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O fTIGE—No. 9 Washington op
*««<?« Xicollet House. fret, hour* from S
■• •♦«. to lOe'clockip. m.
The city council at its meetiDg la?t
evening listened to communications from
Mayors Ames and O'Brien and asked the
police and fire department to turn ont on
Monday in the local display to be made in
honor of the vi?it of the Villard party. The
utmost dignity and decorum prevailed
during the entire session. No one smiled,
co one laughed aud no one said anything;
and when they adjourned they silently
.-=tole away. If this manner of things was
to prevail hereafter the calm would
become distressing to the lobby and citi
zens generally. As the fire and police de
partments could have been induced to join
the procession by a simple request from
Bill King or any other representative of
the city, it i 3 a little singular what it was
that induced the aldermen to call a special
But we hope the quiet which character
ized the deportment of the members last
evening may prove emblematic of that
upon which the future greatness of Minne
apolis shall be built.
Childeen's day at the fair ground yester
day, and was an immense affair. The
grand ?tand, with its hundred feet exten
sion, was literally packed with the little
one?, and the ground was coveree with
them, rushing hither and thither, wild in
their childish glee. The police were there
in profusion, and devoted their time tc
caring for the safety of the children from
accidents, and to their honor be it said,
none ot the ten thousand present were
hurt. It -,-as a day long to be remembered
by the little ones.
It is now an established fact that the
fair presents more attractions than any
ever before held in the state. It ought to
be held open until Monday for the benefit
of the gentlemen of the Villard party.
That would add materially to the proposed
display, and now the question is, cau it not
be arranged.
If it were to be done, it were better that
it were well done. Eating crow is not
proving a pleasant pastime to the gang.
It makes them look sober and they go
around with their heads down.
The Grundy county thief calling some
body a traitor. How wou"d the story of
that robbery of a room mate fit in the
present season of gush?
Proxy? Proxy? you rascal, why don't
you come out and tell us why you are not
on some of the committees or representing
the city government.
A banquet at Hotel Lafayette. Ugh! the
sour grapes.
Sheriff Stoddart has forty-nine inmates
at the county jail.
Col. Wood opened Pence Opera house
!a?t night to a big and pleased audience.
The real estate transfers filed with th 9
register of deed? yesterday aggregated
Officer Hans Barley is acting jailer in
place of Mitt Bros, who is doinj duty at
the fair ground?.
The Hennev>in county Republican con
vention meet in Market hall on Wednesday,
bept. 5, at 10 a. m.
The- Coirriijue restauract presents an ex
ceedingly fine bill of fare during fair
week. Room enough for all.
Aldrich & Parsloe opened the season at
the Grand last evening in "My Partner."
They continue the entire week.
Another Jehu named Charles Taylor was
lined $5 yesterday for reckless driving
through the crowded street-.
Yesterday Woo Won and Hoi Sooga re
nounced their allegiance to the emperor of
China and became citizen? of the United
The work of preparing for the construc
tion of the Is orthern Pacific railroad bridge
across the Mississippi at Minneapolis was
begun yesterday .
Lou Brown, the keeper of a bagnio, paid
her monthly dues of $60 guilty, and four
of her unchaste boarders paid a fine ag
gregating another $60.
Sullivan, of the Boston restaurant, has
made such preparations for fair week that
he is able to accommodate a large multi
tude. Prices mo3t liberal.
The Irish National League give a grand
ball on to-morrow evening at Windom
hall, to which everyone interested in Irish
politics are cordially invited.
About twenty car loads of wheat were
offered yesterday on 'change at prices
ranging about 3o lower than on Saturday.
The wheat was nearly all No. 1 hard.
L an Brown and her five spotted doves,
Carrie Wood, Kittie Hern, Pearl Howard,
Jessie Howard and Martha St Clair paid
$135 into the city treasury yesterday.
The case of Charle3 H. Ogburn for em
bezzlement, preferred against him by John
J. Owens, was continued yesterday in the
municipal court till to-day at 2p. m.;
bonds $300.
The three crooks placed in the bastile on
Sunday night, on suspicion of being the
desperadoes who attacked the brewery
man Bouck, had their trial postponed till
next Monday.
S. B. Matteson, the well known express
man, was arrested by police officer H. n.-y
Krumweide for running a dray without
license, and paid the Bum of $11.25 for his
rash conduct.
Charles Hall Nayior, the little son of
Major Geo. M. Nayior, who died on Sun
day of hemorrhage of the bowels, was bu
ried yesterday from the family residence,
1418 Spruce Place.
The two ladies insulted by hoodlums on
Washington avenue administered such
chastisement that the scamps took to their
heels. The brave ladies deservo the thanks
of the community.
There is a trio of brigands in the city
who require much watching. On the cor
ner of Eighth and Seventh avenues south
they are said to have drawn a revolver on
a man in a buggy, but he whipped up his
icsise and escaped unhurt.
Licenses for marriages were issued to
4he following yesterday: Hans T. Hars
lett and Matilda A. Lurkin; Chas. C. Mc-
Gregor and Ada R. Cole; G. W. Smith and
Margret L. Dunn; Thomas Foster and
Jvansy S. Paine; John R. Bour and Han
iiah M. Crowe; Albert Bostir and Mary
Ed Halpenny, the man in female attire
evening, was before the municipal
judge yesterday morning and put forward
,^ce lame excuse for his mischevious con-
Janf His honor fined him $10, which he
paid. The two would-be masheis who
were with him and who were nUn pr ested
were allowed to go unpunished.
They ITitd a Special Electing ami Recein
a Good Xotirc from the Citizens— Ames
Will Act as Slat/or Only.
A special meeting of the city council
was held last eveDmg,with President Pills
bury in the chair and thirteen members
present. The object of the meeting was
to perfect arrangements for the proper
reception of the Villard party, on the 3d
of September. The followiag letter was
read from his honor the mayor:
To the Honorable City Council of the
City of Minneapolis:
Gentlemen: At a meeting of your hon
orable body, Aug. S, 1883, I recom
mended that you appoint a committee (to
act in connection with similar com
mittees from the board of
trade and chamber of commerce)
to give the Villard Northern Pacilic rail
road patty a befitting reception. The
committees of the two latter named organ
izations met and appointed a sub-commit
tee, entirely ignoring the committee from
your honorable body, and a clash was the
result. You did me the honor to place me
in the position of chairman of your com
mittee, which honor I now ciesire to de
cline, as from present indications the re
ception of the distinguished party will be
informal, and as such I prefer to act in
my official capacity as mayor, which, un
der the law and well-established prece
dence, lam allowed to do without any
body's permission. In this connection I
recommend to your honorable body that
the local display of the industries of our
city, which has recently been substituted
for the proposed formal reception of the
Villard party, be encouraged by you in
your official capacity. I take this occasion
to invite your honorable body and other
city officers to accompany me and receive
the Villard party officially upon their ar
rival in Minneapolis. Very respectfully,
your obedient servant,
A. A. A:.iks, Mayor.
Referred to the committee on recep
The letter of C.D.O'BrieD, mayor of St.
Paul, addressed to Mayor Ames, and bear
ing the date of Aug. 21, was also read
which was referred to the council commit
tee. The following letter, which was sim
ilarly referred, was also presented:
St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 27, 18S3.
Hon. A. A. Ames, Mayor of Minneapolis.
Dear Sir: I have the honor to announce,
by authority, that the movements of the
Northern Pacific opening party, on Mon
day, Sept. 3, will be as follows: It will
leave Minnetonka by 8 o'clock a.
m. sharp and proceed direct
ly to St. Paul, arriving at 9 o'clock
a. m . , where it will remain until 1 :30 p.
m., when it will leave for Minneapolis, ar
riving at 2 o'clock p. m.
It will remain in Minneapolis until 7
o'clock p. m., when it will leave for Hotel
Lafayette, arriving there abont 8 o'clock
p. m., and get in readiness as soon as pos
sible thereafter to participate in the fes
tivities of the evening at that place.
All trains referred to above will be via
Manitoba railroad and will be special.
Youra respeotfully, W. P. Clouqh.
Referred to committee.
Aid. Glenn moved that the fire depart
ment be requested to turn oat and that the
committee on fire department be directed
to invite said department. Adopted.
Aid. Morse made|the following motion:
Moved that the committee having in
charge the arrangements for the reception
and parade of Sept. 3, be permitted to
erect a balcony in front of the Nicollet
house and make such other
use of the streets as
may by the committees be deemed nec
essary to carry out their plan?. Adopted.
Alderman Waitt moved that the com
mittee on public grounds and builcimgs be
authorized to purchase v liig. Adopted.
Alderman Haugan moved that the may
or be requested to furnish an escort of
police for the procession. Adopted.
On motion the meeting adjourned.
District Court.
In re of Clinton MorrisoD,Thos Lowry to
be appointed trustee of the estate of Geo.
H. Morrison; petition and order appoint
j ing trustees and general bond filed.
Calvin F. Rice vs. Simon Kasper; tran
script of judgment filed.
Nels Colstrom vs. G. W. Vandansen &
Co.; affidavit or order to show cause filed.
Constant H. Achard vs. Harriet S.
Bailey, et al., summons and affidavit of
new residence filed.
Mary Gludt vs. Fink, affidavit of judg
ment entered; roll filed and execution
H. F. Lillibridge vs. H. D. Benedict,
bond and affidavit for attachment filed;
writ of attachment issued. Hooker &
Manly for plaintiffs.
Minneapolis Gas Light company vs.
Trenor, Forsted & Brand, complaint filed.
Cameron & Holm vs. John jMcEwen,
complaint filed.
Cameron & Holm vs. C. M. & St. P. R.
R. Co.; garnishee of John McEwen.
Probate Court.
Estate of John Mendenhlal, deceased.
Petition for settlement and distribution.
Hearing set Sept. 24.
Estate of John Campbell, deceased.
municipal Court.
[Before Judge Bailey. I
Daniel Doherty, Charles Sweaback, C.
F. Mjers. Peter Johnson, and Thomas
Clark, drunkenness; paid fines of §5 and
costs each.
E. Johnson, drunkenness; committed for
10 days.
Charles Doherty, Christine Sieverson,
Mike Fitzgerald, Ed. Haley, and James
Brennan, drunkenness; sentences sus
Charles Bullock, disorderly conduct; sen
tence suspended.
James Jordan, disorderly conduct; com
mitted for 20 days. ■".•■■ . •
Ole | Christianson and Thomas Gilbert,
disorderly conduct; committed for 10 days
. Ed. Hapenny, disorderly conduct; paid
a fine of $10 and costs.
Frank Wright and C. H. Campbell, va
grancy; continued to this afternoon at
2 o'clock. V . <
Charles Taylor, reckless driving; paid
fine of $5 and costs .
Chas. H. Ogburn, embezzlement; bound
over in $300 bonds to appear to-day at 2
p. m.
S. B. Matteson, expressman without li
cense: paid a fine of $10 and costs.
Lou Brown, keeping house of ill-fame;
paid fine of $60 and costs.
Carrie Wo»d, Kittie O'H«rn, Pearl How
ard, Jessie Howard and Mattie St. Clair,
occupying apartments in house of ill
fame; paid a fine of $15 and costs each.
Minneapolis Markets,
The receipts and shipments at and
from Minneapolis yesterday were as fol
Receipts — Flour 265 barrels; wheat
63,000 busheh; corn 600 bushels; oats
2,400 bushels; barley 800 bushels; lumber
360.000 feet; mill stuff 24 tons; coal 850
tons; barrel stock 14 cars; wood 100 cords;
fruit, 42,500 lbs; hay 12 tons.
Shipments — Flour 25,441 barrels; wheat
3,500 bnshels; mill stuff 360 tons;
lumber 800,000 feet; c«al GO tons.
Grain Inspection — The inspection of
grain at this point to-day is as follows:
Whea ( , ]So. 1 hard 7 cars; No. 2 hard G
oars; No. 1 regular 7 cars; No. 2 regular
2 cars; No. 3 regular, 2 oars; condemned
7 cars; rejected, 1 car; oats, No. 2, 1 car;
barley, rejected 2 cars. Total number of
cars inspected 35.
Wheat — Market yesterday was weak for
new wheat, and the demand was not bo
sharp for old as on Saturday; more new
was offered. Holders of spot No. 1 hard
§1.10 asked for new, and $I.OG was asked
with $1.05 bid for No. 2 hard new; No. 1
northern was offered by grade at $1.04.
Several cars were offered with transit at
$1.03, and $1.03 bid without transit. For
No. 1 hard year §1.05 was asked; 950 was
bid for No. 2 seller the yeai; $1.03 was
asked for No. 1 northern seller September;
$1.13 was bid for old No. 2 hard. Among
the sales on 'change was on car sample at
98c f. o. b.; 1 car No. 1 hard $1.15; 1 car
campleon track at $1.08; 1 car sample at
$1.15; 1 car at $1; 2 cars No. 3 old $1; 1
car sample $1.08; 20,000 bushels by sample
at $1.03 on track. About 20 cars of new
were offered by sample.
Flour — The feeling was not so strong.
A fair demand for upper grades,
and an active demand for
the lower. Quotations: Patents, [email protected];
straight?, [email protected]; clears, [email protected];
low grades, [email protected]
Real Estate Transfers.
The following are the principal real es
tate transfers filed yesterday:
Chas. E. Wolf to Frank C. Giddingp,
lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, block 12, and lots 1
and 2of block Gin B. S. Wright's addi
tion. §2,000.
Elizoboth Jones to John W. Gailey, lot
3in block 30, Gale's second addition
Itunir Tricks to Hamet M. Bliss, part of
block 7, Morrison <fc Lovejoy's additioD,
James E. Ndson to Samuel Nalsjn, part
of Gale's iirst addition, §1.500. '
William A. Edwards to Frank B. Lewi?,
one-half of lots 1, 3, 4 and sin block 2.
Baker's addition, $1,500.
Catherm A. and James Qaion to J. H.
Wingate, lot lin block 30, in Sibley's addi
tion $1,800.
Win. N. Hollo way to Ed. M. Johnson,
lots G and 7, in block o, in Woodland Park
E.M.Johnson and wife to Samuel Z.
Browu, lots G and 7, in block 2, in Wood
land Park, $1,200.
Larma O. Holladay and Jessie Holloday
to Charles C. Secombe, lots 2, 9 and 15, in
block 1, in Ewing it Chute's addition,
Paige. Washburn, Berry & Haynes to
Loring W. Collins, blcck 1, in Washbnrn's
subdivision of lota 11 and 12, of Booth's
addition, $8,500.
The new Catholic church edifice at Glen
wood is enclosed.
The wheat in Rice county has been
slightly injured by the chinch bug.
The building of the new Opera house in
Brain erd is being pushed forward rapidly.
The Carver Free Press has entered upon
its niath volume and i« prospering on its
A Congregational church edifice will be
built in east Brainerd this season costiag
Doc. Northway, of Milo, Mille Lacp
county, has just received back pension to
the amount of $800.
Full preparations are being mide for a
fair in Dodge county, it is to be the best
ever held in the county.
From the preparations being made the
promise is that the McLeod county fair
will be a grand success.
The Mankato Free Press of August 2-t,
says frost was quite heavy Wednesday
night, but no dam-ige was done to corn.
The other day A. Y. Oilman lost in Iber
ia twenty live tons of hay by lire. The
fire was set by a little child of Mr. Gil
The Brown".-- Valley Reporter of August
23, says: "Jack Frost made his appear
ance Sunday night, but did not do much
Burglars broke into tho store of Phelps
& Allyn, .it Eaele Lake, one night last
week, and took $25 in cash, and some other
A. J. Fuller, ;i few days ago had one of
his hand* badly mangled in a harvester
machine, near Worcester. It is hoped the
hand may be saved.
A team was stolen at Chaska last week,
and was found about fifteen miles below
Shakopee hitched to a fence. The thieves
made good their escape.
Mr. Ed. S. Pratt, of St. Paui, has been
selected for cashier of the Citizen's Nation
tional bank of Faribault, and has entered
upon the duties of the office.
The Atwater, Kandiyohi county, Press,
says prairie chickens are plenty in that
locality, and large numbers will be ship
ped from there to the cities, as in former
Two thieves broke into the honse of John
A. Campbell, four and a half miles west of
Fort Ripley, in Crow Wing county, while
he was at work in the field. The thieves
were pursued and arrested.
The Star says the building boom which
began in Pipestone six months ago does
not perceptibly deminish. On the con
trary there is a steady progress showing a
healthy and vigrous growth.
Sleepy Eye Herald : The various sports
men clubs throughout the state promised a
vigorous prosecution of those who violated
the chicken law, but what have they ac
complished. Chickens have been shot all
over the state before the 15th inst., and we
have yet to hear of the first arrest.
Between Silver and Swan lakes, in Mc-
Leod county, the other day, a three year
old daughter of Theodore Whitelach, was
sitting in the wheat near his residence, and
was caught by the sickle of a reaper, cut
ting ©ff her left hand and two fingers from
her right hand.
Glenwood Enterprise: A sample of wild
oats, looking exactly like any oats, was
brought in by Mr. Parks, of Bergen. He
says these wild oats are spreading rapidly
in Carver county, and their close resem
blance to tame oats makes it difficult to
detect them. Our farmers should look
out for them.
Prof. Winchell, the state geologist,
states that it requires from 800 to 2,400
pounds of water to produce one pound of
wheat, and surmises that the large rainfall
in the Red river valley is accountable fo r
the fine crops oi wheat raised in that seo
John Kelly was thrown from a hand ear
the other day near Tracy and ran . over.
His brother and mother, living near the
town, started to go and see him. Their
team became unmanageable and they were
thrown from the wagon. Mrs. Kelly had
one of her legs broken.
The Carrie Southwest Minnesotian says:
The biggest fool justice of the peace in
the state lives at Tyler. He discharged a
prisoner one day last week who had been
chucking a revolver under the citizens'
noses, because the man's name was not
known and mentioned in the warrant.
St. Cloud Journal-Press: What with wa
ter works, gas works, the sewer, telephone
exchange and the half million dollars in
vested in hotels, handsome business blocks
churches and dwellings, the year 1883 bids
fair to be a memorable one for St. Cloud.
Yet it will be excelled by 1884, which will
doubtless see the work begun on the great
water power, and the St. Cloud, Mankato
& Austin and the St. Cloud, Willmar & Da
kota roads completed.
Hancock, in Stevens county, ii? a wide
awake, bustling town. The pugilistic mar
ket is especially active. The "Olive
Branch," giving an account of a week's
transactions, says: "The first fight oc
curred on Thursday, the second Friday,
and a third on Saturday. The only dam
ages were a pair of black eyes and a
bloody nose."
He Does it with His lAttle Hands.
Minneapolis, August 24, 1883.
This i= to certify that I had a very severe at
tack o: v'leumatism in my left leg, affecting my
ankta sad knee, and twisting and knoting to
gether i- seems all the muscles in that leg.
Three days after Dr. A. J. Dexter commenced
treating me I could walk around as well as any
body, h luxury which I had not enjoyed for
some tine, and within four days I was entirely
free from rheumatism, owing tj Dr. Dexter's
treatment, othtr treatment having failed to help
me Richard H. Bra at,
Of A. S. Coodit & Co , 405 Hennepin avenue,
xeal estate and loan brokers.
State of Minnesota, County of Hennepin — ss.
Said Richard Braat bei: g duly sworn, deponent
suys above is a true and correct statement.
A. J. Condit, Notary Public.
Want ril — Horses.
E. D. Falts, the inspector and buyer for the
Minneapolis Street Railway company, will be at
the barn at the corner of Cedar and Frankun
avenues each morning, at from 8 to 10 o'clock
for the purchase of horses for the street railway
system. Horses must be from six to nine years
of age, and weigh from 1,203 to 1,300 pounds
[Contin* ed.J
wonderful and mysterious curative power is de
veloped which is so varied in its ouerations that
no disease or ill health can possibly exist or re
sist its power, and yet it is
Harmless for the most frail-woman, weakest
invalid or smallest child to use.
"Almost dead or neatly dying".
For -ears, and given up by physicians of
Bright'b and other kidney riiswuies, liver com
pleints, severe coughs callt-f! L»>csomption, hare
been cured.
Women gone nearly pr zy\
•From ag'my of neuralgia, nervousness, wake
fulness iT'.J various diseases pecnlia ■ to women.
People drawn out of chape from excruciating
pangs of rheumatism.
Inflammatory and chronic, or suffering from
Salt rheum, blood poisoning, dyspepsia, indi
gestion, and in fact almost all diseases frail
Nature is heir to
Hate been care.l by Hop Bitters, proof of
which can be found in every neighborhood in
the known world.
\T7"ANTED— A partner with capital to
m travel. Call at 22 Washington avenue
north from 10 to 11 o'clock a. m. 211-41
FOR SALE — A confectionery, tobacco and
cigar store, doing a good business. Price
$1,000; also, a small store for $400 J. K. Frear
& Co., 31 Washington avenue south; room 8. •
„ ; . -- , 240-43 ; *
FOR SALE — market, complete outfit,
centrally located; doing good business; eat
isfactory reasons given for selling; a good bar
gain; proprietor must leave city . J. K. Frear
&Co., 31 Washington avenue south; room 8.
84' -43
FOR — European hotel and dining hall;
doing good business; centrally located; a
good chance for a live man; price $?,HtO. J.
K. Frear <fc Co., 31 Washington avenue uth;
room 8. 3-10-43
XT/" ANTED— 500 railroad laborers for lowa.
'» all winter's work; ship via Rock Island,
111 . ; free fare. Charles Colton, 221 Washington
avenue south. 238-240
A Rare Chance for a party with $2,000 to in
vest safely and receive good percentage.
Garland, Bidgewaj & Co., opposite Nicollet
Houfo. 238
LOST— An English Bull Dog (err am colored),
scar over r ghr ear. A reward of 10 will
be paid Cor information of the whereabouts of
the animal. F. G. IJurht, 242 Hennepin avenue.
J^OUND — On Portland avenue, a gun and css-e.
J. Owner can have same by paying expenses
and proving property. J. A. Ridge way, No. 6
Washington avenue. 229
JA. CARLSON'S Employment Office, ICS
« First 6treot north. [Telephone con
nections. First-class help furnished on ap
plication. 181*
SAFEST—A large invoice of Briggs' safes just.
. _ received. One specially fine fire and burg
lar safe. An assortment of second liar.d safe*,
different makes, cheap. Scales, money drawers,
etc. M. D. Rowley & Co., general agent?, 15
Fourth fitreflt south. Minneapolis. Minn. 170*
The Great Faa.ily Resort.
In Specialties and Drama.
General Admission 25 cents.
Reserved Seats 50 cents.
Family Matinees, Wednesday and Saturday.
Established in 1876.
Office 213 Hennepin are., P. O. Address, Box 520
Pension, bounty, and all other government
claims successfully prosecuted. Rejected or
suspended claims a specialty. For information
ad <ress, with stamps, as above. 240-45
To J. J. SLEAVIN & CO., 20 Bridge Square,
General Fruit, Produce and Commission Mer
Orders for Oranges, Lemons and Apples, acd
a 1! small fruits filled on shore notice. 218
10& South Third street Minneapolis, Minn. Offlae
Hours— a. m. to 1 m. ; 2to 5 and 7to9p. m.
Sundays,9 to 11 a. m. only. Treat all Chronic,
Nervous and Special Diseases of Men and Women.
'.;•".. YOUNG MEN.
The following symptoms, frequently met with
among young men, are produced by causes well
known to themselves: Loss of Memory and Energy,
Eyes growing Weak, Eruptions on the Forehead,
Disturbing Dreams, TJnrefreshing Sleep, Bad Feel
ing on rising in the morning. Loss of Appetite, Pal
pitation of the i Heart, Despondency, Timidity,
Brooding over the Past, Apprehensions for the Fu
ture, Aversion to Society, an Unnatural Preference
for Solitude, and many others. Dr. Spinney would
say to the unfortunate sufferer who may read this
notice, that you are treading on dangerous ground
■when yon longer delay in seeking the proper reme
dy for your complaint.' You may be in the first
stage — remember you are approaching the last, and
the time must come when the most skillful physi
cian can render you no assistance. , In no case Ins
the doctor failed of success. Then let not despair
work itself upon your imagination, but avail yo'ur
eelves of the beneficial results of his treatment be
fore your case is beyond the reach of medical skill,
or before grim Death hurries you to a premature
grave. -
There are many of the age of thirty to sixty who
are often troubled with too frequent evacnat :ons oi
the bladder, often accompanied by a plight smart
ing or burning sensation, and weakening of the sys
tem in a manner the patient cannot account for.
©n examining the urinary deposits a ropy sediment
will often be found, and sometimes small particles
of albumen will appear or the color be of a thin,
miliish hue, again changing to a dark or torpid ap
pearance. There are many men who die of this
difficulty, ignorant of the cau=e, which is the second
stage of seminal weakness. The Doctor will guar
antee a perfect cure in all such cases, and a healthy
restoration of the genito-urinary organs. Pamphlet
with full particulars, sent free to any address. Cal
or address DR. SPINNEY & CO.. Jw/i Third strea
south, Minneapolis. Minn. 180
With the Most Complete and Full Display in
all Djartments of any Fair ever held in
the Northwest. The event may justly be
entitled a
Of the pecple of the whole Northwest in their
joy and thanksgiving for the successes of the
year, bringing together their stock and indus
tries for show and competition in the numerous
classes provided by the management upon
Is Oping of tie Fair
Series of the year, at Minneapolis. Assurances
are at hand of ail immense attendance. They
are coming from all along the line of the
And from the South as well, meeting here at a
point midway between the Atlantic and Pacific,
To Mn He Giii Site
That shall unite our people in one conim jn bond
of prosperous brotherhood .
The celebration will c<>r tinuo through the en
tire week. Among the exhibits will he the splen
•lid collection of productions from
While in the btock Display will be found
Grown Prince if Germany,
At the head of a noble herd of Short Horns, at
• - , : . - « tended by an imposing array of
. x Many of them representing -; «
Horses freeh from the Clyde, the Thames and the
Seine, will grace the stables. All to join
on Friday in one magnificent
Mistrial Procession
The Minnesota Wheelmen will hold their grand
meet on the Fair Grounds during
the week, taking a
On Thursday ereoingat the Lyndale Hotel.
14 I 1! II
Tl ere are more blooded horses and cattle
on the Fair Grounds than were ever before
shown at a Minnesota fair. The early arrivals
yesterday fr >m lowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and
Minnesota, are only the harbingers of the show
that is coming. The Secretary has positive ad
vices that authorize the assertion that in the his
tory of American fairs there has
Slow oil tie Continent !
It seems as if the whole country had
That a great upheaval had taken place, and that
in the great convulsion the
Were to be dropped down in Minneapolis.
Williams and Young
The celebrated aeronaut?, are on hand with
And are busily preparing to carry out their
contract for a
Balloon lap
Theyh'ave been making inquiry as to the geog
raphy of the country hereabouts, (location of
cow pastures, etc..) with a view of governing
their landing point so as to be of convenient
access to the city.
la Siißciailaci SecuM l
Sow Ton Have It.
Herod, Sod of King Herod.
Pedro, Son of Grey James.
■ Hancock, Son of Lightning.
FOB A PURSE OF $1,000 !
From wire to wire they will g» for a record —
a struggle for superiority. It has been no tri
fling matter to arrange this race, each party
being so prejudiced against the ability of the
other, and each fearing that his confidence in his
own might be set at naught. No three animals
could have been brought together on a Minne
apolis track that would create greater enthusi
asm than will these fay rites, and the public
can be assured that each horse will be driven to
win. The race is set for Friday, August 31.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Dinner Hours 5 to 7:30 p. m.
133* W. G. & G. F. TELFER.
Hofflin's SUgR 'Em Fly Paper.
It catches them all, both great and small, o
every tribe and nation. Try it. Only 5c a
6heet. A&k your druggist or grocer for it. Use
none other. Respectfully.
Druggist, Minneapolis, Minn.
Magnetic Physician
Cures all diseases Speedily and Permanently.
Has effected a large number of miraculous cures
which are testified to by sworn affidavits, on file
in his office. Dr. Dexter is ■ endorsed by all the
newspapers in St. Paul and Minneapolis and
throughout the U. 8., and by many prominent
men and women of national reputation. Before
leaving Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Dexter was
presented with a valuable Gold and Diamond
Medal by his patients and friends. The medal
is now on exhibition at Harry Legg's Diamond
Palace, Nicollet avenue.
Particular attention paid to Special, Chbonio
and Nebvous diseases, Diseases of Long Stand
ing and cases pronounced Incurable. Will
Guarantee to cure all cases of Rhetmattsm,
Consumption, Bhight's Disease, Dyspepsia,
all diseases of the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Blad
der, all diseases of Women and Children. Special
diseases, Catarrh, Bronchitis and all diseases that
flesh is heir to. Consultation and examination
free. Assumed by one of the oldest
graduates of Jefferson Medical College, Phila
delphia. Strangers at a distance treated by cor
respondence, wherever practicable. Send for a
c >py of ho ''Magnetic Journal," sent free.
OFFICE — Syndicate Block, Rooms 4 and 5,
second floor, entrance on Nicollot. Residence,
Nicollet House, Minneapolis, Minn. Office
hocks: 9a.m. to 1 p. m., 2 to 5:30 p.m. Open
during the evening on'y from 7 to D oMock,
and on Sundays from 9 a. m. to £ p. m., only.
uAuL filllJ uUffloULl
111 asliiuilon Avenue South,
LUNGS, THROAT, NOSE.— If you cough or
have weak lungs, asthma, bronchitis, or Catarrh, do
not lose time by expei imenting with cod-liver oil,
malt, hyi>ophosphites, or any other treatment tha
does not benefit mare than one case in a thousand,
but apply at on<e to Drs. REEVES & TURNER.
Throat and Lvi specialists. Try the best first,
because it will bo the cheapest in the end. and if
you call before th » diseas9 has worked irreparable
injury you will be cured.
STOMACH. LIVER.— you have di.ipepeia
or pain, soreness, fullness, bloating or sour stom
ach, nausea or vomiting, headache, pain in the
stomach, side, arms or hands, or a numb, prickly
feeling; if your bowels are costive or you have di
arrhea, if you have piles, fistula or htrnia. or any
disease of the stomach or bowels, either external
or internal consult Drs. REEVEs & TURNER.
DEFORMITIES.— Curved spine, humpback,
bow-legs, club-feet, diseases of the hip and knee
joint. Consult Drs. REEVES & TURNER.
WOMEN.— If you have a mother, wife or sis
ter, daughter or a lady friend suffering with any
disease, insist on her consulting experienced and
successful specialists in female diseases. We cure
such diseases rapidly and permanently.
is highly colored, milky, or very clear, is passed
often and with pain, or is scant or too abundant,
and casts a sediment of wh««r, ropy or brickdus
color, or if you have pains in the back, or feel weak,
or if there is a heavy, dragging or bearing down
sensation, or any disease or unusual symptoms or
disagreeable sensation such as an unnatural dis
charge, or itching or burning sensation, consult
Dra .^REEVES & turner.
BLOOD AND SKIN.— absorption
and external remedies. Do not derange your
stomach, bowels or digestion by taking the so-called
"blood medicine," but come at once to Drs
REEVES & TURNER, and be cured at once and
without injuy. Our treatment for blood and skin
diseases will do you more good in one month than
all the blood medicine you ever took.' There Is no
necessity for going to Hot Springs or anywhere
else. We never fail, and will give 11,000 for a case
that we cannot cure.
EYES AND EARS.— your hearing or eight
is failing, or if you have spots or specks or flashed
of light before the eyes, or ringing, roaring or
noises in the ears, be assured that these are na
ture* signals and alarm bells, warning you of com
ing. blindness or deafness. Lore no time, but con
sult at once Drs. REEVES & TURNER. .
HEART. BRAIN", NERVES.-If you have a
dizziness of the head, palpitation of the heart, diffi
cult breathing and suffocating feelings, fullness of
the head, a tired, irritable, discontented feeling and
fear of impending danger or death, a dread of Seine
alone, or the reverse — a desire to be alone, if youi
memory is falling and you are gloomy and despond
ent, or if yon dream much or often, and feel ar
aversion to society, you are suffering from a fieri
ons disease of the nerves, brain and heart. Yot
have no time to loose. - Consult at once Dbs
REEVES & TURNER, physicians and surgeons
All mail answered ' promptl y and strictly confi
OTHER DISEASES.— If you have any disease,
no matter what the name and nature may be. con
sult free in person or by lettsr Dbs. REEVES &
TURNER. You may depend upon honest, fair deal-
Ing, reasonable charges and no encouragement
without a prospect of cure or benefit. Hundreds of
ladies and gentlemen visit our office every day. We
have separate entrances and recep ion rooms. One
person never knows what another is being treated
for or that he is being treated. We never mention
the names of our patients, and no% er refer to them
without their written permission. Exposure will
ever come through us. ONce hours 8 a.m. to 9 p.m
n , : . ■.:■--■-■
Full "Weight and Measure Guaranteed by
41 East Third street. Established in 1864.
At bottom prices. Grate and egg $9.25, stove
$9.50; Nut $9.50, Briar Hill, $8.50. All grades
of fresh mined bituminous coal at equally low
prices. Maple, $7; Birch and Oak, $6.
Amendm nts of Articles of Incorporation
This is to certify that at a meeting of the stock
holders of Knife Falls Lumber Company (a corpo
ration heretofore organized and acting under laws
of the state of Minnesota,) held at two o'clock in
the afternoon of August 21st, 1883, at its office, in
Saint Paul, Minnesota, at which all of the stock
holders were present in person or by proxy, and all •
the stock of said company was represented each of
the following resolutions was voted on separately
and each was adopted. All the stock of said com
pany being voted therefor.
First— Resolved, that article 111 of article? of in
corporation of Knife Falls Lumber Company, be
amended so as to read as follows:
The amount of capital stock of said corporation
shall be live hundred thousand dollars, which shall
bo paid in in such manner as the directors shall
Second— Resolved, that article IV of the articles
of incorporation of this company hi changed, go as
to read as follows:
The highest amount of indebtedness or liability
to which said corporation shall, at any time be sub
ject, is the sum of two hundred and nfty thousand
— Besolved, that the incorporating articles
of this company be so changed, that article VII
shall read as follows:
The number (if shares in the capital stock of said
corporation shall be ten thousand, and the amount
thereof shall be fifty dollars each.
In testimony whereof, said corporation has caused
this certificate to be signed by its president and
secretary, and its corporate seal to be attached.
Dated August 21, 1883.
5 Corporate { By 11. Brandenburg, President.
( Seal. J Chas. A. Moore, Secretary.
State of Minnesota, )
County of Ramsey. J
H. Brandenburg and Charles A. Moore, being
each first duly sworn, doth each for himself say,
that said H. Brandenburg is the president, and said
Chas. A. Moore is the secretary of Knife Falls
Lumber Company, and that each has read the fore
going certificate, and knows the contents thereof,
and that the same is true; and each amant further
deposes and says, that the amendments to the ar
ticles of incorporation of said Knife Falls Lumber
Company contained in said certificate, were adopted
at a meeting of the stockholders of said corpora
tion by a ' unanimous vote of all the shares and
shareholders of said corporation as in said certifi
cate stated, and that said H. Brandenburg has sub
scribed sad certificate as such president, and said
Chas. A. Moore has subscribed the same as such
secretary. ~
" Subscribed and sworn to before me, on this 22d
day of August, A. D. 1883.
( Notarial seal ) CHAS. N. BELL,
•< Ramsey Co., >• Notary Public, Ramsey Co.,
( Minn. ) au24-fri-2w Minnesota.
Sewer on Robert Street.
Office of the Boabd of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., Aug.24, lSS3. J
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of the
City of St. Paul, Minn., at their office in
eaid city until 12 m., «mi the 4th day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1883, for the construction of a sewer
on Robert street, froiL. Thirteenth *18th)
street to Univers ty avenue, ii said
city, together with the necessary catch-has ins and
manholes, according to plans and specifications
on file in the oSico of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in « 1 1 m
of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the^-roßs
amount bid. must accompany each bid.
The said Boaid reserves th<? eight to reject an
or all bit*.
JOHN C. TERRY, Presidentpro tern.
Official: R. L. Gorman,
Clerk Board of Public Works. 237-47
Sew on Cedar M Bluff streets.
Office of the Board of Public Works, ) j
City of St. Paul. Minn., August 22, 1883. ) )
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of '
Public works in and for the corporation of the
City of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in
said city, until 12 m. on the 3d day of September,
A. D. 1883, for the construction of a sewer on
Cedar street, from Thirteenth (13th) street to
Bluff street, thence on Bluff street to {
Grant - street, in said city, together with
the necessary catch basins and manholes,
according to plans and specifications on file
in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a
sum of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids.
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
Official: R.L.Gorman,
Clerk Board of Public Works. 235-245
Grains; Bedford aid Decalnr Streets. r _
Office of the Board of Public Works, )
City of St. Paul, Minn., August 22, ISB3. )
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in
said city, until 12 m. on the 3d day of Septem
ber, A. D. 1883, for the grading of Bedford >
street from Minnehaha street to North street, ' ~
and Decatur street from Bedford/
6treet to Preble street, in said city,!
using the surplus material from Bedford street ' [
to fill Decatur street, according to plans and
specifications on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a sum
of at least twenty (20) per cent, of the gross
amount bid must accompany each bid.
The (aid Board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids. / *
JOHN F. HOYT, President pro tern.
Official: R. L. Gokman, \
Clerk Board of Public Works. 235-245
Sewer on St. Clair Street. j-
' I,
; Office of the Boabd of Public Works, ) ,
City of St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 22, 1883. J;
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works in and for the corporation of the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office i
fi^ cit 1 L a ntl « 112 l?'° nthe3dda y° September :
; A. V., 1888, for the construction of a sewer on " ~
i St. Clair street, from Seventh (7th) street, (for ;
merly i ort street) to Toronto avenue, in said city
together with the necessary catch basins an'c?
manholes, according to plane and specifications
on file in the office of said Board.
A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in i
sum of at least twenty (20) per cert, of th
gross amount bid must accompany each bid.
The said Board reserves the right to rejeci
any or all bids. •., i_
nfr • , JOHN F. HOY President pro tern. I !
Official: R. L. (jobuax, • \ »
Clerk Board of Public Works. 225-2 1 \

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