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Nrw Yobk, Fb. B.— a. m.—Stocks
quiet and genera.ly strong. Id early trading
they reacted ;«;£^P Gent., but at pres
ent prices show an advance of J^@l^i pe
cent., the latter in Canada Southern.
Money easy at l>[email protected] per cent, on call.
Prime mercantile paper [email protected]% per oent. Bar
silver, $1.11%. Foreign exchange firm
at $1.88>*@4.83% for long, $4.88^@4.88%
for short. ',' .'./" ■
Governments —
State Bonds—Quiet.
Bondsßailroad bonds firm.
Stocks—Continue quiet and firm on slight
changes, and active shares lend flat. At 8 o'clock
stocks were active and firm; Chicago, Milwaukee
& St. Paul and New Jersey Central were the
features, the former selling up to 93% and the
latter to 89%. The steady buying of Chicago,
Milwaukee 4 St. Paul led to purchases of other
active shares of long account. St. Paul, Minne
apolis & Manitoba rose to 97, Missouri Pacific
to 93%, Union Pacific to 82, Delaware, Lacka
wanna 4 Western to 126%, De aware & Hudson
to 118 and Canada Southern to 56%. The
market closed at or near the highest prices of
the day.
Morning Hoard Quotations.
Ihreeet 100>£ *-oun»«vnp'Miß...l23%
IX do 114% Pacifiobsof '»tt.l29
Adams Express..lßo% Mo. Pacific...... 92
Allegheny Cent.. 10 i Mobile 4 0hi0... 9
Alton iT, H.... 44 Morris 4 Essex. .124
do preferred... 90 N., C. 4 St. L... 50
American 92 N. J. Central . 8814
8., P. 4W North'n Pacific.. 22
8.. C. R. 4 M.. 75 - do preferred... 47
Canada Southern . 56% Northwestern 120%
C.,C. &I.C do preferred...l4s%
CeDtraiPacific... 62% N. Y. Central... lls%
Chesapeake 4 0. . 14 N. V., C. 4 St. L. 9
>!■■> Ist pref'd... 26% do preferred... 17
do2dpref'd... 16>^ Ohio Central 2%
Chicago & Alt.. .139 Ohio 4 Miss 251 !tf
<!<> preferrecf.,l4s do preferred ... 90
C.,13.&Q 125 Ontario West.. 10%
C.,Bt. L., 4N. O. &3X Pacific Hail..:.. 45>$
0., S. 4C!ere.... 85 Panama 98
Cleveland 4 Col. 60 Peoria, D. 4 E.. 15
Delaware 4H...112>£ Pittsburg 188%
Dul Lack 125>fj Beading 57>$
Denver &R.G... 21 Bock Island 119
Erie 26K St. L. 4S. F.... 21%
do preferred... 6- l 4 do preferred. 37%
Fort \Vayre .IS:>>£ do Ist pref'd*.. 87>^
Han. 4 St. Joe... M; 4 Mil. 4St. Paul... 92
doproferrod*.. 88 do preferred... 110
Harlem 193 St. Paul 4 Man.. 96
Houston 4Tax.. 45 dt. Paul 4 O'ha. . 82
Illinois Central.. 1 38 do preferred ... 94%
had., B. 4 Wee-u.. 17}£ Texas Pacific 20%
Kanaae & Texas.. 21 Ciiioii Pacific... 81%
Lake Erie &, \7... 17}^ Onitod States .... 60
Lake Shore .. 100% «Tab.,Ht.li.4P.. 16J<
l..'ville & Nash... 48& do preferred... 27
L., N. A. 4 C.. . 25 Wells & Fargo... 108
61. &C. I'M r <r ■■ .ID West. Onion '1... 76
do2d pr»rdf.. 6 Qaickailvar .... . 6
Memphie 4 C.... !S9 do preferred... 32
Uicb;Centra).... 93 i.jariPal.C/Hr.lll
«inii'a4 Bt.L.. 10 C, St. L. & Pitts. <3\£
do nn»ferr«j... 32 do preferred... 26
•AskecJ. fßid, JOfiered. |£x. int. fiKx.
Money easy at l>tJo!2 per cant., closing
offered at I}% per cent. Prime mercantile paper
[email protected]% per cent. -»twr.itit; cc.ciia..jo, bankers'
bills firm at $4.85%; do. ex. doaiaud
Qovernmente— Steady.
Bondsliailroad bonds strong. West Shore
fives advanced 1% per cent, to 55, Lake Erie &
Western incomes 4 per cent, to 35, Ohio Cen
tral incomes \% per cent, to 12, Oregon Im
provement firsts 1% per cent, to 693>6, Chesa
peake & Ohio currency sixes 1 per cent, to 52;
Texas Pacific incomes, after advancing from
46^to 51, reacted to 49.
State Securities— Quiet.
Stocks —The harmonious conference of repre
sentatives of trunk lines yesterday, and the an
nouncement that the presidents of various com
panies had given tneir personal pledge to main
tain rates, had a strengthening influence on
share speculation to-day. In early dealings the
market was unsettled and prices generally a
fraction lower. Before the first call, however,
a strong buying movement set in, which carried
the prices up )£@l}4 per cent., with Chicago,
Milwaukee 4 St. Fail, Canada Southern, Mich
igan Central, New York Central and Lake Shore
the features. Subsequently there was a slight
reaction, but in the last hour the market be
came strong and buoyant, and closed at best
figures. Tl)e trunk line agreement is under
stood to bo far more important than anything
done by the eastern trunk line pool for a long
time past. The roads between St. Louis,
Chicago and the 63st are really united as one by
the establishment of a clearing house with
monthly settlements. The clause in the agree
ment, making presidents responsible for the
maintainance of rates, is regarded as effective
precai in against cutting. The fact that those
most thoroughly conversant with the new ar
rangement were largo buyers .of stocks to-day
is regarded as significant. Compared with last
night's closing prices are %@2j><j par cent.
higher. Tho (iroen Bay, Winona & St. Paul
rose -;•;' per cent, to 8%, Oregon Navigation 1
percent, to 94, Richmond & Danville 1 per cent,
to 60, Memphis & Charleston to 40 and reacted
1o 33; Dubaque 4 Sioux City sold at 73.
The transactions aggregated 333,000 shares:
Canada Southern 9,000; Central Pacific 11,000;
Delaware, Lackawanna 4 Western 88,000; New
York, Lake Erie 4 Western 9,000; Missouri,
Kansas & Texas 5,000; Lake Shore 84,000;
Louisville & Nashville 6,000; Missouri Pacific
9,000; Chicago & Northwestern 14,000; New
Jersey Central 5,000; New York Central 16,000;
Northern Pacific 9,0u0; Philadelphia 4 Reading
14,000; Ch?oa?o, Milwaukee 4 St. Paul 71,000;
Texas Pacific 7,000; Union Pacific 26,000;
Western Union Telegraph 8,000; Oregon Trans
continental 18,000.
The activity which characterized business in
mining shares yesterday continues, and prices
are generally higher. Horn Silver advanced to
650, Leadville to 60, Oriental 4 Miller to 16,
Sonora Consolidated to 11, and Belle Isle to 55.
American Flag is lower at 06 and Bulwer at 250
@230. State Lines steady at 04forNos. 1
and 4, and 06©07 for Nos. A and 3. Little
Chief is steady at 52, Clitnax 07 and Elko 08.
Hortense sold at 10; this is the first sale of this
stock for some time, and only recently it was
quoted at 02.
Afternoon tsoara unotatlona.
Stocks and bonds closed at the following
prices bid:
Three par osnte.. 100% Fours do 123%
lX coupons 114% Pacific 6a of '85.. 129
La. Contois 78 Tenn.6s.new.... 38
•Missouri 63 105 Virginia 6s 40
Bt. Jo*>.. = 110 Cj.ibolsll 37M
Teen. 6a, old ... 38% Deferred 8
C. P. Bonds, 1at..U1% D. P. lanl grant. 109%
Eriesocvsa'is.,... 92>tf Sinking fund.... 1179?
Lehigh & . ..104 Tar. P. grant B. 49
St. P. 43. C. l^t .117 do Rio G. div. 72%
U. P. Bonds, Ist. 114
Afiiuas Express;.USo Missouri Pacific 93%
Allegheny Cent.. 12 Mobile 4 0hi0... 9
Alton 4T. H.. .. 44 Moms 4 Essex J .124
do preferred.. 92 N., C. 4 St. L... 50^
American... .... 85 N. J. Central.... 89§£
8., C. P.. A N.. . . 75 Norfolk 4W. pf .. 88$
Canadian Pacific. 55% Northern Pacific. 22%
Canada South'n .. 56% do erred... 47^
C, C, 41, C....J .... North-western.... 121
Central Pacific... 65% do preferred... 148
Chesapeake 4 0 .. 14 N. Y. Central 11G%
do Ist pref'd.. 27 Ohio Central.... 2%
do2dpref >d... 16}4' Ohio 4 Miss 21%
Chicago 4 A1t...139 do prof erred... 90
dopr»forred...Hs Ontario & West.. 10%
C.,8. 125% Oregon Trans.... 22%
; C, St. L. 4N. O. 83 Pacific Mail 46
'C. St. L. & Pitts. 9% Panama..... 98
'do preferred.. 27 Peoria, D. 4E... 16
C, S. 4 Clay.... 35 Pittsborg 188%
Clovaland4Co!.. 62 Pullman Pal.Car. lll
Delaware 4 H...118 Reading 57%
8e1.4 Lack 126 Bock Island 119^
Denver 4 8.G... 21 St. L. & St. F... 20%
Erie 26% do preferred... 40%
do preferred... 69 do let prePd... 873»?
East T., V. & .. 6% alii. 4 St. Paul.. »3%
do preferred... 12^sj do preferred... 117
Fart Wayne.... 133 V* St. Paul 4 Man. . 96%
Han. 4 St. Joe. .. 9»y. &'.. Paul 4 Oin'a. 81%
do preferred... «B>s do preferred ... 95
Harlem .......193 Texas Pacific.... 20%
Houston 4 Tex.. 44 Union Pacific... 81%
Illinois ntral. 188 . United States.... 60>£
1u4.,8.4We5t.. 17>^ W., St. L. 4 P.. 17%
Kansas 4 Texas.. 21% do preferred... 28 &
Lake Ere 4 W.. 18 Wells* Fargo... 108
Lake Shore 101% Western U.T.... 76
Louisville AN... 47% Bomeetake 8%
L., N.A.AC 26^1 Iron Silver 205
M.AC, lstpfd.. 10 Ontario 28
do2dpr3rd... 5 Quicksilver 4 }4
Memphis tC... 88 do preferred... 26
Mich. Cejtral... 93 South. Pacific
Minn's*St.L... 16% Butro... 17
do. preferred. . 82
•Asked No sales. JOffered. "JEx . mat.
coup. gEx. div. I!Ex. int.
On 'Change.
St. Paul, Feb. B.—ln view of the downward
tendency this morning of the outside markets
prices declined at ■ the board of trade. Wheat
went back%@lc. Oats were %c cheaper to
buy, but holders were firm; 20,000 bushels No.
2 mixed were wanted by one dealer at 31 %c, but
sellers wanted lc more; 1 car of No. 2 mixed
was sold at 82c. Corn was quiet; 2 cars of
i.ew mixed were sold from sampie at 46c.
Ground feed was firm as old prices; 3 cars were
sold at {21 i utgoing. Hay weakened again,
opening at $6.75 to sell; it soon ran down to $6
asked, and no bids were made. Live and dressed
hogs were firm and unchanged. Mess pork de
clined 50c. Following is the call:
Wheat-No. I hard 98% c bid.(lol asked; March,
90cbid; April, $100 bid; May, 1.04 bid, $1.08
asked; No. 1 regular 90c bid. No. 2 hasd 93c
bid, No. 2 regular [email protected] bid.
Cobn—No. 'i, 53 asked; May 57c asked;
new mixed, 47c asked: rejected 45c asked.
—N0.2 inixed,3l}sc bid,March,32%c bid;
March, 83c asked; April 84 asked; May, 34c bid;
35 asked, No. 3, 80>$c bid; No. 2 white, 32% c
bid; No. 8 white 31c bid; rejected 29c bid.
Babley—No. 2, 60c bid; No. 3 extra, 4jßc
bid; No. 3,38 c bid.
Xte— 2, 52c bid.
Ground Feedsl9.oo'asked.
COBS Meal—s2l.oo asked; Bolted $23
Bean—Sacked, 118 asked.
Baled Ha*-$6.00
Timothy —$9.50 asked:
Live Hogs—ss.2s bid.
Dkessed H0g3 56.75 bid;
Flax Seed— .30 bid
Timothy Sekd—sl.lo bid.
Clovee Seed —15.25 bid.
Potatoes— asked.
EOOS—3Sc abked.
. Butter — 73«jC bid; 8c asked.
Mess Pobk— sl6.oo bid;
Lard—9.oo bid.
The following table tribes the principal
quotation? at the call February 7, of laet
year and '84:'
Produce. 1883. - 1884.
Bid. Asked. Bid. Asked.
Wheat No. I hard $1 12 .... 9S^ $[ 01
■' " March. 1 12 .... 99 ....
" " April.. 118 .... 100
" " May... 118 .... l;t)4 108
" " regular 105 .... 90
" No. 2 hard. 1 07 .... 93
" No. 2 regular 102' .... 86
Corn, Mo. 2 50 .... 63
" new mixed. 4G 48 .... 47
Oats. N0.2 mixed 88 4!) SIM 52%
"March... 39 83
" April 89 . 84
" May 40 .... 84 35
"No. a white. 40 41 82% ....
" " 3 " 88 .... 31
Barley No. 2.. 65 .... 60
" " 3ex 55 .... 48 ....
" " 8... 50 .... 38 '....
Rye No. 2.... 52 .... 52
Ground Feed.. 19 00 19 60 .... 19 00
Cera Meal ....
Bran, sacked... 950 13 00
Baled Hay 800 900 .... 600
Dressed Hogs. 725 74j 675
Keceipts and Shipments >
Receipts and shipments of grain, live stocK,
produce, merchandise, etc., for the twenty-four
hours ending Feb. 8, 1884: " * \
Articles. Rec'd Sh'd Articles. Beo'dSh'd
Wheat.... 3 12 Wood 21 ..
Corn 3 ..Oil
Oats 2 ..Paint
Barley 1 .. Merchandise ... 84 79
Rye Piles 2 ..
Flax.. .. Barrel stock... 1 ..
Flour 1 4 Brick 6 1
Corn meal .*. 1 Cement
Feed "2 4 Pig iron
Bran I: It iron & rails. 2 1
Linseed meal 4 railroad ties-.. 3, 2
oilcake.... Agr'l implm'ts. .. 1
Hay ..... 4 1 Beef
Potatoes W>o"
Wool Salt
Cattle „.. 2 1 Machinery
Horses 4 mules Hams
Hogs Emgr't m'v'bles .. ..
Sheep. .. .. Fresh Meat
Pork 1 ..Eggs ..
Lard Bullion
Lumber '..40 19 Sundries 14 11
Cjbl ..24 1 Paper
Total rec'pta, 217 cars; shipments 138 care.
Among tbe Commission Men.
There is nothing in the produce market call
ins for any especial mention at the present time.
Prices generally are firm and the market steady,
receipts of everything excepting eggs are liberal
and in many instances in excess of the demand
and stocks are accumulating. Eggs are scarce and
will become dearer. Poultry is in fair demand
with limited supply. Dressed meats are steidy
with receipts about equal to demand. Follow
ing are prices current:
Butter — liberal; grease, sc; packing
stock off flavor, [email protected]; store packed 9£512%;
dairy, common to fair, [email protected]; choice [email protected];
creamery, [email protected]@40c.
Common, [email protected]; medium, [email protected]
1.75; navy [email protected]
Baoon and Hams— clear bacon, B%@9c;
short clear, 10% c; shoulders, 9%c; hams, 12©
12>$c; dry salt, [email protected]
—Skim, [email protected]; part cream, [email protected]; full
cream old, [email protected]>$c. full cream fall made, 13%
Dressed Meats —Beef, country dressed, 5%@
6J£c; city dressed, [email protected]%c; mutton, country
dressed, [email protected]; city dressed, [email protected]%c; veal, [email protected]
Eggs—lee house and pickled, [email protected]; strict
ly fresh, [email protected] and very scarce.
, Floub—Patents $5 [email protected]; fancy brands.
[email protected] higher; straight [email protected]; Bakers'
XXXX [email protected]: low grades [email protected]: Rye flour
[email protected] 00 per barrel; graham [email protected] per
barrel; buckwheat flour, [email protected]
Fruits—Apples, [email protected]; peddlers' stock
[email protected]; pears, Easter Burre, [email protected] per
box; inter Wells [email protected]; oranges, Valencia,
[email protected] per case; Messinas $4.00; Messina
and Palermo lemons, [email protected]; Cranberries,
[email protected]; Malagagrapes, 50 lb., [email protected];
Figs, new, 16c, 18c, 20c per lb.; dates, black
in frails [email protected], fard in boxes, 12c per lb..
Nuts —Hickory, large, $1.50; small, $2.00;
walnuts, 15c; almonds, [email protected]; Barcelona ha
zel, (filberts) 14c; pecans, [email protected]; Brazil, 14c;
peanuts, [email protected]
FUBS—Mink, [email protected]; coon, [email protected]; lynx,
[email protected]; musk rat, winter 10c, spring lac;
kirts, [email protected]; red fox, [email protected]; kitts, [email protected];
silver fox, [email protected], cross [email protected]; otter
[email protected]; fisher, [email protected]; skunk, [email protected];
badger, [email protected]; wild cat, [email protected]; house cat,
[email protected]; marten, [email protected]; wolverine, [email protected]
5.00; wolf, [email protected]; prairie wolf, [email protected];
bear, ' [email protected]; cubs, [email protected]; beaver,
Lake Superior, 2.00^2.25 per lb., Hudson bay,
[email protected] per lb., Dakota, [email protected] per lb.
Hides— [email protected]; green, ealted, 7%c;
green, 6%c; calf, dry, 16c, green 12c; deer, dry,
[email protected]; antelope, [email protected]; elk, [email protected]; buffalo,
[email protected]
Unwashed, . [email protected]; washed, [email protected]
—White clover, [email protected] lb; buckwheat,
[email protected]ßc lb.
Hops—Washington Territory, 28c; New York,
80c. ,:v' v.
Linseed Oil—Raw [email protected]; boiled [email protected]
Linseed meal [email protected]
PiuiTßY—Chickens, dressed, [email protected] per lb;
turkeys, dressed, [email protected]; ducks and geese,
[email protected] These prices are for choice birds dry
picked; scalliwags sell for what they are worth.
Roots— (Medicinal) ginseng, ■ [email protected]; Ben
oca snake root, [email protected] per lb.
St. Paul Live Stock.
Again the stock yards ara empty, every hoof
having been sold. ' This is not because «f a par
I ticularly brisk demand, but more on account of
, the uru>ually light receipts—two cars only ar
i riving yesterday. One ear of good steers avpr
j aging 1,180 pounds sold at $5.10. | Beef ; cattle
j of all kinds . are in * good demand at the fol
| lowing prices: Mixed cattle, light are
worth [email protected]%c; heavy 3%@4c; steers under
1,000 pounds [email protected]%c; fleshy steers over 1.000
pounds [email protected]#c; pria.e steers s>[email protected]%c; heifers
j abantthe same as steers; fat cows [email protected]?tc; bulls
3>^e3^c; milch cows sell at [email protected] There
were three cars of cheep at the Transfer yards
which were promptly Bold. One car averaging
94 pounds sold at 4}sc; one car averaging 108
pounds at sc; one car averaging 109 pounds at
14.90 per 100 pounds. These last were large
framed but not meaty. ■ Sheep are in demand at
4>[email protected]>£c according to quality. The demand
for hogs is increasing, especially for shipping
and packing stock , and command perhaps
a shade higher prices than the following quota
tions: Light hogs 4%©5 c; medium @s}sc;
heavy 5%@6c.
At the board of trade yesterday, after the call,
and when the business of the morning was fin
ished, a subject was introduced by one of the
members which, by its importance, caused all
who remained on the floor to give it their atten
tion.* The gentleman stated that he thought the
board as a body ought to take under consideration
the matter of credit,and take some action. When
members of that board purchased grain or pro
duce of any hind they bought for cash, and he
did not see why they should sell out in ! small
lots and wait sometimes for two months for their
money after the delivery of the goods. The
subject acted like excited electron, and every eye
was attracted to the speaker, and all soon be
came charged with the tame subject, who in
their turn emitted flashes and thunders at the
system of credit. One gentleman humorously
showed how he was out forty cents
by selling two cases of eggs. He said
a customer living away out on Rice street or
elsewhere bought of him two cases of eggs on
the usual terms of 30 days which really meant
60 days for it was a few days into the current
month. The profit on the two cases was 60c.
He discovered,however,th it his customer had no
conveyance arid he, the dealer, had to send them
out to him at a cost of 50c. .» he cases had to be
»eturned and in three days they did not come
however, and the merchant had to send for them
at another -cost of 50c, costing him
just 40c more than the p-ofit on the eggs. But
this was not all. It was nearly the end of the
second month before his customer came to set
tle up, and he wanted to be allowed for seven
eggs which he said he candled and found bad.
i he subject ca'ised somejdisonsfeion, all agreeing
that the credit system should be abolished, but
in order to insure success there must be uani
inous action. Several members of the board
agreed to see others and obtain their opinions,
when the matter will in all probability be acted
upon officially by tht> toard.
Family Ketail Market.
EiiEAD amd Floor — bread 5c per lb
rye bread, 5c per lb; Vienna bread, 10c per loaf;
flour, 4c per lb.
Btttteb— Farm house, B'[email protected] per lb; cook
ing, [email protected]
Cheese—l2%@[email protected]; Swiss, [email protected]
Coffee — Rio, [email protected] for $1; Jay
(groon) [email protected]|l; Itio roast. [email protected]
@[email protected] for $1; Java roast, 35c per lb, 81bs
for $1; Moca, same as Java.
■ Egos Case eggs, 85c.
FeoitsApples 50c peck; crabs 50c peck; Cal
ifornia grapes 'Z?ic lb; Catawba Mo basket; or
anges [email protected] doz.; cranberries 12^c quart.
• Meats—Sirloin steak loc; porter house 18c;
roasts 15c; corned [email protected]; mutton and veal 15c;
for chops and roasta, pork 10c; pork sausages
10c; bolognas
Poultey and game Turkeys [email protected] per lb;
chickens [email protected]; geese [email protected]; ducks Hi£
15c; pheasants and grouse 75c pair, wild ducK
60c pair; squirrels 25c pair.
SOGAEB—Granulated 11 lbs for 1.00; Stand-;
ard A 11^ lbs for 1.00; extra C 12 lbs for 1,00
yellow C 12% lbs for 1.00.
—Gunpowders [email protected]; Japan from 25 to
70c; Oolong 40 to 90c; Young Hyson 50, 80, 90c.
Vegetables—Beans, dry 15c quart; beets 75c
bushel; carrots 75c bushel; cabbage 10,15, 25c
each; celery 50c doz. ; horse radish 15c lb; leeks
50c doz.; onions 75c bushel; parsley 15c bunch;
peas, dry 15c quart; parsnips 1.00 bushel; ruta
bagas 60c bushel; saurkraut 15c quart; potatoes
[email protected] bushel; turnips 60c bushel; lettuce 8
for 25c; radishes 8 bunches for 10c.
Milk — quart; cream 60c quart.
F. T. OLDS & CO.,
New Tacoma, - - W. T.
Investments made in city and farm property,
timber and coal lands. Buildings erected. Loans
negotiated. Rents collected. Taxes paid, etc.
The building department will be in charge of a
competent and reliable architect.
References: Banks of New Tacoma and Roch
ester, Minn. Correspondence solicited.
C. T. YERKES, JR., & CO.,
13 Gilfillan Block, St.Paul.Minn.
W. Cor. La Salle& Madison Sts., Chicago.
805 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
Bought and sold for cash or carried on margins.
We have unsurpassed facilities for dealing for
oar customers in the New York, Philadelphia and
Chicago Stock Exchanges and on the Chicago
Board of Trade and Call Board. Special telegraph
w^res in our office. R. M. CANNON, Manager.
Boom 4, Mannheimer Building, Southeast corner
Third and Minnesota streets. Direct wire to
Chicago and Milwaukee Boards of Trad..
Operator in our office.)
St. Paul, Friday, Feb. 8, 1884."
Following is to-day's range of prices on the
Milwaukee and Chicago boards:
~° ~~ £ . ? S rl' ■ 2 q~
I . t$ I%§ I i
P £••••**
March ,94>£ 93% 93% 93 93^106^
April 95}*: 94% 94% 94^ 94% 107#
May....... 100)S 99% 99% 99^ 99%j 112,35'
March 94>£ 91% 94>£ 93% 93% 106>£
April 95&! 95&1 95K 94^ 94% 107%
May 100% 100% 100% 99% 99^112^
June 102%|102 102 101 M 101>^ 111
March 54J^ 54 54 58% 53% 56%
May....... 59% 59^ 59^ 585* -58^ 59>£
June 59% 53}* 59>£ 58% 58% 59%
March 32% 82% 82% 32% 82% 89
May....... 87# 87 87 j 86% 36% 41%
March 17.40 17.35 17.35 17.17 17.20 18.17
May 17.62 17.60 17.60 17.42 17.50 18 ; 32
Chicago, I
March..... 9.62 9.57 9.57 9.50 9.5511.37
May 9.85 9.80 9.80 9.7 a 9.75 11.59
■ I I
State qf Market—Easier. . -
Receipts, Shipments,
bushels. bushels,
Chicago— Flour, bbla 15,144 17,576
" Wheat :..... 27,816 .11,142
11 Corn 241,061 110,897
" Oats... 5. .......... 81,892 48,269
" Hogs, head....... 20,0C0 ......
ill. Dor.ui'B Reports.
St. Paul, Feb. 8.
The following quotations, giving the range of
the markets during the day, were received by M.
Doran, Commission Merchant:
WHEAT. v^,
' Mch. May. ; Mch. May
9*o A.H. 93% 99% ' 94^ 100%
9:40 " 98% 93% 94^ - lui^
! 9::0 " 93K 9K »3% . 99%
! 10*0 M 98% 99% 94 > 4 ' 100}/1
10:10 " 93% 03% 9*% 100^
1,-:29 " oß9f 99% 94 100}|
10*0 « 93% 99% 93% 99&
10:40 M 93% 99% 9«% . 99%
10:50 " 93% 99% 93% 999*
11: CO " 93% 995< 93% 99%
11:10 " 93% 99% 34 : 100
11 -20 " 93% 99% 94 100
11:80 " 93% 99% 94% 100
11^0 •« 93% 93% 94 100
1150 "93% 99% 94 100
12:00 M 93% 93% 93% 99%
12:10 " 935< 99% 94 100
12:20 " 93% 99% MX 100}$
12:80 " 98% 99% 94 100
12:40 " 98% 99% 93% 99J<
1250 " 98% 93% 93% 99%
1:00 " 98% 99% 98% 99%
2:00 " ,98% 99% . 93& 93>^
aas ■ 93Ji 99^ 98% 99%
220 " 98^ 99^ 93% 99%
2:45 « 88M 993J MX , 99>j
i Corn. I Oats. Pork.
Tim*. I .
Mch May Mch May! Mch . May
9:30 A. M. 54 59^83 187^)17.30 17.60
9:40 • " 58%59^38 87^ 17.27>i 17.62}f
9:50 " 59% 58% 32% 47^ ".20 17.45
WHO " 53% 59 82%37J4j17.25 17.50 1
10:10 " 5854 59 ;82%|87^ i 17.25 17.52)^
10^20 " 53% 58% 82% 37 17.25 17.50
10^0 " 53% 58% 82% 37 17.30 17.52^
10:40 " 53% 589* 32% 87 17.25 17.50
1050 " 53% 58% 32% 87 17.20 17.47^
11K)O " 53% 58% 82% 87 17.25 17.50
11:10 " 53% 58% 32% 37 17.25 17.50
11:20 " 53%! 58% ! 32% 87 17.25 17.47%
11:80 " 53% 32% 87 17.30 17.50
11:40 " 53%!!86% 17.30 17.52J^
11:50 " 53% 58% 32% 36% 17.30 17.52>$
12KJ0 M. 53>^J58h;32%37 17.30 17.60
12:10 p.m. 58^!58%;32%;87 17.80 17.50
12:20 " 58% 82% 37 17.80 17.50
12:80 " 53%58%132%j87 17.35 17.52^
12:40 • " 58% 82% 36% 17.30 17.50
12:£0 " !53M|58H 32% 36% 17.80 17.50
1:00 " |53^|58%!32% 36^ 17.25 17.473<
2K)O " 53 ]:58% 32% 36%;17.25 17.47>$
2:15 " 58 M 58^32% 36% ' 17.25 17.
2-^0 " 58% 58^ 32%|36>' 8 17.25 !17.47^
2:45 " js3Hisß?^ 17.25 117.47^
Feb. wheat..... 92% Feb. corn 52%
April wheat. 943-£ April corn.... 53>£
June wheat 101% June corn £8%
July wheat...... 1(»2% July corn 60%
Feb. oats 32% Feb. pork 17.20
April oats April pork.... 17.40
June oats 36% June pork 17.573^
Yeatoats 30;4 Year pork
J-'orelj;n Markets.
IBy Cablegram . 1
LiveitriTi.,Feb. 8., 12 m. —Wheat quiet but
steady; cargoes off coast; wheat dull; corn
nothing offering; cargoes on passage; wheat and
corn slow-
Mark Lane. Wheat rather easier, corn quiet
but steady.
Pakis: wheat and flour quiet.
Private cypher: Wheat and corn steady,
Mark Lane easier, demand moderate . .
Milwaukee Prodaea Market.
Mdlwaitoeb, Feb. B.—Flour very dull. Wheat
steady; No. 2 92>£c; February 9i!J.£c; March
93% c; April 94% c; May 93% c. Corn steady;
No. 153 c. Oats weaker; No. 2 32% c. Kye
steady and firm; No. 1 58>jC. Bailey. stronger;
No. % 00c; .extra No. 8 51c. Provisions lower;
m9£B pork 17.25 cash and February; 17.50 May.
Lard; prime stftam, 9.51 cash and February;
9.75 May. Sweet pickled hams firm at 11%@
12)£c. Live hogs steady at 5.906:6.60; dressed
hogs scarce a: A firm at [email protected] Butter
quiet and nnchanged. Cheese quiet and
steady. Eggs scarce and firm. Rece.pts, 8,703
barrets of aoai; 18,325 bushels of wheat; 16,140
bushel* of barley. Shipments, 7,615 barrels of
Boar; 4,325 bushels of whaat; 10,740 bushels of
Chicago .Produce iUarScet.
Chicago, Feb. B. — Klour dull and un
changed; good to choice winter [email protected]; soft
spring wheat 4.00(g;4.50; Minnesota bakers' 4.50
5.25; patents 5. [email protected]; rye flour [email protected];
buckwheat flour [email protected]* Wheat, in fair
demand, but atlu*or rates; opened ,J^@%c
lower than the closing >!i call < yesterday, de
clined to a point 74' A .fj c under opening figures,
and closed ><c under yesterday; sales- ranged:
February 92%@93%c, closed at 92%@92%c;
March 93%@94>£c, closed at 93% c; April
94^«95>*c; May 993^@1.00%, closed at 993*
@99% c; June 1.01>[email protected]%, closed at 1.01%;
No. 2 Chicago spring 92>{@93c, closed at
92>^@92%c; No. 8 Chicago spring [email protected]; No.
2 red winter [email protected] Corn, in fair demand,
but at lower rates; opened weak and declined
with a few fluctuations l%c under yesterday,
and closed at that figure; cash 62%@53%c,
closed at 52% c; February 52%@53Kc, closed at
52% c; March 53%@58%, closed at [email protected]%c;
•April quotable at 3^@%c over March; May
58)[email protected], closed at 583^c; June PB}£@
59%c,closeflat583^(^58^c; July 60M"@61%c,
closed at 60)£c. Oats weaker; cash 32% c;
February B^@32%c; March 82%@32%c,
closed at32%@3i%c; April [email protected]%c, closed
at 33c; May 6 5%@86%@37c, closed at 36%@
37c; year 30>£c. Rye quiet at 58c. Barley
dull at 61>^iyt)2c. Flax seed firmer at 1.54
on track. Pork in fair demand, j but easier,
declined [email protected], and closed quiet at me
dium figures;|caeh 17.20^17.25; ■ March I7.2'<i^
17.80, closed at 17.22%@17.25;May [email protected]
17.6!), closed at 17.47%@17.50; June [email protected]
17.623^, closed at 17.57>5^17.60 : year 15.60«
15.65. Liard in fair demand but easier; cash 9.45
@9.50; March [email protected], closed at 9.52;<
@9.55; April 9.62%; May 9.72>£@9.80, closed
at [email protected]^. Bulk meats in fair demand;
shoulders 7.2£; short ribs 9.00; short clear 9.50.
Butter quiet; creamery [email protected] ; dairy [email protected]
27c. * 'Eggs weaker at [email protected] Whisky steady
and unchanged.
Beceipts, 15,000 barrels of flour; 28,000
bushels of wheat: 241,000 bushels of corn;
82,000 bushels of oats; 7,030 bushels of rye;
26,000 bushels of barley. Shipments, 18,«00
barrels of Soar; 11,000 bushels of wheat;
111,000 bushels' of com; 48,000 bushels «*f
oats; 9,100 bushels of rye; 12,000 bushels of
Call—Wheat, sales 1,570,000 bushels; Febru
ary declined }£c; March declined %c; May
advanced %c. Corn, sales 200,000 bushels;
February advanced 3-4(5; May and June ad
vanced %c. Oats, sales 225,000 bushels; May
declined %c. Pork, sales 3,500 barrels; March
advanced ;2%c. Lard, sales 1,800 tierces;
March and June declined 2%c.
Chicago Live Stock.
Chicago, Feb. B.— Drovers* Journal
reports: Hogs, receipts 20,000; shipments
11,000; market slow, 10c lower; rough pack
ing [email protected]; packing and shipping . [email protected]
7.123^; light 5,[email protected]; skips [email protected] Cattle,
receipts 4,3»M); shipments 2,800; market steady,
active and firm; exports [email protected]; good to
choice shipping [email protected]; common to medium
[email protected] - Sheep, receipts 2,600; shipments
1,900; market blow on commoa; inferior to fair
[email protected] per cwt; medium to good [email protected];
choice to extra [email protected]
Mew York V rotince Market.
New Yobk, Feb.. —Flour dull; receipts
15,000 barrels; exports 43,000 barrel*; superfine
state and western [email protected]; common to good
extra [email protected]; good to choice [email protected]
Wheat, spot grades stronger at an advance of Jj
@>£c; options opened %@%c forwards
steadier, closing %@3^c above inside rates; re
ceipts 17,000 bushels; exports 96,000 bushels;
No. 2 Chicago 1.13; ungrade3 spring 83c; un
graded red [email protected]ß; No. 8rodl.0lK; No 2
red [email protected]&; ungraded white 80c
@l.O2; No. 2 red February sales 40,000',bush
els at 1.06%@1.07%, closing at 1.06%; March
sales 816,000 bushels at 1.08>[email protected]%, closing
at I.oß}^;April sales32B,ooo bushels at l.ie%i/<
1.11, closing at 3.10%; May sales ■'. 2,168,000 •
bushels at 1.13© 1.13^,' closing at I.M&;
June sales 80,000 bushels at 1.14%@1.14%, !
closing at 1.143^. Corn, epot lots %c and
options %@%c lower, closing barely steady;
receipts 21,000 bushels; exports 96,000 bushels;
ungraded [email protected]>£c; No. 8 otic; steamer [email protected]
59& c; No. 2 [email protected]; No. .2 - white 67c;
ungraded white 55(£65S)|c; N0.2 February dlj^w
63kc,closingat6IKc; March 62J^@62%c, clos
ing at 62jic; April 63%@64}^c, closing at
68%' c; May 053^@65%c, closing at 65J£c. Oats '
[email protected]^c higher; receipts 12,080 bnsholi.; ex- :
ports none; mixed western [email protected]; white west- |
em. [email protected] Coffee, spot fair; op'ions 5 j
points lower and dull; Rib No. 7 : February 1
10. [email protected]; 4,250 bags March 1 [email protected];
3,50;) bags April at [email protected];l,250 bags May
at [email protected]; SCO baea'June at 11.10;
1,250 bags August at [email protected]; 500 bags
December at 10.40; Sugar firm; refine-1 steady '
Robust Health
Is not always enjoyed by those who «eem
to possess it. The taint of corrupted
blood may be umierminin? the
constitution. In time,"the poison will cer
tainly show its effects, and with ail the more
virulence the longer it has been allowed
to permeate the system. Each pimple, sty.
boil, skin disorder and sense of unnatural
lassitude, or languor, is one of Nature's
warnings of the consequences of neglect.
Ayers Sarsaparilla
Is the only remedy that can be relied upon,
. in all cases, to eradicate the taint of hered
. itary disease and the special corruptions
of the blood. It is the < only alterative
that is sufficiently powerful to thoroughly
cleanse the system of Scrofulous and
Mercurial impurities and the pollution
of Contagious Diseases. It also neu
tralizes the poisons left by Diphtheria
and Scarlet Fever, and enables rapid
recuperation from the enfeeblement and
debility caused by these diseases.
Myriads of Cures
Achieved by Ayer's Sarsaparilla, in
the past forty years, are attested, and there
is no blood disease, at all possible of cure,
that will not yield to it. Whatever the
ailments of this class, and wherever found,
from the scurvy of the Arctic circle to the
"veldt-sores" of South Africa, this rem
edy has afforded health to the sufferers
by whom it was employed. Druggists
where can cite numerous cases, with
in their personal knowledge, of remark
able cures wrought by it, where all other
treatment had been unavailing. People
will do well to
Trust Nothing Else
then Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Numerous
erode mixtures are offered to the public
as "blood purifiers," which only allure
the patient with .*.ie pretense of many
cheap doses, and with which it is folly to
i experiment while disease is steadily" be
coming more deep-seated and difficult of
cure. Some of these mixtures do much
lasting harm. Bear in mind that the only
medicine that can radically purify the
vitiated blood is
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all druggists; price $1,
six bottles for $5.
C s%@Bc; standard \ 7'„ i 7-7<c: cinftCtionere'
7/^°; granulated 7%c. M.olat6«fi uteady and
unchanged, Rice firm and in moderate demand.
Petroleum farm; united 1.09%. Tallow dull at
V>vc. Rosin dull liggs western scarce and
higher ac [email protected] Beef quiet but steady.
Cut meats quiet but firm. Lard steady; prime
steam 9.75; February quoted at 9.70; March
9.74&9.76; April [email protected]; May 9.9!)@9.95;
June [email protected]; July 10.05. Butter dull.
Cheese, demand fair and market firm. Other
articles unchanged. ,
Dry Goods.
New York, Feb. S.—ln some lines of cot
ton poods ttjere has been a good demand, and
through the deliveries qn old business and or
ders for new assortments, Bales have been men
tioned of a good Bmnunt of cotton goods. The
ma-ket shows more wdinessto valued, which
tiHv»> an upward tendency. The imports for the
-week amount to $1,9U,U0D.
Cincinnati. Whisky Market.
Cincinnati, Feb. 8. — Whisky quiet but
steady at 1.14.
Minneapolis Markets.
The receipts and shipments at and from Min
neapolis yesterday were as follows:
Receipts—Floar, 1,000 barrels; wheat, 43,000
bushels; cjrn, I,BuO bushels; oats, 1,600 bush
els; barley, 1,800 bushels; miilstuffs, 24 tons;
lumber, 140,000 feet; coal, 295 tons; wood, 249
cords, barrel stock, I car; flax seed, 500 bush
els. Total 267 cars.
Shipments—Flour, 7,075 barrels; wheat,
11,500 bushel*; millstuffs 287 tons; lumber,
305,000 feet. Total 282 cars.
The following were the quotations on 'change:
Flour—Patents [email protected]; straights,!
5.75; clears, 14.75(^5.25; low grades, [email protected]
Wheat^No. 1 hard, 99^c bid; No. 2 hard
95c bid;' No. 1 northern, 9;%c; No. 2 northern
850. ,
• tiorn —No. 2, 58c.
Oats—No. 2 mixed, 82c; No. 2 white 84c.
Bran—Bulk, [email protected]; in sacks, $2 more.
Snorts—[email protected]'.3.6o.
Mixed Feed—sl9^l9.7s.
Hay— apland wild, $5.50g6.50.
X)n:uth Market.
[Special Telegram to the Globe.]
Ddluth, Feb. 8. — Wheat—The markets on
'change to-day were nominally unchanged; the
mark?t is firm but inactive. Closing
prices: No. 1 hard cash 99c; May 1.06;. No.
2 hard cash 92c; May 93c; No. 1 May 99c. In
store 25Si/,547 bushels.
Charles Godfrey Got the Whipping Intend
ed for ."its &on-in-L(nr.
A Goshen N. Y. Special of Feb. 3rd, Bays:
An odd sequel to a strange marriage is reported
from Middletown. About ■ two weeks ago the
thirteen- year-old daughter of Charles Godfrey,
of that village, was carried to Will Strong,
a man many 3 ears her senior. The father of the
child had strongly opposed the marriage, but
the mother who had herself made the match,
cou.pelled its consummation in the face of the
protest of the local press and public opinion.
tyfiy minister in Goshen was applied to to
perform the ceremony, but all refused, and Rev.
jiir. dark of Middletown, finally married the
ill-mated pair They live in apartments with
'Mrs. Godfrey, on the second floor of a building
on Main street, Middletown. Mr. and Mrs.
Godfrey have not lived together since the mar
riage, but he was found bleeding and uncon
scious in the hallways at the foot of the staiis
leading to his wife's apartments a few nights
He declined to give any explanation of how
heieceivod his injuries, but the facts in the
case have tinea been made public, it seems
that Goaf rey had beer ' planning some means of
revenging himself ok the man who had married
his child, a<d one night last week proceeded to
carry out a plan he had formed . Engaging the
services of two « talwart negroes ho * went with
them to the bnilJiog on Main street. The pro
gramma was for the negroes to remain in the
dark i way at the foot of the stairs . Godfrey
was to go upstair,* knock at the ! door of
Strong's apartment and when ,he opened the
door to seize him and throw him down stairs
before he recovered from hi surprise. "The mea
below were then to fall up 11 him and beat him
as they chose. Godfrey -went upstairs and
knocked at the door, but instead of Strong ans
wering the knock' Mrs.: Godfrey came to the
door. DiviniDg at once that Godfrey was not
there for any peaceful purpose she knocked or
pushed him down stairs. He fell clear to the
bottom and the negroes, supposing Godfrey was
Stror.g carried out their part ut the programme
so -well that they left their employer nearly dead
in the hallway.
Imposing Obsequies.
New York, Feb. 6.-.Gen. Oliver H. Pal
mer waa buried to-day, &ad many promi
i nent oitizenp, members of the legal pro
fession, and army and navy officers, at
tended the fnnaral. Delegations were
present from the Western Union ' Tele
graph company and Hahnemann hospital.
Among: the pal! bearers were Chief Justice
Noah Daviß,.Carl Schnrz, and Julian T.
Davjes and Commander Allen Brown, of
; the United State 3 navy."
! " Cause K.Be«jt -
• At times symptoms ci indigestion are present,
I uneasiness of the stomach, etc., a moisture like
perspiration, producing itching ;at night, or
when one ie warm, cause the } piles. ■ The effect
is imiaediateTelief upon the application of Dr.
Bosauko's Pile Remedy. Price 50 cents. -For
sale by A. R. "Wilkes, IS. &E. Zimmerman and
! F. Sgerte, droggißtß.
Cm COXPTEOLLEB'S Office, Citt ALL, )
City of Saint Pal Minnesota, Feb. 5,1884. >
Pealed proposals will be received at the office
of the City Comptroller of the City of Saint Paul,
State of Minnesota, until 8 o'clock p. in.
Friday, the Twenty-Sinth Day
of February, 1884,
City of Saint Paul,
ißalnrin? in 25 years from the
First Hay of March,
at) provided hr law, an trader a resolution of
the Common <.■>•(• of the City of tfaint Paul,
approved January 17, I£Bl. " ..
All of paiil bunds bes'inß it-torpor.-it th" rsteof
five (5) per cent. y«-r annum, payable -'!ui
annualiy at the financial Bgercy or tha City of
Saint Paul in the City of New York.
These bonds will be issued in denominations
One Thousand Dollars Each,
- - ■ *■ *." - ' -/' &' -
and delivered to the successful purchaser in the
City of Saint Paul.
No bid .will }■( entertained at leas than ar, as
provided by law.
Bids will bo entertained for the whole or for ,
any separate block or part of block.
Maik bids "Sealed Proposals for Sewerage
Chairman Committoe of Ways and Means of the
City of Saint Paul, City Comptroller's otlice,
Saint Paul, State of Minnesota. 85-59
A sure cure for Blind, Bleeding, Itching ojm
Ulcerated Piles, has been discovered by Dr. Wil
liam, (an Indian i emedy) called Db. William'
Indian Ointment, j A single box has cured tin
worst chr«nic cases of 25 years' standing. No'
one need suffer tire micutee after applying tbU
wonderful soothing medicine. Lotions and in
struments do more harm than i?..uJ. William's
Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intense
itching, (particularly at night after getting >am:
in bed, ) acts as a poultice, gives instant and
painless rglief, and is prepared only for Piles,
itching of the private parts, and for nothing elf,
For sale by all druggists, and mailed on receipt
of prices, $1, NO YE i BROS., & CUTLER,
Wholesale Agent, St. Paul, Minn.
Leave St. Paul. I Ar Pi J>«e
Chicago Express *7:00 a.m. *8:05 a.m
Dcs Molnes k Kansas 0. Ex *7:00 a.m. »B*6 a.m
Bt. Louis "Through" Exp.. |2:5(J p.m. ll!i:2u p.u.
Dcs Molnes tt Kansas 0. Ex f2:f>o p.m. Tl'i^O p.m
Excelsior and Winthrop... *3^o p.m. »12;2O p.m.
Chicago "Faxt" Express... d6;20 a.m. I d 7:46 h.n.
d daily, 'daily except Sunday, rdaily except K*l
urday, tdaily except Monday, llckot oiEc«;" b\
Paul corner Third and Slbley streets, E, A. Whit»
ker. City Ticket and Passenger Agent, and Ualoi
Dspot. B. F. BOYD,
General Ticket and Passenser out, Mlnneapolii,
Ciiiim Milwaukee & St, ftol Mmi
The Finest Dining Cars in the World are run
on all through trains to and from Chicago.
Arrival anil dijpirtnr* o* »hron«fh nw"«"«* ■ *•-«••»•
Leave i.«»<.
DiPAßTisa xbairs. jHnn")ap'Jl» 81. Hali
F.lvor Division.
MilTvr.uiee k Chicago Ex.. \l2 noon 1 11-48 p a
Milwaukee & Chicago Ex. A 7KM) p m & 7:4Bj> a
La Orosse, Dubuqne, I».oct!
Island & St. Louis Exp.. ) 4:50 a m 0 s:2s'o'm
lowa & Minn. Division.
Sou. Minn.,ls. &Dav'pt Ex. O S.OO *m 0 8:10 • m
Owatonna Accommodation 0 4*o pm 0 i:?1 }*
Mason City, Sou & West, ex E 8:00 p m E T'JO p ■
Hastings k Dakota Dlv.
Aberdeen & Dakota Ex.... 0 8:45 am 0 .-00 ■■
~ Arrive ArrlT*
Hi. Paal. DUnn««p*Ui
Blver Division.
Chicago & Milwaukee Ex..; A 7:20 am A 8:10 a a
Chic & Milwaukee Ex.. 'A a aft ptt A tuO p I
La Orosse, Dubuque, Rock I
Island & St. Louis Exp.. 0 9:35 pis 0 10 JO p a
lowa & Minn. Division.
Owatonna Accommodation C 10:28 a id 0 1036 a «
Sou. Minn, and la. Ex JO BrfUS p m 0 706p8
Mason City Sou & West, ex 7 7;15 ato F 8*) a a
Hastings & "akota D*.
Aberu'^ct < DpJS;">taeir'— ■» 'J H#t- *• * '* "•*"»• t»
A. ut^-.y aai.J. 0, w;2n uauaajr. -, M.4
i«*3riia> P. axsept ytc«iJfty.
A<l-rtiona! trains faetwaan 3t. Paul wl M)n,i9«po
Us, via "Short Line," leave both cities aoui;-. tot
particular** see Short Line time-table.
Bt. Paul—Ch«is. Thompson. City Ticket Ajr»i i^lS!
E, Third street Brown 4 ExiebeL, Ticket A genii
Onion Depot.
Minneapolis— d. L. Scott, City Ticset A^ent, No.
7, Nicollet House. A. B. Chamberlain, Ticket
Agent. Depot.
" I Leave Leave Mm- Arrival A.rmaSJtii*
i St. Pan.. | neapolis. St. Paul, j nrnpnUt
Willmar, Morris and Brown's Valley. '.. I *"*» am; B*s ami *CK»pmj 53S»a»
Fergus Fillip Moorhead, Fargo, Crooiston, St. Vincent, j ■ . '
and Winnipeg.... : | *8:00 am 850 am *6:20 p : . s:i.>»=.-
St Cloud Accommodation, via Monticello and Clear- ' ; •
water.......... : .!• *2:3opni! 3:ospm *12:0 ml lli»f=.-
St. Cloud Accommodation, via Anoka and Elk Ktver....i *4.-oOpini 4:33pm *10:15 a 1:1 Il»tm
Breckenridge, Moorhead, Fargo, Wahpeton, Casreltoc, ;' _: ; •
Hope, Portland and May vUle. ! fT:oopm : 7:4opm t'^Oan.- 7:U»»n=
Fergus Fall*. Moorfiead, Fargo, Grand Fork.-, Devil's' |
Lake, Larimore", Keche and Winnipeg I f3:3opmJ 9:lspnu f7:W a m CH)fcai.
f Daily. * Except Sundays.
Leave Bi Paul—l* 7 ft m, 7:35 am, f»8:00 a m. 8:30 am, 8:35 urn, 9:30 am, 10:30 am, 11:30 am, »113DEJa»
1&0 pm, 2:30 pm,2:35 p in, 5:30 p m, d:SO p m, fliOO p m, 4:30 p id, 5-.30.'p v, -.5:40 p m,610 p m, CJTIpB*.
+7'oo pm, 8:00 pm, 8:30 pm:
Leave Minneapolis— m, 7:00 am, 7,10 am, 7-3) a in. T7: J- 0 a "»i 3-30 am, 940 ft m. 103* m c,.
1120 am, 11:30 am, tl2:l)0 an, 12:30 pm, 1:30 \> m, 2:30 pm, 3:20 pm, 4:30 pm, 5:;« i pm, fartS P iu,6itß^
m 7-00 pm, fll-.10 pm. fcS^rElfcjjiint s;eeDersoa all through train-".
ST. PAUL—W. A. Turner, tity Ticket Agent, cor. Third and eiibley streets: Brown & Kenebel/iC«»s.
■Jnion depot. '. . . ,
MINNEAPOLIS—J. E. SmiU. General Agent, and H. L. M i-'in, Ticiet Agent cor. Wa^MajiUia *m±.
Fourth Aye. Hci li; W. H.Wisrer, Agent, Nicollet house. •-•■—.
' ..■':.
ST. PAUL - KlVfr
St Pan!, Minn.
S. P. EAB3FOKD. Room '.»« Gt'SlWn Klnck.
H. 8. TB2HSBKX, O. X., 19 GIIIUUb Btoifc.
A. D. HINBDALE, Presley Block.
A. M. RADOLinr, Msnnheimer Block.
J. WALTZH BTKTKKB, DtVldJOn Blflct; %cm
ABTISTt' matlbial*. ~
BHERWOOI' UOUOU, Cor. TUlrd ui<l TilMb«
STEVENS k KOEXiUbON, 71 Iwl TtlrtJ fit**.
Bt. P»nl.
BBEAWOOP HOUGH, Cor. Third Bad — ''—■,
Third street
A. NZPPOLT oomer Seventh and f>lb:»r i%» 1
JOHN MATHEIB, 11 E*«t Third «tr«-eU
W. L. ANDERSON, 88 E»rt Third rtr««t
I>BY OOOD»-WholM»l«.
tr—t, between Fourth and Fifth.
LINDEKE, LAPP » CO., » Ea« Third ttrwC
A. O. BAILEY, 10 Jackson street.
BTEXS BROS., 11 Cast Third street. ttutbus
1960. »
OBOCXBIES-Wholeaai* ~
P. H. KELLY i 00., Hi to 148 Eaat I hit* itwt
F. G. PRAPER At CO . 65 Ki»st Tnlrrt »tr»''
EMU, OKTST, 67 East Third ntr««l.
STKVKN'B k HOBKBTHON. 71 Km* T\Lh4 «i't«j
Ht. Paul.
T. d. WHTTi >. CO.. No. 1"« Gout Thtrd .1 ..
BTK7KNS * BOUKBTBON, 71 East Tblr.l tfswt
St. Pti'-.:.
_ Tf IK a MAKJKEB •-■•-: --■■- ---
CKn'PEN * TJP3ON, 74 East Third ttrwt.
TV. H. OARI.ANU, 41 East Third 9trd*
WINKS A37D LlQlTC w^ia«ur""
£!. KUIIL AiOO., Wholesale Dealers In r.H«—
end Wines, I'M East Third n'.r-jot, Bt. Paul.
tfnet Tblr.l street.
aTBONO, JIAOKETT i CO., MS to U9 R. «th t
fit. I'au Riilwnv Time Tatil*e
The Royal Route,
No Grange of Cars to UWcaie
Dos Moinos or Kansas City.
:L«. Hlnc«-'L«<iiM
cnuTma tbahi*. j apolli. j Put.
Pea Molnes f f.h t Express.... t7:66 a m {lit i. ■»
Chicago Day Express...... '13.au ai 'Il.apn
Chicago i Milwaukee Ex... *7.flopai I«[ii
Sioux City & Hloiit Fal!»... ' f7:58 •a' I* i m
Shakopee and Merrlam Jet. ISm
Omaha and Kansas City... *l:Sspia •!*.' tm.
Green Bay and Applet< n. . . Hi* ■ v
Shakopee and Merrlam Jet. ' "2:90 p m *%W p m
North Wisconsin ft Superior f7:«0 am I ftii (m.
River Falls.... ._„ ._.._^. t*:3o pai| t***P«»
Dining Cars the Kin-st in the world and '. ;iir.«ns»
Smoking Room 8 muter- on all Chicago truest.
Arrive 8t hr Krtr.
inr.iviNa Tames. Paul. ip«l(«.
Oh !e»u?o k Milwaukee Ex... 17 20 m |fltf»«
Merriam Jet and Shakopee.. "12:15 p m •s.'.&
Chicago Kight Express •2:Mpm! •»•'. p m
Sioux City & Sioux Falls... tll:4tipmi Ill:t',if: *
Omaha and Kansas City.... •!opm •li;*l««.
North WiHConaln tt Superior r-i.'SV p m k._U(. 9 »
Merriaiu Jet and Shakopee.. *ll:J')|pml "t-fifK
Greon Bay & Appleton..... 17S0 pml ♦«•« (r •
Rtver Falls 9:25 a nr'tWAl »
Pee Molneß Fast Kxprens.... tll:10 p m tllM 9m
Lake Elmo and Stlllwator Tr»ln«.
r7:40 am, fB:?'J am, f!»:3(i am, *ii:ooia, {l£)& ?j»
t*:JMi p « •7:00 pm.
»«:'>.) arr t«:18 am, KM an, i' '^« ,n. <n-M ut
•2 !>5 ■ tS:(» i> « and ' pm.
awn -Tii,/.w*TXB roc BT. PATH. a vidimmmi
6:05 am, 7*l am f*;* am, t12:09 m, UdSprtn,
t8;«i r< ■> 4*i p m, i« 5) pm.
•Pi!!?, t Except 3aadtya. t Kiaeui MonStff.
C^~T{et»U. Hl<»»[)lui{ 0-.- Acc<omaiodat(oac
all Information can be necure^ at
No. It Nicollet House Block, Mtnne«pol«,
Minneapolis depot,corn»r Washington aa4 faeitt
avenue north. 11. L. MARTIN, Ticket Acxri,
Corner Third and Jackson streets, St. Pis',
Oil AS. H. PETSOH, City Ticket &o||.
New Union Depot, foot of Sibley street,
KNEBEL & BROWN, TlrSsi Aittfiv
H. E. EATPEN Ticket Agent, 8«l!w»t«K.
" Overland Bonte V
Portland. Ore., ami the Pacific Jertkwst
DepartingTralns.l 'Leave ■ lficr«p-
St. Paul. at**.
Pacific express *8:fO p m *«:«>■»m
Fargo day express +8:35 a m I t-Wi 1.10
Fargo night express *8:00 m ' *g:iX 9m-
Dining Pulhnnu sleepers, elegant day cooekeis,
second-claps couches, and emigrant sleeping «■*■
between St. Paul. Minneapolis, Fargo, link.;:*?.£
Portland, Ore., without change.
1 Arrive I
Arriving Trains, Mlnneap- i Arriw»
oils. , St Bmii.
Atlantic express." *7:»> a ni J *l#t*iu>.
Fargo day express +7:05 pm I tTitt pit.
Fargo night pxph"j« *7:35 win I *l:(llam
♦Daily. fExcept Sunday.
City office, St Paul, 43 Jackson street.
City office, Minneapolis, No. 10 Nlcolle< bart"*-
General Pas^^nger Ac-jr.'™
JO7TN MUIK. PnpeHnti-ncliTit of Traffic

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