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Interesting Reports Presented to the State
Board of Corrections and Charities by
Secretary Hart—Pauperism Less Expen
sive in Minnesota Than In) Most States-
Immigration of Children to be Encour
aged—.fails and Poor Houses in Oiily
Fair Condition— Praise for State Institu
The Btata board of corrections and char
ities met at the governor's room at 2:30
o'clock yesterday afternoon, the president,
Gov. Hnbbard being in the chair, and
D. C. Bell, Esq., of Minneapolis, Hon. H.
R. Wellf?,of Preston, Dr. M. McG. Dana,
of St. Paul, and Secretary H. H. Hart,
present. ;-' "
There waa some informal discussion
relative to poor houses and the construc
tion of jails and the administration or gov
ernment thereof.
Tne secretary presented hi=i quarterly
report and aleo a series of blanks for sta
tistics of pauperism which were approved.
The secretary also presented tables
showing the expenditures of the several
counties of the state for pauperism for the
five years ending Sept. 30,1882, with re
marks on the same, and a report on the
immigration of children under the auspices
of the Children's Aid society of New York
city. Abstracts of all these reports are
appended .
A committee of three consisting of the
president, Dr. lDana and the secretary
was appointed to arrange for a state con-i
ferenoe of chairmen of county com
missioners, overseers of ; poor houses and
others, having to do with the relief of the
Following are the reports made by the
secretary: ..•;•
In this report the secretary stated that
the most important work of the board wav
to discover the number and condition of
the institutions subject to its inspection,
their methods of administration, their fa
cilities, defects and the present status of
out-door poor relief in the state. He ac
knowledges the help of county officers to
aid him in gathering statistics and facts
in his visit to twenty counties. From
seventy counties, whose auditors or district
court clerks were asked for information,
sixty-nine replies were received, only Ait
ken failing to respond.
Forty-six counties have good jails which
will accommodate 679 prisoners, ten coun
ties have wooden lookups which accommo
date thirty prisoners nad twenty-four have
do jails whatever.
Twenty-one counties have poor houses
which accommodate 605 paupers, approx
imately as follows: Becker 12; Blue Earth
20, Chippewß 20, Chicago 20, Dodge 25,
Fillmore 30, Goodhue 35, Hennepin 100,
Houston 20, Nioollet 18, olm6ted 10, Otter
Tail 50, Rnrneey 50, Rice 20,
Bock 5, St. Louis 50, Steels 20,
Todd 25, Wabashaw 35, Winona 25. Ten
counties have the town system of poor re
lief, each under its own special law, viz:
Beaton, Carver, Douglas, Freeborn, Hen
nepin, Kandiyohi, Le Suenr, yibley, Ste
vens and Wright. Morrison tried the town
Kyßtem and retreated from it; Goodhue
defeated it fit tbe polls, and Houston has
& special act in relation to a second appli
cation for relief that such paupers shall be
sent to the poor house "except in case of
Occident cr extreme or dangerous illness."
From all data gained this town system
still seems to be an experiment.
The secretary dwells at length on the
subject of the blanks prepared and print
ed by him to aid in gathering proper in
telligence from the various state officers,
and snbmits the tables showing the ex
penditures in the state for poor houses
and out door relief for the four years end
ing Sept. SO, 1882:
The following ie a comparative statement of
expenditures for relief of the poor in Minneso
ta, by comities having above lO,COO population:
el. w £?§. -.-la
S> &. "O. ? B „. «
Counties. •-§ 'S| "<= §
: r £3? ?
■ 3 , <* <p • a>
.7.c S • t
; & :
Xandiyuhi 10,1 14,082 26 I^s
Sibley 10,687 C,784 41 15.9
JiecvilJe 10,791 4,997 57 11.3
♦Dodge 11,344 13,835 09 29.4
Polk 11,433 5,225 10 15.2
Meelrer 11,789 7,905 72 16.8
Brown 12,018 10,985 2 22.8
*NisoUet 12,333 12,239 02 24.S
McLeod 12,342 4.575 86 9.2
Waseca 12,885 10,001 68 20.2
♦gteele 12,460 18,096 50 36.8
Faribaiilt 18,016 7,132 50 13.6
Scott 18,516 10,174 16 . 18.8
LeSnenr 16,108 13,326 50 20.4
*Dakota 17,891 17,750 07 25.5
*Wab9Bhaw !8,'206 26,725 78 36.7
*Otter Tail 18,675 21,837 14 29.2
*Wa«hJngton 19,563 32,722 44 41.8
*O!meted 21,549 15,386 97 17.9
*Bice 22,481 81,618 53 85 1
*Blne Earth 22,889 22,752 54 25.9
*Winon«.... 27,197 26,668 79 . 24.5
*Fil!more 29,162 12,438 32 11.0
*(roodhne - 29,651 66,241 49 • 55.9
♦Ramsey 45,890 52.585 08 28.3
Totals 441,924 $457,148 14 25.3
States. '•■::•'^i-'l
Illinois 8,077,871 $1,909,107 25 30.8
Michigan 1.636,937 1,863,717 89 28.5
Minnesota 780,773 748;655 89 23.9
New York 5,082,871 6,961,229 53 45.7
0hi0.... .8,198,062 1,452,377 59 22.7
Pennsylvania...4,2B2,B9l 4,921,853 32 28.7
Wisconsin...... 1,315,497 829,14116 21.0
He also stated that he had completed
the inquiries respecting the immigration
of children from New York city under the
auspices of the Children's Aid society,
which he now submitted in the form of a
Within two years and a half this society
have placed in Cottenwood, Preeborn, Fill
more, Martin, Nobles, Rook and Waton
wan counties 341 children. Of this nnm
ber 131 remain in the , places to which
they were Kent, 75 have changed places, 76
have gone from the vioinity, 170 are doing
•well and 41 badly; of 2C there is no special
complaint and 79 ho report. The young
er children as a role do well, and only 7
reported on doing badly, and 73 remained
where first placed. Of an
equal number of older children sixty
six were doing .well, thirty-four badly and
only thirty-eight remained where first
placed. In Martin county cat of thirty-six
that were reported only one was doing
badly. , " v-
On the subject of jails the opinion of
Attorney General Hahn that the sexes must
be kept in separate rooms by the sheriffs,
6O that they can hold no oonverae or com
munication with eaoh ether, was read. But
few jails had been visited by the secretary
the past quarter. That at Eastings is in
a filthy condition on ac
count of no sewerage ■ and
the use of buckets, and its joint nee as v
'city* prison does not help itß cleanliness.
The St. Pad work house and the prison
were not as clean as usual. The culinary
department was found in excellent order.
The improvements in progress here were
calculated to make prison life more socia
ble and comfortable.
The Rock connty jail was iD good oon
dition but its poor house very poor, while
it hns a wooden lockup for a jail, and the
wooden lockup jail, Cotton wood connty, is
unfit and secure. The Brown county jail
reflects credit upon Sheriff Edward Oaeey,
and is well kept, though very small.
The Hennepin county poor house by re
cent additions has been made a good insti
tntion, though not an ideal building, and
there is provision for complete separation
of the sexes. The jail in this connty is far
from satisfactory, and the presence of
short term prisoners aggravates the evils.
The male prisoner?, big and little, are
herded together with five or six in an up
per tier eel), and the prisoners are kept
like wild beasts in a cage. It is a crime
against decency and humanity to confine
men in thiß way,as often the innocent have
to lie in jail awaiting trial. Here the
food is carefully inspected and well cooked.
The Meeker county jail was clean arid
empty but well furnished, and the Kandi
yohi jail which is after the same pattern
of construction and new and cost $10,000,
takes the place of the old one just burned.
The institutes for the deaf and dumb,
for the blind and the school for idiots and
imbeciles, were found on his visit to be in
excellent condition.
The discipline of the state prison as
ehown in the recent happenings occas
ioned by the fire were etrongly approved
and the building of a commodious hos
pital dispensary, bath rooms, etc., recom
mended when tne penitentiary is rebuilt. It
also recommended to detach the punish
ment cells from the cell room to a more
retired situation, as the old plan was not
only disagreeable, but productive of in
The expenditures in Hennepin and Ram-
Bey counties are about the same under this
head. The average per oapita for the
support of the poor in the siate ia 23 9.
In Illinois it ib 30.8, Michigan 28.5, New
York (including insane in poor houses)
45-7, Ohio 22.7, Pennsylvania 28.7, Wis
consin 21.7, while in Massachusetts it is
G2 cents per capita. The comparatively
low rate in Minnesota is due probably to
the newness of the state, the sturdy char
acter of our immigration, the fertility of
the soil, the general prosperity of the state,
and partly from the fact that there are no
insane supported by the counties, they be
ing in charge of the stftt6. However the
fact that our poor rate exceeds that of
Ohio and Wisconsin gives cause for pon
dering. The wide difference between 9-2
cents per capita in McLeod
county, and o'-7 cents in Good
hue county is noted, as also differences in
Steele and Fillmore, Olmsted and Rice
counties. This diversity is set down to
geographical situation, the river counties
being on the lines of travel and tributary
to the lumber regions, becoming the grand
dumping ground for the
though Ramsey county spends less thr.n
30 cents per capita and Hennepin about
the same. In these two counties much is
done by private charities and individvals,
but not enough to account for the differ
ence between them in less expenditure for
pauperism than other river counties. It
is evident that there is room for a great
decrease in thia expense some where with
out entailing suffering.
The low rate in McLeod and Fillmore
counties is explained that the aged and
children poor are boarded out at farm
houses at a low rate, which cuts off those
who ask aid when they could get along
without it, but no ,aid is
refused when needed. These coun
ties are favored by their geo
graphical position and have a careful
board of poor commissioners on whom
much depends as to economy.
No county above 2,300 population ex
ceeded 46 cents per capita, which was the
rate of Milwaukee county, Wis., with 138,
--537 population, and Racing co ;r.ty, Wis.,
with 30,922 population; Etta Claire county
follows, with 45 ocnts with a popu
lation of 19,993 and Dodge county 33
cents, with a population cf 45,931. No
other oonnty exceeds 30 cents.
If no county had exceeded the
rate of Ramsey county, the
saving to the five connties of
Goodhue, Washington, Wabashaw, Steeie
and Rice wonld have been $57,00?, or over
$14,000 per year, and if no county had ex
ceeded the general average of tbe state
(23-9 cents per capita) the saving in twelve
counties wonld have been $88,000, or $22,
--000 per year, on the basis of the census of
Bnt the direct pecuniary advantage is
not the only one to be,s«ught. When we
make a pauper of one who could maintain
himself, we wrong him more than the tax
payer who foots the bills. We rob him of
self-respect, and bis manhood, we rob
societyofthe productive force which he
might exert. We eet the fingers of other
poor men to itching for the publio parse.
This board oan help the older county
boards to reduce expeEßea m pauperism,
and the newer ones to avoid habits of ex
travagance, bat there must be a com
parison of notee, statistic^, facts, etc. In
Michigan, to this end, annual conventions
of those in charge of the poor in the state
are held with a view to this end. and all
poor matters are discussed therein, views
compared and the best plans—of proper
support was observed and voted upon.
In hiß report on the immigration of
children the sooretary enters into a de
tailed history of the Children's Aid society
of New York, founded thirty years age,
which gathers poor children from me
streets of that city and transplants them
into country homes. From Bending out
200 a year the society now sends oat
3,690 annually. In 1883, 3,447 had been
placed by the society in western homes, at
a cost of $9.25 par capita. He then pro
ceeded to review the work of the
society in placing children in the
west, and to give the society's verdict,
"•that the great mass of these children be
come honest prodnoers on the we&tern
The opinions ir< detail of the national
snd several state boards of charities r.s to
the geod behavior and good treatment of
the children thus sent oat, have all been
antagonistic to this immigration. Agent
Frye, of the society, after investigating
the children sent into Wisconsin, report?
that 75 per cent, of the same turned out
Within two and a half years 241 chil
dren have been sent by the society into
this state, 4,000 in Michigan, 5,000
in Illinois and 6,000 in In
diana. In proportion to tbe
states even if we had been apportioned as
Indiana we should have had 6,000, which
makes this subject a very important one
to deoide now with regard to the fmr.re.
The seretary proceeds to give a detailed
account of the sit counties visited and
finds that the children under 13 years of
age were found uniformly doing well, and
those over that age fully ' two-thirds were
doing- badly, an was given as an opinion by
Mr. Bruce, the secretary of the sooiety,
ten years ago.
The correspondence of Hon. C. ; H.
Smith, R. B. Platt, D, Steel, R. ; R.
Miller of Wortbington. C. E. Huntington
and D. S. Gunn of Windom, W. A. Chap
man of St. James, Dr. A. O. Wedge of
Albert Lea, F. A, Pater6on and F. A. Day
of Fairmont, Rev. S. Cates of Luverne, J.
S. French of Lane6boro, is given in re
lation to the immigration of these chil
dren into this state. These gentlemen are
all favorable to the general work of the
New York society, but most of them draw
a line between the younger and older
children, and most of them
think some modifications necessary in the
methods of handling this immigration
with a view of more fully protecting the
interests of the community as well as thoee
of the children.
To sum up the secretary Bays in the firßt
place this work of transplanting children
to the west ib good work and deserves
Minnesota can well afford to take 5,000
more of these poor children and be the
richer for it ten years hence, even though
some spoiled fruit should be found in the
cargo. In the second place if Minnesota
throws open her doors to the "dangerous
classes" of New York, New York is bound
to take every precaution to protect us
from preventable expense and barm. *To
this end certain improvements are needed
in tbe conduct of the work.
First —In the selection of children suffi
cient care has not been exercised in the
Second—ln the selection of homes.
Third —In bringing together the f armerß
and the children it i? too hastily done.
Fourth—ln the matter of local guardian
ship tbe society should transfer guardian
ship to wise local agent?.
Fifth—ln the matter of children above
the age of thirteen years, the sooiety
should be asked to leave them in New
York or give some assurance of their sta
Thi3 will increase the expense some
what, but the work is now too cheaply
All of Whom Were Disposed of in the
Municipal Court Yesterday.
"Yon want justice, do you?" said hiz
zoner yesterday, repeating the remark of
a small, thin man with red hair, a bilious
eye and with an oblong scratch on his left
jaw which looked as though a buckwheat
drill had been ran across it. His name
was Mike Flynn and he was charged • with
walloping his wife, although to
tell tell the truth he looked as
if that very estimable bat ponderous per
sonage had sat down 'on him and given
him a vigorous squeezing. He denied the
charge and asked for justice; the hearing
was continued until to-day. ..
Mike Early is a tall, loose jointed young
fellow who walks with a swagger and whose
jib is the exact cnt of a rowdy. He went
into the Nioollet house Monday night and
he had his bull dog with him. John Pe
ters, the landlord, ordered him to put the
dog out, when he replied that if anybody
wanted to put the dog out they would
have to put him out too. Peters sailed
into him and a peeler run them both in.
Yesterday Peters was discharged and
Early went out with the wagon for ten
Henry Geisman whs charged with steal
ing a basket of groceries from
a saloon on Bradley street.
He said it was all a mistake, and that it
came from drinking too much beer. He
bought some groceries himself and left
them in a store. Afterwards he became
boozed, and on leaving a saloon he collar
ed another man's basket. It cost him
twenty-five bills.
Annis Burns was charged with stealing
a box of cigars; he said he had bought
them for 65 cents, and the case went over
until to-day to hunt up evidence.
A pale young man, very badly used up,
named McDaniels, was before the court on
a charge of disorderly conduct. He had
been fearfully full, and when taken into
custody he kicked the officer. He was
fined $15 or as many days.
Old Livy had a beautiful eye, the tints
being blue and carmine. The artist was
John Walling, and the testimony showed
that he had been justified in hitting him.
As Ole had been badly punished, the case
was dismissed.
John McGuire was up on complaint of
a young fellow named Daly. They reside
in the same house and have been quar
reling a great deal. The other night they
met and MoGuire cooked a revolver and
stuck it under Daly's nose, so that it made
him sneeze. Not liking the smell he
squealed, and the accused was fined $10
and put under bonds to keep the peace. ,
Win. Crocker and J. Jeflfry, of the Oma
ha road were up on the charge of running
their train on the Third street crossing
faster than four miles an hour. Jeffers
was fined $25 but the same was remitted
and Crocker was discharged.
Real Estate Transfers.
Twenty transfers of real estate were filed fcr
record with the register of deeds yesterday, the
considerations aggregating $87,035. The trans
fers were as follows:
Thomas Sizer to C. C. Richardson, the c % of
the nw}£ of section 33, town 86, range 23,
Carrie R. Kennedy to W. A. E. Kichardson,
the c }4 of the w }■§ of the w^ of the n w *£
of section 83, town 30, range 28, $5;000.
Mary E, Parker to W. Dawson, block 18- of
Jackson & Bidwell's addition," $951). ! '„•■
P. B. CJarke to Patrick Carr, lot 19, block 1,
Charles' addition, $450.
Same to John Hally, lot 20, block 2, Charles'
addition. $450. <
g R. A. Smith to L. F. Christian, lot 8, block
7, Smith's subdivision, $225.
. James Stinson to Mary Brennan, lot 7, block
88, Dayton's addition, $550.
David Buckwheat to C. W.Clarke, lots 5, f,
14 and 16, block 21, Dunwell & Spencer's addi
tion, $2,0 00. .
Charles W. Clarke to Wm. F. Harwell, lots 5
and 6, block 21, Dunwall & Spencer's addition,
$1,2:0. fj -/-';■'.■ ' .
E. P. Lewis to A. P. Blomquist, lot 24,
block 12, Lewis' second addition, $400.
Heujkiah Hall to J. M. Nephew, lot 12, of
vision of block 13, Btineon's addition,
Paul Martin to R. C. Wright, lot 12, block
14, Brooklynd addition, $375.
H. M. Eice to H. P. Mayhre, lot 8, block 2,
Greene's addition, $310. .
James Stinson to Jane M . Jaggar block 65,
Lyman Dayton's add, $12,000. .
'j F Brown to M W Roll, lot 3, Marshall's s nb
div of block 27, Mackubin & Marshall's add,
$630. ~: . .
C Schurmeier to Amelia Abel, lots 16 and 17,
block C, Arlington Hills add, $850.
A Schook to Maria Wickersheim, part of lota
13 and 14, block VJ, Lyman Dayton's add, $9,
--500. ■
WWansEß to H Gaul, part of lot 11 of J W
Bass' acre lots, $40(1.
C Schurmeier to D Hitchcock, lote 29 and 30,
Mock 14; lots 28, 29 and 80, block 11, Eaetville
Heighlw, $750.
M Auerbaeh to & G Bchneidnaever, block 2,
Atierbach & iiand'e ad(i, $8,000.
Building permits were issued yesterday as
A. E. Fowhle, brick dwelling, north eide of
Reaney Btreet, between Payne and Edgerton
btreets, $2,b;'o.
Wm..Godfrey, addition to frame building,
west side of Cypress street, between Hudson
avenue and Birch street, $1,(;00.
Against tbe Removal.
Coi.rMBUB, Ohio, Feb. —At a meeting
of the encampment of the Grand Army
of the 'Republic of Ohio, at Zanesville,
the following resolution was adopted: :\
Resolved, ' That; .we look with disfavor
upon the efforts ; being' made by congress
to abolish the agencies for the Dajment of
pensions throughout the country, and for
the transfer of the ; business of 6uch pay
ments to the treasury department, i believ
ing tbat such action would result in delay
and occlusion.
If here the County Funds are Deposited—
■■ A r Few Bills Allowed—The Liquor H- ,
MMH Doubled— The New , Court Houne
Muddle—Monthly Reports of County Offi
cer*. . .
A regular meeting of the board cf
coanty commissioners was held yesterday
forenoon, Mayor O'Brien in the chair,
and present Commissioners Ames, Mitscb.
Haidenberg, Sohurmeier Hazzard and
A communication was read from J. J.
Horn in behalf of A. Simpson, and P. H.
Drum, calling attention to their appeal
to the district court from the action of the
board regarding the Hill petition for a
road in Mounds View. Referred to the
county attorney.
A communication from the. state text
book agent regarding the value of books,
was accepted.
The county treasurer submitted his re
port showing the funds on hand February
4 as follows:
Merchants'National.Bank 18,871 04
National German American 15,623 44
Bank of Minnesota.... 16,729 03
St. Paul National 788 69
People's Bank.. 2,960 94
Town and road orders 183 58
Cash in 5afe.........'. 216 88
$46,773 10
The saloon bond of R. J. Diamond was
A communication was reia from Dar
ling, Denelow & Co., bankers of Boston,
requesting that old bonds be exchanged
for new warrants for $5,000. Thereqoest
was denied.
A petition from August Richter and
others of Rose township, askiog for the
extension of a road, was referred to the
committee on roads and bridges.
A communication from the state auditor
relating to a draft of $485.25, for text
books, was sent to the committee on
The committee on claims reported in
favor of allowing the usual iinmtt: of
bille. Approved.
A bill was presented from Mrs. Patter
son for $32.25, being for board and wash
ing for the girl Ellen Kelly, who was ar
rested for infanticide. The bill was ap
Commissioner Mitscb stated tbat he had
investigated the matter of issuing
$5,000 bonds for commencement cf work
on the new court house, <uid that owing to
conflicting views, he was of the opinion
that nothing could be done before spring.
Tbe chair said no action would be taken
before then in any event.
Mr. Mitsch called attention to the neces
sity of additional room for the register of
deeds and the county treasurer.
The committee on poor reported tbat
the city had paid up all of its proportion
but one month.
The question of fixing the county liquor
license for the coming year came up, and
on motion of Mr. Espy tbe license was
fixed at $50.
Mr. Ameß, from the committee appoint
ed to examine the records and files of the
district court office, reported that five
of the judgement lien dookets were in poor
condition, and they recommended that
they be rebound. Referred back to the
committee with power to act.
The special committee appointed to ex
amine the records of the abstract office,
reported that the work of posting up the
books had been completed, and that all
money doe the county had been collected
bnt $300. The committee called
attention to an nncoHected
balance from tbe former
Mr. John B. Olivier, amounting to about
$300. Mr, Hazzard explained that be had
seen Mr. Olivier and that he had promised
to settle. Referred back to the commit
tee and the county attorney.
The committee to whom was referred the
matter of the vacation of a portion of the
Columbus road, and the mapping out of a
new road on the petition of J. J. Hill, re
ported in favor of establishing the new
highway. The report was adopted.
A resolution was passed instructing the
county attorney to prosecute all persons
in the county who were selling liquor with
out a license. Adopted.
The committee on printing was suthor
ized to secure bids for stationary.
A resolution was offered rescinding a
former resolution empowering the court
house commission to sell the buildings
and make the exoavations on the site of
the court honse. Mr. Ames explained
that tne reason for the resolution -was that
the first resolution was too broad. The
ohair said there was a prospect for a
probable conflict between the eommiaeioc
and the county board, and that he should
like to have the subjeot discussed.
Mr. Ames thought that when the first
resolution was passed the beard had over
stepped itself, and were going too fast.
Mr. Hazzard explained his position; he
thought the first resolution placeu the
matter too entirely iv the hands of the
commission; as for himself he wanted to
do all in hiß power to aid the court hcn?e
Mr. Espy said he sbocld deplore any
oonflot in the matter; he wanted to see
harmony, aad he thought the county
should go ahead aad excavate the whole
square, and let the commission proceed to
get oat their plans.
The chair explained the lav? in the
premises, saying that the legislature fully
empowered the commission to bniid
a $300,000 conrfc fceuse, with
the understanding that the plana &honld
be agreed upon by a joint meeting cf the
council commission and the coanty board.
The stains of the commission was defined
and a history of its actions given.
Mr. Bigelow addressed the board Raying
that he should regret any conflict, and
that he saw no necessity for any.
After a lively discussion concerning
the rights of the board in the premises,
the resolution was referred to the county
A resolution was passed calling' upon
the county attorney to submit hiR written
legal opinion defining the duties of the
county commissioner* relating
to the new court houee
the iaw pertaining to the excavation, and
also relating to the placing of funds in
the hands of the court house commission.
A resolution by Mr. Epsy, authorizing
the committee on printing to arrange for
letting the contract for printing, to report
at the next meeting, was adopted.
The bond of T. P. Wright, chairman of
the board of control, in the sum of $f>,CO(! J
was approved.
The bum of $2,721 wes appropriated
for the use of the board of control.
Tbe report of tbe board of coEtrol for
January, as submitted by Mr. James
O' Brien, was as follows:
Alms house , $602 76
Hospital 1,561 30
Outside aid 1,971 26
Total $4,135 82
Less $53 05 received from hospital for
board of patients.
, ; The reports of county officers were read
as folio we:
Clerk of the Court
rash receipts .... $243 55
Uncollected ... 409 00
Expenses 190 00
Balance ......... .... . ... 462 65
Abstract Clerk—
Work done.... ..!..... .... $767 00
Unc011ected.................... .. 144 85
Paid County Treasurer . 519 20
, Register of Deeds—
Receipts........ $805 25
Salariespaid ...... 800 00
Toe committee on public buildings
were instructed to renovate the clerk's
office and enlarge the quarters of the
oounty treasurer. Adjourned.
A New Depot for Sioux City—The Xortn
ern Pacific Reaching for the Minn—
Fink on the Eastern Railway Difficulties.
The Northern Pacific Bridge
[Portland Oregonian. |
It having been reported on the
streets that the United States
government intended to ' bring
Buit againat the Northern Pacific Railroad
company, to restrain them from building
the proposed bridge across the Willamette,
the matter was looked into and the follow
ing facts ascertained : Several weeks ago,
D. S. District Attorney Watson received a
letter from Hon. Benjamin H. Brewster,
attorney general, inclosing a number of
letters and papers relating to the subject,
and directing the district attorney to in
stitute such legal proceedings as were
ii6cessary to protect the navigation of the
Willamette river. These instructions came
about in thia wise: A few months ago
Captain Charles F. Powell, U. S. engineer,
stationed here, writing to the chief of the
engineer corp3 at Washington, concerning
the proposed bridge, said:
"From my knowledge of what little
work the bridge company have done, and
what I believe they intend to do, I am of
the opinion that the intended bridge will
obstruct navigation to a greater extent
than bridges of the moEt approved charac
ter necessarily do."
Thi9 letter was transmitted by tho chief
of engineers to the secretary of war, with
an indorsement calling attention to the
fact that any bridge situate below the
wharves of the city was a serious obstiuo
tion to navigation. The secretary of war
submitted the letters to the attorney gen
eral, who wrote to the district attorney as
above stated.
Judge Watson, questioning hia right to
bring suit in the name of the United
States, referred the matter to Ellis G.
Hughes, who had begun a private injunc
tion suit, and aaked Mr. Hughes to amend
his complaint so as to include the point
raised by the engineers' corps. Thia
would obviate the necessity of a new suit,
and still bring the matter up for decision.
No action has yet been taken by Mr.
Hagh.es, and it is not known whether he
will amend his complaint. It will be re
membered that in tbe injunction suit
brought by Mr. Hughes, Judge Deady de
cided that congress had granted to the
Northern Pacific the right to bridge the
Willamette. The government, however,
reserves the right to say that the bridge
must be built so as to offer the least ob
struction to navigation, and the courts will
be applied to to determine whether the
proposed bridge will be bo constructed.
A Xew u< i,nt.
On Monday a number of railroad mag
nates met in Sioux City for the purpose of
deciding in regard to the new depot to be
erected in that city. Among thoee pres
ent were E. T. Jeffery, general superin
tendent of tbe Illinois Central; M. Gileas,
superintendent of the lowa division of
that road; P. E. Hall, manager of the
Sioux City and Pacific; C. M. Lawler, su
perintendent, and J. R. Buchanan, general
passenger agent, of the same road; J. T.
Clark, general superintendent of the Mil
waukee; J. M. Lowry, master mechanic,
and W. J. Underwood, superintendent of
the Sioux City division of that rofkd; and
E. W, Winter, manager of the St. Paul
&, Omaha road. These officials were assist
ed in their business by F. H. Peavev, Capt.
T. P. Gere and F. C. Hills, the citizens'
oommittee on union depot, and by Ed.
Hankinson and Craig L. Wright, repre
senting the city at large. Tbe parties
were diced and wined in good shape. It is
proposed to erect a union depot
there that will cost from
$30,000 to $40,000. It will not be
like the St. Paul, Minn.,depot, owned by v
separate company, but will be owned
jointly by the railroads, in order to avoid
taxation. It will probably be a brick
structure, though this is not definitely set
tled. The ground for the depot was
looked over and measured and the whole
project is regarded as good &s settled.
Local Jfreinht Agents.
The freightagenta oi: Minneapolis have
passed the following:
Resole That we, ths menc^er* of this
association, will not deliver any freight
billed "toorder" except on presentation ol
the original bil! of lading and payment of
freight and charge?.
Resolved, That we, the members of
this association, will not bill out freight
too o der of any city firm, without having
tho name of party to notify at destina
Resolved That we, the membtrs'of this
association, will not allow any team track
freight to remain on track over three (3)
days after being placed on track ana
ready for delivery. Any freight remain
ing on track longer than three (3) daye
will be charged three dollars ($3) per day
demurrage, or be sent to warehouse at op
tion of agent.
Resolved, That we, the members of this
association, will not receive freight after
5:30 p. m.
A Had Event.
All those in the city of St. Paul, who
know Mr. Geo Hr Knebel, Jr., and who
heard of his sad misfortune, joined in an
honest, undisguised and sincere grief at
his great bereavement in the loss ■of his
wife, who died at 2 o'clock yesterday
morning at his residence on Lafayette
avenue. Mr : Knebel is one of the tiokefc
agents at the union ; depot
and" by ' his gentlemanly and
accommodating disposition has made
friends of the whole traveling public. The
employes of the union depot all joined to
gether yesterday in procuring several
very beautiful floral contributions ,which
will be laid upon the casket to-day. The
remains of Mrs. Knebel will be taken to
La Urosse this noon.
HettiiKj into the Mines.
Tbe Northern Pacific is opening up the
roads into the mines as fast as possible. It
is now getting into Eagle City. This is
the central city in the Cocnr d' Alene dis
trict, being thirty miles from Belkcao,
Mtntana, forty miles from Rathdrnrrj,
Idaho, and seventy-five miles from Spo
kane Falls, Washington territory. A good
wagon road is being built from Belknap.
The Rathdrum and Cocnr d' Alene Stage
company ran a daily line of new Concord
coaches through ia ten hours, charging
$10 per passenger. A line of Concord
coaches is run daily between Spokane
Falls and Eagle City, charging $15jper
passenger. Tbe legnlar rates from St.
Paul or Dolnth to Spokane Falls are:
First class, $87.20; second clas?, $G5.05;
emigrant, $42.50. The rates to Belknap
and Rathdruin are praotically tbe same,
Belfcnap beic^ the firet point of entrance
from the east.
Willthi> Difficult its be Settled:'
Netw Yobk, Feb. 5.—P00l Commiestoner
Fink was questioned to-day by a reporter,
in regard to the publication of the report
that it was donbtfnl whether the meeting
of railroad managers will be called for
Thursday next and will be held. Fink
paid the meeting would be held. President
Batler would be represented by the vice
president of his company. Th« meeting
would be held for the purpose of consider
ing varionß alleged irregularities, and de
vieifcg some means for preventing rate
cutting. The trouble arose chiefly
from the suspicion that roads
ectertained of each other, Rnd was not
any one's fault in particular, bnt was the
result of the nature of things, and the dif
ficulty of harmonizing so many conflict
ing interests. For the last three years,
predictions have been published fcom
time to time, that the pool would be
broken up, bnt it still existed, and he be
lieved the conference wonld result in some
amicable arrangement for removing the
the present difficulties.
No Decision Arrived At.
Chicago, Feb. 5. —The Western Trunk
Line ac-scciation of rnßnagers, had a i oa.
hour eesßicn to-day, to reconsider the
question of pooling the Utah business, bnt
the conference wae not productive) of any
result up to two o'clock this afternoon.
1 IHridend.
New Yobk ; Feb. 5. —Tho Jersey Centra
railway has deeJared a dividend of !}■
per ceut., payable on March 1.
Kail Notes.
W. F. Wilson has been appointed agent
of the West Shore line, Michigan, with
headqnartera at St. Paul.
It is reported that the Toledo narrow
g&nge, which runs into the Wabash eleva
tor at Toledo, will hereafter receive eighth
class freight for New York, at 14 cents
per 100, a cut of 16 cents, or over 50 per
1 cent, less than the regular rates.
The St. Paul & Manitoba road is pre
paring to issue one of the most elegant
folders ever put out by any railroad. It
consist*) of a large sectional map showing
the northern half of Minnesota and north
ern Dakota. The map is on beautifully
tinted paper, and was engraved by th?
American Bank Note company, N. Y.
The map will show all the towns on
the road, and all the towns,
lakes, rivers, etc., in that region including
the newly opened lands in the Devil's
lake district. On th° other side there will
be a large amount of reading matter and
full instructions for getting into the coan
try, and everything needed to give emi
grants instructions.
An Alleged Fr:iu<inl«-m TrauHfer of Real
Etttate to Defeat Uastlce.
A rather reculiar suit was filed in the district
court yesterday by Forepaugh A Tarbox against
Jennie Hill, but the real facts of the case will
never come to light for with the filing of the
complaint came also a stipulation for the dis
missal of the action signed by the attorneys, of
the respective parti c. Jennie Hill is the wife
of A. C. Hill, _a']d the complaint alleges a
fraudulent transfer of property in Pope county
from him *to her through the medium
of a third party, with the
intention of preventing the collection of just
claims. Hill was in partnership with C. E.
Gill at Villard, Pope county, and Forepaugh
& Tarbox obtained judgment, against them for
*697. After the contraction of the debt, and
before the jud/rotnt conld be executed, the com
plaint alleges Hill transferred to Michael Hogan
properly to the value of $5,000, and Hogan in
tun: transferred it to Mrs. Hill, no actual con
eiderntion l>cinic given either way. Plaintiffs
therefore ask that tha jn(i\tmtmt be made a lien
agai L the property held by Mis. Hill, but the
dismissal of tLe case by stipulation bh;>wsthat
the case has been compromised.
Supreme Court.
H. O. Hamlln and Z. E. Brown, partnerp, ye
Hamljn & Brown, respondents, vs. John
Bclinlte, appellant.
Syllabus—To entitle one to commissions
for procuring a purchaser of property on epeci
fieil terms he must produce a person ready and
•wi-Jung to purchase on those terms.
Application of this rule to the facts of the
'• he order rofnuog a new trial i.-> reversed and '
a new trial directed. Bebbt, J.
Dinlriet Court.
IBefore Judge Wilkin.l
Fml Athern vs. P. Kelly, Jr., verdict of $375 ;
for plaintiff.
A. G. Culver, et al., vs. A. Hill, et &L, on
trial .
I By Judge Simon* ]
E. McNamec vs. Allen & Moon. Judgment
;jor defendants.
{By Judge Brill.]
Heller Bros. & Co. vs. The St. Paul, Minnenp
ole & Manitoba Railway company. Order de
nying new trial filed.
. Joseph D. Rose vs. Frederick Bar/ell. Order
vacating attachment filed.
" John Flood & Co. vi M. N. Needham et al.
Judgment for plaintiff for $123.
Jotinß. Oliver th. Francis A. Bnllean; suit
on account.
John B. Scholt vs. Peter B. Groat; suit on
note for $1,853.
Forepangh & Tarbox ye. Jennie Hill; com
plaint of fraduient transfer to defraud creditors,
filed; Btipnlation for dismissal of action filed.
Charles Friend ,b. ' Gates A. Johnson; tran
script of judgement from municipal conrt.
Webster Smith va. K. A. Hirst; s»me.
Samuel Potter vs. Walsh & Goforth; same.
Municipal Cottrt.
[Before Judge Burr. ]
. Henry Geisman; larceny;' fine of $25
Auiiia Burns, same; continued to the
6th. -■■
Jas. Flynn, wife beating; same.
H. Brown, drnnkennese; fine of $5 paid.
M. Cullen, same; committed for five
days. .
Jas. McD&DieJ, disorderly; committed
for fifteen days.
J.Peters, sime; dipcharged.
Mike Early, same; committed fcr ten
John Lynch, same; same.
T. Horan, assault; continued until to
day. ,' .
-J. Jeffrey, violating- ordinance; fine re
mitted. '
W. Crocker, same; dismissed. .
J. McGuire, disorderly; fine of $10
Redinere & Rioker, violating s&loon
ordinance; cod tinned to the
C..W. Sehnltz,' same; continued until to
The Zlnrijtiiv Ac Herts to T>urehH*e the Arc
tic Storehouse ia This City and Erect a
Hew Me'ut Warehouse:;':;'
'.' The fact being known that Mr. J. H. Drake
contemplated going out of the meat business and
a rumor being afloat that he had disposed of his
large and well-fitted Arctic • storehouse a Globe
reporter called npon that gentleman la6t
evening to inquire if the rumor was "in. any
way founded on fact. Mr. Drake
etated that he had not yet disposed of his pr«»p-
erty, bat the Marquis De Mores had m»tle an
offer of #25,000 fur the _ premises, and in all
probability the sale will be animated to-day.
If the purchase takes place the premieea will be
used by the purchaser as a to rage fortgßS,
game, fish and butter, in connection with the
system of Mtabhal along the Northern
Pacific from St. Pnv.l to the i'a;inc. The com
pany ill which the marquis is the head contem
plates building » n,ftt house on the Northern
Pacific track at St. Paul which, with the pur
chase now negotiating, will give them immense
storage room in this at* fur cirrjing on an un
limited business in <l-e- ed meats, egg-, game
and provisions. "
i-.v: strike.
Lawbence, Ma« 9., Feb. :».—One thoc--and
reave'B of the Atlantic m\\U hive -trnck.
mm ir mm sale.
Notice if hereby given, that I will, on Friday, the
15th day ol February, 1884, at eleven o'clock m the
forenoon of that day sell at public auction ..t No.
421 Wabashow street, in the city of Saint Paul,
ms*y county, Minnesota, one certain dart crown
mare, called Pet, now owned and baton ; i U>
.ldK.it'-> Goodhne. That said t«ale will be ma le to
foreclose ;« cdrtain lien on said mare, now ht'.d by
me for laboT bestowed on said mare, and for safely
keeping and storing the same at the re<juent of the
owner or inwfnl posceesor there Thr.t the
amount of said lien is the sum of sixty-two dollars
[$62.00], no part of which has been paid and no
proceedings have heretofore been taken to collect
the same, and that the Bald mare will be cold at the
time and place above stated for the purpose of dis
charging said lien, pursuant to the statute in suuh
case made and provided.
St. Pad, January 22, InM
jan2».wfcd-4w F. X, I}ROS9£AV.
Mortgage Sale.
In-fftilt hap been made in the condition? cf a cer
tain mortgage executed I;. Joseph C. Qre*n,
mortgagor, to Byron Woodward, mortgagee, dated
July 3d, 1573. and recorded July 11th, IK?3, In
the office of the register of deeds in and for ti..
county of P.rim?ey, In book 31 of morti?n«as, page
336. There la due on said mortgage t!tf,W2M>, aud
in addition thereto 103.70, for taxec paid
by said Byron Woodward on mortgaged
premises, except the part thereof herein
after mentioned, from and including the
year 187-1, to and including the year 1883!
with interest at the rat« ipetifetl In paid mortgage.
The premise*, covered by ihe (aid mortgage are:
Mock seventeen (17) of hnmmit Park addition to
the city of St. Paul, according to the plat thereof
on file in the office of the register of deeds in nml
for the county of Kainsey.
Notice is hereby given that the said mortgage
will be foreclosed by sale of the said prcmi^'B,
except lots one (1), two (2), five (5), fifteen (15) ond
j sixteen (10), of said block seventeen (17), pursuant
j to the power of sale therein contained to f.itisfy
! the said amount due on s-.iiii mortgage und the Bald
j sum paid for ::.>..•■. and 1100 attorney's fee* therein
; stipulated. Said -aii- will i•■ made by tho^harifT of
Kainsey county, on Thursday, March 'JOth, 1884,
at 2 o'clock p. in., st the front".! of the b< nlT'
office, .1. the city of St. Paul, in aid county and
; suite.
Dated Feb. 4, im.
S. L. lii i.( b, Attorney for mortgagee
febfi wed-5w
£• Key, sb.—ln Probate Court, special term, unary
In the matter of the estate of Henry 1-. Carey,
On reading and filing the petition of Elizi Cnrey,
administratrix oi the estate of lleury L. Carey,
deceased, Tepreseutingjamong other things that she
has fully administered said estate, and praying that
a time and place be fixed for examining and allow
ing her account of administration, and for the
assignment of the residue of said estate to hcirc;
It is> ordered, that said account be examined, aud
petition heard, by the Judge of this Court, on Tues
day, the 19:h day of Fcbrunry, A. V. IMH4. at ten
o'clock a.m.,at the probate office in said county.
And it is further ordered, that notice thereof be
given to all persona Interested, by publiFjiicg
a copy of thin order for three successive weeki
prior to said day of hearing in the Daily Glose, a
newspaper printed and published at Saint Paul, in
said comity. Uy the court,
[l. s.J WM. B. McGKOHTT
Judge of Prcbcte.
Attest: Frank Bobekt. Jr., Clerk.
B| bb—District Court, Second Judicial District
Winchester and Partridge Manufacturing Company,
plaintiff, vs. A. B. McLellou and C. U. Marshal!,
whose true Christian nameH are to plaintiff un
known, copartners doing business under the firm
name and style of McLellun and Marshal), de
Tho State of Minnesota to the above named de
fendants :
You, and each of you, are hereby summoned nnd
required to answer the complaint of the plaintiff
in tbe above entitled action, which hiw heretofore
been Bled In the office of the clerk of said court,
and to serve a copy of your answer to sal ■ com
plaint on the Babecribers, at their office, In the
city of Saint Paul, in the county of Hamsey,within
twenty days after the service of this summons Dpi
you. exclusive of the day o| such service, end it
yon fail to answer the said complaint wltl the
time aforesaid, the plaintiff in this action will take
judgment against yon and each of you for tho vein of
ihr c hundred, ninety four aud 01-100 ($39101-100)
dollars, with interest thereon from the/id day of
November, A. P. 1-83, at the rate of seven (7) per
eeot. per annum together with th<; costs auO ilis
bnr»enitnts herein.
Plaintltf'B Attorneysl, St. Pan], Kisn.
jan23-wed-7w *,
O District Court, Second Judicial District.
■ Ann* A. Johnson vs«. George Johnson.
The State of Minnesota, to the above earned «I<
You »re hereby summoned and required tn so
ewer to the complaint in this action, which is on
tile in the office of the clerk of the district court,
In the city of St, I'tnl. and to serve a copy of yon
answer to the said complaint on the subscriber, a
hi« office in ihe city of St. Paul, within thirty da]
aftor the service of this summons upon j ou, ex
elusive of tec- day of such service, ami if yon f.ui
to answer the »aid complaint within the limn cfdrr
caie, the jiiaiEtiff in this action will apply :f' tl.o
court for the relief demanded in the con ir.jnt.
Dated Jr.uaary 22, 1864.
Plaintiff's Attorney, St. Paul, Mite.
S: Municipal Court, Oity of Paul.
Municipal <:.iur;, ■ I ml.
I). 3. McXeruey, piaiutiif, a*.-.\iii-t Charlei llj'-tl
HrMMONK FOR ! DBllci I :
The State of Minnesota to (be above named Cv
you are hereby knicmoned to be and ap] •• be
fore the Municipal <'<.!!■■' o! the city of Saint I'f.ul
Eamjfy county. Minnesota, at a term thereof to tn
ho'rfen on Tuesday, the 19th day of February, A !>.
13S1, at the opening of tbri court on th -i '!..;. .■•: 10
o'clock •. do. <•> f-i.i<l last mentioned day, fiLii an
swer to I). 3. MeNerneT^fßfhosecomplaint i 3 on £5c
id 6uidcourt in a civil action, and wh-j (!»-i:,;ir.M~
Judgmentagsinst you }bereio for the Bum of il'M
witrt interest from tbe 7th day of December, A. I>.
1888, beside* the costs aud disbursements <>:' tti«
action. Should yon fail to appear at the time i»i.il
pJnce aforesaid, jndjrment will H e rendered aj.'fen.Kt
you for (raid huuj <.: *r-.*\ with interest aa aforesaid,
Mwthei with kaid c >f ts and disburse!
Witness ice tiouorable Walter T. Uarr, Mnxijfi
j..*.l .Ju-l(<e, at the City of Bt. Paul, sitie
iinclconof.v aforesaid, this 'J23 day of J..n
nary, A. D. 1884.
f Seal of the Municipal Court.]
Clerk of the Municipal Court, by IT. N. Clocse,.
Ebwin, Etas Iz lyss. Attorneys for plaintiff.
j.-»n23-'wtid 4 w
\j of America, in and for the District of MJc
; lyetie County Savings Eani, complainant, aj-aiLHt
Gorhiim P. Gould and (Jeorj,'e i;. Gould, <J*reu<3
Pursuant to the decree of the Circuit Con of
the United States of America for the district t>f
Minnesota made in this« cause at the December
term thereof. A. D. 1883, on the 22d day of Decent
ber, A. I). 1883, the undersigned, a master :u
chancery of said court, will sell at public auction
to the highest bidder lor cash, on Thursday, t!.i
7th day of February, A. D. lfiH-i, at eleven o'clocfc
in the forenoon, at the fioiit entrance to the United
States Custom House, ob Wabashaw street, in tbe
city of St Paul in said district (the ■'place of holding
said court), to satisfy the earn of $2^)99.27, found
due the plaintiff by Raid decree, with interest from
and siiicctthe 28tb day of March, A. 1) 1882, at tbe
rate of 7 per cent, per annum, and cost;*, the fol
)owir.j» described real estate, to-wit: Lot* three
(3), four (♦) and five (5) and lot "E" of lot two (i),
[as per plat of said lot '"E" now of record in tlie
j office of the Ite;?ißter of Deeds in and for Wright
'< county, Minnesota i. all In section three (3 town
ship 118, range twenty-seven (27); also lot i»in»» (9)
in block twelve (12) iotas village of Howard LfiHe,
all and (angular, the above premises situate and
b*iu»f in Wright county, Minnesota.
St. Paul, December 22,15»3.
Master in Chancery.
Uil.su H. Hobton, Plaintiff's Solicitor.
District Court, Second Judicial District.
Amelia Owen Iglehart, plaintiff, against George W.
Norton, William F.Norton, Maria S. ii. lleybn
and Endora M. Heylin, defendants.
The State of Minnesota to the above named defend
ants: .
, You, and each o! you; are hereby summoned and I
required to answer the complaint in this action,
■which has been tiled with the clerk of said court,
and to serve a copy of your answer to the said com
plaint, on the subscriber, nt his office, Jo the city of
St. Paul, in the county of Ramsey aud State of Min
nesota, within twenty days after the service of this
summons: r«pin you. exclusive of the day of such,
service; and if you fail to answer the said complaint
within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply
to the court for the relief demanded therein.
Plaintiff's Attorney, ct. Paul, Minn.
Dated January 21st, I*B4. jsn2;j-wed-Cw

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