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tiop.ning bepoet.
• K»'a Yon?., Pb. 2.— a. m.—Stocks
booming this morning. Leading chares in brisk
demand, especially Western Union Telegraph,
Missouri Pacific, anger and Trunk line shares.
There was good baying for out of town account
and prices advanced J^@lJ^ per cent., Union
Pacific being up to 81%, Western Union Tele
graph to ~il%, Missouri Pacific to 91%, Chicago
& Northwestern to 12<.>i£.
AyxsasooK ekfo3t.
Money easy at I>£@2 per cent. Prime
mercantile papa? [email protected]>£ per cent. Bf.r ailTer,
$1.11%. Sterling exchange firm at $1.85%
long, $4.88 eight.
Loan", increase $4,855,200
Specie, increase 1,040,000
Legal tenders, increase 73,900
Deposits, increase 5,177,200
Circulation, decrease €5,800
Resarve, decrease 180,400
The banks now hold $19,298,375 in excess of
le . al requirements.
Governments Steady.
State Bonds—Qu et.
Bonds—Railroad bands strong and higher;
Texas Pacific, Rio Grande division, up to 12%.
Stocky—Continue buoyant, with occasional
reactions, during the past hour, but eaoh decline
brought fresh buying orders. Louisville & Nash
ville sold at 50. New York Central lent at 1-64,
Union Pacific, New Jersey Central and Northern
Pacific preferred flat at 1-64 and Louisville &
Nashville 8-{*[email protected]}£ per cent, per diem for use.
At 3 p. in. railway bonds were strong except for
New York, West Shore & Buffalo fives, which
•were weak and pressed for sale at 51}^@513^.
Stocks buoyant after midday. Wabash, St.
Louis & Pacific preferred ros9 to SOJi', Michigan
Central to 94 M and Delaware, Lackawanna &
Western to 128%. In the afternoon the high
prices invited sales to 1 ealize and a reaction of
3^@l per cent, took place. The market closed
The Post's financial article says: It is now
generally understood that Mr. Gould, Vanderbilt
and some others have been, and are yet, buying
the stocks of their several specialties. Their
following increases gradually from day to day
and some of it now comes from the outside pub
lic of other cities. If the present manipulators
of the market keep up the pressure another
•week will compel the covering of these shorts
and give the general market an important life
toward a higher average range of prices.
Morning Board Quotations.
Threeof 100>£ Fours ooupons... 123%
AH do 114,? 8 Pacific6Bo?'SsJ.l2B
Adams Ea:pr*:e.. 128 X Ma. Pacific...,., 91%
Allegheny Gout.. 12 Mobil adc 0ni0... 9
Alton &T. .... 48 Morris & Essex. . 124
do preferred!.. 93 N., C. & St. L. .. 52
American 97 N. J. Central.... 87%
8., P. &\V Eorth'n Pacific. 22%
8., C. H. & Nt.*. 78 do preferred... 483|
Canada Southern: 54% Horthwestom....ll9Jj|
O.C. &I.C ... do preferred... 146)|
CentralPacifia .. G4}£ 3. Y. Central... 115>£
Cheaapoake&G.. 14% H. V., C. & St. L. 9
do Ist prof A... 20 do preferred*. . 20
do 3d pref'd... i(i>.j Ohio Central 3
Chicago A Alt... 189 Ohio & Miss 22%
do preferred!. .14i do preferred ... 00
C., B. &Q 123>£ Ontario &Wost.. llj^
C., St. L..AN. O. 88 Pacific Mail 46>£
C, S. &CleTe.... 85 Penaoia G8
Cleroland &Col. 63 Peorio, D. & E.. 15
Delaware & H.. .108 Pittsburg .. o 188%
Del & Lack 122^ Beading 54%
Denver &a. G... 21 Bock Island 118%
Erie 27& St. L. &S. P.... 20%
do preferred... 68^ do preferred ... 88
fort Wayne 182}$ do Ist pref'd... 85
Han. & St. Jon. SB>£ MiL & St. Paul... 91%
do arted*.. 88 do prof erred... 118%
Harl3in 193 St. Paul & Man.. 94
Houston it Tex.. 44 St. Paul & O'ha.. 38
Illinois Central.. 187 doerred... 94
Ind., H. & Wast., 18J£ Texas Pacific.... 20%
Eans»3& Texas.. 21% Union Pacific.... 80%
Lake Erie AW... 19% United States.... 58
ItfikoShora 100% *7ab.,St.L. &P.. 17^
L'viUd& Nosh... 49% do preferred... 29
L., N. A. & C ... 27 V7ellfi & Fargo. . .103
M. &C. Istpfd.. 10 vyaet.UnwaT. t . 77%
doadpraf'dt.. 5 Qaicksilvor „.... 4
Memphis &'C 86 do pref... 29%
Mich. Central..., 92% Pullman Pal. Car.
Mina'a&GLL... 16 0., St. L. & Pitta 9
do preferred... 33 do preferred. 25
•Asked. ißid. JOffarod. jjEz. int. §Az.
M*B»y easy at IM*s2 per cent. Primo mercan
tile paper [email protected]% per cent, sterling exenaege,
bankers' bills firm at $4.85%; do. ex, demand
Bonds—Railroad bonds strong and in active
demand; Chesapeake & Ohio currency sixes were
conspicuous for an advance of nearly 2 per cent.,
selling up to 50%. Cleveland & Pittsburg sink
ing funds rose 1 per cent, to 124, Denver & Rio
Grande consols 1% to 85%, New York, Lake
Erie & Western new second consols 1 to [email protected]%,
Nickel Plate firsts % to 10, New York City &
Northern genera's 3 to 35, Now Orleans Pacific
firsts 1 to 81, Chicago & Northwestern registered
gold savens 1% to 12,V.^', Ohio Central firsts 1%
to 62>._', Texas Pacific incomes 1% to [email protected]%,
do Rio Grande division 1 to 73.
State Securities—Steady.
Stocks —Not sisco October last have the sales
at the Stock Exchange reached the total attained
to-day, 635,807 shares having changed hands
from the opening until tha close of business.
The tendency of prices was upward, the reac
tions which occurred at intervals having in
variably brought in buyers and caused rapid re
coveries. The bulls were in full control and
wero materially assisted by a largo increase in
the number of out of town orders and by pur
chases to cover short contracts. The smaller
bears have generally covered and are now en
listed on the bull side, but the large bears are
still heavily short, as tho borrowing rates for
stocks plainly indicate to-day. Oregon Naviga
tion commanded % per cent, par diem for use, !
Louisville & Nashviilo 1-G4 and Northern Pacific
preferred, New York Central and Philadelphia &
Reading 1-S4. Canadian Pacific, St. Paul, Min
neapolis & Manitoba and New York Central !
lent flat. 'Iho activity and excitement surpassed
anything witnessed at the Stock Exchange for a
long time and the dealings in some of the lead
ing shares were on an oaormous scale, Union
Pacific leading with 129,000 shares, an unusuaily
large total for any stock. The advance ranged
from %@3 per cent, and extended throughout
the entire list. The great features of the market
were Union Pacific, Western Union Telegraph,
Missouri Pacific, Chicago, Milwaukee &St Paul,
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western, Lake Shore
and the low-priced Southwestern shares. The
rise was started under tho leadership of Union I
Pacific, which advanced fr*.m 79% to 82. As
the buying movement in this stock progressed it
"was discovered the supply was smaller than an
ticipated, and this grfatly assisted the advance.
Western Union Telegraph followed closely after
Union Pacific and rose from 16% to 77% on a
business of over 50,000 shares. The movement
in this stock to-day developed the fact that the
recent attacks on it from the officials of oppo
sition companies have created very heavy short
interests wnich are yet to be covered. Missouri
Pacific also advanced sharply, selling up from
91% to 92% and closed at the highest point of
the day. The attempt of the bears to cover in
this stock did not moot with much tuccess. The
market ran away from them. The dealings in
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul and Delaware,
Lackawanna & Western we»e large at steadily
advancing prices, the former rising from 90%
to 92 and the latter from 121% to 128%. Sev
eral prominent bears were twisted on these two
stocks to-day. Lake Shore was another leading
feature of speculation, rising from 99% to
101%. with considerable buying for Vanderbilt
account. Northern Pacifies were more active
and higher, common advancing from 22% to
23% and preferred from 47 X to 49%. Oregon
Transcontinental sold up to 25. In sympathy
the low-pricud Southwestern shares exhibited
more animation and strength than for months
.pa?t. Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific rose to 18%,
preferred to 80%, Missouri, Kansas & Texas to
22% and Texas Pacific to 21%. Louisville &
Nashville was strong and advanced to 50, with a
difference of %%% per cent, between cash and
regular stock. Chicago & Northwestern rose to
120^, Chicago, Burlington & Qtdncy to 124%,
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha to 33
and do preferred to 95. Canadian Pacific and
Pacific Mail advanced to £5% and 46% respect
ively, tho rise in the former being duo to ship
ments of that stock to London, which has re
duced the supply here to a very small amount,
and in the latter to the increased freight busi
nets, an extra steamer having been sent out this
week. Michigan Central rose to 94 i£ and re
acted to 92%. Late in the afternoon there was
a action of /i®\ x per cent., owing to sales to
realize by tho smaller class of oparators and
roo n traders who usually close out Saturday on
a bull market, but in the final transactions there
was a rally and speculation closed very fir at with
many shares close on to the highest point. As
compared with last night's closing prices are %
@2% por cent, higher, Chesapeake & Ohio being
a feature and rising to 26% for first preferred
and to 14% for common, Minneapolis & St. Lotus
Ito 17, Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis 1 to
53, New York, Lake Erie & Western preferred
1% to 69%, Oregon Navigation 4 to 95, New-
York, Susquehanna & Western %to b%, Bank
ers' & Merchants' Telegraph % to 124%, In
diana, Bloomington & Western % to 18% and
Lake Erie & Western 1% to 19%. Texas Land
scrip ros-3 2% per cent, to 57%. Ni w York,
West Shore & Buffalo fives weak and lower, sell
ing down from 53% to 51%@51%. The sales
of stocks for the week aggregated 2,894,283
shares; increase, 266,509. The sales to-day,
686,000 shares, represent nearly $400,000,000.
Granger stocks were favorably affected by a re
port that at the- meeting in Chitago on Monday
a proposition would be submitted by Clark, of
the Union Pacific, which it was understood the
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy would in all prob
ability accept.
Mail and Express: The great strength of the
market is due not only to the wealth and brains
of the street now solidly arrayed on the bull
bide, but also to the many signs of improvement
outside of Wall street.
Evening Post: The course of the market has
indicated strength not heretofore apparent for a
good many months. The loading causes of this
improvement in prices are, first, superabundance
of money seeking some employment; next,
the recovery of confidence incident to the belief
that there are not likely to be any morel such
unfavorable developments as those of the last
two months in West Shore, New York & New
England, Northern Pacific, etc.; and lastly, tho
expectation that the troubles in railroad pools
are in a fair way for settlement.
The transactions aggregate 68fl,Wfl shares;
Canada Southern 9,000; Central Pacific IU.OuU;
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western 67,000; Den
ver & Kio Grande 7,000; New York, Lake Erie &
Western 23,000: Kansas & Texas 12,000; Lake
Shore 46,000; Louisville & Nashville 19,000;
Missouri Pacific 24,000; Michigan Central 5,<4)0;
Chicago & Northwestern 24,000; New York Cen
tral 13,000; Northern Pacific 89,000; Pacific
Mail 6,000; Philadelphia & Reading 29,000;
Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul 90,000; Texas
Pacific 20,000; Union Pacific 129,000; Western
Union Telegraph 52,000; Oregon Transconti
nental 24,000; Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific 6,000;
Canadian Pacific 5,000.
The mining market is dull and steady bat with
out any special feature. Bulwer aold at 185 eg
100, Iron Silver [email protected], Little Chiof 45, Grand
Prize 25, Tioka 25, Sonora 09, Robinson 38,
Maryland Coal 13% and Climax 05. The after
noon volume of business in mining shares was
very small. Horn Silver 6old at 7%, Sutro 17,
Little Chief 45, Barcelona 14, Green Moun
tain 200, Hall Anderson [email protected], and Iron
Silver 200.
Afternoon, i-ioai-o. quotations.
Stocks and bonds closed at th 9 following
pricoa bid:
Ibreaper cents..loo% Fours dc 123%
4% coupons 114% Pacific 63 of '95. .129
STATE fiO»l>,'j'.
fa. oonivile 78 Tena.Ba.nßW.... 37%
Bliaacuii 6s 101 Virginia (is 40
ft. Jos 110 Consols^ 41
E\jnn, 6a, 01d.... 88 Deforced 8
C. P. Bomb, l6t. .111% U. P. lan* grant. 108%
Brieoaconde..... 92% Sinking fund.... 117%
Lahigh &V/Y...104 Tax. P. grant B. 44%
St. P. &8. C. Ist .116i< do Bio Q. div. 73
O. P. Bonds, lot. 114
Adams Esprass... 128 2Ji6oouriPacific, 92%
Allegheny Cent.. 12 Mobile & Ohio 91%
Alton &T. H.... 49 Morris 4 Esses % . 123%
do preferred... 91 N., C. & St. L... si%
Araericen 100 H. J. Central.... 87%
8., C. E. & .... 75 Kerf oik 4W. pf.. 88
Canadian Pacific. 55 Northern Pacific. 22%
Canada South'n.. si>% do preferred... 48%
C.,0. &I. C... .... - Korthw&stßrn....l2o
Central Paoifif §.. 64% do preferred.. .146%
Chesapeake & 0.. 14% H. Y. Central.... 115%
do lstprefd.. 26% Ohio Central.... 2%
.do2dprefd... 17 Ohio & Miss 22
Chicago & Alt... 140 do preferred. 90
do preferred... 150 Ontario & West. 11
C.,8. &Q 124 Oregon Trans.... 24%
C, St. L. &N. 0 83 Pacific Mail 46%
G. St. L. & Pitts. 9 Panama 98
do preferred.. 25 Peoria, D. &E. 16%
C. 8. & Ciev.... 35 Pittoburg 128%
Cleveland & Col.. 63% Pullman PaL. Csrll2%
Delaware & E.. .105% Beading 55%
Bel. Lack.;... 12334 Book Island 118%
Denver &B. G... 21% St. L. & St. F... 21
Erie.... 27% do preferred... 40%
do preferred... 69 do let prof d... 86%
East T.. V. & G., 6% MU. & St. Paul., »1%
do preferred... 18 do preferred... 116%
Fjit; \Y:iyiie ISjB% St. Paul & Mac.. S3>^
H-:m. & St. Joe... £8% St. Paul & OmV. 52%
do preferred*.. 88% do preferred... 94%
Harlem 193 Toxas Pacific.... 21
JAonston & Ten.. 4* Union Pacific... 81
Illinois Centra!... 38% United Ststea,.,. 58%
Ind.. B. & West.. 18 W., St. L. & P... 18
Kaneas &Tei33.. 21% do preferred... 23%
Lake Erie & W.. 19 Wolls i Fargo... 108
Eaka Shore 100% Western U. T.... 76%
Loaißvill3&N... 45% Somestaka 9
L.,K.A.<5;C.... 26 Iron Silver 200
fcl.&O. lßtpfd.. 10 Ontario 29
do2dprofd... 5 Quicksilver , 5%
Memphis fcC 86% do prof erred... 31
Mich. Cajtral... 92% South. Pacific
Minn's & Si. L.,. 16% siiatro „17
do. proferwd.. 84
*ABk^. ......No sales. {Offered. TJEi, mats
coup. SEi. div. |Ex. int.
On 'Cliaueo.
St . Paul, Feb. 2. —Wheat at the Board of Trade
was unchanged this morning, and neglected.
Several samples wero shown—one of No. 2
hard, fo^ which 93c -was bid: A sample of
frosted was shown and 60c offered. Sellers held
for more money. Corn advanced a shade.
No. 2, yellow, was asked for at 58c; 2 cars re
jected were sold from sample at 42c. Several
samples of oats ware shown; on 9of No. 3, white,
for which 32c was bid, but seller held for lc ad
ditional; 3 cars oats were sold p. t. A sample
of good barley, but off color, received no offers.
Ground feed was quiet; one car was sold
at 20.00. Hay continues weak; a cor sold for
$6.50, represents the market. There was noth
ing d.»ne in butters. Live hogs were neglected.
Egs?3 wore stiff at Friday's quotations. Fol
lowing is the state of the maket at the call.
Wheat—No. 1 hard, 98c bid, March $1.00
bid; May $1.08 asked; No. 1 regular 90 bid-
No. 2 hardOCc bid.
Cobs—No. 2, 51c bid, 58c asked; March
50 bid, 37 asked; May 52c bid, 67c asked; No.
3, 400 bid; mew mixed, 48 asked; rejected, 47
Oats—No. 2 mixed, 81 Xc bid, 82}£c asked;
March, 32c bid; April, 83c bid; May, Sic bid;
36c asked; No. 2 white, 82c bid; No. 8, Sic
BarXiET—No. 2, 580 bid; No. S extra, 4Gc
bid; No. ?, 87c bid.
Rye—No. 2, 50c bid.
Ground Feed—sl9.soask9d.
Cobn Meal/— $20.00 asked; bolted, $23.00
Bean—Sacked, $12.50 bid.
Baled Hay— $6.50 asked.
Timothy Hay—s9.so asked.
Live Hogs— $5 bid.
Dhessed Hogs—s6.6o bid; $7 asked.
Flax Seed—sl.Bo bid
Timothy Seed—sl.lo bid.
Cloveu Beed—ss.sl> bid;.,s6.£o asked.
Potatoes—42c asked.
Eggs—3".'c bid; 85c asked.
Mess Pork—sls bid.
Laud— $3.75 bid, $9 asked.
The following table gives the principal
quotations at the call February 2, of last
year and '84:
Pbodt;cz. 1883. 1884. ]
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked, j
Wheat No.I hard $1 11 113 98 .... i
" " March. .... 114 100 .... i
" " April 1 16 !
" " May... 118 .... iOS i
" " regular 105 .... 90
" No. 2 hard. 106 .... 93 ....
M No. 2 regular 100 .... 85 ....
Corn, No. 2..... 45 50 51 53 1
" new mixed 46 .... 48
Oats. N0.2 mixed 38 39 313^ 82%
"'March 33
" April 33
" May 84 36
" No. 2 white 40 32
" " 3 " 31 ' ....
Barley No. 2.. 70 .... 58 '.'.I!
" " 3 ex 57 .... 46
" " 3... 48 .... 87
Rye No. 2.... 53 .... 50 ....•
Ground Feed.. 19 10 20 00 .... 19 50
Corn Meal.... 17 00 19 1.0 .... 20 00
.Bran, sacked... 900 10 00 12 50 ....
Baled Hay 8 50 9 00 6 50
Dressed Hogs. 725 740 €60 7CO
Receipts and Shißmests ,
Receipts and shipments of grain, live stocfc,
produce, merchandise, etc., for the, twenty-four
hours ending Feb. 2, 1884:
Articles. iiee'd Bh'd Articles. Beo'dSh'd
Wheat 7 6 Wood 82 ..
Com 1 ..Oil 1
Oata 1 ..Paint
Barley 2 .. Merchandiea ... 53 88
Bye 1 ..Piles gl ..
Zlax 4 4 Barrel stock
Flour Brick 6 I
Corn meal 5 Cement
Feed 2 .. lAms
Bran 1 ..Stone 2 ..
Linseed meal & Pig iron 6 4
oil cake I. it iron & rails. 2 ..
Hay 12 2 tvailroad ties-.*. .. 5
Potatoes .. .. Agr'l implm'ts. 1 ..
Wool Beef
Cattle 1 Machinery
Horses ix, muies Hams
Hogs...; Emgr't mVbles .. ..
Sheep 1 Fish
Fork Fresh Meat
Hides .. Eggs
Lumber 59 14 Bullion
Coal 40 2 Sundries 26 10
Total rec'pts, 810 cars: shipments 138 care.
Among the Commission Men.
The wholesale produce market is very quiet
and prices about the same as on Friday except
ing rye flour which is 25c lower; and buckwheat
which is slow and lower, the season having
nearly expired, it is now quoted at $7. Batter
is slow; beans dull; bacon and dried' meats
quiet; cheese inactive; dresed meats buiet and
steady; egß3 stiff and rising; flour dull; fruits
quiet, nuts in fair domain]; furs and hides
steady; honey qaiot; poultry firm. Following
are prices current:
Butter—Receipts liberal; grease, sc; pecking
stock off flavor, [email protected]; store packed [email protected]%;
dairy, common to fair, [email protected]; choice [email protected];
creamery, [email protected]@40c.
Beans—Common, $1©1.25; medium, [email protected]
1.75; navy [email protected]
Bacon and —Long clear bacon, B%@9c;
short clear, lOJ^c; shoulders, 9%c; hams, 12©
12Kc; dry salt, [email protected]
—Skim, [email protected]; part cream, [email protected]; full
cream old, [email protected]%c. full cream fall made, 13%
Dressed Meats— country dressed, 5%@
63>£c; city dressed, [email protected]%c; mutton, country
dressed, [email protected]; city dressed, [email protected]%c; Teal, [email protected]
Eaas—lce house and pickled, [email protected]; strict
ly fresh, [email protected] and very scarce.
Floub—Patents [email protected]|;6.50; fancy brands.
[email protected] higher; straight [email protected]; Bakers'
XXXX 4.20(a;5.00; low grades $3®s4: Rye flour
[email protected] per barrel; graham [email protected] per
barrel; buckwheat flour, [email protected]
Feuits—Apples, [email protected]; peddlers' stock
[email protected]; pears, Easter Burre, [email protected] per
box; Winter Wells [email protected]; oranges, Valencia,
[email protected] case; Messinas $4.00; Messina
and Palermo lemons, [email protected],50; Cranberries,
[email protected]; Malagagrapes, 50 lb., [email protected];
Figs, now, 16c, 18c, 20c per lb.; dates, black
in frails [email protected], fard in boxes, 12c per lb..
Nuts —Hickory, large, $1.50; small, $2.00;
walnuts, 15c; almonds, [email protected]; Barcelona ha
zel, (filberts) 14c; pecans, [email protected]; Brazil, 14c;
peanuts, [email protected]
Fubs— [email protected]; coon, [email protected]; lynx,
[email protected]; musk rat, winter 10c, spring l'2c;
kitts, [email protected]; red fox, [email protected]; kitts, [email protected];
silver fox, [email protected], cross [email protected]; otter
[email protected]; fisher, [email protected]; skunk, [email protected];
badger, [email protected]; wild cat, [email protected]; house cat,
[email protected]; marten, [email protected]; wolverine, [email protected]
5.00; wolf, [email protected]; prairie wolf, [email protected];
bear, [email protected]; cubs, [email protected]; beaver,
Lake Superior, [email protected] per lb., Hudson bay,
[email protected] lb., Dakota, [email protected] per lb.
—Dry, [email protected]; green, salted, 7%c:
green, 6%c; calf, dry, 16c, green 12c; deer, dry,
[email protected]; antelope, [email protected]; elk, [email protected]; buffalo,
[email protected]
Wooir-Unwashed, [email protected]; washed, [email protected]
Honey— clover, [email protected] lb; buckwheat,
[email protected] lb.
Hops—Washington Territory, 28c; New York,
Poultby—Chickens, drssaed. [email protected] per lb;
turkeys, dressed, [email protected]; ducks and geese,
[email protected] These prices are for choice birds dry
picked: scalliwags sell for what they are worth.
Roots—(Medicinal) ginseng, [email protected]; sen
eca snake root, [email protected] per lb.
St. Paul Live Stock.
Saturday is seldom a busy day at the stock
yards, but yesterday vct:s unusually quiet even
for the last day of the week. Cattle of all kinds
r.r 3 scarce; there was not a single hoof at the
union stock yards on sale'and the supply in
sight is light, while the demand for good butch
ers' stock is brisk. Good mutton sheep are
wanted, and live hogs are sought after. The fol
lowing prices show the present state of the mar
ket: Rough mixed cattl3 [email protected]%c; fair
mixed B%@<c; fair steers 4>^@
4%c; good steers [email protected]; prime
| steers s*[email protected]%. Hogs, heavy 5%@6c; 'medium
5&@5&o; light 4%@5c. Sheep 4>£@4%c;
calves [email protected]
.Family Retail Market.
Bbead and Flour —Wheat bread 5c per lb
rye bread, 5c perlb; Vienna bread, 10c per loaf;
flour, 4c per lb.
Bcttek—Farm house, [email protected] per lb; cook
ing, 12H'@20c.
Chkese—l23^@[email protected]: Swiss, [email protected]
Coffee—Green Rio, [email protected] for $1; Java
(cresn) [email protected] for $1; Rio roast. [email protected]
@[email protected] for $1; Java roast, 85c per lb, 81be
for $I; Moca, same as Java.
Eggs—Case eggs, 35c.
Fktjits—Apples 50c psck; crabs 50c peck; Cal
ifornia grapes 25c lb; Catawba 60c basket; or
anges [email protected] doz.; cranberries 123^c quart.
Meats—Sirloin steak 15c; porter house 18c;
roasts 15c; corned [email protected],10c; naitton and veal 15c;
for chops and roasts, t^rklOcj pork saueagas
10c; bolognas l2Xc
PouLntY. AND game—Turkeys [email protected] per lb;
chickens [email protected]; geese 14^15c; ducks [email protected]
15c: pheasants and grouse 75c pair, wild duck
COc pair; squirrels 25c pair.
Sugars—Granulated 11 lbs for 1.00; Stand-;
ard A 113^ lbs for 1.00; extra C 12 lbs for 1,00
yellow C 12% lbs for 1.00.
Tea —Gunpowders 50590 c; Japan from 25 to
70e; Oolong 40 to 90o; Young Hyson 50, 80, 90c.
Vegeiables—Beans, dry 15c quart; beets 75c
bushel; carrots 75c bushel; cabbage 10, 15, 25c
each; celery 50c doz.; horse radish 15c lb; leeks
50c doz.; onions 75c fcnshel; parsley 15c bunch;
peas, dry 15c quart; parsnips 1.00 bushel; ruta
bagns COc bushel; Baurkxant 15c quart; potatoes
5 >@60c bushel; turnips 60c bushel; lettuce 8
for 25c; radishes 8 bunches for lCc.
BtaK —7o quart; cream 60c quart.
C. T. YERKES, JR., & CO..
13 Gilfillan Block, St.Paui,Minn.
N. W. Cor. La Salle & Madison Sis., Chicago.
305§Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
Bought and cold for cash or carried on margins.
We have raieorpßoswl facilities for dealing for
i oar cuatoraeTß In the New York, Philadelphia and
i Chicago Stock Exchanges and on the Chicago
Botiid of Trade and Call Board. Special telegraph
wires in our o!3ce. ;E» M. CANNON Manager.
IP. T. OLDS &i CO.,
New Tacozna, - - W. T.
InTostiiiC-Ets made in city and farm property,
timber-i-.i .;06!lands. Buildings erected. Loans
negotiated, liente collected. Taxes paid, etc.
Tho building department will be in charge of a
competent and reliable architect.
Referrals: Bsnks of New Tacoma and Boch
eeier, ilinn. Correspondence solicited.
Sooai 4, Jlflnnheimer Building, Southeast corrar
Third and Minnesota streets. Direct i?ire to
Chicago and . Milwaukee Hoards of Trade.-.
(Operator in our office.)
St. Paul, Saturday, Feb. 2, 1884.
Following is to-day'a range of prices on the
Milwaukee and Chicago boards:
o k o a t* o q
rg :I i i ! i s I a
*i I 9- a if
t « « f * ?l i
February... 91& 91 I 91Ml 90% 91% 105>£
March 82}£i 91% 92% 91% 92% 106&
May 98% 97% 98>$ 97^ 112^
February.. 91% 91^ 92 j Sl% 91d106
March 92% 92>|! 92% 92# 92% 1C6%
May 98>£ 9834' i 98% 98^ 98^ 113^
Judo 100^ 99% 100^ \ 99% 100% 114
| I I
Corn —
February... 68X &X 53 523^ 62% 55^
March 54 58& bß^[ 58^ 58J^ 56%
May 58% 58% 58% 58^ 58% 58%
March..... 32% 82% 82% 82% 32%' 88%
May 87 86% 87 86% 36% 40%
March 16.85 16.30 16.75 16.80 16.70 8.55
May 16.62 16.65 17.02 16.65 16.97 18.82
Marck j 9.15 9.20 9.35 9.26 9 35 11.47
May 9.40 9.45 9.57 9.45 9.57 11.70
Receipts, bhipmentij.
bushels. bushels,
Chicago—Flour, bbl3 12,686 12,830
" Wheat 83,454 14,079
" Corn 228,773 107,417
•' Oats 110,374 70,563
" Hothead 7,000
SUlwan&se Produce Market;.
Milwaukee, Feb. 2.Flour dull and un
changed. Wheat quiet and steady; No. 2
91}£c; February 91% c; March 92 %c; April
93)£c; May 98^c Corn scarce; No. 2 52% c.
Oats ecarco and firmer; No. 2 82% c. liye
firmer; No. 1 69c; No. 2 56c. Barley higher
end in fair demand; No. 2 59><@59%c; extra
No. 8 523*2 c bid. Provisions higher; mesa
pork 16.7U cash and February; 17.00 May.
Lard, prime steam, 9.37 cash and February;
9.57 May. Sweet pickled hams firm at 11 ££
@ll%c. Live hogs firm at [email protected]; dressed
hogs scarce at [email protected] Butter quiet.
Cheese quiet. Eggs scarce and firm.
Rece pte, 7,392 barrels of flour; 10,018 ,bushels
of wheat; 26,437 bushels of barley. Shipments,
5,035 barrels of flour; 3,125 bushels of. wheat;
20,700 bushels of barley.
Chicago £»roaac<a MjTlre:.
Chicago, Feb. 2.—Flour dull and un
changed; good to choice winter 4.75g560; soft
spring wheat [email protected]; Minnesota bakers' 4.50
5.25; patents 5. [email protected]<».25; rye flour [email protected];
buckwheat flour [email protected] Wheat active
and a shade higher; opened easier and %c lower,
later rallied, became strong, advanced %@lc,
and closed • J^c above yesterday;
sales ranged: February 91J^@32)^c, closed at
91% c; March 92}£@93c, closed at 92% c; May
[email protected], closed at 93% c; June99%@1.00%,
closed 100%; No. 2 Chicago spring 91%@91%c;
No. 8 Chicago spring [email protected]; No. 2 red winter
98^[email protected] Corn, demand active; ranged
higher; opened weak and %c lower, rallied %c,
ruled weak, and closed 3€c under
yesterday; cash 52%@52%c, closed at 52% c;
February [email protected])^c, closed at 52^@52^c;
March [email protected]%, closed at 53>^@53^c; May
[email protected]%c,closed atSBJCc; June 68}|@68Kc,
closed at 58%f558%c; July quotable at lc over
May. Oats quiet but steady; cash 82 % c; Feb
ruary 82}^ei32%c; March 82%@82%c; April
82%@83c; May 36%@87c, closed at 36% c; year
SO^c. Rye steady at 58c. Barley dull and
nominal at [email protected]>£c. Flax seed quiet at 1.49
on track. Pork moderately active and higher;
advanced [email protected] and ruled steady to the
close; cash [email protected]; February 16.80®
16.70, closed at 16.70; March [email protected]
16.75, closed at [email protected]}£; May 16.62,^
@17.02^, closed at [email protected]>£; June 16.80
@17.05. Lard active and firm, prices van c
inq [email protected]; cash [email protected]; February [email protected]
9.25, closed at [email protected]; March [email protected],
closed at 9.82>^@9.35; April 9.233^@9.47^,
closed at [email protected]>^; May [email protected]}5,
closed at [email protected]».57V. Bulk meats
quiet; shoulders 6.90; short ribs 8.75; short
clear 8.80. Butter quiet and unchanged; cream
ery [email protected]; dairy [email protected] Eggs quiet and
unchanged at [email protected] Eggs firmer at 35©
36c. Whisky steady and unchanged.
Receipts, 13,00U barrels of flour; 83,000
bushels of wheat; 229,000 bushels of corn;
110.000 bushels of cats; 6,5C0 bushels of rye;
30,000 bushels of barley. Phipruentß*, 12,000
barrels of flour; 14,000 bushels of wheat;
107,000 bushels of corn; 71,000 bushels «>f
oats; 1,000 bush6is of rye; 11,000 bushels of
barley. ■;}■;
Chiosso Live Stock.
Chicago, Feb. 2. —The Drovers' Journal
reports: Hogs, receipts 7,000; shipment*
7,500; the market was steady and strong;
rough packing [email protected]; packing and ship
ping [email protected]; light [email protected]; skips 4.00
@5.25. Cattle, receipts 2,060; shipments 2,900;
steady and unchanged; exports [email protected]; good
to choice shipping [email protected]; common to me
dium [email protected] Sheep, receipts 6,000; ship
ments 2,600; steady and strong; inferior to fair
[email protected] 4.00 per cwt; good 5.00; choice 5.25;
Texas sheep [email protected]
Her? York Froance M*rbot.
Kew Yo3K, Feb. 2.—Flour dull; receipts
15,000 barrelsfezporte 3,100 barrels; Minnesota
patent process [email protected] Wheat, spot lots
?^@%o higher; options opened %@%c lower,
afterwards became stronger and advanced %@
I %c, closing firm; receipts 18,000 bushels; ex
ports 119,000 bushels; ungraded spring 1.02; un
graded red [email protected];No. 4 red 83%c;N0. 8
red 98c; No. 2 red 1.09gl.09&; ungraded
white 98©93% c; No. 2 red February
sales 160,000 bushels at 1.04%@1. closing
at 1.05%; March sales 592,000 bushels at [email protected]
1.07%, closing at 1.07%; April sales 232,000
bushels at 1.09%@1.10, closing at 1.09%;
May sales 1,152,000 bushels at 1.11%@1.12%,
closing at 1.12J£; June sales 80,000 bushele
at 1.12%@1.13%, closing at 1.13. Corn
spot lots [email protected] higher; options opened lower,
later advanced 3€@MC> closin? firm; receipts
43,000 bushels; exports 73,000 bushels; un
graded 49%@61%c; No. 8 [email protected]; steamer
[email protected]; No. 2 60%@63%c; steamer white
[email protected]; No. 2 February 60%^dlc,clpsingat 61c;
March 61&@61%e, closing at 61% c; April
[email protected]<c, closing at 68)£c; May 64%@
1 65c, closing at 64% Oats firm; receipts 18,
--000 bushels; exports 140 bushels; mixed west
ern 39%@41c; white western [email protected] Coffee,
spot fair; Rio firmer at 12.75; options [email protected] 10c
lower; sales: 2,750 bags Rio No. 7 February
at 10,[email protected]; 7,750 bags March at [email protected]
10.95; 8,500 bags April at [email protected]; 9,000
ba^s May 11.15; 7,750 baes June at 11.15;
2,750 bags July at [email protected]; 500 bags
August at 11.80. Sugar quiet but firm; re
fined weak. Molassas quiet; New Orleans 80
@55c. Rice, demand fair and market firm.
Petroleum firm; united 1.09%. Tallow quiet
but firm at 7%c. Rosin quiet. Turpentine
firm at [email protected]%c. Eggs, western, quiet but
steady. Pork quiet but stronger; new mess
16.°0. Beef in good demand. Cut meats firm;
long clear middles 9.00. Lard farm; prime
steam, 9.50; February [email protected]; March 9.50
@9.57 April; 9.6!)@9.63; May [email protected];
June [email protected]; July [email protected] 84. Butter dull
and weak. Cheese quiet but firm. Other
articles unchanged.
Dry Goods.
New 7of.k, Feb. 2. —In the closing days of
the w«ok :here were -arge sales in cotton goods
and seasonable specialties. To-day [they havo
been les3 active, and still there has been a good
business. At the new price of 5%c f.r Ameri
can prints there has been a good business.
Agents have advanced Amo&keeg blue and brown
denims -r(. Amoskeag nine-ounce blue denims
%, Amory "Pound-SterliEg" brown cotton 3^
and Langdon "!76'' lilac 33-inch cottons 2%
per cent. The tone of the market is much bet
ter and a healthier feeling prevails.
Otacl-'in^l Whtaty Mtarket.
Cihcinsati, Feb. 2. — Whisky firm and
steady at 1.14.
.Tiiiinuapoiis Sa.am.etd.
The receipts and shipments at and from Min
neapolis jesrenlay were as follows:
Receipts— Wheat, 31,51-0 bushels; oat 3, 1,600
bushels; com, 4,800 bushels; barley, 1,200
bushels; millstaf£3, 14 tons; hay 30 tons; lum
ber, 150,000 feet; coal, 1,879 tons; wood, 359
cords, barrel stock, 5 cars.
Shipments—Flour, 9,9 !tt barrels; wheat,
3,000 bushels; millshiffs, 377 tons; lumber,
260,000 feet; coal, 628 tons; wood 28 cords.
The following w?re the quotations on 'change:
Flour—Patents [email protected]; straights,ss.2s %
5.75; clears, [email protected]; low grades, [email protected]
8.25. '-'.-.l*
Wheat—No. 1 hard, 93% c. No. 2 hard 95% c
bid; No. 1 northern. 9lc; No. 2 northern 85c.
Corn No. 2, none in market.
Oata—No. 2 mixed, 82o; No. a white S4c.
Bran—Bulk, *11.6([email protected]; in Backs, $2 more
Shorts—[email protected]
Mixed Feed—[email protected]
Hay—Good upland wiid. $5.50g6.50.
Mrs. McElroy. the President's Sister, Gives
an Entertainment at the Executive Man
sion— the Ladies Were Dressed and
Some of Those Present.
[Special Telegram to the Glob©. |
Washington, Frb. 2.—Mrs. McElroy held a
reception at the White house from 3 to 5 o'clock
this afternoon, that was nearly as larg9 as that
of last week, when 3,500 peopte entered the
White house daring the receiving hoars. The
state department and conservatory were open as
usual and the receiving party stood in the blue
room, MarsLal McMichael making the intro
Mrs. McElroy -was assisted by three of
the cabinet ladies here, Mrs. Chuud'.er.
Mr. Brewster and Mrs. Teller; by Mrs. Math
ews and Mrs. Blatchford, of the supreme court
circle; by Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Frye, from the
senatorial families; by Mre. J. Randolph Tucker,
of Virginia, Mrs. Jas. Waceworth, of New York;
Miss Wadsworth and Mrs. Margaret Blame.
Mrs. McElroy received in a toilet of black tatin
with front of black and white brocade. Mrs.
Caandler wore a scarlet and black brocade satin,
with diamond ornaments: Mrs. Brewster a cor
sage and train of black velvet with front and
sleeves of jetted lace and diamond ornaments;
Mrs. Teller a cordage and train of black satiu
with front of pale green and white
brocade and pano!s of Nile green
satin; Mrs. Mathews, a trained dress of black
velvet with trimming and head dress of point
lace; Mr 3. Blatchford, a dark blue embroider
ed velvet acd eatin with point lace; Mrs. N. P.
Hill, a corsage and train of black satin with
front and sleeves of jetted lace; Mrs. William
P. Frye, a black silk covered with black Spanish
lace; Mrs. R. Tucker, a dark purple velvet with
front of lilac : ;ifn, relieved with poiut lace;
Mrs. Jos. Wadsworth, a dark brown brjeada
and batin, with flounces of silk embroidery and
facings of crimson; Miss Wadswotth, a golden
brown patin and brocaded ottoman; Miss Blaire,
a pale blue and white brocade ruffled with white
brocade; Miss May McElroy, a lilac
cashmere and white lace. Among
those present wero Secretary Chandler,
tha Mis3es Frelinghuyseu. Mr.-t. and Miss Grea
linai, Miss Teller, Mrs. Kinsley, Mrs. Manry,
MLs Loring, Madame Jerome Bonaparte, the
Italian minister and Baroness Fara, Viscountess
Nuque Iras, the British minister and Mies West,
the Chilian minister and M'me Godey, the Rus
sian minister; also a number of other distin
guished ladies and gentlemen.
Organization of a Chamber of Commerce
at Duluth.
[Special Telegram to the Globe.]
Duluth, Minn., Feb. 2.—A large and
enthusiastic mass meeting was held here
to-night. A chamber of commerce was
organized with seventy members. O. H.
Simmonds was elected president, and
George Spencer vice president. The fol
lowing are the directors: W. G. Peck,
JchnH. Laroque, H. P. McGraff, F. W.
Eaton, C. H. Graves, H. W. Pearson, and
H. H. Hannaford.
After the election of officers the harbor
question was discussed, and a committee
of three appointed to prepare a report
and statistics of the business done here in
1883, and send a memorial to congress
stating the needs of onr harbor to facili
tate navigation. From all indications
this new chamber haß got the life and
push to elegate Daluth's prosperity.
The Derelict Treasarer In Jail—Attempts
to Procure His Release Futile.
[Special Telegram to the Globe. ]
Faego, D. T., Feb. 2.—Czizek, (he de
faulting treasurer of Moorhead, has been
in jail a day or two. An application for
a habeas corpus to-tlay was denied, and he
will probably remain in jail in default of
of $ 1,000 bail. Thero are said to be sus
picions on the part of the bondsmen that
he has some means salted down, and they
are worrying him to disclose. It is thought
to be doubtful if the money can be made
off the bondsmen. -
An Art Snit Decided.
New York, Feb. 2.—The long pending art
suit of Feuardent against General Di Ceenola,
growing out of the allegation of the former that
the Cypriote collection in the Metropolitan mu
seum of art was not all the latter had represents
ed, has been closed for the present, at least. The
jury came into court this afternoon, after being
out since yesterday, and rendered a verdict iv
favor of the defendant on the first and
third counts in the complaint,
but were unable to come to any agreement on
the second count. The first count pon ted out
that deceptive alterations and restorations in the
Cypriote collection had been made under the
supervision of the defendant, upon which the
defendant publishes a card over his own signa
ture, that charges wero maliciously made and
were absolutely with .ut foundation The sec
ond count related to certain financial arrange
ments between Feuardent and Di Cesmola.
touching the ealo of the collection, and the third
count had reference to the publication by the
defendant of certain other false and libellous
writings concerning the plaintiff. On the sec
ond count, from the mixed nature tf their
financial arrangements, the jury were unable to
High License,.
Chicago, Feb. 2.—The Harper high
license law, the state enactment, which
fixes the minimum license for selling malt
liquors within the limits of the state at
$150 a year, and for sellicg spirituous
liquors $500, the operation of which the
city oouncil of Chicago has been warding
off unneoegßarily, will enter into effect in
this city after April 1. la view of the
general belief that many $150 lioenses will
be used as a cover for the sale of liquor
a sentiment ha^ been worked up in favor
of a uniform $500 license. A canvass of
the voting strength in the council
shows twenty-two in favor of uniform
licenses, and sixteen for graded licenses.
The mayor favors graded licenses, but if
the council estimate is correct the ordi
nance can be adopted [over his possible
Wanting Higher Bates
Pittsbubg, Pa., Feb. 2. —The river coal
miners, Pittsbnrg district, will meet in
convention next Wedneeday, 6th inst., to
discass the expediency of making a runted
demand for an increase of the rate for the
spring run of mining. Particular effort ia
also to be made to organize the miners of
blNutn I UNII
A Superlative Hsaiih and Strength Restorer.
If you ars a irechenic or farmer, worn out with
overwork, or a mother run d am by lainily or house
hold duties try Paeicer's Gikgek Tonjc.
If you sire a lawyer, minister or business man ex
hausted by mental strain or anxious cares, do not ta»s
istosicating stimulants, but use Parker's Ginger Tods
If you have Consumption, Dyspepsia, Rheuma
tism, Kidney or Urinary Complaints or if you are
troubled with any disorder of the lungs, stomach.
bowels, blood or nerves, you can be cured by Park
er's Gikgbs Tonic It is the Greatest Blood Purifier
And ft 3 Best and Surest Cough Cure Ever Used.
If you are wasting away from age, dissipation or
any disease or weakness and require a stimulant trie
Ginger Tonic at once; it will invigorate and build
you up from the first dose but will never intoxicate.
It has saved hundreds of lives; it may save yours.
BOOOZ A CO., 1.-3 William St., Nor York. We. and
one dollar lizes, at all dealrn in medicine*. -
Its rich an i testing fragrance has nude this
delightful per:" r.c exceedingly popular. There
nothing li'«.» it. Insistupon having Floxbs
ton (Joi.oo:!tt and look for signature of
on every bottle. Any druggist or dealer in per
fumery can supply you. 25 and 75c. sizes.
LABsi -avn ■• Burma we. site.
the Kcnawha river bo that they may make
concerted action for the higher price for
their work, as the coal they mine competes
with the Pittsburg article, and the present
rate is considered entirely too low.
DeLonc and Companions.
New York, Feb. —The Hamburg-
American Packet company telegraphed
the secretary of the navy, offering to
transport to New York without charge the
bodies of Capt. DeLong auk party, who
are expected to arrive at Hamburg shortly.
The secretary of t*ie navy cabled to the
United States minister at St. Petersburg
to direct the officers in charge of the bodies
to return in the Hamburg steamer, if he
haa not already engaged his passage by
another line.
Cause and Kttect
At times symptoms of indigestion are present,
uneasiness of the stomach, etc., a moisture like
perspiration, producing itching at night, or
when one is warm, cause the piles. The effect
is immediate relief upon the application of Dr.
Bosanko's Pile Remedy. Price 50 cents. Tor
sale by A. 15. Wilkes, 11. &E. Zimmerman and
I. Btierle, druggists.
On Strike.
Milwaukee, Feb. —Twelve men and
three girl?, printers on the Evening Wis
consin havo struck, the union having ask
ed the girls, who are members, to receive
33 oenta per 1,000 the same as the men.
The Wisconsin was paying 28 cents to the
;rirla on miscellaneous patent inside work,
but 33 centß when they were called on the
daily newspaper work.
Lawlessness to be Suppressed.
" Austin, Texas, Feb. 2.— Both houses have
passed ths bill to empower tho governor to sup.
press the lawlessness now rampant in Texas, and
giving him $50,000 to use for that purpose
this fact is regarded as an emphatic declaration
by the legislature, that it is the duty of tho gov
3rnor to ferret out and suppress lawlessness, and
that he is authorized to use every means that
money will procure to that end.
Strikers Become Quiet.
Miuobd, Mass., Feb. 2. —The striking
shoe lasters who have been stoning and
threatening the men who took their places,
have ceased hostile demonstrations and
the manufaotoires are running full time.
C'By a thorough knowledge of the natural
laws which govern the operations of digestion
and nutrition, and by a careful application of tho
fine properties of well-selected Cocoa, Mr. Kpps
has provided our breakfast tables with a deli
cately flavored beverage which may save us
many heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judicious
use of such articles of diet that a constitution
may be gradually built up until strong enough to
resist every tendency of disease. Hundreds of
subtile maladies are floating around us ready to
attack wherever thero is a weak point. We may
oscapo many a fatal shatt by keeping ourselves
well fortified with pure blood and a properly
nourished frame."— Civil Service Gazette.
Made simply with boiling water or milk. Bold
in tins only {% lb. and lb.) by Grocers, labeled
JAMES EFPSISCO. Homreopathtc Chemist,
Jmhh hi rOJfltbU. London, £«&an>
A sure cure for Blind, Bleeding, Itching m <
Ulcerated Piles, has been discovered by Dr. Wil
Ikm, (an Indian 1 emedy) called Dr. Wi/.tjas;' 1.
Indian Ointment. A single box has cured the
worst chranio cases of 25 years' standing. No
one need suffer five minutes p,f tor applying; thl»
wonderful soothing medicine. Lotions >:.. 1.
--stmments do mow harm than good. Wiliiaiu'e
Ointment absorbs the tbmon, allays the tntonte
itching, (particularly at Bight after getting warm
in bod,) acts as a poultice, gives instant r.nd
painless rglief, and is prepared only for Filer,
itching of th 9 private parts, and for nothing el* ,
For sale by all druggists, and mailed on receipt
of prices, $1, NOYES BROS., & CUTLER,
Wholesale Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
The necessity for
prompt tind efficion
household remedies
is daily growing
more imperative,
and of these Hos
tetter's Stomach
Bitters is the chiof
in merit and the
most popular. Ir
regularity of he
stomach and bew
elt, malarial fevers,
liver complaint, do
bility, rheumatism
and minor ailments,
are thorougkly con
quered by this in
comparable family
restorative and mo-
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the purest and most comprehensive remedy of
its class. For sale by all druggists and dealers
Overland Boute !"
Portland. Ore., and the Pacific Northwest
Departing 'Leave Minnoap-
St. Paul. oils.
Pacific express ( X *8.00 p m *B:4spm
Fargo day express +8:35 a m +9:15 a m
Fargo night etpress *8:00 p m •8:45 p m
Dining car^^ullman sleepers, elegant day coaches,
second-class coaches, and emigrant sleeping cars
between St. Paul, Minneapolis, Fargo, Dak. and
Portland, Ore., without change. "
Arrive I
Arriving Trains, Minneap- | Arrive
oils. St. Paul.
Atlantic express *7:25 am *7:40 am
Fargo day express t7:ospm +7:20 p m
Fargo night express *7:25 a m '7:40 a m
•Daily. iExcept Sunday.
City office, St Paul, 43 Jackson street.
City office, Minneapolis, No. 10 Nicollet house.
General Passenger Agent.
' JOHN MUIB, Superintendent of Traffic.
mm Bosps m
ST. PAVL -_ .«?Ary
TH \TOS, Eouli 00, i-
St. Paal, Minn. • CC
K. P. HABHKOKU. Room 3S aitnllha »:'ocJr
H. 8. TREHERNE. 0. E., 19 GUflUan Bioct.
A. D. HINSBALE, Presley Block.
A. M. BADOLIfg, Mannheimer Block,
jr. WALTER BTXYKKB, I>&7ld9ca Block, Be Ok
25 and 33.
BHKBWOOD HOUGH, Cor. Third «n-d~Wat«*--ji
STEVENS k BOBXBTSON, 71 Siut Third ttf»«
Rt. Paul.
BHX&WOOD HOUGH, Cor. TWrd Mid W&L*jfcu»
Third street.
a. NIPPOLT corner Seventh aud e>r«..ey iL%i-.-
JOHN MATHEIB,II Erv« Third »;rf-et.
W. L. ANDERSON. 36 East Third rtree*
DRY POOPS—Wholetala. ~
treet, between Fourth and Fifth.
DBY GOODg-Betall.
LINDEKB, LAPP & CO., 9 Eart Third »tr<»t.
A. O. BAILE7, 10 Jackson street
BTEES BROS., 51 East Third itre«t KitabUtta
1880. _^__
P. H. KILLY k CO., 143 to 148 East Thud ftrovh
F. Q. DRAPER ft CO.. 88 East Third street
EMIL GEIST, 57 East Third street.
ST£V£NS & BOBEBTSON, 71 S«At TWi« atrMt
Bt. I'f.ol.
T. 8. WHITE b CO., No. 170 Kant Third itrMt
pictures Ajnygß&xria.
STEVENS b BOBE3TBON, 71 TJoet Third mt»>
bt. Paul.
CBIPPEN h UPSON, 74 East Third (treat.
W. H. GARLAND, 41 East Third rtree
B. KUHL & CO., Wholesale Dealers In Litres:
and Wines, lOi East Third street, St. Paul.
' W2OLSBALB irenoyt.
East Third gtr^ot.
~ OTP.ONa,IIAOXi:TT b CO., jib to ;i» f. Ha a
St.ray Sailtcav Time Table*
The Royal Route,
No Gliaiige of Oars to Obicagc
Dos Moines or Kansas City.
La. Minn*- L*«v«
Dps Moines fait Express... . I fJ£6 mj t730 a a
Ohloago Day Expreas *1M)O in I *itot r t 3 ■*»
Ohloago & Mllwauke 17Cx... '': 11 v m *7:iS j> a
Sioux City & Sioux falls. .. ; 7£5 a m 7:20 • a
Bhakopee and l!orr(n:a Jet. 7:30 a c
Omaha and Kansas City 'Iffl jit. 'Sill pi;
Gram Bay and Applnt^n... ' |3wO«.?j
Rbakopee and Merriais Jut. *2£o p IB' *3:60 p n
North Wisconsin I. Superior i7:4U mi «Jft a a
Elver Fallß fay) p m Tt-Jpi*
Dining Cars the finest In tho worl ' and luxurious
SmokingKoom S'ouDers On all Chicago train*.
~lrriv» "fit at" Mian*-
Chicago Ac Milwaukee Ex ... V2oit m 18.T' a*•
Merrlam Jet and Shakopee.. '1:2:15 p m *l:</0 p n
Chicago Night Express *2:25 p nil **i\o c »
Sioux City & Bioux Full*... +11:40 pn, t":' p v
Orcftlaafinl annas City.... *2210 p m *ll:40 a a
North Wisconsin ii Superior *:'.■■■> -„ 1.: .0:16 p ■
Merriam Jet and Shakopee.. 11:2$ m *8:40 pt:
Green Bay ft Applstoc ♦'••'< ■ P «'■ WsM v ■
Bivor Falls v ■!» a m no*o >•-
Vis Jtolnew Fast Kxpresa.... til:* p m lildO p■
liHko Elmo and Stlllwat«r 'i'm!D b.
f7:40 a in, f8:80 nin, t^<' am, ♦i'-.OOm, t**>CJ»
iI:JJi»» 'iMpt
t«;'JO am V.-M am, fOrtH tua lOKMaia, *Vi-Mtta
•2:06 o • t0:<« p v and *hV, p BL,
6:05 a in, 7:80 am f8:28 am, t!2:0') a, '1:13 m,
t«:W p • 4:3' p m, 1«.5J p m.
• Dilly. f Except <J'JC(I.-.y!. tKi.^i Mo3'ln?3.
(SiyTloVstn. Sleeping O^r Aoooni2io.iAts3U!
all information can be Rec<re at
So. IS Nioollet House Blook. KUnsgapoUi,
J. CHABBONNEAU, Ti' \z\ A 29
MJnnoapolls depot,oorner Washing - and 1". •.•*;:■
avenue north. H. 1..: •. Vis, Xlunet As<! X
Corner Third and Jacksou streets, Et. Faal,
CIIAB. H. PETSOH, City Ticket Lb<HlU
STew Union Depot, foot of Sibley street,
KNEBEL k BROWN, Ticket * 2 jclj.
H. K. HATDEN Ticket Agent. 3tillwb.«-
HHEAPOUS iiD st. LouiTaAiira
Leave St. Pat*!. | Ar. Bt.P«r..
Chioa^o Express '7:00 8.03. *8;05 o.c
Dm Moines & Kansas 0. Ex •7:00 a.m. '8:05 a.n.
St. Loula"Through" Bxp.. 12:50 p.m. iia.-20 p.n.,
DeaMoineß& Kansas O. Xx T250 p.m. iia^O p.m.
Excelsior an.l Winthrop... :;•.:}() p.m. *12;2© p.ns,
Chicago "Fast" impress... d6;20 a.m. | d 7:44 a.c .
d daily, 'dally except Sunday, f dully except Sat
urday, Jtlaily except Monday. licket offices St.
Paul corner Third and Sibley streets, E, A. White
ker, City Ticket and X'aesenKor Agont, and Hoi:
Depot. S. F. BOYD,
General Ticket and Pasaensor ent, Miuteci;--:'^
Mm SSwaokee 8 si. Pan! Sifi
Tho Finest Dining Cars in the World are run
on all through trains to and from Chicago.
Arrival Had dßpftrfara of tbrooglipoMogw train
rzpAßTnra xbxxss. 'fcwii'L'^ M. *>**■■
Blver Division. '
Milvealiee & Chicago Ex..'A 12 coo;. IA U:V> <p n
MllTibii£3e & Chicago Ex.. A 7:jo pw A I.V.c n.
La Creese, Dubn. jae, Rock |
Island & St. Louia Exp.. C 4-60 aa C 6 asa n.
lowa k Minn. Division, '
Sou. Minn.,la. &Dav'pti:x. 0 iif> &is 0 ":!'' a a
Owatonna Accommodation 0 lit) pm C li,;x;
Mason City, Sou ft Wh-tt. ex 12 Wvi'inE 7:10 9 »
Hastings & Dakota Dl v. !
Aberdeen It Dakota Ex .... 0 8:45 a m 0 • : * } x
I [
I Arrive ArriTc
St. red. srjt.o*«;v>:;i
Elver Division.
Chicago & Milwaukee Ex.. A 720«mA. 8:20 a r
ChlCAgO faMUwatikos Ex.. A i:2i ro A Si:rjj»
La Ct-osse, Dubui;UJ, Bochi j
Island &St Louis Exp.. C 9^3 pre 0 10:10 5 v
loxe h Mine. Division.
Owatonna Accommodation 0 10:28 a ir f! 10 n*. & j
flou. Minn, and la. Ex. 0 •'.55 ptl • -c: ■.
Mason City Sou & Vest. ex 9 1:43 a V t! -X; a c
irartlnsis b ''ftlcri;al>l7,
Abeix^cr *; Dakota excrwg 0 8;f. f:;.' l:\^\ a
A, Uivtjj telly. C, •z^«(>'i tftiau..?. *<, «*»**..
d3»ar<iav. . 7, except MoaJny.
Adaloon&l trains between St. ?ad %xl Mlnnaavo
lie, via "Short Line," leave both oitisi hoop-, pr 1
p*rtloalar« see a'j :.rt Line \\u-.\, i-.'A ».
gt. Paul— Thoar City TU3n% Aftr?tJ!»l
8. Third street. B/ora & Ju.c- '. Tlozot a gents
Dnlon Depot.
j Minneapolis— O. L. Scott, C!ty Ticset Ar« >".\
7, Nloollet House. A. B. Ohauiberlata, Tick*:
▲xeut, Depot.

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