April. May
9:30 .... 42% 12:15 .... 42}*
9:45 .... 42^ 1:00 38j£ 42}*
10:15 .... 42 2:00 .... 42%
11:00 .... 42^ 2:15 .... 42%
11:30 .... 42% 2:30 .... " 42%
11:45 .... 42%
Chicago. Chicago.
a. m. April. • May. a.m. April. May.
9:30 15.47}* 15.65 11:45 15.52}* 15.70
9:45 15.37« 15.52}* 12:00 15.52>* 15.70
10:10 15.42}* 15.57 12:15 .... 15.72%
10.15 15.50 15.67* 12:30 15.57}* 15.75
10:30 15.52}* 15.70 . 12:45 15.60 15.75
16:45 15.50 15.67% 1:00 15.57}* 15.75
11:00 .... 15.65 2:00 15.57% 15.75
11:15 15.47% 15.65 2:15 15.57* 15.75
11:30 15.47% 15.65 2:30 15.55 15.72*
Chicago. Chicago.
A. M. April. May. A.M. April. May.
9:30 10.50 10.62* 11:45 .... 10.70
9:45 10.47% .... 12:15 10.60 10.72%
10:00 .... 10.65 -12:45 10.62% 10.75
10:15 10.55 10.67* 1:00 10.60 10.75
11:00 .... 10.67* 2:00 10.60 10.75
11:15 10.55 .... 2:15 10.60 10.75
11:30 10.55 .... 2:30 10.57* 10.72*
Milwaukee, March 14. — Flour inactive.
Wheat opened firm; %c lower; closed uu
settled; No. 1 hard nominal; No. 1 1.06; No.
2 98% c; March 98% c; April 99% c; May
1.04%; June 1.0t%; No. 3 91c; No. 4 81c;
rejectedl nominal. Corn neglected; No. 2
40c. Oats scarce and higher; No. 2 31c.
Rye quiet and firm; No. 1 1 01. Barley dull;
No. 2 86c. Provisions firm; mess pork
$15.45 cash; $15.55 April. Lard, prime steam
10.55 cash and March; 10.57% April. Live
hogs firm and higher; [email protected] Receipts,
10,786 barrels flour; 29,400 bushels wheat;
4,500 bushel 3 barley. Shipments, 12,743
barrels flour; none wheat; 1,500 bushels barley.
Chicago. March 14.- Flour quiet and un
changed. Wheat fairly active and a shade
higher; No. 2 Chicago spring 99%@t.<tl
cash; 51. 00% April; 1.05% May; No 3 Chica
go spring; 88* ©92c; rejected 76<@S0 % c. Corn
fairly active and a shade higher, 3S^@3B*c
cash; 88«@38xc April; 42%(£42%c May.
Rye 6teady and unchanged; 98(§$1.00. Barley
steady and unchanged; $1.05. Pork active,
firm and higher: 15.55(^15.65 cash; 15.57%
April: 15.72%@15.75 May; [email protected]% June.
Lard, demand fair and prices higher; 10.55
oish; 10.60(?n0.62V April; 10.72* @10.75
May; 10.82* June. Bulk meats 6teady and
unchanged; shoulders 5.10; short ribs 8.00;
do clear 8.40.
Call Board — Wheat advanced *@tfc. Corn
steady and unchanged. Oats steady and un
changed. Provisions firm and unchanged.
Receipts, 12,000 barrels flour; 28,000 bush
els wheat; 83,000 bushels corn; 56,000 bufb
pls oats; 1,200 bushels rye; 42,000 bushels bar
ley. Shipments 16,000 barrels flour; 17,0(0
bushels wheat; 110.000 bushels corn; 44,000
bushels oats; 1,400 bushels rye; 7,000 bushels
The Drover's Journal reports hog receipts
1,200; shipments 5,500; "wanted; firm; 5c
higher; mixed packing 5.40(55.70; light 5 60
@5.85; choice heavy 6.0077 6.70; shippers I uy
most. Cattle, receipts 3,0i>0; shipments 3,0( 0;
slow, weak, but unchanged; demand largdy
for good and medium; common lo fair slrp
ping [email protected]; good to choice 4.90(g5."5;
exports nominal; [email protected] 70; stockers and feed
ers steady and firm; [email protected]; calves, per
head [email protected]; milkers and springers, per head
$15(320. Sheep, receipts 1,000; shipments
3,200; steady; fair demand; scalawags and stock
erß 2.75; fair to good muttons 4.65(7£5.f5:
choice [email protected]; fat, western fed Texans 4.00
5.00. The Journal's London cable says, cattle
are brisk; advanced %; best 15* c. Sheep
steady; supply heavy; 18* c.
New Yokk, March 1. — Cotton steady;
10%@11c; futures steady. Flour dull and un
changed; receipts 23,000 barrels; exports 34,0-0
barrels; superfine, state and western [email protected]
4.00; common to good extra [email protected];
good to choice [email protected]; white wheat extra
5.00(^6.00; extra Ohic [email protected]; St. Louis
[email protected]; Minnesota patent process [email protected]
Wheat, moderate trade; receipts 165,000 bush
els; exports 124,000; ungraded red 1.15©1.27;
No. 3 do 1.1901.19%; No. 2 do 1.22* @
1.22%; No. 1 do [email protected]%; mixed western
[email protected]}£; ungraded white [email protected]%;
No. 2 do 1.17*@1.17%; No. 1 do, sales
19,,000, 1.18%@1.15%; steamer No. 1 do 1.16* ;
No. 2 red March, sales 128,000 bushels, 1.21%
@1.23%; April, sales 272,000 bushels, 1.21%
@1.22*; May, sales 208,000 bushels, 1.20%
@1.21; June, sales 24,000 bushels, 1.19%(a
1.30. Corn less active; receipts 114,000
bushels; exports 95,000 bushels; ungraded
56%@59c; No. 3 56^@56*c; steamer 57%@
58c; No. 2 58%®59c; No. 2 March 58%@59c;
April 57% c; May 55* @55% c. Oats quiet;
receipts 41,000 bushels; mixed western 43®
44}; c; white western 45*@47%c. Hay, de
mand fair and market firm. Hops steady;
moderate trade; local more active. Sugar quiet
but firm; fair to good refining quoted at
7^@7%c. Molasses quiet and unchanged.
Rice steady: moderately active. Pork stronger;
quiet; old" mess quoted at [email protected]; new
mess 16.25. Beef steady. Cut meats quiet
and steady; long clear middles 8.60; short do
9.00. Lard, demaud active and prices ad
vanced; prime steam 10.92 *@11.00. Butter
quiet; [email protected] Cheese steady and unchanged.
pll*** THE GREAT
Neuralgia, Sciatica, Lumbago,
Backache, Soreness of the Chest,
Gout, Quinsy, Sore Throat, Swell'
ings and Sprains, Burns and _ ,:-
Scalds, General Bodily
Pains, :.
Tooth, Ear and Headache, Frosted
Feet and Ears, and all other
Pains and Aches.
No Preparation on earth equals St. Jacobs Oil
as a safe, «t<r#, simple and cheap External
Bemedy.. A trial entails bat . the comparatively
trifling outlay of 50 Cents, and every one Buffering
with pain can have cheap and positive proof of it»
claims. ~ •;-. . , :. :[::..."..■. h '.-.•..."■ '.';.
I , Directions in Eleven Languages. .
: ■ ; IHMEDIOnTE. " :
BaWmcre, U. ». A.
The Only True Malarial Antidote.
Dr. Holman's Pad is no guess-work remedy
no feeble imitative experiment— no purloined
hodge podge of some other inventor's idea ; i« is
the original and only genuine cur
ative Pad, the only remedy that has an lion
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in connection with a treatment for chronic diseases
of the Stomach, Idver and Spleen.
By a recently perfected improvement Dr. Hol»
man has greatly increased the scope of the Pad's
usefulness, and appreciably augmented its active
curative power.
This {Treat improvement gives Holman's Pad
(with its Adjuvants) such complete and unfailing
control over the most persistent and unyielding
forms of Chronic Disease of the
Stomach and t,lver, as well as Mala
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justify the eminent Professor Loomis' 1 high en
comium : "It is nearer a Universal Panacea
The success of Holman's Pads has inspired im
itators who offer Pads similar in form and
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Each Genuine Holman Pad bean
the Private Revenue Stamp of the
HOLMAN PAD COMPANY with the above
Trade-Mark printed In green.
Or sent by mail, post-paid on receipt of $2.00.
(P. 0. Boas tIU.) 93 'William St., M. V.
Notice lo Builders.
St. Peter, March 10th, 1881 . $
Bids will be received until April 12th, by the
Board of Trustees, for restoring the burned
North Wing of the Minnesota Hospital for
Insane, at St. Peter, in a fire-proof manner,
with iron joists and brick arches, according
to plans and specifications, which may be seen
at the office of Horace E. Horton, Rochester,
Minnesota, until April first, and after that at
the Hospital in St. Peter.
The trustees reserve the right to reject any
and all bids, if not satisfactory.
Per order of the-Board,
Wm. Schimmel, Secretary,
mar 12-3t c w-4w
8B B ■■& "1> I m 7" Fosinveiyourea.Botnatcns
IID 1 1 1 11 L trut> can be entirely <"»•
llr 5 1111 l Paused with and life no
U I I Vl l Isb loDger imperiled by the
npture becomicg strangulated. No knife or l!ga
are.no "rupture salvo." no "rupture curative com
pound," nc so-called ''radical cure" • or "common
•ense" truss, no patent or cruel mechanical appli
ance whatever are employed by Drs. Logan & Cad?
n treating and curing rurtut * . By a rational, *afe
•nd almost painless method of treatment Drs. Logy
k Oady guarantee a positive cure. Persons racy
receive treatment and return horn-ward the same
lay, and continue employment while under treat.
went, if abdominal pressure be avoided. Treatment
tpplles to eaoh sex and to all ages. A positive cure
guaranteed or no charge made. Why continue the
Unas and suffer the mental and nervous . depression, ,
Irowslness, ba-k ache, frequent dlspoditlon to
rlnate, and other renal difficulties that . almost in
variably follow the unnatural truss pressure upon
the internal organs when an absolute cure is In store
for you? . ■
Drs. Logan h Oady are permanently looted In
Chicago. Office 903 State street. Cor. State and ,
&dams.- References given at the office. -, Hours 9a.
k. tO 4F. m. . ■ ... .-...■"
Consultation and Examination Free,
. ■ • ms-d&w
A Skin of Beauty is a Joy Forever.
Dr. T. Felix Gourand's
Oriental .Cream, or Magical Beanie
Purifies as 'well as Beautifies the Skin.
Removes Tan,
Freckle, Moth
Patches and
k every blemish
I on beauty. It
I has stood the
' test of thirty
ears, and is bo
' harmless : we
taste it to be
t- ore the . pre
ps* atlon is
properly made
Accept - no
counterfeit of
similar name.
The distin
guished Dr. L.
A .Sa>re, tula tu'a l»uy vi the haul ton (a patient:)
•M« you ladies will use them, I recommend
'Gouraud'B Cream' as the least harmful of all the
Skin preparations." Also Poudre Bubtlle removes
superfluous hair without injury to the skin. Mme.
M. B. T. Gonraud, sole proprietor, 48 Bond street,
N. Y. For sale by all druggists and fancy goods
deslers throughout the United States, Canadas and
Europe. • ' ■ .-'.,-"'>• *■ ■.'-■.; . - ■
JSfßewnre of * base imitations which are abroad.
We offer $1,000 reward for the arrest aid proof of
any one Belling the same. Befer to Noye a Bros. Ac
Cutler. 64-236 esd&weow
Guaranteed to cure radically diseases of certain
private, delicate nature, f either sex or condition.
Price 11, sent by express to any part of the country,
Poll directions with each bottle. Bold only by B. I*
STAELL, Northeast corner of Van .*«r«a street and
fifth arena*. Chicago. _;-• -".. - ; 130-119
B|H B^P-B: - ml HUSH VI H 9
H B a IB /^~ *^ " *"^ 1 « jB B
*•& mort »ccepUblß preparation In the known world. By adding to TOLU BOCK and RYE a little lemot.
tatoe nn^rau^excellent »ppeti««r and ton!o, for gen.ral and family n«e. The ImrneMj and icereasini
SlS'.'SdUlVnnme"™. tertimonlaU received dally ar. the best ■ etideDCW of Us Tirtnes and popularity .-.y.-_
Pit bo In anart size bottles, sirlnc; more for the money than »«/ article In the market. ■■-■•_- ■;.. : ,*;--- •»
«nprinoipi«d dealers who try to palm off upon you common Bock and Ryt
la place of our TOLTJ, BOOK and BIK, wkldh is the only medicated article made, the genuine having ■
QoTwrnnratatamp on each bottle. . ••.;■ ; t V.. ' •-"." ".' - _"'■ '• "• ~ '-:■■'■" V-'.^'V' : - :
Ktctract from Heport of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue : ;■ •
: •'.-'. ;■■-'•• . *~^; * « - Washington, D. C, January 26, 1880. (
M K ?h^ *co^S: to 1 S^SSioW tSW^onldha^a ™«ei.nt onantlt, .f th,
BALSAMO? TO™ 'tos»Ttt all the adTaatagea aeeribed to this article la peotoral complain while the
Jrhlskj -and to.^npotnrtttate an eantalon rendering It an agreeable remedy to the patient. *mponnd*l
leeonUaK totheforS>ula it may properly be clawed ax a medicinal preparation under the provisions of D. S
B^Hwd Statatoa, >^d when ao sUmped may be sold by Drngflrts. Apothecaries and Other Fvnoi withont r. B
LAWRENCE ft M ARTTH, Chicago, Bob Agents for the United State* and Canada*.
Bold by Druggist*, Grocers and Deal en everywhere. . • ..:",,'. : -
Wholesale Agents in St. PanI—MOTES BROS, ft CUTLER, P. H. KELLY
S'CO^aiii PERMS, LYONS & CD ;s w ho will hntiik (He Trade aIM3B-
Hfsstirers' Prices.
Official Publication.
yacilion of Part of Thomas Street.
Citt Clerk's Office, )
St. Paul, Minn., March 14th, 1881. S
Whereas, a petition has been filed m this
office, as provided by law, by order of the
Common Council of the City of St. Paul, ask
ing for the vacation of that part of York street
lying between blocks six and seven in Edmund
Rice's First Addition to the City of St. Paul.
The object of said proposed proposed vacation,
as stated in 6aid petition is, that in Edmund
Rice's Trout Brook Addition to St. Paul York
street is extended from the west through block
six parallel wi*h the former street and but a
few feet south of it, rendering that portion
asked to be vacated wholly unnecessary.
Now, therefore, notice is heieby given that
said petition will be heard and considered by
the Common Council of the City of St. Paul,
or a committee appointed by them, on
Tuesday, the 19th day of April, A. D. 1881,
at 3 o'clock p. m., at the Council Chamber, in
the City Hall.
By order of Common Council.
Marls-4w-Tues City Clerk.
Official Publication.
Vacation or Parts of Mississippi Street.
Citt Clerk's Office ?
St. Paul, Minn., March "l4th, 1881. $
Whereas, a petition has been filed in this
office, as provided by law, by order of the
Common Council of "the City of St. Paul, ask
ing for the vacation of those parts of Missis
sippi street, as now established, between
Granite and Nellie streets, which do not con
form lo the lines of said Mississippi street, as
laid down upon the plat of Edmund Rice's
Trout Brook Addition to St Paul. Theobject
of said vacation, as stated in said petition, is
that said street shall conform to the lines
thereof, as indicated on said plat.
Now, therefore, notice is hereby given that
said petition will be heard and considered by
the Common Council of the City of St. Paul,
or a committee appointed by them, on
Tuesday, the 19th day of April, A. D. 1881, at
3 o'clock p. m., at the Council Chamber, in
the City Hall.
By order of Common Council.
Marls-4w-Tues City Clerk.
Burr's Patent Parlor . Folding-Bed,
The most Compact, Elegant and Sub
itantial. Best Steel Spring Mattrass
■' folds out of sight in Bureaus
book-Cases, Desks, &c.
A. H. Andrews & Co..
195 Wabash Are., CHICAGO
Alert \T*Tiiif'><-tiir»rc nf
Artistic Household Furniture. Wood Mantel*
For Masqnerade an:
Theatrical purposes,
for Lad.es and Gen
tlemen, at
Mrs. llerwep's,
No. 158 Bast Third Street,
Fire & Marine Building, - - - St. Fan!.
. 65* r ~'
5 ateJi oXAC I U *£&» .
Manufacturers of the
Oar "Wheels, Railroad Castings, .
Iron Fronts for Building*
Heavy Wood and Coal Stoves; Bridge, Sewer and
all o Her kinds of Castings.
President— W. I , M • r: P.I AM.
. Mane it I. N. PABKKB.
'--/ - few: > aod Trea».— H. W. TOPPIKO
P. n Bff»,i« l " ■>«
tfi IST JB\ V 'Send one, two, three, or flv<
■ 1 111 I dollars for a sample reta:
B.M Ili box, by express, of the beg
B !11 IB ■ Candies In America, put ut
IH I 1 HI I elegantly and etnetly pnre
La IB fl i I Bef to all Chicago. Ac
IB niifl dress O. F. GUNTHER,
131 • BLr 8 Confectioner,
... nriKinip Tiietfruat * r«u en Invigorawr. Uvux>
LI Lull llUu only.- Stamp for circular. Nervln.
-RING-. *■•!!• for lost manhood, $1 box. Boo) '
on Nervous Diseases, oaun« and enre ; K'o to pa;
joutage. ' D». JA.MSB. ?04 Washington street, Chi
. JOHN STEVENS & SON, 29* East Third
street, St. Paul, Minn. ; . -,■-...- ~ -
SHERWOOD HOUGH, corner Third and
Wabaeiiaw. ;■..;■..,.■ ; ■,:■:-:■ „-.•■.■■. ••::■•.■■■. ..■•.'
WILLIAMS . & DAVIDSON, % Attorneys,
have removed to Davidson's block, corner of
Fourth and Jackson streets. -■ ' " '.' •
McINTOSH & Co., Beef Packers and Preserv
ers of Meats, 20 and 22 Jackson street. .
SHERWOOD HOUGH, corner Third and
Wabashaw. : :
87 East Third street. ;.'-.
A. NIPPOLT, cor. Seventh & Sibley streets.
FINCK & McCAULEY, Wholesale Dealers
in Grain, Flour, Feed and Provisions, No. 44
Sibley street, Bt. Paul, Minn. f'- -< _, '
J. SCHILLO & Co., 106 Wabashaw street.
JOHN MATHEIS, 11 East Third street.
W. L. ANDERSON. 86 East Third street.
- DRY QOODa-Wholesaie.
auerbachTfinch, CULBERTSON & co.,
corner Third and Wacouta streets. .
A. H. LTNDEKE & BRO., 9 E. Third street.
A. O. BAILEY, 10 Jackson street ...
STEES BROS., 51 East Third street Estab
lished 1850.
O BOOERS— Wholesale.
P. H. KELLY & C0T142 to 148 East Third
KINGSBURY & DRAPER, 35 E. Third Street
EMIL GEIST, 57 Ea^ThirdTtreet
HARDWARE— Wholesale.
STRONG, HACKETT & CO., 182 E. Third 8t
SANDERS «fe MATHEWS, 71 and 72 Levee.
TRUNK 3lAKL.ll*.
CRIPPEN & UPSON, 74 Erst Third street
W. H. GARLAND, 41 East Third street
WINEB AND LlQUOßS— Wholesale.
PERKINS, LYONS & CO., 31 Robert street
B. KUHL & CO., Wholesale Dealers in
Eiquors and Wines, 194 East Third street, 8t
HEZEKIAH HALL, furniture and upholstery.
Choice stock; first-class work; No. 57 Jack
son street.
Notice for Judgment.
Office of the City Treasurer, )
Bt. Paul, Minnesota, March 12th, 1881. >
I will make application to the District Court
in and for the county of Ramsey and State of
Minnesota, at the special term held Saturday,
April 9, 1881, at the Court House in St. Paul,
Minnesota, for judgments against the several
lots and real estate embraced in the warrant in
my hands for the collection of unpaid assess
ments, with interest and costs thereon for the
hereinafter oamed special assessments.
All in the City of St. Paul, county of Ram
sey and State of Minnesota, when and where
allpersons interested may attend and be heard.
The owners and descriptions of lots and real
estate are as follows:
Assessment of benefits, damages, cost* and
expenses arising from the opening and exten
sion of an alley 20 feet wide, in block 15,
Whitney & Smith's Addition, in the City of
St. Paul, Minn., (the center line of said alley
beginning at a point on sly line of Fifth street,
121 ft ely of Sibley street, thence running sly
M way through said block, thence ely along
the center line of said block to Wacouta street.)
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Assm't.
•John Warm, and estate of J. C. Bur
bank, deceased. The w'ly 15 ft of
ely 40 ft of n'ly 147 X ft of w% of
block 15, Whitney & Smith's ad
dition to St. Paul, except ely 14 ft
of said w'ly 15 ft, taken for an alley, $33 86
Estate of J C Burbank, deceased. The
ely 25 ft of n'ly 120 ft of w^ of
block 15, Whitney & Smith's ad
dition to St. Paul, except the w'ly 6
ft of said 25 ft, taken for an alley ... 27 60
Estate of J C Burbank, deceased. Lot
4, block 15, Whitney & Smith's ad
dition to St. Paul, except the sly
10 ft thereof taken for an alley — : 11 50
Mark L Potter. Lot 5, block 15,
Whitney & Smith's addition to St.
Paul, except sly 10 ft thereof 811 50
Same. Lot 6, block 15, Whitney &
Bmith's addition to St. Paul, except
sly 10ft thereof 461 00
All in the City of St. Paul, county of Ram
sey and State of Minnesota.
71-75 F. A. RENZ, City Treasurer.
O ss. In Probate Court. ,-
In the matter of the estate of William Rhodes, . de
ceased. -
On reading and filing the petition of Lydla 8.
Rhode?, of Bald county, representing, : among other
clings, that William Rhodes, late of said - county, on
he 14th day of February, A. D. 1881, at Saint Panl
in said county, died intestate, and being an inhabi
ant of this county at the time of his death, leaving
jjr.odß, chattels and estate within this county, and
■hat the Bail petitioner is the widow of said deceased,
and ptaying that administration of said estate be to
*i liam Rhodes, Jr., granted, • - ■ • >
It Is ordered, that said petition be heard before the
Judge of this Court on Monday, the 2lst day of
March, A. D. 1881, at ten o'clock a. m., at the Pro
bate office in said county. ■ .", •. . , :
Ordered further, - that notice thereof be given to
the heirs of said deceased and to all persons Interested
by publishing a copy of this order for three succes
sive weeks prior to said day of bearing, in the Daily
Globe, a newspaper ' printel and published at St.
Paul, In said county.
Dated at St. Panl the 21st day of February, A. D.
1881. By the Court - •
[1., s.] HESBY O'GOBMAN,
Attest: - ' : Judge of Probate.
Frank Robert, Jr , Clerk. : Teb 22-4w-Tn<>B
O — 88. In Probate Court. - Special term, March
1881. ■ - \ - 1 ; •
In the matter of the estate of Emily N. Gorman,
deceased. ' - *
On reading and filing the petition of Thomas W.
Ooleman, one ol the executors of the estate of Emi
ly N. Gorman, deceased, representing among other
things, that he his folly administered said estate,
and praying that a time and place be fixed for exam
ining and allowing his : account of big administra
tion, and for the assignment ef the residue of said
estate to the parties entitled thereto, and for such
other and further relief as to the court shall seem
meet, ■■'-',;• . - ; '-.-.■• v C**'' ; ' V. .
It Is ordered, that said account be examined and
petition heard by the Judge of this court on Thurs
day, the 31st day of March, A D 1881, at ten o'clock
a. m , at the Probate office in said county.
- ■■ And it is farther ordered, that notice thereof be
given to all persona interested, by publishing a copy
of this order for tnree successive weeks prior to said
day of such hearing, in the Daily Globe, - a i news
paper printed and published at Saint Paul, in said
county. By the court, • ■ ■-:■■•- ■■;-■•■>> -• ■■■> < ,-_ •..-■.
- [L. s.l ■■ J- HENBY O'GOBMAN, \ r
1 . -. Judge of Probate.
Attest: Fjuhk Robebt. Jr-jClerk. - - .
. :::"> - ;M«WwTn*« ; ' •
Paul Railway Time Tables.
Chicago, Milwaukee ft St. Paul Railway
Three dally trains to Chicago. Two dally train* to
St. Louis and Kansas City . Fifteen daily train* eaofa
way between St. Paul and Minneapolis.' v ' ■<
" ~~~ Leave . - Arrive """-
Train*. St. Paul. St Paul.
River Division— v .'. . ■ .'■ ■ ..
Thro Chicago &E. Exp.. *12:38 p m 6:50 am
Thro Chicago & E.Exp.. 8:10 pm *l:2spm
lowa & Minn. Dl vision - . ■.
Thro P. dv O Ex. *6 -40 a m •6:40 p m
St. L. & Kan. City Ex. . *6:40 a m $6 oam
St. L ft Kan City Ex.. t8:46 p m •6:40 pm
Hastings ft Dakota Exp. *6:40 a m *S:4O m
Owatonna Passenger..: »4:21 p m «9:36 am
- St. Paul and Mii>:i«-p»iia Trains.
.- : Via Short Line ;
; Leave Arrive Leave Arrive ~~
: St. Paul. Minneapolis Minneapolis St. Paul.
6:00 am 6:Soam *7:oi)am *7:3Oam
♦8:00 am *8 am 8:00 am 8:80 am
9:00 am . 9:3oam . - *9:ooam * *9:Boam
•10:00 am •10 80 am *11 :00 am *11 :80 am
♦11:00 am *11 :30 am *12:'Om ♦12:30 pm
M:00m 13 30pm *l:00pm ♦l:Wpm
*1 :30 pm ♦2 00 pm 2.00 pm 3:80 pm
•1:00 pm *2:»opm •3:00 •8:80 pm
♦3:00 pm •3:3opm *4:(Jopm '4:30 pm
•5:00 pm *s :3opm *6:oopm ♦8:30
*6:oopm •6:Sopm 6:00 pm 6:80 pm
♦7:oopm 7:Bopm . 7:Bopm 8:00 pm
Via Fort Snelling and Minnehaha. ■ -
♦B:sSam •9:45 am *6 :3oam *7:30 am
4:oopm 4:45pm 10:<>0am 10:60 am
♦s:6fipm *6:6spm| **:10pxn . '5:10
♦Sundays excepted. " Saturday* excepted. Mon
days exoepted. Trains not marked are dally.
ST ACL- Depot fool of Jackson street City
office 113 East Third street, corner Jackson. Thomp
son & Petsch, Ticket Agents.
- MINNEAPOi IS— Depot corner Washington
and Third avenue* south. A. B. Chamberlain,
Ticket Agent. City office No. 0 NicoUet House. G.
T,. Hcnft. Tiofcpt Agent.
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis
EASTERN DIVISION— <h<«Mc», St. F^Hl ft
■ - Mlnn«iapoll* Lino. - ■ .
Depot Foot of Waeonta Btoeat.
Trains. j Leave. . Vtxn. .
"" ~~'- It. Part. Mhm»»p»i»
Throngh Chicago and I *13:88 p m »ll:4* a *
Eastern Express.... J t8 :06 pm fSdlOpni
North Wisconsin ♦10:10 am
Wisconsin Central 6:16 a m .
" ~ 4ixifSw . Arrive.
•num, . St 'aul Minneapolis
Through Chicago and I ±8:00 a m *7:J6 asi
Eastern Express tl :80 p m ff«p/
North Wisconsin .'. *4:00 p m
Wisconsin Central....* 9: 15 p m
ST. PAUL* nnAwxinnuii
Depot foot of Waconta street.
. - Leave. Leave.
St. Paul *12:86p m|Btinwater +12:38 pm
11 tßrt»pm| " •8:10pm
Depot foot of Jackson street. -
Leave. ~ Leave.
St. Paul •10:15am|8tfllwater '8:55 m
" n:ospm - *10:08 am
" ...... *4rf)opm| " ...... 1:»(a
- BrVXB falls nunr. '
Depot foot of J -ckson street.
Leave. . ...... Leave.
it Paul ♦4:oßpm|Biver Fall* tor
___^ I St. Paul TtMi,
All the above trains pas* Lake Elmo.
City Railroad -"The Slonx City Route."
Depot foot of Jackson street
Train*. Leave. Arrive.
Omaha, Kansas City and Texas
Express *3 :4opm ♦10:65aa
Slonx Falls and Sioux City Ex
pre55.....;.......... *7:10 am *6 :6opm
♦Sundays excepted. tDafly. {Mondays excepted.
The Sioux Falls * Sioux City Expre*s makes dose
connections to ana from all points on branch lines.
F. B. CLARKE. general Traffic Manager.
Northern Pacific Railroad.
Depot foot of Sibley street. ~ Ticket and freight
office, No. 43 Jackson street.
Inteffect February 15, 188. _
Westward! Eastward. "*"
. Leave. . Tisina. Arrive. .
•7:oopm 7:ooam St Pau1...;... 6:4opm f7:soam
•7:3opm 7:4oam Minneapolis... 6:25pm t7:Soam
«10::0pm 10:40 am Sank Rapids . . 3 :36pm :25am
I:3oam 1:10pm Brainerd I:l6pm tl:3oam
7:3oanj 6 :55pm Olyndon 7:3oam 6:56pm
8:00 am 7:lpm Moorhead.... 7:o4am 6:3opm
B:osam 7:2opm Fargo 7:ooam 6:25pm
7:l6pm Hismurck .... 7 :loam
*5:00p;i Duluth. -. . f7:4Oam
*6:S6pm N. P. Junction :10am
♦ Daily, except Saturday, t Daily, except Monday.
Palace sleeping coaches on all night trains between
St Paul and Fargo, i
- Connection made at Bismarck with stages for Fort
Buford, Standing Bock, FortKeogh, Tongue River
and intermediate points. At St. Paul with roads to
and from the East and South. *
H. E. SARGENT, Gen. Manager.
Q. K. Babnir, Pen. Passenger Agent
*U Paul, Minneapolis aud Manitoba R. &
Depot foot of Wacouta street. .
- In effect Nov. 21, 1880.
'. rKßGtrs falls DITIMON. :>: ,
ye north. Arrltit =South,
Pargo, Manitoba. Manitoba. Fargo,
Passenger. Express. . Express. Passenger.
am pm - - ■• . am ■- pm
' 7:80 7:%... St Pau1. ...10:00 ♦6:81
♦8:1* B:lo.. Minneapolis.. 9i:is *6:M
Breckenrldge. Breckenridgta
Passenger. PassengeA
am • ' ■ ' . p m .
♦840 Leave. . . . St Paul . . . .Arrive •":<>6
- ♦8:00 do ..Minneapolis., do '*6:85
St. Paul and Minneapolis Short Lines - "
Leave Arrive at Leave Arrive at
Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis St Paul
*7 :ooam ♦7:85 am 7?6oam 8:26 am
♦7:3oam t»:10am *0:00 am ♦9;S?am
♦8.-20 am *9:noam 10:46 am U :l6am
9:loam 9:46 am tU:4sam ♦12:16pm
•10:80 am *ll:0«am I:4opm 3:l6pm
12:00 m 13:30 pm ♦3:56pm •J:3opnj
♦1 pm »2:2opm 4:36 pm 6:oOpm
8:10pm 8:40 pm •6:30 pm *7A6pm
'4:45 pm '(:30 pm
6:4opm 1:15 pm
+7:00 pm +7:35 pm
7.80pm 8:10 pm
Trains leaving Saturday at 7:80 p.m. goes to Fe^
s;ni> Fall*, only .
! 'Except Sunday. ' tExoept Saturday.
JAB. J. HILL, Gen. Manager.
W. 8, AMncAHTnni. arm : P*ww>ns«r Arent- .
. • St. Paul ft Dnlntb Railroad.
. - - Depot foot of Waconta street
Trains.. i I Leave. Arrive.
SUUwater, Taylors Falls* Duluth I 7:46 am 6:oopm
.♦Binckley Accommodation .... 11 :20 am 2 :f opm
Bnsh City.-. . . ; . : y; ;-. . : ....... I 3:2opm 11:16 am
• Depot foot of Third street.
On and after Sunday, March 6th, the train on the
Taylors Falls branch of the St, P ft D. B. B. which
leaves Taylors Falls at 6:45 a. m. and returning
leaves Wyoming at 6:10 r: m., will be withdrawn. ■ -
, ; :,V U A M. EDDY, G. T. A.
"Wisconsin & Minnesota and Wisconsin
. :-'. :. : . i :; ; Central . Railroads. :. : :
The new line from Minnesota to Northern, Central
and Eastern Wisconsin . - ' ' - ■ -
Leave St. Paul, (via 0., St. P.. M. ft O.). 6:15 a m
" Stillwater Junction 6:6oam
~" S Hudson : •'. ....• 7:16 am
" Baldwin (Breakfast) Arrive 8:06... 8:26 am
" Menomonee 9:24 am
Arrive Ban Claire 10:20 am
Leave Eau Claire (via W. AM. 8.8.).... 10 60 a m
" Badger Mills ll:(rJam
" Obippewa Falls ................... 11:15 am
" Oadott ......;... 11:45 am
"5tan1ey........ 12:14pm -
: " Thorpe, 12:33pm
" Withee... I:o7pm
Arrive Abbotsford (Dinner)...... I:6opm
" Phillips (W. 0. B.B.) ....4:53pm
.«•: Fifleld.... : 6 35pm -
■ " Stevens Pcint.... ..'........:. ..... 6:25pm
" MenashvNeenah...:. 8:40 pm
■ " Appleton.. t V. - 9:ospm
. "-. Green 8ay...:... ....11:59pm
• ": • St. Paul from Green Bay ' 9:16 pm
F. N. Fin-vet, Gen. Man. . Jab. Bakzb, G. P. A.
"notice. -
,£■ I hereby give notice that . application will be
made to the common council of the city of
St. Paul upon the sth day of • April, 1881, to
remove a two-story wooden building from off
lot two (2), block six, to lot one (1), block '
twelve, Smith <fe Whitney's addition. j
/■■„.-.... ,; J. H. SCHCKMEIEB.
T [Established 1859.]
Wholesale Dealers In For* - ; .
Kentucky Bonrlion & Rye Whiskies
Caliibrnia and Foreign Wines and Brandies. ■
- la^ConaW and City Orders Bollctted. ; 8441

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