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OryiCK Chik? Bbsbaxi Office*,
;W*SHrN.v;os*D. C.,' Jan. 14. o£-6 p. a.
Observations taken at the tame moment •*
ttma it a 1 stations.
Bar. Ther. Wind. Weather.
Bt. P«i3 ..20.40 -I NW Clear.
gt.,v l; 83.21 30 N Cloudy.
bkC-oMe 30.32 8 N Clear.
Bar. Ther. Wind, Weather.
Biiourck 30.47 8 0 Cloudy.
Fc'Garry 30.58 -31 W Hazy.
Hionedt^a «0-58 -23 £rW Clear.
Mwrtirad MJ.SI C"8 >8W Cloudy.
Qn,,.o;ia 80.SI -16. ,NW Clear.
fit. Vincent BO.PO -24 NW Clear.
B*r. Thar. Wind. Weather
Ft. A^sinaboine..3o.4s 8 N Clear
b't. Uuford 80.47 8 N Cloudy.
FcCuster 30.45 20 N Lt. Snow.
H-Jlena, M. T...30.41 .. NW Cloudy.
Hurvt. Dak ....80.51 6 0 Clear.
Medicine Hat....30.43 • 8 8 Cloudy.
Bar. Ther. Wicd. Weathar.
Oalath 80.41 -5 0 Clear.
Chicago 3>.20 24 N. Cloudy.
Bar. Thor. Wind. Weather.
Denver 50.30 15 N Lt. Snow.
DodjeCity 39.26 25 N , Cloud/.
Bi«r. Ther. Wind. Weather.
Leaven worth.... 30.80 22 NE Cloudy.
Omaha. £0.41 14 N Cloudy.
TUr. I ■■«•>, Dew Point, w{p<*. Weather.
80 823 : 4.5 1.5 NW Clear.
Amount of melted snow ..., maximumtner
raoui«ier, 15.0; oaiuimam thermometer,-1.0;
da I ■ range, 14.0.
River, frozen.
-Delow zero.
;.j ,if —Barometer corrected for temporatnrs
sal ttlevation.
P. P. Lyokb, .
(Jargoanl Hijraal Corps, D. S. A.
to-day's weatheh.
Washington, Jan. 13. —1 a m —Indications
for the upper Mississippi: Generally fair, colder
weather, rising barometer, northeasterly winds.
Missouri: Partly cloudy weather,lizhtlo-:al snow
north to east winds, rising barometer followed
northern portion, Tuesday night, slight fall,
colder touthsrn portion, slightly warmer
There vrere forty-six lodgers in the city
hall last night at 12 o'clock.
The remains of Mrs. Murphy, who died
at St. Joseph's hospital, were buried yes
terday .
The annual encampment of the Grand
Army of the Republic will take place at
Stillwater on the 17th inst.
Building Inspector Johnson was engaged
yesterday in looking over the plans and
specifications for plumbing in the First
Naticar.l Bank building.
Tho Board of public works adjourned
yesterday to Wednesday morning at 9:30
to go ont and view the improvements on
Seventh and other streets.
James Whits was arrested last night on
a charge of stealing a chicken, and would
have bo;:: locked up but for the fact that
security for his appearance this morning
w;<4 furnished.
Judge Brill opened the hearing of court
canes in ilie January term calendar of the
district court yesterday and Judge Wilkin
eo/tjiuetlces Lbs hearing of criminal cases
at 10 ihifi morning.
Ti;o oSlee cf th« board of public work 3
in the city hall is going to be dressed up
the preseut -peek with new floor matting
and n fresh cloth cover to the long table
at which ';■; board deliberates.
A bay horse with a cutter attached was
missed last evening from the correr of
TairiJ r-.nd Wabashaw streets. The cutter
has a red running geir, and the establish
ment belongs to Sample, the liveryman.
James Keating filed a suit in the district
court yesterday to recover judgment
of $200 on a note from Gao. W. Tromball,
■and Mathew Reater to recover judgment
-on a $1,000 note from Henry H. Timme.
Fred Lehman of the Sixth ward report
ed to the police the loss of a gray pony
and a sleigh. The pony was hitcned near
the short line crossing on Seventh street,
•when he slipped his head through the hal
ter an. v/snt oft about his business.
Clayton Saott was an unfortunate man
last night. Ha was down by the store of
J. F. Pitnnell, on east Seventh street,
where he saw a silk handkerchief which
pleased his fancy. Ho accordingly took
possession of it but before he got away
with it ha was arrested and taken to the
city hall.
Sheriff O'Gorman sold the J. E. McFad
den saloon on Third street at sheriff sale
yesterday moraine at 10 o'clock, the stock
and fixtures being bid off by B. Kuhl and
Hugh C. Donnelly for $1,010. He. Kahl
had previously to the lighting out of Mo-
Fa dden purchased a half interest in the
sal con for $3,000.
In the probate court yesterday Josephine
Gotzion and Wm. Middleton filed $60,000
bonds each as executors of the estate' of the
late Adam Go!-;-."an, ana letters were issued
and notice given creditors. Rooert A.
Smith and Win. Dawaon were sureties for
Mrs. Gotzian, and Wm. Dawson and P. H.
Kelly for Mr. Middleton.
Win. Iliskell, of the oity engineer's
office, has suffered still' further affliction
by the dsath of his youngest child, a
daughter aged four years and ten months.
La ;. week] his eldest daughter, aged thir
teen year-?, fell a victim to that dread
scourge, diphtheria, and yesterday the
youngest succumbed to the same disease.
Greealow Wright was in a saloon last
night, on the corner of Minnesota and
Fourth streets, when a gentleman called
for something to drink and laid down a
five dolirr bill. Wright picked it up and
handed it to the bar tender who gave him
four dollars and ninety cents. As
soon as he got this in his hand he shot out
of tha door. The police succeeded in ar
re*Mag him, and landed him in the city
The alarm of fire at 3:4:0 yesterday af
ternoon, was caused by tho igniting cf the
roof of the thre3 story brick block of J. C.
Richardson, 277 and 279 East Saventh
street, from the detective flue of a burn
ing out chimney. The chemical put out
the fiaintss aftar they had opened a space
of ten feet square about the chimney, at a
damage of $50. There was a clothing
store and shoe shop on the first floor, and
the upper part was occupied by families.
Join Hoop, a German religious fanatic,
claim: to have been commanded by
God on New Year's night to go on an
apostolic pilgrimage, ereoted two wooden
boards in front of the state capitol yes
terday, having on,them a mess of his rav
ings written in both German and English,
and murchsd up and down in front of that
structure all the afternoon in the cold,
whila the carious stopped and tried co de
cipher his prophecies, he claiming therein
to be a Bpeeial messenger of Jehovah.
,V. M . A., 3G6 Wabashaw street.
■&.r! hur M. Dearborn, •who possesses elocu
. tionary powers of a very high order, will give an
ovoijifg'e readings and recitations at the rooms
of tho association, Thursday, January 17, at 8
o'clock. Admission 25 cents.
Seal skin sacqaes at auction, this morning, at
Kavanagh'B, 49 East Third street.
ZX'M A K/tiU.
Th« Project or Formius » First Class Bas«
Ball Club in St. Paul Slaking Progress— A
Mi c-t inn !L**t Nicbt.
A large and influential meeting of busi
ness men, interested in bass ball, was held
last evening at the Merchants hotel, to
.take steps for the organization of a first
class lAce, for the coming season, in St.
JbV.nl. From the character of the men
who have taken hold of the matter, and the
way they have gone at the business,
there eeem3 to be no donbt
that we will have a , club
here that will be a credit to the city, and at
toe sHuie time furnish satisfactory amuse
ment for all who pat money into it, or who
attend without contributing anything to
ward the support of the club more than
the entrance fee. In short, it locks now
like business.
Mr. Gory, who went down to the conven
tion at Chicago, made a statement to the
gentlemen present as to what was done
there in organizing the Northwestern
league, of which St. Paul, Minneapolis asd
Stillwater are members. One hundred
and ten games will be played, or about
five each week between May
Ist and October Ist. It will cost about
$1,500 to fit up the grounds and a reserve
fund will be required to start with of from
$2,000 to $3,000. The eight club 3 belong
ing to this league last June, were at an
express cf from $12,000 to $15,000 each
for the year, and all the clubs came out
considerably ahead of expenses. There
aro now twwlve clubs m the league which
will enable them to do still better. There
will be no difficulty at all in
securing the services of a first
class manager and a first class
nine. A good many applications have al
ready been received from players, many
of them being as good as any in the coun
try, so that no fears ar«j entertained as to
being able to organize a good nine. Still
water has signed seven men within a week
and is getting together a strong nine. The
people of that place aro enthusiastic upon
the subject, and are going into the matter
with a vim and energy that indicate! suc
cess. Thirteen of her citizens subscribed
$500 each within an hour and a half, and
others came forward in smaller amounts
till those interested in organizing the club
got all the money they wanted. The rules
of the league are all printed, and are very
strict. All subscribers to stock pay at the
gate the same as all outsiders. The grounds
of each club will have a turnstile so that
svery person that goes in will be counted,
and the money will all have to be account
ed for. The whole business of the club
will be bandied by business men
in a business way, and every
thing about the grounds will be conducted
in such a way that the pecuniary succe-s
of \h'. olub will be assufod. There id to be
no nonsense about the matter. Base ball
has been reduced to a bu:-ii:;e<-8 basis, and
in no other way can it hope to succeed.
It will so be conducted here as it is in the
hands t>f men who havo determined to
make it a success. The prospects now are
very flattering for a good club here in St.
Paul during the coming c ason, and one
that will give satisfaction. It can
be made to pay, cot only
expenses, but a profit, and this is just what
the managers propose to have done.
Applications will boou be made for sub
scription*, to tbe stock, and it is expected
that there will be no difficulty in placing
the stock.
Tim Trial of Criminal Cases Commences
tills .Morninjf—Judge Wi!»- -in as U«uai to
—Larceny. Cases to bo Taken Up
At 10 o'clock yesterday the petit jnry
drawn for tho criminal terra of - the dis
trict conrt answered to their names before
Judge Wiikin,when the following, against
whom indictments had been found
Wm. Adam, larceny of a $50 overcoat;
not guilty.
James Keenan, larceny of a $20 over
coat; not guilty. " '',
John Baxter, larceny of a $50 overcoat;
not guilty.
James Rinekine, for ravishing Lizzie
Gnstavson; not guilty.
John Seaverc*, Thomas Gillespie and
Patrick Flaherty, for ravishing Paulino
Gabel; not guilty.
Nick Kliuger, larceny of $20 from , per
son of Daniel Jausen; not guilty.
Wm. Eureka, larceny of an overcoat; not
Lewis Weingartner, for receiving stolen
goods; not guilty.
Lewis Young, larceny of gold watch val
ned at $40 from Charles Swanson; not
As the counsel for the prisoners were
net in trim to try any of the cases, al
though tne county attorney was ready with
four or five, the court adjourned .from 11
a. m. to 2 p. m., to Bea if witnesses could
not be got together to take up the case of
A. T. Cross, for the larceny of a coat from
Merrill Ryder, of Jackson street.
At 2 p. m. a motion mada at Saturday'^
session to quash the indictments found
against Robert Kruger and Thomas Coti
nell on some trifling technicalities was ar
gned and denied, as also a motion for a
separate trial and they bsing arraigned
pleaded not gaily. They were the parties
who robbed Jeremiah Neally at the old
market house of $110.
No cases being found ready for trial the
court thereupon adjourned to 10 a. m. this
morning, and $the first case assigned for
trial is that of A. T. Cross for larceny,
to be followed by that of Lewis Young,
Wm. Eureka, Wm. Adam and John Baxter
for the same style of crime.
Until the court gets well under way it
will be impossible to give ' the assignment
for trials except for a day in advance.
Mrs. Horace Thompson .Narrowly Escapes
Death by Taking the Wrong Medicine.
The many friends of Mrs. Horace
Thompson will be pleased to learn that
she ha 3 recovered from what almost
proved a fatal mistake or accident. The
affair which almost resulted so seriously
happened about 10 o'clock Saturday night.
For several days past the coachman em
ployed ba Mrs. Thompson has been ill with
typhoid fever, to relieve- which ha has been
taking a powerful solution of aconite and
other drugs, which was given him in great
ly diluted doses. As the medicine had to
be administered with great care, Mrs.
Thompson attended to the sufferer herself,
not being in the best of health she sought
relief in a simple preparation for the
nerves, and at the time named she pro
ceeded to take a dose of her own medicine.
Taking down the wrong bottle, she took a
quantity of the powerful medicine intend
ed for tha fever patient, in an undiluted
form. Her mistake was discovered at once
an d her sufferings were intense, at . one
time fears being entertained that she
would die. Fo»r physicians were called
in, and life and animation were restored
by means of electricity, when she soon re
cuperated from the shock. Yesterday she
was doing well.
Seal skin sacques at auction, this morning, at
Kavanagh's, 49 East Third street.
Masonic .Notice.
The annual meeting of the Minnesota Masonic
Relief Association will be held in Masonic Hall,
St. Paul, on Wednesday, Jan. 16, 1881, at 12 m.
J. C. Tebby, Secretary.
Seraethin 1 which will Bear Investigation.
It was reported la3t evening that Mre.
Fatriok Kell;, residing ou Jessamine
street, in the Sixth ward, had been
found dead ia bed nnder some
what peculiar circumstances, and
although nothing of an official
character haa been developed, it is said
that when found her nose was broken and
her face badly bruised. Mr. Kelly, the
hußband of the deceased, is a teamster in
the employ of James Cullen, and his ver
sion of the affair is that his wifa fell
against the bureau Sunday night and was
injured as before stated; that he did not
suppose her injuries were serious and that
she died sometime dnringthe night.
Another version of the affair is that the
deceased went to the wood pile Sunday
night and fell over, injuring herself as ex
plained above. One thing is certain, the
deceased was well and hearty on Sunday,
as 6be waa seen at church by a number of
her neighbors. According to th 6 informa
tion given to the Globs, as above stated, it
seems as if the case is one that calls for
MlnueaoLu JEtmerlcal Society.
The Sta'e Historoal society met in an
nual meeting last evening at the capitol.
Capt. B. Blakelay, vios pre?ident,pre3ided.
The executive counoil held a short business
meeting prior to tba assembling of tbe an
nmal session, and the following gentlemen
were elected members: Rev. M. McG.
Dana, Mr. George W. Lamson and Mr.
G. O. Robertson. The executive council
then arose, and the annual meeting was
called to order. H. P. Upham, treasurer^
read tho annual report of the finances of
the EOOiety, and Mr. Williams, the secre
tary, read a report of its general condition
and work. These repots indicate a very
gratifying condition of prosperity and
scccessinthe society. Rev. Mr. Neill
criticised the small attend
ance at the meeting and
thought more means should have been
need to get the members out. The eecre
retary said he had sent a postal card to
each member. Mr. Neill moved that an
nual meetings be held in the afternoon
hereafter, as that hour would be favorable
to a better attendance. He proposed
some further resolutions on business of
the society, en which a very entertaining
and spirited debate continued Borne time.
Among the members present were some of
our moat prominent old settlors, and past
and present officials.
' La C*na«len" A annul Sleeting.
The general annual meeting of the La
Canadien Publishing company was held
in the International hotel in St. Paul yes
terday. Of the stockholders there were
President Z. Demenle,of Minneapolis, who
was aleo the proxy of Louis Larainie, of
Minneapolis; Dr. F. J. Pinault, of Oseeo,
also representing E. Lefebvre and O. La
felliera, of Oaseo by proxy; Edward Lan
fjevin, Alfred Dufrene, L. N. Drun, T.
0. Dufrene, John St. Anbin, G. B. Sirris,
and John B. Olivier, of St. Paul. A board
of directors, consisting of seven •hare
hole' were elected as follows: Z. De
meulee, president; L. N. Dran, vice pres
ident; Dr. N.J. Pinault, secreatry; Alfred
Dufreae, treasurer; Dr. Walters, L. Lara
mio and D. Michaud. The above board
appointed A. Marrin editor, and D. Mio
baud as genoraJ mau?ger. Mr. Martin iB
a cocscjfcntious journalist of ability, bad
experience. The books showed the circula
tion of ie Canadian had reached 4,000, and
it was resolved I o increase it during the cur
rentjeai to 7,000 or 8,000. The paper is
exclusively devoted to the interests of the
FreDoh nationality, and.is printed in that
langauge, and the paid up'capital stock of
the corporation a-fge^ates $10,000.
For Sale,
At Delaney & O'Connor's. Northwestern Stock
Yards, choice fresh milch cows, springers and
pinery oxen. \
Fine fur garments at auction, at Kavanagh's,
49 Ea=t Third street, 10 o'clock this morning.
Two tags have been seized at San Francisco by
the government for landing thiny-fire cases of
brandy from the British ship Poonah.
HAKKELI—In West St .taul, January 14, of
diphtheria, Blanche, youngest child of Wil
liam and Christine Haskell, aged 4 years, 10
months and 6 days. Funeral private.
RUGG—In this city, January 13, 1884, at fami
ly residence, Lincoln ay nue near Dale, Aimira
T., wife of Gilbert P. Rugg, agedß2 years.
Funeral from residence, Tuesday, 15th inst.,
at Ip. m. Friends of the family are invited to
Bos to a, _ass., papers please oopy.
■'■■-"] II
'Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of puri
ty, strength and wholesoni-aeea. More economi
oat than tve ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold
in competition with the multitudes of low teat,
short weight, alam or phosphate powders. Sold
only in cans. Eoyal EttJOßa Powdeb Ck)., IOC
Wail street, New York.
J^tßxtmcte^wiUioa^uii^^Al^work qua
auteed. Dr.Oallum, 41 Oast 3d St.,-;C<>r.Ceda:
Law Office.
Cor. of Wabasbaw and Fourth street,
Orer Express Office , 270
m m 10$ Wont rsiird sawti '
Opposite M«tt«i Miva fio*«l
]:;■ I SEAL KB7ATX. . .' * ; *f}%
We shall have for rent in the
new Rice Building, corner Fifth
arsd Jackson street, about the
First of January,
having more space than we re
We expect to move into our
new quarters there, the first ot
the year, and shal be glad to
see our friends. "We shall be
able to offer them a chair, so
that they can study our maps,
extensive list of property, and
prices comfortably and at their
It is a trifle too gelid at this
writing to look at property, ex
cept on the map, but you can
absorb the situation to your
proved city property.
Gilfillan Bio
M Mi ana Marine Lee.
860 Jackson Street, St. Paul, Minn.
InTestments made aud taxes paid for non
toeidents. /
.» ——
(Successor to D. A. Boberteon &Co., the oldest
real estate agency in Minnesota.)
Ifo. 7 McQuillan Block cor. 3d & Wabashaw.
356 Jackson Street.
■ ( \ AftTl
Ho. 68 East Third rJtreot.
BT. PAUL, ... Mini*.
(Twelye years established in St. Paul as)
Corner Third and Robert streets, in th? Savings
Bank block, ST. PAUL, MINN.
N. B.—Special attention givoa to property and
interests of non-resident clients. . Investments
' guaranteed to not 7 per cent. Capitalists will
do well to correspond. 864
Seal Estate Agent,
KannhaJmet Block, Boom 11,
ST. PATTL. - - - MIXfN
i Scaled proposals will be received at the office
of the St. Paul Work House, 56 East Third street,
until 10 a. m., February 15th, 1884. ,
For Iron Work at Saint Paul
Work House.
Separate bids will ba received for the iron
cells, and iron work in brick cells in basement
complete, and for labor only. '
Separate bids will be received for. window
gratings, and separate bids for all stairs and iron
doors in wills leading to dining room and court.
The time of the completion of the work must be
stated in the bid.
A bond of twenty per cent, of the bid must
accompany each bid.
'Ilia Board <-f St. Paul Work House Directors
reserves the right to reject any and all bid 3.
Plats and BpecMeations can. be seen at the of
fice of E. P. Bassford, Architect, Gilfillan
block. ' ■
Bids should be addressed,
President Board of St. Paul Work House Direc
tors, 58 East Third street, St. Paul, Minn.
St. Paul, Jan. 15, 1884. 15-28 "
U f/es Ylarfl crest Et M
I respaatfnlly invite the attention of la£i«
and gentlemen to ray largo, . must complete and
ologsiit stock of new Masquerade Costtun*s, fa*
{ bails, parties, tr^c-itric^iperformances, old folkf
concerts, tablet ma, &<:.
?J.asV:s at wholesale. ■
Country psrtioe. aend for list end prices.
t> t ai^^ - ■■■■"..
£sL Garments at 'action —I will ccl 1 at auction
at my salesroom No. 49 East Third street, com
menc ng on Tuesday, January I.' th, ft 10 o'clock
a. m., about $10,000 worth cf ele ant far gar
ments, consisting of real Alaska s»>al-Jacques
and seal doi lans, otter tacqua •! and dolmans,
iberian squirrel, ernoire. civet, Frerch beaver.
Hams er, liussian hare, mink and other fur-lined
and trimmed garments; together with a largelot
of fur muffs, boas, collars, ; satchel?, etc. •. This
line; s; by fa the" finest of .this class of goods
ever brought to this section of : the count y and
should command the attention of those who de
sire to obtain really fine goods at their own
price. The goods opsn for inspection from Fri
day, January 11th, at 12 in,, until day of sale.
11-15 - "•" . '.'Auctioneer.
■,:.■/;. WARNER'/* AUCTIONS. ]
' . Morning-— the furniture in the store oc
cupied by Deitrioh & Roth, furniture dealers, No.
101 Martin street, ween Park avenue and St.
Pet^r streets," will be sold at ; auction, on Wed
nesday morning, January 16, at 10 o'clock. ;
15-17 Auctioneer.
■ Femal**.
\\J ANTED— a young lady, position as
V 1 type .writer, 1 clerk, or copyist. Good
references. Address or call, 157 West Third
street, third flex room 8. : 18-19
11 ! ANTED— by a down East girl,
»» chamber work, or second work. Second
work preferred, or general housework in a small
family. Please call at No. 496 Rice street, St.
Paul. 13-19
%»/ANI'Ep—A (Herman lauy d»»-ire8 a posi
*▼ tion as governess in a private family.
Address K. H. tilcbe office. ' , 11-17
ANTED—A situation' as coachman, by a
T T mail who thoroughly . understands the
business, has Lad long experience. Beet of refer
ences. Address Ml. Dempfiey, Globe office.
■ 339* '-. " . - ;
. ANTED—A situation by a yonng Scotch
?» Canadian, aged 19. Has been a year at
the hardware business; Ib strictly honest, will
ing and active. Any honest employment -will
be taken. Address B, Globe office. 83' i*
•"»l<»""""«jr""' ■■ ~ ....■■a— ......... t— .....
"VT7ANIED—A girl to do housework in a
TV Maall family. StS Pleaamt aye. 18*
W'ANfED — A girl who can cook and do
laundry work, at 518 Still water. 9-15
*££. ANTED— girl for general housework.
'* Apply from 2t04 p. m., at No. 227
Iglehart street. 3*
FOR REST—A. boarding house of sixteen
rooms. Will reat from now vat 1 the first
of Slay tor-Sat). No 222 Acker street. 3j5»
FOR KENT— A large house, 542 Cedar street.
Aps3y to old No. 1 L') Joaet'e st. 332
--1/ lOR KENT—House partly or wholly furn-
JT ished. Well located. Kent $45 or fSO per
month. Address, Kent, Globe office. £07*
"CK>R RENT— cottage with four rooms,
£ pantry and closets, good water and every
convenience. Apply to J. C. McCarthy, Sixth
war^ 270*
T.TiIEST —House of six rooms on Ohio
JL street. Inquire of P. B. McDonnell, grocer,
corner George and Ohio streets, birth ward.
175* . ■
ITtOB KENT—The Weber reßidenoe at White
j^ Bear Lake, furnished or unfurnished. Ap
ply at Ramaley's Pavilion, Cottage Park station,
Whit* 'wr'nk*. 18a*
T> OOMB TO BENT— to $10 a month. 227
XV Paarl street. 13-17
FOR RENI— Two furnished rooms suitable
lor light housekeeping. Two sleeping
rooms, one block from Metropolitan hotel. 120
West Fourth street, old number. 13-17
FOR RENT—Ia private family, nice furnished
JL room, with or without board; also three or
four unfurniehed rooms. Call 420 Rice street.
jjQIOR BENT—Nicely furnished front rooms in
.3/ Robertson's block, corner Fort and Sher
man streets 13-15
KOOMS FOR RENT—Two furnished rooms.
Address Lodging, Globe olfioe. So 7*
ST'OH SALE— A cheap home. Small amount |
-ii. d'.twn, balance on very easy terms. G. W.
Lore, 441 lion do avenue. 15-16
"|7^Oll SALK— A very large "Radiant Home"'
£} stove cheap. Slightly used . Buitablo for
a large store, hotel or warehouse at Walter
storff & -VToritz, 183 F.r^t Seventh rtre^t. 1 S-'^H
OOR —Soconci-hacd cigar moulds, at
i. Granhagea & Fr.y'a, corner Sixth and Ro
bert streets. ■■?.:...&■;;;/'. .8-21
Lj>Oß S-4.LE— II furnished rooms, centrally
JO located, with extra low rent. Inquire I*s
East Seventh str(3et. 4*
JUST ABHIVED—At Hill & Heating's new
barn, Seven Corners, two car loads of first
class heavy draft and driving horses. Please
give us a call and see for yourselves. Hill &
Keating. ■ 9-*2
LOTS at a bargain, at prices listed before tho
JLi boom in any and all parts of the ward.
Lawton Bros., 175 Dakota avenue. 13-19
i^OB SALE—The following desirable lots:
X. lota ooner Pleasant avenue and Sixth street;
2 lots on Rice street, between Iglehart and Til
toa streets; 10 lots in Irvine's Second addition, -
fonting on Seventh street, (end of bridge); 1%
lob in Irvine's addition to West St. Paul; also,
a well established paying business. Apply to
George W. Turnbull, 343 Exchange street, city:
"8 OTd and money to baikl on monthly pay
i^i meats. Pioneer Buildup Society, 858
Jackson strops. 126*
i IST you property for Bale and orders for
/-^purchases ■with Geo. H. Hazzard, Eaal
Estate Bad Lobe Aaant, 170 East Third Btreat,
St. PauL ■_ .HO'
CHOICE Lots on' Dayton's Bluff, cheap, for
\J sale by iticoiay & Pond, No. 70 East Third
street. 73-14
■OK t<AL!i—£3,s C0 — New seven room house
a? on St. Anth'.ny hill can be bought on very
easy terms. $600 or §700 cash. E. S. Norton,
322 Jackson street. ' ' 18-14
JFJ[hiANVXA.Z» ■■**> •>■.'••:
money loaned in rums to suit. L. D.
nod;?-, room 47, Gilfillan block. 13-20
on furniture, pianos, in residence without re
moval. E.- &F. Peters, 283 Sibley street, opuo
site Union depot. . 800*
LOANS on Life Ins Policies. L. P. Van
Norman, No. 245, Ist Aye S. Minneapolis.
TO BUY—A cheap work horsed C. E. Plum
_mer, 49 1 Selby avenne. * 15-17-1
r ANTED — Small second-hand printing
:VV press, size about 4x6. Address, stating
size and price. F. Monroe, postofiice, city. 15
WANTED We want men and women every-
TT where, to sell our Diamonds," No previous
experience necessary. For particulars address
W AKLEY & BURNETT, 237 Vii.e street, Cin
cinnatl. 15-45
JT?T AAH •'-' Practical Plumber and
• J"^ JLiU\JI> sGass Gas Fitter, 337 Seiby
aye., iiearWe&tern. Jobbii promptly attended to.
..; .■.--■ . -,--. 13-20 .*■:■:■: •*"" '. .--^
\ ¥ ". ILL call any one at any hour of the morn-
Vy ing in the vicinity of,my beat. (Third
street). Fees reasonable. G. M. Fisher, Mer
chants' police. : : 13-15
t~TuULEN'S LIVERY, JSos. 23'aad-25 West
\J Fourth street —The " finest vehicles of : all
kinds in the Northwest. Coachmen * with or
without livery; a competent agent to attend car
riages at parties, opera, weddings, etc.; a first
class colored man, Bruce Bryant, to attend door
at parties and receptions. Invitations delivered
with promptness and dispatch. K. P. Cullen.
■ 8-98
FIRST CLASS day board at International
Hotel, corner Seventh and Jackson streets.
$4.50 per week. . . - 354-8t
FOR SALE OB BENT— scree, vats mile
from -jostoffice; best stone quarry in Bice
county. I furnish all stone for state instil
tions, Shattuck schools, St. Mary's Hall and all
public buildings, located here.- patent lime kiln,
four, dwellings, one st ne, one frame barn, one
st ne barn connected w th blacksmith shop, etc.
Twont -five acres, sontaining the quarry and im
prov ments, will be sold or rented separately, if
desired . Reason ': for ] selling—old aga and poor
ilth. Apply to Philip , Cromer, .; Faxibault.
Minn. IS9*
Pawnbroker & Jeweler,
41 Jackson St., Opposite the Merchants Hotel.
An Immense Stock of FORFEITED t'LKDGF for flaif Their ralue,
consistititfi7tp<trt of the folli>wi
Gentlemen's Gold Watches, Ladies' Gold Watches, Silver Watches of all makea an immense
stock of Jewelry, Diamonds in Solitaire Eardrop-. Rings, Veil Pins; Sleeve Buttons'and Bracelet*
Studs, Co! Buttons and Scarf Pins, Crosses and D; am<md Brooches, Gold Uhal ». Braceletß and
Bangles, Music Boxps, Musical Instruments, Gold-Headed Ca-es, Sterling Silver Knives Forks
and Spoons, Opera Glasses, Silverware, Clocits Breech and Mazzle-I ,<>-.■ li-.'..» Gnns, Rifles and Be
volvere, and Noveltieg. Goods sent C. O. D., with privilege of examination. Send for Catalosue
and Price List.
Watch Repairing, Diamond Setting and Engraving.
■ x\© 89 EAST TRll?is SIRELT,
iriSlll \V' il iMI 1 N AT ai \\\\r\
Ist. Paul Agency for BURT'S, GRAY'S,
I HEYWOLD'S, and Many Others.
I (T^° Mail aiders promptly filled.
'"w long since established ita cl arizna Jo public favor and has now fir.tereil upon Its ltsth year nux*
th* most favorable «i:3pice3. Scad tor car&iogue glvicvfr'O parttenlan. Cor. 8d and Jackooc.
*F. * . FADDIS Principal.
Jb lUS±; *tA 1 i a JKJ ■ ~~~
ifiPll &|lip¥^liimriSW
PUllljflll % lAllfel, SLMBiiB,
//*..■.■■' ■■' HTAVIMKD SOAi.i-H.
.ft .£jw_i. X\jl3jlX—LN JL ■■ J.i v/ xj.' Jt-i • iij
<J AX,HI B v I -■> D M 1 LLS.

fiiiaßAMg, mm & co., • 371»
AJIL/rvJlij a f?jjff.r*; Cf Yv JuL riJjU&i>.£t.ijj(i t x> .. . trfiju«i,
WAiO),H.I.LL & McOIuKLA^^jS:
Stationary, Druggists' Sundries and Toys,
We also have the solo control of the merchandise constituting the stock of 'ha T. 8. WHITE
STATIONERY COMPANY, which must be told to close their business. We duvon* an tiro duo
of our new store 407 Bibley stieet, to its display and offer yon Ff>inf> hie bargains. \\\ and ccc no
V V I^OH/lA Fliu\ KJ3*
ittewisSii 3; Artists i in is i fit,
I know of none superior to the Web* r and ticne that ocn coin
pete with them for curability.Teresa Ourreno.
The tone of the Weber Piano is so sweet, rials and > 'apathetic,
yet so full, that I shall always rank you an the greatest manufau*
carer of the —Emma Thuraby.
Webor Pianos excel all others in volume of ton& »nd in to wot
of oxpr-osaion.—S. Liebling.
There are no Pianos in She world that aus..p«in tha voice like th*
Wober.—Emma Abbott,
E. O. MUNGER, Agent, St Paul.
H«nd f rir r.ni.Tjoput.n.
James McMillan & Co.,
Proprietors of the
109 flnt Aui-ni). So ...1. illX^K l MM.I-, (INN*.
ShicinQnts solicited; Writ(» f<w «iTTilam.
Pupil of th* eminent pianist, and teacher, S.
B. Mills, of New York, and for several years a
teacher in well known educational institutions,
and of private classes, most respectfully tenders
his services to those d^iring a thoroughly com
petent, experienced and conscientious teacher.
Twenty lessons (one/hour) ..; $40 OfO
Twenty lessons (half hour) 25 000
Orders may be left at my studio, over R. C.
]\Tnn£ror'oTyv.«;- l >.. . »«•. MR
File Tai'ii,
General Druggist
Is settled in his elegant New Store
Corner Nina ana Saint Peter streets,
Where can be found the finest and best of Drags,
Perfumery, Toilet Articles, * Patent . Medicines,
etc.* Also, l all. kinds of Garden and Flower
Seeds in their season.."
. ■..■•■■;-, :-.'■■.•;•■. ?; •'• , .v.*'?;-.
iUfciMKSS KlQLLlLbkb.
[Establifhed 1350. J
Manufacturers of Furniture. Lire Gaeae Feath
,,- ■
Funeral Directors." 'Sole Agents for Metallic
Burial Caskets and. Cases, Cluth and Wood
Corner Third and Minnesota Sta
Fall Weight and Heasore Guaranteed by
nif if a vpiMPr
41 East Third street, Established in 1864.
At bottom pricoe. Orate and egg $9.75, stove
#10; Nut $10, Briar Hill, $8.50. All grade«
of fresh mined bituminous coal at equally low
prices. Maple, 16; Birch sad Oak. 14 75,
Mixed, $3.75; Basswood, $3; Dry Pine Slabs, $8.
The annual meeting of the Stockholders of the
Saint Paul Gas Light Company, will be held at
their office, No. 180 East Third street, on Wed
nesday, the 16th day of January, at 10 o'clock,
a. m., for the purpose of electing three Direc
tors for the ensuing year and to transact such
other business as may ci>mn before them.
A. J. GOP^UICH, Secretary.
.. December 25,1888 2C-des

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