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VOL. ¥11
wm ibs.
The (.hicago Bulls a-i! Bears Choose
Wheat Rath gr Weak, and S'necnmbs to
Bear Hammering.
The :■■■ it York Stocfc Market Uase.i id
bter Feverish.
. lecram to tho Globe.J
CnroAGO, Jan. 3.—At the board of trado
election to-day Mr. L. Nason Blike, of
' -.. was elected preeident
and ith, late of Smith &
I. "i- c 1.1 vice president. Yes
terdaj these dispatchts, liftle
else ; >::;; tha eleoti was thonght of, but
to-day the ele stiom ring was left to a few
win!-; the remainder quietly deposited
their votes and Hastened into the pits to
sell wheat, bey corn or canvass the posi
tion of Armour in regard to provisions.
The wheat market opened very weak
qnder advices from Liverpool of a large
failure and .-'.ports from New Yorit that
ther.: . large lot of wheat
posted as out of condition. Opening at
abou: $I.ol*jg for May the market receded
to $1.01%, Bold to $1.00% then to $I.oo^,
advanced to $1.01%, went off, and after
fluctuating closed at $1.01% bid. There
was ojlj 050 sUa reported atsl.ol}£. The
market was Gtrecgthened by the heavy
purchase.-, of Jno. Lenter, Charley Mair,
"Deacon" ELobbs and Roach, who took
nearly a million bushels each, Lester
bought during the day 1,500,000 bushels.
Thene parties have been the h taviest .-ellera
for the past week or ten days, nnd were
simply covering shorts, L 'ter tho market
wai firmed b; the report that the export
er- were taking ihe posted unconditioned
I ir? New York at $1.08)£, being only
3 ust why tho posting of wheat as
damaged should be a means of
depressing t-ie market, and the fact
that it was'being bought in the placs of
good 1 merely nominal reduction
be quoted as a ball feature, your
correspond ' to comprehend, yet
Buch was the case. On the call and on
thy curb th < to be a good deal of
strt;: ; ..h Ihti market, but it waß
ix-:i\ aud her.ee not to be depended
npon far pernaanency. The hammering
by the bears and the change of front by
their tfhilom companions before named
werti about the only features in
the wheat pit. Crittenden &
Harvey ''are ii;cliu4d to think that we shall
get .1 good rally in prices before seeing a
lower range of values." A large number
of telegrams from St. Louis were received
during the day, and nearly all of them
were bullish oa wheat and bearish on corn.
The foreign advices were all unfavorable
to-day, and the stock in store is 12,044,958
bushels against 11,800,415 bushels one
week ago. It goes without saying that
the parties who last night prophesied May
wheat $1 to-dsy were much disappointed
when $1.01% was bid on the curb to-night.
There was considerable demand from
shippers to-day for corn of the lower
grades. The receipts were 324 cars, and
stocks were posted 3,161,211 bnshels,
against 2,580.«;84 a week ago. The stock
of No. 2in store is now 2452,033. The
speculative market opened weaker and
prices declined rallied %@%c,
but fiualiy closed about 13^0 lower for
Belier January, %c lower for February,
and T_c lower for May than on yesterday.
Tho clump in January affected the
other optioLS, aud was occasioned
by the'del dioy of th^ holders
of the January corn. On the call, however,
the purchasers of
all th -• ffered,
♦ > 58)40 bid. It was
■ : Ihe curb :-;
.-. was
a ;■■ - r to-i
-. W i are simply
: ms. There is little
or no . -. sometimes are
sorry th3t we touched a hog
>*. money in them now.
We, however, ir_> keeping all our con
" and Phil farther says he had rath
10thin ut a driver of one of the
yell >w wagons than to go bajk on his con
& Stevens bought consid
erable corn on the call.
There were about 25,000 hoge at the
yards to-day, and prices went [email protected]
10c. Ou 'change provisions opened weak
sympathized largely all through with
gri in. Still they po=sessed some
little independence of action, which
Wis caused by t'lo purchases
of brokers who were supposed to be acting
for or Armour's men were
quite opexdy on the buying side, which j
strength with some parties, but tr.e j
"older ones" were d. *_rous of betting that
bro!:.- tiling largely would
■sir orders from Armour's warehouses,
s'i.entiou depends almost
tvely upon the stocks which the far
mer <iad 00 amisi :uen have noS driven
to market The stocks here are not rela
tively greater than oeual attb s season of
tbe year.
Tbe cteotion wtr"eh concluded to-day had
many amusing features connected with its
progress. Mr. Wright's friends deemed
his election quito certain until this morn
ing, wlu-n some ticktta were circulated
with "yellow wagon candidate, for presi
dent, E. N. Blake," printed in black letters
on yellow paper. The wagons used by
Armour & Co., are all painted yellow;
Phillip Armoar is often termed "the old
yellow wagon." The Dake bakery wagons
are also painted yellow. Mr. Blake is
one of its proprietors. The tioket
was thus capable of two significations, and
both were correct. It was evident all the
Armoar crowd, its brokers and "tailers," !
•were bound to beat Mr. Wright, and they j
di _ it by giving Blake 785 votes to A. M.
<Vright436. A promiuent imd on the
street remarked: This ia a vindication
endorsement of the coarse taken by
. Blake and his s^pr.orterson ihe board
ir i-.cticn regarding the McGecch
ler lard case. it 13 also
significant proof to members of
the board of trade who are not willing to
be bound by their contracts, and who stand
ready to appeal to the courts at any time
when they get squeezed. Mr. Wright
tried to stsL-d on high moral ground as an
opponent of corners, but "the boys" char
acterize him as a "kicker." Hia action in
tho July, 1882 wheat deal, and his sympa
thy Willi Fowler Bros., as against Mr.
UcGeooh are the things which
belt him. The Globz correspondent
- died at the office of Phil
Armour & Co., to congratulate them on
having elected their candidate. King
Phillip and hi 3 cabinet were in fceseion.
Ou hia left in the place formerly occupied
by Geo. Brine, sat Harry P. Darlington,
who formerly represented Washington
Butchers sons ia Chicago. Ha has not
been long enough in his position to have
caught tbe dislike for newspaper men
which his vis a vis, Mr. WeSster, broaght
with him from New York, as that Jesuiti
cal, clammy hand-clasp of CaL
Favorite, who fronts the chief,
but he is rapidly acqniring tne
ready nmile and open lrank expression of
Phil himself. All ware in good humor. I
said: 'Mr. Armour, 1 congratulate you on
having elected your president, and upon
your increasing popularity. Oue of the
oldest Democrats on tho street jaat re
marked that if the Republicans would
nominate you for president he woald vote
for you." "Thanks," replied the enthroned
pork king, reaching over and handing
your correspondent one of the
yellow wagon tickets, "1 never
spoke to Mr. Blake in my
life, but we learned he was not a kicker
aud didn't go back oa his contracts."
Mr. Favorite made some sarcastic allus
ions about "right or wrong," but Mr.
Webster only smiled his satisfaction that
the candidate who was said to have tho
support of the Anglo-American Packing
company had been defeated. Mr. Blake
waß warmly supported by the flour crowd,
who ran bim at tha head of the titckei of
their own. Frank Clifton, of Fowler
Bros. & Co., is said to have
excused his supporting the defeated
candidate by saying he thought ho was
running "James Wright," referring to
"James Wright & C 0.," the Fowlers' pet
brand of lard. Tho board of trade have*
elected a good set of officials all through.
They are men of honor and responsibility,
in whose hands the interests of tha specu
lators as well aa the trading community
will be conserved.
The hog market was generally quiet, yet
a few early sales were made at yesterday's
closing prices bnt the great bulk of the
business transacted up to noon, when this
report closed, showed a decline of about
100 en all grades except choice Pniladel
pbias. The run was only fair, but tho de
mand mainly from packers and shippers,
speculators not taking hold very fr«e!y.
Some salesmen declared the_e was a drop
of 15 to 20c, but thi3 is hardly borne out
by the rtturns. The quality was much
better ihan any day last week. A large
number of the bo3t farmers of Illinois and
lowa are marketing their own breeding
and raising. Receipts were liberal and a
fair demand for fat and fully finished
cattle at about last week's prioes and
equally aR high as yesterday. Toe best
grades of butchers' stock seemed to be
holding its own and making as good
prices as last week. Csnners and com
mon rather easier, but sot quotably lower.
The supply of Btockers and feeders was
light, pricts very high and a fair demand.
Chicago Financial.
[Special tele, ram to tne Globe.]
Chicaoo, Jan. 8. —The local money market
is unchanged. There was a good attendance »f
borrowers and a fair inquiry cx:sted for funds.
Rates remain steady at 6 per cent, on call and 7
percent, on time. Eastern exchange between
city banks changed hands at 75 premium per
$ ,000. The bank clearings were $6,885,000
against $8,300,000 yesterday. The orders for
currency were \ory meagre.
SEW roiiK.
I Special Telegram to tha Globe. 1
Nbw Yobk, Jan. 3.-Stocks were decid
edly fragile this morning. It was report
ed early that Central & Hudson bad re
duced local freight rate. 5. t^bout 50 per

were rs .:ence.
Northern Pa
o*t gon 1 afid Oj
Railway were not wanted bi tho
shorts. Union Pacific was bols.ered,
evidently for tit:: purpose of
marketing other stocks. There was
little life during tho middle of the day, the
market looking quite tired at times. There
were whispers in the air that Chicago, Bur
lington &. Qaiccy and its opponents were
having trouble. Inside of thirty days the
report will be audible enough, for well in
formed parties s-.-em to feel confident that
there will be a heap of mischief within that
time. Alton had a small boom. The stook
sold at 130, having closed last evening at
1344. The earnings of the Illinois Centrf 1
for the fourth week in December decreased
$00,000. Many other lines will make even a
worse showing. It is generally conceded
by railroad men that earnings reached the
zenith soaie time since. Union Pacific was
offered s-f z below present figures, seller
60; West Shore made amplication to list
$5,000,000 bonds, A half million silk
failure did uo; effect matters much.
The Grdf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad
company has made application to the
stook exchange for listing $334,000 first
mortgage bonds. Tha West Shore road
has appied for listing tho remainder of
its fir-it mortgage bonds on the slock ex
change, amounting to §14,750,000.
The company states that it
has thus far expended $15,000,000
for equipment, etc., between Woehawken
and Buffalo. It is understood that the
Oregon -t Transcontinental company has
practically completed an nrraryemtnt by
which the bulk of their holding on Oregon
Railway & Navigation and Northern Pa
cific stocks will be deposited with the
Frirme's' Loan and Trust company for
one year. The arrangement includes a
loan of $18,000,000 for one year on a
pled^o of 91,500 shares of Oregon Rail
way and Navigation, 51,500 shares of
Northern Pacific preferred, 91,500 shares
of Northern Pacific common stocks, to be
lodged with the Farmers' Loan and Trust
com;;.ny. Of this amount $8,000,000 will
Daily H QtlobE.
be used to take up sn equal amount of the
company's bills payable, a ccmmis-ion to
be payable to the lenders at the end of the
year, but no stosk bonus allowed.
The St*r Route Cases—Some Idea ot What
the Fiasco haa C:t»t tho Country—The
Item* of the Bills- $103,083 Gone to
liiiiz-a, or the Pockets of Those eugaeeti
ia tho Sham Proattcut ion.
Washington, Jan. B.—Secratary Fo'ger
to-day transmitted to the senate a trans
cript of the expenditures of the depart
ment of justice. Included in the mass of
voachers are those for the payments of tbe
account of the serrices of tho special at
torneys, detectives, etc., engaged in tbe
star route cases. The following is a list
of the items: George Bliss, .Nov. ti, 1881,
uniteinizsd, §2,500; Sept. 0, 1881,
services for iwo days at Long
Branch in coLSaltation with the attorney
general and others. September 14-, 1881;
serviced for t*o day.- at Long Branch in
consultation with '.tit. attorney general aad
others. .September 15, 1831; tbe entire
day in the library Ot tne law institute in
the examination of authorities as to "in
tormationa." September 3iJ; eleven d-iys
in Washington in consultation with the at
torney general and counsel, in the prepar
ation at "into! fiiutiocs" against Brady and
others. October 21, 1881; ihrce days in
Philadelphia and Washington. October
20, Ih81; three days m Washington.
November 5, 1881; four days in Wash
ington in the argument of
the motive order, permitting information
to be died. Nov. 7, 1881, drawing com
plaint agait-st. F. B Lilley. Same date,
drawing complaint against Geo. F. Brott.
Nov. 16, 1881; three day 3 in Washington
preparing complaints and procuring war
rants against Pratt and Lilley, A. 0. Buck,
Wm. S. Beuinger and Albert E. Boon.
Nov. 24, 1881; seven days in Washington.
Dec. 2, 1881; live days in Washington.
Deo. 12, 1881; four days in Washington.
Dec. 17, 1881; one day in Washington.
Dec. 24; two days in Washington. Dec.3l;
five days in Washington. Sept. 14
to December 25, 1881, constant services in
Now York between those days, other than
those occupied as above; total, $C,CO'J.
Disbursements: September 9 to December
24, not itemized, §1188. March 2, 1882:
George Bliss, for services as counsel in
Star route cases, inclading the prepara
tion for the grand jury ot cases against
Dorseys, Bradly, Miner, Beck, Yaile, Rer
deil, Sanderson and 'iuruer, aud the exam
ination of fifty-three witnesses, arrest and
examination in the police conrt, and the
indictment of Albert E. Boone, S. G.
O.hill, James W. Donohue, Charles
H. Dickson, E. J. Sweet,
W. W. Jackson, Kate U. Armstrong, A. O.
Buck and others, with serrices iv tne cases
of Lilley und Boone, there being in all
twenty-three indictments, with constant
consultations with the attorney general,
and advice in oases iv Philadelphia, At
tending to correspondence, making eight
journeys from New York to Washington
and buck, und forty-eight days' absence
from home, entirely devoted to these cases,
besides much labor ar.d t;me bestowed
upon them in New York, all since tho set
tlement of the former account and prior to
date, $5,200. Expense acoount. $418.
George Bliss, January 6 to March 6,
1883, $5,700, George Bliss, April 5, 1883,
$1,700. George Bliss, November 19,
$9,200. ~Vm. A. Cook, services United
States district attorney, $2,499 and $6,250
still due. W. W. Kerr, $31,877. R. T.
Merrick, $17,500. Benjamin H. Brewster,
on account of services in cases of the
United States against Brady and others,
known as the star route oases, $5,000.
Allen Pinkerton, $8,336. A. M. Gibson,
$5,000. Various detectives. $2.17 0.
The Railway Giants Preparing for a Con
flict of Kates—A Nepspaper Boycotted
Because it Berafed to Betray r.n lofor
m tint.
TFpscial Telegram to the Globe ]
Chicago, Jan. B.—Eailroad circles are very
much stirred up. The fight with Commissioner
Piereoo commences to-morrow. The Alton and
Rock Island have oidered a cut of $4 betweea
Kaneas City and Now York. The Transconti
nental association will meet to-morrow, but it
ia not believed the meeting will amount to
much. An endeavor will be made
to induce tho Central Pacific to join
the Union Pacific in fight against
the Burlington. • rill apply, for
; Luscontinental. Both
.■ 1 re
ting of
• at Commissioner
office on Hon ay. ro-day he was
source of information
rtedthat the agents in
soli ma conclave obligated themselves to secrecy,
lution that th s to be
3i i any news until it named its traitorous
damaged wheat.
A Second Lot of Over a Ouarter of a "Million
Bushels of Wheat -Discovered in a Brook
lyn Eievator.
j Special Telegram to tho Globe.]
New Yoke, Jan. B.—An excitement was cre
ated in the produce exchange to-dlay whra it was
known that a second lot of 254,857 bushels of
wheat had been sorted. The official announce
ment of Monday mo-ning that 250,t.'0i) bushels
had been found to have deteriorated while in
store in a Brooklyn warehouse help«d to cause a
depressed market, and when it was learned yes
terday that a sacond lot was out of conaii ion t'tiej c
was surprise and alarm. The wheat is all of
the Bpesulative grade of No. 2 rfd, bnt has be
come so damaged as to have fallen below 6tan
da:d. There are now in storage in this port
about ?,291,(K>0 bnshols of wheat, as against
4,587,020 ten years ago. Tho out. ome of the
posting of damaged strain rfl be. it is said, to
stimulate higher prices when the entire amount
of decayed .rain is ktio'vn, because it will re
duce the supply of 6poc;.l;itive wheat. At
present the posting causes a d._c'ir.e by making
hulders v easy.
Br. Pnce'o Cream Baking io .vesrand Flavor
ing Extracts are the only kinds n-ade by a prac
tical chemist and physician, with special regard
tv their healthfulness. And they are rapidly
superseding aU inferior and del terious com
pounds for similar purposes. Buy Dr. Price's
Baking Powder only in cans wi'h unbroken la
P_mp«r Immigrant*.
Boston, Jan. B.—The steamer Illyrian, from
Liverpool, brought ten omigrajts, shipped as
soatnen, who present a wretched appearance.
Four, it is said, came fr<-ni a work house in
London. On* is of unsound mind, snn parti
ally paralyzed and none are abe bodied. The
alien commissioners notified thf British consul
not to allow tha men to land.
The Massachusetts Democracy.
Boston, Jan. B.—The Democratic state
central committee elected Noah R. Plymp
ton chairman, Jonas U. French declining
to be a candidate. It was voted to en
deavor to have the national convention
held in Boston.
BTOnn—wiiiii mi——— -a*-*****^*******
More Body Snatching in Illinois-The
Oranga and Green Dlffientttes— Whole
sale Poisoning—Nearly Murdered—He
Hanged Himself.
Abilene, Kas., Jan. B.—Recently Frank
Collins, a member of tho board of aldermen,
hai been active in -ttemptiog to suppress
gambling. In a saloon thia evening, Zeno
Hemphill, a gambler, stn_c< Collins with his
fist Collins immediately presented apirtd to
Hemphill's head whereupon Deputy .Marshal
Walter Collins rusbed in between the angry pair
and struck the pistol u&wards. In the
confusion incident to tho interruption, Ht in
phill drew a pistol and bhot Walter Collins
throngh the breast. Then a deadly combat b -
«an between Hemphill and Frank Collins, both
emptying their revolvers. When the liring
ceased, all throe men were found lyiig upon the
floor, weltering in blood. Hemphill with tix
bullet holes in his body, one through hia heart.
Frank Collins has four wounds, probably fa'a!,
and Walter Collins is dead.
Jackson, Miss., Jan. B.—Cornelius
Ryan was shot fatally this morning by
John Hansberry, a livery stable keeper.
Ryan fired twice at Hansbeiry without ef
fect. The difficulty grew oat of ti u.spute
aboat yesterday's election.
New Ycbk, Jan. B.—Frederiok G. Hart
man, wbo shot at the watchman at Mrs. A.
T. Stewart's residence, hanged him-elf
this morning in his cell in the tombs.
Fbeehold, N. J., Jan. B.—Samuel
Brower, aged seventy, a well to do rarmer,
hanged himself in the log house in v/hioh
ho »as born.
Hudson, N. V., Jan B.—The hearing in
the case of Sherwin, arrested at Chicago,
and coovioted of contempt of court at
Albany, set for to-day, has been postponed
until January 18.
New Yobk, Jan. B.—Three Chinamen,
charged with the murder of Lee Sing,
were committed Lo the tombs, pending an
investigation by the police and coroner.
Stcaiiobe, 111, Jan. B.—Two cf the sup
posed grave robbers, Waterman and Shin
kle, were arraigned to-day, but waived ex
amination and were committed in default
of bond, although abundantly able to pro
cure bail. They considered it s:.fer to be
behind protecting walls and oat of harm'd
way. Another shocking lobbery has been
discovered at Roahello. The sheriff, while
searching tbe college at Chicago for the
corpse of old Mrs. Hoyt, discovered the
body of a youDg girl. Investigation of
the graves at Rooheile proved tho body to
be that of Miss Craft, an old schoolmato
friend of Shinkle. Hall and Coffey, the
parties first arrested, have been released,
it being proven that they were only team
sters who have given valuable information
St. Johns, N. F., Jan. 8. —The following
arrests at Harbor Grace were made to-day
in connection with the recent riot: Head
Constable Doyle. Joseph Bray, Charles
Frenoh, Edward Ash, Ambrose Williams,
Thomos Courage and Edward Butt, who
are indicted for the murder of Callahan
and firing first shots at the Riverhead
men. Those are all Orange sympathizers.
Thirty persons are now arrested, and ad
ditional arrests of the Orangemen will be
mode. The depositions upon which
the arrests were made to-day
state that before the procession
the Orangemen came up to where the
Riverhead men had planted thair standard,
and a delegation of five men from this
party went forward and asked head Con
stable Doyle to compel the Orange proces
sion to turn down a lane in the vicinity,
otherwise, there promised to be bloody
work if the two parties met. Some of ths
members from tha pro3e3«ion then left
the ranks and went to a neighboring feacf.
pulled out the pickets, sayiug: "We go on "
Doyle is accused of encauragiug the «o
ciety io "oome on," aud oalling out '•Fire;'
and further, that Djyie fired che fir.-t sho'.
Montbeal, Jan. 8 —A very largo rndev
ened meeting of the shareholders of the
Montreal Loan >i .'-ior:;,-;'.:-.- company wes
held to-day. The auditor's report :
the books irregular and '■' a
iry and ti asurer, Go. W.
niter to at least $50,000. Some i
directors are charged w;:.h gett
contrary to the charter. A resolution to
have a full investigation and v .In i 10a of
assets is baing di-cussed.
Bath, Me., Jan. 8.-- In the Richmond
murder trial to-day, Elizabeth Denny, wife
of tho murdered man, testified that Hop
kins and Turner came to the house, and
Turner ravished her. In answer to her cries
for help her husband came to the rescue.
Her husband was met by a tali man—Hop
kins, and knocked down and
kicked two or threo times.
Witness said both man ravished her
Tbot, N. V., Jan. B.—The citizens com
mittee proposes to enjoin the payment of
the sheriffs and eonstable3 bill on the
ground of illegal charges. The comity
treasurer respects the protest of the citi
New Yobk, Jan. B.— James E. Townsend
and wife, an sged couple, at Oyster Bay,
were found unconscious on the kitchen
floor. Assaulted with a hammer, and the
house robbed. The lady is a sister of Gen
eral Winder, of the confederate army, who
had charge of the Libby prison during the
war. The recovery of tue couple is doubt
ful. A negro has been arrested for the as
Governor Butler Gives His Ideas of the
Character of Gen. Jxckson Contrasting
How He Wonld Take a Snub With the
President Now in the White House—How
the Next Presidential Election WiU lie.
Boston, Mass., Jan. 8. —The annual "Jack
son" banquet, on the anniversary of tho battle
of New Orleans, was held in the Parker house
this afterneon by the ladies of the Democratic
party in Massachusetts. Over two hundred were
preseat, including General Bntier and Governor
Abbett, of New Jersey. Letters of regret were
received from Samuel J. Tilden, General Han
cook, Speaker Carlisle, Governor Hoadley of
Ohio, Senators Bayard and McDonald, and Con
gressman Morrison, of Illinois. Gen. Butler, in
speaking of Jackscn's character, said
that when Jackson desired anything done by a
foreign nation it was done. No british minis
ter dared to sOub him. Kef erring to the pros-
I Pets of the Democracy at the coming
-.1 election, he said tho hope of ti >•
was, that the fact wasreeogniz" 1 by ;. '.
*'■ at it would bs a calamity to the country if tho
Democrats do not win in 1884, because, tnuler
the government of the Republican party, which,
he-:iid, allied itself with capital, the rich were
made richer and ihe poor poorer, aod the time
had coma when tbat condition <*f things must
ceasa. Gov. Abbott, ex-Gov. Garcelon, of
Maine, and several .»i hers made speeches.
The Deaths •.upp'.ssd to Number Thirty
lonr—(.r«%t Su« riug at .Se»— Wholesale
PotMmißg-—A Bark Ashore, but the Crew
.Special Telegram to the Globe. |
Milwaukee, Jan. B.—At ten o'clock this
morning a frightful accident occurred at
the Conro building, m course of erection
on Broadway. Three men standing on a
scaffold in the story were precipitated to
the cellar a distant of forty or fifty feet,
oue being almost instantly killed and ttie
others mortally wounded. Henry Hosey,
a fireman, and Charles Klop&rdick, a work
man, were standing on the teafijlu when
John J. Dann, tho contractor, stepped on
it. A board broke and tne three men went
crashing through to the basement. Dunn,
who was a well known builder and con
tractor, and was thirty-five years old, was
frightfully crashed. He was pulled out
of the debris, but died in a few minutes.
He leaves a large family. Hosey was fa
tally injured, and may die at auy mo
ment. He is forty yours old and leaves a
family. KloperuLk was crushed and
bruised, and cannot recover. He is forty
three and a man of family. No one is ap
parently to blame for the accident.
St. Louis, Jan. B.—Search in the ruins
of the convent at Belleville, 111., was re
sumed thi3 morning, and up to 1 o'clock
two more bodies were found. The remains
of the sister superior, Mary Jerome, were
discovered at noon, and was identified by
the spectacles, with gold chain attached to
the cross and rosary. The remains re
ported yesterday as thr.=e of Bister
Angelina are now supposed lo be those of
Sister Edwarina. Granting that each lit
tle heap of charred homes and roasted flesh,
that so far has been taken from the ruins,
represents a separate body, and it is very
difficult to determine whether they do,
there sre still n\e persons missing. The
fouerals of the victims to be buried have
been fixed for Thursday. AU tho priests
and fathers of the diocese of Alton are in
vited to attend. Father Abbelyn, of Mil
waukee, has arrived, and will look after
the interests of the society, and arrange
for the funeral attd the future disposition
of the remaining sisters.
The latest report from Belleville to
night is that no more bodies were found
1 his afternoon aud no more identifications
were made. The inquest has proceeded all
day and will be continued to-morrow. The
testimony has been of a somewhat con
flicting character, but shows pretty clearly
that the fire department was entirely inad
equate to cope with such a fire and sadly
deficient in the neoassary appliances. Sis
ter Elentheria testified this afternoon that
eha thought there were peventj -one persons
in the convent at the time of the fire,
thirty-seven of whom esoaped,
thus leaving thirty.four ac missing. This
cannot be verified, however, as all the
rtoords were burned, but the sister will at
tempt to recall from memory the names of
these present, and by comparing the
names try and reach the actual number.
This testimony created considerable sen
nation, and every effort will be rofide tq
ai<s6r_aili the facts in the case. The re
mains identified as Emma Stock are now
believed to be those of Miss Bailey, aad it
ie doubttul whether Virginia Heintzelman
has been found. Search will be resumed
again to-morrow and will be prosecuted
Galveston, Jan. 8. —The Norwegian
bark, Norma, from SteMin, with a oargo
of comeijt for Galveston, is ashore two
uries west, and she wiil be a total
She is valu-d at $25,000. The cargo wiil
tbably be saved.
Wilkesbabbe, Pa., Jan. 8. —Tha ao i
dent to the • . fhil
were well sh .ken up
_.oue mi .tied.
BiDDrFOED, Me., Jan. 8. —The ste tmar
Katadahyn, a coaster, is repotted di
at sea, having blown outthj cylinder he*d.
Six of her cruv, it is s.iid, landed in a boat
at Cape Porpoise, in an exhausted condi
Kansas Cny, Mo., Jan. 8 —Frank James
is reported seriously ill at hi 3 home in
Independence, aud is threatened with
pneumonia. His physician pronounces h:s
oase quite grave.
Louisville, Ky., Jan, i rong and
Crshore. members cf the Yde C -
Glee club, injured in the wre ;k at C
ton, Ind , aro doiag nicely. c dab
wants $1,200 from the Ohio & r.'is lissippi
road fur delays and tosses by rni-siiig tu
gagemtn s hero and at Cincinnati.
vldual damage ecus will bo filed i>. a
BUBNED to DEirn.
East Saginaw, Mich., Jan. S.—A dwell
ing hones at Paine's Junction, occupi d bj
a widow named Allmy, burned last right.
A daughter of Mrs. Allmy perished in ths
Milwaukee, Jan. B.—The scaffolding at
the third story of Corra3 block full thia
morning. John Duun, contractor was.
killed. Henry Hove and Oaseemer Klop
otek, masons were fatally injured.
"Work Brightening.
Reading, Pa., Jan. B.—Work is resumed
in all departments or the Reading iron
works. The works employ 1,000 men. The
sheet puddlers are reduced from $3.50 to
$3.25 a ton. A number of other manufac
tmrers are preparing to resume work, and
the outlook in the iron trade is generally
| brighter.
Dr. Stilling, president of the synod of the
English Lutheran church, died at Omaha, Neb.,
aged 66, of congestion of the orain.
Conflagration at the Htrtbwesteni Car
( oaipauy Works at .•tiihvater.
The Fire Under Control After a *:JOO,
-000 Loss.
[Special Toletrram to met uiobe. 1
Stillwateb, Jan. '.), 3 a. ai.—There was
graat excitement i.\ thia city last night
when it was reported 'hat the Northwest
ern Manufacturing company's works were
or. tire.
The fire was dissevered aboat 10:;»0 p.
m. in the glazing room at the
north end of the bcildiug.The boildiLg is of
stone, fonr stories high, and is owned by
the state, bnt occupied by the Northwest
ern Mannfacturing company, who sne
oef Jed the well known firm of Seymour,
Sabin & Co.
At 2:15 a. m. the fire was ander control
bnt not until it haa consumed tho cabinet
shop, the pattern shop, the glazing room,
planing mill, blacksmith chop and engine
erecting 3hop.
Th 6 fire is the most disastrous that has
ever taken pines in Stillwater. The los- is
estimated at $300,000 bat the worst fM«
tare is that M 0 citizens are tnrown out of
employment in addition to ',W><3 convict
The insurance is very light,not exceeding
f tIo.OOO. Ot this $'-'5,000 is on the build
ing, and the balancobvenly divided on the
machinery and stock. All tho machinery
and stook in the department named was
In the workshop was quite a large stock
of lixtares for the First National bink of
Kt. Paul, and these were valaed at $5,000.
They were abont two-thirds finished. I
estimated that the loss will fall tqually on
the state and the Car company.
Later information ia i" the effect that tlie loss
is one-half covered by issuance.
During the lire the best of order was main
tained in the prison. Warden Ft^d and Dep ay
Hall removed 120 oonvicta from th 9 cells near
•firs. These were taken to another part
of the prison.
The blacksmith shop contained a aumber of
trip hammers and other valuable maohinery.
The engine shop oontaineda namber of portable
engines in process of traction. The bolt -hop
was also fully stocked. The engine room «;.->
somewhat damaged, but not ver . The
Bhop containing Ihe patterns and the oar paint
-.■I (tii- r buildings outside ihr? prison walls
were not damaged.
if laU'r reports are received they will be found
iii a postscript on the fifth page.
In St. Paul.
About one o'clock this morning a telephone
inebriate from Slillwater announced that the
works of the Northwestern Manufacturing com
pany were on fire and asking for aid. Chief
Black promptly responded, a d loading an en
gine at Last St. Paul sped away
for the scene of the conflagration.
This company is the largest manufacturing
concern in the state, having Senator D. M.
Sabin for the leading spirt and its stockhold
ers embracing many of the leading men of
the State, lt ia engaged in tho manufac
ture of railroad cars, the Minnesota Chief
threshing machins and engines cabinet work,
weoden ware, etc. It haa the contract for the
prison labor, but the conviots only supply a
fragment of the working force.
Rosa Bonheur ha 9 removeivd from her recenl
illness in London.
The hotel kepeers of Ohio met on y.*terday
and organized a Hotel Keepers' association.
A fire in Kansas City destroyed five frame
buildings at a loss $21,000; insurance $10/00.
A lire yesterday at Paduc.h, Ky., destroyed
property valued at $'.1,')(!0; insurance, f9,'A.O.
At Pittsburg wages are being reduce I, some
of the manufacturers cutting down pretty fine.
From Dallas, Texas, iI is reported that last
night the ti wn of Baird was almost swept away
by fire.
tan, shoo ma i . 'St.
Ji i, N. .. I, ,vit!i liabili
,0 0.

■ ■

At Frankf >rt, Ky., the Lc can
ens to t and ad
next Monday night.
)jr. Sto cker's organ in Berlin, contains an
insulting article t» the memory of Dr. Laskr-r,
on account o. his Jewish oree 1.
J. W. I).*nr, a cousin of Mrs. Oeneral Grant,
suicided a* the Atvord mine, Daggett, Cat, op
aturday last. Poverty and sickness was the
Fletcher, Weisenbenr & Co., the contractors
who built tho Lf-ke i Jont bridge, bare issued a
suit against the Northeastern li..ilroad company
Ji1,'260. •
In New York 'ast evening, Dr. 11. P.Wakeley,
of San Francises, aged 70, f"]l on Broadway,
receiving a . of the brain. His injury
1 .-.■<[ fa al.
The* St. Joseph & Western railroad was tak a
tceiver on yesterday by
■ of the court, tt;o shareholders' differ
ence • having ■>■
Major L. Elarrigan has been appointed chief
>) ird 11 c tmmiseiuners
Louis. He vi • me years ago, and w;is
eonsi lered an r. c
I* i- cm - . aye a convention
ranc:. .. '■ her in Ci.i
i.-i^o oi -'■ '■■ interests aro wide
and union is r quired among them BO as to
make all the improvement s possible.
Thecoma, i lociation of Now
is 8,191,
aiid they have paid beneficiaries $170,000, of
which $i ,'■ "i wis paid from the reserve fond.
In the state are ,000 drummers, and it is com
puted that there are in the United Slates 10 •,
I)-.; .
liH NJbiW QUAKTiUiib.
General Druggist
Is settled in his elegant New Store
Comer Hill ant Samt Pefcr streets.
Where oan bo found the finest and best of Drugs,
Perfumery, Toilet Articles, Patent Medicines,
j etc. Also, all kind* of Garden and Flower
I Seeds in their season.
p To Kent! Q
I -***• R
A Timed. Q.
]VQ" Repaired. /V
r) Exdiaogcd. JJ"
jg At Lowest Prices, g
If you want to
Pot the next 10 days we will make "yon lower
prices than you ever hoard of.
Sefid ffibat Case tafam mm* $25,
$35. $49, $50, $69.
PMOMI23, $150, $170, $300,
51 West Third street, St. Paul,
Grand Op^a House!
GBEAT Bl ■ ■ ■
Matinee To-day at 2 p. m.
Last Performance To-night.
Romance ol i ha 100 I • l
A Mountain Pink!
Introducing tho great Dramatic Rewdw
Frnnk K. Aiken, Harry Hawk, Joseph .1. Hol
land, Washington Mehi.le, Frank 11. Pierce,
T. J. Langdou, Hurry Btoddard, Gene
vieve J'.ogent, Helen Sedgwick,
Unr\i- Lent.
Play fully endorsed by satin press and re
commended in every city visited.
Spats now on sale
Bedneed Prices— Kvening, #1.00, 73c, 50c und
25c. Matinee, 75c, s"<- and 35c.
Tho extreme cold weather of
the past week has aided us con
siderably in our 23th SEMI-AN
large number of people realizing
the fact that we are selling WIN
turer's Cost, have wisely taken
advantage of this great Slaughter
Sale, the result being that our
has been considerably reduced.
When one considers that from
January to December they can
buy from us full as cheap as they
can buy from any storo in the
United States, and that during
this great Slaughter Sale we havo
reduced our price 3 from twenty
five to forty per cent., tho im
mense benefit derived from buy
ing an' Overcoat NOW, can be
easily underwood.
Our great all-woor STORM
OVERCOAT for $10 is worth
looking after.
wmm house,
sr paul.
The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the
Sun- Paol (las Light Company, will ho hold at
their office, No. ISO Fast Third etrest, or. Wed
nesday, the 16th day of Jaaaary, at 10 o'clo.k,
a. m., for the purpose of electing three Direc
tors for the ensuing year and to transact such
other business ua may ccme before them.
A. J. GOODRICH, Secretary.
December 25, 18*3. c-26ed.

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