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The Montana post. (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, November 12, 1864, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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. .. .. ...... .. `1 , ';' , .. :( '"-··· "* r i.- '" .".Kt ,'' .M. ". ... .... J `:.'^ .ý .1' " i ) ' " "• '"
D. W. TILT0 , & CO., Editors & Propiet y bet t k
·~~11·' 1 .... N O.. 1
. . P m n .u n i u n u u n n m m i n n n i ' - - ,. . . ' "" " 1.. ' . . • , . . . . . . . . - . . .. • .. . . .' "
D...W. Tiltbn, & Co.,
D. W. T.TtLO. Ba,. R. .rms..
TUBLT,3irrS A.n PuOuU"m f.
"ttleee at the City Rook Store, Corner
of TWallace and Jackson Streete.
One sopy. one year, - - $.50
One copy, six months, - . 4.00
Ones opy. three months, - - 2.0
RBtos of Advertising.
sIawa care, (ive lines or less,) one year $20 00
'" " "" s ix monthb 15 00f
S« " . " 1hree months l1o 00
One square one year, (ton lines or less) 40 00
*lne square six months "' " " " 25 00
One squ.re, three months " 1 35 00
Quarter column, one veer, 60 00
" six months 41 00
- , three " ":O 00
la coitunn, one year, 90 00
S " sir onths, 60 00
5 " hratb month 46 00
0e eoeluam, one year, 150 00.
S " six months' 100 00
* w' three months, 76 00
Iegular advertisers will be allowi to ibange
-yarterly without additional charge.
All beusslo communications should be addrmsed
to D. WW.TILTON A Co., Virgtnia City, M. T.
Job Priating of every description executed in a
uperior manner and at reasonable rates.
Territorial Offlcers.
orrYtans, 81DNEY EDOERTON, Banuaek City;
I;ucnuar, 11. P. FOLSEY:
Carer Jnsnt.s, H. L. 1!O.SMER,
AssocIAu Jcs'esz, AMI GU)DTNGS,
Arrt. G(ian. AL, P. B. NEALY, Virginia City1
NMaAsAL, (. J. BUCK.
Amnvros, JOHN S. LOT'r.
Tuasuaons, JOfiN J. HULL.
-ouaty Officers of Madison Conmty.
Osnoty Commissioners, JA.sm Faumen,
A " 81uaL W. STANaaT,
* " u Fau. K. Refr.
P*obets Jdge., Taos. C. Jwxas.
herail, NRaL Ilowrm.
Trsur.r, Rossar N. Hu.L.
Ieordar, R. 1M. HAaavsA.
ualesipal Officers of Virgiita ltty.
Polled Judp d a x-OcEcio Msyor, 1.0. s. a ..
Mebers:of Council, 1e. K. WooDamsr,
" 8AM. SCiwaw ,
w a JAxKs Gsasou,
Marslal. JrutT -OLt3.
]Mason c.
The regaur *ommuaieations of Virtinia City
de,, .D., A. P. A A. M., are held on the, d
sod 6 Scaturdays in ask mothb.
P. 8. PIOUTS, W. M.
PrTanbia evoy Babbath by Rev. A. W. ToaREr,
at 11 A. M. at the Court House. Sabbath School
at 3 P. . All are invited to attend.
W. L. McMYArn.] W. T. Lovmu..]
A eueyl at Law, Virginia City, M. T., willpromp
tJy attend to all profeesioual business entrasted to
&tar ser. 1-3m
W. J. McCownrICK] [HAxrT BoRMs
A .lemeu y at Law, Virginia City, Montana Twrito
ry. Ol3s at DIaee A Stuart's. 1-4m
W. M. Suwrros, R. B. PAssert, L. W. Bnoxvo
Cal. Iowa. Vol.
Attomeys at Law, Omce on Idaho strtet, epposite
tes seoat house, Virginia City, Montana Territory.
Resturant, Virginie City. Montana Territory.
MNele served at all hours. Also the beet of liquorn.
a 1-4m
Boot A fton maker, Virginia (ity, MoStana Ter
ry. The beet of easutom work always onhand.
he me a tri.ºl. 1-4a
French Baker. Nevada City, Montana Territory
'weald say to his numerous sastomers that he is al
ways on hand to staff the mouths d the hungry.
Givse hima elf. 14m
Physisaim an.d sreon, formerty essitant is the
NRopitat du midl in Paris, and attahed to the New
Tok iHospital, New York-rocently from Dubuque,
Iowa. Ol~ s in Virginia City, opposite the hay
eas.sl, main street. 1-6m
S. T. BUTLEr.,
Praotial Watchmaker sad Jeweler. Particular
attatieu paid to repairin .al.Uclapea of waschee.
Amy part of any *ateh can be made new at thi e
sblishment, and warranted to give satistaction.
iell and examine specimmea of Jewelry made from
e native sold. I-ls
Nevada City, Montarta Territory.
o0u1 BILANGE,- - ---P- er--- wim .
This hotel iscit uted on Main street, and in the
let part of the City. The table supplied with the
hut the market affords, and the saloon fturnhed
with the beet liquors.
Rooms and beds can be rt. at rseaes piies.
a.gas for board moderate. 2
eL ronslidated tilver mtar ('bmpnv. The ownlr
by prc.vining property and paying (nr this advertiie
eiat nan har, the same at the City 'Btbl Sbore,
Virginin ity, ' 4- '
.ver stree, Virginia City, ,M..T. Kndie
_ac~*q proprietors. eip on hand .all k io1
,ead. c os and pis, which are going o like "hot
eak," ath eshp resn.• . -4m.
a .ait. ]Memaus Tw y. chewab A
e, estes.s - 14e
Bt[suI5Eg1 .CARDS.
J3J. ROE dcoC,
wall" rtieet, Pirginia City, Wholesale nd
Retail dealmn iii Groemrlw, Dry Goode, Clotbtg,
Hardware, Stoves. 4e. it. Laois intoatr "whet,
flour, and' orn ieral for ale by.the ·bndrrd, of inu
quantitie tpsni: i_4tt.; . :
'Wallaces"" Virgnieiavft, M. T. J3. Chm.wtfr
proprietor, Tbh pqoprittor aanocuee tdb ihold
frieni. and tbe Public gperally, that be is now
prepared tp rccmprmodate hoardes byr he mepy, day
"r wiek at low rates. Iis tatle fturntilel4 ith lb.
bet the market borda. 'l-ty .
Manudacturers of Jewelry, Jack on *reqt, Vir
gioia City,.M. T. Strict atteftaoa. given to re
P~airmng all clatese of watchees, nd wPrrtnted;to"
give satmfaction. Keep oonstantý bat $0id1 laiiz
amortmttt of Jewelry. Rriry+ tklng 'am oar ie
spade tooder at 19wtuaee. . 1l3ta
COL- OiL dD . 0l.
114tR DRF. ESS)%G 11 O M.
Hair Dyeira and 'Cuitting Done iu
TOSM. WHTHIT, Proplietor.
W. F. Sande{e. JerryCook.
A 4T mntrp15 sat Law, inrginia C(t, llontana
'Z Territory.
Riurgeas De~nttst:-'
Otients visited at their residence when desired.
rect from the mantfactories.
vrery description of Jewelry manufactured from
the Native Gold. .1j, Examine Specimens,
dad then jud.e.
Sign of the MAMIOTH WATCH.
NEVADA CITY, Montana Territory.
Virginia City, Sept. 10, 1864.
Real Estate and Mining Agency.
AH fbuigie spromilt toea ied to. c Ai
Poet O(ice Building
-ffice on Cover Str*eet, Virginia City.
Also Flue Buildina, aed all kilde of brick work
done to order. 5-3m
taun Territory. Offic cornerof Wallace mnd
Jnckson streets. at J. A. Ming's Store.
Shaving and Hair Dressing Salon.
ulth 8sid of Wallace Street, Va. City
LYONS- WWHITE, Proprietors.
Corner of Idaho and Jsckson Sta., Vir
ginia CitT, Xontamu Territory.
(Formerly of the Plantett House, Hannibal 31o.)
- condueted by Wie, Sl, rq., having been
nlarged and tre- tied is now open with every facil
ity for the accommodation of Gaests ahd Boardere.
Comfortable rooms and beds are provided, and the
table is carefully furnidied with the best the mar
ket and seruons afford.
P..rengers for the eqrly Stage Coachee can obtqan
good lodgings bhre mnd be wakened at the proper
hour. The patit4* ge'of the public is respectfully
solicited. W7v. & Jxo. A. SHCOT,
4-tf PPostaxrons.
ALL ( & WILLiARD'i E34NK. '
Wallace St., Next Door to Weary'.
New Bank.
Idahno street. Virgiinia City. M. T. Jamg Gown
nall, proprietor. Ka'pp constantly on hand all
kiwU ol tLa baet lufubqr, pbich wiif be vL44 lo.w
Jackson Strcct be'lw Wallace Yiw
Wipia City. Monau. Territory..
"NM'Oev City, M. T; T1 MAckY ,pvapttSM&.
All persons wishing -COM bewd Am nquetld to
sall.I'r P esisw. Alpa..beer fumiir wjtht4
but at dfi* '" bI&1(*m-ewml
f to A,,a iO
" " fittm, faor ter M.W9a aePos,.mi
Oh, y will.writ you a lipe,,Xisu,
As u otbhing would ple me m so well;'
,Bt bow woud you bae.m 4ign thir
.eoer ies.as y Yourbiea wine l.
Whatever nsay isaob h at1e.
genally mpqk ' I e.;
I'll write a word that is art}eq,
ST.ere'~nothig I wish to cenoed.
A stranger would say that yot r beauty
To him is not.pleasing at all;
But acquaintance would think it a dity.
To say that his ides are malL .
To meet you but once is a pleaurme.
To lEave you is falling in love;
* The clasp of your hand is a treasure,
And a wish to meet you abyg..
To'sleepisato dream of a being
Too pleasing to bid' t adieu;
SAi "waking'tb memory and seeing,
Ssbut t acklnowlelge it's you.
And you're unconscious of making
8u lhlord ti the fiitdship you shbw,
Too 'or~'toitsk of forsaking,
Or slighting a captve--a beau,
'Ie.m never encourage a lover,
Unless such you would wish him to be;
Be sure that his heart you discover
Not quite so enchanting.to see.
New York, Oct. 26.
The Post's special saysv it is rumored that
Moebv's gana made a.raid on Martinsburg
Vu., last nigjt, capturing Bien. Dutffe and
Halifax, Oct., 27.
The owner of the blochade, runner, Lau
rel, publishes a letter denying the statement
that Semmes had sailed in his new vessel
as stated, and ridiculing the idea that the
little steamer Ranger, of lees that 100 tons
is to be manned and armed from the steam
er Laurel and converted into a rebel
It is reported from Africa, that Jules
Gerard the explorer was drowned while
crossing a rive1.
Coburn, aecempanied by his friends, per
senally demanded from the. stake hdlder
the stakes for the intended fight, on-the
ground that he was at the place fixed for the
fight, while Mace failed to appear. The
esake-holder explained that Coburn could
have no claim, owing to the non-fulflament
of conditions as to a referee, and unless
some mutual agreement could be come to,
the affir was a draw, Coburn expressed
his wish to Aght, but only in Ireland, or
failing in that.then in Canada.
tp. 'Liuis, Oct., 28.
Dispatehes in' the bordes apers say, that
a'train from Fort Smith was attacked by
bushwhackers South of Fort Scott. Six
teen men were killed and a part of the
train burned. About 1,500 refugees ac
companied the train.
About 100 guerrillas under Capt. Taylor
entered Marmnt'oun, a few miles from Fort
Seott, at 12 o'cleck0 on aturday night, and
murdered Cold. Knowles, Bpowu, Harkins,
McGargle, and Stout, en route to the North.
The Federal loss in the battle on the 23d
was 75. The rebels were, chased all Sun
day night, and ctnstant fighting on their
rear was kept up. At daylight they mado
a stand, and were handsoumely whipped
Most of the Kansas militia .have gone
home, mnrtial law is abolished, and busi
ness Is 'gain resumed.
Five hundred rebels under Lieut.-Col.
Mcaniels, crossed the Hannibal and St.
Joseph railroad near Buckton, on Mond y,
gong north. A strong force was sent after
Advires from the upper M3ilsouri, say that
Gen. Sully has gone into winter quarters at
Fort Sauliy.
The inhebago Indian are in a starving
Our fotdes have been driving Priee rap
pidly since Sunday, and at last acoountn he
was Z5 or 30 miles south of Fort Scott with
his army roetted and dispersed. Tuesday
we had a fight with htim btwrch' 3Mound
City and Fort Scott, iit which lie was badly
wh.iped, losing 150 prisoners and 10 or 12
guns. Among the risoneid eire Major
General Marmaduke. Gen. Cabell';,several
Colonels and other oficetrs. He was again
attacked resterday moi'htn ' a short dis
tarnce from Fort Scott and driven pell mel
in a southern direction. Ue. burned 200
wagonis' yesterday to f~reCent thefr'bdeng
captured. Nothing 'is stated about the loss
on either side. ' Thefe seemsto be no dainbt
but that Pride's army is completely demor
aifted and scattered. The telegraph works
to fort Scott, butnothing is teceived of to
day's operations except that out forces still
vIrrsue Price. Gen Steele with' heavy rc
inforcemeniti is at fort Smith,wrth the Ito
bable tier of' contesting Price's entrrnce
into Arkansas.
Washington, Ont. "7,
It is un~derrtood here that Admiral Porter
will sail for the reudesvoua of hi& fleet at
Bnaigort, N. C., PA soon as the Montauk,
arrives from Fortrues Monroe, which will be
this week. The other vessels of his squa4.
ron. plready have either sr.ivqd, or are on
thQ war, a& .ea attack mpy Jse erpected
next Vekl, It is believecd. t A, arrange.
meuts-.;re so perfect that the reduction of
the batterie~ at the ,pmouh. of Cape Fear
rivor wi~l be ageewnpbph$h inafrik bours.,
The. ew Yok Astatl aget iq this city,!
wat ersat etoo4dq s.4 4ili ffi, cloapd.,
. , . .beq, 4e t21.
rIt is repotebd that Coferenee hins lswei
ed Ottawa for the Capital of the Unitedr
Proeer .Ts t tO -fai;~l itaIl bf I:, - U.
s iat¶ I Qsebedo4.LowverIaaada.
as t , skh .W+Li '4Skrbeed an 0thans
Of forging lati ern' votes, has made a full
oenfaeidion. iHe admits th.eforging of a
large number, aad.give. the iames of "par
4i vrho~aiCep bi*, ,. {eveual prominelit
prfsois are paid to bo implicated, but their
nam~ e irkt Q + F'y ,, . .. : t
" _ tr *LIiseville, OMt. 27th.
Forreast * epored tobe threatening Psa
dtweah with it 'large f6orea. Our military
cireles are bf'the alert for its defince.
:St. Louis, Oct. 28.
Dispathbes from Pleasaton give the fol
lowing ihformation in regard to.the. opera
tiona againt Prise. He marched 9;:miles
intwo days. Ord fought the last 32 miles.
le has a . ore of lesa than .6-,000, while
Price's is fualy 2.5,000. Price has but one
gun left, and no communication, having
blown up. is train; he also burned 400
owagons to save, them from capture. We
have zloW.prisoners and severai thousand
stand of arms, with FagAn.reported as kill
ed. Price's army is completely disorgan
ized, and is fleealg in all directions.
New York, Oct. 28.
Orleans dates to :the 22d are received. A
bill had been introduced hi the Louisiana
Legislature for the loan of kmillion of dol
lars in order to enroll in the Louisiana Ai
litia, allp.rsons, (except rebel deserters,)
between the ages of 18 and 45 who are
A member of the Alabama Legislature
introduced a resolution offeriig conciliatory
terms to the Federals and demanding a
cessation of the war. It caised much-dis.
cussion in the Legislature, which adjourn
ed after refusing to accede to the Governor's
call for aid to strengthen the defences of
the State.
Hayti dates of the lest says: Geffard is
sued a proelanintion in which he save, that
though three insurrections have1broken out
within the p'st four months, now all are
subdued, and order is completelv'restored.
The steamer North Star broaght half a
million of gold, and Panama dates to the
17th inst. Advices from Central America
contain no news of interest. The irst at
tempt to collect tonnage duty of 50 cents
was resisted, and sailing- pape.ls were re
fused by the Panama officers. The Panama
Railroad :ad Steamship Company's steam.
or applied for papers to the United States
Coasul, obtained them' and went to sea.
The authorities have taken no further stops
in the matter.
Boston, Oct. 28.
The Governor has appointed Nsthan A.
Farwell to fill the unexpired term of Fee
senden in the Senate.
New York, Oct. 28.
The Tribune's Army of the Potomac spe
cial dated the 27th, says : This morning the
entire army was in motion with six day's
rations, etc., for any emergency. The move
is on the left flank, and on the extreme left
Gregg's eavalry is swinging round towards
the railroad.
The Herald's 5th corps special on the
25th, says : The enemy are largely massed
opposite our left, and are making prepara
tions to resist any attempt against the south
side of the railroad.
The Richmond Examiner of the 23d eass:
The enemy are largely massed opposite our
left, and ire making preparations to resist
say attempt against the South side of the
The Richmond Examiner of the 23d says:
Grant is lnow walled in by four wallsof re
doubts, redans, and rifle=pits, with each in
terior line stronger than tre one in front of
it, and most of his artillery posted on the
inner line. The same paper referring to
Hood's movements, says they are shrouded
in mystery, and displa4s considerable anx
Washington, Oct. 28.
Dispatched from Grant inform the De
partment that an advance in force for the
purpose of a reconnoisance was made yes
terdeay by Warren and Hancock. In the
evening the enemy attacked Hancock, but
was repulsed, and the purpose being ao
complished the troops were'withdrawn from
the advanced position to which they had
been pushed, to their line of former occu
pation. The telegrams of Grant are all the
-etails received.
City Point, Oct; 27-9 p. m.
I have just returned from the crossing of
Boyitou.Plank Road with lHatchor's creek.
Our line now extends from its left to Arm
stronzg' minill; thence by south bank to
IHatcherk Creek to the point above named.
At every poinit the enemy were found en
trenchetd. No attack was made during the
day, further than to drive in his pickets and
cavalry inside their main work. Our cas
ualties are light, probably less than 200 in
killed, wounded and missing. The same is
probable with the enemy. We captured 7
loaded teeams on their way from Stone's
Creek, and from 75 to 100 prisoners. On
our right Butler extended round well tow
ards the 'orktown road without finding any
point unguarded. We shall keep our troops
out where they are until towards noon to
morrow, in hopes of inviting an attack.
(Signed) GRANT.
City Point, Oct. 28.
The attack on Gen. IIaneock proves to
be a decided success. Iie repulsed the en
emy and retained his position, holding poe
session of the feld till mien'ght) when he_
commenced withdrawing. Orders had been
rven for the withdrawal of the 2d corps
before the attack was made. We lost no
prisdners. Our captures for the day oan th"
south side, foot up 910, andcthe rebel Gen.
Dearing is reported killed.' R
- Sigped) .GRLT.
:eports from Sbermma's department to 6
o'clqk. hib asvenig, indicate that the rebel
ar.qy is again t ing Tennessee.
'teio is no reason toQ b .that Sheri
a g osnt46fbypueparedfor
w tevelr ismoves ma tak. lace.
l -fro. # ý r' and Arkansas con
Cur'ln' 3 'g' t"de aat of Price with. a
tbedj - . STANTOXq.
New York, Oct. 29.
S"tichmond papers of Wednesday are e-
deived. 'erry issued an address to his mol
diere bn their late defeat by ~E~idan, in
whieb.bo e lls them it was caused by their
disgraceful propensity for pla~O9.
The Richtipo.d Sentinel confips thp re
ptrt' that an arrangement bad been coim
pleted by.*iMch the Nhtional Goienment
will beallowed to feed its soldiers in rebel
priso s, and the rebel government feed
their men in out hands.
*A meisage was sent to the Alabama Leg
i Mdture by taeiibers, because they refised
to make appropriations for-the defence of
the State; it was returned to them in. a
black envelope.
The militia of Alabama are virtually dis
Senator Hill, of Alabama, has written a
letter in which he reiterates Jeff Davis'as
sertion that the rebel soldiers have deserted
and that the rebel Gen. Archer is dead.
Wheeling, Oct. 28.
The election throughout the State yes
terday, passed off quietly. The entire
Union ticket, it is believed, has been eleet
ed. Gov. A. J. Boreman, with no opposi.
tion is re-elected. He received a heavy
vote. Returns from six counties give Hub
bard the Union candidate for Congress
over 1,200 majority. Legislature and local
affairs largely Union.
St. Louis, Oct. 25.
Latest aecounts put Price near Carthage,
Jasper county, Missouri, still skedaddling
with our cavalry in hot pursuit. General
Pleasanton was slightly injured by a fall
from his horse.
The~steamer Belle, of St. Louis, was at
tacked by guerillas while lying at Randolph
on Thursday night. Paymasters Butler
and Smith were killed and several of the
crew of the boat wounded.
Gen. Meredith, at Paducah, Ky., receiv
ed d}spatches from Sherman on s ednesday
that Foreest intended to attack that place
yesterday. Scouts reported large numbers
-of rebels passing Dresden, Trenton, Lex
ington, Shady Grove and McLernorarville;
allwithin fifty miles of Mayfield. A large
amount of supplies are being accumulated
at McLerborsville. The rebel Gen. Buford
with eight regiments, three battalions and a
battery of Dahlgren guns, is at Shady
Grove. Orders have been issued for con
centrating their forces on the Tennessee
line preparatory to the marching on Pade
eah. Forrest, Chalmers, and Buford, are
in command. All business is suspended.
Paducah goods are removed to a place of
safety, and every preparation is made for
an attack.
IHpadquarters Army Potomac,
on the field, 2 th, 9 p. m.
The lons looked for advance of the arm
ies operating against Richmond has at last
taken place. Yesterday the final prepara
tions were completed by the withdrawal of
the greater par: of the army of the Poto
mac from trenches, and massing it on the
rear ready for the move. The first division
of the 2d corpe held the entire line from
the Appomattox on the right to some three
miles west of the Weldon railroad on the
left. All the baggage wagons, etc., were
sent to the rear at City Point. At 2 o'clock
this morning Hancock, with the 2d and 3d
divisions of his corps, moved along the
Vaughn road running southward. After
crossing NaMhez Run he found the rebcls
entrenched in newly made works. He at
once charged on the flank and drove them
out and took 20 prisoners--mostly cavalry.
the 5th corps took the Squirrel Level road
and found the rebels posted at its junction
with the Duncan road, which runs north
from the Vaughn road to the Baynton road.
lFrom this they were driven by our skir
mishers. with some loss, the 1st division
having about forty wounded. The 3d di
vision of this corps took the advance, and
crossing Natchez Run, connected with the
2nd corps. In the meantime Hancock ad
nt.ced along a by road, driving the rebels
fýforb him, till he reached the Baypton
plank road, where the column halted and
formed in line of battle, the left reaching
some distance west of the road, and the
ight extending to a thick woods on the
ight. The 6th corps had also advanced
through the woods two miles, but the left
failed to connect with the right of the 2nd
corps.3The rebels fell back while we advanc
ed until the line reached Natchez again,
when the rebels were found behind strong
entrenehments. Brisk firing ensued without
much loss on either side. At about 4
o'clock, p. m., the rebels taking advantage
of the break in our line between the 2nd
and 5th corps, massed Anderson's division
of 1ill's corps, and charged the right wing
of the corps, which gave way and fell back
a short distance, but being reinforced
charged and cheeked the advance of the
rebels and captured a number of prisoners.
Our loss in the affair is not known, but
igi 4it believed to be heavy. A few rnia
utes.after the rebel cavalry, which had been
cut off on the Baynton road, mnade an attack
on Gregg's division directly in the rear of
the 2nd corps, and for a time, quite a sharp
skirmish was kept up. Gregg finally drove
them off. In a charge made on the and
corps, two guns were said to be taken by~
the rebels, but it is stated that they were
subsequently' re-captured. Fighting con
tinned on this point of the line until after
dark, whtl a heavy rain ended the fghting
for the dtay.
The9th oorpe'ocapied the right of' the
advance, but did not gain much groundl'
ehe object was to allow the left to ge t fri.r'
ly areund on the Boynton Plank Road be
tire the iight advanced. The coloret! di
vision ef the 9th-eerps had some skirmish
ing with thestebelsj lt sothing app.aer
ia*n ght. -t.hey test * few in wo&ded.
GJr. fea ly had a sharp fight with the
rebes. in th! forenoon. Wh~ n bhey attack
e the ter'c f his co4uaiu he char ed and
drove them bit, captaiing a number or
prsotts;,aind'eigit of ten Wa gon oade
W rMetstesstle; atsome hotsee, nal7 , etW.
The tfreepe Which occupied the oiubt
osir whbich we pasised t j i 'w rre JlS L
wer anud ouWr W dW600'4, h CaUro
lina Iandl .IN. 0 pmrt of Wil.
cox's b. de. .Our ed about
15 miles couitry to-a is now in
position to attack the enemytorks on the
New York, Oct. 26.
The Heald'sr cerese.det with Sher
i-an on the 25th says: Our men are eqjoy
inmg a respite after' the late battle. O9 po
dition ik nearly the same as before the ~s
tie, with the exception of bavia adae. a
lodgment on the left of the semmit of M.b
sanutlen mdantain. The feolowing is an
official report of what we captured on the
19th; Twelve hundred prisoners of the
rank and file ; 64 commissioned ofeers; 48
pieces of artillery, 40 caissos, battery
wagonse, 308 horses and males with harness
complete, 65 ambulances 50 army wagous,
15000 rounds of ,artitWery a*munaiUbeo,
1,508 small arms, all the medical stores of
the enemy, a large quantity of small- arms
ammunition, and a large number of battle
A letter from the Presidtet was read to
the arm#, thankrig Sheridan and his brave
army for the zonth's operations in theval
ley, and especially for the splendid work of
the 19th.
Our losses on the 19th, though not' oi
cially reported, will sum up about as fol
lows: Tip army of West Virginia, 60 kill
ed, 1,230 wounded, and 100 prisoners:
Total, 1,700. In the 6th corps, 300 killed,
1,000 wounded, and 50 missing: Total,
1,350. Ia Col. Kitching's division, 20 kill
ed, 150 wounded, and 60 missing Total
226. Grand total, 4,0b6.
(iclimend papers of trhe 24th, contacin the
proceedings of the Convention held at Au
gusta, Ga., on the 17th inst,. between th~e
Governors of Va., N. C., S. C., Ala,, and
-Miss., fOr consultatiea, when the state 9t
the Southern Confederaoy was thought
generally to be in artirulet Mortis, at this
juncture convened. The Governors; after
a free interchange of opinions, resolved, Ki
substance, that there is no cause for them
to be discouraged, but it is imperative to in
crease their armies immediately; to re
commend that the Le~islatures ripeal all
laws prohibiting the sending of troops out*
ride of Stite limits; to urge the Cooled
erate authorities to conscript pvery man
engaged in the vaaious departnfewts whose
place can be supplied by by disabled ol
es and soldiers, or negroes; tp recom
mend legislative enactments for the aust
deserters; to make it imperative that. ne,
groes be removed from the frontiers where
they are exposed to the Union' armies. Thai
the course of the U. S. Governmentia ap.
pristing slaves for purposes of. war de
mands a change in policy on their part% and
recommends the Colfederate authorities,
under proper regulations, to appropriate
such part of them (the negroes) to pubkio
service a maybe requited; that the Con
federate Congress had removed all restrie
tions on commerce between inditidiabl
States. The Governors closed with tbb
usdl Sfummery about" maintaining the
rights of sovereign States, achieving their
independence, eto,
Wew York, Oct. 27th.
Sheridan's magnificet victory o'the 19th
instant, was such a erusher to the Iabels
that Richmond editors are'making depeis
ate endeavors to believe it.
The Enquirer in alluding to the turpin~
point in the battlo says : One of bae' imoss
brilliant victories of the war had beo'~wi
ed by our troops, but in an evil botr, when
a portion of our men were plundering the
property they had captured, a small force
of Yanaee cavalty opened on odra left fank,
when the plunderers took fight, and thiu
our whole army was thrown into a.pyio
and fled in a disorganized condition. , 1ill
it argues that this defeat is only aº tempo
rary disaster, and no solid results are it
tained by it for Sheridan. -
Disgraceful though it was for us, the
rebel cavalry espeeially are abused in
strong terms for their conduct' on the ocea
sion. Ten thousand is given as the uw ole1
number of Earlev's army in the bat le, and
30,000 as Sheridan's number.
The Tribune's Washington special ays :
The authorities of the British provinces
have at length discovered that their seces
sion friends are troublesome euitomerr,
and are now as desirous as our own' Gob
ernment to get rid of them. The utmob
accord and all po sible aid will be eitent'.
ed in bringing these breaktrs of nterna
tional peace to punishment.
Cincinnati, Oct. 26th.
The Commercial's Nashville dispatch
says: Sherman is at Gaylesville, near
Coosza river, pressing Hood wh6 is retreat
ing towards Gadsen. Hood will be cpm.
pelted either to move North to' Tehnc~rea
or south to Jacksonville. His army is re
ported tb be destitute of shoes ank food.
The railh'od from Chattanooga and Atlan
t , was coiuple.ed on Thursdays
Washington, Oct. 26.
A copy of Beauregnard's address on as
suming command of the army has has just
been received. Ho exhorts all who are ca
pable of striking a blow to come forward at
once, and, ofers amnasty to all deserters
who return within sixty days. He promi.
es if the people respon'd to'this call as they
bhete in dae past, the enemy shall bedriv
en from their soil.
Baltimore, Oct. 29.
.Gv. Tf dford has just proclaimed the
new free State Constitutoon of MsrylAtad.-
The vote waU 30,174 In favor, and 29,791
In the feld. Oct. 2&h.
•The number of prisoners taken yestirday
i about 300.
Knoxville. Oit. 'b2h.
Genest m laibm had t > . hteay
wils Yomh's. soemmead ' a:nirtows,
completely roastig him, ated es fs 1'
prisoners, besides one Colonel "pdd rS
other Hfises, six guns, prlisober iw nd
3rie~s. " w motha~t ... o te. .,
Gen. Breokenridge, died't -.WlWth i
the hA t1ae.hb.et h the Rev, M.. ib- l
Sle,0 $05e-in-l !. , n-S, W

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