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The Montana post. (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, August 27, 1864, Image 3

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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?icrrl e7I*I oficers.
n~iThrk EDT~lR1N, BananckýCity;
Firv?: J' fAN L. I-F):MER.
,.. 5·JE . NEALY, VirgixiiCity;
,:I,!~r.tLM. Y.
4 0 t ty l'ptLw-ro of Madlen County.
FitiD. 1K. RhoO.
,t Tni Ir Tn,~. C. JiONes.
i t 1 4 * : & k M Lo x .
P5!·: Xios.
rJ 1aip 1l .Ifficers of Virginia City.
v- Ex -Officio Mayor, G. (II IhsssuL..
8V. ISUWAfl.
N. POUn.
yjrnni a ifty Wholesale Markets.
.c,-:TzBD uv . ;':.A REPlIRTER. (DUST PI I V·.)
t. L(ui wifter wheat .............$28 00
-~! Like -:rg " ..'.......... 24 00
, ! . ...................... . 65
I:rr.;i"u . .. r ib .................. 65
;, .. . .................. 65
, per Ib...... ....... 60
1.1, i - .. . ......." .. ............ 40
, i , ;,,,. :< - ake, per lb.......... 65
.ir.,. l . ', " "* * - ................... . 75
S- -...... . ........ 85
B r, ....... ..... ... .. . . 85
nP *. • .....- ....... ..... .. 22
.... ... ............. 20
..................... 30
. ......... .... .. 06
..5............. .
.................... 25
ox, 25 b-.............. 18 00
per lb............... 2 00
, low " ............. 1 50
h. " l .................. 6 00
per . rgl............... 5 50
.. : . .. ................... 50
. er lb .............. 60
S. ; .: . ....... ............. 7 0
: . ., p r box............. 18 00
, . ' , ............ . ......... . 20
" . .. ............ .24 00 to 30 04i
a. . ....., rl........................ F. 3
.; . , i' ' .. ... .............. . . . 40
;,; r .. ... . ...4. . t 8 (j I
*(mson Ic.
S , ic:tiune of Virginia City
, f !' * A. M., areheld n the 2d
t . . ch nmonth.
P. S. PFOUTS, t. M.
S, , ,.;. .. ab.bath by Rev. A. M. TOIBET,
. I. t t'- Cout lHorise. Salte th . hool
Si. Al L'F invited to attend.
.. .....- - ,
W. ATLII W. Y. LovtL.
t&:r.;~ . LA. VirginiaCity. M. T., will prorp
Iv rtt-Ll t irfa"ioual lbine., entruwted tQ
, '<: '. 1-3u
*.,- 1. -;ijia ty, M. T. A- kinds of
,-; i: - .Ir 1 ae or 0-rtnotice an. low ate.
Sol> C Ih .t tke b1-t workLrn and are bouad
0 1-3m
.on, form; rly amista.nn the
S ': 'ris, and r.ttaclih tF.-'1 New
- - or---rlcnty from D nque,
* , V. Knia City, oppositeik ha
- , " : 1t -O r
' 3 1 4:, 1 AND SAL')ON,
V" . ~. T. Pete Ryan, propri4or.
, ri >*·:iL good ted are requeKs-d to
I'r- 1 .v Also, *er furnished with the
i;nf:. If re is t'" il1ce to get an boneet
u. ,r i', and "remething to wmh it
tarc-.-.i f Jwelry. Jc l n street, Vir
M. T. Slict attention given to ce
chlaes of watches, and warranted to
~-tion. kep constantly onhandalag~e
.f .rJlry. Every thing in our lae
r ait ! rates. 1-3m
---z- - -------
.d ,t. .nia City, M. T. James Gen.
1 * tr- 'eepe constantly on hand all
,·- ~i .;ber, which will je sold at low
-**t. Virginia City, Wholesale and
1 it Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing,
oles, Ac. St. Louis winter wheat,
mac'. for sale by the hundred, or in
it 1-3m
*t. Viginia City, M. T. Ialll &Co.,
e prprietor announces to bie old
pub lic generally, 'thati he is now
conxaeodate boardes by themeal, day
* at. His table furnishi with the
"4 a;lb . 1-ly
'teh&er adl Jeweler. Particulr
to trpniring all closes of watche.
7 wtbc can be made new at this a
a wrrated to give episfaction.
e pcimenso of Jewetry made from
L 1-l4y
Proprietor, Nevada City, Montsas
b* at all hours. The table supplied
.. mtaket ord at cheap nts.
S'A..loomn A connection with the
SW --~ f--C
Lbot t *
(Ty. Tin
;bbi, !t,
v NX . w~
JoBq IIgLTr , of Vrginia City, i our authorised
Agent to receive saubcription. sld moneys for
Rsme. HIis redpt will be gool.
MaJ. Uir'sos, of Fort Beaton, is our authoriged
agent at Fort Benton and vicinity.
SM. SKITH, at Silver Creek;
SM. BAvTS, at Prickly Pear
Also the Carrier, going from thI city to Fort
The Post-Master, at Deasock City;
Ako the Poet-Master at Salt Lake
MR. ConrLL, at Deer Lodge.
All of the above named geatleme an author
ised to receive subecriptiomr for tbe paper, adver
tising or job work, and receipt for the ame.
Tb-lneu asa, if you ae Wias,
You'll tae tse Prw and adtatie."
IF You want a "wquare" drink, go to
the Montana RPItmwnt. We've been
COLt On the men who are not afraid to
pay the printer. You will fnd them gen
tletea, sad far dealmr. See their oards
in to-day's paper.
OUR Tawxs.-We tender our heartfelt
thanks to Major Upeon, Agent of Indian
Affairs at Fort Benton, for many favors.
Long may you waive, Major.
FRirND BaIrR, of Fort Benton, has our
thanks for kindly furnishing us with a
horse whereby we reached this city of
"steady habits."
LooK To YowU INasts. - Our subserT
hbrs receive all the telegrams of 'the week
from Salt Lake for ten cents, which other
wise costs them $1,80-that's the differ
To Oun PATnoXs.-All persons subserib
ing, not receiving their paper, will please
ri: A notice at this office. We will see that
a :e supplied. Just commencing, our
('trri;r may overlook tame. All hall have
their papers.
WI commenco this week a synopsis of
our long and arduous trip up the Big
Muddy. If it should be interesting t norn
A) our readers, wobeing dejpiy ttereted,
found it ezeeedi o to eorseltes. In
4itv to othw thlm biko . J r.
o2rct upon by yf1g *e» am ut
g;v, our tri.
To-.T~ Baconsa. or rwn Dirru Trr
1LDMa"axcnr.-We have bt oa request
id, hy a a Imbee of our miners, to
pU')lsh the Min iB f the different
ifining Ditricts. W'e loiased to
cco·modaite, it W rent' tei rdcrT
will ftenish wu copi s.
NSi BoAaDDap Iol.--We learn that
our friend CHANMVSLN, whose acquaint
ance we made at Fort Benton, has opened
a first clase boaring house, in Nevada
City. He is just the fellow to keep tavern,
while his lady is a exeollent cook. We
will be down about those "diggings"
-ho.-tly, for wo're gpttng hungry.
gr WILL the bos in the different eamps
write us briely, keeping us posted in what
occurs of interest to our readers ? Write
us the facts briefly in your own way, and
we will see that it is put in the proper
shape. Don't bebackward or bashful-the
editor has quit using starch or wearing
paper collars.
PAT.rn na z a BSTAT.- The political
eýiplexion of thq different partes in the
Sites, is aomewlt like the old fellow,
g "badl a lit ." jycnJ h4 machine
geta~airly in motion, we will try and
postoareader&. It is a triangular fight
and o odjy will be badly beaten. The
chap th ets the most electoral notes will
be mightyýpt to be elected.
To orn Qsomoeo wax SrATz.-Notwith.
standing the Indan troubles, the coaches
of the Ovedemd Line are bonnd to go
through. Thi is the safet and quickest
route to the.8tatee. The tirbstrtrsa of
the line are gpdemen who will daie , ai
thing. Sw 49rtisomeat in t4ay6fs
Wn are reqasted to state that the W
on oad from 1lU dty to Summit Cityj i
now completed so fr as Highaad, .I1ak
said to be a godred, saadwi .be peatI
gto tha chksas r a an"10
M .ith the
a- A r n '
"*tioMa Crrr.--On arriving at this *lsae
wblt astonishes any straoger'is the aise,
aplarance and vast amount of busines,
tht is here beheld. Though our city is
buta year old, fine and substantial built
ingahave been erected, and others are ra
idlygoing up. We are safe in saying tha
100buildings ae being erected each wes3
in Virginia City and it environs. NeUda
and Central City are qually Frosperer
Indeed the whole appears to the stranger to
be the wor o. m0i c-the viaisa of a
dream. But Virginia City is not a mytha
paper town, but a reality. That it is a fst
plaee none will doubt. The b[iiness mea
are enterprising, energetic, and being well
acquainted with the wants of the -iner
have large and well selected stocks.for our
trade. It may be asked by our readers in
the States, why this prosperity ? The an
swer, gold. No richer diggings exist, we
believe, anywhere, than are found in oar
gulches, while rich quarts leads aboaed
through oar Territory. The asmest of
precious metal existing in these leads will
a t be known for hundreds of year; for
none can estimate the period when they
ill be exhausted. The placer diggings
will require years to work them oat So
that the future of Montana Territory is
bright and dazzling. Many 'persos ae
taking out $1*~ er day to the hand. We
were shown a nqAptX taken out at
Summit, worth $700-a beautiful spai
men.Many other fine specimens can be men
in the windows of our bankers. Wags
ase high-from $6 to $12 per day. 01
miners have the prefereMe. as they me
worth muoh more than green hands. Any
hing in the shape of labor commands hi
rtes. We know of none having elanIs,
but are taking out large amounts, and da
he dirt will pay by a second washing, am
the ground has not been a fourth gone ovex
mining will be the principal feature of ou
business for years. .The other side of the
picture is this -we desire not to decetive
but to give facts. All the claims, a a
matter of course, around our city, ha,.
long since been taken up. These must be
purehaid, and that too at very high fig
ures. A "Pilgrim," as the emigrant Is
called,who comes here must work for some
body else, or if he has means, purchase a
claim, or strike out for other diggings, sev
eral of which have recently been dis*oc
ered in our Territory. Many persons as*
riving here, not finding nuggets of gold on
the pine trees, and finding mining very
hard work, and they not fairly able to eom=
pete with old miners, become discouraged,
=ad rturn home. This, we think, is folly,
as thet is no need of any person being oa
ieJ.Yiient 'who =am es the IRt'i~ 1b
talim , aa that too at good rates. An e.
dimary laborer can get $6 per day, aad thi
in gold, making it equal to $12 in pgr -
backs. He can board himetif for V1,00
thas receiving $11 in greenbacks per day.
This will seem fabulous to our Easter
AOO N ..' s n tiu.. Tr'n auTunnanCe I
gold makes everything high; and bhsi-a
active--hence the rapid growth of Virgins'
and Nevada cities. Hereafter, we shal
speak of our neighboring villages whiok s
rapidly growing into importance.
We were agreeably disappointed on ou
Ait arrival, and know that others ar als(
agreeably sur riacd. Soon we will be abl
to give 0it .ri,.c population of Virgini
ARRIVAL Ol .Tr GoVniNOr- SErIAx 1-
His Srzcn.-Governor Edgerton paid ous
place his Arst visit last week, and became
$he guest of W. F. Sanders, Esq., our
townsman. On Friday evening, his honor
was given a serenade. A large crowd
gathered-the band discoursed sweet mu
s*a. His honor was loudly called for, and
abdressed the crowd briefly. He remarked
tSat the growth of our beautiful city ap
peared the work of magi; the vast rich
nes: of our Territory, its elimate, moun
ta-i scenery, to., were beekoning the hon
.st emigrant to this "Switserland" of
America. As the Executive of our Terri
tory, he pledged his word that the laws
asould be executed. This is what our peo
pie want, and what we know the Governor
and his appointees will give us. Being one
of us, the Governor will labor earnestly
.for the interest of our Territory. His re
marks were oonservative-no political htr
;rangue was indulged in. This was right
SThe Governor, we think, is the right an
n the right pla\e. l ay b e reside
Imept u.
t 8&irday he retsrned to Dn _ect, beat
ViYl soon rehit our city, when we .hpe
he will conelude to remain.
Atfer the Governor closed hks vemoph,
1&. $eaern and other gentlemen weis
.ý%Hed forv sevraul of whom came fonwar
"a adressned tea erowd $t happy ef
gt e i7Tii we,*:a& Ufsr lad t a oors
my ki - cfty"Alih. ThA Mmy ma a
loverewhe in aSttMIing to peaoia"O.Lm
to 4.sksý poumodut his soul inapoety In
7hy'flVebw spirit to fh. l1
dwu taMe p the diMl u
-.- t
'~$1&Llaaiiaw j*
FI' fp~ rlylirw
OUR VzNQMuzA. MaR Wr--HMaMn peoMIn
have the idea that our eoantry is no
adapted to agricultural purposes. This
may be and we think is true of a portion,
but we have seen many large potatoes,
turnips, onions, etc., that have been raised
in our ralleys. On the Madison farming is
carried on qnite extensively, and we are in
formed that the crops with the exception of
coen ae ~ite ged. In the Bitter 6e0
Valley the crops are ed Wa4 a latre mr- :
plue will be produeed, whice will lnd a
ready ant good market. Let a portion of 1
our citizens turn their attention to farming '
and stock-raising--they will make money, 1
and the people will receive proviosons much I
lower-a plenty can be produced to sus- i
tain our population though it were quad- I
rupled; this would keep our money at
hcime. We think it far better to pay the I
farmer at our door a good price for pro- 1
visions than to purchase in the States or at !
Salt Lake, and pay the enormous price for
freight. Let fur people look at this matter '
sad see the money in it, and we will have t
many thriftyfarmern next season. By-the- c
by we see that certain gentlemen, who are I
belding a temple Ja Salt Lake, have raised I
the. pricee of proviions enormously. Did I
they take into c. ,:-ic',.ration that it takes
two to make '. ;._rgain? They being a
little short about this timc,, we think they
are s mruch iW noed . Fc :. p1ld so we are
'8I ieir cabbages. Speculators for a time i
may monopolize the markets, but it is only t
for a short period; let those having any
thing to sell find the market and dispose of t
It, and a proper investment of the receipts i
genmrally yields a larger proit than is ob- (
tained by holding on when the market is
good. Our produce men will see to it that
our city will.be well supplied with abund
ane. for the winter.
Oml TanP ron ForT BDIrow.-Though
the distance is only two hundred and sixty
miles, yet we were fifteen days on the way.
The road is good, the country principally.
marie which is well watered and afords
abundance of rich pasture ranges. Many
farms are being taken up, and soon there
will be a considerable population in that
dim:tion engaged in agriculture and stock
raising. This is what we want-open up
iums~a, boys, and you will be richly repaid
for the little labor required. We visited,
i.jr Creek, where diggings have been
dicovered; here we found some fifty
ainers opening up claims. We took dinner
with our old friends who came with us up
the river, and a good one it was. Boyp,.
don't let the keg get empty, we may call
agai. Passing on, we stopped a few
am om the PricklyfPear; here mipiag is
w-r6t on quite exensively; there has
nI aothing big as yet found, but the av
rage is good, each man taking out, as
they tnformed us, from six to fourteen
dollaw per day. Claima can be obtainc
Svery reasonably. In this vicinity 'i
foud very rich quarts leads, containing
.s a , o -.- t )end LCastrit's).
a over $600 gold and $200 siler to
the ton. There is as abundance of leads
is thi vicinity and many of them are very
rich. On Dry Creek, between Silver Creek
"ad Prickly Pear, gold has been recently
discovered, and a big stampede has taken
plas thither. Th scarcity and the dis
tase that water to be brought will
it expensive, and though the ground
may pay, enough is not yet known to
sreae a stampede. Usually at those
polals parties interested get up sensation
mr(or to get a rush. The boys should be
on their guard.
STOCK-RAIjsNao u Mo-Trist.--We never
aw a country more adapted to stock-raising
Oan Montana--the grass is abundant,
mutiful streams of clear sparkling water
ow through rich valleys; cattle are rolling
b fatness. In the valleys but little snow
bi in the winter, the atmoaphere being
,rj.nd having long periods of dty weethr,
oe gras in the winter is like the best of
ay. The eattle feed on this during winter
d are fat in the spring. Beef can be
do here for one cent perpound, as the
bor and cos, of raising stock is compara
ely nothing. The latter market is good
d will be for years, as U m y of our people
or beef. The Eastern stock-riser muet
Mhe re tos ts moaths la winter, ad
t staf-fted .ti produos beef. This is
ittsned with gt t cost. Here our mret
(t better ta his, hea ear ad4rana,
No moutry where eatti mast be a;
aiked m grane sad hay an compete with
%-.Aw wil soon I utisrf oar astera
,^ ______ _* '*
twa-er *ram thmik.0to th people of Gd
?.Tvaryrm4 ampeciaUiytb voYginalaiaxNe
VWU f tor tAroR$ iarQawarla whi"I
&ey'a, coM.e tormidwaM4 v dais" W.
The Pba k aww Buad ifuk &A
be the I to wi,.
YW uIftey. BH4%a1few
yet..our POW is UY
plai ma iwsest·~
jtU- Map,
"eaJl ~ arenban $~iyitosd oirrt
The rich .i.wov.ies of -.d ld in qut
leas,, a well ~a riAh&l i.h* s, blt
yew, in the Teaituy, hbws*b g avery
heavy emgration thi yr. Indeed,,n
would be safe in saying tda not less hen
ffteen thosaud have already arrivqd.pnd
mue ae yet n dsthir my la ticipatio
of thins oWg p ta n d gpows ave
pr-eped for the Iwnats f the people, sad
food, groooeries ad lothing of all kinds
ae here in abeadmae and at sheep .tes;
food, peeiy , is low, and we wuld ad
ise thoee of out readers who re per
manently ledated to lay in their smpplies
for winter, as prices must neoessarily ad
vanee. Thle may not be just the time to
purchase as the market yet has a down
ward tendency, but provisions must go up
before spring much higher than present
prices. Notwithstanding the heavy influx
of people labor still keeps up from five to
six dollars per day, and work for all. The
mines are paying well, but claims are
taken up and held high. New field are
6pened, and we are satisfied that rich
gulehes will be discovered the present sum
mer. Many of our people are farming and
grasing as this is found to be a very lu
crative business; stock-raising especially
cannot fail to be exceedingly remunerative
when we take into consideration thejpres
l;.g prie4 . boat, amnt when it costs noths
ing to raise cattle but simply looking after
them, as they live all winter on the grasses
of our valleys and are fat in the spring;
thus our stock-raisers are saved the trouble
of laying up provender in the winter. The
emigrants coming into the country are
with few exceptions intelligeht, indus
trious and enterprising men, just the pop
ulation to develop the vast resources of
our Territory. We wish them swccess in
their various pursuits.
Tna UsI or DIADLY WXAPOIs.--We see
a poster on our streets varning. rJ persons
against the use of deadly weapons, under
the pretext of self-delense, or in any other
case, except for the protection of life and
propery, and thae only as a "last.resort,"
saying that all who violate this notice will
be visited with swrnary punishmc nt. This
notiee is signed by the Vigilance Com
mittee. From what our community know
of this Committee they know it is not a
" myth," bat what is written will be exo.
oUted. Being a stranger we are not ac
quainted with the domestic troubles of our
peaMk; but presume that there is good
reaso for the eaUtion of the Committee.
Many pmeron haWm gnu a as a. .eqneatly
under t uhe 4nm e*- w Iq6io0, €o tkidft
iri e saewpards r perfwhen it
S<r Ar» a0,ct. The
e W as ee like
< ot to .l'lepUm4 if men
do so, they shoold be cepefal how they use
them. We " take na(ioe and govern our
Selves accordingly."
To AU. WHo wISm To xITrmt TO Tim
StATRa.-We JPa e reotdy .s.n ClsI*in
fank Moore, of the steamboat Cutter, now
lying at the mouth of the Mariaa River, 12
miles below Fort Benton, undergoing re
pairs. She will return to the States in fve
or six weeks, thus giving those a chance
who wish to winter at home, for a speody
and cheap transit. The boat is light draft,
and commanded by old "Frank." The
passengers will have a good time. Not
withetanding, in to-day's paper, we speak
of the LaCrosse Liae, all the passengers
who came up with Capt. Moore, speak in
the highest terawn of him as a man. He
has had experionce in "artillery practice '
-the "bloody Ingins" had better look out.
Terms of pr.isage we do not know, but pre
same that Frank will have sense enough to
inform us before he leaves for "America."
Sxcaoo.--We ar gina t~ jaforpn our
eaders that Prof. Diasdale has opened a
school on Idaho Eteet. In a rapidly tI
.reri.oa cummau ty like ,eoI a school is
a matter essential to the stability of the
place, end anything so truly American as
as edueatioa for the young, triespective of
party, creed or profeerfin h)ulld command
the support of all good men aad true of a
nation, whose Insitutions eMa oa frish only
among an enlighteed people. Prof. Dims-'
dale is highly recommended by well hakomu
awthoritiesead we hope to Ieo the Asut clas
school which he - desir to orgea e and
tain, permanently estaidhed in our
Parents Mand gardioskould send
er children to schidl, evein where some
saeriee of pesonal eate is the nrat.
Drt.-Mkr. SatuId Reedt4, e s o the
o144t sad most respecwtal ewituxi of
ad DtGiste"-a maber ef the al
Nfl CosMvay.-vw Bhot fi a a
died the sarot4ieg day., Awmi
of the Kwbha sj Aia, e in dift
oXaginot& Mm . I a fterA.
Sfr»aTs this caind *eo.T.ea ig of too
ine fate rf «ake p otlain U« t
r euntir euitw tuirr «e
lah 6 e .l i
ebe! craft, knownas a o1.b"c;
portions o the press have
cadl of this clais.a d to 9d 'lyhr ........
1their qGalifiCatkif and all
their .entractiob and mun Dt. '
are .t~ tAat witthe small siemY,1
.eoo xan4 ib rbls * Lv bW lili ilt
vessels. The.Artt of apatter 6i ,
the rebel iroaml4Md vusB e are of no
whatever, Wexept .to ftumih s priteL
the enemiesrf dte grernme.t toE ,
and cripple tits efecti to sahda
bellion. They,are n*t for all tine,
a day, and a hort one st that. Thi
reported in telegrams r about to et"tC
from their f atenings,'to sink, burt ad
destroy but when the time srrifes an
oidable potponement oeears. Per
after much vaporing they do venatam
tack some half-armied gunboat er t4aqe*r,
and having drowned some dosea eator
fred a shot through some tag's boir,
which the exigencies of the service =se
transformed into a gunbcat, we read bO- :
bastic reports of thei- achievcmentu . 1'hwe
finiiiar with the facts, and willink to aplet
them uo record, know full w<il that hLta
the adveat of the Mlerrimac, down to the
disappearmace of the last one, the .A 4 -*
marIe, their triuamphs have been a. si6t
lived as their existence. The vessels whi&h
survived the shook of battle are moored
peacefully in sluggish waters. The zi,ah
western rebel ironclads Arkansas, Loii
ana, Misui*wip*i *e*d IWfc9'" . r,. ae R
more. Those nearer hole ar-, with few
exceptions, also ,destroyedI. A:.i on,; oF
the latest conceptions of h., r'.v;ha
North Carolina-i- hoisted by) hr owa p,
tard, or in other words, broken inio 17 ahe
own weight. Three of these terril k . -'Ce
federate ships of war lie beyond the i
stmetions on the James river, a
Darling; their tremendAs oefenaivt
is rrs3rned. we suypose, for ther6 us
Richmond, for up to this time thb'
not " ofered the gag of battle," a. ',.
run down and buik by our vessels is
niloquently called by the rebels. Thae r
time will come, as all others have and we
hope that we shall soon cease to rean ze
ports of the "iimmense smoke," etc., ths"
iron-platd~c sips :iuake when coming dowr
to annihilate Union gunboats.-Scieni;fi,:
IDIAxu TR'OUBLES EasT.-W e have b~r
permitted to copy the following telegr r,.
says the Daily Union Vedette, rla
tive to the Indian troubles eastward. It
is greatly to be hoped that the stvag·e
will speedily be punished and driven Zfrm
the stage line. A lengthened sto.ppie
the maid saeosa the continent wou ld o a.
serious matter, and we are convinoed .
every effort will be made to reinstat
protect the line. The expedition 1'f
Sully up the Missouri river
Sioux seems (a have beemii-i :
to guard agast what sens to ae, o
eurre4d te, 4b'w as bis wheA.
force, about 5,000 men, trauersini.g .
northern regions in a body, had drives t6 ,
Indians southward and across the l , l
travel from the EaZtto te.eW
ands of savages, whom 8ui '
overtakaor atg o sas
the country and urang
communication with th Lrt ~
this state of affnirs will "Ioath Iqi
possible to say, or whether it is pretiab
for Gen. SBlly's command to fWllow .
savages southward and drive themaitro
stage road. Troops are asa.m iu.e .i .-l
Kansas and Colorado, and wq tl t:
are in sufcient numbers to PrqgI* .Im4 :
portant overland routes. TheKi ii 4
the telogram refered to. It 1 4;Qba t .:
Cottonwood, one hundred mils* .wr ,
Fort Kearney, Aug. 16th, 10 P. M.:
W. 8, HiAzr---Our line is brLkfl-b
from Juleeburg to Kearney. R rphel
stock of safely. Send pa.meg i a
farther than Denver. I mayjT b ab :
the stoek of between LatiMwt i
burg. Things look ve;y badl._ p ,
nut n single ranche between Jtmbsacid 'A
Cottonwood but what is held by the la* :
diana. I have gt. your last te aWnm u
far as this place. Goo. KL 0& O
I --------,----. *_ I:'a .* .
MONE'-A-Y -- -
Rzewmgs oc few Yark, seUintti.
JtreMir lidsotak is, nt 60at
ci~:a stg
Gold Damt, buying t 00 -vI ·i~·
Ovid Dstý bo*. at $14 to $
'Cut% g auy t Ifpremiuzz
M" X f*Uadm*"4
4s D
arm" anrCt~tArllJ

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