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iii^ui.* xljJiiiJL u>UJ.bJ IfUH y*
OFFICE—No. 6 Washington Avenue, oppo
ir.a Hionttet itrase Oiisa hoars frotti a. m
i> in o'clock p. in.
Slogh-riuing wsa popular yesterday.
Nothing at Pence Opera house thii
The Boston restaurant gives good meals
at reasonable rates.
A regular meeting of the city council
will be held on Wednesday night.
Tha Cra3tiders will meet at Catholic As
sociation hall to-morrow evening,
A mass meeting of laboring men was
held in East Minneapolis last evening.
There are now 330 pupils in the high
school, 130 of whom are in the eighth
grade. |
D. C. H6ylman has sold out his ticket
office, at No. G Washington avenue, to C. It.
Officer Fox has corr3led a coat thief, and
Detective Gleason has placed in durance
a common thief.
The executive committee of the Wolf
Tone Rifles held a meeting at the Zouave
hall last evening. ';
A semi-annual meeting for the installa
tion of officers will be held to-morrow
«vening by the Apollo club.
Companies A. and I meet this evening
for division drill in Armory hail in jar
suanoe of Col. Bend's orders.
The Father Mathew T. A. S. met last
evening and had an animated debate
on the best means of promoting temper
G. T. Moore, of 1331 Nicollet avenue,
lost a certificate of deposit in $1,500 on
tha Security bank. A reward will be paid
for its return.
The University club gives tho first of a
series of dances to-morrow evening at
Malcolm's academy, at whioh forty cou
ples will attend.
There was a largo attendance at the sec
ond concert given at Tarnar hail, given by
Prof. Danz and hid supurb orchestra yes
terday afternoon.
The first meeting of too new directors
of the board of tnido will be held this
morning, when a secretary will be chosen
at a competent, salary.
The meeting of the Reform club yester
day af cernoon brought out a largo attend
ance, and tho services and disoussions
proved quite interesting.
Tne Grand will remain vacant until the
latter pert of the week, when "Only a
Farmer's Daughter," company, which has
been playing in email towns through the
northwest, will occupy tho boards.
Last evening Mr. Knapp, employed on
the Canadian Pacific railway, had his
pocket picked of his valuable gold watch
and chain, but ha has no idea when or
where the theft was perpetrated.
At the annual meeting of the Catholic
Knights of America, held last evening, the
following officers were elected for the
following year: President, Richard Walsh;
vioe president, J. O'Donnell; secretary, E.
F. Soanlan; treasurer, P. H. Prendergaat.
Last Saturday evening Court Officer Mo-
Cann, armed with the necessary docu
ments, jumped with the agility of an acro
bat through the ticket offioa window at
tha Pence, but succeeded in getting only
a few dollars to satisfy tha claim of John
son, Smith & Harrison, in the sum of .sll6.
Tne manager of the Pence must have an
ticipated a visit from the legal function
ary, as the reosiptn of the evening were
conveniently oat of reach, and it is no
fault of Mr. McOann to have failed in
seizing on the whole pile. The empty safe
was attached and fchv; creditors me?:; exer
cise further patience and biio their time.
The I. C. B. U. society at their last
meeting elected the following officers for
the ensuing year: President, P. T. Quinn;
vice president, A. V. Doherty; recording
secretary, P. J. Morau; financial secre
tary, M. J. Gill; treasurer, P. H. Prendsr
gast; marshal, J. Mcilo'.lor; ,serges
arms, J. M. Pos3. The following i 3 the
beard of directors: J. Hanrihaii, E.
O'Brien, J. H. McNally, J. T. Hennessy,
A. P. Clairon. Stuards:— T. Henaeasy,
Wn. O'Mearn, Wm. Dobbins, J. Irvine,
J. O. Doanell and J.F. Boran. With the
exception of ths Catholic Building & Loan
association this is numerically the strong
est Catholic organization in the oity.
The mischievous "Town Crier" of Mayor
Ames' News Letter pokes fun at Prof.
Tousley for threatening to give fivo origi
nal jokes in the coming lecture to be de
livered by him in this city of his fond
affection. Minneapolitans will be curious
to hear these promised original joke? for
indeed they have never before heard any
thing original, not even a smile or a
metaphor, from the grandiloquent ex-
Consul. Several incline to the opinion that
the Prof, has plagiarized the jokes from
some of of the German authors whom he
had been studying duriag his residence
abroad. Tousley's ponderosity and mag
netism will make up for the absence of
originality and he will assuredly draw a
big house.
The Jrise National JLe»!/uc.
The Irish National league met last even
ing with an increased attendance. The
first speaker was Henry Rowan, who pro
claimed himself an American Irishman, in
sympathy with the cause now being
championed by Parnell and his coadjutors.
He bespoke the sympathy of the United
States with Ireland in its legal and consti
tutional strife for it 3 right 3 and liberty.
He saw no reason why it should bd other
wise. In the darkest days of the rebellion
England proved its hatred to this republic
and endeavored to sever the union.
Many a brave American had been destroy
ed by rebel hands who used British cannon
and ammunition. England hates this
republic ye. 1, and every other existing re
public in the world, for republican ideas
will accelerate the downfall of monarchical
institutions and tend to give human rights
to the oppressed masses. He was aston
ished that any American with Irish blood
coursing through his veins should with
hold his sympathy from the people of
Ireland in this international warfare now
raging between her and her brutal oppres
sors. He, for one, should always aid the
people from whom he had sprung, and
wa3 ready to render that aid at any time.
Mr. Brosman being called upon mnda
a few appropriate remarks which were
well received. He was followed by Presi
dent McFartland in a vigorous address,
■which elicited applause. Mr. Gibbons
and M. Gallagher made brief addresses,
af tor which Dr. Finnegan took the floor
and delivered a timely and well matured
speech, during which he said that all the
agrarian and political crimes committed
in landlord-ridden Ireland were das to th*
misgovernment of that country. Give the
people their rights and crime would cease.
Mr. O'Connor then saDg a sentimental
song which pleased the audience. Mr.
Shadwiok treated the meeting to one
of ' his characteristic speeches and
was followed by Ed. MoDermott, who
counseled the league to work energetical
ly, fnrunning moral and material aid to
the Irish] people at home—they sadly
needed encouragement "at the present
juncture—and he was confident that if
they were properly backed up by their
brethren here they would succeed in ob
teitinK other ameliorative measures dur
ing the coming session of parliament. It!
wa3 agreeable to witness the rapid strides
that Ireland ia making toward independ
ence for the paßt four years. He im
preßsed upon the league the necessity of
being temperate and tolerant in their de
corum, and declared he was opposed to the
advocacy of any principles not calculated
to advance the interests of the Irish Na
tional league in the old country.
A. W. Durkee is improving in health.
A. C. Smith has returned to Wash
The city schools will commence next
Monday morning.
Some unknown person stole a pair of
boots from ths front of KurtzmaL'd store,
last Friday night.
A semi-annual dividend of seven per
cent, was declared, and one thousand dol
lars added to the surplus.
The subject of the lecture to be delivered
at the Universalist church Sunday evening
will be "Neighboring Worlds."
The alarm caused by the appearance of
diphtheria is subsiding. No new cases have
been reported in the past week.
The case of Irving Pugh vs. the Winona
& St. Peter Railway company will bo tried
in this city before Judge Start, commenc
ing next Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
L. N. Fabriese, of Cedar Falls, lowa,
will move hi? family to Roohe3ter as soon
as spring opens. They were former resi
dents of Rochester and will be gladly wel
comed back.
Union National, directors, M. J. Dan
iels, J. D. Blake, T. L. Fish back, W. L.
Breckenridge, Thomas Brooks. President,
M. J. Daniels, vice president, T. L. Fish
back, cashier, T. H. Titus, assistant cashier,
W. D. Morris.
Owing to the death of J. V. Daniels and
John M. Cole, the number of directors was
reduced from seven to five. A semi-annu
al dividend of five per cent, was declared,
and three thousand dollars added to the
surplus fund.
Rochester National, directors. C. H.
Chadbourn, R. W. Ctadbourn, H. M. Now
ell, Jno. T. La Dn, H. T. Chadbourn, N. C.
Young Jove, C. N. Chadbourn, president, C.
H. Chadbourn, vice president, John T.
La Dv, cashier, H. M. Newell, assistant
cashier. C. W. Chadbourn.
On Tuesday last the three banks of tho
city elected officers for the ensuing year as
follows: First National Directors: John
R. Cook, George Healy, Frances S. Cook,
Walter Hurlbut, Harrison Douglas. Pres
ident, John R. Cook; cashier, Walter Hurl
but; assistant cashier, F. E. Gooding.
G. A. Frizzoll declined to vacate the
county treasurer's office in favor of his
successor, Mr. L. W. Lull. The case was
taken to the supremo court by County
Attorney Kellogg, and will be argued this
week. The ground of contention seems
to be the different construction put upon
the amendment to the state constitution.
At the M9thodi3i church revival ser
vices ar6 being held by the pastor.
On the first Monday of March we are to
have a special term of district court.
After all expenses were paid , the Cath
olic festival, on New Year's day, realized
Tho weak of prayer for oollege3 at this
place is being observed at the Presbyte
rian church.
On last Wednesday tha stock of bank
rupt groceries, etc., owned by C. O. Ele
ven, was bought by H. W. Larson, of this
city, at 65% cents on the dollar.
S. P. Hedenstad, jeweler, of this city, 13
the lucky man who about a year ago in
vested in tha New York lottery and the
other day drew $2,000.
Hon. Charles Kettelson, state treasurer,
on last Thursday gava Albert Lea a call,
and on Friday, with much dilHcalty, tore
himself away to rotors to St. Paul. :
R. W. Todd, of Rock Falls, lowa, has
bought of O. M. Thompson the new flour
mill which is being built at this place. Hs
intends to have it in running order some
time in March.
The case of Fred Herrick again&t the
Minneapolis & St. Louis railway, for the
loss of a thumb, was tried in the disiriot
court and a verdict of $2,000 found in
favor of plaintiff.
By some of his friends, through sub
scription, Colons! Shesban has been made
the recipient of a fine sealskin cap, cost
ing $18; also Mrs. Sheehan, in tho same
manner, was made the recipient of a silver
water pitcher, costing $40.
The young man, J. F. Seaton, who rep
resented himself as an agent employed by
the Eau Clair Lumber oompany to hire
men and teams for the woods, and on a
certain day was to give to the employed a
free pass to said company, was arraigned
before city justice Stacy, and ordered com- i
mitted to jail on default of $200 bail. Be
ing unable to find bail he has ever since
been in jail. The grand jury have ren
dered an indiotmdnt against him for fraud
ulently obtaining money, which he did by
charging $1 each for iervicss rendered in !
obtaining situations. It is said that he
obtained at this place about $100 in thi*
way. His trial come* off next week.
Pittsbubg, ;Jan. -James S. Nutt's !
Sunday in jail is vsry quiet. This morn
ing doctors Ayres and Wiley, late of the
Dixmont insane asylum, spent two hours
with him in order to make observations
from which to testify for the prosecution
concerning Nutt'a mental conditioa. I
Ha did not know this, and talked
freely. The balance of the day he
ppent reading, keeping closely in his cell.
Major Brown, Nutt's counsel says, every
thing is ready for the trial. He claims that
the evidence supporting the theory of emo
tional insanity and other testimony, whose
character he declined to state, will
be bo strong that conviotion will be
impossible. The representatives of the
commonwealth have nothing to say, but
Dukes' friends claim that|Judge Stone will
weaken the insanity theory in his charge
tothejary. The same counsel that ap
peard at Uniontown, will jhave charge of
the case. Nutt's mother and sister Lizzie,
who was the subject of Duke's letters, and
other relatives, will arrive, however, and
will remain until the verdict is announced,
How long the trial will last cannot be
stated. A hundred witnesses have been
subpoened. Nothing eisa is talked about
on the streets to day, and it is expected
there will be difficulty in restraining the \
crowd to-morrow.
Mount Cabmel, Pa., Jan. 13.During a
quarrel with John Lindermuth and John
Omble, in the house of the latter, both
were seriously stabbed. Omble'a injuries
are fatal. Lindsrmuth ia jailed.
-•■■■:: . ■ . ■ ■ ■ .. ■ -".-■
POSE OF zxiiiiPATisa IT.
A Commission to be Crea-e;l to Govern
Importations, importations and Trrm
portatlons—lts Powers and Duties Kela
tiveto Foreign and domestic Animals—
A Measure of Interest to livery block-
The sab-committee of cattle. men, ap
pointed to prepare a bill for the suppres
sion and extirpation c t plouro pneumonia
and other contagions diseases of domestic
ar-imals, haTe completed their proposed
measure. It was submitted to the entire
committee of c.ttls men appointed at the
recent Chicago convention to pro no**
legislation on tha subject, aad aeoeptod.
The bill, which will be given to the hoase
committee on agriculture on Monday is as
A bill for the establishment of a bureau of
the animal industry, for the suppression
and extirpation of pleuro pneumonia
and other contagions diseases of dome3
tio animals.
Section 1. Th 9 commissioner of agri
culture shall organize in hia department a
bureau of animal industry and appoint a
chief and a competent veterinary surgeon
whose duty it ehall be to investigate and
report on the number, value and condition
of the domestic animals in the United
States, their protection End their use.
Also to inquire into and report the causes
of contagious communicable diseases
among them and tho means for the pre
vention and cure of the same, and to col
lect saoh information on these subjects as
shall be valuable to the agricultural and
commercial interest of tb.B country. Tha
salary of tha chief of the bureau shall be
the same as other chiefs of a division in
the E-aid department. The
commissioner is also authorized to
appoint a clerk to eaid bureau at a salary
of $1,500 per annum.
Sec. 2. The commissioner of agricul
ture is authorized to appoint three com
petent agents, who shall be practical stock
raisers, or experienced business men.
familiar with the quastions pertaining to
commercial transactions in live stock, and
whose duty it shall be, under the instruc
tions of the commissioner of agriculture,
to examine and report the beßt methods of
breeding, transporting and caring 1 for
animals, and the means to be adopted for
the suppression and extinction of contagi
ous pleuro pneumonia, and to provide
against the spread of other contagious dis
eases. The compensation of these agents
to be $10 per diem, and all necessary ex
penses while engaged in the performance
of duty under this act.
Sec. 3. In order to promote the exporta
tion of live stock from the United States
the commissioner of agriculture shall
make special investigation as to the exist
ence of contagious pleuro-pneumonia or
any contagious, communicable disease*,
along the dividing line between the United
States and foreign countries, and along
the lines of transportation from all parti*
of the United States to tha point from
which the live stock is to be exported, and
to make a report of the result of the in
vestigation to the secretary of tho treas
ury, who shall establish snob, regulations
concerning the exportation and transpor
tation of live stock as the results of said
investigation may require.
Sec. 4. That to prevent the exportation
from any part of the United States to any
port of a foreign oonntry live stock affect
ed with any infectious or contagious dis
eases, especially pleuro pneumonia, the
secretary of ths treasury snail be author
ized to adopt such a measure not inconsis
tent with the provisions of the act, as ha
may deem necessary.
Sec. 5. That it shall be the duty of tha
commissiontr of agriculture to prepare
suoh rules and regulations as he deems
n«c«3Bary for the specific and effectual
suppression and extirpation of contagioca
pleuro pneumonic, and certify saoh rules
; and regulations to ths executive authority
of each slato and territory, end in-
Tite the said authorities to co-operate
in tho execution and enactment of the pro
visions of this act, whenever
tho plans and methods of the commis
sioner of agriculture shall he accepted by
any state in which pleuro pneumonia and
other infectious and contagious diseases
are declured to exist, and when the gover
nor of any state, or the other properly
constituted authorities signify their readi
ness to co-operate for the extinction of
any contagions or infectious disease, the
commissioner of agriculture is authorized
to expand so much of tho appropriation
as is necessary in investigation of the facts
as to the disease, and 6uch disinfection
and other means as are neces
sary to stamp out the disease.
And whenever a state in any section
in which contagions and infections disease
axists and which the commissioner of ag
riculture has declared dangerous to the
animal industrial! of tha nation, fails to
make provision for its extinction, or to co
operate with the plans of the commissioner
of agriculture for the extinction of disease,
the president of the United States on the
presentation of ths 'tola by the coin
mi«aionar of agriculture, shall be author
ized to dsolsire said state, or such part of
said state as is dangerous to the animal
industries of the country, in quarantine,
»nd prohibit the exportation of cattle out
of said state or district.
Sec. 6. Provides for tho effectual
et&iaping out of disease in the District of
Sec. 7. That no railroad company
within the United Stated, wnose road forms
any part of a line of road from one state
or territory to another, or the owners or
masters of any steam, sailing or other ves
sel, shall reooive for transport!.';: or
transport from one state or territory any
live cattle affected with any conttgioua
or • infectious disease and es
pecially the disease known
as contagious plsaro pneumonia, or lung
plague; nor shall any ptraon, company or
corporation, deliver for sash transporta
tion to aay railroad company, master or
owner of any vessel, any live oattle, know
ing them to be affected with any conta
gious or infectious disease; nor shall any
person, company or corporation drive on
foot, or transport in priveto conveyance
from one state or territory to another, any
live cattle, knowing them to be affected
with any contagious or infections disecse,
especially contagious pleuro pneumoniCj®r
lung; plague.
See. 8. It shall be the duty of the
oomjiis9ioner of agriculture to notify the
proper officials or agents of any railroad,
steamboat or other transportation com
pany doing business in any infected lo
cality where there is the existence of said
contagion, or the person or persons opera
ting such railroad, or mister or owner of
any vessel, or owner or custodian or per
son having control of suoh cattle or other
live stock when in infected districts, who
shall knowingly violata: the provisions of
Motion 7«f this aot shall be guilty of a
misdemeanor, and shall upon conviction
be punished by a fine of not less than
$1,000 nor more than $5,000, or imprison
ment of not more than o«e year, or both
fine and imprisonment, and any sue':
railroad, steamboat or other transporta
tion company, who shall, after having re
ceived such notice, violate the provisions
of this act, such action shall be prima
facie evidence of a wilful disregard of the
provisions of this act.
Sec. 9. That it shall be the duty of the
I several United States district attorneys
to prosecute all violations of this act
brought to their notice by any person
making complaint, and the same shall be
heard in any district or circuit court of the
United i^atep, hoJdea within the district
in which the violation of the aot was com
mitted or where the person or corporation
ie3ide3, or carries on, or has his place of
Sec. 10. That the sum of $500,000, or so
much thereof as is necessary, shall be ap
propriated to carry into effect tha provi
sions of this act.
Sec. 11. The act shall take effect and !
be in force from and after its passage.
Representative Wilson of lowa, exhib
ited at the capitol to-day the lungs of
three head of cattle intended for the
Washington market, and slaughter! d to
day. One showed the early stages jot
pl9uro pneumonia, the second had just
became affected, and the third was abso
lutely rotten. The cattle were bought and
killed by order of Commissioner Loring. '.
The Chinese tr-;opo for Hainan are of good
physique, and fairly armed, bat indifferently
drilled. The Chinese state that some extraordi
nary steps are imminent.
The emperor William has need to allow a
divorce between Prince Frederick Charles and
his wife, but a separation baa been mutually
agreed upon.
It is stated that the tribes from Tripoli, in
northern Airica, are moving towards El Mahdi.
Several chiefs, hitherto hostile, between Su.l-.
--kirn and Berber on the route to Khartoum, have
become friends of the Egyptians and it is hoped
that this will facilitate the evacuation of the
Soudan. !
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layed at once by bathing the parts.
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All persons interested in the assessments for
Grading View street, from Ean
dolph street to Seventh street.
Grading Cedar street, from
Twelfth street, to Bluff street.
Grading Exchange street, from
Sherman street to Eagle street.
Grading alley in block 30, Bice
and & Irvine's Addition, bo
tween Elm and Sherman
Partial grading of Pleasant ave
nue, from Ramsey street to
south city limits.
Grading {Sherman street, from
Fort street, (now Seventh) to
edge [of bluff, at or near the
right of way of |tho Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. iPaul Railroad
company, and for
Planting and protecting shade
and ornamental trees on both
sides of Conio avenue, from
Eice street, to .lot 8, Como Vil
that on tYn sth day of January, 1884, I did
receive different -warrants from the City Comp
troller of the City of St. Paul, for the col
lection of the above named assessments.
The nature of these warrants ia,that if you fhil
| to pay the assessment within
nfte1 * the first publication of this notice, I shall
report you and your real estate so assessed as
delinquent, and apply to the District Court c*
the county of llamsey, Minup- ota, for judgment
against your lands, lots, block • or parcels there
of so assessed, including interest, cost and ex
penses, and for an order of th< !ourt to sell the
same for the payment there<<i\
8-18 GEOBGE BEJg. City Treasurer
Looking ,
asses I
] Scouring
Commercial Institute,
This Institution is the "Grove Lake Acp/i^i-j
of Individual Instruction," which by a libera
bonus of land and money by the people of foul
Center is now located on the banks of Sauk lake,
one and a half miles from tho village. I}*
school will enter on its seventh ye and resume
business on Monday, September 8 This school
has been a complete success, an haa trivon to
its patrons entire satisfaction. No ciai-sw..
Pupils recite alone in private room Referent |
to the business and professions men of
Center. It will pay parents who have eons
educate from home to Bead for cnlar and rulce
of this institution. Wn have r^nple Bccoaua>
datior^f oreightySf 80) boarders
GrafllDg Fillmore", Arrant. ■;
Office of tee Boabd op Public Works, )
• City of St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 3, 1884. )
Sealed bids will be received by the Board of
Public Works, in and for the corporation of the
city of St. Paul, Minnesota, at their office in
said city, until 12 m. on the 14th day of January, i
A.: D. 1884, for' the grading of Fillmore ave
nue (formerly McCarthy street) to a partial
grade and fall width, from State street to ! the
proposed levee in Eaid city, according to plane
and specifications on file in the office of eaid
Board. . '■'-;„;:. ■.'_ -.■'-■■ -W; .;^
■ A bond with at least two (2) sureties, in a ana
of at least twenty (20) per cent, rof the grosf
amount bid mast accompany each bid.
The said Board reiervos the right to reject any
or ail bids.
; Official: B. L. Goߣis,l^^S^MgfWK
',;-■'■',■ Clark Board of 1' Jblic Works. 4-15
Coafiraiaiiim; of--Re-As»:ss
iii€ot lor him Wa
bashaw Street.
Of?ICE OT TH3 Board OF Public Works, >
City or St. Pact, .'lion.. Jan. 8, 1681. ) i
The re-assessment of benefits,casts and expen
ses, arisiDg from the paving of Wabashaw
sTJtet, from Third (?-d) street to College ave
nue, • n cortaia property on said Wabsshaw
street between said point-) on which judgment
has been denied by the District Court of llam
sey County, Minnesota, and the Bt. Paul City
Railway eornpjiny's screet ■ .' track, on said Wa
ba^haw street, between Fourth
(Uh) and Tenth (10th) streets
in the city of St. Paul. Minreeota, having
been completetl by the Board of Public Works
in andfi said city, said Board will mtct; t thoir
otEca in 6aid city at 'i p. m. on tho 28th Jay of
January, A. D., ISBI, to bearobjecti (if any)
to said re-a9sessment,at which time aad place,un
les-s sufficient canao is shown to tho contrary, said
re-asse6sment will be confirmed by said Board.
The Tallowing is a list at ttie supposed own
ers' names, a description of the property benfited,
and the amounts assessed agaicbt tho same to
D-.-viJ. n:vl riam's aahJirisirra of Liia 1
and i, Bo ik 21, St. Paul Proper.
Sup; ■•■- owner and
de*crip!jois. - Lot. Benefits.
R D Sherman ■/ $12tJ 0-1
John S Prince 5 ■ . 12G CO
Sc. Pui.l i'rt>p^r.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block. Benofits.
Ketato of I 1 1- McQuil
lan 9 23 §712 00
DavidSatjford.S'ly 1-5 <>l I 2i ) ... m
A.ms, Sly 1-6 of 2 21 $ 113 50
Albert Armstrong, H % of
B #°f ::...i2 21 ) „
Same, S^ of N % of. ..11 21 ) U3 °°
A B Kief or, N'ly 80 ft of }
S'lyKot 12 £1 I . op _
Siime, N'ly 30 ft of b'ly % f LIS l 0
of 11 21 J
John Dome, N'ly;.,'of.. I 8 ) „,,. _ P
Satao, :vi : . :,...;.; a b ) — J 7o
E P Lewis, Sly 231 < ft of "|
S'ly7a^ftof 1 8 ! Iftftf .
Same, Sly 28> 8 ' ft of N'ly f 108 L<)
TiKitot. :. 2 8 J
Pat Kaigher, N'ly Bttft of ~|
B'lySOftof.... 1 8 ! in - „,.
Same,N'ly BOftof £>'Syso f 186 IO
ft of '.. ..2 8 J
Benj F and C II Sherman "1
N'ly ICO ft of 8 9 ! ... „
Same and same, N'ly lUO f a l "
ftof ." 7 9 J
NWKittson, N'ly 3-^of.. 9 9 ) Qift „,
Same, N'ly % 0f........ .It) 9 > 310 25
St Paul Lodge, No. 2, I. 0. )
O. P., Sly >.; of 9 9 I S4O 25
Sly >£ of 10 9 )
BFLewis, N 19 5-12 ft of "]
8596-I'iftof 8 6 ! „m
Snra«, N 19 5-12 ft of 8 f 90 C 0
595-12ftof 7 C J
John Button, S SO ft of N )
60 ft of 9 C [ 186 75
Samo,NsJftof 10 6 )
BtßerTL Grace 1 7 )
Same #i 2 7 [■ 682 25
Same 3 7 )
Same 12 7 )
Same It 7 V GB2 25
Same 10 7 )
Bazilleand Guorin's addition to St. Paul.
Supposed owner and
description. Lot. Block. Benefits.
Andrew Winter, (Except ~)
Eighth st). ;... 6 12 |
Same, (Except Eighth 5 12 V $229 50
Same, (N W'ly of Eighth |
st.) W'ly 3-10 of 4 12 J
John Klein 11 12 $225 00
B.F.Sherman 1 11 225 00
Louis Eisenmengar 4 11 225 CO
P.U. McManus, 8;., of h'ly
% 0f.... ..'.... 8 11 112 50
W. G. Taylor, part S Ely "1
of a line 100 ft Sly of
and parallel with Ex
change st of 6 7
Same, part S E'iy of a lino I «.„„. nn
100 ft Sly of and paral- [ *22° 00
lei with Exchange st of. 5 7 |
Same, part 8 Ely of a lino
100 ft Sly of and para!
lel with Exchange st or. 4 7 j
D. H. Valentino 7 7 $675 00
Frank Brewer, N %of S V
Xof 1 8 |
Same, N% of 83*5 0f.... 2 8 [~ $223 00
Same, N %of 8 }£of .. 1 8 i
Same, N^ot 6 ;.>f.... 2 8 J
J W Cunningham, N 25 ft )
of 8100 ft 0f........ 12 8 [• 112 50
Same, N2sft of SIOO ft of 11 8 )
Nininger &\Whitiog..... 1 2 ? „„ fll
Same and same l 2 i '?..-"
A Achilles, Sly 37% ft if 6 1 i
Bame, Sly 37% ft 0f.... 5 1 [ 187 0}
Same, Sly 87% ft 0f.... 4 1 )
iit Paul city railway tracks on Wa
bishaw street, between Fourth (4th)
*i and Tenth (Loth i streete $1,825 CO
All objections to said re-assessment mutt be
made in writicg and filed with tho Clerk of
said Board at least one day prior to said meet
ing. "
JOHN C. TERRY, President pro tern.
Official: It. L. Gorman,
12-14 Cierk Board of Public Works.
City Treasurer's Sale.
Office of the City Tp.kas.tt.ek, )
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 13, 1831. )
Notice is hereby given t^at under and by vir
tue of a judgment entered on January 8, 1884,
in the District Court, second judicial district,
Ramsey County, State of Minnesota, against tho
hereinafter described real estate, 'situate, lying
and being in said city and county, on an assess
ment warrant for
Change of Grade on Rosabel
street from Fourth street to tho
In said city of St. Paul, the undersigned will on
January 35, 1884, at 10 o'clock ia the forenoon,
at the city Treasurer's office in the city of St.
Paul, county of Ramsey, offer for tale at public
auction as providad by law. to the beet bidder
for cash, the following described real estate,
Hopkins' Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Jtd^ra't.
David Sanford N^ of .... 5 1 $>4 £4
■Whitney & Smith's Addition.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Judcm't.
T J and T M Horan 1 IS $25 73
James Clauncy NJ£ of 4 13 14 04
EdLangevinSKof 4 13 14 04
Same .6 18 26 73
AOBailey.... 1 14 26 73
ACKing... 3 14 26 73
All in the city of St. Paul, county of Ramsey,
and state of Minnesota. GEORGE BEIS,
18-17 - City Treasurer.
. A sure euro for Blind, Blooding, ftahfag an
IJicerated Piles, hes bean discovered by Dr. Wl |
:inai,(aJi Indian Remedy) called Da. Wiuias*,
Tudiak OiKTsnorr. A single box has cured th
worst ohrtmic c&sos of 25 years' standing, Nc
one need sufier fiya minutes after applying tki ,
wondarful soothiag medicine. Lotions aa-l lr-,
strumsnts do more harm then gaud, Xfill'm^i
Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intaiiw :
itching, (particularly at night after getting ,rsni>
in bed,) acts as a poaltic?, gives injtan ftrif
painless rglief, and is prepared only for Pi'tea !
itching of the private parts, ted for no rhi ■ els.
vor Btilo by all druggists, and mailed o i rece'r
of price,'. II NOYE?, EEOS. & OOrLi"" :
V7hol^6alo 6>«ssnt£, lit. Paul, Bdinn. SB. ; ;
City Treasurer's Sale.
OmcEOP the City Tbeastkeb, >
St. Pacl, Minn., Jan. 12, ISS*. )
Notice is hereby given that under and by »i r
tno of a judgment entered on Jan. 8, 1834, in
the District Conit, seccnd judicial dhtrict,
Kamsey county. State of Minnesota, against the
hereinafter described real estate, uituaio, lying
and being in said cify and county, on an assess
ment warrant for
Opening and Extending Dakota
Avenue Through Lot 4, Blcek
Z", West St. Paul Propor, in
the Sixth Ward,
in said city of Sr. Paul, the undersized will on
Jan. 25, lES4, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at
the City Treasurer's oilico in the city of Bt.
Paul, county of Ilamsfy, offer for salo at public
auction, as provided by law, to the tvs; binder
for cash, the following described real estate, to
West St. Paul Proper.
Supposed owner and Ara't of
description. Lot. Block. Judgm't.
John Moriarity, (eicept
Dakotauvenuo 4 63 $11 50
Same 5 63 11 50
U\V Stone 7 62 6 43
Sanao (5 62 9 47
C B Gallagher, (except
Dakota avenue) !.1O 65 2 47
.Same, (except Dakota aye
• nue) 9 ' 8 46
Same, (excopt Dakota ave
nue) S 83 7 44
Same, (excopt Dakota ave
nue) 7 65 6 45-
Same, (except Dakota ave
nue) 6 85 G 43
J BchafMke, (except Da
kota avoiiue) 1 101 6 48
II W Stone, (exjppt Da
kota avenue) 2 10! 4 40'
Same, (excopt Dakota ave
nue) 3 l; 4 4 40
Same, -..•••;>; Dakota \ve
nno) 4 101 « 48
Same, (oxcupt Dakota .■,.
--nue) 5" 104 S 4t»
Ch;,b 1 (iceman 1 110 H 4ti
Same, 2 110 7 44
J H >! Muuch, 'except
Dakota avenue) 4 133 V 44 >
Samo and samo, (orcept
DikotA avenue) *.. 5 183 340
Albert ticholU... 6 134 ri 4«
Paino 7 134 tJ 43
William Dawson, (except
Dukota nvonuo) 1 IS3 4 40-
Same, (except Dakota
avenue) 2 183 338
Same, . (except Dakota
aronuo) "A" 0 47'
Nelson, Stevens & King's Addition .
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Judgin't.
Sarah Ward, (except Da-
QKo'aavonno) 1 19 $5 41
Name. (except Dakota
!}*avenue) 2 19 4 40
Same, (except Dakota
avenue) 8 5 41
Joseph Wright, Jr., (ex
cept D.kota avenue)... 9 l'J 338
Same, (except Dakota
venue) 10 13 4 40
Same, (except Dakota
avenue) 11 ID - 41
Same, (except Dakota
avenue) 12 19 4 40
Same, (except Dakota
avenue) 13 19 5 41.
Jackson A BidwelF« Addition,
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Jodgm't.
J B and W H Sanborn (Ex
cept Dakotaavenno).... ID $6 43
Same (Except Dakota ave
nue) 2 I) 3 88
Same (Exeunt Dakota ave
nue) 8 D 4 40
Same { Except Dakota ave
nue) 4 D '.40
A C Schmidt (Except Da
kota avenue) 9 1 S 38
Same (Except Dakota v
nae) 10 l 0 43
St. Paul Proper.
cfappoeed owner and Ain't of
descni'tiim. Lot. Block. Judyrn't.
Eliza Vamlorhorck (Ex
cept Dakota avenue) .... 5 88 $11 50
J andM Iten (Except D
akota aveuue) 5 21 It 50
Harriet A Preaoott. Commencing on W
Bide of Dakota avenuo on N lino of lot
4, block 24, West St Paul proper,
thence W parallel with Deloa -trout to a
point 200 loet E of \V lino of i tattoo 5,
town £8, iaii>jo 23, thence N'iy to a
po nt 150 feel 8 of Deloa street and 130
f Get X of said section line, thenco E par
allel with Deloe street to Dakota ave
nue, thenoe S to beginning $11 M)
Same. Commencing on V*' side of Dakota ■'■:■
aveaao on N line of Jot 8, block 24, West
St Paul proper, thencd W parallel with
Dolos stroet to -i point 190 feet i: ol W
line of section I, town 28, range 2'J,
thenoe N'ly t<>;. point 2UO feet N of D_
-I<>9 street and 170 fo-t E of said 8 line,
thenco E parallel with Delos street to
Dakota street, thence 8 to beginning.. £11 50
Same. Commencing on W
side of Dakota avenue, on line of
2, block 24, West St. Paul proper,
thence N'ly and W'ly along Dakota
avenue,to »V line of section 5, town 28,
rniiM'' '22, thence Sto N line of lot '.',
b luck 25, West St. Paul proper, thenco
E to beginning $24 12
Bobertson'B Addition to West St. Paul.
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Block Judgm't.
I Harriet A Prescott (except Wi! 0
feetof) '"W" $11 50
D D Merrill (except alley) 7? 20
feetoi ..."W" 3 88
Supposed owner and Am't of
description. Lot. Block. Judgtn't.
Ed. Langevin 5 189 «ii 50
Same 6" 169 1150
Same 7 169 1150
Same 5 107 11 50
Same 7 167 1150
Wm.Ycnng 1 166 1150
Samo 2 166 1150
EdLaugevin 3 166 $1150
Christine Siebert". 5 179 11 50
Merrill 6 179 11 T*l
Louis W Hunt 7 179 1150
'lvinStrong 5 178 1150
E Langerln 6 178 II r0
Same.... 1 181 1150
5ame....... 2 181 1150
Same 7 177 1150
Sarah Ward ...9 177 1150
All in th? City of St. Pa d, County of Ram-
Bey and State of Minnesota.
12-16 GEOBGE HE 18, City Treasurer.
. 13 fa KM gift St Pal
I respactfally invite the attention of Udlsi
end gentleman to my large, znoet complete and
elegant stock of new Masquerade Coetomee, tat
balifi, partieo, tkeatricslperformancee, old talk*
concerts, tabkauß, &c. •
j Masks at wholesale.
Country parties, sen lax list and priest*
"P. .T. <G-TTfg;TiTKr.
Coal mi Iron Co.
I Whol «ale an^^otftil Dealers in
,354 Jackson Street, St. Pan

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