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OFlO.Ch--No. 6 VVashingion Avenue, oppo-
H.. •-; !»ll*thoaw. Ora-se hoars fron. f.m
lock :>. DO.
The GnoBE notices that the Minneapolis
papers have fallen into the error that the
oity council has authorized Comptroller
Hill to employ an aesistaot at the expense
of ti:- city. This is not the ca&e, as will
be shannon reading the report of the
committee upon the matter, which
report was adopted by the
city coancit, and which comprises the only
action taken in tha premises. The com
mittee reported that it did not decide
whether or not the cost of an assistant
should be paid by the city. They simply
recommend that th3 comptroller employ
an assistant at a salary not to exoeed $75
per month. This report was n^de and
adopted solely for the purpose of getting
the w.>rk of the office performed and not
allowed to get behind as heretofore.
The real estate transfers filed yesterday
aggregated $59,746.
John Larkin is in custody, charged with
crooked transactions;
At th3 race on the river skating "iuk the
silver cup was won by Frank Bowen.
A plat of Drew's addition to Minneapo
lis wa3 filed yesterday with Register
The next annual meeting cf the state
military association will be held in Min
Tho county commissioners will make
their annual tour of inspection of the poor
farm to-day.
The funeral of Roderick McDonald was
held from the church of the Holy Rosary,
yesierday morning.
Thi* will be a lively day in the munici
pal court, and the looby will again be
crowded by loafers.
The Unity club will meet in the chapil
of Centenary church next Sunday evening,
to elect officers for the easuing year.
Besides the contributions of books, toys,
eatables, etc., the Sheltering Arms received
during December about $130 in cash.
Mrs. Julius Miller, of No. 2,513 South
Sixth Rtceet, is the disconsolate viotim of
clothes hue thieves in the amount of $20.
Tha assets and liabilities of J. D.
Mahoney & Co., 29 Washington avenue
BOuth are $5,445 45 and $8,409.37 respec
Homor, the ten year old soa of David
Hanfcom, died yesterday. The boy waa
of abnormal growth and weighed 250
\ burning ohimney at G. L. Lsvi <feCo.'s
store, on north Washington avenue, called
out the fire department at six o'clock last
Yesterday was the first day for some
time that tho reported has found any news
ia tho police court. It seemed like "ye
olden times."
ThQ liabilities of the hardware firm of
Gallir-oa & Donaldson, 103 Central avenue
as per schedule filed, are $12,894 96, with
$10,906.48 aisota.
A certificate of amendmeat to the ar
ticles of iaoorporatioa of the North fcifcar
Woolen Mill company was filed yesterday
ia the register's office.
Another larg^ audieace attended Peace
Opera house and laughed at the wit aad
funny acts of the Joe Sullivan company.
Same bill throughout the week.
Tho O. A. Pray Manufacturing company
will build a 200-barrel capacity flouring
mill at Larimore, Dak. James Pye will
draw the plans aud specifications.
Col. McCrory haa invented a anow plow
which he will use on tbe motor line. He
believes it will prove more effective than
any other style of anow plow extant.
A. B. Vaa Normaa <fc Brother, jswlers,
doing business at 415 Nicollet avenue, have
filed a schedule of assets and liabilities as
follows: Assets, $9,000, liabilities, $16,
998 81.
John Anderson was before his honor,
charged with roaming about the city in a
semi-nude condition while he was under
the influence of John Barleycorn. He got
ten daya.
The oommittee of arrangements of the
St. Andrew's society of this city are search
ing for a suitable hall in which to cele
brate the birthday of Robert Barns, on
Jan. 25.
Ch.12. W. Sbatto complains that h ? has
been euchered out of a lot of maohinery
by a man who got credit upon misstate
ments. The mattbr will doubtless be
taken in the courts.
As Assistant Manager Huey, of the
Grand, went into that placa yesterday he
met a tramp who waa making off wi*;h an
overcoat purloined from tho manager's
office. Tue tramp dropped the coat and
beat ii precipitate retreat.
Henry Woodward is charged with steal
ing 300 feet of pine lumber, the property
of t»i John Martin Lumber company. He
waa arraigned before Judge Bailey yester
day when he enterod a plea of guilty and
was hbiitenced to thirty days ia the county
At the instance of Mary Pettman, one
Andrew -yord was arrested upon the charge
of using abusive language. Nord was
brought into the municipal court yester
day, but the complaiag witness failed to
appear aad he was consequently dis
Tha following parties received marriage
lioonse yesterday: John Jacob Meimars
-anSPatilina Mark3; Olaf Anderson and
Josephine L. Hanson; Frank W. Higgins
and Kittie W. Johnson; N. S. Browning
and Josie A. Cob; Charles Dunham and
ILena v^'snaas.
George H. Morris is tho name of a four-
teen-year-old boy who waa arrested at the
instance of his sister, Mra. Minnie Harri
rison, charging him with stealing $2 from
her. The trial yesterday afternoon result
ed in sentencing the worthless youth, (g
the state reform school.
At 7:f!0 ta-morrow evc.> h „ i L u„.„-1
of the old Voluntas r, *^6 ihe m6^ ber 1 8
will meat at to- se oampany No. 1
Ho. A-co— engine house of steamer
■*— . ' of Third street and Sixth
_,enu,' south, for the purpose of making
arrangements for the celebration of their
ixtesnth anniversary, which occurs on
Thursday, the 24th inst.
Bans Shellburg, a worthless vagabond,
who hid just served a term in the oounty
bastiie for vagrancy, v :ue of toje
bauchad specimens of humanity with
whom Judge Bailey, iu his official func
tions, was called upon to deal yesterday
Jbaotber term of thirty-five days was the
resuitf Hurry up that workhouse.
L D DeMars & Co. made an assignmen
■vBB-erday to Charles H. Braokett for th.
Henefi" of creditors, and M. D. Battel
went through the same process of law with
G A Salmon as the assignee. The latter
! co rpan were oh igedto m^e tbe assign-
I m mm in ewn*eqa< nee of an attachment is
s led at the in&ttnce of the Gand Brewing
Peter Maila:n, who together with other
notorious thieves has for years deplete d
clothes lines and chicken coops, to say
nothing of diverse other articles, is again
in casfcody. He was arraigned in the mu
nicipal court ye3terday charged with
stealing five loaves of bread and a pound
of butter from Patrick Broderiok. The
trial will come off this morning.
The audiences at tha Grand increase in
size nightly, and thereby our people show
their appreciation of the beauties of the
p'ay, ''Romany Rye," which has never been
equaled in this city. This is souvenir
night and the house will be packed from
orchestra rail to tho dome and to standing
room, is the popular prediction. People
from St. Pdal h-ve mvlv application for
In the munioipal court yeBterday, Geo.
A. Bi-ackett beganoivil proceedings to col
lect $50 from J. B.Bottineau. Tbe com
plaint alleges that the time of the Villard
reception Bottineau had charge of the
alaorgines' display, and upon his represen
tation,tho committee in charge was to pay
the expenses. Brackett loaned him the $50,
aud farther alleges that the committee has
paid all bills,but t'aat Bottineaa has failed
to return the $50 loaned.
It will be remembered that on Taesday
an attempt to steal two seal skin caps was
made in Barnaby's furnishing house in
the Nicollet house block. One of the caps
was dropped, while the thief dashea off
with the other. Yesterday a man was ar
rested for the theft, and in the municipal
court he gave the name of Charles
G. Fisher, which ia probably not
his name as it is that of
of the notorious crook known by the appel
lation of "Two Sticks," who is now serving
a sentence in Stillwater for robbing a man
named Johnson in a north Minneapolis
saloon. The examination was set for this
morning in $1,000, bonds and in default of
which the defendant was remanded to cus
Northwestern Miller: Thestfiam plant of
the Pillsbury A mill is so far along that
the mill will probably be ran by steam
early next week. Fire was built under the
boilers for the first time Monday, and ths
next day the steam connection between
the boilers and engine was made. The
engine and boilers are in separate build
ings, about 125 feet apart, and oonnooted
by a twelve inch pipe. It was believed
that the engine could be started up and
run this week, perhaps turning the machin
ery of the mill, and that regular grinding
woold be commenced Monday. The eDgine
is designed to drive the old or east half of
the mill, the largest of the two sides. The
engine and boilers of the Anchor mill are
!1 along toward being in position,
and will undoubtedly be ready for opera
tion b&fore the end of the month. Geo.
Cross, who ran the engine of the Camp &
Walker sawmill, will be chief engineer for
Pillsbury <fc Ca., having charge of the en
gines of the A and Anchor mills.
S. G. Wright, of Fargo, and Joha L.
Townsley, of Faribault, were registered at
the Bellevue house yesterday.
John P. McDonald, a prominent citizen
of Nashville, Tenn., is spending a few
weeks with friends in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ames have returned
from their wedding trip and have taken
up their residence with the mother of the
The Proceedings of a tiegular Meeting of
the Board Last Evening.
The regular mesting of the board of
water commissioners was held last night,
presided over by Mayor Ames, all the
members being present.
A communication from James Beed,
an inspector in Newport,
offering to inspect the iron
pipe being manufactured by the Cincinna
ti <fc Newport Iron company for the Minne
apolis waterworks, was referred to the
committee on construction.
Tha bill of A. M. Re3d, whioh that gen
tleman wished to have refunded, was re
ferred to the oommittee on claims.
The question of repairing pavements
where pipes had been laid waa disoassed at
length. Ic was the opinion that most
especially where the pipw
were laid before the paving was laid, and
afterwards if the paving should
sink and get oat of order by reason of the
exuavation for the pipes, the board shonld
not be holden for repairs.
Farther time was granted the committee
to which had been referred the matter of
erroneous assessments.
Mr. Johnson, of Johnson & Hard, ad
dressed the board respecting his water*
rates, whioh had been increased from
$100 to $150, and entered a protest. His
water had been shut off in consequenoe of
his refusing to pay the rent. He manf
fasted his willingness) to pay any rent
whioh was just. Referred to the commit
tee on claims.
Commissioner Grimshaw presented plans
and specifications for a roof upon the oust
side pump houso, and ths engineer was
authorized' to advertise for proposals for
building the roor, the bids to be opened
two weeks later.
Commissioner Foots annormead that
the bids for the manufsoture of two new
pumps wonld be optned two vrseks later,
and consequently he introduced a resolu
tion appointing' three commissioners to
wait upon the inventor and come to some
conclusion respecting the royalty to be
paid upon the pump.
Commissioners Foote, Davis and Brown
ware appointed such oommittee to report
at the next meeting.
Engineer Waters, the inventor, stated
that he should not be ready to make any
proposition within the week, as a basis of
settling the royalty question.
A Sertous Accident.
Yesterday morning an aocider* occur
ed at the Paiiaade flouring mill of a very
erious character, and may prove fatal,
md the victim will "lose both eyes if his
ife is saved.
The injured man's name ia J. Smith, and
he lives on Sixth avenue south. A num
ber of men were in oharge of bim and
engaged in widening the sluice way
of the mill. In blasting
the rook one blast failed to explode, and
after waiting a moment^ Sniitn unfortu
ar.tely stopped forwaid to examine it
when tie explosion oocarred. Pieces of
took struck Smith in the face-, terribly
lacerating him asd putting out t>oin eyes.
He was taken to the office o: D:-. Ames &
Moore, where it w*s learnWl thai his akuli
was fractured. There is little hope of his,
A Peculiar Case.
In the municipal caurt yesterday was
brought an assault and battery case, in
whioh a young attorney named Howe Paige
waa complaining witne33, aad N. C.
Boyd, James Payae, William Bell aad
James MoLaughlia, were the deftndaata.
It aeema that Paige ia a teaa^t of the
Boston block, aad he, together with the
other ocjupaats of the blook,
were ao thoroughly disgusted
with the deficiency of the steam heating
system by whioh the rooms are kept warm,
that they peremptorily refused to pay for
tht same. L. S. Buffington, who has charge
of the blook^made an example of Paige
and yesterday ordered the defendants in
the assault and battery oase to remove the
steam heaters from bis rooms. Page in
terposed an objection and the men held
him until the work for which they had
been detailed had been ac
complished and the arrest followed.
The court set the trial for thin morning
and the defendants were allowed to go up
on their own recognizance.
District Court.
0. C. Chase & Co. V3. John Conners, de
fendent, and Chicago, St. Paul, Minneap
olis & Omaha Railway company, garnishee;
affidavit filed.
In the master of the assignment of C. D-
De Mars & Co. to Cnas. S. Bracket!; deed
of assignment filed.
Wm. J. Baker vs. John Charles et al.;
Judgment roll filed.
In the matter of the assignment of M.
D. Butler to G. A. Salmon; deed of assign
ment filed.
Leiser & Weinberg V3. Harrison & Co.;
complaint filed.
Chas. S. Tobias & Bro. vs. same; same
August Krumbach vs. H. Theviot & Co.
et al.; same.
R. 8. Innes et al. vs. C. V. Whitten et al.;
complaint filed.
Probate Court.
I Before Judge Ueland.]
Estate of Delia S. Ranken, deceased;
petition for tetters filed. Hearing Febru
ary 4.
Estate of Geo. W. Smith, deceased; pe
tition to prove will filed; hearing Febru
ary 4.
Estate of Nancy W. Thompson, de
ceased; order. appointing appraisers
Insanity of Joban Marknla; examined
and committed.
Municipal Court.
TBefore Judge Dailey. j
John Anderson, drunkenness; committed
ten days.
Harrison Webster, drunkenness; paid a
fine in $5.
Hans Schilber, vagrancy; committed
thirty days.
Henry Woodward, larceny of 300 feet of
pine lumber, the property of the John
MartinJBumber company; pleaded guilty
and wasoommitted thirty days.
Andrew Nord, abusive language; dis
charged for want of prosecution.
George H. Morris, larceny of $2 from
Minnie Harrison; sentenced te> the reform
N. C. Boyd, James Payne, William Bell,
James McLaughlin, assault and battery
upon Howe Paige; continued until this
morning; upon own recognition.
Bert F. Blake, lascivious conduct toward
Miss Jennie Chandler, continued until this
morning in $500 bond3 ; remanded in de
fault of same.
Pettir Marlain, larceny of five loaves of
bread and a pound of butter from Pat
rick Broderick; continued until this morn
ing; remanded in default of bonds in $25.
ChaB. G. Fisher, larceny cf two sealskin
caps from Barnaby & Co.'s store; con
tinued until this morning in $1,000 bonds;
remand:, d in default of the same.
Minneapolis and St. Paul Admitted to the
Northwestern League,Comp osed of Twelve
Joseph H. Muroh, of Ihe Niaollet house,
has received the following dispatch from
Manager Benj. Tuthill, of the Minneapo
lis club:
Chicago, Jan. 10.—We are admitted to
the Northwestern league with Stillwater,
St. Panl, Milwaukee, Muskegon, Grand
Rapids, Saginaw, Bay City, Fort Wayne,
Quinoy, Terre Haute and Peoria.
Lascivious Conduct.
Bert F. Blake, the young man arrested
on Wednesday charged with shocking oon
duct toward Jennie Chandler, a fourteen
year old Miss, aa detailed in these columns
yesterday, was yesterday arraigned in the
police court charged with lascivious oon
dnct. The complaint, whioh was drawn
op by the oounty attorney, ie very ex
plicit and if the facts alleged oan
be sustained, the severest penalty
should be meted out to tho beaet.
Judge J. E. Flanigan appeared for the
defease, and demanded an immediate
hearing, but the state not being ready, the
preliminary examination was continued
until thi* morning at 9 o'clock. The bail
was fixed at the nominal asm of $500,
whieh he ooald not furnish, and was re
manded to custody.
Charles D. Pike, Blake's partoer, was
dismissed from the lookup without having
been arraigned, there being no proof of
anything wrong against him. fie an-
i Bounces in a card that he will continue the
sat, and advertises for more young
to call upon him.
A New Corporation.
terday in the register's office arisicleB
orporation of the West Side Power
Fsny were filed by the following in
rators: Asa B. Barton, Moses P.
■, Elwood S. Corser, Anthony Kelly
hos. S. King, all of this city. The
tl stock is placed at $lOijOOO divided
,080 shares of $50 each. The maxi
indebtedness shall be $50,000. Tbe
general nature of the business to
be conducted is the establishment:
of water and steam power in this city, the
erection and maintenance of building* in
which to develop and use said power, and
the using or leasing of said power for .any
and all manufacturing or other purposes
in said buildings or elsewhere. The time
of commencement is January 1, 1884, and
the period of continuance thirty years.
The incorporators form the first board'of
directors of the association*
The Mexican Concession.
Naw Yobk, Jan. 10. —In eonsequeuae of
the published statement cl General Grant's
cable concession, granted by the Mexican
government having been forfeited en the
ground of con-folfillment of the cable
oompanj's obligations, a friend oi Gen
eral Grant makes the following statement,
of the general's connection with the enter
prise: The concession was given tbe gen
eral, not as a matter cf personal interest
to himself, but for, and on the behalf of
the Western Union Telegraph company,
which company having ascertained that
existing contracts had been made, it was
undesirable to pursue the enterprise, and
allowed the concession to lapse. He also
stated th;ti General Grant refued all offers
Station for or interest in the
i and the same is true of his
with other enterprises in Mex
lioh his same has been coupled,
I in all cases uniformly refused
compensation for his services
blishment of these enterprises.
■n anxious to see closer oom
iations established between tha
ies,and, to accomplish this pur
iven much time and attention
anecticut Divorces N. G.
tx, Jan. 10. —In the suit of Lnoy
erhoff .to assert her right of
i court directed a verdict in
laintrff, holding the action was
by a Connecticut divorce. Mrs.
iil learned after t\e death of
id that he had obtained a divorce
;iout ten years before.
Sews Gleanings and Point Spe« ally
Collected anJ Forwarded by Tele
graph to the Daily Globe.
I Fargo Special Telegrams, Jan. 9, to the St.
Paul Globe.]
Chanjrd With Inctndiarism.
Richard Newell was brought to this city
to-day in charge of a Pinkerton detective
for examination before Judge Hudson on
the charge of complicity in burning a
bridge on the Manitoba road at Manoel on
the 22d of November. As Judge Hudson
was engrossed with the libel Buit he turned
the matter over to Police Justice Gaptell,
who held Newell in bonds of $5,000 for
trial. He has not yet given bail.
The Libel Suit.
Argument to jury in the hotel libel suit
wrfs not reaohed to-day, the time being
taken ap in considering and arguing the
instructions to the jury which the judge has
taken under advisement. Both sides have
offered to submit the case to tho ueoision
of the court without argument, but the
judge was unwilling to take it. After the
jury had heard all the evidence it ia ex
pected that the attorneys will talk a week
or more, as the Chicago lawyers for the
defense claim that they will take four cr
five daya on the evidence.
DriJcota and Montana Notes.
In Moody county the farmers burn hsy
in preference to other fuel.
At Bismarck now hard coal soils $14.25
a ton; cheaper freight is evidently needt d
Coal has been found in Dickey county,
but whether in paying quantities is not
Ice boating olubs are being" formed at
Dulath and various points in Minnesota
and Dakota where t; e privileges are good.
Eggs of late have been worth ninety
cents a dozen in the Black Hilla. Any
hens out of a job wonld do well to mi
grate in that direction.
Sims, the new mining town west of the
river, spent $80,000 in buildings the past
year. DiokinsoD, a still larger sum be
sides the railroad improvements.
The broom brigade at Bismarck is to
make beauty the chief criterion in the ee
leclion of member?. Tho ideal is ao high
that the corps is not likely to be large.
The records of the signal sarvioe at Bis
marck gives January 4,1885, a3 the ooldest
day in ten years. The l»we3fc point was
39.7 below zero. Very few cared to wear
straw hats.
Dr. S. Coe, of Valley City, who, on ac
count of the healthiness of the climate,
hauls wood for exercise, was thrown from
a load tho other day and had his leg broken
below the knee.
In Dickey county hay is plenty at $3 a
toe, and oats are cheap. If the winters
are long it will not cost muoh to keep
etoak. At Fargo good hay commands $5
a ton at present.
At an art loan at Mitchell among the
articles exhibited is a letter written by
Horace Geeley, and parties who can read
at five trials are refunded the entrance
f ae. A few experts have made it ont.
The uniform being adopted by the
Governor's guard, the new military com
pany at Bismarck, ia cadet gray, trimmed
with black, an the young ladies think it
makes their fellera look perfectly splen
W. D.Boyce, lately of St. Paul, has re
turned to Lisbon with hia charming east
ern bride and taken possession of the
Clipper, to whioh he will add improve
ments and make it even a bigger auocese
than ever.
Two stages have been put on tho line
from Jamestown to Carrington to run
through the winter and the mail oontraot
has been taken by them aa no attempt is
expected to keep.open the branch of the
N. P. till the anow thaws.
At a recent session of the oity council of
Moorhead, a oomnaittee of ladier. oame be
fore the body with a petition containing
680 names asking that the aaioons bo
closed on Sunday, and the eoanoil prompt
ly complied with the requeat.
Arrangements p.re> nearly completed for
the dedication of the Congregational
church at Valley City. This is the aociety
that Rev. Frey attempted to wreok. It
does not seem that any recent reports have
been learned as to bis location.
The Jamestown Alert has shrunk to a
fiya column daily for the winter, but ex
pects to expand again vhen the spring
tide rises. This ia laore sensible than to
run at full eiza at a loss. Tho big fire
adds to the dalluess for a time.
At a recent meeting of the farmers and
busiasss men, at Crookston, it was the
unanimous opinion that the most elective
method to Ebcare relief is to have a new
railroad extending to Duluth, end there
will be an earneot effort to secure it.
The prize fi a :ht for the championsip of
north Dakota oamo off at Jamestown a
few days since, at the courthouse, between
Bea Hayes and Connelly. First knock
down for Hays, seccad a draw, and both
quit-on the third. The result is not de
cisive as to the bel*.
Mr. Czizeh, the late city treasurer of
Moorhead, has turned over all the- proper
ty in his or hia wife's nsme, exoept the
homestead, to meet his deficit, and the
amount is believed to be more than suf
ficient. There is general sympathy for
hirn in his misfortune.
At Port Emma, in Dickey aoonty, the
ladies made the calls on New Year's day,
and the boys blushed very prettily at the
somplimenta paid them by their fair visi
tors. There are ia Dickey scores of enter
prising, salf-reliant young ladies holding
down valuable claims.
At Grand Sapids the ladies also recog
nized their special privilege by making
the rounds to call ou the gentlemen on the
first day of the year. They did not imi
tate the frequent practioe of the men on
that occasion, whioh gives uncertainty to
the means, of locomotion.
Post Trader Shaw came in to Bismarck
Sunday night from Fort Berthold, having
driven SO milea over the prairie with the
thermometer from 45 to 49 below, and the
wind 20 milea per hour. He aaya it waa
the roughest experience he ever had in
many years on the frontier.
Some time since a few persons imagined
that they could firid a better country than
Dakota in Texas, and one of them reports
to the Grand Forks Herald: "About all
they raise is ootton,sweet potatoes and pea
nuts. They don't raise any wheat to speak
of. Farming don't amount to much. The
soil ia not good."
The Chinamen fined and j ailed at Fargo,
for keeping opinm deu8, ataid in jail till
the head mogul at Wahpeton oame and told
them^to pay out, which they did, and men
An Efficient Remedy
In all cases of Bronchial and Pulmo
nary Affections is Ayer's Chfkky
Pectoral. As such it is recognized and
prescribed by the medical profession, and
in many thousands of families, for* th-"
past forty years, it has been regarded as an
invaluable household remedv. It is a
preparation that onlv requires* to be taken
in very small quantities, and a few doses
of it admimstered in the earlv stages of a
cold or cough will effect a speed v cure,
and may, very possiblv, save life. " There
is no doubt whatever that
Ayer's Cherry Pectorai
Has preserved the lives of great numbers
of persons, by arresting the development of
Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia,
and Pulmonary Consumption, and bv
the cure of those dangerous maladies. It
should be kept ready for use in every
family where there are children, as It is a
medicine far superior to all others in the
treatment of Croup, the alleviation of
w hooping Cough, and the cure of Colds
and Influenza, ailments peculiarly inci
dental to childhood and youth. Prompti
tude in dealing with all diseases of this
class is of the utmost importance. The
loss of a single day may, in many cases,
entail fatal consequences. Do not waste
precious time in experimenting with
medicines of doubtful efficacy, while the
malady is constantly gaining a deeper
hold, but take at once the speediest and
most certain to cure,
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., "Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggists.
and ladies who have special laundry work
far them will find them at the old ptand,
and will probab'y be allowed to take a lit
tle smoke while waiting for the cloths? to
be done up. The Joiitnies c?.n aUord an
occasional lino.
It is claimed that the ftti'nreof thehard
werd firm of S. B. Elder & Co., at Moor
head, was due in the first instance to the
protraoted sickness of S. B. Elder, and in
the next, a judgment of $1,065.50 in favor
of Major O.'Clarke, of St. Panl, and the
foreclosure'of a chattel mortgage to J. C.
Winslow, of Fargo. lt ia claimed that the
firm wonld prove solvent :f it had time to
straighten out matters.
Frank Gry^ia, of Che !Jinn<?apolis gal
vanized iron and cornice vrovkp, who is at
the head of an association to locate Po
lander^ from the mining regioaa of Penn
sylvania, is inspecting tha country along
the Northern Paoifio to find location for
three colonies in the spring. He has al
ready locitei five. Ho says they are good
citizens ana ;»tch will bring from $2,000
to $3,000. An effort is making to seonre
one of the colonies near Bismarck.
Nels Larsen, the young man who left
Cooperstown in the esrly evening of De
cember 22 to go to his claim, only eighty
iod3 from town, haa never been fouod.
The next day his friends searched for him
and follow.' d his trail two miles into the
Willow Hills, since whioh no trace has ever
been had of him. Not far from that time
and in the same vicinity, two Indies and a
man were lost, and had to shiver on the
prairie over night. It is not dilficalt to
be lost on the praire in a dark night.
Harry L. Max9y, one of the popular
young business men of Fargo, waa married
on the 29th ult. at Pittston to Miss C. E.
Haseltine, and they are expected here
about the 20th. They have spent some
time visiting friends of the bride in Port
land. She is a lady of rare beauty and
fine accomplishments, connected with one
of the oldest and wealthy families of the
state of James A. Blaino. The engage
ment is one of long standing. Their ar
rival is anticipated with mnch satisfaction
by the hosts of friends of the groom.
O.N. Templeton, one of the smaller
dealers in Jamestown, came to the plaos
about a year 8gc, a viotim of intemper
ance. The M. £. preacher induced him to
turn over a new leaf for a time, and he at
tempted to keep it turned, bot the old hab
it waB too strong and he gave way a few
months ago. On the new year he again
straightened up and told that he had
broken off for good. As he did net appear
for three days parties went to his shop
and found him dead and eold, the body
frozen. He was in tbe habit of using
morphine, aad it is thoight his death was
eauaed by an overdose designed to eause
The estimates of improvements at If an
dan the paai year as compiled by the
Times, fall but little short of $700,000,whieh
ia more than, double of any former year.
The finest reeidences were all built the
past season, and some of them would do
oredit to any eity. The Northern Paoiflc
railroad have put in improvements valued
at $250,000, whioh will not be greatly in
creased the coming year, but the indica
tions generally are for larger figuree for
1884. The Boston syndicate, which h«s
laid ont an addition, will expend a good
deal of money upon it. A street railroad
is expected to be put m operation; a plan
ing mill, sash ana door facto< y, flouring
mill, etc., are on the docket. Two million
brick are to be burned, and a general air
of hopefulness hovers over the handsome
little city.
319, 331, 333 First Ave. South.
W. W. BROWN Sole Propricti r.
Messrs. Hughes and N'docq, Heywood and
Moore, Creamer and Christie, Emma. Lulu, Lot
tie Ward, Tommy Heywood, Maggie Moore, Joe
Creamer^ Maggie Christie,. Mamie Yager, Lottie
Leviere, Luln Roy, B-ssie Graham, May Hoi ton,
Libbie Maretta; and the regular Stock Company.
Matinee Thursday aftori:oon at 2:30 o'clock.
Popular prices.
All kinds hard or soft corns, callouses and bunions
causing no pain or soreness, dries instantly, wil
not soil anything, and never fails to effect a core
Price, 25c; by mail, 30c. The genuine put up ir
yellow wrappers and manufactured only by Jos. K.
Hofrlm, druggist and dealer in all kinds of Patent.
Medicines, Boots, Herbs, Liquors, Paints, Oils,
Varnishes, Brushes, etc. Minneapolis, Minn.
Seal Estat8 ; Loans aM Business Brote.
3041'irst Avenue South,
We buy, sell aud exchange Real Estate, bnsinea
place*,collect chums, pavtaxes, etc
coys mmm
430 Hennepin Avenue, - Minneapo
Regular Dinner, 25c.
t9"Breakfast and Supper on the European Plan.
W. C.iOOLE, Frop'r.
CeofirnjatioB of Re-Assess
ment for Paving Wa
bashaw Street.
Office of ths Boabd of Public Woeks, )
Ciiy of St. Pact.. Minn., Jan. 8, 1384. j
The re-assessment of benefits,costs aad expen
ses, arising f TO m the paving of Wabasiiaw
street, from Third (Cd) street to College ave
nue, .n certain property on said Wabsshaw
street between said points on wkich judgment
has been denied by the District Court of Ram
sey County, XdiLnesota, and the St. Paul City
Kadway company's street car track, on said Wa
bashaw street, between Fourth
(4th) and Tenth (10th) streets.
in the city of St. Paul. Minresota,' having
been completed by the Board of Public Works
in asd for said city, said Board wiU meet at their
office m said city at 2 p. m. on the 2lst day of
January, A. D., 1884, to hear objections (if any)
to saidI re-assessment,at which time and place,un
less sufficient cause is shown to the contrary, said
re-assessment wiU be confirmed by said Board.
The following is a list of the suppo-ed own
ers names, a description of tho propertv benfited,
and the am-junts ae**sed against the same Jo
Davidson and Merriam's Subdivision of Lots 1
and 2, B oek 32, St. Paul Proper.
Supposed owner and
r,x*d?! ,CTiption- L0*- Benefits.
RD Sherman y $ 126 u0
John S Prince 5 1 26 t n
St. Paul Proper.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block. Benefits.
Estate tf P F McQuil
i lan, D 23 ?712 CO
David Sanford, S'ly 1-5 of I 21 ) ...-«
8».rae, S'ly 1-6 of 2 21 £ 113 °°
Albert Armstrong, S 3^ of
N3tfof 12 * 21 ) ,.„ „
Same, S )4 ot N '., of.... 11 21 \
A R Kiefer, N'ly 80 ft of 1
S'ly % of 12 21
Same, N'ly SO ft of S'lv -'- f 13G 75
of ...11 21 J
John Dome, N'ly % of.. 1 8 ) QOC _.
Samo, N'ly >£of 2 % \ llb ,0
K P Lewis, B'ly 28H- ft of
N'ly 78# ft of 1 8 |
Samo, S'ly 28^ ft of N'ly
i I ':, ; f t Of 2 8 j
Pat Keigher, N'ly 30 ft of
S'ly 50 ft of I 8 .„- 7 .
Same, N'ly 80 ft of S'ly 50 f 13'J 7o
ft of... 2 8
Benj F and C H Sherman | ,_
N'ly 100 ft of 8 9 \ lDi 60
Samo and same, N'ly 100 / „,„ „_
ft of 7 9 J P'4l -u
NWKittson, N'ly #of.. 9 /
Same, N'ly % of 10 9 \ 81U "J
St Paul Lodge, No. 2, I. O. )
O. F., Sly 3* of 9 9 [ 340 25
Same, S'ly $4 ol 10 9 )
BP Lewis, K19 6-12 ft of
BttS-Mftof 8 6 I 00f . ( ,
Same, N 9 5-12 ft of S f J0 C0
D9 5-12 ft of 7 6
J >hu Button, S 301ft of N )
£0 ft of 9 0 V 1S6 75
Same, N 5 > ft of 10 6 )
lit Rev TL Grace 1 7 )
Same 2 7 [ 682 25
Same 3 7 )
Same 12 7 )
Same 11 7 \ 682 25
Same 10 7 )
Br die and Goerin's addition to St. Paul.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block. Benefits.
Andrew Winter, (Excoot ~)
Eighth si ..6 12
Bame, (Except Eighth st).. 5 11 y £229 50
Same, (N W'ly of Eighth |
at.) W'ly 8-10 of 4 12 j
John Klein 11 Bi " $225 00
B. F.Shenaan 1 11 225 00
Louis Eieenmeng.>r 4- 11 225 00
iat. MeMauos, S>£of l.'ly
% of & 11 112 50
W. (i. Taylor, part S E'ly
of aline 100 ft S ly of
and parallel with Ex
c'liango e-t. of 6' 7 |
Same, part S E' y of a line | »„ or „,.
100 ft S'ly of and paral- f 9I2° w
lei with Exchange et of. 5 7 |
Same, parts E'lv of a line
100 ft S'ly of and paral
lel with Exchange at ot. 4 7
D- H. Valentine 7 7 $675 Ot
Frank Brewer, N % of S "l
3*«f 1 8
Same, NX of S 3^ of ... 2 8 y $225 00
Same, N >$ at 8 3^of .. I 8 I
Same, H % of r] )tf »f ... 2 8 J
J W Cunningham, N 25 ft )
of BlO-i ft of 12. 8 \ 112 50
Same, N 25 ft of 8100 ft et 11 8 )
Nininger & Whiting 1 2 / - Kn o#>
fameandMme 2 2 \ j5° °°
A AchiUee, S'ly 37# ft of 6 11
kme, S'ly 873* ft of.... 6 1 } 187 00
Saae, 8'ly87>4ft ef.... 4 1 )
Bt Puul city railway $1,825 CO
All objections to said re-asseesiient canst be
made in writing and filed with the Clerk of
said Board at least one day prior to said meet
JOHN C. TERRY, President pro iem.
Official: K. L. Oobmam,
11-18 Clerk Soard of Public Warks.
CoDflrmation of Asses^ient
for fading TIiErd Street
Office ofthk Board op Public W<
,Gm OF ST. Paul, Minn., Jan. 8, l->84. \
Thp • of b :;•('"-,< -[i-inses
arising from the grading of T ird street
from Broadway to Kittson
in the City of St. Paul, Minnesota,
having boea completed by the Board of
Public Works in and for said city said Board
will ruoo? at thoir office in said city at 2 p. m.
on the day of January, &. D. id84, to h-.-ar
objections, if any, to Raid assessment at which
time and place . nless sufficient cause is 6hown
to the contrary, said assessment will be con
firmed by said Board.
Tha-following is a. list of the supposed own
ers' names, a description of the property bene
fited, and tho amounts assessed against tho
sama, to-wit:
Kittson's Addition to St. Paul.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Rieck. Benefits.
Griggs and Foster, (N of
third street) 5 CI $125 50
Same and same, (N of
Third str. et J 6 61 125 50
Same and eume, (N of
Thirdstraet) 7 61 125 50
Same and same, (N of
Thirdstreet) 8 61 125 50
Russell and jlcClvmocds,
(Not Third street) S 62 125 50
Same and same, (N of
Thirdstreet) 6 62 125 TO
Griggs, and Foster, (N of
Thirdstreet) 7 62 125 50
S.rue and same, (N of
Thirdstreet) 8 62 188 30
PH Kelly 8 68 188 30
DC Shephard 7 68 125 50 |
S M Catey & 64 125 50
CHRobinson 6 6* 125 50
J L Gillespie 7 64 125 50
Same 8 64 125 50
JLForepaagh 5 65 125-0
Same... « 65 125 50
Same 7 65 125 50
Same!*..." 8 65 125 50
W Wilkin and 8 Coleman. 5 66 125 50
Same and same 6 66 125 50
E F Drake 7 66 125 50
game 8 66 1.5 50
AH Wilder 5 67 125 50
C B Thurston and J W A
Stoddard 6 9 125 50
Same and same 7 67 125 50
Same and same 8 07 125 50
All objections to said aseessinent mast be
made in writing and filed with the Clerk of said
Board at least one day prior to said meeting.
President pro tern.
Official: R. L. Gobman,
U-13 Clerk Board of Public Works.
o*Tu„ 0:!H?. °' iATON, Boom 60, GnUHian B^
ov. raol, Minn.
. aBOlirSCTB. "~
« £ S&SS'S**! -'" : i » OilnUanfil ST
?' ?>' T^V *?'* L E- yj ailnliaa
L. D. IIINs»LALE, pr,.,.*;,- Blook.
A. M. RAiyJL: FT, " Clack.
«* TtP 1** SH^Mta* c £vliiscn Stoek, ao-..
j *nn as.
<tiixia i v a AA k t A ta."
sasK-.vuoo hoi
STEVfiNS & aoBXHiaoN.Ti t TWrd
8HKT.Wi)0» H0I7UH, OOK I £.-1 ' .. ..-aoaaka*
.ST. PAUL BOOK h STATIOSrshT j»>, v , m9^
Tbird street.
A. NTi'POLT oornor Seventh and Rioter «sr»«^
JOHN MATHEIB, 11 East Third atrMt
W. L. ANDERSON, $* E&flt Third ftrt»9t
D-flY G00D6--WnrdMBl*.
treat, between Fourth and Fifth.
jj -iY ti'J01>8-K.gtallT
l.IVOEKK. LAPP A PP.. » Hyt Thlr.-l itra^
FSIiS, FKATKEfcB AUD Qlhsifl"^ ~
A. O. BAILKY, 10 Jrtck*>u ntre««.
"yuayiTxras, kkathsbb. «
STKU BBOb., U Etus Third rtreet. Avsaoiu-s
V. H. ESLLY & 00., U2 to US Ear,* Third «W»*i
a*, ft. PRATER h
SMIL GEI8T, 67 East Third svrweJ.
at. I'r.al.
i>Jx?i rATlOWlBI
T.6. WHTXX fc 0(.' . So. nr. K^.'t Third ,-:imi
STEVEN:', k BOBKBT8OK, 71 Kant Thlru
iKIFPEN -. C7PSON, T4 Baat Third atreet.
tLAND, 41 Baat Third etrea
B. KPHL&Ot)., Wfaoteeal* Dealers 111 Llqvsli
•. ■'. Wines, UM Bast Fhlrd «ire«u, tft. Paul.
. .:IUK, WA.HKEN h 4.BB0TT, led aw
iiu a. *»'.' 3
ht..Pa«\ BotfUM
The Royal Eoute,
No Gliaag8 oi Oars Io Caicago
Dea Moines or Kansas City.
Le. Mlr.se- Leav*
uevabtuio r;i*iNi. i spoils. i'sai.
Doo Moines fast Kxpresa.... | f7a» a m YIHH a a
OUlcugo Day Kxpreos 1*13:00 in *li:« p j
Chioago & Milwaukee Ex... I *I.-0Opc *7:« p a
Bloux Oity b Sioux FaiU,..., 77*6 a m' 1M a a
Shakopee and Merrism Jot. j 7:^0 a or
Omaha and Kansas City ! '1-SI6 p m 1*0 p ■
Oreen Bay and Appleton... t^-OO 4 a
Shakopee and Merrlam Jet. i *3:80 p m *3A0 p a
North Wisoonslu ASuperlorl T7:40 a m t«:lB ■ m
Elver Falls | 1*^0 pial fSwOp*
Dining Oars on all trains to and fmmJOhlcajro, an
this ic tho only route that runs Dining Cars 00 al
Ohloafto trains every day in the week.
Arrive Ht Ar MlnnV
ah., visa tbaih" Paul. apcUk.
Ohla»«o b Milwaukee Bx... |7 Jf» *. n: 18 10 a ar
Merrin.111 Jot and Shakopee.. *ia:lS p mJ »i :■*, o u
Chicago Night Ixp: en * 2:20 p m, **:10 p m
Slonx Oity A Sioux Falls... tll:4o p m til.:10 p ■
Omaha and Kansas City •'.! ipm *ll:4eaa
Nortk Wiaoonsln A Superior t3:» p m teas p r
Merrlam Jet and Shakopes.. *ll:3t pm '',-i.ib p m
Green Bay A Appleton p nil \H-JA p u
RiverFails 9:35 a ml tlO.-OO »
Dee Moines Fast ExpreHH tll:40pni! tll:10pn»
t,*ke Elmo xml Stlliirater TtmIq^.
r?*!l a m, ifli-JSH am, tfl:80 a m, +J2^om, tl*) p»
T4::c , • "7:ot> p m.
LrAV» st. Pint.
tf:00 am »S:1S a m, f»M a/u, 10KW a m. tl3:i* in
*3 06 tS:06 v and 7:45 p m.
.US/.V7S STD^'fiTE* SOB •it. VSXn. A ttlSV*AJt^*U
7:80 am a in, f 12:08 m, IdSpro, tSJO p m.
_ i:'.i p ri, r, j ,, m^
t. + SS ">Dl TO.
■lllaior r ■ at
: DnnsBpolis depot.corner Woll uurtk
*v,.-uaa north. Et L. ".1 UtTTN, Tl

Sew Union Depot, teot <.t Hlb!
EX A BBOWN, '.• Loket ■
ELB.HAYDBN ">V->t Asent
Leave Ht. Paal. | Ar. ftt.p»»<
Chicago Express . , *7K»a.m.| *;;';.} a.n»
Dee Moin6s & KanRhH O Ex *7:(hj a.m. 1 *»:05 a.ai
8t. Louis "ThsouBh''Exp.. t'.-^'J P-m- I tla.2.; p. t.
Des Moines & Ktmwis C. hi r: ::.")') p.m. il'2;20 p.;n.
Excelsior arid Winthrop... •3S80 p.m. | »12;20 p.iaj.
Chicago "Fast" Express... M-,-20 a.m. | d7:4& a.ai.
d daily, *.iaily except Sunday, tdaily except feat
nrday, jdally except Monday. Fiekel offlcos St.
Paul corner Third and Sibley street*, £, A. -v'hllie
ker, Oity Ticket anr! Passenger Agent, and Union
Depot. 8. F. BOYD.
General Ticket ana Passenser ent, Minneapolis,
EMcaie, Milwanlee & StMBalli
Arriva! aa'i i3£«riu (a pa^'s^ng.-/. train
Leftve I ).,<>«t, J
rstLSTina ibathu. IMTnn—p*Us| 8t. Pa i,
Blver Dtvi
Milwaukee A Chlcngi) i':.. .v Vj noon A li.iS p tt
lChraokee A Oblcapo v.i. .. 7dWpm|A >.45pia
Lr. Cniase, Dubuque, K.-'c •■;
Inland A St Louis Exp.. 0 4 50aiaO 525am
lows A Minn Dtriatoa.
acu. Mir.n.,Ia. ADav'rtFx. 0 6:00 e, mC BdOaal
Owfltonr.a Accommodation;C *:it> p m'C i. 0 <■ «t
Mason Oity, Sou A West. ex;E tj*j p ra'K 7J0 c ■

Milbani|".x 0 8:45 s m C 8.-00aa
Aberdeen - Oakota Ex IA 8^K1 v rn A 7.-C0pa
arrive ««!»#
.taarviHf. thahm.
•'an;. MlnnMp'lii
Ei7or Division.
.-.) A MtTwankee 3i.. z. .20sj'A 8;10 a m
Or-iaKO * MMwankse Ex.. A 'iJWpm'A iO0 p 1
La Croste, Dubuque, Bov:k|
Island A St. Louis Ex;;. C 0.35 p m 0 10J0 p a
Iowa AMiun. I)i-
Owatonna Accommodaiiou C 10:38 a ni;0 10-J5 a ■»
S.-n. Minn, and Ia. £x 0 S-5§ p tufO 1 05 p is
Mason Oity Sou A West, ei? 7;44 a m V HMi a a.
a&gtin<e .v Dak ",?.rA '■->' • i
V»K»J5 4l»b. ■"-: jW; 1'S)ii i it C^'SIM
Milba:k fat ]': lnvriO 5:«0rto
i,'iieini * ■.. . y, ' G, excevt >i:i;'iay. JC, exoep
Saix'rta^ ?. xiv.,. day.
Additional trams between Hi. Paoi and Mlnnenpo
He, vis "Hhort Line," leave botri cities hoor'-r. Fee
partlcciars so*- Line time-table.
St. Peel—<;h*s. Thomr^>u. City Ticket Aajeni, l&l
ft. Thiia street. 8ro^rr ft Knebel, Ticket Agents,
vnion Depot.
Hirneapoiis—ti. I, Hir.o«i, v.ivy Tirksl Agent, No
' teouat .ao<(., A. ti. < namber via, Itoke
4,>uL. I'ttbO .

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