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The Proposed Ordinance for the Regula
tion of the Sanitary Affairs of St. Panl.
At a meeting of the Board of Health
daring last June, a committee, consisting
of the President of the Board, the City En
gineer and the City Attorney, was ap
pointed for the purpose of revising the
health and sanitary code, etc . , of the city
of St. Paul. As the result of their labor
the following ordinance of sanitary rules,
etc., was submitted to the Board at a recent
. meeting, accepted and referred to the
Common Council for official action.
An ordinance creating a Board of
Health and defining their powers and
The Common Council of the City of
Saint Paul do ordain as follows:
Sec. 1. That there is hereby established
a Board of Health as follows: The Presi
dent of the Council shall at the first meet
ing of the Council in June in each year
appoint four aldermen who together with
the City Engineer and a Health Officer as
hereinafter provided shall constitute a
Board of Health.
Sec. 2. On the first meeting of the
Common Council in the month of June of
each alternate year, shall be appointed one
Health Officer, who shall hold his office for
two years, and until his successor shall be
appointed and qualified. Before entering
upon the duties of his office he shall take
the usual oath of office and give bond with
security to the satisfaction of the Com
mon Council in the sum of one thousand
dollars for the faithful performance of his
duties, and shall receive such
co upeusation as the Conncil
may deLermine,notto exceed one thousand
Sec. 3. A majority of the members of
the Board shall constitute a quorum for
business. The Board of Health shall
meet at 5 o'clock p. m. ou the Monday
preceding the first Council meeting of
each month, in the Council chamber at the
City Hall, at which meeting the Health
Officer shall preside.
Sec. 4. Special meetings may be called
by the President of the Board of Health
when he may deem it necessary.
Sec. 5. The City Clerk shall be secre
tary of the Board of Health.
Sec. 6. The Board of Health shall exer
cise a general supervision over the health
of the city, with full power to take all
steps and use ah measures necessary to
promote the cleanliness and salubrity
thereof; to prevent the introduction into
the city of malignant, contagious or in
fectious diseases, and to remove or other
wise take care of any person attacked by
any such disease, and to adopt in
reference to such persons any
regulations, restrictions or measures deem
ed advisable and to establish rules for
the government of the city pest house and
quarantine hospital.
Sec. 7. The Health Officer shall have
and exercise a general supervision over
the sanitary condition of the city.
Sec. 8. He shall give the Mayor, the
Common Council and the Board of Health
all such professional advice and informa
tion as they may require, with a view to
the preservation of the public health, and
whenever he shall hear of the existence of
any malignant, contagious, or pestilen
tial disease, he shall investigate the same
and adopt measures to arrest its progress.
Sec. 9. It shall be the further duty of
" the Health Officer to enforce all the laws of
the state and ordinances of the city in rela
tion to the sanitary regulations of the city,
and causa all nuisances to be abated with
all reasonable promptness. And for the pur
f pose of carrying out the foregoing re
. quirements lie shall be permitted at all
times, from the rising to the setting of the
sun, to ©nt-jr into any house, store, stable
or other building, and to cause the floors
to be raised, if he shall deem it necessary,
in order to a thorough examination of cel
lars, vaults, sinks or drains, and to cause
all privies to be cleansed and kept in good
condition, and to cause all dead animals or
other nauseous or unwholesome things or
substances to be buried or removed or
disposed of as the Health Officer may
Sec. 10. In order to the carrying out of
the provisions of the foregoing section, it
shall be the duty of the Health Officer to
serve or causa to be served a notice, iv
writing, upon the owner, occupant or agent
of any lot, building or premises in or upon
which any nuisance may be found
or who may be the owner or cause of any
such nuisance requiring them to abate the
same in such manner as he shrill prescribe
and within the time named in said notice,
provided that it shall not be necessary in
any ease for the Health Officer to specify
in his notice the manner in which any
nuisance shall be abated, unless he shall
deem it advisable so to do; and such notice
may be given or served by any officer or
person who may be directed or deputed to
give or make the same; and if such owner,
occupant or agent shall neglect or refuse
to comply with the requirements of such
order within the time specified, they shall
be subject to the penalty hereinafter de
scribe!, and it shall bo the duty of said
officer to proceed at once, upon the ex
piration of tne time specified in said j
notice, to cause such nuisance to be abat- i
ed; and provided, further, that whenever
the owner, occupant or agent of premises,
in or upon which any nuisance may be
found, is unknown or cannot be found, the j
said Health Officer shall proceed to abate*
the same without notice; aud in either
case the expense of such abatement shall
be collected from the person or persons
who may have created, continued aud suf
fered such nuisance to exist.
Sec. 11. The Health Officer shall have
the power to appoint with the onsent of
(he Board of Health and approval of Com
mon Council such assistance as may be
necessary to enforce the sanitary laws and
ordinances of the City of St. Paul. Said
assistants shall be known as Assistant
Health Inspectors.
They shall be commissioned and qualify
as special policemen and shall have the
power to arrest, when necessary, any per
son violating any of the sanitary laws or
regulations of said city.
Said Assistant Health Inspectors shall
be under the supervision of the Health
Officer and shall obey all orders from him
or from the Board of Health through him.
They shall report daily to the Health
Officer in person and shall present to said
Health Officer at the end of each month a
written report of their labor during that
month in such a manner as he may direct.
Sec. 12. The Health Officer shall have
the power to remove at any time any
Assistant Health Inspector, person or
persons who may be in the employ of the
Board of Health, or cause to be revoked
the license of any scavenger whenever
through disobedience of orders or other
i misdemeauors, or whenever he considers it
to the advantage of the Health Department
to do so.
Sec. 13. That the Health Officer shall, at
the end of each month, submit to the Board
. of Health a full report, comprising every
thing connected with the working of the
department during the month. That at
I the end of each official year the Health
Officer shall report to the Board of Health,
; the Mayor and the Common Council, a full
I "and concise statement of the eioings of the
Health Department, in classified and tabu
lar form, comprising the reports of the
. .mortuary tables, financial report and, a
•'■■:■ full statement of the sanitary condition of
! the city, together with any special observa
§ tions, recommendations or facts that he
.•..may present that would be conducive to
the health and improved sanitary condi
tion of the city.
.Sec 14. It shall be the farther duty of
the Health officer to visit and examine or
cause to have visited and examined, all
sick persons who shall be reported to him
as laboring or supposed to be laboring
under any yellow or ship fever, small-pox,
cholera, or any infections or pestilential
disease and cause all such infected per
sons to be removed to the pest house or to
such other safe and proper place as he
may think proper not exceeding three
miles from said city, and cause them to be
provided with suitable nurses and medical
attendance at their own expense if they
are able to pay for the same, but if not,
then at the expense of the city .
Sec. 15. The Health officer shall have
charge of the city quarantine or small-pox
hospital and shall have power to employ
such assistants and nurses as he may deem
necessary and it shall be his duty to see
that said hospitals are supplied with suita
ble furniture, nourishment, fuel and med
icines, and that persons dying therein
or in other places under the
charge of the city, are decently
and promptly buried at the expense of the
city, provided such deceased persons have
not the means to defray their own ex
penses of sickness or burial.
Sec. 16. In case of pestilence or epi
demic disease, or of danger from antici
pated or impending pestilence or epidemic
disease, or tit case the sanitary condition of
the city should be of such a character as to
warrant it. it shall be the duty of the said
Health Officer to take such measures and to
do and order and cause to be done such
acts for the preservation of the public
health (thong not herein or elsewhere or
otherwise authorized) as he may in good
faith dedai the public safety and health
to demand .
Sec. 17. The Health Officer may take
such measures as he may from time to
time deem necessary to prevent the spread
of the small-pox by issuing an order re
quiring all persons in the city or any part
thereof, requiring vaccination, to be vac
cinated within such time as he shall pro
scribe; and a 1 persons refusing or
neglecting to obey such order shall
be liable to the penalty here
inafler specified. Provided, that it shall
be the duty of the Health Officer to pro
vide for the v«..cmation of such persons
as are unable to pay for the same, at the
expense of the city.
Sec. 18. He shall have power to cause
any house or any premises to be clear, < ,!.
disinfected, or closed to visitors, and pre
vent persons from iesorting thereto while I
any person is labor. under any pesti
lential or infectious disease; he may by an
order in writing, direct any nuisance to be
abated, or unwholesome matter or sub
stance, dirt or filth, to be removed from
any house or premises, and may prescribe
the time and mode of doing so, and take
any other measures he may deem neces
sary and proper to prevent the spread of
any infectious, pestilential or epidemic
Sec. 19. Said Health Officer whenever
and at such times as by him
it shall be deemed necessary, may
by proclamation (the approval of the Com
mon Council being first had and obtained)
require all b»ate, vessels, railroad cars or
other public conveyances bound for this
city, befo.e the same shall land or stop
at any wharf, depot or landing, or stop
ping place therein, to touch or stop at any
or either of the sites, places or boundaries
so selected and established for quarantine
purposes and leave all such emigrants,
travelers or persons, and all such sick, dis
eased or unclean persons with their stores
aud baggage, as in the opinion of the offi
cers stationed at such quarantine sites,
places or boundaries shall be deemed
proper, on account of the existence or gen
eral report of cholera, ship fever or any
contagious disease, or disease apprehended,
to endanger the health of the city.
Sec. 20. Whenever it shall be deemed
necessary to issue such proclamation^ shall
be the duty of the said Health Officer to
send the same, together with the substance
of the regulations for quarantine, and the
period for which the same shall be in
force, unless sooner revoked, to Chicago,
St. Louis, Fargo, Dnluth, Milwau
kee, Stillwater, Sioux City, Minne
apolis and such other cities
and places as by him shall be deemed
Sec. 21. He shall also cause to be sta
tioned at such quarantine sites, places and
boundaries as he may deem advisable one
or more physicians or assistant health in
Bpector, whose duty it shall be to go on
board and examine all boats, vessels, cars
or other public conveyances, so as afore
said required to touch or stop at said quar
antines respectively, and then and there
determine what emigrants, passengers or
persons (if any) shall be permitted to
come to the city, and what emigrants, pas
sengers or persons (if any) shall stop at
such quarantine; and it shall be the duty
of all persons conducting or in charge of
any such vessel, boat, car or public convey
ance, to aid and assist any such physician
or health officer in the exercise of his
Sec. 22. Said physician or assistant
health inspector shall attend to all sick
persons who may be landed or placed in
quarantine, and provide medicines and
necessaries for their use, °.nd shall have
general supervision of such quarantines
and compel persons therein to purify their
bodies, clothes and baggage, and .do all
such acts and things as shall be proper in
the premises, keeping correct accounts of
all expenditures and wages which shall be
allowed and paid by order of the Board of
Sec. 23. Whenever the physician or
officer in charge of any quarantine station
or place as aforesaid, shall, upon examina
tion, be satisfied that there is no longer
occasion for the detention of any boat,
vessel, car or conveyance at such qearan
tine or place, and such boat, vessel, car or
conveyance shall have been thoroughly
cleansed, and such persons as aforesaid
landed and placed in the care of such
physici n or officer, such physician or offi
cer shall give such vessel, boat, car or con
veyance a permit signed by bim, to enter
the city, which shall be ample authority
for the entry of said boat, vessel, car or
conveyance, and the said officers, respect
ively, 6hall discharge all persons in quar
antine by their certificate for that purpose,
whenever they are satisfied that such per
sons are free of disease and their baggage
and effects properly purified; provided,how
ever, that the Health officer in his discre
tion by proclamation for that purpose
may, during the prevalence of cholera,
ship fever or other contagioHs or fatal dis
eases, forbid the admission of emigrants
or others peculiarly liable thereto, into
any or all of said quarantines or stations
until, in his opn ion, the health of the city
will justify the same.
Sec. 24. It shall be the duty of the said
Health Officer, whenever by him it shall be
deemed necessary, to keep at the quaran
tine station or stations a sufficient police
force, whose duty it shall be to enforce all
regulations by this chapter required, or by
said Health Officer to be established, and
to arrest all persons violating said regula
tions or committing any breaches of the
peace and bring such person before any
court having jurisdiction, for trial, and to
arrest and hold for trial all persons dis
obeying, or interfering with, or resisting
any physician, Health Officer or other per
son iv authority at such quarantine site or
Sec. 24. In case nny boat, vessel, car
or public conveyance shall leave any
quarantine station, place or boundary,
without a permit as aforesaid, or shall fail
to stop at the same, when so, as aforesaid
■ — » ■«-■ m Tfc-Jl V n ■ : I a ..*-*. ju ...^. ...-.■■- i | |
required by the issuing of the said proc
lamation, or whenever the person in
charge thereof, or any person under his
command shall fail or refuse to obey any
regulation or command of the said Health
Officer, physician or person in charge of
any quarantine station or place, or of any
provision or requirement of this chapter,
the said Health Officer shall have the power
and it is hereby made his duty, if in his
opinion the health of the city requires it,
to send sufficient police force to such boat,
vessel, car or public conveyance, and cause
the same, with the crew and passengers on
board, to be landed or stopped, or con
veyed to the quarantine station or place,
and there to remain until properly dis
charged by the permit aforesaid; and the
owner, master, or the person in charge of
any such boat, vessel, car or public con
veyance, shall be liable to the ciiy for all
expenses and costs incurred by reason
thereof. If any emigrant, traveler,
or person so placed in quarantine as afore
said shall leave the same without permis
sion as aforesaid he may be arrested and
taken back to said quarantine and there
retained until such permission shall be
Sec. 26. The said Health Officer shall
make such rules and regulations for the
government of the quarantine or health
of the city as from time to time he shall
deem necessary; and the physicians or
Health Officers in charge of any quaran
tine station or place shall have power to
make and enforce such regulations as may
be necessary for the proper conducting
and management thereof; and it shall be
the duty of all persons in quarantine and
all agents, officers, policemen or others em
ployed by the city in and about said
quarantine stations or places to carry out
and obey the sam 9.
Sec. 27. The said Health Officer by and
with the approval of the Board of Health
may appoint one or more competent physi
cians as quarantine physicians, who shall
be present at such quarantine
stations as the said Health
Officer shall designate and attend to all the
duties imposed by this chapter or by the
regulations of said Health Officer, and who
shall receive, each, for actual service ren
dered and for such time as such services
shall be actually required, not less than five
dollars nor more than ten dollars per day,
to be allowed by the said Health Officer;
also, the said Health Officer may employ
such agents, servants, nurses or temporary
medical assistants for the purpose of car
rying into effect the object and intent of
this chapter or any regulation as in his
judgment shall from time to time be nec
essary, or authorize the employment there-
of by the physicians or health officers in
charge of any quarantine or station.
Sec. 28. All the salaries, wages and ex
penses in this article contemplated are to
be audited arid allowed by the said Health
Officer, and when bo allowed are to
be paid out of the fund set apart for quar
antine purposes, or in case of necessity out
of the treasury of the city; provid
ed that when practicable the persons
taken in such quarantine or stations and
receiving the aid and care afforded thereby
shall each pay a sum of money sufficient
to meet all expense, labo r and care.incur
red in their behalf, which said money
shall be failhfully kept, reported and ac
counted for by the physician, assistant
health inspector or other person in charge
of said quarantine or station to the said
Health Officer. And all other expenses to
be incurred by reason of this chapter or
of any regulation of Baid Health Officer
shall be paid out of the fund set apart for
quarantine purposes, or, when necessary,
out of the general fund of the city.
Sec. 29. No person, master, captain or
conductor in charge of any boat, vessel
railroad car or public conveyance, shall
knowingly bring into this city any person
or persons diseased of cholera, small-pox
ship fever or contagious or communicable
disease whatsoever; and no vessel, boat
railroad car or public conveyance at any
time covered by the said proclamation,
shall pass by any quarantine station or
place, without stopping, nor shall
leave the same without the permit
aforesaid; and no person stopping in said
quarantine or so as aforesaid received
therein, shall leave the same without first
obtaining permission as aforesaid, n-?r
shall any person aid or abet any master,
conductor <•.'- person in charge of any boat,
vessel, railroad car or public conveyance:
in violating, neglecting or evading any
provision or requirement of this chapter;
nor shall any person interfere with, resist,'
neglect or refuse to obey the orders of any
physician or other person in authority at
any quarantine station or place of quaran
tine so as aforesaid established, nor el.;>
any act or thing in violation of or in diso
bedience to any of the provisions,clauses or
sections of this chapter; nor shall commit
any breach of the peace or do any act
calculated in anyway to defeat or interfere
with the provisions or requirements of
this chapter or of any regulation of the
said Health Officer, physician or officer in
bharge of any quarantine
Sec. 30. The moneys appropriated to
the quarantine fund shall be faithfully ap
plied by the said Health Officer to the true
objects and purposes of its appropriation,
and the said Health Officer shall make
reports of his doings and expenditures to
the City Council whenever requested so to
Sec. 31. Any master of a vessel, con
due-tor, captain, or person whatsoever, who
shall violate auy clause, provision, require
meat, duty or regulation of this chapter,
or of any rule or regulation of the said
Health Officer, ph> sician, or person in
charge of any quarantine, or who shall
fail or neglect to comply with any such
clause, provision, requirement, duty or or
ders, or who shall interfere with or in any
manner resist any officer or agent of the
city in the discharge of his duty as herein
contemplated, or who 6hall commit any
breach of the peace or be guilty of any
act or thing calculated to defeat or inter
rupt the carrying into effect any part of
this chapter or any regulation of the Board
of Health, shall, on conviction, be li
able to the penalty hereinafter provided.
Sec. 32. It shall be the duty of the
Health Officer to mike a circuit of obser
vation once in every mouth to every part
of the city and its environs,
which from its location or from any col
lateral circumstances, may be deemed the
cause of disease, and in all cases where he
may discover the existence of any agent,
the presence of which . will prove danger
ous to the health of the city, and there is
no ordinance competent to the correction
of the evil, he shall immediately report the j
same to the City Council, accompanied
with his opinion of the uece.-sity of extra
ordinary or particular action.
Sec. 33. The Health Officer by and with
the approval of the Common Council, may
select, purchase} lease aud establish such
site, places and boundaries for quarantine
stations and purposes, and With the ap
proval of said Council may erect from
time to time such buildings and hospitals >
upon such sites and places, and so keep j
the same in repair as in his judgment !
shall be deemed necessary.
Sec. 34 It shall bo the duty of the ;
Board of Health to provide tho necessary
oooks far keeping a record of all transac- '
tions of said department, including the
proper registration of bir'tis and i
deaths and such other statistical
information necessary for efficient .
working of said department, !
and they shall also keep on hand all neces
sary blanks to be used by phj sician* and
midwives, and furnish them with the same
on application. ..--.. j
Sec. 35. Said Health Officer shall al- j
ways have on hand as far as practicable a
sufficient quantity of valine virus; and
he shall vaccinate and revaccinate all per
sons who may apply to him for that pur
pose; and shall give certificates of vaccin
ation to children who have been vaccinated,
and require such certificates for admission
to the public schools.
Sec. 36. That every clergyman, magis
trate and other person who may perform
a marriage ceremony shall make and keep
a registry of the marriage celebrated, and
therein enter the full name of the parties
married and the residence, age and con
dition of each; and every physician, mid
wife and other person who may profes
sionally assist or advise at any birth, shall
make and keep a registry of every such
birth and therein enter the time
and place, ward and street of
said birth and the sex, and
color of the child born, and the name and
residence of each of the parents so far as
the foregoing facts can be ascertained,
and every physician and professional ad
viser who has attended any person at a last
illness or has been present by request at
the death of any person, shall make and
preserve a registry of such death, stating
the cause thereof, and specifying the date,
hour, place and street of such death.
Sec. 37. That it shall be the duty of
every person mentioned in the last section
(or required to make or keep any suoh
register), to present to the said Board of
Health a copy of such register, sighed by
such person or a written statement by
him signed of all the facts in said register
required to be entered within five days
after the birth or marriage, and within
thirty-six hours after the death of any per
son to whom such registry may or shall re
Sec. 38. That ,the word physician
shall include dentists and every
other person who practices about
the cure of the sick or injured, or
who has the charge of or professionally
prescribes for compensation, for any per
son sick, injured or diseased; that the phrase
"contageous disease" shall be held to
include all persons sick, affected or attack
ed by or of a disease of infectious, conta
gious or pestilental nature, and also any
other disease publicly declared by this
Board dangerous to the public health: and
every physician in said City of St. Paul
shall at all times cause his or her name,
office and residence and also his or her
kind and class of practice to be register
ed with this Board and in a manner
according to its regulations.
Sec. 39. That every physician shall re
port to the Health Officer of the City of
St. Paul iv writing every person having
a contagious or infectious disease, such as
cholera, yellow fever, scarlet fever, typhus
fever, typhoid fever, small-pox, varioloid,
diphtheria, measles, or any of the grades
of such diseases (and the state of his or
her disease End his or her place of dwell
ing and name if known) which such physi
cian has prescribed for or attended for the
first time since having such disease
during any part of the preceding
twenty-four hours; but not more than one
report shall be required ia one week
concerning the same person; bat every at
tending or practicing physician thereat
must at his peril see that such report is or
has been made by some attending physi
Sec. 40. That it shall be the duty of
each and every practicing physician iv the
city to report in writing to the Health Officer
the death of auy of his patients **;; shall
have died in said city of contagions or in
fections diseases within twenty-four hours
thereafter, and to state in such report tho
specific name and typo if such disease.
Sec. 41. That every keeper ,> v ' every
boarding house or lodging house mil ovary
inn keeper and hotel
keeper fhall within twenty
four hours report in writing to the Health
Officer the same particulars in the last
section required of any physician con
cerning any person being at any of the
afordsaid houses or hotels nd attacked
with any contagion- disease.
Sec. 42 That tho commissioner, mana
ger, principal or other proper head officer
of .' each and every public
or private institution in
said city, shall ones in each week report
in writing (or eau 5a each report by some
proper person to be made once in each
week) to tho Health Officer and state there
in the name, if known, and condition and
disease of any and every person being
thereat and sick of any contagious dis
Sec. 43. That it shall be the duty of
every person knowing of any individual
in said city, sick of any contagions dis
ease, (where such person shall have reason
to regard Bach individual as neglected or
not properly cared for, and to avoid, giv
ing said disease to others), and the duty
of every physician hearing of any such
sick person, who he shall have reason to
think requires the attention of the Depart
ment of Health, to at once report the Facts
to the said Department of Health in re
gard to the disease, condition and dwelling
place or position of such sick person.
Sec. 44. That the keepers, lessees, ten
ants aud owners of every boarding house
and lodging house, shall, within six hoars
after the facts shall come to
his cr he or their knowledge,
notify the Health Officer iv writing
of the fact of any man or person lately
from any steamboat or vessel, being taken
sick at such house, and shall in such notice
state where such sick person may be foneid,
and from what vessel and when he came,
to the best of the knowledge of the person
or persons giving such notice.
Sec. 45. It shall be the duty of the
Health Officer to cause a notice to be
placed upon or near any house in' which
any person be affected or sick with any
disease named or provided for in section
(39) thirty nine of this ordinance; upon
which shall be written or printed the name
of such diseases, and no person or persons
shall remove, defacs, mutilate or interfere
in any way with the purpose of said notice
without permission from the Health Offi
Sec. 46. Upon the death of any person
affected or sicK with any disease named or
provided for in section thirty-nine of this
ordinance, the following regulations must
be observed in all cases except as hereinaf
ter provided: The remains of said person
must be thoroughly disinfected and
be exposed to the view of no one
except those absolutely necessary in pre
paring the body for burial, and be placed
in a hearse which mast not be accompa
nied by more than two vehicles and shall
be taken directly from the place of death
to the place of burial. Provided this section
is not to be applied to death from typhoid
fever or measles.
Sec. 47. When funeral obsequies are
desired in any death from any contagious
or infectious disease, except typhoid fever
and measles, the Health Officer shall
grant a permit for that purpose,
subject to the following conditions:
That the body be placed in a metallic cas
ket which shall be hermetically sealed at
once and shall not be opened afterwards.
That the room containing same shall be
fumigated with sulphur for at least six
hours before the funeral takes place and
then disinfected with approved disinfect
ants such as are not injurious to furniture
or weanug apparel. Tnat this shall be
done under the personal supervision of an
officer from the Health department who
shall be detailed for that purpose by the
Health Officer aud whose directions shall
be obevedl
Sec. 48 The burial of any person who
may die of any of the diseases
named or provided for in section thirty
nine of this ordinance, must take place
j within twenty-four hours after such death,
! and when practicable should . take place in
: the night. Provided that this section is not
!to be applied to deaths from typhoid
fever or measles.
Sec. 49. That every master and chief
officer of any vessel, and every physician
of or who practiced on any vessel which
shall arrive at any dock or wharf in the
city from any other port, shall at once re
port to the department of health the par
ticulars of any infected person er article
on such vessel or that came thereon, which
he has reason to think may endanger
the public health of this city.
Sec. 50. That every master, charterer,
owner, part owner, and consignee of any
vessel or of the cargo thereof, which shall
be in the waters of said city, unless de
tained in quarantine, shall at once give or
cause to be given to the Health Depart
ment written notice of any infected article
or person, and of every person sick of
a contagious disease being or having within
ten days been on board said vessel ; and also
of each and every fact and thing relative
to said vessel, sick person or cargo or to
the crew of said vessel which any of the
first-mentioned persons shall have reason
to think may be useful for this department
to know or be or become dangerous or
prejudicial to life or health in said city.
Sec. 51. That no person shall bring to
any dock, wharf or building within one
thousand feet thereof in said city or un
load at any dock, building or pier therein
or have on storage in said city any skins,
hides, rags or similar articles or materials
having been brought from any infected
place without or otherwise than according
to a written permit so to do from the de
partment of health, and no person shall
sell, exchange or in any. way make any ex
posure of any straw, bedding or articles
that have been exposed to any contagions
disease or are liable to communicate such
disease till after the same have been ade
quately cleansed or disinfected.
Sec. 52. That no captain, officer, con
signee, owner, or other person in charge of
any vessel (having right and authority to
prevent the same) shall remove or aid in
removing from any vessel to the shore
(save as legally authorized by the depart
ment of health and into quarantine
grounds or building only) any person sick
of or that has been exposed to and is lia
ble very soon to develop any contagious
disease, nor so remove or aid in removing
any articles that have been exposed to the
contagion of any such disease except in
accordance with a permit of said depart
ment or with its special regulations.
Ses. 53, That no person shall bring
into this city from any infected
place or from any vessel or building
in which had lately been any person sick
of a contagious disease, any article or per
son whatsoever, nor shall any such person
come into said city without a permit of
the department of health, and it shall be
no excuse that such person or article so
offending or the occasion of offence has
passed through quarantine, or has a per
mit from any other source than the said
Sec. 54, That no person shall within the
city, without a permit from the Health
Officer, carry or remove from one building
to another or from any vessel to the shore
any person sick of any contagious disease.
Nor shall auy person by any exposure of
any individual sick of any contagious dis
ease, or of the body of such person, cr by
any negligent act connected therewith, or
in respect of the cure or custody thereof
or by a needless exposure of himself,
cause or contribute to or promote the
spread of disease from any such person or
from any dead body.
Sec. 55. That upon death or convales
cence of any person or persons affected or
sick with any of the diseases named or
provided for ia section thirty-nine of this
ordinance, the Health Officer shall at once
ciuse the room or rooms used by — or those
in the immediate vicinity of said person
or persons, together with contents of said
room or rooms to be thoroughly disinfect
ed, cleansed, fumigated, or whatever in his
discretion may be deemed necessary in
order to prevent a further epreati of the
disease, even in extreme cases to destroy
ing ed contents of said rooms. All this to
be done at the expence of the owner, when
hi or she is able, and when he or she is not,
ti;en at the expense of th.; city.
Sec. 56. That no person or persons who
have been affected or sick with tiny of the
diseases named and provided for in sec
tion thirty-nine of this ordinance who have
be«a quarantined or isolated in any place
\4 iiiu the jurisdiction of the city of St.
Paul, cr placed in tho small-pox hospital
bj 'he Health Department of the city of
S . Paul, shall be allowed to leave such
quarantine or small-pox hospital without
permission of the Health Officer.
Sic 57. That no child or minor from
any house where any person or persons is
sietu: or affected with any of the diseases
n. ued or provided for in section thirty
n:,.3of this ordinance, except typhoid
fever, shall attend any public or private
school in this city until tho recovery or
deal hof said sick person or persons, and
hi .-ither event th aforesaid child or minor
si -„1 bo provided with a writted statement
b\ the attending physician, if any. and if
ne. .■-. then by the Health Officer certifying j
to their non-contagiousness, which state
ment must be presented to the principal
oi eanher of said public or private school
before said child or minor will be allowed
te urn .
Sec. 58. I: shall be the duty of all phy
si- ms, noon discovery of any contagious
j or infectious disease, except typhoid fever,
to .struct the parents or guardians of any
child or minor who may be residing at the
j infected premises, of the provisions of the
| above section. And it shall be the duty of
; an-, principal or teacher of any public or
! private school in the city, to report at
one to the Health Office in writing, any
violation of the above section.
Sec. 59. That whenever any person
Bhail die within the city of St. Paul, it
shall be the duty of the physian attending
such person daring his or her last sick
ness, or of the coroner of the city when
the case comes under his official notice, to
furnish and deliver to the undertaker, or
other person superintending the ourial of
said deceased person, a certificate duly
signed, setting forth, as far as the same
may be ascertained, the name, age, color,
sex. nativity (giving state or county), oc
cupation, whether married or single, dura
tion of residence in the city of St. Paul,
cause, date and place of death (giving
street and number), and duration of last
sickness of 6aid deceased person. And it
shall be the duty of the undertaker or
other person in charge of the burial of
said deceased person, to forward it to the
Health Officer within twenty-four hours
after such death. Provided, That in case
of death from any infectious or contagious
disease, said certificate shall be so made
and forwarded within twelve hours there
Sec. 60. That no interment or disinter
ment of the dead body of any human be
ing, or disposition thereof in any tomb,
vault or cemetery, shall be made within
the city of St. Paul without a permit there
for granted by the Board of Health of said
city, nor otherwise than in accordance
therewith. And no sexton or other person
shall assist in or Assent or allow any such
interment or disinterment to be made un
til such permit shall be given as aforesaid;
and it shall be the duty of every sexton or
ether person having charge of any bury
ing ground, cemetery, tomb or vault, as
aforesaid, who shall receive any such per
mit, to preserve and return the same to the
Health Officer, together with a full report
on blanks which will be furnished him for
that purpose at the end of every month,
and no sexton, undertaker or other person
shall bury or cause to be buried the body
of any deceased person within the city of
St. Paul, except in such grounds as are
now known and used as burial grounds,
or such as shall hereafter be by law desig
nated and authorized to be used as such.
Sec. 61. That no dead body, or part of
the dead body of any human being shall be
in any manner carried or conveyed from,
in, to, or through the city of St. Paul by
any person or by means of any boat, ves
sel, car, stage or other veh.cle, or by any
public or private conveyance without a
permit therefor first granted by the Board
of Health of said city,
Provided, That the same effect may be
given by said board to a burial, or transit
permit issued by the proper authority of
any other place or jurisdiction when the
death of the person named in the permit
shall have occurred within such place or
Sec. 62. That whenever a permit for
burial is applied for, in case of death with
out the attendance of a physician, or if it
be impossible to obtain a physician's cer
tificate, it shall be the duty of the health
officer to investigate the cause and circum
stances of such death, to make and sign
the certificate required by section fifty
nine of this ordinance, and if not satisfied
as to the cause and circumstances of such
death, he shall refer the case to the coroner
of the city for investigation and report,and
said coroner is hereby required to make
such investigation and report.
Sec. 63. That it shall be the duty of
6very physician, accoucher, midwife, un
dertaker, sexton or superintendent of any
cemetery, or person having charge of the
same, practicing medicine or doing busi
ness within the city of St. Paul to register
his or her name in a book or books to be
provided for such purpose at the office of
the Board of Health of said city, giving
full name, residence and place of business,
and in case of removal from one place to
another in said city, to make change in
said register accordingly. '
Sec. 64. That every person being the
parent, or guardian, or having the care,
custody or control of any minor or other
individual, shall (to the extent of any
means, power and authority of said parent,
guardian or other person that could prop
erly be used or exerted for such purpose,)
cause and procure such minor or individ
ual to be so promptly, frequently and
effectively vaccinated that such minor or
individual shall not take or be liable to
take the. small-pox.
Sec. 65. That no parent, master or cus
todian of any child or minor (having the
power and authority to prevent) shall per
mit any such child or minor to be unneces
sarily exposed, or to needlessly expose any
other person to tho taking, or to the in
fection of any contagious disease.
Sec. 66. That no principal of any school
and no principal or teacher of any private
sectarian or other school shall admit to
any such school ary child or minor who
shall not have been vaccinated within
seven years next preceding the admission
or application for admission to auy such
school of such child or minor; or shall any
such principal or teacher retain in or per
mit to attend any such school any such
child or minor who shall not have been
vaccinated within seven his next pre
ceding the taking effect of this article.'
Sec. 67. The evidence of such vaccina
tion to be presented to any such principal
or teacher, as is mentioned in the preced
ing section, shall be a certificate signed by
the Health Officer or any physician duly
licensed by the state board of examiners.
Sec. 68. The Health Officer is hereby
empowered to visit any and all public and
private schools in the city, and to make or
cause to be made au examination of the
children and minors in attendance therein
as often as he may dee n necessary to se
cure compliance with the provisions
See-. 69. Any principal of a public
school, or principal or teacher of any
private or other school who shall violate
any of the provisions of section sixty-six
of this ordinance, or shall in any way pre
vent or attempt to prevent the Health
Officer from exercising the power con
ferred on him by section sixty-eight of this
ordinance, shall be upon conviction liable
to the penalty hereinafter described.
See. 70. That no person shall suffer or
permit any cellar, vault, private drain,
cess-pool,privy or sewer, upon any premises
belonging to cr occupied by him or her
within the limits of the city of St. Paul,
to become nauseous, offensive or injurious
to the public health.
Sec. 71. No distiller, tanner,
brewer, soap boiler, tallow chand
ler. meat packer, dyer, livery stable
keeper, housekeeper or other person shall
discharge out of or permit to flow from
their still house, tannery, brewery, manu
factory, shop, pricking house, stable, or
other place any foul or nauseous lieiuors,
slops or substance whatever into any pri
vate ground, street, lane or public ground
within said city.
Sec. '._'. No soap toiler, tallow chandler,
candle or oil maker or other person shall
keep or use, or cause to bo kept or used,
any stale, putrid or stinking fat, grease or
meat; nor shall any. person keep for more
than twenty-four hours any undressed
lades, except at the place where the same
are to be manufactured.
Sec. 73. No o.vucr or occupant of any
grocery, cellar, tallow chandlery, shop,
soap factory, tannery, brewery, distillery,
pork or beef packing house, stable or barn
snail suffer the same to become foul,
nauseus or offensive
Sec. 74. No owner or possessor of any
animal which shall have died, shall suffer
the same to lie on any public ground,
street, lane, alloy or any private lot or
place within this city; nor shall any per
son throw or leave any such
animal, or any vegetables or de
cayed nnimal matter or any slops
or filth whatever, solid or fluid,
into any pool of water in said city.
Sec. 75. No owner or occupant of any
lot or tenement shall cause or permit any
nuisance to be or remain in or upon any
lot or tenement, or between the same and
the center of the street ad joking.
Sec. 76. If any person within the limits
of the city of St. Paul, shall permit or
suffer on his, her or their premises, or on
premises of which he, she or they may be
the occupant or occupants, any nuisance,
either by exercising any unwholesome or
offensive trade, calling or business,
or by having or suffering or permitting
any building, outhouse, sewer, sink, or
any putrid or unsound beef, pork, fish,
hides, skins or any putrid carcass or, any
unwholesome substance, or thing what
ever, to be or remain on premises of which
he, she or they shall be the owner or own
ers occupant or occupants until by offen
sive and ill stenches or otherwise they or
any of them shall become offensive, hurt
ful or dangerous to the neighborhood, it
shall be the duty of the Assistant Health
Inspector to give notice to such person or
persons, to remove such nuisance forth
with, and if the owner or owners, . occu
pant or occupants of premises on which
such nuisance shall be situated, shall neg
lect or refuse to remove the same for the
space of twenty-four hours after such no
tice shall have been given, he, she or they
upon conviction thereof before the munic
ipal court, of the city of St. Paul,
shall be liable to the penrlty
hereinafter described together with the ex
pense of removing such nuisance and the
costs of prosecution. .
Sec. 77. If any person or persons
shall after notice as aforesaid
permit any such nuisance to remain which
shall be manifestly [dangerous or improper,
it shall be lawful for the assistant health
inspectors to remove and abate such nui
sance either by removing any putrefaction
or by draining the premises, or by filling
them up forthwith under direction of the
Health Officer; and the person or persons
permitting the same to remain as afore
said shall on conviction thereof be liable
to the penalty hereinafter described .
Sec. 78. No person shall deposit or
leave, or cause to be left, or placed or de
posited in any part of the said city any
dead animal, or any animal or vegetable
excrementative or other substance which
is offensive, or which by process of decom
position, may become offensive unless the
same shall be buried at least three feet be
low the surface of the ground.
Sea 79. It shall be the duty of the Chief
of Police to report to the Health Officer
the existence of any nuisance whatever in
said city and perform such other acts rela
tive to the same according to the general
or special regulations prescribed relative
Sea 80. It shall be unlawful for any
person, firm or corporation to carry on the
business of slaughtering of animals or
rendering of any animal matter or manu
facturing the same into fertilizing
material or changing the form thereof in
any manner by the use of heat, steam, fire,
chemicals or otherwise, at any place or in
any establishment anywhere within the
city of St. Paul or within one mile of the
limits of said city, except by a permit from
Common Council.
Sec. 81. It shall be unlawful for any
person, firm or corporation having the
ownership or control of any animal matter
which is unsound, or in process of decay
within the city of St. Paul, to permit the
same to be aDd remain while in such con
dition within said city or within one mile
of the limits thereof more than twelve
hours after such animal matter shall have
become unsound, or after the process of
decay shall have begun in the same,
whether it be at any establishment for the
rendering or changing the character
thereof within the locality prescribed and
designated in the preceding section of this
article or elsewhere within the said city, or
within one mile of the limits thereof.
See. 82. It shall be unlawful for any
person or persons, company or corpora
tion within the city of St. Panl or within
one mile of the limits thereof to engage in
the business of slaughtering animals for
food, packing them for market, or render
ing the offal, fat,bones or scraps from such
animals or any dead carcass or any animal
matter whatever, or to engage in the man
ufacture or production of fertilizers or
glue, or the cleaning or rendering of in
testines, unless he or they shall have ob
tained a permit from the Common
Council for such business.
Sec. 83. Any license so granted may be
revoked upon written notice by the Board
of Health whenever it shall appear to their
satisfaction that the parly so lie-eused shall
have violated any provision of any ordi
nance of the City Council or any statute
law of the State of Minnesota relating to
said business of slaughtering, packing,ren
dering and manufacture of fertilizers or
Sec. 84. The Health Officer or any or
all of his assistant inspectors shall be per
mitted free entrance at all hours of the
day or night to all buildings used for the
purposes specified iv section eighty-three
of this article.and to free and unrestrained
examination of all apparatus or untensils
used in such manufacture, or iv the dis
position of gases generated in such manu
Sec. 85. It shall constitute and is here
by declared a nuisance for any person to
erect or maintain any pri-y as near as
forty feet to any street, dwelling, shop, or
well unless the same be furnished with a
substantial vault six feet deep and made
water tight, so that the contents cannot
escape therefrom, and sufficiently secured
and enclosed.
Sec. 86. All privies, any part of the
contents which are above the surf ace, or
within two feel of the surface of the earth
and all other privies that, are foul, emit
ting smells and odors prejudicial to the
public health are hereby declared nuis
ances and the department of health or any
Health Officer or Inspector shall have
power to abate the same.
Sec. 87. Whenever any nuisance shall
be found on any premises within tho city
contrary to this article, the Health Officer
is hereby authorized in his discretion to
cause the same to be summarily abated in
such manner as he may direct.
Sec. 88. In all oases where a nuisance
shall be found in auy building or upon
any ground or other premises within the
jurisdiction of the city, twenty-four hours
notice may be given in writing,
signed by the Health Officer or by the as
sistant health inspector to the owner or
occupant of such building or other prem
ises where he is known and can be found,
to remove such nuisance, and iv case of
his neglect or refusal to abate the same in
accordance with such notice be shall be
chargeable with the expenses which may
be incurred in the removal thereof, tube
collected by suit or otherwise, in addition
to the fine or penalty.
Sec. 89. In ail cases where no provis
ion is herein made defining what are nui
sances and how the same may bo re
moved, abated or prevented, in addi
i' moved, abated or prevented, in addi
tion to what ma.» be declared
such herein, those offences which are
j known to the common law of the land and
i the statutes of Minnesota as nuisances
I may, in case the sane exist within the city
j limits or within one mile thereof, be treat
ed as)such and proceeded against as is in
this article provided, or in accordance
! with any other law which shall give the
j officer trying the same jurisdiction.
Sec. 90. That no pile or deposit of ma-
I nure, offal or garbage, nor accumulation
lof any offensive or nauseous substance
shall be made within the limits of said city,
nor shall any person or corporation un
load, discharge or put upon or along the
line of any railroad, street or highway, or
public place within said city, any manure,
offal, garbage or other offiensive or nau
seous substance; nor shall cars or flats
loaded with or having in or upon them
any such substance or substances be al
lowed to remain or stand on or along any
railroad, street or highway within the lim
its of said city within three hundred
yard 6 of any inhabited dwelling
All manure vaults attached to
stables, where more than two
horses are kept, shall between April and
November of each year be emptied twice
in each week, and such vault shall in no
case be permitted to become a nuisance.
Sec. 91. That no manure, garbage, offal
or any vegetable or animal matter or nau
seous substance detrimental to health shall
be dumped or deposited at any place with
in the limits of the city of St. Paul except
at such place or places designated and
provided for that purpose by the Board of
Sec. 92. Every house situated upon a
lot or street in which there is a sewer, shall
have the water closets or privies furnished
with a proper connection with the sewer,
which connection shall be in all parts ad
equate for the purpose as to permit en
tirely and freely to pass whatever enters
the same. '.-:■. * ..-.
Sec. 93. All such water closets and
vaults shall be provided with the proper
traps and connected with the house sewer
by a proper tight pipe, and shall be
provided with sufficient water and
other proper means for flushing the same,
and every owner, lessee and occupant shal 1
take adequate measures to prevent im
proper substances from entering such
water closets or privies or their connec-

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