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\ TIW-¥';AJ?"-If VT& -;
. Vr.l liilJ :^ll:ri\i%.Xli I'D./.; ''
rnV^AT "-wrXKEa.THAS satdudai*.
-/{Cfini a Ei.t! Market —Provisions
*\ Jsoaicwiiat. Lower.
■M f." aaor.tl J'alliag I OS" in Valnen ou
• / i!i j Svw'joek: Stbc'i Ex change. .
" v fSp/cial Telegram to the Globe.]
QiiCA(io,D?.c.3i.—-There were but few
I.'-irt-s in to-day's market?, owing to the
.p'p'.wacii of jfie fchdof the year and the
('■ v:\ce of or ide, orders. Provisions led i
c_iheihftrk"fcft opening strong on light
- :-> ipt? of hc,.'\' with packers good buy
j: i. Its ; nfiuen'.?V : was' felt ;in steadying
''.- price of whe.it' and born,, and as hot
impsh of"oitb.;r ■ was on sale and' one or
v.- :!ealer^'-commenced■::■ buying-' quietly,
mo shorts became nervous ".and anxious to
..cj;i:er,'aad£.Ra advanca af fully one _ cent
v.v.s gained, but 'when ■ the . buyers
'.:!;■; to rtaiizo on their { purchase: there
•'■■•: ..■■?. 120 buyers, and toe advance {was lost/
Du'ting'. tbeMast/ hour we had only /a
':r.?.i:'.iiy'.{marksL;{Trading, Was interrupted'
. by iho firing of crackars and a general
Jubilee of the traders., Charley Sin>ferJ, of
Chicago Packing company,.was,leader- in.
. ihe buying,'' and ha was firmly backed by
,ac:: Ocdaby, of CaddbyA". Stevens.- v The"
i|jnarkbt closed firm all around at the.foK
10-'aii^r prices: February and May pork
jJM.:[email protected]{Bo; lard [email protected]; short ribs'
*7.-j^@7.s7>^.' '; ; . '-/./ ,-,
A. i'Air speculative business .' was trans-,
a-atfcd in ccra, and the feeling was un
fcstttod. Seven hundred and forty-five cr.rs
reouived and the shipments were small;
The market opened weak and prices soon
declined' }£ and '30 below the { closing
I\ia ~t $ Saturday. , Then . folio Ted ■■' a: good
'ipocilatiye demand,' and prices,; rallied % L.
HI b. . ifterwards became very weak arid
heavy' Trader free speculative offerings /end
but Is demand. January and February'
*::-r,.! cj illy' ruled .impressed under a {lack of.
.';-:,!c;d, and tho iprsssionwas that {the
..saort.i were „protty well covered!
•Janu . j and cash declined 2J^©
Ss^c, ■■ February . 17sc and May
. life and finally closed about 2c lower for,
January and %c lower for May than the
''figures yesterday. No. 3 and high
!:■::. vl were in moderate demand and sold
-■efl.'-ly at '.57^40, then/ broke , cS with'
:;.i ::.ly any trading to 55^0 and closed at
* ;■■:■'}/■-\- "Rejecled steady at/*2o. New
ms'iid Lower at 473^@48|{cand closed at
albftcd at the inside. - New high mixed sold
;ift. l?o. Sh'jpard & {Peacock said:
'.'The corn . market , -opened
...-;!;: ponder; free; sailing, declined
■<A * then made a "sharp .: upward'
jipijiii and {remained strong until brokers
were md selling January as fast as tbey
co iicl id buyers, which demoralized | the
■ v»hol3 deal, resulting in a general 'break:
{vhi«fi lasted to the close. The real status
. -o! I:. January desl is difficult to get at.
\V$ abn't like to say the deal is as strong
*'*a eysr in face of to-day's decline, because
iiist would hardly look ,reasonable in view
of the drop in/the January stuff to-day.
; Rtmior3 and appearances r of , the
trying to unload .their
stuff gives the market a very unsettled as
p'ebt, aud should they follow up actions
such ?.«■ ©-day's, whioh have been attrib
«;.'■; ho ham, the only result will be a far
thsr ■'-voiiae.';* Closing:, the market was
weak at all points. The year closes with
v., • -alized market. {/, "
. vTlisat opened weak, but under heavy,
/purchflsos to elver shorts, mainly by
Hokb's',-Ithe market improved- %a and
ii-i-il'.c -.U-ady until near; the close, when
'■ Hobbs did'sorab selling ; and Ream and
:-{*l', Jojies helped-to hammer things'; gen
sralty. 0:i iha curb wheat, was a .little
;:.-r.i<.-r thau{at the close/shd $1.02% was
bid for May/ A 'ing house {writes to
its t'n.-t«.<mer.s to-night: 'rWheat opened
\v?ak ar ' tiisa followed a quite. deoided
iirmiKji^ uudcr the uneasiness of some of
t.u - leading ehorts, who endeavored /to
cbvsi'. Prices moved up smartly for a
time, but' finally turned back, and.'sympa
'tbjscing ith a break in the oorn market,
' bs.caaie demoralized and ' closed;; weak.
''/j:;.:.!v;!' the action of to-day's market , the
>.y;\ir, have. taken renewed cour
'/■age.■', id freely : : predict -; $ 1
' tor May wheat. .. It was a very 'unsettled
markcj, 3d so far as the bulls are con
■o'ornod' i.3 entirely without any .{leader. /On
thsother hand the bears have not only the
lead but he leaders are such men as Ream,
tr.uu Hobbs. The latter was a buyer.
jat (to cover shorts) early, but he did
r»y a great vjhile. {. ; ' /'" ;
bo took yards trade was slow, in the
idrUet, with only the shippers as active
b daring/ neatly the entire forenoon,
;r the fresh/ recaipts shippers paid
j 10s advance, yet the highest prices
yi\\j $5.63 to $5.70 for good even lots,
air-: ots of shippers were bought st
to -^{5.40 '{Bayers 'for packers olaim
/Mr orders were ,to; buy 10c/below
*, tliise' figur-Va or not buy at all. ■ This' they
j ebbid not do; hence they had ;■"■ to.confine
their /purchases { to the '^ stale hogs on sale,
uod th-ire wore of these 14,000 to 15,009,
oui'cf which, they may have filled/their
. l-mitad tors at Saturday's prices. Light,
. freah "r'eceipte sold at $4.30 to : $5.40; corn
■m'oa to • choice largely [email protected];
' heavy •5;5.4•')5.70, largely^; [email protected],
';'. which"would include "good even lots with
' : /foe gojd Zmoagh for shippers. The mar
,uct closed "dull and weak. ,
Thf caily Commercial Bulletin .in refer
' Ting tbtha movement of hogs and pro
iress of -slacking operations at-this point
nvo'. receipts of live hogs during the
piatweel' were 162,639' against 131,029 for
iw 'we'ekipreVibus and 170,9ri for tho cor
''''re's obndi iiijweek/'last year. The quality
v,-a>* 'rmite /good, showing / a slight
ibji-.roveaient, I '''-'-/ /be;i /i market -/{show:
-'■"eiT iitV.e-" life, ' notwithstanding
'iHr.""'/nirßr-o2"-iQ arrivals, and/receivers
Dailn I 1 QilnhE,
i" ■ "-■'■ ;.! -/ "• •'■-. ■'" ' -I
\ experisaced considerable difficulty in dis- j
j pojibg of {their com>ignmeuts at^Batisfec- j
tory figures. {The {feeling was unsettled ;
]yu'd'wesk.''.: Tlie/; 'prices.'^^declined ;[email protected]'
j per:100 pfihudB r and;;cloced rather {eaey at !
the reduction. Packer? were slow to take j
hdldi .bat ■: shippers purchased their {full
supply porportionately.,.:: Halts ranged at
10 nccordtc? -i quality,, with
the bulk of tbe'ealea at $5 20©5.75 for fair
to- good lots. The market . clcsed
with about 20,000 bogs in the pecs unsold."
At other largo western packing points the
supply of hogs is moderate and/the < qual
ity fair." ;{ '-r '■'-//•■' '.'.'■
Packing operations were somewhatseg
looted daring th« pa-it week, and only; a
*m«il number of the hogs { slaughtered.
The aggregtito returns of the packing how
showing a decrease «3 compared; with % the
returns of the past winter season to date.
Packers were indifferent about purchesiug
the supply of hogs offered.* -Some of the
larger houses declined to do much : busi
ness. The .. manufacture at :present
4a;•'■;; largely ■. of : { .the '{.-"speculative
articles. {" Mess' pork attracts more
attention and in made more ■ fully than to
any time since the opening of the season.
Other cuts of pork met with little favor. •.
/Lard was produced rather freely and the
yield is slightly improving.,' Short ribs
are still manufactured; with considerable
freedom. Long end r». sides are
made sparingly. : Hams are mado'chiefly.
into domestic cuts and shoulders . manu
factured in fair quantities. Foreign fan
cy cuts of sides tact with some favor-to
'provide for email orders.-/■'/ ■/ .■/..
Too receipts of cattle . were light {and
their* was a good demand .' for ; all sorts at
atroag Saturday's prices.' .{At ? noon when;
this report a was closed, about all t*be
fresh arrivals of. such {as ;: would £ suit - the
dressed beef and shipping; trade were 1
bought. Butohsrs' stock wore not plenty,
and-little.cr nothing was • doing in stock
era spd feeders ing to '9, { light supply,
yet there were a {good many s left ever on
Hs*;utday night. Dealers'do ncj '.look for
much*'of a demand until after the first
week in January. . . .
« —
Chicago- Vinan\-i:if.
' ".Special Tblegrazp to the Globe*. ( . :
Chicago, Dec.; 81.'~The demand for. money
was good, mid the offerings -of A : No. 1 paper
were ; sufficient to absorb all the funds seeking
employment. Baton remain steady Bud firm' at
six per cent on call and ' seven per csbt xiaiv.
The bank clearings to-day wore 8,314,000, and
for the year made a total of $'",525,307,903 for.
1883, against * $2,863,580,855 for 1882. ; {Eastern^
exchange between oily banks was firmer at [email protected]
SOc premium for' $1,000. The ■ orders for enr
rency were meagro. { There' is a .'general' de
pression noticeable every wuere. ■-..■' - '„ • % ,{ ■. ■
Stocks werev very X weak. Union y Pacific
dropped 4 points to-day, closing at about 70If,
Missouri Pacific opened at '■; 89>% /.and declined
steadily te the close; when it reached 86^". ' Ac
cording to a private cable dispatch, from Europe
to-day stocks there,"are much, larger than has
been anticipated. :.The inventory, just > takes 'is
very pleasing to the bears. Trade here-is ,very
active in stock oirales. {{The heavy bears, of
whom J. ,a. Lester is prominent .{in tho -front
rank, are in very /good;; humor,, and judging
from indications at hone and abroad their turn
is r.ot likely to ba of.j^hort duration.'
[Specal .telegram to ths Globe.}
Nsw ob«, Dec,; There have been
any number of weak spots in the stock
market to-day. Union and Missouri Pa
cifies were the most prominent. The"sup
■ ply of each seemed unlimited, and '.before
there was any check to thedeolino ths for
t mer had lost 4 per cent, and the latter over
3. The real •of the list { crumbled - away
gradually, and it was not until la is in the
day that anything in the-way of a rally ap
peared. The closing of the year is always
a time for' evening up accounts. vMany
short lines were probably covered/ and not
a few holders of some of^the weakest
properties no doubt took tkeir losses, pre
ferring to await developments before en
tering the field anew. There were varices
rumors regarding the condition, cf Oregon
Transcontinental. It was "intimated; that
the company . was really,, in ' debt- to , its
late president. Northern Pacific preferred
seamed to be "pegged" at about 50. {
The books of the Lake Shore, Michigan 1
Central, Canada Seuth«rn & Omaha ,pre- 1
ferred ' closed ' to-day, .'. and .'.the
final-.-- evolntrioas ■-. en these '<■ stocks are
ex-dividehd. Tiakb Shoreovas particular-,
ly weak at the last,•selling down to. 94^£,
! and the balance lost a great part of' the
i earlier improvement*. Tho market closed
unsettled. /Though; May : properties are
away below, the figures predicted by some
of the most sanguine - bears, the decline
bringing no buyers of consequence, not
even for the better class of stocks. This is
certainly not ah encouraging feature, and
may result in a further collapse later .on.
-•■':■ . •-.''- /- * --
' Lon»6n, Deo. 31.—The Mark Lane fix
press weekly review of the/ British grain
i trade says. .The foggy weather .has caused
a considerable loss in the con'ditibh of the
grain marketed here,- but there was no ac
tual change in values/j The tirade in for
eign wheat oS stands quite retail in char
acter, barley very quiet,^^•?fldhr/^duU{{a.nd
maize cheaper.'^ Mixed Am£ric-.n brought
27s ex' ship. { Eight wheat cargoas arrived,
two withdrawn and three J remained. Sales
of English wheat for \ the week: 56,819
■ qaarters at 39s per quarter, against 43,510
o,t'4oi lid for the oan-espoadia,'? week last
year.-"-.. '■'- - ■{/'■ / '"■{'-.'■/-/'!;.>■;/{/{ V" ; V-%!
; ',{.','-' .■•" Corrnptioh.'.'.-.{,1;. v.-.'-.. •/•.;.-.
'I-1 3J0NT3EAL, Deo. '| 31.4rJustice •;.-" Rainyille
gave judament' against Charlsbois & Co.,
contractors of I the parliament house, Quo-;
bee, for /the first note of $3,000, given De-
Beanford for his influence with Premier
Mbhsseau in getting the contract iv ques
i tion. -:;'■:/'; -:.:.'/*./: ./■;. :- :.■:".■-'/.■ v- '■ -
'.'■'••. Divorce Complaint Dismissed.
{Tkxhtos, N. J., ©60. 31.The; divorce
suit, brought by. Rev. Mr./Summerbille,'
pastor of the Christian church, at MiJford,
■ against? his wife, for /adultery, was,- do
cided by the supreme court this morning.
The court, eight to seven, dismissed Sum:',
j mbrbilla*? bill, but allowed him to present
another, under the new divorce law, per
'■ mitting husband and wife to testify the
court of claims that the confessions were
not sufficiently corroborated. -: " '■■
•{ -.'-• la«ne/of.{silver/dollars for the we'fk
■' endati ;' Dee. 29, 29.7,498 against 1,091,000
i * the • me time last year. .
, , , mm , „ „,. „ , ,-, ..I, , ■.. 1 '- --.»»—*-.■ - ■ ■'>. ' — " -"~- ■'■■■ ' ■"•■ —- ■■■"■■—
i : WASHmiSfON. /.
I a TEW -rravaits rki.ative io CUS
!."■ :. TVM'S A\'JJ EXWExar:. :•' ■;". r V-.{
A Hindsoui* Surplus -\Exp-ietotl With
• Which to Keduce thr. lleUt—The. Com
mittee on Military Aff.4ir» improves the
Hill for tK^JX^i\of;Oi-Fitv: John Tor-/
Gossip': as to {the Work and Policy.
- ot ..:■» Committees.
_, [Special Telegram to the Globe,"J ".
I WAaaxsexoK, : Dae' 31.—For the : first
half of the fiscal year the, revenue from
cn3tomswB9';s 100,949,113. a falling 65' es
i compared with the last /six" months of the
I calendar year 1882 of between .$12,000,000 -
I and $13,000,000. Internal revenue _wsClf
| 310,294, a falling off of over $13,000,000.
1 The"': miscellaneous ';• - receipts ■;>-.■• are
| $16,073,799, Voy^a'-, ''/falling . /{/off
| of.-, {over $2,000,000. .;■ »On-V.'""; the
other hand'the ordinnry" expenditures for
six/months'were $6 .84,3111, a '} reduction
; of $6,500,000. : The payments of pension*
; am on to d to - $30,7 41,553, ■. aiV, increase of
! uejtrly-fT^OO and the interest pay
ments were $27,543,036, a falling off of
I, a boo t/. $ 35,000,000? Alt ? fiber !;. ho revs-'
i nues .{(fiiow a falling '/off.of, a little over
' $20,110,000 of ;" the - expenditure, a falling
off of ' a little; more ■ than $2,000,000. ; , The
-excess of ; revenue over expenditure for the
; last six month* is $50,774,403, against
! $77,049,858 for the^'last/dixi- months ot
I the. "calendar year K862, The'reduction
; of> the publfa'debt for December, has not
!:yet been' figured lvp, but Treasurer Wjman
"estimate it {ei/$ 2,000,000 in round num
;bets/. would make thereductibu'fbr
':the ; past. nix "months'; ever $63,000,000 /iii
spite gi^the ' reduction of / $29,000,000 in
reverine and debt reduction for ths calen
dar year 1883; .something over : $109,000,
-000. Daring the six months tho secretary
has made four calls for a little over $70,
-000,000. •! Of. the ■; $40,000,000. - bonds cov
ered by, the 1233, 123J and \ l24th ball*
made in September, October and Novem- '
ber, there were yet to be redeemed at
the close of business to-day $18,69 and
there are ' small - unredeemed
remainders from .previous bond /balls;
amounting altogether to less than $20,
-000,000. /With a probable surplus of $50,
-000,000 in the next six {''months.* The sec
: retary might bo expected to issue another!
bond ©all in a iVw dajn "for $10,000,000
with' a probability- that one or two more
. Buch;cal!s will be made before the , end of
the fiscal year. What the .-secretary can
.do-in the way of calling before' July 1, of
bonds to be redeemed after, that date, de
pends entirely on. what congress does with
the .• revenues - ,t"iis;{{.;". winter, / but
' the surplus for the next six; months will
exceed {{that" {of .t-/the {{last ■••{ six. months.
It may assumed that the revenue from
customs will not change materially. The
fluctuations heredepend/ much - oh prices
frota time to time, and cannot be esti
mated.bat there is going -to be aii increase
in internal revenue. Internal revenue re
ceipts, for the year, estimated, on col
lections of the 'last six .'months would be
$122,600,000, but there will be collected in
April, May £ and June $6,000,000 % from
special taxes, of which none were collected
in the last six months. {; If {"congress \ does',
not promptly - pass {a bill ; extending
the { bonded {, period { % there' {will;:: be
an extra revenue of $3,000,000 %or $4,000,
-000 from whisky forced out of bond by the
bonded period. a Even if such a law went
into effect before" July 1 j some ' $2,000,000
and more would be collected {to increase
the revenues if or" the last half of the { year.
Furthermore'the tobacco collection for the
first three months of the {current/fiscal
year were below the average, undoubted-:
ly because {they. ..-.* had bean antici
pated" by large purchases 4of
■stamps before July and after
the red notion of the tobacco taxes went in
to effect. A'moderate • estimate of , these
three items would raise the internal reve
nue for the year to $130,000:000, and more
probably to $133,000,000. './In'; advance of
any ohange on the rate of expenditures
this would increase the surplus revenue for
the next six ' months •; to"{$60,000,000 or
[ more. .But payment of interest is ;{always
a decreasing quantity, and probably,/ pen
sion -payments for the next six months will
fall ■ below ; $30,000,000,- what {they
amounted tb/for the last Bis {; months.
The '. • prospect4l3 / good ; for .a- -large
hole in the outstanding three per cents,
and a substantial redustion in the National
bank circulation by July 1. ..
{It will take some $3,000,000 or $4,000,000
to pay the - tobscco tax rebates,' but: this
sum {is; not likely to come of; receipts of
current fiscal year. - ■■ -
■' •:{ Congress will hardly,get an' appropria
tion for purpose passed in time,.'{and
it is still less likely, that the treasury will;
be ready before July Ist to pay. the claims.
The fifth auditor : will not : get through
with the claims before March and
though ■ the > .first . / comptroller • has
asked ' : for* ;; special ; {; : ; details .{', of
clerks to help him, he cannot get/-assist;
ance enough; to enable . him {, to pass the'
claims in less than four{months. { ///{
. ■; . FITZ JOHN POET KB. . • '
;';{Several cf the house committees held
preliminary meetings today,{merely {for
the purpose of. organisation and to fix { the
days for regular meetings. /The' {military;,
committee, having *"a , pretty full 'attend
ance, took op the Fit* John Porter -; relief
bill, and by majority vote agreed to re
port it favorably to the house
at {the first { .{opportunity..' -Friends
of Porter are determined to give his case
an early start thisisessibu so that may
take.{a leading place on {the calendar of
bills'. ••■■; They adopted the bill which passed
the senate a year ago, Messrs. Steele and
McCutcbeon ; were the Republicans who
voted against the bill, accompanying their
{vote with the ; statement; that , they would
{carefully examine '■ the bill. ': Mr. Lyman*
of I Massaohuisotts, voted . with the / Demo
crats for ths bill. / {.{/
will .hold{its first; business meeting next
Thursday, when it is eipeitbdMr^Kindall
will :■ have the general pension Mr.
*- ' "• ;-.'■' ---■.-■' "■*,;■ ■ i": ■-■"■■'.",-"- -'v— *>*,***i%*?'j '■' t<--"
iTown^htnd^thb^^military ncadaiayi- and
Mr. Hoimah the fortification bill ready for
' 1 consideration of the committee. Mr. Rah
• dall lias been absent from the city for sev 1
j oral days, but Mr/:Hpirnanl_an^ Jr. Toyns- j
'bendi'b.ave been' hard at {work up - the bill
i assigned to them. / Mr. To'wush.held{ii;
; conference with Sect, Lincoln /with
; reference; to the!/military/ academy/ bill, :
which they jointly reviewed by items. It
inspected that the gross amount will be j ;
reduced below,the. estimates, but that all
appropriation needed for the school t will be (
granted. The items that will cut '■ oat
or reduced are chiefly those 'providing for
■ new buildings or /enlarged MCimmoda
tions^Kich are desirable but cot neces
sary. Mr. Holmau is understood '-.to/be'
unfai arable to J putting much.! money into
fortiflcCtib'ns of the old .* tiir.s -, sort, believ- :
ing it better to rely for harbor defense up- ;
on iron dads, moveable laud batteries and
earth works with a viswihat he will proba
bly seek to.limit{the appropriations to
what may be needed ■ for the oare •" and;
preservation of the sea coast .fortifications
as they now exist, and to a'fair allowance;
for experiments with 'new/ devises., in
projectiles aau torpedoes. >/,'-,_
/' _.;. FOIFEITKD LABI!; G3A>IS. '.•.//;
A member of the ■; house remarks that
Chairman Cobb, of the public lands com
mittee, and his committer, show a dispoai- j
titidn to take hold of the question cf for- j
feiture of land grants' ; /ins»v{obminanistib- j
spirit that will do no good > toy the cans*] ,
they are interested in. and stilllass to.the j
Damo'jratic: patty. ' They talk aa though -
they mean { to 'make ; Jnutscrtmiriatb : war :
upon"' land j grant ' railroad*, _ {and !
in;.;; some {/ instances l; t will :. certainly |
attack/ vested ,J rights. He "thinks j
there are cases in. whichcongresjought to
declare a forfeiture, but, these cannot bo
properly reached by ; general ■/legislation,
bat by{"-.{separate bills "as■{■ suggested by
Judge Payson and by careful examination; j
and report in each case. It won't do the j
Dambratic \ party / any j good, ;he says, to j ,
make war upon great railroad cbrpo- j
rationF, for they are the uniformed and! ,
disciplined capital of ; cosntry, arid
will make their influence fete in the presi
dential campaign. ';■"■■ -{;>*-."/{
;':, {Besides this { consideration, /it ! ought
to i be/;; remembered by . {those!•'.-', who
desire to have some* of the granted land *
restored to -{the public domain, that the
samite{ in friendly to railroad corporations
and will stand in toe way of legislation
inimical/to.; railroad interests that is not .
clearly demanded by public sentiment.
Advertisements' will be issued in {a , few
"days for.proposals for 4 the "erection. of "a
government building at Pebm;
- ,■ . BIOS BXJSOIED. " • \
../:Mr: Bell has rejected all lids {for foun
dations and area/wans of the Peoria cus
tom house, because he preferred to Jet the
whole job at once. '/-.Some pressure was
exerted 'by friends !;'b!;;. Peoria 'bidders *
who /were; underbid' by a / Washington
/man. How much this pressure had to do
with Mr/Bell is unknown, but the rejec
tion of all bids gives the /local bidders one !
more chance. /ThV'specificatious are not
yet completed and advertisements forbids ;
will be issued before are, but bidders ;
will have ample time!{tb examine the com
pleted specifications {before£tb"Mdate for
{opening the bids, {which will 'M* be less; !
than six weeks from the present time.
''/'. ' - [Western Associated fress". J : -, {>■{-" ."r
':..:':': Washington, Dec. 81.—Thetotil .recipes
of internal revenue for cix months of the
| fiscal earl ended/to-day $61,186,207; re
ceipts for December $9,855,706. :
'//At a meeting of the house comics ittee on
j military affairs this morning Gen. Slocam
l authorized to/ 'report to the house
the/; Fitz/ John Porter bill, which passed
the senate last {congress. . Tho committee
I also'/ decided, to report ;{..•'/{ fa
vorably -the!//..! house resolution,
I calling for information from the war de
partment respecting court inartials^subsev
I quent {emission of ; sentence and restora- ■
tion to rank bybbrigres3 of ; officers {{ from
1847 to 1861 and 1877 to 1881./ The ob
ject of the resolution is to ascertain what
I changes { in discipline . ; -/-- have
taken place .- in -'//-the army „-• and
r learn the causes, of legislative olomenoy.
•-'" ' i//-'/ u'ooro's v' bill: ,:{/:' -_/ ; { .
! Representative McCoid'iutends; to /urge
the consideration at an early data of his
bill'to provide for/the election of a presi
dent an d vi oe president for the ■ unexpired ;;
term,' in cage of removal by death, resigna- (
"tion or inability of both 'i president.and
{vicepresident; and/to-{declare the officer !
'who shall act ; a*? { acting president { ad in-J
I terim.{ Toe bill was : introduced on Deo. I
1 10,, and referred/ to the":. committee or. ju- ; j
! diciafy,of:wliich'Mf.,MoCoid is i a;mem- '
ber. : The measure provides that the els aot- j •
©reappointed ■ from! each state ~ for/the I ,
election of a president and Vies president j
shall hold {their trusts as such"electors and
constitute .' ' \ ■ .*{ ,' "
in their respective states for the presi
dent's'terme of four years with power/to
! fill vacancies. /In case of the removal of
president and vice president from any,
cause, the secretary of state shall/ perform;
! the ministerial duties"of the office oi | pres
! ident, ad interim, and shall immediately :
I issue a, proclamation deolaring the vacan
cies have occurred, and appointing a day,
/not less than thirty.days thereafter, upon
;which the college of electors of the several,
i states shall meet for { /{ {// {■
I.•■{/ ELECTION 01" A psbsidshi • {.- ,
and vice president for the unexpired term.
The 'f bill / also;{ provides that the !;{ same
course; ■ of t xJ. procedure/^ be '■ followed '
which under the constitution "would be fol- ;
lowed in it an ordinary/"y ear; for a / presi
dential election, that counting
of the electoral vote shall (take". place upon l
'second Tuesday after .he meeting and or- ,
ganization of'the next succeeding regular'
session of congress, vnless congress be in
session^ when such election oocurs and !
then such counting shall take place oa the ,
eighth; Tuesday after ..such election. Mr. .
MoCoid, in Of his bill says, it car
ries but .the i idea of the trainers of the con
■ stitution end insures for four years ihe
continuance of the ; power of > the party
electing the two/high officials. He dis
cussed the measure with a number of the
senators and they express themselves in
its favor. , -;. ■J t •//■•■../"{' -"'- ''
= ■ The funeral of the late Brigadier General
A, A. Humphreys wili tike place on Wed
nesday. It was originally intended «tqj
take place to-day, bes was postponed to
meet f the wishes of ' the. family.t:There ;
will be fifteen pall bearers as follows:
Gen. H. G. Wright, Col. Thos. m Casey*
Gen. J. G. Parks, Gen. 0, M. Poe, Gen.
j R. G. Dann, Gen. H. L. Abbot, Gen. W. H.
Emory? Rear Admiral /. Alex. Murray, W.
JJ. Warren, Wm. Lee, Hon. Theodore^
i Lyman. Thomas J. Lee. Arch. ; Campbell,
! Gen. H. G. Hunt and Colonel P. H. All
■•>** ■'. •■
' : BGiiXATcdcv^rscs.
A/Note«S;3tohtAnT»/C'Attle{Tlj!ef Caugilßt.
;•: th« Last ofitlie-G inff —.^lVeacUer Shot—
A Mysterioua Occurrence; ■'.".',-.
;. i;{/[SpMi^Td^aia'to''tho'Glbbo.l./".
/ Columbus, 0., Deo. ' 31.—0h0 /of the
boldest and "most daring attempts to rob
a train ever occurred in Ohio took *{place
early this morning on the Bee line express,
niro mites north on .; that road. It was
daring in the extreme, frQm/the''fact/that;
the robbers formed a combination with De
pot =.Officer Mahoney to takd part and;boa'
beneficiary in the 'job/. 1 On list Wednesday.
the officer was approaohed by a / noted
crook, {whom he bad arrested severaV years
known ■< by- 'name as -Big Ed.
Kelly. 'Ha {had three partners, and the
officer was taken in, and everything- ar
ranged for the work to coma ctf Monday
marni off, \ ■•": the {/"'. train/ leaving \%.y here,
at,{ 1:05 a. : ' -?'■" mi:'// standard //time.
The officer, Williams, a
member of the gang, ware to go where the
robbery /was to take place, and started
earlier in a convey for that place. i By
"previous^ arrangements with the BUperin
teudent of '** police,'{ Mahocey steered { Wil
liame into the hands of {/officers- two miles
out and. then returned to the city. J A
hrinber of detectives, disguised themselves
and "were/secreted in/the"express/car to
take in the whole par ty{; when -.; they /ar
rived at the point for \ the robbery to take
place.^^-;At{the appointed time ail the rob
bers got up in the {car and made out for
the/ platform, but •,', their suspicions had
been 'arroused and tbey'were 1, alow to eater
the expr«.fte ;. car {I where V the effieera.
secreted. ' They bad, /; however, potion
down .to { the side of . the train and the ot
fibers rushed out and captured Koily, who
had /planned/£ the job with /;Officer!
Mahbuey/ and the leader of the gang ~ who
had given the name of Watson, escaped in
the darkness, several '^shote,'. being {/fired i
after him. There was also % another party
who escaped by getting off on the opposite .
side of the train.- The two men r captured
refuse to say anythiug, {;but both of them
werB members of the *: original party who
took Officer/Mahoney{ into' the; scheme.;
They* are supposed to be members;/ of the
same gang who have; been operating ex
tensively in Indiana and the northern part
of this state. Kelly ? r had on hie person!
tickets on nearly ail the leading roads of
the west and a lot of Business cards which
bore/;' the/address -'\ of ,s' .Garibaldi V/&
Cuneo, fruit merchant, Chicago. Williams
had oh' his person a oheok on' the /i;Oitiz'ens
signed Loper, Turner & Co. fe
about/five feet, ten inches in height with
rather /spate features,' dark ; hair, brown
find brown eyes. Kelly is about
the same height with a large/head,; light
brown mustache closely clipped •';- and is
well built {-//";■":*//:' ;/'/'. '"■ *> •
■''••a mvsxkbiousoocuebesob. .••■-
Biudbfobd, Me., Dec 31.—Several pool--,
of blood on the snow on Sunday forenoon
led tbth'e.bolitf that murder/ hod been
committed proviyns right. Li this
connection Dr.\Qratton'says{; he was called
on Saturday night by two men who wanted
him to' go 'with them. They tyil used : their
names. ■« .When J^'' ,'^/ ~:r reached f Franklin
street they huj'' ..god his eyes. After trav
ersing several streets they entered a house,'
and the dootor .was/ led into {an uncarpeted
bedroom* where ho was locked in, the men
leaving him. "/Herei ho found a young wo
man with a deep gash extending from her
right ear down to / the/ throat. She {/was
extremely low from ; loss/ of S blood. She
said^Doitor,';, for God's sake save my
life." {/'He feared she would die while ;he
.was)there/ and does not V think ; she could
have lived {/five j minutes i longer without
care. After bandaging / her ) wounds the |
doctor knocked at :• the; door which was
opened. He /was immediately / taken to
another room/where he found a man with
a out from the' nostril to the month^Af ter
treating this patient he {'{was {; taken oack'
to Franklin street blindfolded, where ; the
men left him. They were oat of eight be
fore he bWldunbandage/his'eyea.
; / I Special Telegram to tha Globe.]
-. Dur.ura, Minn., Dec. 31.—L. B. John
son was found lying on the sidewalk about i
12 o'clock^ rtatorday in front of the Bun- |
nell block with; his ; eye blackened and hi 3
ear injured. Ho was carried into the Gem j
saloon {and {.placed^ in : bod. About;, noon j
yesterday he commenced to show signs of i
.'great suffuribg'/in' his ; side and knees, the
latter ' having • swollen badly. Dr. Collins
was sent for an > waited on him until late
in' the night, when he {staled that he did
not think he could possibly live/ con
tinued -• mVi this / condition / until {about 5
o'clock this "f morning, when 'he died, ap
parently in great agony. « Dr. Collins says
that the main cause of his death was the
excessivei'{ use of liquor,' and .' that: the
bruises he received would Dot have .killed
an ordinary mac. The deceased was worth
about J $25,000,'{ and /was/ at one time a
'prominent, and leading citizen of. Cleve
land, Ohio.
'■'■;': ; ;' {' SUICIDE. {{'-';. . {i
. Pr.oTiDKXOE, R. I- ~ Dec 31—Conway
Brown, son of Henry W. Brown, Worcester,
Mass., and a 'member i of the ,{freshman
class of Harvard /college,, killed himself
to/day. at the house of a freind { where ho
was spending" the holidays./. He was alone
in the room. / _;
rfii. Louis, 'Dec. • 31.—0. E. Stewart,
one of the most expert and notorious .: cat
tle thieves of Nebraska and Wyoming, was
Arrested yesterday at Hot Springs, Ark ,
by K. K. Bosweß, of the depart
merit'Stock 'Growers''aaaociation^of 1 the;
western territories, and started for Dead
wood where an indictment awaits him. He
is said to ba the last one of the dreaded
"Dec J^ddlQton'||"gang{? of | thieves, and
-outlaws which r .was*/ broken up two years
ogb by Judge Lynch. •/•;,'
"•'*■ " ' - a pbbacheb shot. . ■.- /: f
'■'■- Littlbßoox, Ark., Dec // Sunday.
last, a point fifty miles beyond Ft.
Smith, in the .Choctaw Nation, Rev: Samuel
'Aidrbwa'bn; way 'to/fill a religious ap
pointment, was shot amd killed by un
known parties. ,SSupposed ; to .be the re-{
sult cf an old grudge.
:.* 'y^^^^%vvt%.\ {- - /
■ .'piiiaDKPnii; Dec '31.-The warrant
for the execution of John,- MoGinuis on I
Thursday next, ■ is- withdrawn. There is
some doubt,as to his sanity .i and a •.,respite,
has bean granted until March {41
': : • 'DIED OF HIS WOUNDS. /,' '■ /
New Yoee, Dec Thomas Fitzpat
' ridks shot 5 by Policeman Geo.: Smith/while]
i resisting arrest oa Christmas ,'diad to- |
day. ':' ' ,*-.,'. 1
HnisEOzo, 111, - Dso. St.— r arjru
meat ihtho Bond t;ial progrossad to-day.
i. J. Mcßride, :or the ■ defense, continued
\ hi?, snatch from Saturday; night, and was
followed by Judge Taylor for the prosecn^
tion, and he by Judge Motiaakifl for the
defense^.None; *f the speeches . --■ so , far .
hdva been specially notable. ',."•
{;„ The argument continued all the eveningi
and nil be re?«medih tho morning.
■" - SCSPESTED SIUBDiB. -;; -" r \
-.•'.-.Guess Faua H. V,, Deo. 31.—Great fi'
oitt-ment prevails over i the mysterious
death of 1 the . wife of i Frank Colts, on ;,: the
top of the mountain^ where'; Colta > occupies
a rough structure in the woods. A white
woman of had character his been i ah; in
mate of the place, and she and Colta lived:
together in idleness, » while tho', wife "• was
compelled to "work;; to support them. The'
pair are T sot ed ¥0 A poisoning Mrs. ■
Oolti^feThe frequently expressed;
a fear that her husband would kill/hero'
The coroner^ will investigate. J.
.;;''Naw^Ybak, 1 Deo, SI.—A summons was is
sued or. the arrest of J. , Hopkinson Smith I,'
a director of ,the t Bartholdi .; art , loan ex
hib'itioo/'whoiiii charged by S. - H. Provost,
aedretary of the Sunday _ closing league with
violating* the J Sunday .Claw, by 'opening
tho exhibition on the last two? Sundays.
Lohi>ok,; Bee. 21.— John i Fan 3t\Eaaby ? *
coal merchant, Bradford, has failed. Lia
bilities £100,000. ■:Henry i Brogden^ iron
mister, arid formerly a partner with Alex
ander Bragderij'jiwhose failure is already
announced, also' failed. 1 Liabilities £720,
-000. '-' *■"'.''' v.*" '- ' ( *
- Vienna, Dec. 31.—A Jesuit miesiouary,
named BLaraerle,: preaching : yesterday in
the arch of ; Ski* John, denounced the im
morality of the'workinpmen.". Some twen
ty of the latter arosejiahd denounced . the
aBspoiatibnB, raotl:i' atoned the pulpit. In
the rush of .*: the '^congregation,vj for the
doors, a number of ;people_.', were injured.
'There, have been several arrests.
,". •- StrniMST PUINTIKO OJTIO2.- , ,' -:.- /_.'
; WAnsAwV Deo. 31,—A Nihilist printing
office was discovered here; Saturday in an
obscure street." The compositors escaped.
,-•-'■ .7 ;'-'•■': col. EATHBOSn'a CASE..
. . t'AMOVBB, Dec. 31—Col. f«" etill\
unable to make a rati al" statement
cerntrig the killing of his wife, and
neVtb labor under the delusion that he is
the victim of persecution. "
nsbaPßor OF A BtOT.
i DoaniN, .—There is great eicite-
to-day in Dromore, bounty Down.
The Orangemen were '..'disappointed*'. be
cause the meeting of nationalist*, ;: an
nbuncedforiNow^ x'ear's* day is not pro
hibited by the government and- have
detfcraiibe4;.to' prevent its 7. being 'held.'
Troops are -" arriving *; there • to : preserve
order. ]: ■'"■ ■,:*•■■ -:.,
i i ■ ' »»—' ■ '", ' ' *
7 ; ( CLOTHING. .- -' :":..;''7
i -' '.- '-,- Jr • o*>j . V ■■'
\ cP 6 —° /
■;.''^*Tli - %'/'-:'^*aaJr ■ ''.^W^. ' ©, : '..'.i/i
'; • Seven Hnn<Jn'<l in . round numbers^
about represents our stock of IYINTER:
•.'OVERCOATS on hand t<:T-t!ay. We hard
ly expect to sell tvery one of these gar«
meats this season., yet with the i prices
we are now offering them at, we cer
tainly ought -to i dispose ■■'(.. of - thft
majority of them. ;Of coarse, each
Overcoat we; sell represents a straight
MOSEY LOSS to us; but we had much
rather sell an Overcoat >'OTt*,' ami get
the cash for. it, even thongh w* do it at
a loss j thaii carry any over until ; next
saason, partly because we heed the room
and partly because we need the money/
Therefore, we say. that if there is any
man in this North who needs now,
or ever.will need, an Overcoat^we can
make it worth his hlle to step in and
examine our goods'"and - hear i-a few.
Cow of !HMaMM)&rt streets. : ;
.-• ■-';;:-.. ; '. -.. ST. PATH,. \.-.:. ::\-\-.-~- *--i -■■'',.
: EDUCATIONAL. ) -;" -f
lit Sat JosepVs
For tie Euflcaiioa loans Lafliss
.■v ■ desirous of' placing th"ir daughters* in'
a first class school, will dowell^^invesugato
the claims"of: tiiie institution. To '.the present
building, which is both specious and! beautiful,':
a large addition is being erected,'which will con- :
tain music,'' exhibition and "recreationi balls. The 1,
course of studies in the different departments. is'
thorough, nothing being omitted that is neces
sary to impart'a finished education. The musi
cal department comprises a thorough' course if or
graduation in Theory and Practice. Every ad
vantage is afforded to .those who wish. to-purtue^
a special course in painting;" general instructions
in drawing arvj given in c rooms. For par
! ticulare apply to BISTER SOPS MOB. ' • 3541-1
wd tud endorsed !>
aid,Concert;companies:.'Artists; Mcwi<af.o->*«nd ■ *,"'i>
Th Mitres in the United States, Canada* and .Eu
rope. ...' ,'"-'- '' v •'."''" ' ■ ■'"■- "•""- :' -.'**
Special Bargains This Week. •";.
l<fe*ii- M■*• •s&s•■?-hA M4M*i
:'.-.■■.- ... w;:A3iuMMis^/:'.:^\;:v--',^''". i ;." ?
Grand Opera Monsp $ :
One Week, commencing Monday». -
' -J- Doc. 31. Matinee -Saturday.
;' Tho latoat.London and-American Success".'* r,
'Tile Silver King/ S
"■■' :.■ Perfectly Interpreted by ;\ '',-".."■'- *'-,-
Specially Selected Company of '"Absolute Merit, "■■ ;.'-;
and.produced.with {'■'„;.
Q una i"- s.acts arid; Hi complete'See'.o-i.-The ,
managejnoht guarantees all its wealth of attijae-* V.
tions in point of - cast, scenio effeat ucd music,
as origuadly produced at Wallack'rf Theatre, N.
V.,'.' over 100 nigh te.-..;' ■ ;'^^^^G§jj|M^HMW
r v Beats now,- on > 5a1e.'.'..,.. ..V
••'": Pricas—*l.oo; 7ac; &ocuiud 250 V,'.'•/. '' - r "• ■:-'l
Seventh Street Opera Hot?
- E. A. GUAM", Manager. *"
arid during the week. -■ ,
M ill a Boarfllog Sei
.With the following*"greet cast: ; ,. J ! .'.
Mies lasrorTA EtiuVsi .V.. Prima Donne S^rah'Y*V?fJ
, Misa Edna Marlowe....;Mies Sophie ",r< .-,.■>■—
Mr? Charles L7Harris.'..!,: Mr. F. La* , -
Mr. W S M.< Fisko ;.'.'.".... ..M. F. Baiter Li? 1 '
; Mr.: Harry Mack, >FoU CliornsandAoiUh^^MS
'■-■-; - -.--,. ■-.;■.;.-■;' I.™ ' "V-'-'- ■<■' '.-'W-.' '...■•■■',
-i Matin'MfU TUESDAY, WEDSESDAY Jildj, . ■£,
i übdat.v;;* ■-.:".-v.,. ;//.:>*\r'*^^.«'f-« l tV'[email protected]
; If you want to \ •
I BUY, . SELL, OR .EXCHGrii, '
Vj'NOW'd YOUR TIME."} ■' ■*'■""
-■■ :,/;'■'. :•"-;•;'. ;.•:-' '•..•:-■-.. ;
For the next todays we will' mako yod'Jowpr,..
prices than you ever htard of", ,'•''-'
Solid Walnut to *wtovu •m\B^M
$S5, $40, $50, $60.
RINMI2S, $150, $170, $20i^^|;.■;>
51 i WeBtThirdßt?eet(St,iPp^a^.;J^: "-]
';.; '.-.■'cosTHSTß'tt*,': 'i:::'-:.':'-:,;J^>^----
. and : :•-.*.•-,
■:•; :'i3^sit TLir3 ■{&[;:S?afe^ "■■'":-':
.-.. i. ■.. —:—v''::.'.-''r-'-:'.'*:-*^^S
:.. Iraspactf invite the attention of In'lti'•■/,i : ;
and gentlvsnen to E7 large, jnost^ ooaapleta ;sx4 v''^
atsr^at stuck of Be* •rdaaqdexjid.! .Costntaa*,' f. o»i-'ft'
bulb}, parties, thenrica l orrc^ coa, old ft.% ". "•'"
cJß^rts,tableauB,'&c. '; ; l■;^*J*^b^S^f.^
' Jiijokaatwholasale. ■ '""-.-'.i.'.-.-.b^.''^i^
i Countrr parties* send for ILrt • and pilous,^' **>^'&;
; ; : '■.; v-'-PKOPOSAr^'-^vi^^:^;^ i ..
To Builders!
HOT W. PAUL, ffi
".. Proposals will be reooivei^^atith'ivodie^^Jr-vi
jamei .*.'■ J. Fgari, ; v Archita<,'tri4J '^Dearljo^.^^
Chicago, up to-'tt o'clock.-{HsiorijJjMo&fvtJ!
dsjr, January 21st, 18?4, for. the foliowjriulfcma.w|
of construction •■ of»the Now Hotel Bailding, for' > •"',
Dennis Eyah,'Ksq., viz".:', ~;\-\ r?-J\^:^£z£li^ .-)'
,-;!'First—Masonry'and' Brick Wort Tof Superb] '(.
strJcture.'i.'ii-'i-vv.-.-,--. -, - '•'- : -•^,'.* 1 "~:': .-':
,^vSecond—Carpentry.>';. ; i / "
Third—Fire-proof Wort.
'<; Fourth -Terra Cotta;>. . . / '.'*." /j .
Fifth—Cut Stone.
Sixth—lron Vfcnfc.
! , Seventh— Interior Marble Work. \^. .
' Plastering. ? . .
. Each bidder may "submit proposal; for. unVor' ' ■
more of.. the above items at hiaoption.
;, .Plans an J specifications can"; bo'Beeh bycoti; i
tractors^ iv th<s order of their applica'iou, .at tho ,■,
'Architect'sioifire,'on and after, Tliiirstliy, Jauua; *-'
3V lbBt. --'".-.' '-'.■- „. -. ;-''■-.'.i :: '-'■^.:>:".^^SSsSB
7V ; -''--.\iivi;:-':-:l;:t'^.;.:iP^^|H'BYAy^^(
)ssss>. Stile A KonrotSts.':Coica9o.^3bi^^R;
-' *' VJ y. vntkwi t«T«M <<>«iiy vi'f*tii'i^rj.^*;JHwHW^f f . ;
j: '■■ •• ■ / j^!j.u«ifc j>'j«v;*'■<}<*'« staffs,»»*..-. ■-^Tj'/tsl-'.-':■;
ir7/\»^>^-'--,a *v'- 1-^*''^ ,6V^^ v,i7/'Mi(;isf,'
?»£&*•/&»*.<*. f~ «««*« *

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