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'- » < m/«^<M»U>MUgCTC»«L l l"lM»'l«iJLU» *t HI Ml II ■- ■ Ja
Their Officious Intermeddling Properly
Kelmked-The City Autboritlesof ?.limiP
ap Us Accept the Invi;atiou to Join With
s«t. I'aul i.-i the Celebration — Mayor
O'Urlen's Invitation and Mayor Ames'
Bep'y-- A Citizens' Meeting to Alnka Ar
Citizen Ames Comes Jiotru and Talks to the
Tiro Bills, it al.
Hill King and Bill Washburn, et al.:
I have be . chicken hunting and you
have been raising — 1 since I have been
gone. You are two ennuing sure-thing
player?, and the people are onto you.
When you make a bluff at rae you can bet
al 1 your ill-gotten gains I'll call you. I
asked the'eity council eomo time since io
appoint a coinniittee to aft with similar
•CGnr.r.ittees from the chamber of com
merce and board of trade
to ik a lie arrangements for a
proper reception of the Villard party.
Subs eqaently, it waa ascertained that Mr.
yillard, recognizing the fact that the in
tefests of St. Paul and Minneapolis are
identical, propose that these great twin
cities unite in their reception. Everybody
was agreed to this. But what was the
result r A few of your high toned roosters
got ip a committee representing the out j
Republicans who have been in and want j
to foe "gain, and with them yen went to
Si.. Paul to down the present sdministra- i
lion and tha representatives of tho people I
in the city council. Yon acted as if j
this Vlllard party were a lot
cf dudes who were crazy to receive your
snobbish homage. Your money and cheek
may secure votes r.nd solid landing, but
vvith Ike rentifeineri comprising the Villard
party you would be small potatoes. Tha
gentlemen of tke St. Paul committee were
disgusted with you for giving our mayor
and city council, who are to your disgust
the chosen representatives of the people,
an insult, and thep very properly sat down
on you. In their act you have aii oppor
tunity to see yourselves as others see you.
By the way, Bill King, of savory memory,
how came you on that committee. Do you
elect yourself to positions since the people
have done with you. You had better test
your popularity with the ballot before
thrusting yourself nj on the confiding citi
zens of St. Paul and Minneapolis further.
Th 3 fact that you two i). ; i^ who have been
identified with fo much fanny work, pre
sented yourselves before the St. Paul f oiks
pretending to represent Minneapolis is dis
coun ■ ■ .-. to gay the least. Bill X., yon
hadjbettire fetiro tin your congressional
Canadian and fair records under the
modern change of hearr, and allow Bill
W; to either ring his chime of belle
over you cr elsa put you iv -his fever ward.
Do for (Toodiiesa su^e now that the city is
prosperous go and let her aione in her
glory. You are worse than deer flies, hor
nets or a grass hopper visitation, Go en
joy your Nettle-tonish religion and don't
play that you are eatans upon the happy j
and contented Minneapolitans. Yours t -ely,
Citizen A, A. Ames.
An Kxchdnys ■■_' Courtesies.
Tho following cocrteor.3 telegram was
sent Mayer Ame3 yesterday, but cvrir,; to I
his absence from the city was not received j
antil a late hour last night:
Hon. A. A. An-- Major: I beg to in- j
quire whether or noJ it is the de-iro of f.-.a
municipal authorities of Minneapolis io
communicate with the St. Paul municipal
aathoiities touching ths advent of the
Northern Pacific excursion party.
C. D. O'Bbieh, Mayor of St. Paul.
At midnight Mayer Ames wired the fol
lowing reply.
Hon. CD. O'Brien, Mayor, St. Paul:
Have just returned from a three days' j
chicken hunt. St. Paul and Mm- !
neapolis are mutually concerned in
the grand event of the opening of the
Northern Pacific railroad Our citizens
desire through their city council to do
honor to Mr. Villard and his party, and
will join St. Paul and her municipal au
thorities in so doinjj. There has been some
monkey work going on since I have been
,gouo. We will meet you and your author
ities at a time and place you may desig
nate, and everything can be amicably
settled. During the present term there is
no gang running the city. The people will
respond when properly called upon. Lot
by gctts bo by «ones, and let the two
great cities of the northwest go hand in
hand, as they will if they are properly
handled. . A. A. Ames.
,-i .'lt ft inn of Citizens.
Yesterday morning a joint meeting of i
city council committee and the committees
from the board of trade and chamber of
commerce upon the Villiard reception was
held in the city hall. Hon. Geo. A. Pills
bury, president of the city covmei!,cocupied
the chair, ;..;.! .'• d. 11. M. Morse served as
President Pilisbury in a brief address
explained the objects of the meeting.
W. D. ashburn, who evidently is of the
impression that he bad been snubbed by
our St. Paul auxiliaries, followed in a
somewhat bitter recital of the reception
with which the chamber of commerce and
the board of trade committees had been
met in St. PauL He advocated
the proposition of Minneapolis play
ing •■'. lone. hand in the Villard
reception, and talked much like a man
who Knows how to ''play a 1oj;o hand." He
had telegraphed New York for informa
tion" respecting whentha party could re
ceive a formal reception by the citizens of
Minrieapbls, but had received no reply.
Mr. Pillsbuiy stated that Mr.Oiough, thy
attorney of the Northern Pacific railroad,
had been in Minneapolis for tie purpese
of arranging for a joint reception by the
two cities, and that the Villard party had
BO wished ihe affair conducted.
YYashb'nrri suggested that a remonioua
reception bo given tiia distinguished visit
ors, inulialistj a grand proec-s.-ion, banquet
at the Hotel Lyndale, drives, etc., und
thou ' Monday.would bVt ho* fittest day*
A letter from Vica Erasident Oakej, ez
hihitmg the* fact "that was expected that |
the lccGpticawas to be a joiut afcair," vas
read. .
A. "0. Nettleton next spoiie. He said tne
Northern Pacific road is already completed
and the day for driving ihe golden spike
fixed upon, September Bth, lie urged thi t
Minneapolis give a formal reception on
Monday, September 3. He furthermore
suggested a grand industrial procession.
Nothing is half so expressive of
the power and resources of a
manufacturing city. He had witnessed a
similar demonstration upon the occasion
of the formal opening of the Union Pacific
in 1868. He was certain it would have a
profound impression upon the visitors.
Dorillns Morrison seconded such a move
ment. It would shew Minneapolis to go;;d
Capt. Merriman approved the plan. He
said that it was proper that
Minneapolis should celebrate the span
ning of the continent with an iron bridge
— one of^.he grandest works ever accom
plished by the hand of man. Ho thought
it fit to have a brilliant ceJebration wheth
er we have anY guests or not, and incnl-
cated his views, into a formal motion,
that Minneapolis celebrate tha great
event on Monday September 3d.
The motion was BdOOnded by G. A. Fiils
bury, and Col. Glenn, C. M. lioring,D.
Blakely, Thom&B Lowry, Aid. M. vvalrfi,
A. J. Boardman and others delivered spir
ited speeches. The motion was usani
monsly curried.
A committee of fifteen was appointed to
perfect arrangements, with tho power to
appoint sub-committees, and with Hon.
Geo A. Pilisbury chairman of the general
committee. The following is the com
From the Chamber of Commerce— E. V.
White, W. D. Washburn, 0. M. Loring, A.
C. Rand.
Board of Trade— F. W. Brooke, Wm. F.
King, O. C. Merriam, Geo. A. Brackeit.
City Council — Mayor Ames, Geo. A. Pills
bury, Aldermen Walsh, Andrews and
At Large— D. Morrison, J. S. Pilisbury,
A. B. Nottleton.
Upon motion of G. K. Shaw, a notice of
thejformal action taken by the commi*
leos of Minneapolis was ordered sent to
Mr. Villard and his party, and to extend to
them an invitation to be present on
Ihe general coinmitteo was authorized
to map out a full progiam'riie which shall
include a monster industrial parade, ban
quet fireworks, military display, etc.
Hound urn:
Yesterday, George bands, the man ar
rested by (Jilicer Paul Mousson for burg
larizing Fred Taylor's grocery storeys
published in these column, was arraigaed
iv the municipal court. He waived exam
ination and in default of furnishing bonds
in the sum or ft.l'JO he was remanded to
await tho aciion'of the ;;r.a:d jury.
Fair Xtttes.
Ths bicyclists expected here yesterday
telegraphed that they were detained by a
racs which takes place at Washington to- 1
day. As soon as the race- is over they will !
start for Minneapolis which they will
reach on Monday morning. Robinson's j
elegant medal has been forwarded and J
will be exhibited in Marshall's ore on I
i Hennepin t.venue with the other?.
! They are making so many improve- •
i ments and alterations on the fair grounds j
| that they will appear almost now even to
the old habitues.
Secretary Clark is on the grounds daily
and working us busy as a nailer.
Those desiring space should immedi
ately apply to J. 11. Rolf a before they are
too late. •
The exhibits formerly placed in agri
cultural hall will ba in machinery hall this
J Tha stock entries this week are larger
i than they were for any previous fair of tho
J association. j
I With the exception of ladies' fancy work, '
i ;i:i articles- to be entered must ba in place:
: to-morrow evening.
i Those who enter ponies for the race en
i children's day will not be obliged to pay
any fee, and may enter the animals at the
time set for starting the- raca.
Last evening a telegram was Bent the
coroner from E*cetsior, stating that the
body of tin man drowned on Sunday had
been found.
Mayor Ames returned Jate last evening
from Albert Lea ui;d udj ent country
j whoro he and party bagged v r .?iigon load
j ofgrcusc. ___.
V< t e5T FAI.MOTJTH, Mass., Aug. 23. — There
is now little doubt in the minds of those
connected with the members of the party
which Bailed on the yacht Mystery that
the yacht is wrecked and all on board
West Falucuth, Mass., Aug. 23.An
other body has been found at Pocsssett'a
Glen and the Sargent families have goaa
Boston, A«g. 23. — Relatives of
Geo. 11. Sargent, of Sargent «i
Co., New York, offer $100 reward for
the recovery of his boa,,. Sargent and a
Mr. Hawkins whose body was fonad at
Pocasset to-day, -were* in charge of th.3
yacht ''Mystery and 'oargent acted as I
pkippor. He was ;:.;i expert sailor and a
splendid swimmer, and is now beiieved to
have been the man who was Been on the
'"lien and Chickens" reef, bet who could
not be recognized owing to a heavy sea.
The body picked up at New Bedford is
supposed to 'it: hits. !
New Bedfoed, Aug. 2.'?. — The yacht !
sunken at the "lien and Chickens" reef
was hoisted this - veninjj by a steamer, but
it was found impossible to raise her at I
Bent. The wreck indicates that she was ;
the size of the "Mystery."
Mattooh, 111., at!).;.. 23.— David Woods
and his team were stung to death by a
Bwarm of bees.
BigUapids, Mich., Aug. 23.— Tuesday
night, ton miles east of this place, the
lumber camp of Poster, Braokxn&n & Co.
was burned. Loss, |30,000; insured for
Cincinnati, Aug. 23 1 —an incendiary fire
at Sunnyside coal mine caused a loss yes
terday of 910,000; insurance, $6,000. Mrs.
Barber, sixty Years old, seeing the fire,
died from fright.
Mt. Stbbijhg, Aug. 23.— The tannery of
Retd & Pearaall burned Wednesday night.
It is supposed to have been mc ndiary. es
it had been idle two months. Los-, $10,
--000; insurance, $6,000. s
Milfobd, Ma*s.,An?. 23. — A fire in the
\TOods south of Mil ford burned over one
hundred acres. Dwellings ire now threat
ened. The dro^tii is very serious in this
VILLT, Pa., ing. 23.— During a
violent sterm last night lightning truck
James Quick's barn' m Milford township,
tiilinrr six iior?Q* and burning largo qoen- |
titie'sof buy and grain", besido costly pgii- j
cultural machinery last evesiiur. ;
West Faliiot;i"u. ."i!as.--., Aug. -23.—An
other body, was found at Pccassett this
afternoon and the Glen and Sargent fam
ily etarted for that pl.-.co. On their arrival
they easily entitled the remains as those
of Robert W. Hawkiue, of the yacht "Mys
tery." Tne articles found on the body af
forded easy means of identification. The
body was more decomposed than that of
Rupert Sargent, found at West Falmontb.
Mr. Hawkins was about twenty-six years
old and unmarried. Tha Glen parry on
receiving a clue from New Bedford took
the next train for that city. Pa-melee
and Sweasey will remain at Pocassett un
til to-morrow to arrange for the proper
care of the remains .
Meadville, Pa., Aug. 23.— A passenger
train en the New York.. Pennsylvania &
Ohio railroad ■was wrecked this morning
between Salonica and Randolph by a mis
placed switch. No particulars. The com
pany claims that nobody was killed. Trains
were delayed one to three hours.
■. . -
[Special Telegram to the Globe.]
Eeie, Pa., Aug. 23.— George W. Dresser,
of Greenfield township, this county, is the
dying victim of a foul crime perpetrated
yesterday. Farmer Dresser had recently
circumvented the nefarious operations of a
gang of Ohio outlaws, presumed to be
fugitives from justice. For revenge, four
of t> em sprang upon him as ho was trav
elling to Erie, but he put spurs to his horse
and escaped. Ou the way home ho was
again attacked and followed for a long
way.. He out-distanced them, but was in
veigled from his house by a ruse, and was
stubbed in tho chest by each of his four
assailants, who lied, and have not yet been
captured. Their names are Thomas and
Wiiliam Fleshor, and William and John
Gbant Cm, Mo., Aug. 23. — constable
and posse attempted to take Win. Andrews
from a house cf ill-repute at ladore, and
were fired on by him. One of the party,
Dr. J. 0. Rex, was killed. Andrews gave
himself up. Hex war, an influential citi
Highland, 111., Aug. 23. — John Gorman,
! a farmer near Jamestown, committed sui
\ oide on account of financial trouble. Rjb't
Tcpener, a milliner, also shot himself
through tun heart with a shot gun. Cause,
financial trouble.
Nsw Tokk, Aug. 23.— Elizabeth Cam
eron, twenty-eight years old, was shot
through the head an i instantly killed in
her apartment, 4GG Eighth street, this
morning, by Geo. Beattie, forty-four years
old. After killing her Beattie shot him
self through the heart and fail dead across
her body . The causa of the murder and
suicide is unknown. Mrs. Cameron was
| the wife of Noremac, tho pedestrian, and
; Beattie had been mac's bartender, but
was dismissed because of drinking habits
and it is supposed he committed the deed
| from feelings of malice toward Noremac.
I Chicago, Aug. 23.— Richard Fanning,
I twenty years old, employed as a hall befy
j m the Sherman house, was arrested to
night on the charge of having committed
a heavy robbery while employed in a sim
ilar capacity in the Parker house, Boston .
The detectives hear he is the same person
who robbed Austin Corbin in Lexington
fiats, New York, and that he also robbed a
large number of guests of a Saratoga ho
tel. The accused made a partial confes
sion, and was taken to Boston to-night in
! charge of a detective from that city .
Tbox, N. V., Aug. 23.— Dr. F. 11. Hudson
j was probably fatally shot to-day by Chas.
• rhout, at Hoosao Falls. He is charged
! by Oaterhout's wife with indecent conduct
i toward her. Hudson denies the charge.
New Yobs, Aug. L' 3. — Charles Frederick
dams, a Brooklyn lawyer, appeared be
fore the senate Bub-oommittee en labor
aud education to-day, He said he is of
iiie school of economists and by Professors
Fawcett and Cairns he proposed to prevent
the present absolute dependence on wages
by restricting monopolistic franchises.
Such franchises should be given for fixed
term?, at the end of which they should be
thrown open to competition, lie favored
the establishment of postal savings banks,
and the sale by them of small animation
to the people.
At the fusion of tho federation of labor
and trades union this forenoon a resolu
tion was adopted requesting the legislative
committee of the federation to support the
cigar makers in their fight to secure the
enforcement of the law passed by the lr.st
New York legislature prohibiting the
jnanuf acture of cigars in tenement houses.
It is stated the manufacturers intend to
contest the constitutionality of the law.
Foster spoke of the low wages of New Eng
land factory operatives and of the persist
ent black-balling by employers of those
who thought to organize.
A post mortem of a dead sailor at the
navy yard at Pensacola on Wednesday
night, revealed his disease to be a perni
cious swamp fever instead of yellow fever.
The Chilians have surprised and routed
3,000 Indians waiting to «ack the city of
Knancayo, Fern, and rout the peace party
to bo left there. They killed 400 and
wonnded 400.
A. hurricane swept over the Ottawa dis
trict in Ontario on Wednesday night, doing
great damage to barns, fences and crops,
and :■. man named Henshaw was killed by
QFive Chinamen imprisoned at Trenton,
N. J . , for an assault on a fellow country
man, are going to sue the prison keeper
and board of inspectors for depriving
them of their queues, ca iho claim that the
constitution declares that no person shall
be deprived of the privilege of worshiping
God Recording to the dictates of his con
science, and thnt a queue is an element of
Chinese religion.
'('lit: New York etock exchange has ap
pointed a committee to investigate recent
stock broker firm failures in New York and
The Democratic state convention of New
York has been called at Buffalo for Sep
tember 27. It has been voted 18 to 12 by
the state central committee that the elec
j tion of delegates in the primaries of New
York city, pending a settlement
cf difficulties, bo under the
direction of the state committee.
Button's grocery and livery stable and
Rich's hotel at Louisville. Ky., were burned
yesterday. Loss, $12,000.
Loui? Hemorick, a Toledo saloonist, fa
tally shot Alex. Morbuck ia a quarrel last
Chas. W. Rice has been appointed re
ceiver for the St. Albans, Vt., Trust com-
S pany.
• Owing to the prompt action of Missouri
I authorities to break up the coming prize
fi-^ht, Slade, with his trainer, baa left In
dopecdence, Mo., for Atchinson, Kansas.
A janitor at Cincinnati found Dr. J. S.
I Martm in his Bice yesterday with a pistol
j m h;s hand and a fatal wound in hid tem
i ii!o. Ha had. it was thought, been dead
j for forty-eight horn Cause of suicide,
"domestic and business troubles.
Chitf Justice J-iener decided yesterday
:A Cheyenne, Wyoming, that stock rai?ers
could not lawfully fence in government
laud, (in a test case between; the govern
ment and a e:oekman.) end that all such
operations c:m be restrained by injunc
tions issuing from a court of equity.
Mobile, Ala., Aug. 23. — Upon receipt of
news of tha discovery of yellow fever at
Per.sacola, the Mobile board of health
recommended the establishment of quar
antine against that place and the governor
i??ued a proclamation accordingly.
';■' Cincinnati, Aug. 23. — The liabilities of
Vincent & Hinkee, which were at the time
oi : the failure estimated at $800,000, are
now said by appraisers and assignees to
amount to about $100,000 more. The as
sets, nt the loweet appraisement, will reach
Ask for Well's "Rougk on Corns." 15c.
Quick, complete, permanent cure. Corns,
waits, bunions.
m old jrmiLD.
London, Aug. — The Times cor
respondent H>ugkoas, referring to the
movements of tha branch ia Toaqain,
says the enemy was mainly composed of
Chinese armed with Remington rifles.
Gen . Bonet commanded tha left colam^
Of the French troops. It is believed tho
c Demy's loss is email. French doctors
complain or want of medicine and stores.
The operations of the French have been
stopped for the present, tho number of
troops being insufficient to attack Soatay
and Bachnia, which are the strongest posi
tions en the delta. The repulse of the
French has disheartened them and encour
aged the enemy, and 4,000 native -Chris
tians are being armed.
The Standard's correspondent at Hanoi
says it is generally admitted the French
will require a force of 10,000 men to be
able to cope with the enemy sncc?ssfnlly.
The number of gun boats is also inade
quate. Somii 500 coolies accompanied
the French column as carriers, but fled at
tha first shot. Ii is stated the enemy has
entrenchments, ona behind tho other, over
the whole of twenty-five miles between
Hanoi and Sontay, but it is thought the
floods have destroyed many. No Annams
participated in the fight.
The Times says the capture of Haidourg
is of Borne importance, as it gives the
French complete coaiajand of tno canal
which is the most convenient approach to
London, Aug. 23. — The Time?, com
menting on the Berlin North German Ga
zette article referring to the attacks of
French journals on Germany and declar
ing that France alous threatens the peace
of Europe, says the irritation shown by
the latter paper cannot be explained by
the reason assigned, as the French press
upon the whole has been very moderate in
regard to Germany. The article is rather
expressive of impatience at the action of
the French and ought to convince them
that their expeditions in various parts of
the world do not add iv tho smallest degree
to their influence in Europe. The article
of the North German Gazette startled Par
is, alarmed Europe and caused prices on
the bourses of Paris, Vienna and Berlin to
The press everywhere expresses surprise
at the Gazette's attack on France and won
der as to what its object is. The French
papers repel the charges contained in the
London, Aug. — Sioting between
Catholics and Orangemen was renewed
near the Coal bridge last night. The po
j lice checked the disturbances and made
thirty-nine arrests.
AiiExasduia, Au^. 23. — Thirty-one deaths
from cholera here yesterday.
London, Aug. 23. — Gladstone stated this
evening in the commons that Waddington,
the French ambassador, had given assur
ances to ti-.G British government that how
he would hava every facility for conduct
ing his defense, and France would do her
utmost to close tha incident.
The Irish tramways bill passed the house
of lords this evening.
London, Aug. 23. At ths York August
meeting to-day tho race for the great
Yorkshire stakes, three-year-olds, was won
ij by Dnke Hamilton's Ossian, H. Small
wood's Chislehurat second, Lord Rosslyn's
Ladislas third. There were six starters at
' the start, and betting was nine to two
against Ossian, eleven to eight against
• Chisl9hurst and seven to two against
i Ladislas.
Maueid, Aug. 23. — The official organ of
Spain has the following: The office of
minister of Spain at Washington, va
cant on account of the death of Barca will
not bo filled for so^ie months yet. In the
interim the legation wiU be put in charge
of Dapuy DeLjme, charge de affairs.
Madkid, Aug. 23. — King Alfonso has left
Barcelona for Saragossa. The pope has
congratulated the king on the end of the
outbreak of the military of Spain.
Paeis, Aug. 23. — Ferry, prime minister,
declared the result of the recent elections,
a strong approval of the government and
a national demonstration in favor of the
London, Aug. 23.— A dispatch from Hong
Kong says a European tide waiter at Can
ton, in an altercation recently with some
coolies, drew a revolver and killed a boy
and wounded two men. He was arrested
and now awaits trial. The outrage had an
exasperating effect on the populace,
who were nlre.-.dy greatly excited by the
action of the French in Tonquin. Placards
were posted on the walls of the city, Wed
nesday, snmmoniDg the people to rise and
slaughter the barbarians. The placards
so added to the flame that the Europeans
in Canton became greatly alarmed, and
the British consul sent an appeal to the
British commodore for protection. The
British sloop-of-war "Swift" has left for
Paei=, Aug. — The Telegrafe says
Waddington, French ambassador to Lon
don, has informed Granville, British
minister, that Shaw, the Biitiah mission
ary who is a prisoner in Madagacar, was
arrested as a dignitary of the Hova
government and not as a British subject.
He had accepted the government'scounsels
and it is charged he excited th 9 Hovas to
resist the demands of the French.
A His Day's Fishing Great Extremes of
Temperature— Out'ie Boundaries of Yel
lowstoix) Park.
Cajip Hahpton, on Snake Rivee, via.
Foet Washakie, Aug. — Tne president's
party reached the camp after traveling
about eighteen miles along the foot of the
hills between the Shoshone and Teton
mountains. The camp is named in honor
of Senator Wade Hampton, who was ex
pected to accompany the party. Its loca
tion is grand, on a bluff of the Snake
river, and facing the entire range of the
Teton mountains. Judge Rollins shot
and brought in his first antelope hera. All
kinds of game abound in the camp, and
nearly all the parly are engaged to-day in
angling for trout. The president and
Senator Vest are outstripping the rest.
Each have landei a two and a half
pound trout from the bluff facing the
camp which was witnessed by the entire
command. Their catch for the day is
much larger than any day during the trip.
At our last camp the temper of all the
party was severley!|tried by the extremes
of weather experienced by hot weather in
the middle of the day, severe chenook
winds throughout the day and night, ac
companied with blinding clouds of dust,
and " ice formed one inch on the water
buckets before the tents by morning. To
day the weather is clear and bracing and
all the party are in excellent health and
spirits. To-morrow's march will take us
to the southerly boundary of the Yellow
stone park.
Ast Time to Consider the Matter.
PiiTSBrEG, — At a meeting of
the window glass manufacturers and work
men's conference committee to regulate
the rate of wages for the ensuing year,
the manufacturers made a proposition
which embraced a general reduction in
wages of about 10 per cent. The work-
! men '•efusa to act at once and asked time
to consider the matter, which was granted
and the conference adjourned until some
day next wefck., '^i*'
• , . Wanted— Horses.
E. D. Falts, the inspector and buyer for the
Minneapolis Street Railway company, will bo et
tho barn at the corner of Cedar and Frankuu
avenue 3 each morning, at from 8 to 10 o'clock
for the purchase of horses for the street railway
system. Horses must be from six t» nine years
of age, and weigh from 1 ,2t : 0 to 1 ,300 pounds
, _
Knight Templar Grand Lodge Officers.
San Feancisco, Cal., Aug. 23.— The fol
lowing were elected officers of the Knights
Templar: Grand Master, Robert E. With
ers, Virginia; Deputy Grand, Charles
Roome, New York; Generalissimo, John
P. Gobin, Pann., Captain General, Hugh
I\lcCurdy, Michigan; Senior Warden, J.
Lame Thomas, Kentucky; Junior Warden,
George C. Perkins, Calafornia; treasurer
and recorder re-elected.
To-morrow the inauguration of the Gar
field foundation monument has been de
clared a state holiday, and all business will
be suspended.
Large Sale of Domestic Cottons.
New Yobk, Aug. 23. — By order of Gee.
C. Richardson & Co., a. trade sale of 14,000
packages of domestic goods was held to
day. The bidding was brisk, but none of
the goods brought very high prices,
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Aug. 23.— The Drovers' Joarral
reports: Hogs, receipts 13,030; shipments,
o,7CC; very dull and [email protected] lower;
packing [email protected]; packing and shipping
[email protected]; light 5.80©5.50; skips [email protected]
5.00, closed dull. Cattle, receipts 7,50i>;
Bhipments, 3,700; brisk and linn; ex.
ports 6.1 : 0g56.40;g00d to choice shipping steers
[email protected]; common to medium 4.(K'@S.QO.
Sheep, receipts. 1,400; shipments 1,400; more
active and firmer; inferior to fair 2.0'.)@2.75
per cwt: good 3.25; choice 3.65; lambs per
Head [email protected]
Portsmouth, N. 11., Aug. 23. — Malaria
has appeared at several New Hampshire
beaches, and many people are ill. Mr.
Lewis, a wealthy Philadelphian. died at
his cottage yesterday of malignant typhoid
f3ver. His family and servants are ill. De
fective drainage is the supposed cause.
Mrs. Ward, a hotel guest at Rye Beaoh,
also died yesterday.
Base Ball.
At Baltimore— Baltimore 10, Eclipse G.
At Philadelphia — Cincinnatis 4, Ath
letics 1.
At New York Metropolitans 10, Colum-
bos 4.
At Brooklyn — Brooklyn 10, Virginia 2.
At Chicago— Chicago 3, Buffalo 1.
At Detroit — Detroit 6. Cleveland 5.
At East Saginaw- -Saginaws 5, Peorias 3.
At Pittsbnrg— St. Louis 10, Allegheny 7.
There is a man in Vermont whose
brr.ins, according to one of the medical
journal?, have dried up, so thai they rit
tle around like beans ia a bladder every
time he shakes his head.
Notice is hereby given to the
public that our Mr. Jos. H. Wall
raff hag withdrawn his interest
from our firm. The business will
be continued under the same
stylo, Mr. Hubert A. Waliraff
taking the management. Thank
ing our many friends and patrons
for the favors extended to us in
the past, we hope through strict
adherance to our motto, "GOOJD
a continuance of tho same.
Very respectfully yours,
Amendmtnts of Articles cf I corporation
This is to certify that at a meeting of the stock
holders of Knife Falls Lumber Company (a corpo
ration heretofore organized and acting under laws
of the state of Minnesota,) held at two o'clock in
the afternoon of August '.list, 1883, at its office, iv
Saint Paul, Minnesota, at which ail of the stock
holders were present in person or by proxy, and all
the stock of said company was represented each of
the following resolutions was voted on seperately
and each was adopted. All the stock of said com
pany being voted therefor.
Resolved, that article 111 of articles of in
corporation of Knife Falls Lumber Company, be
amended so as to read as follows:
The amount of capital stock of said corporation
shall be five hundred thousand dollars, which shall
be paid in in such manner as the directors shall
Second— Resolved, that article IV of tho articles
of incorporation of this company bo changed, so as
to read as follows:
The highest amount of indebtedness or liability
to which said corporation shall, at any time be sub
ject, is the sum of two hundred and tidy thousand
Third— Resolved, t^t the incorp >rating articles
of this company be so changed, that article YH
shall read as follows:
The number of shares in the capital stock of said
corporation shall be ten thousand, and the amoont
thereof shall be fifty dollars each.
In testimony whereof, said corporation has caused
this certiiicaie to Designed by its president and
secretary, and its corporate seal to be attached.
Dated August 21, 1883.
( Corporate ) By H. Brandenburg, President.
I Seal. 5 * Chas. A. Moore, Secretary.
State of Minnesota, ?
County of Ramsey. ) t3
11. Brandenburg and Charles A. Moore, being
each first duly sworn, doth each for hircirelf say,
that said H. Brandenburg is the president, and rid
Chris. A. Moore is the secretary of Knife Fr.lls
Lumber Company, and that each boa read the fore
going certificate, and knows the contents thereof,
and that tha same Is true; and each affiant farther
deposes and says, thai the amendments to Use ar
ticles of incorporation of said Knife Falls Lumber
Company contained In said certificate, were adopted
at a meeting of the stockholders of said corpora
tion by a unanimous vote of ail the shares and
shareholders of said corporation as in said certifi
cat stated, and that said H Brandenburg hr.* sub
scribed sa«d certificate a« such president, and s-aid
Chas. A. Moore has subscribed the same as such
Subscribed and sworn to before me, en this 22:1
day of August, A. D. 1883.
( Notarial seal ; CHAS. N. BELL,
< liamsey Co., > Notary Public, Ramsey Co.,
( Minn. ) au24-fri-2=7 Minnesota.
If\-5 s •»*■« j, x | *•'lfA % ; g>l <y.
"¥MTI A Nil il
Ofic* on S^Taotii •(net bridge and ooroer I
TmUfterd Boberfc Oraew t*c*ivc<) by te
LYOH & HEALY, State anb Monroe St., CHICAGO,
Wm sendprepaid to any address their Illustrated Price
List of ZiAtest Style Banjos. -
Just the instrument for Picnics, Camping Parties, Sum
mer Kveninpr serenad etc. Now the rage in boeC sceii
ty. Prices 9 3 and UDwanis.
LOST — in English Bull Dog (cream colored^.
JLi*. Boar over rgh rear. A reward of 610 will
be paid tor information of tho whereabouts of
the animal. P. G. Hurst. 242 Haanopin avenue.
"jfT'OtJND — On Portland avenue, a gun and case.
J. Owner can havo same by paying expenses
and proving property. J. A. Bidgeway, No. C
Washington avonuo. 229
JA. CARLSON'S Employment Office, 105
m First street north. Telephone con
nections. First-class help furnished on ap
plication. 181*
SAFES— A largo invoices of Brigs' eafes just
kJ received. Oi:o specially fine lire and burg
lar safe. An assortment of second hand safe--;,
different make?, cheap. Scales, money drawers,
etc. M. D. Rowley & Co., general agents, 15
Fourth street south. Minneapolis, Minn. 179*
btllM', mm Aiiil liil^r^a
To J. J. SLEAYIN & CO., 20 Bridge Square,
General Fruit, Produce and Commiesiozi Mer
Orders for Oranges, Lemons and Apples, and
all small fruits filled on short notice. 213
■ S^> •Mi 6.3 I'-Ji iv JL jL % tsr S •&»£ JJL
& Co.,
10!4 South Third street. Minneapolis, Minn. Office
Hours — i) a. tu. to Ip. ml; 2to 5 and 7to9p. m.
Knnday.-, l J to 11 n. in. only. Trc.it all Chronic,
Nervous and fcp;?cla! Diseases of lien ant] Women.
Yomro J!IEX.
T>;o following symptoms, frequently met with
nmong youns men, fire produced by causes well
known to themselves: Loss of Memory and Energy,
Eyes growing Weak, Eruptions on the Forehead,
Disturbing Dreams, Unrefreshins Sleep, Bad Feel
ing on rising in tlie morning. Loss of Appetite, Pal
pitation of the Heart, Despondency, Timidity,
Brooding over the Past, Apprehensions ■■• • .- Fu
ture, Aversion to Society, an Unnatm al Preference
for Solitude, and many others. Dr. Spinney would
gay to the unfortunate sufferer who may read this
notice, that you are treading on dangei ground
when ■ hi longer delay in peeking the proper reme
dy for your complaint. You may bo in the first
remember you are approaching the last, and
the time must come when the most skillful physi
cian can render you no assistance. In no cas>9 has
tho doctor failed of success. Then let not despair
work itself upon your imagination, but ; ■■ til your
selves of tho benefioia] results of iii- trf>atrr»iit l;u
--fore your case is beyond the reach of medical . il.
or before grim Death hurries you to a premature I
There are many of tho age of thirty to sixty ■who
ere often troubled with too frequent evacuations or
the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smart
ing or burning sensation, and weakening ol the sj'9-
I tern in a manner the patient cannot accoimt for.
&n examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment
will of ten be found, and sometimes s;u.itl particles
of albumen will appear or the color be o£ n thin,
nulklsh hno, a^ain changing to a dark (>r torpid op
peaionee. There are many men who die of this
difficulty, ;•. uorani of the na-a c e, which is tho second
stage of seminal weakness. The Doctor ■will ft'inr
antee a perfect euro in all such ease?, and f» healthy
restoration of the gen o-orlnaryorg Pamphlet
with full particulars, sent froe to any address. Cal
or address DX. SPINJSEX & CO., 18 i Third stree
south, Minneapolis. Mian. 160
' & t. "•' CJ
11l Milton AYBiine Sontli,
ROOM 1, • - - JSIMEAPOLIS, mm.
LUNGS, THKOAT, NOSE.— yon cough or
have weak lucgs, asthma, bronchitis, or Catarrh, do
not lose time by expo? inientin™ with cod-liver oil,
malt, hypophosphitcs, or any other treatment that
does not benefit more than one caso in a thousand,
but apply at once to Prs. BEEVES & TURNER,
Throat and Lung specialists. Try the best first,
because it will be the cheapest in the end, and if
you call before the disease has worked irreparable
injury you will be cored,
STOMACH. LI Yi; ;.— lf you have dispep»ia
Of pain, soreness, fullnes?, bloating or bout stom
ach, nausea or vomiting, headache, pair, in the
stomach, side, arms or hand?, or a numb, prickly
feeling: if your bowels are costive or you have di
arrhea, if you t'ave piles, fistula or hernia, or any
disease of the stomach or bowels, either external
or internal consult Drs. REEVE i & TUBNEB.
DEFORMITIES.— spine, humpback,
bow-legs, club-feet, diseases of the hip and knee
, joint. Consult Di S. REEVES & TTJBN • B.
WOMEN. — you have a mother, wife or Ms
ter, daughter or lady friend Battering with ecy
disease, insist on her consulting experienced and
successful specialists infernal' diseases. We cure
such diseases rapidly and permanently.
KIDS AXi) I>I.AI>I>EK —If your urina
I is highly colored, milky, or very clear, Is passed
I of ten and with pain, or is scant or too abundant,
land easts a sediment of wh;^o. ropy or brickdost
i color, or if yon have pains in tlie back, or feel weak,
i or if there is a heavy, dragging or be "ring down
I sensation,' or any disease or unusual symptoms or
1 disagreeable sensation s^ch as :.)i unnatural dis
i charge, or itching or burning sensation, consult
i Dr.s.^KKEVi:.-; & TURNER.
I BLOOD A^i) SKIN.— absorption
land external remedies Do not derange your
stomach, bowels or digestion by taking the so-called
| "blood medicine,'' but come at once to Drs.
f REEVES & TURNER, and be cored at on ■ and
i without in.ivy. Our treatment for blood ami skin
' diseases will do you more good in one month than
; all t..0 blood medicine you ever took. There i* no
1 T.ecessity for going to Kot Springs or anywhere
I else. We never fail, and will give £1,000 for a ccse
■ that we cannot cure.
i EYKS AM) EARS.- If your hearing or sight
■ is failing, or if yon have spots or specks or flashes
[of light before the eye. , or ringing, roaring or
j noises in the ears, bo assured that these are na
ture's signals and alarm bolls, warning you of com
in" blindness or ifness>. Lo'e no time, but con-
I suit at once Drs. REEVES & TURNER
1 HEART. BRAIN, NERVES.- If yon have a
[ dizziness of the head, palpitation of the heart, dJrfi
•l cult breathing and suffocating feelings, fullness of
1 tho head, a tired, irritable, discontented feeling and
i fear of imt ending danger or death, a dread of being
• alone, or the reverse — a desire to be alone, if your
! memory is failing nd you ere gloomy i nd despond
: ent, or if you dream much or often, and feel on
i aversion to society, you are suffer ug from a ■• ■■:
: ous disease of the nerves, '„:; 'ii and heart. You
' have no time to Loose. Consult at once D:i?.
: REEVES fa lUUXEH. physicians and surgeons.
. All mail answered prortptl y >.ti.-l strictly co.iti
. dential
j <>: : .n:il DISEASES.— If you havo any disease,
: no matter what the vain« r.Lr! nature may bo con
: suit free in person or by letter Dks. . .v::s &
I TU3NEK. You may depend upon honest, fair deal
. iug, reasonable charges and no encouragement
I without a prospect of cure or benefit. Hundreds of
i ladies and gentlemen visit our office every day. Wo
, have separate entrances and recep ion rooms. One
j person never knows what another i.- being treated
! for or that he i.- being treated. We never mention
i the names of our patients, and never refer to them
j without their written permission. Exposure will
■ never come through us. ONce hoars 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
dissolution; .
Tke firm of Dreis & Mitsch bavins; been dissolved
Has established himself in business
Whero will be found the finest and best of
I Drugs, Perfnmery, Toilet Articles, Patent Modi
cioe?, etc. Also, all kinds or Garden and Flower
• Seeds.
iilfj liilfJUiiiiCf
Liiic ifALHUUn I
Minneapolis, Minn.
Dinner Hours 5 to 7:30 1 m.
RATES $3.50 U?i DAY
183* W. G. & G. F. TELFER.,
SIM 'Em Fly Papor.
It catches them all, both great and small, of
every tribe an\i nntion. Try it. Only 5c a
sheet. A-k your dxiiggist t:r grocer for it. Usa
none other. Ee3pcctfully.
JOS. B. lIOrTLIN,*-.
Drugcibt, Minneapolis, Siian.
' 4-* * *
I Cures a!! diseases SrFxr.ir.T and Permanexixt.
I Has effected a largo number of miraculous cures
I which arc testified 1 o by sworn affidavits, on file
lin his office. Di. Dexter is c:'<] t Bed by all the
I newspapers in St. Paul ami ifinnenpolia and
I throughout iho U. X., ar.<l by man; prominent
Inieu and women of national rapntation. Before
li";ivi./; Jacksonville, Florida, Or. Dieter wag
Iprononttd v.ifh a valuable Gold and DiAMOfHD
I Medal by his patients and friends^ The medal
lid now on exhibition at Harry Legg'3 Diamond
iFalacc, Nicollot avenue.
I Particular attention paid to Sfeoiai^ Cnr.oNio
land NERVOUS uiseases, Diseases of Long Stani>-
BJiNa and cases pronounced INCTTRAELE. Will
BGuap.aSj.'se to euro all cases of 1-hf.tmatism,
I Consumption, BBifoirr'a Dise.v.se, Dyspepsia,
Hall diseases of tho Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Hlad-
Ider, all diseases of Women and Children. Special
Hdiseos.?s, Catarrh, Bronchitis and all diseases that
Bflesh is heir to. Consultation and examination
Hfrae. Ass'sted by one of the oldest
B.'r.-ui:..'.:' •; of Jefferson Medical College, Phila-
Bflell>hi:i. Strangers at a disstai!C9 treated by cor-
HrDspocdpnc! 1 , wherever practicable. Send for h
Mvpy of tho "Magnetic Journal," Be: free.
— Syndicate Block, Rooms 4 and 5,
■ocontl floor, entrance on Nicoliet. Residence^
pk tool let H6UHS, Minneapolis, Minn. Office
Bfcotnis: 9a.m. to 1 p. m., 2to 5:30 p.m. Open.
Baring the evening only from 7to 9 lock,.
■rid on Sundays from 9 a. m. to £ p. m., only.
Sewer on Ceflar aei Binf Streets.
City op St. Paul, Minn., August 22, 1883. j
Scaled bids v, ill be received by tho Board of
Public ■works in and for the corporation of the
City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in
said city, until i 2 m. on the 3d day of September,
A. D. 188!?, (or the construction of a sewer on
Cedar street, from Thirteenth (13th.) street to
Bluff street, tlieiice on Biutl street to
Grant str".H,j in said city, together with.
the necessary catch basins and manholes,
according to plans and Bpecincationa on file
in the office of said Board.
A bond with v.i least two (2) sureties, in %
euro of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The B!:i>l Board reservea the right to reject any
or all bids.
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
Oiri. >-»]: U. L. GOHMAV,
Clerk Board of Public Works. 235-245
Gradna Beifori ansi Decalur Streets.
OmcK OP TJIK Board of PrBLIO Works," )
Cm op St. Pato, Jlinn., August 22, IS«3. J
Sealed bids will ho received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in
said city, uutil 12 m, on the Sd day of Septem
ber, A. ~D. 1888, for the grading of Bedford
street from Minnehaha street to North street,
and Decatur street from Bedford
street, to I'reble street, in said city,
osing thn surplus material front Bedford street
to lilt Deaatur htrojt, according to plans and
specification 3 on file in the office i.i said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sareties, in a Bam
of at least twenty (29) per cent, of the gross
amount bid mast accompany each' bid.
The Miid Board serves l.ha right to reject any
or all bids .
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
Official: R. L. (xOTcs:an, I
Clerk Board of Public Works. 235-245

t.uWGi llli St. Glair Street.
City OP St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 23, 1883. J
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Work a in and for th« corporation of the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in.
said city until 12 m . ,on the 3d day of September,
A. D., 1883, for the construction of a sewer on
St. Clair street, from Seventh (7th) street, (for
merly Fort street:) to Toronto avenue, in said city,
together with the necessary catch basins and
manholes, according to plans and specifications
on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (i) sureties, in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids.
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
Official: E. L. Gobjian',
Clerk Board of Public Works. 235-245.*?

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