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O^ncs CaiKK Sissai Omoia,
WvsniNno^D.IC., Jan- 7, 8:"6 P- m. i
Observations token at tba same mosiezu ol
tiT.o •.' a '. s'a'ions.
(TOTS saseiswirn lUSOO.
B^r. Thsr. Wird. W«athar.
K -.. ., ,.80.46 -8 W Clear.
ftf'i f . ;i" *.".V. 80.81 9 0
Bar. Ther. Wind. Weather.
ek ...SO.!') '■ BE C.oudy.
Moorhead 80.83 -7 SE Clear.
Is 29.M 1 SW |«r.
SI. Vincent 80.21 -9 SE Fair.
Bur. Tner. Wind. Weather.
Ft. A-iraboine.8301 84 SW Clear.
gt. Baford 23.96 9 S C ear.
FTOaatw 89.12 84 NW Clear
a M. T...3'.13 — W Clear.
?&k 30.80 6 8 L'tSno,.
cine Hat....8».«2 01 b Cloudy.
Bar. Ther. Wind. Weather.
DHatfc 80-46 "* ° C!*? r"
C^o 80.42 19 SE Fair.
Bar. Ther. Wind. Weather.
r,.-,.- 30.27 44 SE Clear.
Dodge CH* 80.84 10 BE Clear.
Bar. Ther. Wind. Weather.
Leaven worth.... ?.•>- 32 -8 0 Clear.
Omaha 30.46 7 SE Lt Snow.
Uiit! iOirh tCZLkS.
Rm- ;'~-r. Daw Point. Wiad. Wa»th».
8)548 -9.8 -9.8 W Clear.
Amount of melted snow .(0, maximum ther
mojnjt-r, 7.0; cneiuio'.'Dotei, -21.5;
dell" range, 28 5.
Biror, frozen.
-3e!w zero.
iota -JJaromotar corrected for temperature
ad otovation.
P. V. Ltoks,
teant Sirraal Corps, U. B. A.
to-day's weather.
WaBHTSGTON, .Tan. 8.—la. m.—Iadications
for Upper Mississippi: Local snowi in eouth
crj portion followed by clearing weather; in
creasing cloudiness ia northern portions, fol
lowed by 1'ical snows, variable wir.d', shifting
southeasterly, generally lowor barometer and
rising temperature. For Missouri valley: Part
ly cU>~dy weather, local snows, southerly wind?,
generally lower barometer and rising tempsra-
The board of fire commissioners have
or-lered 1,000 box signal cirds printed.
Manager Burns, of tho market house
restiurant, furnished ihe snpper for the
policeuifn's ball last night.
Judge Brill granted Jessie Dascomb a
divorce from John Dascomb yesterday, for
fahnman and brutal treatment.
Gen. Jas. H. Baker, state railroad com
missioner, left for a two weeks visit to
Washington, D. C, ou Friday.
Up to last night tho oity treasurer had
collected for ninety saioon licenses, repre
senting in cash the sum of $9,000.
The annual meeting of the Father Ma-,
thew Total Abstinence society will take
place at Market hall on Thursday evening.
Cifik Nichols, of the supreme court, ad
ministered the oath of office to Attorney
' Gaieral W. J. Halm, yesterday. No guns.
A gentleman in this city has in hi3 po3
•m the bill of faro for thanksgiving
dinner at the soldiers' home at Milwaukee,
which for a palatable eet out would maks
a Fifth avanuo hotel spread green with
F. X. Jeuettc, the deaf mute found
guilty by jury for larceny at the late term
nf iha di?triot court, was granted a new
trial after argument oa motion for the
sam« by counsel, by Judge Wilkin yes
terd iy.
Pater Bettner, an insane party, was ar
rested by Sheriff O'Gorman yesterday af
ternoon and placed in the county jail. He
will come up for examination before
JadgeMcGrorty of the probate oourt at 2
o'clock this afternoon.
There will be a meeting of the W. C. T.
TJ. in the Y. M. C. A. rooms this (Tuesday)
afternoon, from 2 o'olok until 5, this being
tho day set apart during the wees of
prayer for special prayer for the success
of the temperance cause.
The real estate fellows W6re around
lively yesterday, hunting up and spearing
real estate in West St. Paul. A goad deal
of it was picked up, aud all that could be
got hold of was paid for at a good sharp
advance over previous prices.
Scperintendeut Jenkins, of the city fire
alarm, was obliged to discontinue string
ing his wires for the new central hall con
nections during the cold snap as there was
too much frost in them, but resumed ihe
work Tvjth his force yesterday.
Ex-Chief of Police Chas. Webber is
I'G probable successor in the
il of Alderman Gates A. Johnson.
'jping preyed to aoce-pfc by a number
imminent oitizeae, and ha would
an able member of the council.
The North P.icifia lodge, Independent
he Immaculate, a colored 01
izat^ou of thia oity will give ;;. grand en
tsrtainmaut at Armory hall to-morrow,
Wednesday, evening, ai which the Twenty
fifth infan'try bund of Fort Saelling «ill
furnish music.
Win. M9rry, a seventeen year old inmate
of the reform school, escaped therefrom
yesterday and $10 reward is offered for his
recapture. He is five feet six inches high,
blua eye3, with light complexion and light
brown hair, and had on a black felt hat,
dark c'olhes and a gray overcoat. He
had been in the institution for sixteen
•Jnjga Wilkin denied a new trial to
Brosn and Horan, the highwaymen who
were convicted of attacking and robbing
Rav. Dr. Thomas, on a hearing on a mo
tion by their connsel for tha same yester
day. A stay of proceedings which was
asksi for ton day6 waa granted, and it is
said that an r.p L - ;. will b9 taken to the
supreme oourt.
Tha following officers have beon elected
by the Father Mathew Total Abstinence
society for tho ensuing year: President,
Jo n Dillon; first vice president, M.
Traoy; seoond vici president, John Shor
tell; ti-aasurar, Anthony Hines; secretary,
John Traoy; board of managers, M.
Boucher, James Bos-le, Thomas Preston;
John Donovan and John King.
R n. McDonald was sentenced by Judge
Wilkin yesterday, to sixty days in the St.
Paul workhouse on plea of simpla assault,
he having bees indicted by the lat9 grand
jury for cutting a niaa with a knife. The
jadj<e, however, reflecting a moment, on
consideration of the prisoner'd having been
in j ill for six months already, subtracted
thirty days from the term of sortenoe.
The American Manufacturing company
fi.'et a sr;t ia the district court yesterday
against 0. E K=»ller & Co., et al., to olo?a
alien of $142'ii for building material
and labor on lot 8, Whitney & Smith's ad
dition. Edwa^J H. Biggs against J. R.
Grant & Co., to c' 139 a building lien of
.$93 21; and Gao. W. Thompson against E.
A. Grant, io close a similar lien for the
labor of himself and M. Brealauer.
Keep Warm.
Cheap fuel at J. A. Baley's, 860 Jackson and
comer of Rica and Martin: Maple, $6.03; Oak
and Birch, $5.00; Mixed Ash and Elm, $4; Bass,
.5 J. *^ ilkinds of coal at reduced prices.
0. E. Gray, of Daluth, wa3 in the o'.'y
A. K. Merritt, of Brairerd, is at the
Geo. H. Johnson, of Detroit, Mich., was
in the city yesterday.
J. J. Sbortwell, of Fargc, was at the
Merchants hotel yesterday.
R. J. Maguire, editor of the Dnluth
*as in the city yesterday.
Commodore Kittson left Sunday night
for a visit to the east and south.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cooper, of Boze
mac, are at the Metropolitan hotel.
A. H. Dunn, editor of the Plaindealer,
Grand Fork3, i3 at th9 Merchants hotel.
Capt. J. H. Sinderii and family leave to
day for Florida, where they will remain
several weeks.
F. Smiley, John T. Mackay and John C.
Graham, of Part Arthur, were at the Met
ropolitan yesterday.
Gea. R W. Johnson left last evening for
Atlanta, Georgia, called to that city by the
illness of his brother. He will be absent
ten dajs or two weeks.
Mr? A. R. Watson, the popular north
western agent of Chas. W. Allen, the ex
tensive tobacco dealer, of Chicago, return
ed yesterday from a visit to his family in
Indiana, having enjoyed a delighlful holi
day vi3it.
Mr. Frank Fairchild, the popular clsrk
of the police court, leaves this
evenly for a visit to his former
home in Ohio. He will be accom
panied by his cousin, Miss Hattie Fair
child, of Pleasant avenoa. During his
absence Bailiff Clouso will officiate as
Mr. M. J. Boyle, one of our successful
young business men and well known and
highly popular in soaiety circles, leaves
to-morrow for an extended trip east and
south. Mr. Boyle will return by way of
Cincinnati, where he will arrange a mat
ter which has interested him as well as
one other person of late.
Great Success of the Pollccnaens' Third
* Annual Ball I^ast Evening.
The crowd that assembled in Market hall
last night was not large, in the ordinary
sensa of the word—it simply amounted to
a crash. It was the third annual ball of
tbe policemen of St. Paul, and if anybody
doubted the popularity of tha dandy cop
pers of this city, all misgiving would have
been dispelled by simply glancing at the
gay and animated appearance of the hall.
An onlooker of the festive scene remarked,
"this lays over the dack," and if by this
was meant that it was by all odds the best
attended and most successful social event
evur given in Market hail, the remark was
correct. It seemed as if the city had
turned out to honor the event, and that
nobody had escaped.
The appearance of the hall waa really
handsome, so bright and tastefully com
mingled wera the decorations. The na
tional colors greeted the eye on all sides,
and great credit is due officers Zirkeibach,
Sullivan and Clonae for the very admirable
»manner in which the hall w&3 trimmed. As
to tho officers, all who oould leave
t;.eir boats, ware present in full numbers
and it is needless to say that they were* in
their element. Ia addition to tho lavish
display of colors, the wails were embellish
ed with the portraits of tho different may
ors of St. Paul, including those of Mayors
Olmsted, Prinee, Maxfield, Dawson, Il*ce
and O'Brien.
The portrait of Mayor Ames, of Minne
polis, also depended from one of the walls.
In addition to the members of the de
partment and their friends in St. Paul,
were present several delegations from
Minneapolis and other neighboring cities.
The grand march led off
in splendid siyle about 9:30 o'olook
by Dram Major Feiso and Sergeant Walsh.
After this the festivities of the evening
commenced in dead earnest, a fine char
acteristic programme of forty-fonr dances
beiDg tripped to the melody of Stein's or
At midnight a fine snpper was spread
at the Market house restaurant, to whioh
full justice was don*.
All in ail it was certainly one of the
most auocessf ui social events ever given in
this city.
A Threatening V.Ikao Iu McClaa^ Block
Quickly Extinguished—The* Damage
A few minutes past 1 o'clock this morn,
ing Officer Pat. Gibbons discovered smoke
issuing from the basemont of
Gonley's saloon ia the McClnng
building, at Bridge square.
An investigation showed that the basement
was on lire and he at or.ee turned in an
alarm fiom box No. 21, which brought ont
ths department. When the apparatus
arrived dense volumes of smoke
wera bursting from the basements
and the situation at first looked serious.
Thd door of Conlfiv's saloon was burst
open and a poi-ion of the sidewalk i
ped away,thu^ffurn!shing a* opportunity
to plaoe a stream oa tha flames, which
were soon exti.Lgiiisb.ed.
The place where the fire started wa.-t
formerly conducted es the Oyster Ba^
irant by Harry Phelps, who i
the establishment a few daye ago aud !er?
the city. The basement contained scarce
ly anything, and the damago to the con
tents was slight. The building w.^s not
materially damaged and Air. (Joiik-y sus
tained no appreciable loss. The origin of
the firo is involved in douut.
A Blove was located in the storeroom
and it contained a fire, besides which a
ooapie of lamps were p'acei at the bot
tom of the stairway leading from Coniev'e
saloon to the basement. The latter Whie
round on tho floor broken, but from which
cause the fire stirted is a mystery.
Chamber of Comaierce.
A circular was received from the secre
tary of the national board of trade, an
nouncing that Willard's hall, at Washing
ton, D. C, had been ?ecnred for the ufe of
the forthcoming national convention of
commercial bodies, to secure the passage
of a bankrupt law, aud the same wa3 filed
for information.
Capt. B^rkey, the treasurer, filed his re
port, showing that the cash on hand Nov.
SO was |34( .71, and the collections for De
cember $544.10, miking a total of $893.81.
The disbursements in December were 5370,
leaving a balance on hand ot |523.81.
The committees oa markets, on manu
factures, ou quertermaster's ouildiug, and
oa levee wera granted farther Lime,
Oa motion of Captain Blakely tha pros- ;
ident appointed Capt. Blakely, D. \V. _Li- I
gersoll and Commodore Dividsou a 00m.
mittee to prepare resolutions expressing !
the sympathy of the chamber for Henry
Villard, andoa motion of Mr. Murray the
presideat, Gee. Sanborn, was added to the
com mittee.
The Crusaders.
This temperance organization hold a '
meeting at Turner hall last night, which
waa well attended. J. J. Hajes was the
first speaker and an enthusiastic advocate '
of high license. Father Shanley followed j
with a vigorous speech in the same direc !
tion. He also adverted to the prevalence of
wine drinking among wome», and declared
that he knew of a number of places fre
quented by ladies for the purpose of
drink. A speech by R. J. Markoe and nu
merous songs, composed the other exer- ,
cisss of the evening. i
his mmm.
Gov. Hubbard Sworn in Yesterday — A
Brass Band *nd Artillery do Honor to
the Occasion—Ihe Governor's Little
Speech Announcing His Bargain and
It is related in both prose and poetry
that there wa3 a souBd of revelry in Bei
glam'd capital on th9 eve of Waterloo's
battle, whose results so signally changed
tha destinies of nations and empires as if
by magic wand. Yet possibly this fact
may have no connection with the proces
sion which filed up out cf
Seventh upon Wabashaw street in
the region of 2 o'clock yesterday after
noon and led by the First Reginent band
with mittens oi their lips, playing "Johnny
Comes Marching Home," or "Hold the
Fort, for We are Coming,'' drew up on the
Exchange street fror.t of the 6fa*.e capitoi
with two field pieces of the Emmet Light
artillery, manned by eight gunners and
commanded by Capt. C. M. MacOorthy and
his Lieutenants D. O'Keefe and R. J.
On arriving here the artillery horses
were unleashed, the guns limbered out di
rectly in front of the governor's depart
ment, acd the muzzles pointed due west
and fired seventeen times in ranid sucees
?ion to the imminent danger of ail the
glass ware in the vicinity, while Baffing
tou's beauty rooked in her sandals on the
lofty dome and her scales of justice
tipped like the walking beam of a side
wheel steamer.
Simultaneously there was a rushing of
the heads of the departments and their at
taches to the Exchange street entrance on
the arrival of this singular spectacle be
fore the capitoi, and they learned from the
street assemblage that it was in honor of
Lucius P. Hubbard's taking the oath o*
office as governor-elect of Minnesota for
the two years dating from the first Mon
day in January, 1884.
In the executive rooms were present ov
this occasion Associate Justice of the Su
preme Court John M. Berry, the
oldest justice on the state
supreme bench, State Treasurer Charles
Eittelson, and the attaches of the executive
department only, the ceremony taking
place in the governor's private office. The
following is the oath as administered by
Judge Berry.
"I, Lucius F. Hubbard, do solemnly
swear that I will support the constitution
of the State of Minnesota and faithfully
disoharge the duties of the office of Gov
ernor of the State of Minnesota to the
best of my judgment and ability. So help
me God."
It was at the finish that ths seventeen
guns puffed out their powdery salvo from
their brazen throats while at intervals came
wafted through the clement air the frosted
notes of well known selections, the gover
nor and jadge looking out of a window on
the scene, quite a concourse of citizens
having assembled by this time in that
Under the lead of Prof. Stein the band
re-formed, and followed by Capt. MacOar
t hy and his lieutenants, the gunners of the
Emmet artillery, and they in turn by the
assemblage gathered there, marched into
the oapitol to the tune of "John Brown's
Body," and assembled in its central rotun
da, on which Capt. MacCarlhy, his lieuten
ants and others proceeded to the execu
tive department and oongjptulated the
governor. Soon after his excellency made
his appearance in the rotunda, and ad
dressed the audience as follows:
Gentlemen: I thoroughly appreciate
the pleasant greeting which jou have ex
tended to mo on this cconsioD. As com -
mander in chief of the National guards of
the state of Minnesota I take an especial
pride in the Emmet Light artillery, and as
a reoognition of his personal worth as a
commanding officer I would inform you
that I shall within a very short period of
time appoint your oaptain as adjutant
general of the state. It is my sincere
wish that in the future as in
tbe past you may maintain your thorough
and oomplete organization, and hold fast
your splendid reputation of efficiency as a
battery of artillery."
At the oonoluaion of this short address the
audienoe gave the governor three rousing
oheerc, on which he retired to his quarters,
and they to theirs, but before nightfall he
had redeemed his pledge.
STotice el Assignee Sale.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 5,1884.
I will receive sealed bids for the H. E. Mann
stock, consisting of dry goods, notions, ladies'
cloaks, store fixtures, etc., etc., located 422 Wa
bashaw street, St. Paul, u»til the 11th day of
January, 1884.8 p. m., when bids will be
opened. Tha assignee reserves the right of re
jectingany or all bids. Parties desiring can
see the stock, e ch day, commencing Monday,
January 7, and each dey thereafter, fiorn the
horns of 10 to 12 a. m., and 2 to 4 p. m.
6-8 J. A. Owsks, Assigne?.
- ~ — IXJSlk_r
KELL1HER—January 6, 1884, Zolda N., young
est daughter of Major John and Hattie Kelii
her, a<;od fiv-e months and eighteen days.
Funeral from the rasidonce, Tuesday, 2 p. m.

t *• \ '■■■
Absolutely Pure
powder never Taries. A maryel of puri
rength and wholesornsness. More economi
sai than t*o ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold
in competition witathe inrdtirAides of low test,
-.-■err weight, alum or phosphate powdors. Sold
in cans. Royal Bakino Powdeb Co., 106
Wall strest, Nevu York.
Teeth extracted without pain. All work gua
auteetl Dr. Coll am, 41 Kast 3d St., Cor. Ced a
The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the
S-int Paul Gas Light Companv, wiU be held at
their office, No. 130 East Third street, on Wed-.
Heyday, the 16th day of January, at 10 o'clock,
a. m., for the purpose of electing three Direc
tors tor the ensuing year apd to transact such
other business as may come before them.
A. J. GOODRICH, Secretary.
December 25, 1883, c-26ed
We shall have for r«nt in the
new Rice Building, con&er Fifth
and Jackson street, about the
First of January,
having more space than we re
We expect to move into our
new quarters there, the first ot
the year, and shal be glad to
see our friends. We shall be
able to offer them a chair, so
that they can study our maps,
extensive list of property, and
prices comfortably and at their
It is a trifle too gelid at this
writing to look at property, ex
cept on the map, but you can
absorb the situation to your
proved city property.
Gilfillan Bio
M EMe ait Mcrigap LoasE
860 Jackson Itraet, St. Paul, Minn.
Investments made and taxes paid £or non
(Successor to D. A. Robertson & Co., the oldest
real estate agency in Minnesota.)
U. 7 MeQniliac Block cor. U &»ashaw.
856 JacksoD^Street.
leal Estate and Loan Broker
No. 8S East Third Street.
ST. PAUL, - ■ - MIKU.
(Twelve years established in St. Paul as)
Corner Third and Robert streets, in the Savings
Ba»k block, ST. PAUL, MINN.
N. B.—Special attention giyea to property and
i nterests of non-resident clients. Investments
jruaianteed to net 7 per cent. Capitalists will
do well to correspond. 364
leal Estate Agent,
Mannheimer Block, Boom 11.
8S. PAUL. - - - MIW3B
Administrator's Sale.
On Monday, January 14, 1884, at 10 a. m. ard
in front of the butcher shop of Messrs. Davis &
McAuley, on Robert street, between Eifth and
Sixth streets, in the city of St. Paul, in Ramsey
county, State of Minnesota, being at No. Sbl
said Robert street, and pursuant to the order of
the probate court of said Ramsey county, made
in tho matter of the estate of said John F.
Mcintosh, deceased, I, the ondersinged, as the
administrator of said estate, will sell at public
antion to the highest bidder for cash, the follow
ing described personal property: That certain
trotting horse known as "Butcher Jim"; 1 gray
horso called "Charley"; 1 bay horso called
"Frank"; 1 black horse called "'Dan," and 1
black horje called "Kitty"; Bseta Fir.gle harness;
2 sets double harness; 1 single buggy; 1 ee<ving
machine wagon; 1 lumber wagon; 1 hay rack; 1
heavy meat wagon; 1 single sleigh; 1 bob sleigh;
i - iu tor; 1 pair doubio bobs; 1 wholesale meat
wagon; 1 hand truck; 1 coal stove; 1 pair scales;
1 safe; 1 office stove; I letter press.
To any one wishing I will furnish an inspection
of said property.
Administrator of estate of John F. Mcintosh,
deceased. 6-14
Law Office.
Car. of Wabashaw and Fourth street,
• Over Express Office 270
S0§ bs! m Vbsi nw &tm$
Oonoflita r7ccrf3rwi>H*-*n Ho*el
Commercial Institute,
This institution ia the "Grove Lake Acadomj
of Individual Instruction," which by a libera
bonus of land and money by the people of Sans
Center is now located on the banks of Sank lake,
one and a half miles from the village. Ths
school will enter on its saverth ye end resume
business on Monday, September 8 This school
has been a complete success, an has given to
its patrons entire satisfaction. No classes.
Pupils recite alone in private room . Reforenc
to the business and professiona men of
Center. It wiU pay parents who hare sons
educate from home to send for cular and rules
of this institution. We have mole accommj
datiociforeighty (80) boarders
Wfrl send prepaid to anv address the!
for ItX'S, .00 [«ves, ;10 Engraving
of i nstruments, Salts, Caps, Belts
Pompons, I.paulets, Can-Lamps
SCttDds. Drum Major's Stair*. aaL
>\.u, Sundry Band Catfcta, KeroMnf
jMatertals, ako includes Instruction aad Er
lercrss for Amateur Ba»da. «n4 a Gata&Eri)
•i<,ise4»e»dMB8»a __ '
TET ANTED—A situation a? nurse girl to go
» » Sout^, can be seen from two to four, at
235 West Fifth street. &-14
' ANTED—A situation ,v» chtusber maid
* * or to take charge ol a doctor's office. Ad
dress Jo^ie Sayrles, PestcfSce, city. 2-3
VJ, TANTED—A situation as coachman, by a
Tf mar. who thorough!; understands the
busir^ss, has had lor,;: experience. Best <,i r .'for
esees. Addreba M. Deropsev, Globe office.
V3TED— A sitiuiticn by a young 8>.o'ch
' * Canadian, a^ed 19. H*:s hwen a year at
ihe hardware business. Is strictly houett, will
ing and active. Any honest employment will
betaken. Address B, Globe oitice. UZA*
•" - ■■ »■■ ■"«■»»'■——»——
1WANT two hack drivers acquainted wit \ die
city. W. L Nichols, corntr Fourth a-ad St.
Peter street. 8-10
TTT ANTED—Arcsp«?c:able yonng man (Cana-
Tl dian) BgeSP, ('.e.-ircs employment of some
kind. Can turn a hand to most a ything. Can
work in an office, store, laundry or rcstaarant,
andean play in brass band. Considering the
dull times, would bo sat'.&£_Mi if board bill was
paid. Please address T. Clark, general delivery,
St. Paul. 8-14
\T7ANlED—Shoemaker wanted, oZd llico
>T street. 8-14
Fc male v.
\\T ANTED—Girl for housework in small
V V family. No. 20S Williams street. 8-9
I75J ANATED—Severtil rood girl-, at Cigar
V 7 Pox Factory, !31>Ea.t Seventh straet.
tj% ANTED—A girl for general housework.
»v Apply from 2 to 4 p. ra.. at No. 227
Iglehart street. 3*
TO B3J**r
FOR RENT—A furnished dwelHsghones; cen
trally located. Apply to George H. Smith
&Co., No. 105 East Seventh etreet. 8-10
li'OU RENT—House, eight rooms with bath
JJ room, hot and cold water, No. 519, corner
Breadway and Tentk street, in good repair.
Cheap rent. Call at house or 38i Wabashaw
•^rpet. 4-8
• KENT—A boarding house of sixteen
A. ruo.us. WiU rent from now unt-1 tho first
of May s«jt $36. No M2 Acker street. 34 c.*
FOR RENT—A Urge house, »4H Cedar street.
AjSjpJI to aid No. 119 Jemtko it. 332-
FOR RBNT—House partly or wholly furn
ished. Well located. Rent $45 or $50 per
month. Address, Reat, Globe offioe. 807*
FOR RENT—A cottage with four rooms,
pantry and closets, good water and every
convenience. Apply to J. C. McCarthy, Sixth
we-^j 270*
fTV.Tx.ErjT—House of eix rooms on Ohio
JL street. Inquire of P. B. JacDonneli, grocer,
corner George and Ohio streets, Sixth ward,
FOR RENT—The Weber residence at White
B9ar Lake, furnished or unfurnished. Ap
ply at Ramsley's Pavilion, Cottage Park station,
White Bear lake. 182*
FOR RENT—Furnished rooms at 99 East
Seventh street. Call Monday or Tuesday
from 9 to 4. 6-8
OR RENT—Three rooms suitable for light
housekeeping, second floor, No. 11 East
Third street. Inquire at N. Lyons <fc Co., 11
East Third street. 6-8
TCTICELY furaished rooms, fingle or en-suite,
-L1 pleasant i nd sunny, with first-class board.
Heated by furnace. 19 East Mnth at. 5 9
EOOM3 FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms.
Addraes Lodgisg, Globe office. 807*
FOB SALE—Second-hard cigar moulds, at
Grunhagen & Fr-y's, corner Sixth and Eo
bertstreeta. 8-21
FOR SALE, CHBAP—An extra large Radiant
Home stove (slightly used), su.table for a
large store, hotel or warehouse. Wolterstorff
tfc Morits, 18t Bast Seventh straet. g-9
FOR SALE—11 famished rooms, centrally
loeated, with extra low reat. Inquire 145
East Seventh street. i*
WE are still holding a largi list of Weet
Side property at the old prices in any
and all parts of the ward on easy terms. Come
early. LawtonBros. 6-12
510 lota in West St. Paul whioh can be bought
at prices listed before the railroad potts , if
purchased immediately. Lawton'Brothers.
__. G~3
ScCUriE your home now, while property is
_ cheap: lots in tha Sixth ward from $2i!0 up
at cash and #5 per month. Puul Martiu &
Co., end of bridge. C—12
: B—The folio <>;«:
JD lote corner Pleasant avenue and Sixth -
2 lots on Kice street, between Iglshart sad Til
. 'ats; 10 1 ' ;ition
iovonth street, (end of bridge); IL
i;>c in Irvi ition to West St. Paul:
■ir, .11 - Apply to
■ W. Tomb; ■ lange etreet,
'l OTS and money to build on n
A-J menta. Pioneer Brjiidii.^ Soeioty, 8ofl
i'Bckaon strest. 126*
J 1ST yoci property foT sale ai1 i orders for
... purchases with Oeo. H. Hsezard, Real
Estate and Loan Acent, 170 East Third street,
St. Paul. SO*
LOTS f25 cash and $5 psr month on tho
West side, Paul Martiu & Co., end of
bridge. 6-12
on furriitare, pianos, in residence without re
moval. E. &, F. Peters, 2£3 Sibley street,
6ite Union depot^ SCKi*
LOANS on Life In9. Policies. L. P. Van
Norman, No. 245, 1st Ave S. Minneapolis.
DEC. 1, came into my inclosurea bay horse,
ten years <.ld weighing about 1,000 pounds,
with star on forehead. Owner can have the
fame bv proving property and paying expenses,
T. Keough, (Reserve Town.) 6-8
(MULLEN'S LIVERY, Nos. 28 aad 25 West
J Fourth street —The finest vehiclss of all
kinds in the Northwest. Coaohmen with or
without livery; a competent agent to attend car
riages at parties, opera, weddings, etc.; a first
class colored man, Bruce Bryant, to attend d .or
at patties and receptions. Invitations delivered
with promptness and dispatch. K. P. Cuiien.
FIRST CLASS day board at International
Hotel, corner Seventh and Jackson streets.
$4.50 per week. Sol-81
FOB SALS OR RENT—1C5 acres, one mile
from postofnee; best stone quarry in Rice
county. I furnish all stone for etate instiga
tions, Shattuck schools, St. Mary'.- HaU and all
public buildings, located here patent lime kill',
four dweUings, one st ne, one frame barn, one
st«>ne barn connected w th blacksmith shop, etc.
Twent -fiYe acres, containing the quarry andim
prov ments, will be sold or rented separately, ii
desired. Reason for selling—old age aud poor
heilth. Apply t^> Fbiiip Cromer, Faribault,
Mioa, 139*
New Fall Stock Jsst Reived.
The Largest and only complete stock in th*
Northwest. Apcencv for BUST'S, "Grrayi
and Reynold's" find shoes.
Eas long" fcince entablisbed lis cleiris to public fcror «nd has now entered small its lBtti ynr n as
tne mrst faTorabie aaspices. Bend ror ocauo^^ giTtcjt fnll particnlars. Cor. 8d a- d Jacka a.
W. A. VA1>BI8 Frlncipai
,lfLi*l/illi % P/illlll, -: pjti Minn
FAIRBANKS, ftf)a?E I iT"7^?!!^^
... I ■■*
OS and 7Q Sibfpy mr*rt.. Corner Fifth, - - - St. Paul, Minn
Stationary, Druggists' Sundries and Toys,
We also have the sole control of the merchandise constituting ihe stock of tho T. N. WHiTH
STATIONERY COMPANY, which must be sold to close their business. We devote an eritire floor
of our new store 407 Sibley street, to its display and offer you some big bargains. Call and iee as
AtMritH « Alls lis fei in i fg
I knew of no-no superior to the "Webor and joko that oan o
Put6\7ich them for arnbility.—Tereao, Carreno.
Tho tono of the vvober Piano is so eweot, rich ano ay
yet 30 fall, that I : always rank you as the groates: nianufa.'
hirer ot the day.—Emma Thuraby.
Weber Pianos excel all others in volume of tone and in ;
of expression.- H. Liebling,
There are no Pianos inthe world that sustain the voica like th*
Weber.— ilmma iiboott.
-. R. O. HUNGER, Agent, St. Paul
Sand t r-- C«tfi?oOTe»
— ■ ■— i . ii
James McMillan & Co.,
Proprietors of the
a ,. . ,• •. j «r . . . . 10» Flrtt AmbimSoiiUi, atlS^KiPOLIS, MI\X.
Shiotnonts solirifpd. Wnte 'or mrfnlam.
M Mm
r<'' I -'. , Jannary
• tiers, 23 Eust Fifth street, for construct
Crate raamlier at Vafals Me,
in accordar.cn with plans and specifications on
file in tho office of Engineer of eaid Board of
Water Commissioners.
A bond of 2) per cent, of tho amount bid
must accompany each proposal.
The Board of Water Commissioners reserve
the right to reject any and all b.ds.
5-1* Engfteer of Board.
Proposah will be received until 12 m., Janu
ary, 14, 1884, at the office of the Board of Wat:r
Commissioners, 23 East Fifth street, for
Grading and Ditching,
along Li-oof Right of Way of Waterworks,
from end of conduit to I\lis?issippi street, in ac
coidance wich plans and specifications on fite in
the office of Engineer of said Board of Water
Commit sioners
A bond of 20 per cent, of the amount bid
must accompany each proposal.
The Board of Water Commissioners reserve
the right to reject any and all bids.
5-14 Engineer of Board.
. —
Pupil of the eminent pianist, and teacher, 8.
B. Mills, of New York, and for eoveral years a
teacher in well known educational institutions,
and of private classes, most respectfuUy tenders
his services to thos9 desiring a thoroughly com
petent, experienced and conscientious teacher.
Twenty lessons (one hour) $40 CfO
Twenty lessons (half hour) 26 Cf)©
Orders may be left at my studio, over B. C,
M'mger'87<n9ic store, 1/>? K, Third street, 2^
[Established 1850.]
Manufacturers of Furniture. Live Qeese Featr '
era and MattrcrBeo.
Corn r Th
Full Weight and
si ■ a n
I PI (Iff [i v Lt
ill III Ha ri v h IP
41 East Third str.-xrt, Established ir. 1864.
At bottom prices. Grate and egg $9.75, a
$10; Nut $10, Briar Hi!
of fresh miri-'d bitnmii ub coal at equal'v lov
pric.ee. Haplfl |6.60 iird and Oak. $5:50
Mixed, $4.50; tasswood, ii; Dry Fine iiL.r
I respectfully I - | aadon of l&di*
Mid gentleman to ray ls.r^c, most complete ami
?iegaat etsck of caw Maeqnarade Costames, fo.
baUs, parties, theatrical perforaiaacea, old folii
I coiBxarte, tableau*, 4*.
8Kb at wholesale.
Oomatsy parti!-a. send for tlst and prtoat.
W mi Iran Co. ,
Wh»l*-*ii<> a;,.l Be*.tl Dealers In
Ceul, WtiH, uskb ail Piglron
T. D BABl'ON, AGEl*y,
SrH Jackson Str«*«t, St, Paii

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