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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, August 27, 1864, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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th.t harry rIi'Y.
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, r--a ipi was seen.
01ril rvily glowing
rain :,- dt(m)r,
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Of their Kiijg.
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lRd CU Gt,ýl 11th dAt
jr *O~VX xiWt're so(.,,
W h lor "e tO ti e
t ijet i in St. I.ouia,
if ,: ol-nthe, Do-sotn llouA(
aý tllc fomn'ry l n that iity.
fl Yo VouI 6ay to OuIF
p that we fournd tbel
r ttnit !-`";n;t and uvri-ht
M_ -l!v wi. aiLy-s do the
Uvc :r ai, -nd h in the
f h -rd ta',A c n i bý_60?1)
/r uIlenii'in tO trilO LX1E
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with tho Tlpto (,i,,
*·- rC1·eight.. at·I Fovta Beto.t iupsid
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. bte 15th, abo jr, fin; ,
wFith' i? o C d a li, the
·.u~ thVt ,P FvaKi doltymb
'Feight a rt Fort Benton Inside
tooC ock ticketst an;O alibob
a!`~~ cl~liten of ais
"!41 tliee 16* abnout ioon, the
Oli erl""nWiy and* ofcahi~ed Or thi;
*~D -bir ýo*'W
b'Zi"d on: i;oi~d ,gaop~o 80
wthc ith sQ~ue UftytFb4
'Iwhlr o the 3SO Whioonag.
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: r t~ra~q'#1fl~~g, e~ 41pr a4r4r
*i 'e S. A* r040
atr4 ,oi* apd tha.pfro.-s ?
sa8ippi P na fiasls$, ti moies, ble' U
Louis, we ePtsed the "Big Muady,".tt i
as this was to be ourdestination for 95
days, re will 'gre a bAd dteription of it
ad general one will answer all people.-
The river, at its mouth,. is wide and
Jeep, and. pasang as ft does, through. a
sandy alluvial soil for mae -than 3000
iniies,with the banks conitatly eavig sad
shifting the waters are mtdd--heade.th-e
,name-tot inappropriate, "Jig ilr»ti j."
On Stutn4ate 17thwe ppsed S ntea
having 1ýi4 up during the night, the: ve
falliig,and meetingwith maagsndn4andbari.
This city is situated on the north bank of
tho river, the North Missouri road-paeing
through iSt an is forty-ive raile. from
St. Louia by water and twelve miles by
b >the .fternnon, tb WVelcowma ,
boat going to Fort Benton and behnging
to an opposition line, passed us, having
also on boord a detachmtet aeldiers-
We aeri.dt;overed thit our oat had littr'
power, but were told that the machinery
was new (not the case) and would greatly
improve by a little wear. The south side
of- the river is somewhat bluffy, while on
the north is rich bottom,, with plenty of
timber-the wheat looking well.
On Monday, we passed the pleasant vil
lage of Herma.n, on the south side. This
is a German village, and the grape .i ex
tensively cultivated. Also passed Jenerfon
City, the capital of the State. It cooitains
gome twenty-five or thirty thousand inhab
itants, and is situated on a high bletk.
Hero is a prison, a statehouse, ec., is 150
miles from St. Louis. The Pacific Pail-.
road passes along the south banik of tie
river. In this region there is plenty of
coal, and our boat took on a quantity for
future use.
On the 16th, paqmed iRoonvilo, siuntoed
in a fine prairia country, 0bi6 plao cnn.
exposed to freque'n't guerilla raid!, ttero is
but little doing. 'Also' psa#6ed Glsvsgiw, a!
snuipli viDfLgo, but a great wart for tolalern,
the Weather .bcautiful, though the ,-ilairg
backward. On the 20th, peared thce VIaI
com-e flld afiothpr bo& )atyi N *4. $Sa
* but rn' "fiqnd~n found t to fhcy
wote Unk'n melmtft ian er~ i of Bush
nAreeklpeP, , wbad kille4 A mas ill tho vi
dunityl, the evenin- betamwe. hi thse after
nooa paiset1 Le3-ingtou, eseroatpt1 for !:4!
ing tboý plfaeewh.rt !O.re llPrL) d I Li
fori·et, -)7hUr a Lhrd Cgkt, wcrc cnature4 ly
44-a -ILI-rX ~ T-IS.~.~-~pTTP(
w-r.~-- n ei h vd e' arhiie ·hojw re; ce
On. the 21at, we imlL-ed Kani-.-i: (Viti,v'ar i
thee Kanens -lin. TIj, i~ R A
plalce. Also paseed tVe !4-v ro.pAritting:
Kirva,a fromi Missouri-t~,e ecti:,try chieth
rolling prair'se.mu c~c~?
01 the 22d, pmizse! t4. Joe,l .vo. T'is is
an old place. and Joes ct'oi:';dcv e deratle
ý.Ie, 'but nothin- like whatI i 'eho!iId, Ink-I
ig ntv itecofunt itp advantascrinn p-jtt'cl.
Vere were t~r.ops -siW.imnee, ai.f - a J'r'voet
Siars'hal, but fur I:tt pirposeo we NiA t
4'agiire. Wishing Lo p'4d~..ae Ew~e nol
~nnitiumn, ano Lbeing a vroaner, we %7001ý
Sibged to edl'on hiI* Exe'e!1encVy the Pe..&
*ho. sr e-I4ue'1. i uvhhpi rzwen
wo, irt8opi~out r,,W4t.qt~r~ )plrC
j%04 ~ W IL~~U ,i~i c er .qiao~4*oa sr.
,6Af v art; thws' W wja; vs,
lie it eathiae coidd end n4it, Ari '--':
_7ulr 4-we -aaw the cEuýtry, but mArlp .
of I.Oft-on eith.r Aido oefG-? riTe?.
(Oh iho %4tbý- tBtr ii~aw mjwý-r exeitptr-r xt;
in cwsenso If h1 ox I oJ
br4f4-4tft ety-erf t 8Q iewI n*f 1
On iR4 ý25-tb, ti* 0.r:aK71ý m
(i~~~~~~~a~ Is~s~ouc~~ ~Id~
ýbM4. *htcy are Emfl'im iq e*Aý?? ee .,
dark ;w. said to Uhc i ,dojeld v tit I
tpý bjotppte beetg".e
O tka:t o May, had a voleeat bite*
9totfl-. ed tLe Little 'Slout Xiv'e'l
higkt. ro gopr12 ~ott' pm lows ti4 j.
iay up aematr-eko wreint to dp.o
wh'le1. p a~wext~-ivTaN! &~i~ft-~ l'r-r
* ~eoii~er:~ rcalS; t 4
lit4W q ` pye:p pt t~
a ofwm -out pad,
A 4t
B Oityt 43
up= Mup nefhfpo &n4 intheinaoftA th
greeted the Torritory-ef Dakota (lad
witliotletre.. --*-·' -e i
On thcie4'of 'UA-iy" foulnd ourselves jg
soithi.' The kiier, hele'o imize. a vevyJlu
band, je that in going sixty Miie6 by
we are 'only tenl miles by lind. fromý Sioitx
9Q~.tb.e 4th, £ad :tke g~r~s somesvrti
green.~- To-IbL wfd lostý thiec of our iI7'
pt1iMcR' 1teziia uie four Tet on hoard.
'The rh~eru. o fcun4 zose %*tXt six inehesý
during* 44e uixht4 iii·n wnfjnqwe. 1so1 tW
melting: of the ice in the upper ri'e~-nd
snot, Ye~trakchet thBe ~aiial rite nv6sSi(. 1Lr
the meltino go the RUAOWa in th.). )l Afft#4.,
-of bila-znsnll f~;41·~
This is the. piico 16o or-grate.In cIn. -'
.qurioie If th e 'wh Poil, fiuc Jst'artwf u:o :
Jtav 5th,*w,3 Va& a Irmillion. K',
ýtwe eonparfleo ot Ior't 1dt loopv ts P iv
ties jutotho tiid poinlt. T_
-day go ý ()Ifk .lII'1Air aind )i i dto tCkeo
freigh1't 4( io~'z" a ,riWi- *,iv P h
/'dlv - He~---ne car;,.; f'.wasles-repoC Fý
do , W10
Y -,I J idThO Leovs.&m!rx t git in Qaenty (.4
f ~·titl- ifnd.' 14r."kirie claiek- er -- - zl urq't ro s
'huptin- ei nceonnt of6t e ni-r lIer of n, i
scr.enge contInuaiA i shor'tirig.---,t1'
'c b r I 1. *LadW na
ýew.` tiýJ CUS13ii'i W- OIL, 11 JW'tr~t~c j
tehcqL- Uist c.ý e % -atsnre ft or, cto rivb.
i This if "rpllrkalý;tC n the, Nfi'pRCHwjri . flat
withsl nr1 Ig itr Usp - in mnany iiavs, or.
pr.·cd-nivrr.?: and -ren -noruntainoms,, :,ýýt 1)tri
sign w rimain,; -nook~,al, Ynountrairpy`Lr) :
01 ' *r .ling tprin1j i- Im'.hrni0 by tih f'
elel. This 0 co : "Iritry %Tz )S·C; ' iL
aliv cf-uutry, or ftjxirt All!-I ev ii dý,r~i r. - ýil
f 1nv Ž v*ri ra iI
ofr . fe(" o' d
ing.- ~n F~s~reT.4rd 's p~ au~r ~niu-~ y hir-~
tuea i" o lii . i a Alrt A4' R -1 ft d
ri 't; t, ou'nc..atr ; ~ithd;
pefiki8. L- tyk u~n "1'trv five r e to.
low-j'aaktnn, fleo .ta lit'l f if P,
ing ()Tf freig)jhý-fpuna , t'r p rar z only thir~;j
.Y-six inehe,ý on fl-!, ',:.. Thbis 111or- ill~
ttac s~rit.c~ re-, 'url -3Ut1ti' 'rtc
ther rain of 1wit nif-bt, tl'im- i7 th'is nlof-t
Vv I i q pn'tcýtc ~eT)trii
to o'i;~r rcur nopctrilm' Ov, r c~ma :4:,
St).Ompalid flnVIE-rs ; 6(% (,,r r F~fzt9 ar-,
int r-, robe of Fmor,-:- nnti thc 7.16ifie l~jW1li~ij
F7-n ft w akaton to -oc ki),ird. - TIM·z d ar. lto
1 ve walkll- th~e vq,,!k' or r-lt! ·ln~; tll~o
C-P (fif Lý.mlj p wilir nr hur-J110 sillrfi rf
(!evocllu .'Io nokr. "(tthrou~ih Ystare to
SUCt"Xels find.'J -
jcritg alon$ th!o Lrik4-vf tt~u :ivc!: Vli r
turel. nrttinf- leu l eni ;;!ei~r t,.ct;r ti
-crk ol wcde:
:cr1 oi niic' e~u:'iie.;hew~ I~cr ToN~.- tki~
Uinkilt 1-010 (IsIrieq:jnio t1 n~PI~lP b
,eni7-p~r for eodding tlw?7nto'. '¶Th
Pw trees tetw ff-1t ii 41-.metter cut Oc'wr by
iec araniumali sd i'onmj,"eIely 7eIvfed.-,
'Jte - u'&oclewr ,rwwnd the treco Ur.ti it ifzffls
av d' d ste 4u gIali an. anirmal pefcm, svqI.
Or·`l bxWatj is 1Elyr:,tr iokw iltad'wiiig drv.,
Ii,' irken Br wituN'~tii ii br ia 'I
±h~e· h~dtg; rjzmr bea~re~r i~di'm~·i··'ta - t·1 hr4 )
I I Oýe xý cue b"Iiftk, C ui(iJnek wter
v'rnl ame m- he -p .pattttiti,"be1n
wIdeieh iwe lk$t. seoýeiy IWO- ,4 w64ve, his!
o tad ro* ".ke kv iver& inte thre wuityrtjn14
Ita, Aualti be: wifateýe iv, Obot·: -41,e~
I Omtfli2*thA 'rsoughed: Varlktaw; h1 .o%*
I gpevW the: Inter'a-i r'i vadllding: a, beat -at
[Imhter, rst) ii to get omer the bar. have,
Wfthv iC--,vim tro'ww!ý0,,adn'
ag,4ftJavaL.%sisg an Wlhitr Mittr L
fA. 1a&t*"4 thei cxpitau of -Dkictiý, ematalnw
Virl$i~ihabitant',; a~ndAj id3ramed after lb
wTjugkim huvia~m, JL. bard uf -the Siaultl
izibabit this section. All vi11t.es in t
Wwesa ae wdWis ditiesm; al '-azeis, rivers
·-acn(s,7Ep1uwdanik ·~ic~n~Ei, t~dad u3,
nerfirilvr mad dieie sar'-yawktor. C'itr no
h"-l i hsl tad sears ) ss ; -ttheli.ed
h 1hHA4 tattuaf 007 jai a oou f .taie .
~Tiripitr) in a osea-thtte L~okutiaajitwt
tiwwkotts Sad aeorsi~ stwee;r ·th
tt om rains here, the farmers 4aa
ad ala 1bctt~m aw., .
;fqm~f. L.jbo$s i~
pisl~ith ad~ *gf. btWrId
'f"(1is, 44 tlwy pm. t
4 ' i , -114 #fthyU ~ 9
~~~a~ . A*Jg.1I~t~Ldiauia. They
4 thau thl -1,~
%, aihqra with Father
VjJA $a pt h.ýi-3 Pr4L~k' nnd
~m4;'fl Pý*W 10in &ison
40 t#1e4 Pis h )Pcii
a V np et1;
~~~~jC- p~eitwdctod t~iaw ( ell, 1
SuI14 Uand b's w$ho1i.nr- Y' Ye ;j&4
we foup~djbtitt e1dped dt&
T01101 of c4". - I ~~~
'k Aihch. kno9414tkIj& qmw
vir.Awi a% - Utz, W.9 a Catholic,
k ia u- trr j m'uyp-WO cankpaibZoth tz'll
a ! 4rU i.'i. , r iijon o tiho point
~V.4;# ;hey Will fMW 4j
1W2~ Jk shnould nIot bo *k lzria. wito
0 017ayte th G;
kicl 1' t mot nrctto I ho v canohe
t'- tbt lc:t ruone-; but wY' digres.
woe1'fUric1 b i ('i "-',ringz .'tujr t
h e I , rilck , in !r)4ftlto This
'lni. cullir; . % 1ý1,:( 10"Old~;itS- Jr.Oiaar
rat.' frmza h.')le'vcrt,-ain1 s.L,-jkc a qi'a.! o r
ir to t.h hr tIh ..
1", 6 . , r
to ti c fi !?tlNlt ill--' 1 :r R, (1jc i j --f)c~l~
. . . -'I , I miff- 3HOr eJ. f; ('J
41" fa-t muany. Indiari JocaIe
Olr sr*itfl" ut tt. R.,nd- l,the palsemngersa
m~ pi4 pauwittAI tO' landi on aeciu,:71t 'f
bros i dtlla)l_ýile t -)-rd, though. the eW·
1! ~ op f ý Al ise
z9 ,c 4the c ireiia
6.p4~ }erti;4r tjc tiver IN at In
fpi Io Te.nbWtg1'or* fiie Miparnor
e qju tl),' ~'ei uaOch;e Ind. v ari
~Bdlld ~ ~icct `amý tla~y ic kari-ing.C~
i I;tu (- F or circ tjert c iet r im.c n lu
c"t villa'&rnnnduhaIdrip I1'r nLt Itper
iwwd li tn orfi*w Fort. 0r1 the' 2'tY m rn
)".ig ;ouav, ci' ur e i euig V I a1 t Im
4en rol ~aji a ao - tLolt ric it
ileitl % re-, en
Cw !'!- 'fl' 1 P OaX . tit 1 e Tjez11 What the
"t.l wo'( akC,'t 0-1 tk he 141" (4a dlonck
.a C1jýt( 34 a save 4 ' miri va apiTcd bre-t~
m.M 2 g E-dt kor ' .Ven UpfL C- thel
ix I) d t2 !iiw rrt. Li'a w.P lt.
-will bal
'ar -fo"'! t a . ii .iv r, r r'j~ oi'aaed c,
rrc~li thei?:"the.
_)-4. ( -\ik Agqw T a r HU.i2C: u 2 )0.
ýT V J- ff. H~rrtr~l ~i~oan y he L;d;
Sdo icr' jr 1 )Jl 'P, lo ot wqa
Tuir-d- uqrck.1rpsrb)-, r ptlr
hP-4 .I the itLt lu i4dizui
'b.) '2 * ' J.Ud atrw."ir. e'ir shoo',~ie
Ur,44 it iOak. Of the giat z
QLkW vtiw~1qw j'y taeso diA put.i
bii ngt~1erSWtd~l:. ue .couu~ac in
F~~:4:~st~ .~r~.ss Z4~i~,~n% re
±f~lrqucntly do
ý.re zv I t. -- mad, a
HqQW oq~d.a on0.njJ~
*whe cl Caims flh8 a
&atA the boy i a d r u i. Ike iaer.ieds
Vhilio over ffthened @ wdine kim owin o&
ejrip; -OVq=. Ire 'C)O oln the r p
MeaAMi~4*A b qu
er~cv pd gr,4 d-elka ;W6% igik4 d~~lbi
Tir;t e n e nAke. b
~i kr~ae h ~Ra, le~Lrono
,~.a br~ltr~oi~~ n h.4pp~
u(~~jl ~I~P te Ret ' R~-e-quCRPty ioU
Vug pe eh 1a6ie, bein O ob..f the
togaof. d'WYatds, the moat lay up
oitc~h~· heios mub: awed
&t- QA4ea j~ei ur or 4wi4*-_,,n# i demi
.ua~wy 'MK
uac' cairic iiaopj o~4of Oalaahy
Srr iltd wh 4 iveý aticad-4 seed bot 1
mp e -A. N-6tbhzit now' 6oreiý-1io
best. making~ 0jWi# .*W-li~i tipftr ý ,'
i t sbolot, 0*or the. 4i th6Maa QA wet tLk
sicane &Ack dieO wh inaW W1~SU&Wat
?,u ,ed bp tbe pamsenger Nabaiuwk of
thb rire. ' But a Rho~V tmh iio' 1ioro, with
hope. hri vht; ho by dyrr -oft, W&Lt 3a-f yi1
RtM FkkAlr'I(lo, but A I mt Aid.
K aficetir, afiddhe Seu4a
Ji ~·~t i urld F94avk O6·hidfs4;:u! bi~
pirt1.of wOfWt1ift wmrntivy much M- I
5rr bu ,rral~~i~ !!bottois Priri& (inI
wh* ' fi ine
k k.r e L ifi oftno ialnd
;mt~j~~i~-T~sdwl. qu ag(I - Butes, 1-wina,
ý6 9 "d having th . appt)ranIe I
Of in' - tclg-alhad st Ane saiower of
,ain I flc ev enin1 jWthtl uderai'd lislt
Wujii-.the L~eenrit ehoný4.r on 'ehr trip.
Jaone 10. ý Phiied three Indiat;- scriff'de
wk4i ead$bcdiRe 11TA0 tbhex, wrtuppei.4 hk
)!ia!tJ ro~b"Ž.~ '~1wt~ di, 1¶cctC -ir~ke ·~"lc Ci T~
ftom ihe' gropei'ftd t6 piv- ri th" Woi lvcM s ý
riinrds frbla d",1rincn them KiiW'eC
r wclf. And buffdlo having an Indian onlI
T)'ard, sw tort a3 thie entrails of the ,aif
'fPilo terr taktEa out. he,,; icicd upon Wi,:
lirer and pourive tho :Il of tbjo PaIC over
it. Ute it greedil-r-wsmni and rn-. 'Me,
tile Jrdinn vr' i:tJe~eI I. r n delicacy, bbt
tlyrcr,7. ; no ýw,,-i-ontivig for iv~istc.
L U. -ew ?.- +, ofsiiial pOr rCpOrt
,'t1. b"ing i t'roth-- '-f the Aeccascd; paz.
cLl tbq i rwh wrb,- ig-htecx rasa, sC ,oe oiraa
ro d . two.ila' wre E±&ya d----4 lasi[t_
th'r Incu., trt' had beeii in
4'~"-iiin, afr~a *b-M pL..iSi lo n0 the Oi~-~r
i iLm niasTu boiht. Oft kmi-ing it FPort'lf-,r
t!iold- they wprea-urý;4 to remnair as it was
'ms:ife tq trniTel, h't being Anxious to fetach
,bhomto and peýrAi $ )nt fearing tbe Judinr',
Itmcy Mft LT~i lerthold rtboiat - 4 P. 3!., and
·ttrrrelftg h'hi~BiPt·v*" l -W diptan"t Of 100
Arjjli 'kfoA L 116. %wt~ ]-A m".nAnLk7erL
Ithem was afterwrds bhtsinedtm im In- a
dian. Now in the zamst of the Indian'
eouitry, Zit hayvc not heen disturbed:, bfw
f o'e. tho Ionbout thiq wyrning twumnty Iu
[diau¶g, elidcintly watching the boat; passed
nTJ WP& C1Lrk. situated on the left bimk of
Opitte riv,. .It ;- u-*1 abazdoped. Virsii1,.;
IVIS, tho Rcca hzd~l r- Yi1L.J;P A tb6 )'Oi9Ati 4tt
X 1-h -11Vjji, 11 r
a to "Piid Ap40 Utm" ~ ~c_-A__W.t f the 9OW1.
w plen~nf or' W91TVrt .. , ,,
I 't~un Ir 'hV' eacut~er cle..rr~wdl uool.-1.
beneled Ft. 1Peri~kdrc. Di~tnnt, rL)() iaikt
froin k't', 6xilk. 'I:him i- a tftding post of
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The Indinns came to (hek
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the ihites, thew have tlef h
the aristocrat beimo a grwttbr~viwa
I vter epable of supporting asaýrg
Sn u"-ejr wives. .
The Indian is a Polyg.'94.
iis wife. Sornetimes vigfolio
iorses for hdr. This M U
If au Indian wishes a squahe a
ledlge so inu;ri horses axd an ez
lier to ride,' If theasr'arm
ý,usw comer, to his- lodge- wth3
hor.r. if not bis horses an e
Alto:iYOCme trade goes on for, or*
Whilj, thbe fathez and reaitives aVl*
ing zy -A the most tkey can, WhMiWi _
Pr Iriom to get his wifn a sh&P 014
If an Iudi-ta Isiupood prolierbe
to have as niann relatives as an
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are always ready to 7st.r; 7%k
bospial--if you onterhis lodge i
an d h. a wcirsal, he ive itto
doing witfiout bimrel ' IrrIE
the hifte man wilrdo, to didCi4e&
evough, hut the Indian does -motei·
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The jraplove idtb"
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lne Tarna-4hey fter cobtel -
th(.'ýr :USV;t do not crib -~mm .
oru or whip t6e oil Oav.p*
Snmc of theee French am we
fnd -good buhinles men. the
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give, but little Am a grr o01n
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good judge. Rm. Ls.niaims
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